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6 Headline Hacks: Write Attractive Headlines For Blog Post & Sales Copy

teacher avatar Vishal & Shubhi, Bloggers, Freelance Content Writers

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Class Introduction


    • 2.

      Introduction to Headlines


    • 3.

      Why Headlines Are So Important?


    • 4.

      Check these headlines


    • 5.

      HACK 1: Use Numbers


    • 6.

      HACK 2: Offer Easy Solution/ Promise


    • 7.

      HACK 3: Ask Questions


    • 8.

      HACK 4: Be Specific


    • 9.

      HACK 5: Spread The News


    • 10.

      HACK 6: Make Them Curious: Surprise Or Shock Them


    • 11.

      Class Project


    • 12.



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About This Class

Join this class to learn six amazing hacks to write attractive headlines for your blog post or sales copy. 

Headlines are the first thing that people notice when they find content online. That's why having an attractive headline is extremely important because this compels the people to read the content.

In this class, you will learn how to create attractive headlines that your readers cannot resist. 

It's an easy to follow class, where you will learn about: 

  • What Are Headlines?
  • Why Headlines Are So Important?
  • 6 Hacks to Write Attractive Headlines

This class is best for: 

  • Bloggers
  • Editors & Writers
  • Content Writers & Copywriters
  • Freelancers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Start-up owners, small business owners
  • Someone who wants to learn how to write interesting headlines


  • You should be able to write and understand English
  • Even if you have little or no knowledge about writing content, you can still enroll in this course
  • You will need internet connection to watch the lectures

We invite you to take this class and welcome you to join the journey of creating attractive headlines.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Vishal & Shubhi

Bloggers, Freelance Content Writers


A warm welcome from Vishal & Shubhi!

We are freelance content writers & Blogger. We started our journey as content writers but soon switched to freelancing and within 1 year we created content for over 50 websites. 

We have worked with national and international clients and helped them have a great online presence through our content writing services. 


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Level: Beginner

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1. Class Introduction: welcome to our new class on Still ship. You are going to learn about the best hearts to write attractive headlines that your readers won't be able to resist. Heres what youve unknown in this class. First we introduce you to what exactly are headlines, and then you learn about the importance off headlines in content. Then you're going to learn about the first half, but just use number. Then the second hack you'll known out awful in the solutions and promise forward headlights , then the hack off writing questions in the headlines. Next up, you'll learn the hard off being specific to your headlines on targeting being ideal audience. Then comes the hag off, spreading the news from your headlines. And finally, you'll know how to make your readers curious by surprising or shocking them with your headline. My name is should be along that my goings after the show. I have designed the schools for those who want to know how to commute irresistible headlines for the block post content on Scott. But why you should None from us. Both of us have been working since 2016 as content creators on digital marketeers. We have created content on optimized social media platforms for our clients. In our first year on, we were able to create content for over 50 websites in just one year. So when you learn from us and enroll in our classes, you are going to learn from those who have hands on practical experience about headlines. Copyrighting concentrating on digital marketing. We are so excited for you to join this class and we welcome you to take this class and learn some of the best hats about creating headlines for your gunned it you'll see you inside the class. 2. Introduction to Headlines: introduction Toe Headlines Headlines are the first thing that anybody notices when the sea of bees off content. When it comes to own land copyrighting, you will generally find the headlines on the top of the content on their slightly bigger than the rest of the content. But this is not always the Gates, because sometimes the headline can we written after the opening lines, And in this case, the headlines could be in the center of the content or after the opening lines are a few paragraphs. The succes over copy depends on its headline, and that is because hand lines did the mind. Whether opposing would read your copy or no, it's like a false impression in the mind off the readers. The reader is going to judge your content based on how attractive the headline is. That's why I always say that headlines are the make or break situation for any piece of content. If your headline is amazing, there is a high Jones that that the reader is going to get interested and he is going to read your continent. But if the headline is not good enough or it's not attractive, then even if your content is the most amazing one out there. People are not going to read it because they are going to judge the entire content based on how amazing or attractive headline is. So Headline plays a major role when it comes to mother of Ellison. Would radio copy are no. So here are some general guidelines for writing the headline. The first thing that you should remember when creating headlines is to keep the phone bigger than the rest of the content. Now, if you're already experienced content writer or a freelancer, these steps are going to be not so new to you. You must be aware about them. But if you're a company big note of this, I would suggest that you go through these guidelines very carefully and follow them because they are going to make your headlines really good. So the first step is to keep the phone bigger because your headline needs to be focused more, and that is the first thing that the readers are going to look at. So make sure the for winter's bigger. It's easier to understand on. It can be focused by the eyes easily. The next step is to have a good color off the headline. You must use dark colors like black dog blue, or preferably, any dark color that stands out from the rest of the content. Having a dark color for the headline is definitely better than using neon sheets like yellow or basted green or the light because they are not going to look good on. Actually, they're going to hold the eyes, which would drift away your readers from reading your content, and you don't want that. So that's why I use dark colors, which are soft on the eyes. But still, they are what looking at, and they are attractive. The next step is to have phones that are easily readable. So these are the three top phones that I would suggest to you, and these are commonly used for creating headlines because they stand out. They look good on the made the headlines more attractive so you can use the aerial phones or the calibri font or the Times New Roman phoned for creating your headlines for on nine, the phone size off the headline can be anywhere between 22 to 34 depending upon how the size of the rest of the content is. You don't want your headline to be extremely big in comparison to your content or the body of the content, but it should be in proportion. It can be two or three times bigger than the normal phones that you have used for the rest of the content on the description. And again, if you are given specific guidelines from your client or the company regarding what kind of callow phones and phone size to use stick to them. Don't use things ones if you have been given some guidelines. But if you don't have any guidelines regarding the foreign colors X sector, then this ISS, the general guidelines that you can follow every time you're creating headlines, the next thing that you should remember is to keep the land of the headline from 4 to 18 Woods. You can definitely have bigger or lend your headlines than this, but this is the standard that you should stick to because these will be optimized for search engines. And if you have a very Landy or longer headline, it's not going to be good for us, you boppers. And like bias. If you have too short headlines, it's not going to be good as friends. The normal headline land that is good for the purpose off s U is around 7 to 8 worlds or 7 to 12 words. That is really good for S U Barbers. So try to stick to 4 to 18 words for your headlines. Andi, make sure that you capitalize the first letter off every word in the headline. So as you can see here, the headline off the sliders guidelines for writing headlines and I have capitalized each of the letters of the woods except for four. And this is the General, wrote Tom, that you want to fall over your headlines unless you're given specific instruction about creating the headlines. All right, so here's a quick recap on getting of A that you must get from this lecture. So the 1st 1 is that the headlines are the key to a successful coffee Had lancet the mind better. The person would go ahead and read a content or whether he would just skip it on do something else on the Internet. So make sure you dig ample off time to create headlines. The next key, Diggory is to you start phones on dark colors. Four. Making your headlines readable. Don't try to use fancy phones or scripted phones because they are hard on the eyes. People are unable to read them at one look, so make sure you use a phone that is very easy to read on a tract the eyes off the burrito . Finally, stick to the client guidelines that have been given to you or the brief tied the company or the client has provided to you regarding the copy. And if you don't have them, make sure that you stick to the guidelines that I just shared with you because these are the general guidelines which are going to keep you on the safer side off. Crafting an amazing headline for your singing Skopje. I'm going to see you in the next lecture. 3. Why Headlines Are So Important?: why headlines are so important in the sales copy date these headlines as an example for a block bulls that was written on the topic off weight loss. Best weight loss tips for you. How does this headline feed? Is it good enough to make you want to read the article? I guess majority of people will not even bother to read the article because the headline is boring. So has another headline that I have chosen for the Article 14 weight loss steps that will help you lose weight in two weeks. Now, how does that sound? Much better, isn't it? If you compare the two headlines, we can naturally tell that the 2nd 1 is going to be more entrusting on majority off. People will be willing to read the article then. I've used the secondhand night. But why is it so? It's because the headline triggers the interest off people it has. The words which excite the people on makes them curious on willing to read the entire article or block balls. Research has shown that 80% people do not go past the headlines. This means that if your headline is not attractive or interesting than people would not even bother to look at the rest off the copy. So no matter how amazing copy you have written or how beautifully you have framed your words, if your headline is not interesting, then people will not even care to read beyond the headline. Readers notice headlines before anything else. And that's why, based on the headlines, they decide whether the copy or the continent is worth reading or not. Have you heard the famous tedium? Don't judge a book by its cover. Well, most people do the exact opposite of what is being set in this idiom. They judge the content by looking at the headline so your aim as a copywriter should be to craft extremely attractive headlines, which compared the readers to read. Father, you literally have to give them a reason to spend their time and read what you have written . Always remember that people judged the content by looking on the headline. It would be right to say that if your headline is attractive or content is worth reading, that's why I always make sure that your headline is amazing in trusting on triggers the people to read past it 4. Check these headlines: By now, you already know that headlines are the essence off any copy that has ever written. So let's see how you can write the most amazing had nights. But before that, I want you to Jews Rich Off the Fallen Headlines, Opinions to you the Most Dry. The Simple Recipes for Christmas Christmas Recipes for the Steal eight Quick and Delicious Christmas recipes that your family will love. Which one off these headlines appeals to you the most. Which one of them makes you want to read the article most people would per for the second or the third headline? And a very little number of people would notice the first headline, because it's not at all interesting or new. So what makes the third headline more interesting than the other two headlines? The reason is that it's specificity and offers quick answer to those who are looking for Christmas recipes. The other two headlines do the same, but they're not as specific and not as interesting in comparison to the toward headline. And that is why most people would click on the 3rd 1 during the content. Now I'm going to share with you the types of headlines that are widely used by Tom Bruns and businesses for creating amusing copies. But the best part is that you can use them as hacks. Andi, Right, brilliant headlines. So hand sport, you will find ahead six types of headlines plus hacks to meet your headlines more in clusters. I'm really excited to share these acts with you. Let's get started. 5. HACK 1: Use Numbers: the first hack is using numbers. Numbers increase the conversion read because it creates a picture in the mind off people about the exact things they will read in a copy. Numbers are the easiest rate to boost the conversion rate off any company or article that you write. So here are some examples off using numbers in the headlines. Instead, off a boarding headline like Best Samples were Dry hair. We can write something like Top 10 samples to treat dry hair or doctor and shampoos toe treat dry hair immediately. See how the numbers instantly increased the value of the headline and make it more compelling. Has another example. Easy tips to lose weight in one month, but again, this is a boring headline on. We could write something like 15 Easy tips to lose weight in just one month. See how the number has made the content specific and more entrusting. So if you create block post Machar witnessed off items or tips, make sure to add numbers in your headlines because numbers are proven to increase the conversion rate off the have nots. 6. HACK 2: Offer Easy Solution/ Promise : hat number two is to offer easy solution or a promise. People are looking for easy and quick solutions. They want practical tips that will work for them and give them results. So try to offer easy or practical solution or a promise in your headline, because people love easy and practical things and then you awful something like this they could not resist, and they want to know more about it or even by. Here are some examples. 10 tips to distress yourself in five minutes Face back, forgetting glowing skin instantly. Five. Practical tips to stay productive all day. 20 Hacks that will make your life easier. 15. Pictures that will boost your mood immediately. Did you notice we have used some words that offer solutions in each of these headlines? The words like five minutes instantly practical, easily aunt immediately make the headlines more attractive. These words make the reader feel that they will get easy and instant solutions, which are going to be practical and useful for them. So by offerings that solutions, you can increase the conversion rate off your copies dramatically. That is why this hack is going to be very useful if you want to write headlines that gets more confusion and saints 7. HACK 3: Ask Questions : the old hack for writing amusing headlines is to ask questions. This has been off the most common being off writing headlines, because when you ask questions, readers are compelled to read further. So here are some examples to help you understand how you can ask questions in your headlines and increase the conversion great or the click through rate. So has the example. Do you want to quit your job and travel the world? Are you tired and low on energy? Does your face look tired even after applying Minka, Are you living your dream Life Is your job making you frustrated and tired? Here are seven tips to build that feeling. Then you use questions in headlines. As we have used hair people, I will answer it in their mind. That's just human nature. And if you can hit the people with the right question, then they are going to read your copy for sure, because you are giving them a reason to continue reading. Using questions in your copy is by far one off the most you static off copy writing majority or brands used this hack because it increases the conversion rate or the click through great. Amazingly, try this for yourself. Try to include a simple question in your headline. Just like we have used in these examples on. I'm sure that the conversion rate on your headlines is going to increase because you are compelling the readers to stay with you on, Read your copy and not just look at the headline. Dr This hack, I'm sure you're going to love it. 8. HACK 4: Be Specific: the next time that I would like to show you is Toby specifications Your headlines. Crafting specific headlines can help you and attracting the target audience. So to create such specific headlines, you can address the target audience directly and second right there. Problems, challenges or struggles. When you address the target audience directly, you're actually speaking directly to them. When a reader feels that he's directly being spoken toe, he or she is more likely to stay on the content or the sales copy on When you write about their problems or challenges or struggles in your copy or headline, you are inviting them to stay there. You are sympathizing with them on that results in more conversion, because when people feel that someone is there to look after them on talk about their problem challenges or struggles, then they are more likely to stick around, and they expect that they will find a solution in your copy. Hair grows some examples to help you understand this hack. So here's a headline. 15 Makeup drugs for women over 40. By using this headline your specifically targeting the woman over the age of 40 years, so that is going to be our target audience has another headline. The Complete Weight Loss Guide for those who hate Going to gym. So by using this kind of headline we are speaking or targeting those who don't like gyms but still going to lose weight on there is a high population of people who fall into this category. They're not interested in going to gin, but they won't lose faith. And this kind of headline would speak to them. It's their problem. And when you're targeting that problem, they are moonlighting to stay around and bring your copy. Here is another example it quick on nutritious recipes that your kids will love. So in this example off headline. We're helping those parents who want to cook healthy food for their kids. And there is a whole lot of parents who want to provide their kids with healthy options. Off means this hack is very useful for you if you want to target a specific kindof audience . In fact, it's better that you always be specific with your headlines on target. Those who are your niche audience or your target audience because they are more likely to engage with your content and they're more likely to be interested in your content on buying what you're trying to sell them. In fact, most of the copies that you will notice online are targeted towards a specific segment off audience, because targeting niche audience or talking to the target audience through your headlines is the most effective way off. Getting more conversions, sales leads, etcetera. So try this hack. It really works. 9. HACK 5: Spread The News: hack number five. Spread the news. You can include a sense off news for your readers in your headlines. These types off headlines are used generally for launching new products, services or evens. In fact, majority off brand used this kind of headlines for launching a new border soldiers or even through social media platforms. There are some examples unreeling the new iPhone. 12. Better than ever. Get ready for the craziest night walls. Best DJ arriving next week. So these type off headlines are generally used by brands for launching their new or upcoming products. You will find these type off headlines on social media and newsletter and even one billboards across the city. In fact, this kind of headlines have been used since ages, and in fact, even then copyrighting was just started. Make sure that to include this kind off headlines whenever you're creating a copy regarding a new product launch or a specific camping for your social media platforms, you would notice these kind of headlines quite frequently used on Instagram and Facebook than brands are launching new products. For example, a popular make a brand created these kind of headlines to launch its upcoming makeup line that was dedicated for women over the age of 40. And it want out pretty Ben. So try to include the news factor in your headlines because people like something that triggers their curiosity on something just feels like. In fact, whenever you watch television, you would notice that the headlines that are used by the news channels are specific on. They are highly targeted and in fact, the sell some kind off new in the headlines, and it broke box pretty well for them. On the same can be used for online copy writing to try this hack and include a sense off meals in your headlines. 10. HACK 6: Make Them Curious: Surprise Or Shock Them: the next tack is make them curious. Sir Price are shocked them. These type off headlines appear kind off playing Pete, but they boost the conversion at an amazing rate. That's why a lot of people on brands prefer to use thes kind of headlines for you. Trigger the curiosity off the people and try Taubate them without actually beating them and giving them solid kind of content or copy. So here are some examples to help You understand better how you can use the factory off curiosity in your headlines. Seven. Things your partner loves about you. 15. Mysteries of the world that you did not know about told shocking reasons. You're not losing weight. Nine. Things you would regret buying and 2020. The curiosity Factors work really built for headlines, but has a quick dip on a warning when you use this type of headlines, trigger curiosity, but don't use click bait. There's nothing bad. Then click baiting your readers by using an amazing headline on offering them no content or useless content in your copy. That's just not the way it works when you use Clickbait kind off headlines and your reader comes to radio copy and they don't find something useful or something which was mentioned in the headline, They're going to go back. They're not going to read your content or the meeting deal wanted, but never come back to your website because they were click baited. They were not given what they wanted. So that is why I never used Clickbait in your headlines. Tried trigger the curiosity off the people just like we did in some off the previous headlines. But do not click bait them. If you're offering something in the headline and saying that they will find it in the copy , make sure that you offer them exactly that in the copy. Do not like big them, because that is how you lose the trust off your readers, and then they would never become your fans or your buyer. That's why I always stay away from Clickbait and follow curiosity. So here's a quick recap off what you have known so far. There are several hats that work really well when it comes to writing headlines, and some of them are using numbers offering easy solutions, promise or results, asking questions, being specific, spreading some kind of news and making the readers jurists. By surprising or shocking them, these hacks are actually the types of headlines that are most commonly used on. The good thing is that the different types of headlines that I used can actually be used as hacks to create amazing headlines. If you're a big narc, then these hacks are going to be very useful thing because they are going to guide you in creating some of the best headlines on increasing the conversion read from your readers. 11. Class Project: congratulations on completing the class successfully. Now it's time for a class project for this class project. You are required to create six headlines using the hacks shown in the class. There are the leading instructions to do this class Project Post. Think about a topic for which you want to create headlines. If you already have some content written previously, then you can use its headline on Use it for completing this last project much. All the hacks shown in this class then create six headlines using the hacks shown in the lessons. So you have to create one headline for each half. Finally, submit your project to get feedback. We would love to know how you found this class useful and would be delighted to offer you our feedback on the class product. 12. Conclusion: congratulations on completing the class. We hope you enjoyed it and found it useful. Practice what you have learned in this love. It's always important to apply the skills that you gain on practice them, because that's how you be able to master the skins. So whenever you are creating content, make sure to apply one off the hacks that you have learned here and create an amazing headline that your readers won't be able to resist. Please make sure that you all of the guidelines and some mature project for this class on, so to be notified about the next class that we will upload, make sure to click the follow button on our profile. This would help you annoying about the leaders classes that we upload to skin shape. Finally, we would want to thank you for joining this class and for being an amazing student. We wish you all the luck for your learning journey ahead. Andi. It was a pleasure to have you as our student. We hope to see you in one off our other classes on skill share