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YouTube VLOGGING: How to Start A YouTube Channel Today

teacher avatar Peter BVCCO, Video Content Strategist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Starting with WHY Take This Course?


    • 2.

      The Proper MINDSET You need to Start YouTube


    • 3.

      Difference between VIEWS and TRAFFIC for Success


    • 4.

      What is required to start a YouTube channel?


    • 5.

      BREAKDOWN of the YouTube Formula


    • 6.

      What Type of Videos YOU are going to make?


    • 7.

      The Two MAIN Types of Content for GROWTH


    • 8.

      When Should You UPLOAD a Video?


    • 9.

      Understanding VIEWS + UPLOADING Importance within 24 HRS


    • 10.

      What is SEO and How do I Apply It to MY videos?


    • 11.

      What are the MAIN Ways YouTubers make MONEY?


    • 12.

      THESE are the Tools I Use and YOU Should Use


    • 13.



    • 14.



    • 15.

      Why Your Videos ARE NOT Doing Well...


    • 16.

      How to Properly Deal With HATE and CRITICISM


    • 17.

      Summary + RECAP


    • 18.

      To YOUR Success


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About This Class

You're an aspiring YouTuber who wants to get into VLOGGING but has NO IDEA where to to start? 

How do you go from 0 subscribers to 1,000 subscribers? What kind of videos should I make? Should I consider making a YouTube channel for my personal brand/business/entertainment? You will find the answers to all these questions HERE.

THIS course is for YOU.

After I've devoted three years to YouTube, I have condensed what I've learned into a course for your success on YouTube. With well over 10,000 subscribers and 2M views across all my channels - you can learn from my mistakes and failures without having to devote three years to learning what I knew in exactly 45 minutes.

Unlike OTHER YouTube courses on here, I am not promising you millions of subscribers, or fame - what I CAN promise you is that I will show you everything I know in order for you to have a better foundation and understanding for your online content and be AHEAD of the game.

You put in what you get. You CANNOT be average. YOU have a message. You want creative FREEDOM. 

Well YouTube is definitely a good start to the online content world and I hope this course serves you well.

What you will EXPECT to learn:

  1. How to START a YouTube Channel (Overview)
  2. The Proper Foundation to Make MONEY on YouTube
  3. What EQUIPMENT You Will Need?
  4. How to STAND OUT from the Crowded Market?
  5. YouTube Marketing and SEO
  6. Successful YouTube MINDSET to Win

p.s. I hope this course will benefit you after my own failures and scars from creating on YouTube - I hope you learn, grow, and profit from my knowledge and spread your message to the world.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Video Content Strategist


Hi there! My name is Peter and I have been making online content and videos since I was young. I am currently a full time content creator and want to share my expertise with you. I have had several years of experience in creating online content for not only my personal brand but for professional companies and organizations to meet their video needs.

I am extremely passionate about videos and storytelling. I want to inspire other like-minded individuals to push and grow themselves as a creative in whatever their endeavors may be!

I'm all about being great and focusing on your strengths. Don't settle for average because you CAN'T win with just average. 

In my classes I will condens... See full profile

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1. Starting with WHY Take This Course? : Hey, how's it going? My name is Peter, and for the past three years of my life, I've made YouTube videos professionally for other companies, but as well, more importantly for myself and through the hard three years of doing YouTube videos for living or making money for other people. I've gone through a lot of failures as well, a successes. And when it comes to 2018 and trying to make it YouTube channel, it's tough. There's a lot of noise. Everyone wants to be, ah, YouTube type of person. But in this course, I'm gonna show you all the things that I wish that I knew when I first started YouTube everything from the overview of understanding. How did you start your own channel as well as all of the analytical and S C O terms that you must need, as well as understanding your short term and long term legacy of having that YouTube channel? And my name is Peter. You're watching broke visionary collective, and I'm I hope this course serves you as much as all the things that I wish that I knew that I had cheers 2. The Proper MINDSET You need to Start YouTube: So what comes the understanding? Your Why on YouTube you need to have a strong enough. Why? No matter what happens, what it is something you stand behind, for example, a lot of people's. Why isn't the right why let me explain. Ah, lot of people try to just be Internet famous, and they post up a video and it doesn't get any views and traction, and then they give up. In other words, you're why was not strong. My wife is to help people make videos and not be limited themselves to excuses. Oh, I don't have money for like a camera. Oh, I don't know how to edit. I don't know how to do YouTube, and that is me providing value to wards you, and that is providing my wife. So as long as you're why is just and something besides just being coming Internet famous, we're getting a lot of traffic. You need to provide some kind of service value or product to your audience. And once you establish that, understand that then you can finally are able to begin making a YouTube channel. So when it comes to YouTube, nowadays, everyone has a channel. But since There's so many people in YouTube now YouTube limits. It's custom your L meaning if you want to have the handle. Youtube dot com Ford slash the famous artist painter You're not going to get that unless you have 100 subscribers. YouTube will then be like, Oh, now this account is authentic. It's not a spam bought, and I'm gonna let this account have its own custom. Your l and that really helps you separate the very initial steps of Separate yourself from other people on YouTube. For example, my YouTube channel, My 2nd 1 youtube dot com for a slash b v c c 07 That is its own dedicated custom your elf. Whereas if you just started YouTube, you'll have some weird bunch of letters and squiggles. But once you establish yourself, that is where you want to understand the importance of having a custom your help. But then you're like I don't know what my channel name is, and a lot of people before they start their like, I need to find the perfect name so I can start my YouTube channel. I don't have a brand yet. How do I find that YouTube channel The thing is brands like Sony, Apple, Google. Those words had no meaning until they established the product and the brand authority and other wired's. Keep your name short and simple, but you can pretty much name it, whatever the hell you want it to be. As long as you provide content. Don't let's thinking about a YouTube name stop you from even starting a YouTube general to begin with. It's nice tohave it related to whatever, but in all actuality, beginning is much more easier than crafting some master name and then not really putting out good content. 3. Difference between VIEWS and TRAFFIC for Success: So when it comes to having a YouTube channel, what you'll notice is you want to get traffic traffic. In other words, getting attention. People's viewing your eyes on your video because nowadays there's so much different platforms. Everyone's getting distracted with videos. But what do you do? Get the tension of like X amount of people? What is that for? What? Why are you making videos? Why are you making videos and why is it so important? You need to ask yourself that figure that self out for some for me, helping other people up for us. For some other people, it's providing them entertainment, comedic, some kind of value. So I understand that creating an audience creating traffic for your YouTube channel that is your building, essentially your own personal brand. So you wanna build your personal brand and have long term goals rather than just short term gratification. In other words, don't worry so much about the views of the numbers and subscribers, because when you start out, reality is no one is watching, but that will change slowly over time. If you put in the work, consistency and things that I will show you in the next part of this video, 4. What is required to start a YouTube channel? : equipment and technical stuff. Because when a lot of people trying to make video content then usually have some Excuse off . Hey, I don't have the right equipment. I don't have a fancy $5000 camera to start this. Hey, I don't have a laptop so I can edit my movies. Guess what. When I first heard it, YouTube, I really just picked up my phone, put it on the shelf. And that is how I learned how to make videos. My first program that I used was Windows Movie Maker. So really, in all actuality, as long as you have a phone that shoots 10 80 p 24 frames per second, which most smartphones nowadays do and you have a computer that has either i movie final cut, adobe premiere. Hell, even windows Movie maker. You two don't need a lot of fancy equipment. Never led the equipment. Tell your story whatever it is you're trying to tell to the world I know some people try to promote Oh, I need this new camera. I need this new lens. I need this fancy laptop. The thing is, when I started, I didn't have any of that. I slowly built that along the way as they understand video. I understand how to edit, and I understand storytelling, so that is important. There's You don't need to invest 1000 of dollars before you don't even know how to news the damn thing. So my advice to new is news, the stuff that you have. If you don't have the budget or you don't even have a camera to start with, then hey, maybe do look into buying a camera, whether that's a cannon t six i or some sort of pointing shoot. And when it comes to the main editing tools, like already said, the main ones that every YouTuber news is, there's two of them. Adobe Premiere and final cut Pro X. You can't go wrong with those two, and those are the programs that every YouTuber muses 5. BREAKDOWN of the YouTube Formula: I'm going to show you the very interest kiss, ease of how to edit, cause this isn't how to edit course. But what I can tell you is that understanding editing to a certain degree is that you're taking bunch of clips that you framed and filmed, and you're pretty much editing your thoughts in time. So you're taking point A and going to point B. So think of it as writing a book. You have your introduction, your body and then your conclusion. And what a lot of YouTubers do and businesses do is that they have their own custom intro for personal branding reasons and I to also have my own personal YouTube channel intro. So what you want to do is for a basic formula for YouTube is that you have the 1st 5 seconds of a video. Is the teaser meaning? That's your hook. You want people to be like click that video. Oh, and today I'm gonna show you all the tips and secrets on how you do blank, blank, blank que your custom YouTube intro. And then you talk about the introduction point a point B point C, Then you will finally have the hook at the end because having that hook at the end, that is pretty much makes whoever is watching your video watch from pretty much point A to point B instead of just watching the hook and then goes right into the hook. And then you're not going to get them to watch the entire video, because the point of YouTube is that you want people to watch your entire videos, not just 10 seconds, and then leave the screen. The point of YouTube is that you want the audience, the viewer. Whoever you're Tugger already audience is, is to view your view from beginning to end as well as also have your own custom outro. And that is usually some kind of call to action. So before you end every YouTube video, you want to make sure Hey, guys like hit comment like subscribe share. Hit that notification bell. And that is how you have a culture action. And that is why a lot of YouTubers do it not only for shares and engagement, but as well as to keep your own audience notified 6. What Type of Videos YOU are going to make? : So in this part, we're going to talk about content creation. What are you gonna make and why are you making it? Pretty much my main over parking understanding of YouTube is that who's a four? Are you making for entertainment? Are gonna be a comedian? Are trump provide some kind of value to other people, Are trying to be some kind of influencer or are just strictly trying provide value, whether that's how to video, whether that's a review video, whether that's some kind of commentary on whatever is currently trending in the world. Once you understand why you making videos, then you can slowly start to begin your content creation process. So when it comes Teoh Entertainment, you need to see whether or not what things you want to talk about. What appeals to you. What? So if that's a how to you want to make sure what is trending? How to video on what? How to cut your own hair, how to draw a circle. How do I set up a camera? How do I make YouTube videos? YouTube videos for small YouTubers. You need to figure out what videos are you going to make exactly so There's a big debate on YouTube on demographic. But for me, and my understanding of my three years on YouTube is that you didn't make sure. Who are you making your videos for? Because the more Nishiura videos are, the more likely there is white space for people. Toe watch and find your videos, for example. You would think the more broader in general you go on YouTube, the more people are going to see your videos. But that is not the case for YouTube, especially on YouTube. Now, in 2018 more people are trying to make YouTube videos. More people are going to get crowded. More people are gonna be in the market. So you want to find your niche subject. For example, the morning should go the better. For example, you're gonna be become a YouTube blogger that specifically on Lee going to talk about Asian culture. And if you wanna go niche more to that niche is that you're gonna be a Vietnamese. You to blogger, talking about Vietnamese content versus a general. Hey, guys, I'm a YouTube blogger. Another example of this is that you want. If you want to be a DEA, why channel Whether that's camera year, you want to make it even more niche. So hey, I'm gonna make a YouTube channel about cameras. But it's gonna be a budget YouTube camera channel. So the more niche, the better. So once you decided that's have a content and your target audience in your demographic, you need to figure out the type of content that works for you. And it's all about trial and air. Ah, lot of people think YouTube short two minute videos. That's it. But for my own strategy and technique, you want to try both, because when you start off with zero subscribers and zero everything, you want to try a long content. So that's content that's over 10 to 20 minutes, as was bite size, short form video. So anywhere from five minutes unless and then other days you can have 10 to 20 minutes. Content videos always experiment because when you first knew YouTube, it is very tough to get noticed. And how do you get notice more quickly and by more eyes is that you put out as much content as you can think about it this way, one person takes out like, let's say the entire month to produce Onley. One video. That video doesn't matter. How good is it only gets 100 views versus the person who puts out average content but slowly gets better over time. And guess what? They're able to put out 55 0 videos, and they have already accumulated 10,000 views. So it's always about having good quality and good quantity at the same time, quality and content at the same time. Quality quantity always mixed those two together. Don't let perfection stop you from putting out videos. The more videos you put out, the more likely you are to be seen by the audience that you want. So don't let perfection stop you. I know so many people person and say the oath. I want the video to be perfect, but the reality is YouTube is a You see me now and you see me Don't the next day. So you always want to be on the radar. I would say Have some sort of consistently post things scheduled So you wanna upload videos that say Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sundays? Or you want to do videos? Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Stick to that. But from my own personal experience, the worst days to upload videos or Friday and Saturday because that's when everyone's out and about. And the days that you do want to upload is you want to experiment. Monday, the Thursday and Sundays experiment with those days. Stick to the schedule. Put out content, content, content, content constantly. Put your stuff out there on the Internet because with the Internet being sold fast pace that it is, you see them one day, and the next day they disappear. So make sure content guys content is king. 7. The Two MAIN Types of Content for GROWTH: So when it comes to content creation on YouTube, there's also two things you need considered to get constant traffic and views. And this is where a lot of people mess up. For example, everyone does YouTube videos and flogs, but no one, really. You haven't really established that content authority. So you make a vlog. You're like, Hey, guys, I'm going to the mall today. Hey, guys, this is me on the trip to the library and you tell it, Blawg one going to the library rally is no one's watching that except for you when you plus play again to make sure that uploaded on YouTube. Because the truth is there's two schools of thought one evergreen content. You want to make content that's already catered towards an existing audience. In other words, evergreen content is how to videos. Why? Because people are always searching. How do I do this? How do I do this? YouTube is number two on the world's Internet search engine gets. What's number one Google. So when you constantly make videos where there's already an established audience, you're gonna reach more eyes, you get more views. How do I set up a stabilizer How do I make a steady cam video? How day unbox this video and like, How do I do this? And this and this. In other words, there's already an audience there, so you make a video cater. Tip that audience and that how you get attraction and put eyes on your video when you start from zero. And the good thing is about evergreen content. Is that its every green? In other words, people will constantly come back to that video because everyone, I bet you not the video on how to tie a tie get the viewed every damn day. Because no matter the length of time someone is always searching up, how do you a tie a tie that is every getting content. Evergreen means it's Evergreen is going to stay there forever. But the number two tactical approach you can do in YouTube it's what's trending pop culture , so you could make a comment or critique on whatever is trending. For example, a new video game just came out. You can talk about that. You could do a review on that, but the thing of what's trending videos and those pop culture type of videos is that you'll see that they'll have a big spike of, Ah, traffic and then it just dies off. That is why it's dangerous to just rely on constantly pop culture content because, yes, you'll get that peak of content because people are searching it. But guess what? Just like the Internet, people come and go, and then that track that traffic will just die. So it's always a combination of having evergreen content. So, for example, how do I draw a circle versus how would I draw this new video game character that just came out that everyone searching? But in the next 10 years, no one's going to really care about it, so it's gonna search about anymore. So it's always a balance of getting audiences from both sides what's trending as well as pop culture. 8. When Should You UPLOAD a Video?: So when comes toe having some sort of content schedule, you need to make sure that you always hold yourself accountable because the thing is when a lot of people I talked to they don't upload on a consistent basis. You know, you know that saying out of mind, out of sight, that is true with the Internet. It's so fast paced. One minute someone see your video in the next minute on to the next person. So what you want to do as a content creator, or like a business owner that makes videos or wants to make content for the own brand is that you want to upload on a consistent schedule. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, works best for me, but it might not work for you. You really need to try an experiment, but from my own experience, you wanted especially. Try not to upload on Fridays and try not to upload on Saturdays. Sundays air Good Sunday to Thursday's is what you want experiment with, but also, like I said, experiment Monday Wednesday, Friday was for me, but it might not work for you. Stick to a schedule. Some people like uploaded three videos. Some people try to do daily of logging. But the reality is I'm not you. You need to be able to stick to a schedule so that you won't burn out. You can make videos every day for a whole month, but then you just burn out and you get tired of like, Oh, I don't want to make videos on the Internet anymore, So you have to stick to a schedule that really suits you. Whether that's once a week, once every other day, once a month, stick to something that you can do for the long term. Because remember YouTube. If you really want to make content strategically for YouTube, you want to say this for the long term game. This isn't just a little. Dip your toes in the pool and you're out. Think about this. Is building own personal brand building value for others and legacy. It's always about your personal brand and legacy and what you're trying to put out into the world. So think about that 9. Understanding VIEWS + UPLOADING Importance within 24 HRS: YouTube algorithm and marking secrets that no one truly understands on YouTube. So based on my pretty, his talk of how I said YouTube is the second biggest on the Internet as search engine Google being number one is you need to treat it like one. So there's a lot of things about this you two algorithm that no one really understands. Number one view velocity. In other words, with the YouTube algorithm always changing. What a lot of the other courses on your Demi don't talk about his view velocity. So the 1st 24 hours that you upload a video, that is when you want to hit your video with the most traffic that you can get. Because that is whether or not he'll decide YouTube will push out that video, whether that's to your subscription box or to other people, and recommended and suggested videos, because a lot of people just upload their video on YouTube and just forget about it and like, Oh, okay, that's gonna be my video. Whoever watches it watches it. No, you want to make sure that as much people go on your video within the 1st 24 hours of upload and how do you do this? And you have zero audience. So number one is Make sure you and use other websites. Don't be that SPAN person because there's a good balance of between spam in your content. And hey, guys, watch my video bluh bluh, bluh, bluh You don't want that SPAN person you want to go, whether that's on Reddit or Facebook and join communities that are already established and be a part of them and talk and have discussion. And then you can be like, Hey, guys washes video that I just made about X Y X kind of top. So that is how you get views when you start from zero. 10. What is SEO and How do I Apply It to MY videos?: So when it comes to the YouTube algorithm, now YouTube is becoming less and less subscription based and less and less S C O. Based like S E O is definitely good. Start, don't get me wrong. That's why I know it so much. And it's a good start when you have zero. But as you see now from the YouTube home page is that your subscription boxes used to be the first thing you see when you go on your phone. But guess what? That's not the case anymore. The first thing you see in your phone is your home page and your home page. That is where you want to appear on people's YouTube feed. And how do you get there when no one's really subscribe to your channel? Is that you want to make sure your videos are recommended or suggested, and how do you do this? You have good tags and S e o. In other words, search engine optimized friendly tags in your videos and your titles, as well as making sure that people are watching your videos from beginning to end. So understanding the importance of watch time watch time is everything you have two videos with the exact same number of views, but one video has more watch time. YouTube is gonna much favor. Watch time of the second video over the first video, where only 10 people watch and I just click the screen. YouTube is not gonna promote that video because they know that the click off rate is so high is that they're going to push that video down. And YouTube is gonna push the video up that people watching from beginning to end and it gets put into the algorithm. And that is a very brief understanding of the YouTube algorithm now in 2018. So on the topic of understanding S C o. A lot of people forget or are to lazy about. They just named their YouTube video vlog one going to the mall flog to going to this and that. But you want to understand when it comes to having YouTube algorithm, understanding that you wanna make sure the first 4 to 5 words of your YouTube title is optimized so that people searching up are searching the exact same keywords and phrases, for example, how to draw a circle. You put that into your title you put that into the first part of your description, and you put that into the first part of your tags. It is so important to have these all link up because a lot of people get lazy that make the video, and they just throw it out there. You need to understand the importance of video takes. And if you want to play this YouTube game super noisy, this is one of the key points of how you stand out. Is that the importance of video tagging? And I put so much emphasis on this because even though I started my second channel just over a year ago, I've have a video with over 20,000 views is because search engine search tags I looked at O . There's a lot of people searching for this term, but no one's really making a videos on this time, so I'm gonna make it. I'm gonna make sure the title matches exactly what people are searching up. Make sure the description has key words and phrases, exactly the matches to my title, and then I make sure the tags match exactly what people are sitting up and you don't want to. Spam you want to make sure that a lot of people do s CEO and tagging is that they put in one word, right? Cats, dogs. But when it comes to understand YouTube CEO, one word does not do well. You put in phrases. So, for example, drawing is not gonna get a lot of search volume. But how to draw a circle? Put that in a tag, their yolk there you're already a step ahead of other people who don't get YouTube CEO. So drawing a circle, draw a circle, drawing circles. So it's different variations of just play around with them. And that is the very core fundamentals of S e O and what you should definitely consider when you upload your video because people often forget. Yes, making content is one thing, but making sure the marketing to that video the S e o the tags and even more importantly, the thumbnail is what will help you get views and content and how your videos we get be seen by other people because on the topic of thumbnails is that you need to make sure you have a thumbnail that really stands out and sticks out to your audience. If just have a random thumbnail of something that's not even related to the video, no one's gonna want to click on it. You want to make sure your video thumbnail sticks out. So what I like to do for my videos is I like to news gimp or photo shop, and you pretty much take out the entire background and make it a complete different color for me. It's yellow for you. Might be blue for other people might be bright pink. And then what I do after that is I have text bars, depending on what type of content that I'm making. Teoh just further throw it in your face that hey, I'm today. I'm gonna be reviewing this video here, click on this one. Also, be aware of your competition. Go do a simple YouTube search and see what other you tubers are making as their thumbnails . Okay, now, everyone on their YouTube thumbnails, you do a search in Wait a minute. They all have yellow thumbnails. So what I'm gonna do as I'm gonna make sure I'm gonna have a blue thumbnail. Because you see, yellow, yellow blue isn't make you wanna click on it. cause your eyes naturally drawn to something that sticks out as well as if you include any text, don't use too much. Make sure it's on the right side because people read from right to left, especially on the YouTube thumbnails. And that is the basic understanding of S e o thumbnails on how you get your veto scene by an audience that have you have yet yet to discover you. 11. What are the MAIN Ways YouTubers make MONEY? : now that's the part that you all have been waiting for. How do I make money on YouTube? And there's essentially three core pillars that would take and how you make money. Number one is YouTube absence. In other words, if you don't understand, you do pass senses that advertisers pay YouTube to put ads on creators video, so you get a chunk of 50%. I think around was 45 45 55 split with YouTube. So let's say you see those annoying ads that pop up creators get a chunk of whatever those advertised pay to YouTube, and then you two pays to its creators, and how creators get paid is through AdSense. So all you need to do is you need to sign up your YouTube account and make sure it's verified and put in your address and your billing address. And that is how you get paid. One of the ways of have yet paid on YouTube when you make videos is when you put ads on your videos are technically other people. Put ads on your video and the morn issue go, the more likely you are out to get higher. CPM and getting all technical here and hire, you know, playback CPM for your videos. And the roughly estimation is that people make anywhere, from, let's, say, a dollar to $2 per 1000 views. But that may be less or more the temp ending on the type of content that you put out on the Internet. So that is one way how YouTubers make money is through AdSense the second way of how you make money. A lot of people make money on YouTube as the influencer crater is that they have affiliate links. Usually, when you see a YouTube creator that has hundreds of thousands of views and you click on their description, their description is usually filled with affiliate links. Whether that's for X Y shop ABC company is because people click on their links and byproducts off of their site is that that creator also gets a small percentage because they're directing traffic to another site. And, ah, lot of times I recommend, especially if you do review channels or you're like, let's say, an artist or some kind of like videographer is that you want to link have affiliate links in your description that links to whether That's an Amazon, for example, a camera that you're using. Or, if you're a painter, some kind of brush that you're using so that once people watch your view on that, whatever item that you have there gonna be curious about their click on anything and buy it . And guess what? You make a small commission on that. So you might as well link up to something like a mat Amazon's affiliate program and make a small percentage of money off of that. And that is how Ah lot of craters make money through YouTube accents as well as having affiliate links in the description, and I'm gonna show you how to sign up for these programs. But there's many of them out there. So you want to make sure your description is linked not necessarily spam, but is linked to whatever you're talking about. For example, this new camera that just came out I'm going to review it. I'm also gonna grab ex wives that companies link. Put that into my description, have people drive traffic from that video that I reviewed push after they're they're going by the camera and I'm gonna get X amount of commission from that third way of how you make money on YouTube, which will make you the most money because you don't want to rely just on YouTube, AdSense and affiliate links that you're using the already existing traffic that you have on your YouTube channel. And you push that to some sort of external site where that is your own personal site, some sort of merchandise lying that you have, or whatever site that you have. In other words, what you're essentially doing is you're creating your YouTube audience as a lead generator . In other words, people come to your YouTube videos and the like. Oh, I like what this guy's talking about, like what he's trying to sell. So I'm gonna go to his website and check out whatever he has. For example, some people sell merchandise, you know? Hey, that is another way to generate revenue. Another example of this is that they might sell some kind of product. So, for example, some kind of camera and third there trying to sell some kind, of course, e cores a webinar, and that is a good way of how you generate traffic towards that. So, using YouTube as a video platform. Get the audience that you want, and then you drive that audience to your own site, and that is how you generate the most money. If you want to make serious money on YouTube, it is not through AdSense and affiliate links. It is through using it as an audience as a lead generator, so you can push that audience to whatever that is you're trying to sell what it, whatever. That's like 11 consulting on how you help people with anxiety make anxiety videos drive people from that anxiety on audience who are like super into self help self improvement. And then guess what? You have a website as well, and you also offer one on one consulting. That is another way of how you drive traffic into you, your own lips like so that is, I would say Number three is the most key differentiator of how you survive and understand what makes a part time youtuber into a full time YouTuber because you don't want to rely on absent alone because YouTube algorithm is always changing, things are always changing and you want to rely on other things. You don't want to put all your eggs in one basket. Trust me, I've learned the hard way, and I've learned that relying on X amount of dollars on AdSense one month, you might not have the same amount of money again on ads, and the next month you always want to differentiate different streams of passive income, and that is how you survive and do full time on YouTube. 12. THESE are the Tools I Use and YOU Should Use: so tools for a success. These air my secret tools that not a lot of people talk about because x y YouTubers using it. And they want just keep all their secrets to themselves. But this, these tools are will help you be way ahead of other people. So the two tools I'm not affiliated with these companies. The I personally news is vid i Q and to buddy these two. These are tagging and S e o ranking plug ins that you put in your browser. And what essentially does is you can see through people. It gives you x ray vision. In other words, you can see what exactly people are putting in their video takes. And I'm like, you're like, Oh, cool story, bro. What's so cool about that is that you can reverse engineer what they're doing to see how successful these tags are. For example, I go to a video and I'm like how to set up a Steadicam. Okay, this crater has how to set up steady camp properly. So what you wanna do is you want to play around with other creators tags on, then you want to put your own spin on it, and essentially you're able to see what ranks well, which has higher search volume and what you can do, as well as benefit and step ahead of the game, is that you can see what's trending and what's not. And these two tools have helped me immensely when it comes to understanding how I could be seen as, well. Aziz, Is there an audience for what I'm doing? Or is there not on the third site that I like? News is social blade and essentially social Blade is is that it is a very statistical, analytical website for YouTube nerds like myself, and you're able to reverse engineer and see how how much of uses this channel getting. How did they get to where they are today? Did they happen over at night, or was it a long stay stream of growth? And what can I learn and reverse engineer so I can apply to myself? And in this little clip here, as you can see in my channel how I got to where I'm at and constantly see how I get growth on my YouTube channel 13. INNOVATION : So this is one of my favorite parts of the course, and that is innovation. So a lot of people do you two for X amount of time. They don't get the traffic, and then they just give up. Why you'd even doing in your first place is your Why strong enough. So what I like to recommend is do something completely different because sometimes if you're so focused on doing this kind type of videos, you don't your kind of clouded. So you do something completely different. Change of the styles change up the type of content you're talking about, and that is how you keep things fresh. But also, you're able to try and see different audiences and pull different eyes towards your channel . Don't. One of my favorite coats is that doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results each time is the definition of insanity. So you want to try different things, different tags, different type of videos, different. Everything is something is not working for you. So one of the things when it comes to going at YouTube channel is that you're always comparing yourself to someone, especially when YouTube nowadays, where you see people that get success overnight is that you don't see the channels. Yeah, cool. 11 channel you admire that does X Y type of videos has 100,000 subscribers. You're like, Oh, damn, I just want to be just like them. But when you don't see is that the millions of other chance that try to do exactly what that person did that gave up and failed because, yes, that person represents 1%. But there's so many other channels that tried to do what they do and did not succeed. So you need to compare yourself to no one else but yourself. It's good to see and like, have a little bit. Comparison is like, Oh, this is the type of content I would produce, But I want to do it my way. Don't compare yourself to anyone else When you compare yourself the numbers and metrics and every other nitty pick thing, that is when you're gonna have self doubt and negativity. And once you compare yourself, it's pretty much a game over. Situation is the only thing that you want I want you to focus on is yourself your own metrics and ask yourself the question. How can I improve my video from before? How can I make each upload better than before? What can I do? Different so I can constantly be improving at this content creation game if I really want to be in it. 14. COLLABORATION : So one of the key things that not just in YouTube world but in life and business world is growth hacking and one of the best ways that growth hack on YouTube is collaborating. You want to collaborate and bring together like minded individuals on YouTube, for example, you really look up to this big channel that has 100,000 subscribers and you're just the little guy over here that has 100 subscribers. So when I would do is I would reach out to that big channel and be like, Hey, let me make a video for you or Hey, I would love to invite you on my channel and we'll talk about your story. So it's promoting your brand, and you don't have to do anything. I will do all the work. So what do you get out of it? You get exposure, right? That is how you hack their audience. Essentially. So you're making content, and if they're nice enough, they're gonna promote your channel in your content. So collaborating is one key ways. Take success and winning on the YouTube game. So you want to siphon other people's audiences. You want to be able to reach out to other you tubers and network, because when I first started this YouTube thing, I started in a very kind of narcissistic and conceded Wait where I was like my channel. No one can touch me blah, blah, blah, and I pray much held the shield around me. But once I started reaching out to people that I really admired and looked up to the content doesn't matter if they had, like, 100 subscribers or 10,000 subscribers was that we were able to collaborate and collaborating is that you cross promoting each other and you cross pollinating. When it comes to your audience, you're going to reach someone that you might not see before and reach your audience. And that is one the key ways that people often forget on YouTube collaboration. 15. Why Your Videos ARE NOT Doing Well...: so self awareness. Most people are delusional. Let's let's just put it out there. When it comes to putting out content, you might think your stuff is the best, but in all actuality, it might not be that great. So what you need to do is sit down with yourself. Look at the content. Look at the numbers and your you need to ask yourself, Are you doing the best that you can do at this exact moment? What can you do to get better? Is your stuff really that good? If it's that good, why aren't that much people seeing it? Are you lacking on search engine terms? Are you slacking on thumbnails? Is your content? Are you not a good personality on YouTube? You need to really sit down yourself and see how can you improve and what ways? Because the truth is with content creation, you are never that good. You always want to strive for good, but you will never get there. A sad of the sounds you always want to try to get better, and over time, if you release 100 videos and each single video is the exact same style and you've done the same thing for years. Then, my friend, you need to innovate. You need to ask yourself, Are you doing YouTube for the right reasons? Are you getting better? And maybe that's why your stuff is average. Because if I want the people that are watching this channel or this course is that I want your stuff to be above average, I want you to put out the best content that you can make so you can inspire the audience that you aspire toe half. 16. How to Properly Deal With HATE and CRITICISM: and I decided, clueless of the very end. Because if you consider everything on YouTube putting out a message putting reaching the audience that you want, chances are if you get any sort of audience, you're gonna get hate haters and criticism. And this is the thing that stops a lot of people. Oh, I'm so scared of what people are gonna think of me. I'm so scared of like this people, this person is gonna give me X Y and zed comments. Truth is, you put yourself on the Internet, someone is gonna hate on you. It doesn't matter who. I bet you not. Oprah has a hater as awesome as a person that you think she is. Someone out there is not gonna agree with her opinion. Same with you. Who are you? Someone is going to disagree with you. So you have. Sometimes when it comes to YouTube haters and comments, you take out the profanity and you're like bleep, bleep, bleep change of your audio. Oh, my audio might be off. I need to work on my audio. So sometimes is the blunt truth that if there is some good in that but sometimes you don't get hate and just have to accept that. Sometimes it gets bad and YouTube has blocking options, and you can completely blocked them and banned them from your channel. But don't let haters stop you from making video content because it's 2018 now that you to market, it's so crowded. And if someone ran him on the Internet is going to stop you from making videos. That really says something a lot about you. Do you want making videos in the first place? Is your Why strong enough? And if a random person across the world can type some comment and hide behind their keyboard and stop you, then you might not be the person to make video content in the first place. That's just me being brutally honest. 17. Summary + RECAP: So you made it all the way to the end. I hope I gave you the keys and foundations and pretty much an overview of all the thing that I wish someone told me when I started this YouTube journey three years ago. Because the more you wait on YouTube, the more less likely you are to start. So what is it that's stopping you? What's stopping you from making YouTube videos? Is it the fact that you're scared to start from zero? Because the truth is everyone had to start from zero. Didn't matter who you looked up to. Everyone starts from zero so, so much people wait and wait and wait. Don't wait for tomorrow. Now is the exact time you think YouTube is crowded. But I hope this course gives you the very skills, tools and knowledge that could be way ahead of the game. Because even though you might not be number one have a 10 billion subscribers, you can definitely still, in this age and time, still create an audience so you can have successful personal brand being entertainer or sell whatever product or service that you're trying to sell. So just the recap, everything you want to make sure that you have content and consistency, It's all about quality and quantity. You want to make sure you understand s CEO Because YouTube itself is a big search engine, you won't provide value becoming an authority over time by constantly producing content. Don't settle. Is your stuff average because the reality is everything works, but it just doesn't work for you. So you gonna make sure Is your personality or camera presence working? Are you producing good content? Do you have a lot of videos? Are your videos s CEO friendly? Because the truth is, ah, lot of people are just average. That's just the truth. If you want to jump onto YouTube nowadays, you have to see YouTube as a very tactical and differently from the rest. You have to understand long term value, ah, video content and how contrive traffic to whatever your needs. Maybe whether that's traffic toward the external website for promoting your personal brand or just doing it for the sake of being an aspiring influencer, you have to know yourself 18. To YOUR Success : My name is Peter, and I really hope I gently hope this course provided you the very overview of YouTube and how you exactly start in 2018. You need the skills and foundation if you really want to make content on the Internet, and I want you to write an honest review of this course and how I can do better and how this course provided value for you. And these are essentially all the things condensed into two hours of all the failures mistakes that I've learned in three years into one course. So I really hope this course gives you the tools for your success for content creation on the Internet specifically and YouTube in 2018. If you really want to make videos on the Internet, don't wait for tomorrow. I know it's cliche, but now is the time to start. Don't wait without perfect moment, because what I've learned is that there is no perfect moment. You start now, and that's how you get better over time. You can actually get better over time, and that is how you get better at anything in life. And my name is Peter. You're watching broke visionary collective, and I really hope this video and course provides value for you