TIPS and TRICKS for Small YouTubers to GROW Your Channel! | Coralie Campbell | Skillshare

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TIPS and TRICKS for Small YouTubers to GROW Your Channel!

teacher avatar Coralie Campbell, Content Creator and Media Maker

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Consistency and interaction


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      Find the time


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      Thumbnails, titles and clickbait


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      Content is king


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      CPM, RPM and ads


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      Slow growth is still growth


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      Evergreen content


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      Small YouTubers


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About This Class

Are you a small YouTuber? Always looking for different tips and tricks to help you grow your channel to what you've always dreamed about? This class is for you!
I'm here to motivate, encourage and keep you on track. Anyone can find success on YouTube, but a little strategy along the way will help you find it faster.

Meet Your Teacher

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Coralie Campbell

Content Creator and Media Maker


Hello! My name is Coralie and I’m a YouTuber from Australia. I’m extremely passionate about all things cameras, be it photography, videography or just filming/editing a fun little YouTube video!

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1. Intro: Hi, and welcome to this Skillshare class. This class is all about tips and tricks for small YouTube is, my name is Carly, and I am a certified small YouTuber, so I have just under 20 thousand subscribers. Now to some people that number might sound huge, and other people that number might sound tiny. But to me, that number is my ARN form of success. And I have found ways to build my audience, build my success, build my income, and build all that sort of stuff through social media and YouTube. Sorry if you are an aspiring each UBA or you're just interested in everything that goes on behind the scenes. This class is for you. And let's grow your YouTube channel. Basically you conscious film a video, put it up on YouTube, and be the next Emma Chamberlain. But the tips and tricks you can use to strategically grow your channel and find your own success. 2. Passion: Okay, so the first thing that I want to talk about might be really obvious, but that is hashing. You have to leave passionate about what you do. You're not gonna get very far on YouTube. If every morning you wake up and think, God, I have to film another video. That's sucks. You have to be passionate about what you do. I was so excited to come home, get ready, sit down and filmed this video. And this isn't even for YouTube, this is for Skillshare, but I absolutely love it. I get so excited, I spend my day is planning my videos. What am I going to feel on the weekend? What am I going to feel when I have free time after work? When am I going to edit my videos? When am I going to upload them? Do I have enough video ideas to upload every three days and stuff like that. I am so passionate about this, that as much as I love my YouTube channel to be successful and have a 100000 subscribers, I am still very content being a small YouTuber and just having a small audience because I'm so passionate about it that the success will follow. 3. Consistency and interaction: So my next biggest tip to be successful on YouTube is consistency and interaction. Let me explain. So by consistency, I mean, you need to upload consistently. And by that, I mean a minimum of one time a week, preferably more, I upload every two to three days depending on how many videos I have made and ready. Currently, I don't have as many because I've just started a new full-time job. So I've been trying to upload every three days and so far I've been successful. This links back to passion because I want to upload more videos so I find time to film outside of my full-time 40 hour work week job. But in saying that you need to be consistent now I believe I've said this in a different skill share video before, but if you are new here, the way I see it is every time you upload a video, it's like buying a lottery ticket. And the more videos you upload, the more lottery tickets you have, and the higher chance you have of one winning. And by winning, I mean, it blows up. And that is the true beginning of your channel. Maybe it gets 100 thousand views and from that 100 thousand views, you get 5000 extra subscribers. And then those subscribers love your videos and your audience continues to grow and you have a much, much higher chance of that happening if you consistent, I rationalise back in 2017, I was like, Right, I'm going to be serious about my YouTube channel. And I told myself, Ben and there, that I was going to upload at least one video a week. And that's where I started. And then I had another YouTuber who was much more successful than I was. She had around 50 to a 100 thousand subscribers and she told me that would be better if I uploaded twice a week. And I took that seriously. And ever since that moment, which was probably back in 2018. 2018 are again, i then uploaded every two nope. No, I didn't. I applied it twice a week. Set a goal for yourself and start slow once a week for six months. And if that's going well, even if it's not going well, keep going. And when you're ready, up it, peck daily vlog if you can. That's Hardwick that oh my gosh, sorry to go along with consistency is interaction. Now, what I mean by interaction is when you get a comment on your videos saying love this blog or something like that. Reply to it. Don't ignore it. Like the comment reply to it, say thank you so much. It means a lot. When you interact with your view as if they've taken the time to watch your video. You can take the time to reply and say thank you. 4. Find the time: Find the time. There's always time, There's always time for what you're passionate about. I'm working full time and I'm still managing to upload a video to YouTube every three days. And when I say I'm working full time, I leave my house at seven AM I get home around 430? I'm working 40 hours a week. It's a full-time job. But I still find time. Let me tell you how sorry. When you get home from work, what do you do? Watching Netflix is an active choice. You are choosing to watch Netflix. Don't get me wrong. Have you downtime, watch Netflix every now and again. But just remember that that is an active choice. If you're spending an hour watching Netflix, you could also be spending an hour planning videos, editing videos, even filming videos. If you are that came, which you should be because you're watching this video in saying that I get home by five o'clock. And what I do between then and my bedtime is my active choice. Sometimes, yes. I just sit down. What YouTube videos for four hours because it's been a really long day at work. And the last thing I want to do is edit video. But other times if I'm behind on video is I can spend a few hours editing a video and then I'm going to feel so good the next day knowing that I've got a few videos edited and ready to be pasted. So another reason that's, you've always got time is I love the book films, sorry, a lot of the times. I'm not really filming Monday to Friday and less, I'm filming a video revolved around work like a productive work day in my life. Last week, I filmed, uh, what I eat and say as a full-time employee. So that was some filming that I did whilst working my nine to five, but I bulk film on the weekends. So right now, you guessed it. It's Saturday. I filmed a video for YouTube before this, and I've got a couple of videos I'd like to film to Morrow. And over the course of the weekend, I've filmed about four videos. So rather than just filming one a day bulk film plan, what you gotta do on the weekend. Film a sit-down video film of log, film, whatever you wanna do, you feel my gaming video, BOC an app. Sorry. You're not as stressed during the week when you're at school, when you're a wet, when you're at university, film, when you're free. So you figure out when you are most motivated. So for me, it's the morning, like if I'm going to film a video, it's more than likely going to be done by ten o'clock, I get up. And the first thing I want to do is film. I want to get it out of the way in a sense because I'm going to be thinking about it today and honestly, probably going to crash by three o'clock. I'm much more of a morning person then an afternoon person. Whereas you might be the complete opposite, you might, for lack of a better word, be useless in the morning and do your best work at 06:00 PM to 12 AM. But just know when you work best and act on that. You also need discipline for this sort of thing because motivation isn't always there. It's like the gym. You don't always wake up and just like Yeah, I'm gonna go over five k r1 and then lift a 100 kilos the gym. But a lot of the time you do it anyway because you know that it's good for your body and you, you gotta find that motivation. Do you know what I'm saying here? We've all had periods of no motivation, but you've got to find it. Another thing, I believe I was watching an alley Abdel video. He is a very cool YouTuber. You don't know who he is, check it out. But he said if you're getting distracted, you're allowing yourself to get distracted. This thing has an off button. I know this was news to me too. Isn't that crazy? She contend you'll find off for two hours, YOU knuckle down and do some work. Just remember that. 5. Thumbnails, titles and clickbait: Okay, sorry, now we're getting into more of the visuals and that is thumbnails, titles, and clickbait. Basically, the thumbnail is the trailer of your movie. This is what's going to make people decide if they want to click on your video and watch it or not. So you can have a bright, fun posed thumbnail, like, how much money did I spend in a week? Or you can just have the one the YouTube chooses for you. And it's just a still of a video and it's you going mid conversation in the middle of a video. If you take the time to make a decent thumbnail and make it a little bit more bright and a little bit more fun and a little bit more eye-catching. Chances are you will get a lot more clicks than if you just don't bother. Sorry, I personally like to edit my thumbnails using Adobe and that comes with a cost. It's like $15 a month for me to have the Photoshop app on my laptop. But I find that that is an investment that's totally worth it for me because it makes my thumbnails look better and as a much higher chance that people will click on my videos. And if I didn't put in that effort, so along with that is Titles. What are you going to title your video? Actually, have a think about it. You could title it. What I eat in a day, plant-based, healthy, something like that. Or you could just title it. What i in a day. One is slightly more exciting with the other. I'm not gonna lie to you. Probably should have taken a little bit more time before filming this class to come up with some examples. I didn't really do that. Another thing I want to touch on is clickbait. Youtube. When through a time where clickbait was a huge, everyone was having ridiculous titles such as people wanted to click on because I was like, Oh my God, That can't be real. Like if you title your video. Naked vlogging, people are probably going to expect you to be naked flogging which festival that probably shouldn't be on YouTube. That was a terrible example. I'm sorry. Lie about what's in your video because if people click on your video expecting something because it's in the title and then it doesn't deliver. They're not going to be happy. They're going to stop watching and they're probably not going to trust your videos later on because they know you lied about what happened in that video before, and you probably do it again, just the clickbait. And if you click baiting people aren't watching your video for very long and then your audience retention time is really bad. And then YouTube isn't going to want to recommend you, and it's just a downward spiral and it's not worth it. If you didn't almost drowned in the ocean. Don't turn on your video. I almost drowned. People will be mad. 6. Content is king: Sorry, content is king. Your thumbnail and Totto can be amazing and many, many people could click it. But it kind of referring to the episode before this. If they 20 seconds into the video, the audio stocks and the video is out of focus and blurry. They probably clicking out of it. And again, if the video is nothing like what the title says and that content, just know what they're expecting. You've just lost your viewer and they're probably not coming back. 7. Adsense: Sorry, I do want to touch on AdSense for a second because a lot of people think of YouTube. They think of like frequent bowl and baby. But I mean, you absolutely can. That's for sure. I'm not, I'm not making much money at all, but Hillary, rewind back to passion, watch that episode again. But AdSense is doable for anyone. The requirements, you need 4 thousand watch hours in the last 12 months and 1 thousand subscribers. And if you're just starting out on YouTube, that could seem extremely intimidating. If 1000 subscribers, that's a huge number, that it is totally doable once the ball starts rolling, it's going to row fossa and FASTA, and you will find yourself going towards that one. Thousands of scrap is 4000. Watch Allah's quick, uh, than you ever thought possible. And honestly it's kind of fun, like it's a fun little game. Each day you can refresh his stats and be like all lemmas subscriber closer to 100 hours, closer to watch time, and then it's going to feel so good when you finally get monetize and you see an ad on your video and all that hard work has paid off. 8. CPM, RPM and ads: You are now monetized. Congratulations, honey wet hot for this. Sorry, let's talk. Cpm, OPM and multiple add. Sorry, CPM stands for click per milli. And basically in human weds, that means how much an advertiser is paying per 100 thousand views. And that is not how much you're getting paid because cheeky old utopia, they have to take bad. Guess. Youtube needs to get paid to say this is where OPM comes in. And OPM is how much you I getting paid. So OPM is a lot lower than cpm. It's generally at least half of your CPM, if not less. So if your CPM is $20, your OPM will be $10. For potentially even less or rule of thumb, it's probably about half. Sorry. Next is multiple ads. Sorry, YouTube has made it possible that if your video is eight minutes or longer, you can inset multiple ads. You can insert as many as you like. You could put an ad in every minute if you wanted, you'd be bowling. No, you wouldn't. Because your audience would go insane and they probably stop watching the video. Because could you imagine if TV show is put an ad in every minute? You can crazy, don't be silly with it. Think of it as how you watch YouTube. If you watch a 20 minute vlog. And there's three for ads in that. That's probably what you should be doing if you watch an eight minute vlog and there's one ad in it, maybe put one add in, not ten. You'll drive your audience away. 9. Editing: Next is to make the editing interesting. Add some background music, add some Zooms and effects where appropriate, and do the fun little fisheye effect. Everybody loves that one. That's a great one. If you're doing a sit down video just like this, feel free to move locations like I'm filming at my desk and maybe the next chapter I could feel my bedroom. Move locations, keep the audience interested because Watch Time Matters and audience retention and YouTube want promote your videos if you, as I'm saying, and your video for very long, sorry. If you have a ten minute video and every person that has clicked on your video has clicked out after one minute. Youtube's going to recognize that as being not a very good video because people aren't staying for very long. Whereas if you have a ten minute video and people are staying and watching 8.5 minutes. Youtube's got, I just unbutton Mesha, I apologize, I'm fiddling. You cheats, going to like that and it's much more likely to promote your video. And then you'll get more keys multiple describe is, and it's all happening for you. If you do exactly that what I did just then, if you stop talking and stop and think for a few seconds, editing, honey, cut it out. Get rid of it. You don't need that. Got it out. 10. Slow growth is still growth: Slow growth is still gray. Celebrate the little things, because from little things, big things grow. Sorry. I've had quite slow growth on my channel lately. I've been stuck on 19 thousand subscribers for quite some time now. But again, I'm okay with that. It's a huge number. I'm very proud of that. And I love everybody that takes the time to watch my video is but in saying that I haven't grown much in quite a while and I know that it can get quite disheartening to not see the numbers change, but just remember if it takes you one year to get a 1000 subscribers, you still call up a thousand subscribers. And that is so cool, and that is still growing. So slow growth is still growth. You've probably heard this, a Brazilian, that's not even a word, but a Brazilian times before. Youtube is a marathon, not a sprint. So put your shoes on and run slowly. Because if you go full force, you're going to get exhausted. 11. Free?!: Hello, are you doing well on YouTube by now? You just got an e-mail. Free hair extensions, free teeth, whitening, detox, tea. Don't do it. Take it just because it's free unless you're a beauty channel and channel and you talk about that sort of stuff all the time and it totally fits your branding than Hell, yeah, that's awesome. Congratulations. But I'm not going to do an ad for a detox tea because that stupid. I'm not going to do a video where I try hair extensions because that just doesn't fit in with my channel. I've done a few videos before with gifted paces. I've done swimwear holes where swim I was gifted to me for a video and that made sense and I was happy to do that. But just because a brand offers you something which will start happening as your channel grow. And it starts with very weird things like teeth whitening kits and real hair hair extensions. And they're like, hey hon, we'll send you this for free. If you free throws in a video. Unless you're beauty channel. And it makes sense to Stein, stein take it, don't sell out that soon. You know what I mean? 12. Evergreen content: Sorry. Is evergreen content? What is evergreen content? You might say that is something that can be searched in, say, two years time and still be irrelevant. Sorry if you make a video titled money saving tips for your 20s, that's going to be relevant in two years time when someone that's 22 and struggling with them money goes to YouTube and find that video. Whereas if they stumble across your blog that's tied owed Christmas Day 2017, people probably aren't going to be interested in clicking on it now, don't get me wrong. That's an awesome blog and That's so much fun. Post that anyway. But just understand that evergreen content is the type of videos that will make you passive income and making money while you sleep. Because in two years time it's still going to be relevant and people are still going to be wanting to click on it. Whereas an unboxing of the new iPhone 8 probably isn't going to matter when the iPhone 16 comes out, because nobody cares about the iPhone 8. 13. Small YouTubers: The last tip that I want to share with you guys, super obvious what other small YouTube is, while the big YouTube is a big, for a reason, they were once a small YouTube it to Emma Chamberlain had a couple 100 to a couple thousand subscribers for quite awhile why she was beginning hegemony and Eric and I found him a Chamberlain. Somewhere in the 100, thousands of those Grab is I was mad before a million. Well, look at that. And it's those people that are there when this small that's going to help that create a group big, sorry, CV, you can find that similar to your channel that's got a small amount of subscribers just like you and interact with them, become friends with them. Comment on the video is like the video is, but you're a small little community, will need to be community with gotta hold them tight and make sure everyone's don't want to k given the cutoff, ask him out. I doing send them that video was awesome comment. They going to appreciate that just as much as if they commented that on one of your videos is honestly nothing better than finding an underrated, awesome, small YouTuber. Like when you come across just like I'm banging a YouTube if it's got insanely good videos and they've got 10 thousand subscribers. And you're like how he not at a million batches fields are good. It's like you're a little secret. You tuba, say, don't be put off because someone has a small amount of so scribe is, it does not mean they're not good at what they do. And think of it this way. If you'll finding other small YouTube is others appropriately finding U2. 14. Project: I k, sorry, that pretty much concludes my SAS lot of tips and tricks for growing your YouTube channel. Small YouTube is inspiration or that sort of stuff. If you'd like to see another class on these, let me know. Sorry, I'm sorry, passionate about this topic. And I love talking about it. In terms of a class project. I'm going to say that you need to knuckle down for one month and post one video every week at a minimum and report back to me and tell me how you feel. Have you seen growth? Have you not seen growth? Are you sick of it? Do you love it? Do you feel passionate? Have you realized that this is not for you? All those things are very appropriate answers, but give yourself a month. Honestly, I'd say a year, but it would take a very long time for you to get back to me. So I'm going to say given a month, film as much as you can, edit, enjoy the process, get good at what you're doing. I mean, practice makes perfect mRNA. And I've been doing this for years and I'm still kinda nervous in front of the cameras, sorry. Give yourself a month. I want a minimum of four videos on your channel. Eight would be wonderful if you can do that. A plus Goldstein automatically graduate from small yeshiva University. Congratulations. But that is your project and good luck. And do you know how good that 100 thousand subscriber block is going to look on your wall. Picture. It's going to look great because you've got this small YouTube is unite. Good luck everybody. Thank you so much for watching my class and I'll see you in the next one. Bye guys.