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How to Start a Successful YouTube Channel from Scratch

teacher avatar Peter BVCCO, Video Content Strategist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      YouTube Success: Why aren't you growing?


    • 2.

      Who am I? How I can help you.


    • 3.

      Create value driven content


    • 4.

      How to NEVER run out of Ideas!


    • 5.

      The Cake Presentation


    • 6.

      Things YouTubers don't tell you


    • 7.

      Don't be afraid to do this.


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About This Class

Anyone can upload and create videos and then upload them on to YouTube but not everyone can create a ''successful'' YouTube channel from scratch. In this class I will discuss what you need to know about YouTube and why you're not growing.

After this class you will understand:

  • how to create unlimited content ideas
  • improve your viewership across your videos
  • deal with haters and unnecessary criticism 
  • be fulfilled in creating YouTube videos
  • create a YouTube strategy even if you never uploaded a video before 

You'll learn everything that I know over my several years of content creation on the platform and how you can implement these strategies into your own videos.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Video Content Strategist


Hi there! My name is Peter and I have been making online content and videos since I was young. I am currently a full time content creator and want to share my expertise with you. I have had several years of experience in creating online content for not only my personal brand but for professional companies and organizations to meet their video needs.

I am extremely passionate about videos and storytelling. I want to inspire other like-minded individuals to push and grow themselves as a creative in whatever their endeavors may be!

I'm all about being great and focusing on your strengths. Don't settle for average because you CAN'T win with just average. 

In my classes I will condens... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. YouTube Success: Why aren't you growing?: So you just picked up one of the guys and you posted it on YouTube. And you're expecting to get a little bit more famous, Get a little views. And you're wondering, is it too late for me to even start YouTube going into this year, the future? Should I even consider making videos so I can actually start becoming a YouTubers? Well, i2 was just in your shoes. And in this full-fledged course, I'm gonna talk to you about the newer strategies that you need to know when it comes to how to actually position and execute YouTube strategy so you can actually crush it, even if you are, have no experience and you want to be even a small YouTubers, big YouTubers. Every person needs to know this specific strategy. So you can succeed whether you want to be an influencer of lager or even have a YouTube channel revolving around a business. I'm going to tell you everything I know as YouTube is always, constantly changing what the algorithms. I'm going to teach you exactly everything that I know when it comes to YouTube strategy in this class. Stay tune. Let's get it going. 2. Who am I? How I can help you.: So just to give you all a little backstory of who I am and what I'm all about is my name is Peter at BBC CEO. I am a content creator. I make videos for influencers, YouTubers, businesses organization in the digital marketing agencies, and more importantly, myself. And I've grown at two YouTube channels to over 10 thousand subscribers, to having over a million views. That's a lot of people and a lot of content. And what I've learned through those five years of video content creation for other people. And more importantly myself, is I can teach you guys a thing or two about creating content on YouTube and what you need to know to succeed. Because regardless of what course or a class you take, YouTube is always, constantly changing and it's like do you need to be in the know-how? So everything that I'm going to share with you in this class, I'm going to show you what the things that I tell my clients as well as people that middle are mistakes long away and especially my own journey when it comes to making content for this platform. So what exactly you need to know and way why a strategy is so important. I'll tell you that exactly next. 3. Create value driven content: So although youtube is always changing, you need a strategy and it doesn't matter as long as this strategy still applies to this day, even though I have talked about it in all of my other classes, is that you'd consider what type of content that you're actually going to make, since you can actually funnel down what exactly type of content you can make, then you can actually happen the strategy, because if you just pick up a camera and my k guys, I'm going to go to struggle while I'm looking about. The harsh truth is no one really cares. And the only reason why you're watching this class to reverse engineer it is that you want to get some sort of value out of it and it's something I always preach. So how is the content itself is bringing value? Is that through entertaining? Am I being a funny comedian? Not really, but it can provide a source of escapism so that itself is entertaining and entertaining means value. The next one is educational. Am I teaching you something so you keeping your eyes stayed glued to the screen because you yourself can apply it and you're learning some sort of value, or is it the one that I like to preach the most of my clients as well, as well as all my other classes and resources. Having an education as well as entertaining as having a combination of both, because no one likes being taught in a boring way. So when it comes to having those three mindset, when it comes to creating YouTube content, is that, is your content actually entertaining? You need to sit down with yourself and be like, hey, wait a minute. Aren't my videos actually entertaining? And we're not the best speaker on camera, do I not have a camera presence? And you need to be honest. And rarely is if you only get, only get two views, then truth is not to hurt your feelings, but it's probably not a good enough. The second method is the best way if you don't have any sort of falling and you're starting from scratch, that you want to teach people something, how to create a YouTube strategy. How to create a strategy so you can implement in your social media, doesn't matter who you are as long as you build some sort of credibility and proof that, hey, I've built these two YouTube channels right here. And now I'm going to share with you guys exactly what I know. So you can learn all the shortcuts and tricks and things that will save you a lot more time. That itself is providing value. And most people, I recommend is that you teach people something that you know that you're an expert at so you can grow your own following and that is the easiest way into growing a YouTube or falling even if you have a no falling and no social media experience, teach things that you already know. No one likes being a phony on the internet. And a common trend that I see going into the future of YouTube working with clients as well as being consulted by bigger million plus YouTube channels, is that it's all about authenticity. And people can smell that through the screen. If you're trying to be someone they are not, or if you're trying to teach something that you're not really an expert app, people can sniff that out. So the Overview or the metadata thing about creating content on the Internet and having a strategy is that, does it align with you and what you're good at? There's no There's no room in the general age to be come someone that you're not. So what is it you're good at? Are you good at painting? Maybe you can become and create a YouTube account that TCP will specifically the different types of strokes, the watercolor, different types of paintings. And that's your expertise and that's where you want to do. Or if you're making content just for the sake of sharing and making videos, then yes, you don't really need a strategy, but if you want to grow on YouTube and take being seriously than a strategy is what I recommend. And I'll also talk about whether or not you should niche, niche down a little bit later if you stay all the way till the end. But for the most part, having a strategy and figure out, am I making videos for what's the purpose of me sharing my day in a life and putting it on YouTube. Am I trying to make money from this and my training, just grow a following from this? Or am I trying to entertain people or am I strictly doing it out of just the passionate hobby? And once you're able to decipher what exactly that you want to do with your content. And once you put that down together, you start to build together your content strategy of having what is your pillar content? What are your main types of content that you're going to make? And how are you going to distribute them on other social media platforms? Do you get your best reach? So I'm going to talk about that in the next portion. 4. How to NEVER run out of Ideas!: So you finally decided that, okay, I'm going to make a camera channel. I'm going to teach people how to use their cameras. And I'm going to figure out what specifically that I know I happen to news Nikon cameras. So guess what? I decided to build an entire YouTube channel dedicated to Nikon videos and my con, equipment and how you can make your best video. And the next thing I need to know is, who am I making videos four. So if I know I'm making videos for Nikon consumers, what are the biggest pains and their problems that they have to go through. And still to this day, my biggest views, it has a 100 thousand and it keeps accumulating views. Is that amino video on the best video settings that you can use for your Nikon camera. Because people are having that problem and not a lot of people are making videos about that issue. I decided to make a video about it. And because I decided to make a video about it and I solve someone's problem, I was able to bring a value to people. You see what I'm getting at? Because I was able to make a value-driven kinder to other people on the Internet. They just naturally wanted to ascribe because I help them solve their pain. And this is a common thing throughout social media marketing is you can grow a falling, by the easiest way is not by being an entertainer, being funny and yes, you can, but the most easiest way is through teaching people and showing people that generally help them, that you are generally interested in showing you guys, for example, how to create a better YouTube strategy so you don't feel a loss than the sauce when it comes to this noise of digital content creators and especially everybody wants to be a YouTube. So now that I've decided to make a YouTube channel on politically Nikon best video settings. What I wanna do is I want to do research. For example, if I put into the YouTube search bar, how exactly do I find video I topics that I do it through having YouTube auto-fill for me what exactly videos are there already existing on YouTube? So for the sake of this class is that I'm going to stick with the theme of Nikon video questions. So what I'm gonna do is I put in a Nikon camera and I see what populates with the Nikon ending phrasing. So as you can see, because so many other people are searching the same problems and results. Youtube is still the second biggest search engine. It's being partnered with Google. So now I'm making content for a specific audience and with a specific problem. And now that I do this, I go into the videos and I see, is there a lot of people making this topic? And if they are, it's something I shouldn't make a video on because people have already seen it and it's much harder to compete with your video, with another person's competitors video if they have a million subscribers and you have 0. So what I'm trying to get here is, yes, I'm going to talk about niche and does it matter? So I would highly suggest that you pick a topic that you yourself are inspired by. And there isn't a lot of videos on. If there isn't a lot of videos on and you can see there are people searching for that topic. Use yourself will rise to the top because there isn't a lot of competition. But the biggest caveat is this is when you first start out and you want to put your hands in both piles, you don't want a specific niche down. So you, all your videos are belt Nikon cameras because then let's say five years later and you're still making Nikon videos, then people are only going to watch you for Nikon related content. And if you upload a video that talks about your day in the life and what's it like to be a doctor? And as you can see, it kind of throws people off and no one's going to watch that video. So I highly suggest you picking a broad niche and for me as music, An example is actually used Nikon videos, but I also talk on my YouTube channel is I talk about how to be a videographer. How two different tips and tricks on how you do cool little video editing techniques. That way, I niche by niche down specifically into one thing. I put my things into different content ideas. And now that you have different content ideas and you figure out what populates on what's being searched, then you can start together to bring together, you have a look. I already have a 100 YouTube video ideas now that you have to generate it and compiled your own, I would highly consider if you put that in a Google doc or any sort of PDF, you're going to write that down, that you start compiling a list of things that keeping in mind what are my buckets? And for example, in my own YouTube channel at BBC SEO is that I have three main buckets. One is Nikon cameras, and next is videography. And the last one is a video editing, tips and tricks. So I have, let's say 20 ideas about Nikon video cameras that I've done my research through the YouTube search, as well as video editing and videography. Now, I'm ready to start creating videos because I have a specific audience in mind. Who am I making the videos for and how am I helping them? And once you put out a 100 videos and I guarantee you that you will start getting some sort of traffic, will all video that dual, probably not, especially if you have 0 subscribers. But I guarantee you that you'll have at least out of a 100 alleles to, to even ten videos headed off. And once you have videos that do well and you're getting that traction and you're starting to build your sense of YouTube strategy. Then I'm going to go into the next part, which is actually doubling down and how you can fine tune and get more of a falling and views when it comes to having a YouTube strategy, even if you're a smaller YouTubers. 5. The Cake Presentation: So what I recommend, after you uploaded your first 100 videos, your first 50 videos, I'll act call what you want to have is called the re-mix, the fact or the remix strategy. What you want is to double down on videos that always do well and do another variation of them. There's nothing wrong with saying from my example is I have my video that has best Nikon video settings since that video did so well, I decided to make part two, part three, and part where I actually elaborate on the same ideas. So that way it gets the same amount of views. And I'm competing against my own video because there's not a lot of other people talking about it. And now the floodgates opened and I have started to brick in monthly reoccurring views from people that I don't know, that I haven't built and come on to my channel. And once you have videos that bring value people at me like Who is this guy, who is as Peter guy? Does he have more other helpful videos and tips and advice. I want to learn more from him. So they go on your channel and they like, oh, he has a lot of videos on this topic. I'm going to subscribe. And that's how you get your first, let's say, 1000 subscribers on YouTube. And now that you understand YouTube strategy from that very broad overview, a lot of people don't even have this. And which is why I wanted to share it with you guys and habit a re, more refined and retouched about how you actually crush it on YouTube. So the next portion is, let's say you have your first 100 videos on your specific problem that you're solving. And you want to break out of your shell. You're, you're tired of making icon videos. You're tired of making YouTube tips videos. How exactly do you break out of that shell and how do you even generate more views and more subscribers? And moreover, following if that's what the goal that you have in mind, think of each one of your YouTube videos as a cake. It's nice to look at. You want to think of it, the presentation of the cake, but you also want to consider what is actually inside of the cake rate is a three layered. It, does it taste good at? Are the ingredients to the kicker really good? And you're like, what does that have to do anything with a YouTube video? Well, it's all about your title. What exactly is the title of that? But thumbnail doesn't make people want to click, as well as the actual content of the video itself. That is the three-pronged approach to have any sort of YouTube a title and content, right? So for example, a good YouTube title is the five tips you must know of how you crush YouTube strategy in comparison to the basics that I always like to example is YouTube lessons 101. Which one is more appealing to click and which when actually makes you curious them, wait, I need to know that. I'm like, I want to click on that. It's the same thing with blogging. At the same thing applies for YouTube titles. Change up your titles to have something that's a little bit more enticing and it's a little bit of copyrighting. Next is thumbnail. We're gonna take a look at two completely different thumbnails. We have thumbnail, one, end thumbnail to which one are you more enticed to click on? And once you get the title and thumbnail, that is so important because if you have a great video and you're title anthropologist horrible, then no one can actually see the video that you made in your hours of sweat into. So you always want to look at other people's thumbnails, like what are they doing? But also put your own twist into it about being original and creative on YouTube, creative is the variable. So how can you create a thumbnail that creates a story, builds curiosity, and isn't something that's legible. And you have a basic design tips that makes people actually curious. What does that video or bell It looks so when titling and it solves my problem before I even watch it. So think about that before you make your next thumbnails, as well as the title itself. Think about those things and that is how you refine and retouched. Think about how can I create more click-through rate and impressions with my own subscribers as well as if someone stumbles across my video and my thumbnail, Are they going to click on it? It doesn't make them want to click or they're like earn that title or thumbnail is so ugly. And it's nothing looks mediocre and I don't even want to click on it. So how are you gonna give them view, right? How are people going to actually come to your YouTube videos? So think about that and why that is so important and people often sleep on that topic. 6. Things YouTubers don't tell you: Now that we've got in most of the strategy portion, out of the way, I'm gonna talk about something more about mindset. And once you have your first, let's say, 50 videos, you tweak the thumbnails you listen to and watch a bunch of other YouTube videos about how to grow your YouTube channel from 0 views and 0 subscribers. Now we're gonna talk about, you know, why views don't matter, contrary to popular belief. When you first start out. And even for me, there is a sort of this connotation where if you have no likes on your Instagram post or you have no views on your Facebook video or you have no views on your YouTube videos, is that you start to question yourself. You're like, hey, is no one watching my videos because I'm not good enough. Why? No one's watching my video? Why do I have 0 views? I keep refreshing and no one's coming to watch my videos. And as digital marketing is coming up more of a thing now, and YouTube content creator is becoming more of a full-time position r type of gig is that it gets more competitive and you don't want to marry together your self-worth, as well as putting together views. You don't wanna do that. And if you're anything like me and you want to create content for fun as the sole purpose. And number two, yes, monetary and MLK income and passive income. Second wise, is that you don't want to attach your self-worth feelings and creativity with views. A video doesn't do well, then it's okay. You want to be able to move on and say, okay, how am I gonna do better the next time? Because when you first start and you first make videos, it kinda suck. No one's going to watch it, but that's okay. You know, that's all a part of the learning process and that's one of the things that I wish I knew, is that when you have a YouTube strategy, you get excited and then you're like, hey, no one watches my videos, how do I get better? How can I use this as a learning opportunity? And overall, is that don't put your Self-esteem into views and you want to keep bettering yourself and not taking things so personally. And you always want to grow and create more content if it's something that you love and let's say you're not good at it, then it's okay. If you don't want to turn a business out of it, then it's okay to just make content for the sake of just having fun. And there's so much pressure nowadays to be like, I need to have 1000 subscribers. I need to have a million views to show that I'm good at something. It isn't the right mindset to pi. Youtube is a long-term game and you want to build your legacy or value on your entertainment on it, then I don't think I get too caught up in the views, especially when you're first starting out. And this is something that I preach to my own client. The next portion is if you're actually going to make content and you actually get views. How do you deal with criticism and feedback, especially if you have a 0 subscribers and forums before you start to get a little bit of a gentleman, because you're like, hey, people are actually watching my videos now, but people are leaving are really bad and nasty and mean comments. And there's two schools of thoughts here. What you can do is one, if you don't like the comments, you are the Creator, you can block and delete any of these comments and that's the end of that. Two is that you have to understand that have empathy for these haters are trolls, are people who try to badger for no reason is that they are not in a good place in their life and they're trying to pull you down and understand that. And third school of thought is that take out the profanity and you take their honest feedback and criticism and how you can apply it and better yourself. As someone says, bola, blow your videos are too boring, then it just means that maybe they weren't the right person to watch the video, or maybe you didn't deliver your exact value proposition in that video. So they got misled and it creates a lot of hate. So it's a little bit of both in terms of like, okay, is a person just straight out trying to bash me or can I learned something from their feedback? And you need to understand that no one actually teaches a lot about mental health and how it actually affects you in terms of like cyber bullying, cyberbullying is very real and when you make content on the inner, you wanna be prepared so that you know exactly you had the strategy in mind that you're going to make videos and you're gonna understand that people might hate me no matter how great I think this video is for, just for the sake of hitting, what can you learn from them and be prepared to actually deal with cyber attacks and trolls. And that you always have the power to block and delete and not be subject to harassment and also have an open ear. It's a balancing of both acts. 7. Don't be afraid to do this.: Now we're gonna talk about reinventing yourself. Let's see, you've been on the YouTube game and watching this. You're like, yeah, Peter, I know everything that you said. I've applied everything and I'm actually getting decent amount of views now, what else do I need to know? Well, one of the things when it comes to any social media platform, especially when it comes to YouTube, is the proposition or value of constantly reinventing your own self. So you yourself are happy making content because there's so much people being burnt out because they're causally trying to pumping, pump out content to feed the algorithm and think about anytime or views if I don't post view normal livable, stop. Why do you need to do? Is you need to cause the re-invent yourself. How do you compete against you? It's not you against the biggest YouTubers out there with the five million, thirty five million subscribers, it's you against you. So you need to figure out how can I make my own videos better than it was yesterday? How can I make my videos better than the past ten videos? Can I become more of a better camera presenter? Do I stuttered? And sometimes a member, do I use a lot of ums and uhs? Can I increase my thumbnail click-through rate can create better titles. These are things that you consider. And one of the biggest mindset shifts that I had lately is that it's you against you, right? It's not you against your competitor that also makes similar videos. You, yourself making videos and not being so toughen yourself. Don't be so toughen yourself and be like, cuz you're looking at the top of a mountain of people who've been through the trials and errors. And some people don't even make it past their first ten videos because they're like, oh, YouTube's to heart is not for me. What you wanna do is you want to make videos and YouTube content for the long game. And how you do that is you compare it with yourself. It's only gets you constantly trying to get better if you look at even my own YouTube videos, is that when I first started versus now I'm a lot better and my perfect. No, but I'm trying to be. But all jokes aside, is that gone and better and that's through repetition and constantly not being so hard on myself and just constantly put out content. As long as it helps people, as long as people find it entertaining and I have fun in the process. I can do videos forever. And this is a long-term game. It's not a get rich quick scheme is not famous overnight. It, it's going to take probably years, right? And people don't see that instant growth and they just give up. So it comes to YouTube growth and overall wrapping up this class is that, yes, there are things that you need consider like having a strategy and making content for a specific demographic and people. But are you yourself? Do you find it fulfilling or are you happy making content and videos? And once you do and you helping your helping people, than does a views and vanity metrics really matter as long as you have some sort of business plan for your YouTube channel, or maybe just doing for fun. This is me as YouTube and salt and I've helped people launch their channels as well, making videos for the channel to keep the growth of the channel going. Is that a lot of things that I see is that making YouTube videos. There are two schools of thought. Are you either make it into a business or you do it for fun. And for me, I like to have a consideration of both. So when you first start on YouTube, understand that it is a lot more competitive. And you might have a little delusion when it comes to being famous overnight. And what are you using? The fame for? Fame and views, or just a byproduct of what type of value or you're bringing to the people that are watching. And for you to make videos, is that he needs to bring value. Are you helping people or are you having fun? And understand that it's a long tail game and you're only competing against yourself. So I hope that class was able to help you and feel free to look at all my other resources. And YouTube is a long game. It's not going anywhere. People are constantly with what's going on is that people are born pertaining to YouTube because online content and they can watch it whenever they want on their time. So I hope this helps. I really hope this helps. And feel free to leave feedback in the description below, the comments section below. And, uh, my name is Peter. You're watching broke visionary collective where I hope you create something out of nothing. And we can all create something.