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Introduction To Affiliate Marketing: Basic Concepts For Beginners

teacher avatar Vishal & Shubhi, Bloggers, Freelance Content Writers

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Class introduction


    • 2.

      What is Affiliate Marketing?


    • 3.

      3 Things To Do Before Starting


    • 4.

      Understand Different Types of Affiliate Sites


    • 5.

      Steps to Start Affiliate Marketing


    • 6.

      How to Choose a Profitable Niche


    • 7.

      3 Important Pages to Have on Your Website


    • 8.

      How to Find Affiliate Programs?


    • 9.

      How to Choose an Affiliate Program?


    • 10.

      Types of Articles You Can Write


    • 11.

      Promoting With Social Media


    • 12.

      Promoting With Q & A Forums


    • 13.

      Class Project


    • 14.



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About This Class

In this class you'll learn about the basics of affiliate marketing. 

Here's what you will learn: 

  • Introduction to Affiliate Marketing 
  • 3 Things To Do  Before Starting
  • Understand Different Types of Affiliate Sites
  • Steps to Start Affiliate Marketing
  • How to Choose a Profitable Niche
  • 3 Important Pages To Have on Your Website
  • How to Find Affiliate Programs?
  • How to Choose an Affiliate  Program?
  • Types of Articles You Can Write
  • Promoting Articles With Social Media
  • Promoting Articles With Q & A Forums

What do you require to take this class? 

You do not need prior experience or knowledge about affiliate marketing. Since this class is designed for beginners, we will start from the basics

Who is this class for? 

  • Those who want to learn the basic concepts of affiliate marketing 
  • Those who have no prior experience or knowledge related to affiliate marketing
  • This class is designed for beginners 

By the end of this class: 

You will know the basics of affiliate marketing, steps involved in starting it, and some important things that you must do before affiliate marketing. You will also know how to find and select an affiliate program. 

See You Inside The Class!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Vishal & Shubhi

Bloggers, Freelance Content Writers


A warm welcome from Vishal & Shubhi!

We are freelance content writers & Blogger. We started our journey as content writers but soon switched to freelancing and within 1 year we created content for over 50 websites. 

We have worked with national and international clients and helped them have a great online presence through our content writing services. 


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Level: Beginner

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1. Class introduction: Welcome to a new class on skin share introduction Toe affiliate Marketing. Basic concepts for big Nose What you belong in this class. First, we'll begin with the introduction toe. What exactly is affiliate marketing? Then? Look at the three things that you have to do before starting. Then you'll understand the different types off every eight websites. The different steps to start a freed marketing. How to choose a profitable niche. The three important pages that you should have on your website. How to find affiliate programs. How to Choose an athlete programs. You'll also learn the different types of articles that you can ride for your athlete Marketing website. You'll known about the promoting strategies through social media on how to promote your articles through. Q. Any forums? 19 and should be six. Enter in along with Mei Go instruct over Charles in Jordan. I've designed this class for those who are willing to learn the basic concepts off lead marketing. Who should enroll in this class? This last was designed for those who want to learn the basic concepts off a lead marketing . Those who have no prior experience or knowledge related toe affiliate marketing are going to find this class helpful. This glass was designed for big Nurse. We are so excited to have you here. And we welcome you to take this class. 2. What is Affiliate Marketing?: opinion marketing is the process off promoting products that are created by other brands or individuals on earning some commission for it. For example, if you become an affiliate marketer, you'll start promoting the products that are created by other brands, all companies, and you'll try to sell it to other people. And if you're successful in selling them, then you're going to own some commission for each sale that you generate. Four bodies are involved in affiliate marketing. 1st 1 is the affiliate program for the company who creates or manufacturers the product. The 2nd 1 is the customer or the ultimate consumer off. That product code is Thea affiliate marketer or the person who's going to promote product on behalf of the company on a Finally, the food party involved is the affiliate network, So let's talk about each of these in detail. 1st 1 is the affiliate program or the camp. It does the company whose products will be promoted, and sometimes they are also gold as advertisers. So a company may create lots and lots of products on they may start their own affiliate program. The next one is the affiliate marketer or the publisher. These are the person or the group of people promoting the company's products to an audience . Affiliate marketer is the mean person who's going to promote the product, and he is the one who is going toe on commissions for each sale that happens through his promotion. The third body is the customer person who buys because of the recommendation or promotion off the opinion marketer. So the customer is the ultimate consumer or the person who is going to actually use the broader. Off the company affiliate network are the market places that connect companies and affiliates together. Sometimes the company may not be able to start its own affiliate program. In such cases, it can join a good off idiot Net book on list its product on the affiliate network. The athlete networks have a large pool of every needs who are ready to promote the products of different companies. That is why affiliate net books gonna companies and affiliates together and help them in promoting the product as the last owning the commission. So sometimes the company started on affiliate program, and in such case it may not join any every network. But if a company is unable to start its own affiliate program. Then it may join an affiliate Net book, which can help it in connecting with every leads and managing its affiliate marketing efforts. 3. 3 Things To Do Before Starting: There are a few things that you must do before you get started with affiliate marketing. Let's take a look at them. The first is choosing a knish or a category. Choosing a niche or category is important because you have to target a specific audience or group of customers. If you think that you can promote anything and everything, then you're preparing for failure. Some people think that they should promote all the products in different categories available so that they can increase their commissions. But this is not the right approach. To update marketing, you must choose a specific product category as this will increase the chances off sales and ultimately increase your commissions. The second thing is that you must have your own platform to promote products. You will have to set up a platform or choose a platform that you can use for promoting their create product. But it's best to set up your own website or block because it's more reliable than choosing other platforms like social media platforms. And some affiliate programs do not allow you to promote their products through social media , so you have to keep that in mind. And that's why it's best to set up your own website. When you create your own website, you have more control over the types of products to promote how you promote them and what kind of content you're right for it. The third thing is that you need to check the payment methods and set up a payment account . You have to set up your payment method most athlete programs except be bell, pioneer or stripe. So, depending upon which country you live in, you must create and set up these accounts to receive the payments from the affiliate programs. 4. Understand Different Types of Affiliate Sites: Let's take a look at all the different types off up. Lead marketing websites. First type is the product review websites. These are the websites where the main focus is to create detailed reviews about different types of product. Millions of people search online for product reviews, and they like to know whether the product is what buying or not. That's my product review websites generally Jews a specific niche or category and then create websites based on that. For example, if you want to promote electron ICS, then you can create a product of your website that will focus on reviewing only electron ICS. And if people like your review and find it useful, they may buy it based on your recommendation and you'll receive a commission for it. Comparing to products and mentioning which would be better for which type off user is done in these kind of websites, it's based on specifications, features, usage and rising off the products. Mobile comparison websites are a great example of this one on. These websites are generally created for the purpose off affiliate marketing. The 3rd 1 is the personal websites or blocks. These are owned by individuals or group of individuals who create different types of articles and block, post and promote different types off create products. True them. The 4th 1 is the shopping directories, which are also known as the coupon websites. Shopping directories are created for promoting the every clings off different product. So which type of website you should create? There are many ways off sharing affiliate links and people can use different types of websites for doing this. The 1st 3 types of website that we just mentioned are easier than a shopping directory and they can bring better results for you as an athlete market. More and more people are starting their product review websites and personal blocks because they can bring great results when it comes to affiliate marketing. That's why you should focus on either one of these websites, and the best one is to create either a product review website or a personal blow 5. Steps to Start Affiliate Marketing: steps to start affiliate market. The first step is to choose a specific niche or a category. For example, you can choose fitness category or products related to electronics or clothing, footwear, ex cetera. The next step is to create a website you will have to sign up for hosting and a domain. Then you will have to creator and tired website and join some of fleet programs and networks. These athlete programs and networks should have to product categories that you want to promote on your website. Then you will create in depth content and write about the product you are going to promote and he will add affiliate links to your content. You will also have to optimize it for search engines on do proper word research. The next step is to promote the content, using different platforms and social media sites to bring traffic or visitors to your website. This is optional, but you can also create YouTube videos and review the products there because YouTube is a great source for getting cracked and gunboat f idiot sales. Next, you can run some online ads on Facebook, Instagram or Google to increase the traffic and sales for your athlete marketing products. 6. How to Choose a Profitable Niche: how to choose a knish or a category border affiliate marketing website. Before you decide the Kati going, keep this in mind. Choose a category that is profitable and highly demanded because if it's highly demanded, it's going to be first. You can list out the topics off your interest. List out all the topics that you're interested in, whether it's fitness, fashion, beauty, travel, weight loss, heart tells except tra listening. You have to decide on the topics in the early stages. Next, you have to check rich topics. Among these have some commercial value, which means which off them are profitable or highly profitable. So if there are many websites that are working in a particular topic that you are also interested, it means that there is some commercial value to it. You have to also know whether people are interested in your topic or not. If there are many websites on the same topic, then it's quite true that people are interested in a topic so you can go ahead and chills it. So here are some top athlete niches. Health, wealth, beauty, clothing and jewelry, travel, electron ICS and appliances and gadgets. These are some of the most popular wants, but these are broad and way too competent of knishes, so you must choose a targeted niche or sub knish or category. But in these nations that we have just seen, because if you create a website in one of thes than the competition is going to be really high. That's why your focus should be doing greed and a feat marketing website in a specific niche or a targeted category. For example, under the beauty miche or category, you can promote products that are specifically designed for teens or for women over 30 years off age. So this is a specific category, or target audience that you're selecting for your affiliate marketing website, and that is going to be much better than choosing the overall niche as beauty. Another example is for electron ICS. You can promote products in a subcategory like refrigerators, washing machines or other electronic ALS appliances. The other option is to look at the different affiliate programs available and then choose an issue that is profitable on demand. You can, even through the specific product that is highly demanded by people, and then create an athlete marketing website around it, 7. 3 Important Pages to Have on Your Website: make sure to create three pages on your website, which are the about a speech, the disclaimer and the privacy policy. The about us should shared information about you so that the readers and the search engines can understand that the rial person is operating the block or a website. And it's not just a robot sitting behind the website. You should always provide the disclaimer where you're stating the different policies related to your website on the disclosure, where you're telling the readers that you can receive a commission if someone poaches three old ink, it's very important to disclose this, and finally, you should also have a privacy policy stating old things and every details about how you're going to protect the readers were coming to your block. You must have thes. Otherwise, some athlete programs will not approve your website, so it's compulsory that you create these three pages on your website. Your site will also be in good standing in the eyes of Google and other search engines if it has thes pages, so make sure that you put up the about US to slimmer and privacy policy page on your website 8. How to Find Affiliate Programs?: how to find affiliate programs To find the affiliate programs. You can search on the browsers but different queries, so the 1st 1 that you can search is your niche or category that you have chosen plus athlete program. You can simply type this into the browser and you'll get different appeared programs and networks. For example, if you have chosen travel as your niche, then you can type travel plus a fleet program in the browser. Or, if you have chosen great loss as your niece, that you can type weight loss plus affiliate program in the browser and you will be suggested some of the top affiliate programs for that particular niche that you have just research. The second way is to type the name of the product plus affiliate program. If you already know the name of the product that you want to promote, you can simply type its name and at last affiliate program in front of it, and you will get the F D, a program that you can join and for promoting that product. The third way is to search for affiliate networks. These athlete networks have hundreds off merchants that awful products in different categories and new shoes. So you can simply search for different affiliate networks by typing affiliate networks for beauty, travel or any other niche that you want to start a website upon. So you can simply search for a free programs or affiliate networks on Google browser or any of the Brosseau, and you'll be suggested with some off their feet, programs and networks that you conjoined and start European marketing. 9. How to Choose an Affiliate Program?: how to choose affiliate programs for your athlete marketing website. You can ask these three questions before choosing the program. The first question is, Is the product relive into your nish oil category? You need to ask yourself whether the product that you have chosen is going to be relevant to your knees or category or not. Next, you need to ask yourself, Is it really useful or good for the people or the audience that are going to read your block? If it's useful on beneficial for the audience, only then you should go ahead with that product. Otherwise, you should try to find some other brother. On third question is what commission? Great you can expect to get paid by the merchant. The first step is to take a quick look at all the products under the program. Then you should check the commission rates that are offered for each program for the product. Then you should check the payment method that they are suggesting you. It could be people pay on your stripe or any other payment method. He should always check it. Then you should also check whether the offer additional help to the affiliates or not, For example, some have fleet programs and networks offer support. Tutorials and guidelines are free e books that help the affiliates and promoting the products. You should also read their guidelines and payment terms very carefully because different athlete programs have different terms and conditions regarding payment, the date off payment, the types of payment and the conditions for payment. So you should always read the payment terms very carefully. You should also check whether they require you to make some special disclosure or not. Once you have taken all of these steps, and if you're satisfied and agree with everything, the next step is to sign up for the brokerage. 10. Types of Articles You Can Write: Once you have set up the website on joined the A P programs, you can create some content or write some articles for your website. So here are the different types of articles that you can create by off Lead marketing website. The 1st 1 of the most popular one are the in depth reviews off the products that you're going to promote. So this is the mean type off content that you find on a great marketing websites because in depth reviews about the product are really convincing for the readers they confined the pros, cons and every detail about the product on day get convinced to buy that product, so you should always try to create in depth reviews off the products that you're willing to promote. The 2nd 1 is the list article types, so the list articles are the ones where you mentioned the different types of products that lie in the same category on that can be promoted for your affiliate marketing website, for example, 10 hair styling products to make your hair look stunning. So in this article, you convention 10 hairstyling products and include the athlete link all of the's 10 products or you can create another article. For example, top five budget friendly electron ICS for 2020. So in this one, you can include the affiliate links to the top five electron ICS that you have mentioned in the Post. These list articles are realistic ALS work really bell on. They could easily get you lots and lots off traffic on A they increase your conversion grades and your commissions. The third time off article is the comparison post. So in this article, you're going to compare to products which are similar to each other, and you're going to state which one is better among them. So you can promote to products and include the link to both off them or you in compare one product. Andi. Just promote one off the products by comparing it to another similar product. Combat. Asian Post are common once that you can find on a fleet marketing websites, the next one is the resource list or products you use. I recommend so sometimes you can create articles which have the headlines like the products that you use for your productivity for your office or for anything else or the resource list that you recommend to your readers and you convention the best products that would help them in their Johnny. This type of content works really well for personal blocks, and once you have established the crossed in connection with your audience, you can create multiple resource list on articles on your website and promote the every broader. 11. Promoting With Social Media: promoting on 10 through social media. There are many social media platforms that you can choose, so 1st 1 is Facebook, and still, it's one of the most popular ones out there. You can create boast on Facebook about your articles, and Andhra live in pictures to it. Facebook has lots of audience, and you can get ah, high reach to your targeted audience and generate more sales through this. Be active and promotion. But don't spam. You can even promote the content on Instagram. Create Boston stories for Instagram as Bella's link to the log in your bio. This is great for those who are working in the fashion, beauty, travel, health and self care niche, because thes nations or categories work extremely well on instagram. So if you have European marketing website and these nations specifically, and you should try to promote your content on Instagram as well, you can promote the product in the majors and then mention that there is a link in the bio where the users can buy this product so you can link to the article on your website or you can directly linked to the affiliate product. But make sure that you have used your own athlete ling. For this. Always use relevant hashtag on instagram, which are related to your product. 12. Promoting With Q & A Forums: the next strategy to generate traffic on your feet marketing website is using Q. Any forms secu Any forums are basically those platforms which have different people who are asking questions and several other people who are answering them. So basically, these are the question, and also forums are Q. Any websites you can share the link to your articles while answering questions on Q. Any forums like Cora Link only been relevant. Remember that you don't want to spam there don't share your article links on every answer that you're right. Try to be helpful on the platform so share only few times and try to be generally helpful while answering the questions. 13. Class Project: congratulations on completing the class. Now it's time for the class project. So put this class project. You have to choose a niche or a category for your blogger website and find a suitable athlete program that would help you in promoting the products related to the niche that you have chosen. Here are the detailed instructions on how to do this class project. First, you have to decide a knish or a category based on which you're going to start your affiliate marketing. Next, you will have to find an athlete program or a Net book that is suitable for your niche or category. As shown in the class lesson. You can even choose a product that you're going to promote. Shared which type of article you will write for promoting the product. You have learned in the class the different types of articles that can be written for promoting a fleet products. So you have to choose which type of article you are going to write for promoting the athlete product that you have chosen finally, some mature project to get a feedback 14. Conclusion: congratulations on completing the class successfully. Please follow the guidelines and some meant your project. To get a feedback to get notified about the next class that we will upload on skill share, make sure that you click on the follow button on our skill share profile. Finally, we would like to thank you for joining this class on for being a part off this class. It was our pleasure to have an amazing student like you. We hope to see you in one of our other classes on skill share and wish you all the luck for your learning journey ahead.