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How To Take Your Own Self Portraits For Instagram

teacher avatar Coralie Campbell, Content Creator and Media Maker

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction - What You'll Learn


    • 2.

      Everything You Need


    • 3.

      Setting Everything Up


    • 4.

      Your First Practice


    • 5.

      Location Scouting and Idea Generating


    • 6.

      Pose Ideas


    • 7.

      Hiding Your Phone


    • 8.

      Practice, Practice, Practice!


    • 9.

      Editing Your Photos


    • 10.

      It's Your Turn and Class Project


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About This Class

In a digital and social media run world were surrounded by Instagram and seemingly perfect photos. This class is for when you want your own incredible photos but either don’t have anyone to take photos for you, or simply just want to do it yourself (no one can judge your creative poses, that’s half of my reasoning!)
This class will teach you how to take your own incredible self portraits and in term, have that Instagram pop!

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Meet Your Teacher

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Coralie Campbell

Content Creator and Media Maker


Hello! My name is Coralie and I’m a YouTuber from Australia. I’m extremely passionate about all things cameras, be it photography, videography or just filming/editing a fun little YouTube video!

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction - What You'll Learn: in a social media run world. We are constantly surrounded by beautiful and seemingly unattainable images. We fully celebrities who constantly prizefighters by professional photographers when most of us just don't even have the opportunity to do that, let alone just have a photographer call us around. That would be pretty. Danco. My name is Carly. In this class is all about teaching you how to take photos that look just like they were taken by professionals, but they were taken away by yourself. This is all done from the comfort of your own home, and you can keep doing it until you're happy with their itself. It's absolutely no wonder after what you do that this is just a few of the photos that I've taken by myself. And to be honest, some of them look like they were taken by a professional photographer. And honestly, I'm really proud of that. This'll isn't really expressive and creative way to have some fun and get the perfect picture of place. It's cheesy as that sounds, but sometimes you just want that you just want the perfect picture post. If you're interested in making your instagram look amazing in this class is for you 2. Everything You Need: the's photos can be achieved by any camera using things such as this self time and that sort of stuff. This class is specifically about how I use my camera connected to my phone and type photos that way. So I personally use the cannon and 50. Just ignore the giant microphone talk that's a bit stupid, but I used the cannon us and 50. This has the ability to connect WiFi, so this has inbuilt WiFi. You can connect that to your fired and usually find is a shutter release button. So that's all you need. You need a phone that could download the canon camera, app or whatever type of camera brand using and a camera that projects wife is yet. So the first thing you need to do is by turning your camera on. I mean, obviously take me 10 together on then my camera isn't simple as pressing the WiFi button. And as you see, idiot comes up full with terrible show. Now where is my Oh, that's noisy. Sorry. Let me go Teoh WiFi settings on here you will see us and 50 and click that, and that is automatically connecting itself. Do my giver Oh, and just like that, we're connected. Okay, so now I've done that. I'm going to launch the canon camera connect and then we go. It's also got this little button to shoot it. I can see exactly seen. Let's go. It's on the court. Just the framing president. Just like that. I've taken a room, I five, and that is literally all you made to take your eyes. 3. Setting Everything Up: So he's sitting everything out, can involved with different steps, depending on way we're shooting and what you're shooting. I personally like to set my camera to 80 mode, which stands for two mode. So you have control over the depth of field, the lower the apogee mode. So say 1.8, the blurry backgrounds gonna be in the high chair, say, 10. You gotta have your background in Viking. So depending on the look you're going for, I like to play with that project. And the good thing about after Jim Lloyd is that the camp was gonna do with the rest. It's gonna do with the exposure and all that sort of stuff, which is really handy with your boys in front of the camera and behind the camera. Because you're just behind the camera. You could do little, but you're also being in front of the camera. It's just something less to worry about, which is really handy passing like to shoot and maybe mood and I like the apogee nice. And because we love a blurry background, another pot about setting everything up is finding your location so you don't want to see I am constantly looking for locations that matter where I am, which might sound crazy to some people. But, like, Well, there's an escort of my house That might be a nice place. Place to shoot later. Baked. Sorry. So I remember that in the next photo shoot. There we go. So, for example, I was laying in bed the other day on I was looking at my full. I've got a bunch of hats, which I'll show you in just a minute. I thought that could be a really cool spot to take a photo. So all I have to do Waas move my laundry basket during the camera in a little bit. So I cut out as much background miss as possible. And then the and I really like how tender on that was from laying in my bed thinking I could take a photo of that. So I did. Okay, so this was my little location that I was looking at and that all I had to do was move my blood to get it out of the way, able to stop at the way. And then when I adjusted the camera, obviously I had a lower than this So we're framing wise and then set against here. It looks really cool. And I zoomed in far enough that you couldn't see all this in the background up with the fertility, as you can see how they turned out and it's simple that will have to do is move around a few things, make sure the framing was right and we found a cool location and I did the same thing over there in that corner. And it's just it's so simple and it looks amazing. I said that with so many times. 4. Your First Practice: just like any awful. This takes a lot of practice to last from posing in front of the camera to scouting good locations that will look good on camera and just being generally comfortable in front of the camera. That could be open for a lot of people. It takes a lot of getting used to one of the first, but as I ever took this way, doing it myself is this photo right here. And I think this is a really good beginning by to try and take, because you don't have to focus on anything but the picture. I'm gonna put my camera down holding. Like I said, This is a very easy fighter to take because I could hide my flying behind the book. I have the bookie. If I had the fight behind the book and I press the shutter button told more about that in another lesson. But another good thing about it was it was completely covered my face. So that was another thing that I didn't have to worry, that I didn't have to worry about how I look. I had absolutely no makeup on and I looked disgusting, but nobody knows that because I'm hitting the book and the book is the main feature off the fighter. So I think that is a really good begin a picture to try and take because you got less things to worry about, why you're figuring it all out. The best of us that I could give you used to just stop practicing. In most photo shoots that I have with myself. I can take up with 50 photo. It's just doing slightly different poses until I've got enough to choose from, because when again, when you were both in front of the camera and behind the camera, you've got less controls. Chances? A couple of your photos were gonna be blurry and just keep so I take as many, but it's I can't. Then I've got lots of options that I'm going through them in the editing process. Also, don't be afraid to revisit a location because sometimes it doesn't work. Come back another day. You do this, you get it works perfectly. Timing 5. Location Scouting and Idea Generating: So I've touched on location briefly already, but location can truly make a break for it. I find that anything natural and green always works wonders. I mean, I literally have a green plant right here, because if you have a purchase that low enough, you're gonna have a beautiful green, blurry background behind you and it doesn't really matter away taking the fight areas like the backgrounds. Nice, beautiful, green and natural. It's good. And other things that comes into location is both your lighting and what's around you. So right now this isn't a photograph. Obviously, this is a video. Have a relaxed. So if I just I mean, it's still let it still looks. Okay, that looks smiling, is nice. Professional is having a ring let on. I mean, not everyone obviously has access to a ring. Let, but natural light is your best friend. So in terms of what is around you and this photo here that I took my bean bag with my laptop, looking a professional just in front of the camera and out of frame waas, a backpack and a bunch of books and all these things that was sitting next to the beanbag because that's what's normally there. But that doesn't look very good in a photo. So just chuck it out the way and pay a little bit of attention to the background of your photos and what is in the French. So you just take a little bit more time cleanup crew shooting space make your location well pleasing to look at and your photo just be so much better in the long run. So, like I said before, location scouting is something that I have going on in the back of my head at old times. Like I'll be sitting at my desk and think things could actually be a really cool place to have a photo shoot. And I was working at the desk sort of things. The next time I have a photo shoot day, I'll do that. This obviously also goes hand in hand with idea generating and I'd be generating is a single is thinking OK, but what if I got a book out and held in front of my face because, you know, that just adds a bit more to everyday photo because now you've got a problem, so you just have to try it out and see where it leads. Sometimes it ends up being an incredible photo, and sometimes it's just absolutely flop. That's gonna stay hidden away on your left up forever, but nobody ever see, but that's OK. 6. Pose Ideas: so poses is also a very big part of taking your photos. As tempting as it is to just stand in front of the camera and smile, that gets very repetitive. So although location might be changing if you're POTUS is exactly the same every time your viewers are gonna get bored of your photo, although obviously with that being said, please take that with a grand. So if you're comfortable just standing and smiling, that is awesome. You do. You do what makes you comfortable. But I do believe that adding different poses will spice up your feet. Your fight is just one every year taking photos for But I thought I'd share with you a few poses that I'm quite a big fan. So I really like the reaching closes where you're even just reaching your hand out for your holding stick with some leaves in it and that sort of thing, and you just having more depth to the photograph because you put something in front of you , got something behind your reaching that's something to look at. Also, the longer I've been taking photos by myself, the full creative I've become with my poses, I wouldn't only just sit at my desk. Pretend toe my camera. Yes, pretend the lens cap was on people's and even 10 it was just what's the lead set up? So I have a photography and videography business, and that becomes a really cool photo to be able to represent my business because I'm sitting in an office and on my camera, and I mean, nobody has to know. It's not turned on and it's totally opposed. It's a cool photo. Photos with movement also a lot better than steel natural photos. So when I have a photo shoots with people, I like to tell them, you know, just walk towards the camera, smile, that sort of stuff. So walking just so much more natural than just standing this steel, put one foot in front of the other and walk, and it looks much more candidates. Looks like such a nice photo. Get creative with your poses at props, flying different settings. Just get creative and see where your imagination takes you. Incredible photos you can create 7. Hiding Your Phone: So one thing I always drove a with taking my photos is hiding my phone because your phone is working as the shutter release. But you need to basically be holding it to press the button and then you have a few seconds . Hydro, fine. So sometimes I get creative in the process and say, This photo here I had my phone hiding in the sink in front of me. It was just out of frame, but I could still see what was going on. But then, obviously you have some mistakes where a little bit of you find he's showing the photo, and that kind of gives it away and takes away from the illusion. So I didn't even notice that I've done that until I looked at the photos and was editing them. I was like, damn it. And this photo here went really well because I could hide the phone behind the pool behind me, saying that I did have it on a towel so I wouldn't get wet. But that's a really good way to hide your fine I mean a simple ways to either put it in your pocket or kind of close your hand behind your back and that sort of thing because you're probably taking so many photos. You want to keep your fun close by. You can press a button very fine, which I can say I've definitely done a few times, but one day it's gonna smash. It's 100% be my fault. So I just think about where you're gonna put your fight, so it's not always in the shots. 8. Practice, Practice, Practice!: So I know that this is something that you would have had thousands of times before the practice practice. Practice practice makes perfect. The more that I find myself doing these photo shoots that will creative. I'm becoming every single time. So I really love that photograph sitting at my death, holding my camera on my laptop in all these different photos that I did. But I got creative by putting this exact plant in front of the camera and shut through the plants. I had that beautiful green full ground, which just has so much depth. And I was sitting at my desk and I never would've thought of that before. I never would have taken into consideration foreground background and all that sort of stuff, but the father would not have been the same without that plant in the foreground. I can understand that it definitely might. Well, probably will be frustrating to start with, because it's just like what? Dio smile in front of a camera. Wow. But the more you do it, the more you're creative. Jesus will stop flowing and you get some incredible I really big fan, both shooting. So this is where I'm gonna do my makeup. I'm gonna get already. I'm gonna say, Take some photos on my desk and then I'm going. Teoh, change my athletes. We're gonna go outside. I'm gonna take a photo outside, and I'm gonna do that a few times because I really have to do my makeup Once said that the poisonous and then I've got bulk photos to post for the next few weeks. I did it all in a matter of days. I also find that when I do book shooting, I get more creative As the days go Unlike I'm taking one photo gonna go Oh, now I'm gonna take a far But here I get really excited to get really into it And I keep taking photos and they keep getting better and better and more creative. So basically, what I'm trying to say is, practice makes perfect and oh, my God, please get creative with the best thing about this is that there's nobody taking the fight for you doing this by yourself, potentially alerting room. You can get as silly as you want to get us. We did you want You can get creative posing as you want and the ones that see no one can laugh at you because you are doing for yourself. I think that is the beauty of taking photos because you can really experiment and get creative. Honestly, you'll be surprised at what incredible images you can come up with. 9. Editing Your Photos: so I wanted to touch on a photo editing for a second because I really believe that photo editing can take a photo from, say, a six to a 10. So what? I'm going through my photos. I will favorite all the ones that I think is good and in the ones that I think, Well, I don't know, because when I edit them, I love the Times had sent out to be a heck of a lot better then they originally was. So we're just gonna jump to the laptop. I'm gonna show you quickly editing process. Okay, so here is one of my self taken photos, and it looks quite basic at the moment. I mean, it's kind of cool, but it's not that exciting. So I go into presets on I personally used be night can start a pack presets. Which Ofri? I'll have them linked in the class description. Polite if you're interested. I like to use SP free. It's like click on that and that already looks better, as you can see. But I feel like the shadows are really heavy And the whites across Brett So I'm gonna take the black Stan and I'm gonna take the shadows down and oh, my God, it already looks so much better. And then I'm gonna take the highlights down a little bit and the whites down a little bit. And in all honesty, I'm really happy with that. And that's probably as simple as my editing is gonna be. So I do that in most of my photos. I use the same preset U S. P 03 And then I would just play with the blacks and the shadows on the highlights and the whites until I'm happy with it. And in this case, look how much better. Yeah, it's seriously that simple. And I believe that's taking this photo a whole not a level, because if I posted it like that, it looks no one here is good as placing it like that to take a little bit of time and edit your photos. I truly believe that the right and it could make it harder. Look about more cinematic and profession 10. It's Your Turn and Class Project: three. My class task is for you guys to get out there and take your own photos and obviously come on. No, only so that we can see your skills, but so we can inspire each other as creative. It's totally okay Teoh get inspired by other people's work. If you see someone posing in the corner with a plan, you can plays in the corner with a plant. Just make it your own, and I think that's a beautiful thing. So if you like this class and want to keep up to date on my self photography calling, my Instagram dropped at Carly and I haven't you to town where sometimes oppose photography videos. It's really cool. Sometimes I random videos that nothing like this, but I placed every week. And that's just Carly. And I really love you guys to head over that and subscribe. Thank you so so much for taking this class. I truly hope the lens I'm really gonna be inside to get out there and take something edible . Photo is because the world is your oyster. I'm sorry. That's very cheesy, but I think it was a fast awakened duty. And let's just say your instagram is kind of look amazing. Thank you guys so much