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How To Stay Motivated as a Small YouTuber

teacher avatar Coralie Campbell, Content Creator and Media Maker

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      My Small YouTuber Experience


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      How To Visualise your Goals


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      Set Rewards


    • 5.

      Stay Greatful and Hopeful


    • 6.

      YouTube's a Lottery


    • 7.

      Passion and Priority


    • 8.

      Dont give up!!


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About This Class

This class is all about how to stay motivated on YouTube when you just don't seem the be growing the way you want to. YouTube is a lot of hard work and staying motivated can be difficult, but trust me, it's worth it.
If you need a pick me up and a reminder about staying motivated and passionate about the content you're creating, this class is for you.

Meet Your Teacher

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Coralie Campbell

Content Creator and Media Maker


Hello! My name is Coralie and I’m a YouTuber from Australia. I’m extremely passionate about all things cameras, be it photography, videography or just filming/editing a fun little YouTube video!

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1. Introduction: being a small YouTube. It can be difficult in todays society when your hours and Alice pod work are lucky if they get 200 views when one click away, there's people getting millions upon millions of views online Video creation is a passion, and if you're not passionate about it, you're going to struggle even more. My name is Carly, and I am a small YouTube. I go by the name Carly and on YouTube, and I currently have around 18,000 subscribers. Is 18,000 subscribers may sound like a lot, which I mean it is. I'm very grateful for every person subscribe to me, but also it's not. I did some simple Mass the other day and say, I've been being consistent on YouTube for around three years, and I divided that by the amount of money that I've made throughout three years on YouTube , and I worked out that I make about 80 cents a day now. 80 cents a day is clearly not enough to go full time. Sorry. Therefore, I consider myself to be a small YouTube. If you can't bio groceries and fill up your car with your AdSense money, you're probably a small YouTube. This is where things can start to get discouraging. But I'm here to show you how to stay motivated. 2. My Small YouTuber Experience: as a dedicated but small you Juve. I placed two videos every single week. Sometimes I'll even plays more if I've got enough content prepared. Ideally, if I was ever from China, Cuba and fortunate have to make this my full time job, I would post more than that. I would post often as possible. Sorry. If you're watching this class, you're probably more than likely a small YouTube it yourself and you know, the amount of time and effort that goes into making every single video, let alone the video. Do you spend all that time creating to Then at it go. Okay, this sucks. So you keep it on your laptop forever. You delayed it and nobody ever sees it And all that types wasted. But it's okay. Sorry. I consider myself to be a fairly quick edit so I could get my videos edited within a few hours. Obviously, exceptions, some take longer than others, but editing can take up a lot of time filming and take up a lot of time. I also work to other jobs because obviously making 80 cents a day on YouTube is not enough . Teoh live off. So just popping in here real quick. I also want to mention that alongside working to other jobs. I'm also a full time student, so I am very busy. So I'd like to other jobs. And I'm still managing to post two videos a week on YouTube so time to edit can be fleeting . And posting two videos a week can be challenging. I am so dedicated and believe in my feature on YouTube that I'm not gonna stop posting. YouTube has and always will be my number one priority. So how do I stay motivated with low numbers, low income and pretty much nothing in return? Well, your road on the right course. 3. How To Visualise your Goals: so my first way of staying motivated is to visually see my goals. I do believe in the law of attraction, and if you want something bad enough anywhere cotton for it, then you're more than likely to get it. So ways that I constantly remind myself to stay motivated and stay passionate is by having a vision board, which I keep right in front of my desk just over there, which I've got it right here and we'll show you and let me show you. So this is something that I see every single today, so I have motivated. It's often it's possible. Every time I look at it, I'm excited on the left. Here I have my long term dream. YouTube goes 100,000 subscribe is much writing a book, the super play, but travel lead con all these incredible perks that come with being a successful full time . Then on the right, I have reality in small best. So every time I hit and you subscribe Milestone, which I can't get hundreds, I take it off and I write the date because it's really cool to see how I'm growing. This last one was 20 seconds much, so I haven't grown much in the last month like I haven't grown a hole in the last month. But that's okay because 80,000 is a huge achievement. But I've got my dreams and I've got reality. So I know that obviously 18,000 is in any way mia 100,000. But I'm still so proud of half I have come, and I think you need to remember that to stay proud of what you've already achieved. Basically, if I never gained another subscribe, I'd be okay. That's a place talks a week because I love it. So like I said before, I've been stuck from 18,500 subscribers for quite some time now. I say stuck in quotation marks because it's really not a big deal and still very proud. The amount of subscribers that I have but not growing in subscribe is one of the easiest ways to be demotivated. As a small Juba, you tend to set this go in your head of growing certain amount every month, every week, maybe even every day. And when you're not getting those goals, it's really discouraging and disappointing. Sometimes not only that, but it's very de motivating, but only if you let it be de motivating 4. Set Rewards: sorry. Hitting milestones is an absolutely huge achievement, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating that. Sorry. When I first started getting serious about YouTube Channel, I had under 1000 subscribe is, and I came up with this little thing with my family called the Subscribe Contract. I talked about this with my family as a way to stay motivated, and we drop this little contract. And it said, When Carly gets 5000 subscribe is we will travel to Tasmania when currently it's 10,000. Subscribe is we will travel to Canada. When Carly hits 50,000 subscribers, we will travel somewhere insane. So I physically remember my dad laughing at this full going over 10,000 subscribe to go to Canada. That's never gonna happen. That's ages away. And I was very confident in myself, and I quite quickly hit 10,000. Subscribe is and 8000 past that. We still haven't going to Canada because I hit it so quickly that we just don't have the money to go to Canada. But the day I do go to Canada and I step off that plane, I'm gonna know that that's my reward for working hard and hitting 10,000 subscribers. So the fact that I will say added, When I hit 50,000 subscribers, we will travel someone insane was because, I mean, I don't know where I want to travel, But the fact that I had on my contract, how'd it go to hit 50,000 subscribers, keeps me motivated and keep me working hard towards that. Go so obviously trips to Canada on something you can do every time you hit a milestone. I remember when I was under 1000 subscribers, I think I hit about 700 I was so excited that I just had ice cream. But is it? It was my 700 reward ice cream. It's fun to reward your achievements. It keeps you grounded, but it also keeps you grateful and makes you excited for the future and keep growing. And most of all, it keeps you motivated to keep going, which is what this is about. So my current goal that I told myself is that when I hit 20,000 subscribers, I will by myself and I met because I currently just on my laptop, which is also very grateful that you could have a laptop to edit on. But it feels up with space so easily, and it makes editing so much more difficult than it has to be. So buying a Mac to edit on your desktop editor give me so much safe would make editing so much easier. It's beneficial for both myself and my YouTube channel. So I'm rewarding myself for my growth on YouTube to help my growth on YouTube. But I have to hit 20,000 fest because that's what I've told myself. So basically, I'm hitting an incredible milestone, but I'm also getting something out of it that's going to benefit my channel so by yourself in ice cream for getting another 100 subscribers because you deserve it. 5. Stay Greatful and Hopeful: So you tube is a numbers game, and basically, the bigger your numbers are, the more successful you are considered to be. This is something that's very easy to get lost in. When you're a small YouTube, you check your subscriber count way too often and you know every time you get one subscriber well, when you lose one, subscribe because you have a low number two making with. So it's very obvious when you gain and when you lose. So this is your reminder to stay grateful. But also stay hopeful. Be grateful for the subscribers that you already have. I always tell myself that if I want to never get another since grab, that's okay. I keep posting because 18,000 is a huge achievement that I have 40 got and I went half for that. Anything will come. That's okay. I'm still gonna pose to videos every single week because I absolutely love what I do, and I wouldn't change it for the world. But at the same time, I'm still super hopeful that my channel will continue to grow and that one day I will be lucky enough to hit 100,000 subscribers. Be such a dream, only good. So I stay grateful but stay hopeful. 6. YouTube's a Lottery: So this is one quite that I've had that I have never forgotten. And it's boys inspired me and kept me motivated. And that is that YouTube is a lottery and that the more tickets you buy, the more chance you have of winning. So basically, if you upload one video a month, you're only buying one ticket. But if you're avoiding twice a week every week, suddenly you have eight tickets and eight tickets gives you a much higher chance of winning than one ticket. So if one of your tickets blows up and goes viral and that is the beginning of your channel , taking off in your career as a full time YouTube it I'd much rather be putting in eight to get every single month clinches one. So what I mean to say is, stay consistent, stay positive and stay motivated. Keep creating and putting out content. Even if the numbers are low, you just gotta keep buying tickets and putting him out. You never know which video is gonna be the winner, so keep them coming 7. Passion and Priority: if you've ever watched a video where you Juba talks about their success on YouTube, they generally always say that they're passionate about it and you have to love what you do . And I honestly completely agree with that. Because if you don't love what you're doing in the hours and hours of wet you're putting it , it's just gonna be so much more effort. I mean, I will spend my Friday nights sitting at my desk editing because I love that. Of course, I have my days where I don't feel like filming. I don't feel like editing, but that happens to the best of us. And you have to push past that because once I stopped editing a video, I generally constant until I'm finished, because I'm just in the flow of things. I want to keep going, and I want to get that video finished, and it just so you to go along with that was a have a video hot calendar. So this is just a normal May calendar, and basically, can you see that? Yeah, every time I uploaded video coloring the date blue so I could visually see how many days I've uploaded and The goal is to have at least two boxes await food in, which means about two days a week. This week here I did really well. I've got three year. I got three years and that keeps me motivated. And they go is to have as many colored in as possible, but at least two every single week. So again, just a little visual aid to keep you motivated and keep you posting and try and beat yourself as a way. It's kind of a game like you got to do better, better impose more So So. If you're serious about YouTube and potentially turning this into your full time Korea, then you have to make it a priority. So maybe this means you stay home Saturday night and edit instead of going out with your friends. Because you have a video to go live on Sunday, you have to get it edited. That means no missing an awful day unless you have a genuine reason. Obviously, life gets in the way sometimes, but don't miss an upload day. That means considered YouTube toe already be your job. Even if you're only making 80 cents a day, you're still making money. So it's still your job. So you need to treat it like a job and you need to work justice hot under usual. General as you would any other job take it seriously, making a priority. 8. Dont give up!!: don't give up. YouTube is a lot of hard work, and it can take years and years before you start seeing results. But if you're passionate and dedicated enough, you can see this through and you can truly see something Incredible results. You have to believe in yourself and the power of your channel. And, most importantly, you can't give up and you have to stay motivated. Sometimes if you lose. Since crab is, don't give up. Sometimes you've used go down. Don't give up Sometimes a video you thought would do Amazing flops don't give up. There's always the next video you're gonna post and maybe that's gonna be the video that stops. It'll don't give up, Stay passionate, stay motivated and you've got this. So thank you so much for watching this little class on how to stay motivated as smoky tuba . I know that motivation is something that obviously a lot of people struggle with, as I've already mentioned. But if you're passionate about it, you'll find a way to stay motivated because it's totally wet the results. And like I said, I mean, I haven't gained subscribers in quite a while, but that's OK. I'm still motivated. So if you're a smoky cheaper, I really hope you enjoyed yourself. And if you lend something and I don't know what class project should be, I didn't really think that 30 Carl, your key. It your class project is placed a video to YouTube channel talking about why you love doing what you're doing. Why also passionate about shoes and all that sort of stuff and why you want to be successful. YouTube just goes and what you see your YouTube channel becoming and all that sort of stuff to help keep the self motivated and everyone else motivated so applied that down below and let's will motivate each other. Let's support each other. We can. I'll subscribe to each other if we interested in each other's content. And yeah, thank you so much. Like I said before, my name is Carly. And to be sure to check it out if you're interested and thank you so much for watching this class, I really have enjoyed it and you let something and I'll see you in my next class. 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