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Ink and Wash | Ink Drawing | Watercolor Painting | Drawing

teacher avatar Zainab Mohamad Ali, Artist and animal lover

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      MOUSE - PART 1


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      MOUSE - PART 2


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      MOUSE - PART 3


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      ROSE - PART 1


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      ROSE - PART 2


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About This Class

Ink and Wash is a form of art where you first draw with ink and then paint with watercolor wash OR vice versa. If you are drawing with ink first, then your ink has to be waterproof. But if you are painting with watercolor first, then it's ok if your ink is not waterproof.

My name is Zain and I am a self taught artist.  I am here to show you the way I paint with watercolor and draw with ink after.

I will start off by showing you the supplies needed and also a couple of common techniques with a few tips and tricks too. Of course there are few more other techniques out there but I won’t cover them here as they are not necessary for this class at the moment.

I have done 3 different illustration projects here but do feel free to choose whichever you prefer to learn. They are as follows:

1) Animal: Mouse

2) Object: Vintage Door

3) Plant: Rose

In each project, I will start with : sketching with pencils then proceed to painting with watercolors and finally inking with pigmented black pens. 

Lets hop into my class and lets begin our piece of art! 



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Zainab Mohamad Ali

Artist and animal lover


Hi Everyone,

My name is Zain (short for Zainab) and I am a self taught artist and a crafter from a tropical island called Borneo (Malaysian part) in South East Asia.

I am always excited to learn new art or crafts all through my adult life...this is because I don't have any art materials growing up. My very first art was a painting done with oil pastels in an exam while in high school with zero education in art. I took the art exam as a "helping" subject for my Highschool final exams. I was using used and old oil pastels from my older siblings.

But, one medium I always admire back then was watercolor and till today I just love watercolor! Bought myself a set of cheap watercolor long long time ago and started painting on cheap paper too! Didn't know much about quali... See full profile

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1. INTRO: will come to my first class off water color and in illustrations. My name is saying and I must've thought What the color artists. And I'm here to show you the way I am painting with water color and draw with in after I was not off the class. By showing you the supplies, I will be using such us What the color paper brushes. Spell it. What? The gas squat the color in etcetera. I will also show you a couple off techniques and some tips use only for this class. I have done three different illustration projects, but feel free to choose whatever you like to learn. They are on animal refuse the mouth on object. I drove in touch door and lastly a plan which is a rose in all the classes. I will start by sketching, painting and lastly inking as get up all the supplies and get ready for the class 2. SUPPLIES: Let's look at the supplies that we will be using for this class first, his papers in this class, I'm using two types off papers. First is a sketchbook off about 140 grams, which is £80. This paper has some like textures on one side and smoother on the other. Here are some samples off my watercolor painting. Try not to use too much water when you are not using what the color paper. It's good to paint something with no background when using a sketchbook. Something like this kid here. Next paper I'm using is a water color paper off about 300 grim. We face £140. This is the Cold Press Mediums office, which he smelt off 100% sellers. Is it free? You can use cotton pepper if you have available. I have cut into two pieces for the class. Next we'll look into brushes. The three on the left are synthetic ones, and the big one on the right is horsehead thes around Russia's. I'll be using number tour for background, but it and six medium in a small one of a tool for fine lines or details. There are so brushes with pointy ends. This is not pointy, but it's OK. Causes for waiting the background in a toothbrush. Refined results. Next, Look at pellets I have to palace here. This asked Met off Sarah Mix, but you can use whatever pellets that you here. It's better to use one that is white color so you can see the color when you're mixing. The fourth thing is pepper towers. I'm using a super strong kitchen paper towers. When it is dry, I can reuse it. What the guests I'm using to jazz era one for washing brush in another for diluting colors . I like to use glass jars so I can see when the when the water is Mahdi so I can change it. Scrap paper. It is advisable to use some type of paper as you're painting. Next is what the colors I'm using. Sakura Coy here in half, Penn Teller mix watchers off the colors for quick and easy reference. If you have a new set next, look at the pens will be using for drawing. I'm using tip sizes off 0.10 point 30.5, and number one These are waterproof pain, but you can use non waterproof, too. Highlights us for fine highlights. This use whatever white Gilpin that you have. But I'm using uni ball signal here and for because the face I'm using this Dr P. Hesh Martine Bulletproof Quite a bit with the color. It is in past form but can be diluted with water just like no more color. And lastly, is a pencil in a raisel. 3. TECHNIQUES: Let's not into the techniques that I will be using in the class. Firstly, sketching. Always cash likely on your paper when you are done. Skating here is off some harsh pencil lines by taping with a softy, Raisa, or need a bill a razor If you have one leaving, guess offends? Sketch asked the guy. Next. What? The colors I'm using to common techniques, which she's wet on wet and wet on dry. First switon with with your brush and pen inside the circle, just the right amount of witness to have day. If we over pen, it will have a puddle, which is not what we want here. But if that happened, just deputy off with your paper power, then pin it again with the right amount of water. Now we will it a whip pen on it hence is cold wet on wet technique. The color was spread onto the wet area, only not outside the line of the circle. When I do this technique, I don't use too much. Water is easier to control this way than letting the water take control. We condemn the color like thes. Then you can get another color when the areas are still wet, but sometimes if the area dries up a little, you can get some more water only. Remember not to add too much water. Now we go toe wet on dry. First, you feel inside a circle with color. Always start with softer shared. Then we get more after each layer dries. Going over work at one time. Don't pain too much color on one layer. Let ish layer dry completely. Now you can get more colors and in layer. Still, you get the shit. Who are going for washing brushes? This pain? A. Concentrate the blue color. Here, Feel your brush with color. Now let's wash the blue color off before we use another color wash by swilling your brush in the what the clockwise and anti clockwise direction. Don't push your brush against the best job. Oh, else you was spoiling. Beat the process now test by painting on your paper with the water, you can see it's clean enough now. Now take a yellow color and pen on the paper if it remains yellow than your brushes clean. But if it turns green, then you have to re wash again before you start another color next line of thinking. We are drawing lines after we pen, so it's okay to use a non waterproofing. Make sure your painting is completely dry before you start drawing. If you are drawing with in first and make sure your pen is off, what a proofing. Here's a short demo painting on what? Approving the indeed and bleed at all next lifting colors. It is for correction. Here I will show you. I'm painting a green spot here, very dark green spot, but then I think it's to done so. I want to amend it, so I wash my brush and dip on the paper towel so it's just a dim brush now. Then carefully leave the pent up, repeat the process, wash again depth and then live up again. Now the color is just a slightly green color now, so spraying we're spraying. I'm using a toothbrush. We find Bristol's. Now you pick up some wet color with the toothbrush. Start spraying onto your scrap paper first. A toothbrush will give a fine and more consistent spots, but for irregular spots you can use a brush and take it with your finger. Next highlight. Here's an OPEC quite what the color from Dr P. Hash Martine. It's in a past form but can be diluted with water like normal. What the colors. And you can start painting where the highlights is also good for correcting mistakes on white paper. No, let's begin our class next. 4. MOUSE - PART 1: off was class will be painting a mouse for this mouth. Our abusing these colors. Ivory black pence gray but number like red yellow polka, olive green department in green, palpable and green queen rose and permanent orange so you can use any similar colors that you have in your own pellet. This is a reference picture for depending first sketching. Try sketching are slightly us possible on your paper when sketching. Do not over think cause it's just a guy for our painting. You don't have to sketch in all the details. I understand sketching. Try to dip off some boat lines with your Raisa living. Just offense sketch for your guy. Now we are ready to pay. Make somebody amber with water and using a number six brush, start painting the body first. He didn't let the more water tow blend it well. Now makes a little gray with water for the belly. No blend yellow with burnt umber, and we headed to the body. But you have to wait for the first layer to dry up. Play NBA number like red and yellow joker together, do some water and add it to the body for some depth or a deeper shit, but always remember, went for the layers previously used to drive us. Blend with a little water if needed. Not too much water, because this is a sketchbook paper. Now for some great the lower part off the belly. It shadows. Tow it it on to the letter. Blend together so you won't have hush lines between two colors. Now blend orange and rose for the north feet, head and tail off the mouse. Don't worry about the details cause we will be using pen to draw it. Letter now. Blend deep in pale green together with some water for the leaves. When old that live with same mix off greens. Don't worry about the shape for the stems. Plane born number and bled together. Open the whole stain. Don't worry, it is not too straight. It is okay if the color is too light because we're at more layers after it is dry it more colors now. Since this is a sketchbook, it drives quite easily heading deeper color for second layer. Do the same for the other. Stain it more depot shit on it. Now, aiding deeper color to the feet hands Intel because they are dry now and a little to the ear. Then we add olive green toe the leaves so now you can see some lighter ship on the green. That's about it for for spot, let's continue in part two. 5. MOUSE - PART 2: Let's continue part two off the mouse. Here we mix some great and burn number for Dr Brown. No pen on the body at more shits. Remember, it has to be on dry surface. No. Blend the ages with water so you don't have any harsh lines. Wendy's harsh ages here, too, at some duck a brown on to the body. Once the other layer is dry, a little gray over the leg. You know it some more great down here, below the belly, where there is something like a shadow read with water. No, the layer for the tail at a deeper share. No using deep and pell green. Blend together. Planet on the leaves was some different shits. And also pen on the outer part of the leave and event and blend with some water. Remember not to overdo it and not over thing. I don't have to be exactly like the picture. That's all we can draw with the pen for some details. Now it's very like gray with water for the flower, which is in the middle off the leaves and pen the stem. One small with ducker shits off black in brown. Mix together. Try not to put too much water on your brush, or you would dilute the color too much. It's okay if the color is to done because it will defend. After is trying. Taking back a mix of brown starts stippling onto the body. What your brush is too much water, This dipping effect. Gift, texture. Look for the first getting darker ships under the arm or some shadows, as you should always blend with a little water. Avoid the harsh lines that was a pepper tower. If there's a puddle form, getting some more doctor shits onto the ear part. Sometimes if the color is stood up, you can always toe the lifting off the colors. Take off some of the colors, you know you blend with some more water to smooth out the area. Here's a little gray and the tip off your brush. Draw a line for the mouth, a little more Ross color on the nose and some on the feet and fingers off the mouse. We're almost done with the watercolor. Now just look at some places. If you need to touch up with more colors and using black colors, spend the whole ice black. Let the only will it some highlight to the I. But for the moment, it's just black aiding a doctor grey onto the moth outline. A little gray ships here, ending for more shadows us about it, our coloring istan. We'll continue in part tree withdrawing off the pen. 6. MOUSE - PART 3: Let's continue the final part off the mouse, but three using a black pen was ill Point won t start drawing with federally motion along the outline of the mouth. Don't draw threat bought lines, which you met. Your mouse look non realistic. The federal emotions will give your mouse that soft, very look, which makes him very lovely. Same with the um, but as for the fingers draw with defined lines. Continue the rest of the body with the Feder emotions. Here it comes to the feet used defined lines again continue to the other leg and defined lines for this feat. Also more feathery lines onto the body up to the head. I know a few dots on the muzzles that will be for the whiskers letter and draw some shot whiskers, too, with the black infants. Let Honorable. It's a white some shit on the deal here and give him a little smile because he's a happy mouse. There are a few broken lines here and there on the body and the Bailey. This makes the body looks fluffy. Some defined lines for the tail straight down towards the end. In some stippling, too, outline the I and now changed through the open three tip and draw the stems from jacket lines for the leaves and it in some vents, too. So the live look more realistic. Continue the same motion for the for every Leafs. Some Vince, you indeed of six stippling on the middle of the flower. Continue with the leaves. We've bends and Jacob lines now for highlights. Using a white gel pin. Give the North a highlight, and I to it will mix him life, flee and draw a few quick lines for whiskers in some broken lines, randomly on the head and the body. This gives him some shine on the floor. Put some on the flower store in detail and top off the leaves and last lead up apart off the back cost, like is from behind. Now that your signature and your mouth Sistan 7. VINTAGE DOOR - PART 1: our next illustration. Vintage store. You will need ivory black pence gray but number like red deep, permanent green, cobalt blue hue and John Brilliant. Here's the reference picture that I took from Pinterest. This begin by sketching. I've always sketch likely us. You go following the reference. Speak on my left. My sketches look a little that because I'm using a to B pencil, try to use the head. Should be. If you have, you can more draw more details here if you like. I sketched some details for the bricks on the wall for easy painting reference letter. Rest off some harsh lines. You rest likely or dead, then using a bigger brush minus on number 12 with it and pen on the plane war. Then you add a little diluted gray for some colors effect and at a little. But amber while good wall is still wet. Been all over the plan wall and little gray, with one number here on the lower right, paying the same way for the left side. No change your number. It brush speaking up some gray with one number for the doorframe and adding some black spots while the pen is still wet on the bottom, blended with some water. This will give different tones, some shadowing effect. Same goes with the break up day the wall. If some grey don't agree. And on the brick wall, you some great diluted with more water. Same diluted, great on the lower part off the door. It's okay to use more water here because I'm using a watercolor paper. Now blend some deep green with cobalt blue hue for the door. If you look at the reference, speak that I shot you in the beginning. The door is actually a little more to question blue that is shown on my phone here. Upend the whole frame off the door, as in the picture, the frame only. It's some more deep green after the first layer is dry. For the quest, color Panchal over the door while waiting for the door to dry. You can pen other parts now back to the frame outside the door at more colors that you have mixed before and little gray below the door for the steps. Make some more brown for the left side, off the door frame. Open another layer on the left wall with offend yellow ocher mixed with water. Mixed bun amber in like bread together. Blend with a little water pan on go panel top panel off the door. Pain likely first for the first layer. Let it dry and a little gray for some hits. Turn your paper whenever you feel. If it's small, easier toe pen. I'm heading more black and gray here to make that vintage look on the door, hitting some black on all the corners, adding more water to blend. Benmosche. It's off black till you are happy with how your door looks can compared with the picture, you can always print out the picture. The reference picture. No, we'll continue in part two for the rest off, depending. 8. VINTAGE DOOR - PART 2: Let's continue. Plateau off the vintage store using a small brush. Number two here less color the bricks with some John Brilliant and like a great mix together. Me some with great and number two penn randomly With these feel color mixers, it's okay for your bricks colors to look a little different from mine. Order Reference Picture and solo US is all randomly painted with different shifts. As for the bottom part here, pin a little darker tones or shits. Continue filling up all the bricks. Colors a little dark here, a little there. And as for the top, more reddish has shown in the peak again. You don't have to follow exactly the same color. If you think it is lighter, you can get a little more reddish letter on Where is trying? Get to the door with the number six bright, Getting some like red and let it dry. Continue with the war is in. Great outlined a jacket wall around the bricks, adding a little water to blend That was paper tower. If too much water is stated and some more depth to the wall with two colors you mixed earlier. This will give that vintage look onto the left wall to and now back to the friend. This dry already can at some more born member and us for the upper part off the doorframe. There is some design. Just simply scribble. It don't have to be too complicated. Then it some more. The blue, the quest color to the door. Keep adding more colors once a report, try up and we'll continue more in poetry later on in the video. 9. VINTAGE DOOR - PART 3: Let's continue with but three off the vintage store Penna More concentrated black on top off the door for some shadow effect. Penn, some quick downward strokes with the same place to give that cracker look which resemble some open spilling off. Repeat for this site off the door to roughly pin some up lines. Here. This is just for quick reference. Don't have to do more cost letter. We will get in with the pen just roughly for guidance. Now, pen some blood and bone number here. Then debit off with the paper tower to give that blurry look. Steeple some diluted black below the brown part again. Let me off! Continue with the cracker. Look on the doorframe and roughly pin in the Bonal. It's some Dalit black here and there for that being test. Look on the door on the lower part of the door. Pick up some more concentrated black and dilute. It was some water tow. Give that blurry effect. We can enhance the look later with the thinking process off the pigmented pin. Now something take effect on top panel off the door did with paper towel. If too much water this people away add a little shadow around the Don't know. Continue with the goal frame, then some final touch up here in day were necessary. Just look around some more black color on the doorsteps for that dirty look and some on the wall here, throw something lines here to show some brick ships that is behind a concrete wall. Roughly dip you in day with the black color and then Ben off with little water for that blurry look yesterday and see randomly where there's any need to get more colors. Some of the brake lines here but the dole and more doctor ships you and day and some lines to on the left side. Then pen some diluted gray randomly to duck in the left war a little because it's too light and more up lines and shapes off grey above. Here, you can get more gracious us to go along to give that Wintershall and some on the bricks to so your bricks wouldn't look, got new back to the steps with more black, because the water color will be lighter once he's trying up steeper with black and debit off. No was spray with black color with the toothbrush spray randomly around. Don't spread too much and overdo it. You see Wish? Place that need to spray. That looks beautiful. We continue in part four letter. 10. VINTAGE DOOR - PART 4: Let's continue the last part of the vintage store part for we start by using pen with Keep 0.5. Start growing older outlines as far as possible. Draw all the visible panels off the door to don't overthink it. Toe. Have perfect lines. Just draw away effortlessly. A little jacket lines. It's OK. It's supposed to be just a drawing illustration and not the photograph. Throw away and have fun with your pen. Throwing with the pen is my favorite part. Throw some lights in between the bricks to randomly here on day. Same goes with the bricks here on top, off the door panel and below. Here, too, scribble on the duck shits. Well, some distinguished shadows or it might be changed to logic. Tip off 0.7. It's easier to feel bigger area with bigger pen tip. Go over the dark area, enhance the patterns here by scribbling with the pain. I don't have to be perfect. There's a roughly scribbling will do a little break. You're it's some more spots, if needed, that you miss with your toothbrush. No change to yet another thicker tip off. 1.0 your testicle tip pen. You can color more black. We need it now changed to a smaller team off 0.3 or final lines, though. Random jacket lines on the wall resembling cracks here and there off all buildings at some shadows under the correct lines off the brick wall at Moshe doesn't spots where you feel needed to some broken lines to show the crack off the pens, the all pen on the door and use the white gel pin for some peeling effect at a little highlight to the door. Long will simply draw some quick white lines here and there with a gilpin and in between spaces off the bricks a little here and there for the bigger white pictures on the wall. I'm using this white medium from Doctor B. Hey, smarting is the past like or pet? Why? But it can be diluted with water. It works just like what the color for more. Piccolo just makes a little less water paint all over, as shown in the reference peak in more areas where needed in some white spots on the bricks , to some on the door and on the left wall to on the bricks Here, those steps until you are satisfied with how it looks back to painting. Because I meet a spot here on the door. Stop door panel. Congratulations, Istan. Sign your name on your picture. 11. ROSE - PART 1: This is our last illustration spending a roast part one will be using Poland Deep grain permanent Pell green, olive, green, lemon, yellow, Quinn Ross, Prussian Blue and Pence Cray. This is the reference picture I get for interests. Let's start by sketching lightly. I'm using what the color paper here. Schedule over ship in another, smaller one inside. Then robbery, scheduling petals starting from the inside off the smaller off. Then continue with bigger petals to the bigger oval is covered with pepper. I'm sketching only two lives here, so don't overcrowd your picture with too many lives. There is some harsh sketches. Start painting with Quinn Rose mixed with water using a number six brush starting from the center pen outwards, printing the whole roast and let it Dreyfus. No use a more concentrated gross color and penned the dark areas in the picture, always playing with some water so there wouldn't be any hush line separating the light in adoption. Continue filling up all the dark areas and remember to blend with water all the time. Yes, you go along. Continue the process for the lower section. I used dilated gray mixed with some blue can be loader. Lower betters. I assume you blends with some water. This is sort of like a shadow. Now make spell green, olive, green and lemon yellow for the leaves and stems. Pinder stem pless. Then they leave you small water for the leave, so it's easier to form the ships. If too much water just brought your brush on the paper tower and lift excess water off with your brush. It's some stone songer stand in a tiny leaf down below. Now it's time to shape the leave at some pale green here and day shipping, you'll leave us Go alone. Now add a little darker green on both top and bottom tips off your leaves. This will give more definitions to your leave and events in the middle in some doctor shit on the stem to when the roses tried timeto it more layers off color. I'll see you should start with the center that was pepper tower. If too much water is supplied, continue aiding a cautious off ping and always blends with some water to arrest the harsh lines. Same goes with the great parts here you can it more shits us. You please, until your Ross looks like what you are expecting getting more pink shirts because I feel it's necessary. It's all up to you whether you want a liker rose or DACA one, and they leave school and we'll continue in part. 12. ROSE - PART 2: Let's continue the final part off our rose part toe. This is an incline process. If a black pen using a black pen off 0.3 T, I always like to draw from the center of the flower growing outwards. Continue drawing all the potatoes, keeping the lines of little on even on certain parts, especially the upper part of your petal. From here onwards, just throw according to your Petters that you have painted. It's okay if it's different from the reference picture or mine, because all flowers are unique in their own way. I will be silent here and let you enjoy watching me draw with much fun. The final part off. Drawing with pen. It's my favorite part, because from here I can it in details for the flowers or any illustration, try to draw the petals as organic as you can, so it was more realistic in natural now, down to the stain, the storms and the leaves. No the lives with little jacket lines and draw the events, too. Now to the next. Leave no change to 0.1 team, which is the finest that I have and study doing some shading with a few fine shot lines. Shit under the petals. Enjoy the process. Us. I do The shading hit the places where you have the Darcos color because that is the shadow . A few lines on the coffee pot. We will show that your petals is Kobe. Try to ship more Dr. Park in the center. Yes, that is the doctors area off the flower. After eating some shit, it was You can see the depths off the flower. They have a more realistic flower and some shit on the stand. Apart off the stain in the inner part off the leaves that it's where the shadow off the flower it is hidden. That part is hidden by the flowers are there will be more shit when it's done. Sign your name. After all, you are the artists here. Oops! Almost forgot. Time for some highlights with your white gel pen. I'm using uni ball signal here you can use whatever white jump in you have shit on the lightest part off the flower in some on the outer part off the leaves. Luncheon inside because he's covered by the flower Some on the upper part of the flower that this where the light shine almost done. Now it's beautiful. Congratulations 13. RECAP & CLASS PROJECT: time to re kept in doing your class project. Now that you have learned sketching with spend so pending with watercolor and thinking with pens Thanks for completing my class. And I hope now you can re create your own. Or you can just pick one of the projects, start here and start painting. You share your project in the gallery and show us your beautiful piece. If you do post on Instagram do take me it. Really What a color Where I most active I have so much fun doing and organizing this class for you I hope you enjoy it as much as I. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask And I will do my very best to reply. Thank you. Once again I hope to see you again in my future classes Bye bye for now.