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YouTube Audience Growth: Grow a YouTube Audience Fast

teacher avatar Nader Nadernejad, Multimedia Producer and Marketing Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      YouTube Audience Growth Course


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      Welcome to the Course


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      Purpose of Your Channel


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      Pick Your Niche


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      Bulletproof Growth Strategy


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      Growth Mindset


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      Watch Time


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      Creating Great Thumbnails


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      Create Thumbnails with Canva


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      SEO Titles


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      SEO Tags


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About This Class

Want to grow a YouTube audience fast and from scratch? 

If you want to grow a YouTube audience, this course is for you. My name is Nader Nadernejad and I've grown to over 5,000 subscribers on my own, making videos for international students. I've also worked for clients around the world and grown their YouTube accounts to thousands of subscribers too. 

If you're interested in growing a Youtube audience, I'm here to help. Although I can't guarantee the amount of subscribers you'll get from this course, I do guarantee that the methods I'm going to show you in this course are foolproof. 

What makes this course different from the other YouTube courses out there? 

This course is quite demanding in that it requires you to create a lot of content and keyword all of your videos perfectly. I teach you how to produce a large body of evergreen content (always-relevant content) at scale, which steadily and consistently allows you to build your own audience. 

In this course you'll learn: 

  • How to grow a YouTube audience from scratch

  • How to find your niche or start with a niche that you can eventually shape into something else

  • How to create more engaging videos

  • How to use a call to action to gain more subscribers

  • How to produce content faster and get over the hump of perfectionism

  • Learn how to speak in an engaging and convincing way on camera

  • How to use YouTube analytics to create better videos and narrow in on the content that works

... and much more! 

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nader Nadernejad

Multimedia Producer and Marketing Expert

Level: Beginner

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1. YouTube Audience Growth Course: you want to grow YouTube audience, but you're struggling, you feel like you're worth it. You're putting out great content, but for some reason you're not growing the audience that you want. In this course, I introduce a foolproof method to grow a YouTube audience with a combination of consistency , effort and using the skills that I teach you in this course, you'll be able to consistently grow a YouTube audience or gold by the end of this course is to steadily increase your subscribers and the people. Finding your account through your videos will slowly grow your account and allow you to monitor your account, using analytics to slowly grow your YouTube channel. So you can say, Hey, I'm growing by five subscribers a day or I'm growing by 20 subscribers a day or oh, my God, I'm so happy I got this course. I'm growing by 102 100,000 subscribers a day. It all depends on the work that you put in. But I guarantee if you try hard and you follow the steps in this course, you will be able to grow a YouTube audience. My name's not on, not on a jihad, and I've had years of experience growing YouTube audiences for clients around the world. I'm even working on my own channel now. I have over 5000 subscribers and 72,000 watch minutes, and we're growing at a rapid rate. So what are you waiting for? If you've always wanted to grow a YouTube channel and you understand how hard it is, I'll help you navigate. It will work together and together will grow a YouTube channel you can be proud of. I can't wait to see you in the course. 2. Welcome to the Course: Hey there. My name's not are not in a jet. And welcome to your YouTube audience growth course. In this course, I'm gonna teach you how to grow in YouTube audience from scratch. And I understand what it feels like. You're probably being bombarded with how to grow you to body. It's how to start a YouTube channel. And I bet you've probably looked it up on YouTube. You probably came across amazing people like maybe Roberto Blake to be nickname in maybe Darrell Eaves, people who understand the YouTube space and how to create content because their digital creatives. But the biggest thing I noticed we're trying to grow a YouTube channel is there's a lot of repeat information and they don't actually show you step by step. You know, the hustle and the drive that you need. They say it, but it's impossible for them to document exactly what it means and what it takes, Which is why you need somebody working with you one on one. This isn't only a course, but this is a master class. If you want to grow YouTube against you have come to the right place. I guarantee we're gonna focus on the content you want to create. We're gonna help you expand it, make it compelling, make it clickable, make it searchable, and we're going to create so much of it so that we're not just creating 023 videos and seeing what happens. And I'm throwing tips that you, it's gonna be We're creating a body of work that so massive that's just big. It's like you create videos and they just metastasize and flourish on the Internet. And that's what I want you to do. I want your videos. I want so many of your quality videos to shine on the Internet so that you're literally funneling subscribers and growing an audience. That's the angle light, you know, tackle is with because I backgrounds in digital marketing. I'm a hustler. And not only that, I've grown YouTube channels to hundreds of thousands of subscribers for clients, and my very own channel right now is that five K subscribers were going on 72,000 watch minutes. We are building this channel fast, so let's get started. Let's work together. And if you have questions throughout this course, let me know in the Q and A section, and I can always come back in that lectures. So if you're struggling with something or five glided over something, let me know in the discussion section I will come back and fix it for you. I will make it perfect because I'm here to help you. Let's get started. 3. Purpose of Your Channel: I have a question for you. Before we start this course, what will you create and why? This is very important. You need to know your why, what you're going to be creating for your audience and why it's important. Why are you doing it? I started making videos just because I wanted to get YouTube famous. I just started making videos and I realized that they went nowhere, nor was fighting them. I was hoping that someone would stumble upon my videos. They go Wow, and then I get discovered and then my content will blow up. But that's not really how it works anymore. What you need to do is you need to have a reason a purpose. You need to focus on a niche which will be talking about in the next lecture. And mind you, this course is going to start very simple. You and I talking. This is not fluff. I'm talking to you from the heart. So I need to actually listen to this part of the course. This is not me. Just filling in gaps is me. Telling you were hard to hard. That may resonate with it will totally resonate with you in the future. When you start doing this and trying to if you're trying to make it full time, you'll you'll understand all this. So stick with me and bear with me here. You need to understand why you creating this content. So what I want you to do right now is pull out a note pad or even pull out your phone. But I really recommend you pull out your note pad and right what type of content you want to write and or what type of content you want to create and why. So, for example, my name's not on not on jet. I make videos for international students because I want to help people come to Canada, get started and launch up like a rocket. That something I say many of my videos not only because I can communicate that to my subscribers. That's my proposition to ask them to subscribe. But it also makes understandable in my own mind. And watch this. You may have no idea what needs you're gonna end up in. I started doing this because it's what actually hit with my audience. It was what I was able to grow. You need to find an angle to actually get into the YouTube game. So you're going to find a niche right now. And it may totally change because you may make 10 videos, all about one niche. But one topic out of those 10 videos you make might be on a slightly different part of that niche. And that might resonate. For example, you might be talking about baseball, how to play the game of baseball and the band. You talk about a baseball player, and that explodes. So you might start making videos about just that single baseball player talking about celebrity gossip about that baseball player, You know what I mean? So your niche can change, but you need to be able to make insistent tons of content about one needs. So what do you want to do? What type of content are you gonna create and why right now, write it down. I'm going to create block content to make people laugh. That's a simple way, or I'm going to create how to videos to educate people. You need to write that down in the note pad and big challenge to you after you write that down. Common in the discussion section. Go find the discussion section of this course were even the Q and A and let me know what you're doing and why. 4. Pick Your Niche : So I have brushed on this before and I know it's obnoxious. I hate the fact that we have to pick a niche. I'm with you. I'm not just, you know, I do marketing, but I'm not someone who is like our pick Ohanesian. Go ahead. That's annoying all of us, like at least most of us, we have our interests, but we want to be known for doing something. We want to be known for ourselves. It would be awesome if our personalities alone, like Peut Pie or the Kardashians, would be able to carry our content without having to focus on a niche that is allowed to be here and goal. That's fine. But I think a lot of us great content with that in mind that the very beginning, when in reality you need to focus on the needs because nobody cares about who you are right now. And I don't mean that in a mean way. But nobody cares about who you are right now, and you have to remember that so by developing niche, you're going to get known respected for doing something valuable, and then over time people are going to, you know if you're charismatic, even the slightest degree. People are going to want to watch your content for you. And I know that the goal of many YouTubers And but the problem is like what I did for years before I got into marketing is I try to just be somebody that people would like without giving value. I was hoping that my concept would explode because of me, and that's something I realized. It doesn't happen organically unless you're very lucky, Attractive? I don't know, super charismatic. There's ways for it to happen. But if you want, this is about growing your audience and a foolproof way. And what we're gonna do is we're gonna pick in need because it's going to ensure that if you keep doing it, you will, no matter what, without a shadow of a doubt going audience. So I'm going to stop showing your face here. We're going to delve into this. We're gonna go on my computer and I'm gonna walk you through the course. I'm gonna tell you now there's a part. Of course, when we look at the watch time, the subscribers, when we talk about what all that means, I understand you're not beginners. A lot of you may be usual experts taking this course. This is a value proposition here. I'm going to show you exactly what I do and what you can do to ensure that no matter what, you grow by a consistent amount of subscribers every day, I'm gonna get you to that point. You need to understand that a part of this course that are not super advanced cause I need to cover them for everybody. Feel free to skip over them and actually look at the parts. Of course. Why tell you exactly how to go ahead and build that audience? All of it's going to be valuable, So watch it all if you can. But if you don't want to see that part, it's all right. You could move on in the next, and it will still be useful. 5. Bulletproof Growth Strategy: This is my favorite part the bulletproof growth strategy. So before I talk about this, I want you to know it's a little bit overwhelming and a little bit scary, but I need you to stick with me. If you can't do what I'm telling you in this growth formula, I promise I will elevate you to the level of being able to produce the amount of content that I ask of you. And I'm gonna explain. So my growth formula is different than everybody else is the standard. Let's write those standard youtuber. Um, who is a pro is going to tell you, upload, upload consistently and produce high quality. And then you're gonna, you know, become famous. You'll be YouTube famous. You'll make your bank a $1,000,000 off on YouTube. That's not what's gonna happen. Everyone has this advice. Okay, so my bulletproof growth strategy isn't about upload consistency and uploading consistently . It is about high quality, but it's actually mine's. Actually, um, consistency doesn't matter. According to my rule. The consistency doesn't matter, and the quality does not matter much. It matters, but not that much. My growth formula says you need toe upload a consistent high quality content published at a rapid rate. Consistent? Sure, but rapid rate is much more important. What you want to do your angle isn't to produce videos consistently every Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. It's about producing an enormous body of work. This is your end goal, and that's what makes him my formula different. You need to try to produce 203 104 100 or 500 different videos and wow, that's Gary. I know I get it. But what I want you do is take a step back for a second. Calm down, take a deep breath. When producing this enormous body of work, don't get afraid and say, That's a lot of videos. Just think about it, thinking about you, whatever your name is. I want you to look at, Look at this video and say your name. You You are going to produce an enormous body of work. Imagine to your name. My name is not are not in a jet. I have 400 videos. You know how good that feels to say knowing that on YouTube, I have 400 videos out there fighting for me. Each one of those videos is a warrior, and their job is to bring me in more subscribers. And the reason why those warriors are equipped is because they're equipped with weapons calls to action at the beginning of each of those 400 videos, I say, if you're watching this video and if you are in certain each, which is why I made you Actually, you write that down in the beginning. If you are an international student, you want to move to Canada. Be sure, subscribe 400 videos saying that people finding them on purpose and by accident, with my enormous body of work, I'm gonna be at 500 videos in the next couple of months. So by doing that, it's bulletproof. You have 500 videos, they're gonna fight for you on the Internet, and they all have calls to action. Okay, so what you're gonna do is instead of saying I want to publish Tuesdays and Thursdays and then after four months saying, Oh, my God, I have no subscribers. I feel like crap. What I want you to do is you know what? I don't care how many subscribers I get because my goal is to get to 500 videos. Once you think that way, once you think I'm going to get to 500 videos, you become unstoppable. I get that's hard. I'm gonna elevate you to the level and unexplained how you can make content quickly. Because I know uploading one video every other day is super hard for some people, and I totally get it. I've taught people who don't even know how to make a single video. So if you've ever made a video in your whole life, you already ahead of those people that have taught so But you also need to do is solve a pain point. This is my last point. I don't want this video to drag on because your time is valuable, but this is super important. This is liquid gold information. You need to solve a pain point. And if you're making videos that say about plumbing, you need to focus even deeper. Okay, we're gonna look at producing a certain amount of videos each day. So you're going to say I have 500 videos. I want to get down by the end of the year. That's around Two videos a day or less is actually less than two videos a day less than two videos a day. You'll have 500 videos in a year, so what you want to do is each week when you're producing, let's say 14 or 15 videos around 14 videos you got to do not just plumbing in general, you're going to do, Let's say how to find a job and plumbing for one week, just videos about how to find a job in plumbing the next week. Emily do like D I y plumbing at home, how to do D I y plumbing. And then you'll notice after you produce those 30 videos that the D. I Y plumbing is performing better than you know how to find a job in plumbing or vice versa . You're going to stick to the one that is actually working the best. So if D. I. Y. Plumbing is working better than how to find a plumbing job videos that you're going to focus on D. I Y plumbing for the next 100 videos that will help you not dominate the niche of plumbing because YouTube so saturated. But you'll dominate a part of the niche. The old dominate that micro niche of of D I Y plumbing, so you will become the king, though God, the boss of D. I Y plumbing videos, although you're not the number one plumbing YouTuber and being the boss of D. I y plumbing won't get you one million subscribers. Get this. It will certainly get you 10 2030 40,000 subscribers if you dominate the niche, which is why you have produced for all it's worth, go wild go crazy. Making 23 400 videos about D. I y. Plumbing. After I said this produced fast content. Don't worry about the quality as much. It doesn't mean you can produce garbage videos with no information. The number one thing that's going to make your video relevant even if the production quality isn't very high is the information. If you deliver value with your content, even if it's not concrete research value. If it just makes your viewers feel good, that's value. And it's enough to make 23 5000 videos eventually. We're looking at, you know, 2345 years here. That's how you grow YouTube channel and you do it on the side of what you do in real life until it takes over and you can do it full time. So if that's your goal, just understand. Be excited for waking up. You know, in five years you're still going to be young, but you're gonna wake up, but you might have 34 500,000 subscribers. If your content is really good, you might have to three million subscribers. So you need to look at long term like that. We're going to talk about the mindset real quickly in the next lecture. If this is confusing, just let me know. I'm gonna attach this. I know it's a little jumbled, but this is you know, this how I think this is how I teach. I can break it down in the way that you think and the way that you learn. That's what I'm here for. I'm your T shirt on. I'm so excited to move on with you and grow your YouTube channel. 6. Growth Mindset: Let's talk about the bulletproof growth strategy but delved into the growth mindset. Now, whenever people say growth mindset, it's generally fluff. But this isn't fluff. This is really important that you follow these rules. Otherwise the growth formula will fail in order to grow. You need to understand that it doesn't matter how your 1st 100 videos perform. Don't get romantic. You know, you make 10 videos and then you wait around for a week. You wait, see if people are watching you, you Google videos and look up other videos on YouTube to see ones that are like yours and how they're performing. You like to picture it like 10,000 views and you're hoping Stop. Who cares? Just produce 100 videos completely un emotionally and attached pump passion and energy into your videos. But when it comes to looking at how they perform and how it resonates with your audience, just don't give a crap about it for 100 videos. Trust me, this will benefit you long term, and I get it. I understand that I may be, you know, taking down some of those walls and pre established ideas and notions that you may have. And you may not even like thinking about content creation. That way you don't have Teoh. Okay? Let you don't have to actually follow my advice in this course. You can go ahead and do what you want, but this is This is all power to you. This is a weapon I'm giving you. It's the ability to be able to dominate search rankings and out perform your competition. And it is a little bit nasty, but it's gonna work. Don't worry about your 1st 100 videos. Just worry about producing them every second that you save. Not thinking about it is a second you could be pumping into another video number to produce at least one video a day. Nodded. That's hard. I have worked on some days. I got to go to school. Great. Grab a camera. Sit down and look. I just got a comment and produce 10 videos in the day. Just sit there like, um, right now grab. Ah, no pad. Right. Okay. I'll pick any niche in the world. Gaming. Okay? I don't know a thing about gaming, but I could dig, attend video ideas that's doing a let's play second video is talking about how you got into gaming. 3rd 1 is how to game affordably. If you don't have money for is a review of which gaming console is the best, Number five is your favorite gamers. Number six is your favorite games of the year. Number seven Most affordable games of the year. Number eight old games that are still fun to play now. Number 90. I'm almost at 10 videos and they don't know a thing about gaming, and I picked that niece just out of the air. I could have done that with anything, So you need to think of stuff like that and then just sit down and pump out the videos in one day and get this if you can change up your environment cause your viewers will be able to tell they're not dumb, don't get me wrong. I understand I get the nuance. But if you sit down and you make, let's say, um, 10 videos in the day and you're trying to produce them all at once, run into the next room and produced the second video on. What you're gonna do is schedule these upload. You're not gonna produce them and upload them all in one day you're gonna go to YouTube, upload them and schedule on upload. If you don't know how to do that, you can keep watching it. I'm going to introduce that later on in the course. Oh, please. Up across my fingers. I don't forget. People always get mad at me about that. But if you don't have to schedule YouTube upload, I should be letting you know when you go to some. When you go to upload a video, you just go from public videos and you change it to scheduled. But I will show you that. Don't strategize. Just follow your niche and produce like a machine. Stop thinking about what's the best way to get this shot, how my like that happens when you have 10 20 30,000 subscribers. But for now, no one's going to find you if you don't aggressively produce, I'm sorry, but the marketplace is saturated, so the only way you can overcome that is being super talented and obtaining a lot of watch time and shares, which takes talent. It's more rare, or you can produce like a machine and produce either mediocre or good quality content. But the way that you produce it is in such a way that you're reeling and viewers no matter what. So once you get your base audience, which takes a little bit longer, you can then produce them or, you know, incredible hero content videos. So don't strategize. Just follow your niche. Produced like a machine on each video is seen as an opportunity or soldier, so it doesn't matter. You have some weak soldiers, you have some strongest soldiers. But no matter what, every time you produce a video, you produce a soldier. So you need to say subscribe. At the beginning of each video, I will probably repeat myself because these are points and believe in their values and their important. So I will say this again, Um, again, everything I'm showing you here is a specific mindset. It's not secret. It's not like I'm going to tell you Clapper hands three times and jump up and down. And that's a secret no one told you on our YouTube channel is gonna grow. No, it's It's the way I am. Showing you is a particular bulletproof strategy that is going to work if you don't have time to produce videos Every single day. You can sit down for an hour and produce three or four, okay? And they don't have to be super high quality. If you log or you put your face on your channel, then simply. If you have a phone, you can live stream. It will upload immediately. So if you don't have time to do a video one day, whip up the YouTube studio creator app Google in the app store. Do a live stream for three minutes and bam, you haven't upload up. It's that simple. Follow this. I'm gonna attach this, um, and keep going. I know you guys can do this, and I'm excited to move on. 7. Watch Time : so I'm gonna be breaking down portions of the YouTube Studio Creator classic. It's not Studio Beta. A lot of people are still using the classic version that looks like this eventually, this studio, according to use who will be phased out. If you are watching this and the classic studio is phased out, it's not because this course is outdated. I'm optician you and actually doing the beta studio and continuing to always update this course. But there's still really relevant information in here. So whether you studio classic or not, you're gonna wanna watch this. The first thing on our list is watched time and yes, it's basic information. But I need to delve into explain the nuances of watch time, because for those of you that don't get it, it's extremely important. Watch time is what's going to calculate most of your success on YouTube. YouTube wants to become like a television station. They want people to be able to tune in and watch for extended periods of time because they can put more ads and longer videos. So the more watch time you get, the more you're going to get promoted there. YouTube. So this was should be your number one baseline for trying to grow this every single month. If you're getting watch time in 28 days and it's not just you watching incredible 62,000 minutes is great. My goal for the next few months is trying toe obtain, you know, 100,000. That's a little bit hard for me right now, but I'm popping out a lot of videos and I'm doing my part. I have comments, you see, one hour ago, 35 minutes ago, nine minutes ago. I'm getting engagement, but I'm doing a really niche topic here. So it's time for me to begin branching out is what I'm going to see. Rapid growth. But watch time. This should be the number one baseline of how much you're growing on YouTube watching every month. Those are my two takeaways from this video. Also, you Condell vinto. Watch time and you can see how you're growing over a long period of time. I'd say if you're getting over 10,000 watch time, you are going to grow indefinitely no matter what. Ah, that means you're the snowball has been going. If we had over 5000 watch time in the last 28 days. The snowball is definitely going, so just keep doing what you're doing. And as you can see over time, the watch time is growing. So about 477,000 minutes I'm starting to gain more watch time. As you can see each day, people are watching two days and two hours of my content, which is great because just like just last year, I wasn't even hitting a day. So that's what you want to look for. Extend this chart out, and that's why it's important. 8. Views: The next thing we're gonna be looking at is views How any of user you getting in 28 days? So if you're getting over 1000 views incredible, a snowball is going. Like I said, even if you're getting 100 views, this is good. You just want to see how this is progressing over. You know, the past 28 days the past month, um, low those analytics And look at these and some things I want you to pay attention to in your views is trying to cross thresholds so half goals. Like I said, video goals. You should also sit watch time goals. You should set view goals. How many views do you on a month, ideally, for me, I'd be super happy at 100,000 views a month for watch time over 100,000 again, I'd be super happy. So go into your videos and see which are getting the most views. Like I said, how a fax is getting a lot of views. So to get more subscribers, look at those analytics and make more videos about Halifax and even that vlog that I showed you earlier. It has the word Halifax in it, which is why it's ranking so well. So these air easy views over the past 28 days some videos get more, some videos get less. But again, the most important factor is watch time. As you can see, this is ranking as, ah, you know, higher video on Lee with 214 views. And the reason for that is because I have more watch time. So your watch times way more important than your views, To be honest, um, try to get as much watch time as you possibly can. Um, yeah. I promise you it will pay off. 9. Subscribers: subscribers are the best way to track your consistent growth. Because this is how much you're going by every single month. I'm getting around 294 sometimes 310 subscribers a month, which is pretty decent for me. I want to be gaining about 1000. I think 1000 is good. It's a good safe place. Um, but here I am right now. So what I want you to take away from this is set milestones like, what do you want to achieve and then try setting video milestones. You want 4 500 videos, 600 videos, 1000 videos and this will all feed into boosting these things. Once thes air going, you can focus on building this content to make it better quality, and then you're going to keep growing. But let's delve into our subscribers and see how we can grow them again. Saying subscribe at the beginning of each video is going to help you gain more subscribers . Um, it's natural that you're gonna lose some subscribers. Um, as you can see, I've been changing my content a lot. I'm gaining a lot of subscribers and also losing subscribers. Um, but What super important here is how fast I'm gaining. It's outpacing the subscribers lost on There was a you to purge recently which affected a lot of large YouTubers. I'm a smaller youtuber. I never had a day where I dropped subscribers. I broke even or gain subscribers, so this is pretty good. Um, again, you want to try not to lose subscribers, but I'm always breaking even or gaining more subscribers a month. Go by If I lost none. Wow, I'd be really banking. But, you know, do your best to try to maintain those subscribers. Don't change your content too much. Um and yeah, do what you can to to boost your subscribers. They subscribe at the beginning of every video. We're getting two more tips and tricks later, but always bring this up and see how many you're losing. This is an important thing toe to track. Actually, click on lost and see where you've lost subscribers. So the watch pages where a lot of people unsubscribe your YouTube channel, Um, the YouTube watch page. Um so I'm gaining a lot of subscribers through these videos, But again, people can unsubscribe after they watched the video they may not like. Let's keep moving on and talk about how to gain more subscribers and grow your channel 10. TubeBuddy: the next tool I'm super excited to introduce you to is called to Buddy now two buddies Really interesting because it allows you to create custom thumbnails. It allows you to, you know, uh, upload box schedule and to a whole bunch of things your videos to save time. And it also shows you your rankings for your tag. So if you remember what my tax were green if we head on over to my channel one more time if you actually look into my dashboard to buddy will actually show you the search rankings. Now, I'm an incognito mode, so you may not be able to see it, but basically, when you opened your chrome browser or any browser that you're using, you'll actually see your video rankings right over here. And that's just absolutely free to Buddy does have a premium version if you want to. Do you know, access the advanced features like schedule tiles and tags or bulk. Remove certain words from 200 videos. You're gonna need to pay more or if you want to use the advanced thumbnail features. So if you want to drag it more 33 or four clips to create your thumbnails because you have a thumbnail maker in there, then, um yeah, it's gonna be a little bit more expensive. I think the fee is around $10 or slightly more a month. Ah, but the actual free version is going to give you a whole bunch of added benefits that will help you on your you tube journey. So the analytics aren't a mystery. And now we may walk into using to Buddy a little bit Maurin the course. But what I recommend you do is they have a YouTube channel, a to buddy YouTube channel and a lot of YouTubers use them. I recommend you look it up and just go over the video tutorials nickname and has some good tutorials. There are so many there's actually an affiliate program as well. So if you put an affiliate link from two buddy, you can actually make money as well, and we'll go over all those things later on the course. But this is a tool. Ah, highly recommend you use. I'm not going to go too in depth with it over here because I want to show you one last jewels. An alternative to to buddy on then we can move on talking about how you should upload your videos, the frequency, the type of content you should upload on. Do you know, making your content calendars? I also want to teach you how to create content faster because I promised to do that. So we have a lot of ground to cover. But check out too, buddy. It works on the chrome to bar. I'm not sure about other tool bars, but big YouTubers use it. I know. 100% Dara leaves does and met Matthew Santoro in Anaheim. I didn't ask him, but I believe it s so definitely. Check out this. Check out to Buddy. Once you download it, you will see a shortcut in the right hand corner of your screen. Just download the toolbar. You can optimize and promote your videos. Over here again, you have balked tools for annotations, cards, thumbnails and descriptions. And it's for everyone. Craters, brands, networks, agencies. I'm not putting an affiliate link here on this course, so I'm not making money by referring this to you. I have them in my YouTube videos. Known has bought them. So I swapped it out for skill share promotion um, but I highly recommend you check this out. It's going to help you on your journey and make the guess Work that's gonna take the guesswork out. 11. Creating Great Thumbnails: Here are my tips for creating great thumbnails on YouTube. This is a very small document, but I'm going to make it available and downloadable in the resources section of this video lessons. So go ahead and download it if you are on you. To me, if you are not in your somehow consuming this video that it's not gonna be downloadable, But you can just take a screenshot of this image or write it down yourself. So by creating great thumbnails on YouTube, this is okay, Obvious stuff. I get it. But I want to actually narrow it down and teach you about some of the nuances. I'm actually gonna get to that right here. That other craters won't tell you about something that I have used in marketing and that I highly recommend again. I don't really have the correct words of precision of language, toe toe, articulate it. But I'm gonna show you, and I think you'll understand. So the biggest thing I found a za basic building block as a fundamental to creating great thumbnail is using bright colors for backgrounds and not just bright colors. All right, Yeah. Bright colors are more noticeable, but deeper more complex colors. I just looked up the color purple and you couldn't use a deep purple. This could be considered a deep purple. You know, this is deep purple. This is maybe not a deep purple. But when I'm talking about deep colors, I mean colors like this. I mean colors that are just like this. High contrast super high quality flashes. Neon neon is a great color that you can implement, and you can use Neil purple neon blue, neon green. You can use any sort of neon again that's a little bit too crowded and cluttered. But something like this, this sort of background, if you can make it relevant or even add filters your images to get this sort of spark and shine and flair combined with these other elements and I'm going to show you will actually result in a higher click through rate, something that I have not really been doing with. Many of my videos have just been using tools, you know, auto generate thumbnails. But if you really want to go big with your content and focus on doing YouTube full time, this is a great way to capture attention because it looks mesmerizing, so use deeper, more complex colors but not complex, as in like that's a darker shade of purple. I'm going to use that one, really leverage using flashy content. It's almost It's almost like propaganda for your content, you know, creating amazing thumbnails that people go. Wow, that flare, that explosion. It's hard to make a video that does such flashy images justice, but that's what you want. So our next step is choosing high contrast photos. Lower contrast is going to result in the image looking very flat, something like this color over here. It's not about contrast, but having different colors, as you see, goes from light like light to dark. Here, you want those differences. You have really bright, really dark. That contrast within the image itself is going to capture attention. This image itself doesn't have too much contrast. As you can see, you want higher contrast, so people, as they're navigating through thumbnails are gonna be like, Whoa, what's that over here? Depth. Death is something that actually haven't added to this list. But depth of field is really important, and that's something we saw in that Amsterdam photo. Is that depth of field so depth of field eyes, something that if you want to capture with your camera, you can use, like a 50 millimeter lens or a portrait lens to blur out the background. Um, but depth of field is also something that's gonna give, ah, whole new dimension to your thumbnails. So let's go back up. Used big, bold letters or titles. That's common sense. But if you can get, you know, drop shadows on your title. So let's look up instead of just a regular title like yeah, like herbs Over here. It's very flat. You can throw drop shadows on your title. So as you can see, this 2016 title has a shadow in the background. Kind of that's going to generate, you know it's gonna be bigger. It's going to be captured more attention. Um, you know, you see these tiles that actually have a three dimensional aspect to them. These are the best examples, obviously, but you can kind of see in this image you want to avoid thin lettering like this. This is a drop shadow in the background. But if you're gonna do a drop shadow and photo shop, and I'm not gonna teach you that in this course. Okay, It's not a photo shop. Course, we can't go too deep into it. But if you want to know how to create a drop, shadow their teachers on you to me, that will teach you. And it is all over YouTube. It's just one example of the many things that you can do. Ah, But in order for us to keep focused with growing your audience, we're gonna talk about you know, the other steps and the other measures If you have a specific question. So if I show you something and you want me to iterate you reiterate or or go deeper and be more involved with it, let me know, because I can't do that for everybody. I can certainly do it for you as an individual, if that's what you need. So I don't feel like if I haven't touched on something, just let me know, and I'm happy to go ahead and do that. But incorporate drop shadows, bowl titles, thickness to your text, using saturated images over faded images we've touched on that one and have something shocking or interesting happened. We're talking about the technical elements, so much, but you don't have something shock your interesting happening like Wow, my apartment caught on fire. Have your shocked face, you know, use expression and emotions. Human faces are likely to get more clicks in just the apartment on fire. If that's what happened, don't click bait and do fake things. But if your apartment caught on fire a little bit but didn't burn down, you can still exaggerate the thumbnail to make it look like that happened. It's not journalism that we're doing here. We're creating YouTube videos and trying to grow an audience. So have something shocking or interesting happened in your thumbnail. Always tell the truth and deliver in the video, but you could exaggerate within the thumbnail itself. An action within your thumbnail is going to result in more clicks. Have action happened in your thumbnail. If you don't know what that means in action, is somebody doing something? And if you have somebody doing something for a reason, that's even better. So Bob is throwing a ball for his dog action happening in the thumbnail. Um, another one. Your apartment is catching on fire. That's action in the thumbnail. The fire is, um, you know, burning your apartment. That's an action. The fire is doing something for a reason because you left the stove on. So these are things that are going to generate more clicks. A very simple list. But I think I've, you know, explained it deeply enough. I'm gonna attach this to the course material. If I have not attached it, either write it down or take a screenshot. Very simple list. It's gonna go a long way. 12. Create Thumbnails with Canva: So let's get started with can VA. In order to get started with a camera thumbnail creator, you want to head on over to canvass dot com. That's www dot c a n v a dot com. So once you head on over to Canada dot com, you will be prompted with this law again. Um, but I recommend you do is if you just hit log in there, it will take you to a sign and pay. Just bad takes you to the sign in page. You can log in with your Facebook or log in with Google, and we all know that Google is connected with YouTube. So if you hit Google, all you have to do is oh, gonna log into my Google account right here and we are signed in and it's totally safe. They're not going to, you know, steal your account or anything. You're giving them permission. Just access your account toe log in. Um, and look at this. That's my YouTube audience growth, of course Thumb. Now look at that. So right there you can create anything that you want. I've created, I think my top universities in Canada thumbnail using Canada, but What you can do is just find any YouTube thumb. Now, if you want to get started when you hear a click on, create a design again, top left corner, create a design and then you want to scroll down and you want to look for YouTube thumbnail . If you can't find it, just type in YouTube thumb. Now click on it. It's 12 80 pixels by 7 20 pixels. Then what you're going to do is just simply choose a thumb now. So I'm gonna teach you how to take something like this and make it 10 times mawr exciting. So again, this looks nice. It's pretty cool. Um, this looks nice, too, So all these some nails look great. Actually, I really like this one. But if you want to find, let's say a video about, we keep using the plumbing example. So let's do plumbing. I haven't really seen any plumbing, YouTube or so, but I want you to do is when finding your thumbnail. If you're not going to use one of your pictures or a still frame, use Google images again. I'm not condoning that you take content that's copyrighted. Read YouTube's copyright on and also see if you can license some images. But if you can try to find some images that are HD so, um, plumbing. You do like desktop wallpapers because those were always, like, really eye catching and fancy. So you're gonna look for, ah, plumbing desktop wallpaper and let's see what template we're using. We're using this template. Um, so let's actually let's change this one. So we have more space because I don't want this text to get lost, you know, in all this pipe work that we're doing and we want to find the brightest image we can. So again, plumbing, it's often very dull. You just have, like, old sinks and stuff. So what you want to do is pipes artwork. Just keep looking till we find a nice, bright image. Plummer HD. Okay, so we're getting a little bit better here. Um, I like this. You have the red, you have the steal. It looks pretty good. So we're going to save the image as it's just going to say I'm using Google Chrome. So it's going to save in the left hand corner. All I have to do head back on over to my template choose a template I'm going to use. I can drag this in. It will simply upload just like that. All I'm going to do is once the images uploaded, take it and drag here plumbing at home. We're gonna change the font a little bit. Way too small. We're gonna make it a little bit bigger. You want to make sure it can be seen by your audience. You can even change the plumbing to make the plumbing smaller and keep the rest of the text larger. So you want the plumbing to be able to fit. So we're gonna keep playing around with that until it does drop it to 64. There we go. You can do plumbing at home and grab that. You can even make this larger, like you can keep re sizing this until this looks good. You can do plumbing at home like that and make the font even larger. Um, so plumbing at home, you might wanna make that smaller, so keep playing around with it. As you can see, we're going for bright images over here. Um, and even the background. What I like to do sometimes is dropped like thes these pictures just as bright as I possibly can. So we'll look up things like, Ah, you know, flashy image or particle explosion and stuff like that. So I was doing a video about YouTube. I would draw drag this over the particle explosion just cause it looks so I catching. So it's one of the tools that I use again. This plumbing thumb now may not be the best one in the world. You want to keep fiddling with it until you see something looks eye catching like that explosion. So let's keep moving. And this is really the process of creating something with Canada. It's not flawless, but again, if you do this in the correct way adventures, I kind of like that thumb. Now we're gonna remove the background. The text is still there. We're gonna look up our up loads and our images, and we're gonna drag one of these images in the background. We're gonna go to positioning, and we're gonna go backwards. As you can see, adventurers is over this background and you can play around with a font so that it becomes , you know, more visible. I can put adventures there. I could put adventures in the corner. I can even change this font to make it a lot thicker like that. So adventurers, it's a thicker font now. And as you can see, just keep playing around with the thumbnail. Until you find something that works for you, I'm going to make this a little bit bigger. I like adventures over there. So I do content about Canada so I can do like, uh, adventures. I could put adventures in the corner over here. I can actually that and I can spin this around and put that up here so I could do adventures. And then I can dio, you know, a PNG image or a background image and just drop that in. I could make it. YouTube adventures sold. Drop that here of YouTube and have the word adventures here. I have YouTube adventures. You might want to make that font a little bit darker so we can see it and bad YouTube adventures again and kill it. Keep playing around with it so that it looks good. See, that looks great. Someone would click on this thumbnail for sure. And if he added face, you know ah shocked face or another PNG image. Somebody's gonna click on that. So keep using those visual effects to your advantage. Go check out. Can Va keep playing around with this? If you have any other questions again PNG images you can search on Google and they're just transparent background images. Again, like our course thumbnail over here, full transparency. Bam like that. It's that simple. You just keep adding onto it until you've created that perfect thumbnail again. This was a bit of a longer lecture, but I didn't wanna, you know, break it down the bullet points. I wanted to actually show you the entire process that I use for creating a thumb. Now it's really about dragging around, experimenting until it looks right to your eye. There is no particular rule, but a lot of the methods I'm mentioning to you is again. Use those explosive over the top backgrounds, but you need to make sure it's visible. Okay, you to make sure that the thumbnails you're using you can actually see what's in the background and see the text biggest part of it. Use big, bright, bold lettering and trying to bring people in to click on your thumbnails. 13. SEO Titles: so I want to give you some of my s e o tips s e o stands for search engine optimization. Most of you probably know that, but if you don't, what you're going to be doing is optimizing your videos to be found in search. And as you can see these in my rankings for my tags number one for pretty much everything. And I've drank videos and number one like best heating company in Toronto have rank that number one. I've got so many number one rankings and that's because I understand s CEO. So I'm your go to guy. Trust me as CEO titles, What you want to do, There's something that trumps s. You will talk about it later. It means s you will be relevant. But for the most part, when you're starting, what I try to do is cram as much as I can in the title. This is my technique. Other people's maybe different without hitting 100. If you over cram keywords and do what's called keyword stuffing, you won't get a good ranking. But what I try to do is all right. Let's say Dow House University, and then tuition costs for international students. You have so many keywords in here you have down House University. You have tuition costs. You have tuition costs for international students. You have international students. You have This whole thing is a key phrase. So a lot already in there. And I used this bar over here. This bar is located close to the L on your keyboard to the right. If you add this little bar over here, you can fit in more keywords and make it look relevant. So I put Halifax. Nova Scotia is so I can rank for Halifax. All right, so that's your title, or we're gonna talk about descriptions and tags. I want to break it up. So this course is easy and bite size. But what I want you to do is to fit long keywords and key phrases into the first part of your titles. And then I want you to use this bar and then add more. Okay, Don't put the word Halifax in there five times. You too, will understand that your keyword stuffing don't put international students in there five times again. YouTube will understand, but if you put long phrase key phrases that can be broken down into smaller keywords and then fit another keyword that's relevant at the end. Like the location where you're at or, you know, like plumbing tips. If we're using the plumbing example or plumbing channel, ah, then you can also put them in descriptions and tags, and we're gonna talk about that. But this is how you do a title. Don't overstuff, don't get 200 but you could do anywhere from 50 to 75 or 40 to 75 words in your title. Um or actually, I believe that's characters in your title is pretty good. 14. Descriptions: Let's talk about descriptions. What you should do is you don't have to focus on putting too many things in your descriptions. But what I recommend you do is put your websites and your social media handles in. Your descriptions will talk about how to add those later on and upload default so that they go every time you upload a new video. Um, we'll talk about affiliate links, but these are important things to do. Ah, but the number one thing we're doing S CEO right now, So it's a void, that is, I want you to write one healthy, relevant description, but also try to get the key words in that description. And it just has to be half a paragraph or a paragraph long. Anywhere from 100 to 200 characters even suffices if you want to write longer and the relevant, sometimes it can help you. But all you need is a short, healthy description. Um, and I want you to put the keyword so as you see down, House University is in. Their international student is in there. Um, I should have ideally put tuition costs in there, but I fail to do that but that doesn't matter. It's still rank very well. Got over 4000 views, and it's super Aneesh. It's like one small university in Halifax, But again, I'm using that technique. That's why it's so bulletproof, just one healthy description and try to fit these in there. Don't keyword in there more than two or three times. Sometimes you can get away with doing it like five times. But if you have a short description with, like five of the keywords stuffed in there like Dow House University, five times again, YouTube will find out. You don't want to keywords stuff. Both Google and YouTube know about that, and they're getting more advanced. But you know, they want you to put relevant keywords, so that's relevant. That's pretty decent. Make it short, make it healthy and include those keywords from your title in your description. 15. SEO Tags: again. I want to thank you for taking this course value as a student. And I hope you're learning a lot from this. I also want to briefly apologize for sometimes speaking too fast. This is the topic I know a lot about and something I get so excited by. So I speak very quickly sometimes. And I know a lot of people from around the world take my courses. So if you don't understand something, I'd be happy to reiterate for you. I'm sorry if I speak fast, I will attempt to slow down, but remain engaging now in terms of tags all you have to do. I talked about consistency between the title and description, and I'm going to remind you again and tell you why it's important in the next lecture. But what I want you to dio is include the tags that you're using here and the ones that Europe eating in the description and put them in your tags. So the house university bend the house a university to house the university tuition costs. I'm using down House University and adding another word at the end of it to rank for key phrases. So have used our house. The international students Halifax, Nova Scotia Tuition costs international students in Halifax International Student Halifax. So all of these things is I'm taking the keywords and just adding another word at the end. He was also, you know, in the description. So if you look the tags and I'm using, um, or everything that you see in the description and some things that haven't even wrote in the description attending down House University, it ranked number one on YouTube. If you search right now, this tool that I'm using this tool, buddy. And don't worry, I'm not skimming over it. I'm gonna teach you how to get these numbers in these rankings later on. But I just teaching you the S CEO right now. So this is how you should you should actually title in tag consistency among these three things is gonna be incredible. And that's what's gonna boost you. So let's talk a bit about how to keep it consistent and relevant. But how to write these out fast. As I told you, we want you to upload quickly. I'm gonna teach you how to write. So it comes naturally and you don't have to you know, follow a technique or a formula or a method rigidly. That'll take time. I'm gonna teach you how to just write out thes description, tags and titles, Do it fast, and then get those videos to rank naturally, like he didn't even try. 16. Adsense: So I know this course is about going an audience. But when you grow your audience, you want to know how to monetize your account. So let me show you some ways you could monetize your YouTube to make money as you're growing your audience. One big way is through AdSense. So you have absense and you also have, you know, em. CNN's multi, you know, channel networks, different places where, you know, you become partnered with 1/3 party like, um, you know, the Crater Network, or you can become partnered with full screen. Or you could be, you know, partner like peut guy was with maker gen studios. What I recommend you dio, unless you're a massive YouTuber who receives a custom offer from a company that's actually gonna help grow your brand. But I'm gonna recommend you do is never partner with somebody else, make all the revenue through AdSense. So I've set my AdSense settings here to get paid. Every time he had $100 threshold, I'm gonna show you exactly how to start an account. All you have to do is go to google dot com and then type in AdSense log in. It's gonna take you right to the Google AdSense page. You're going to hit Sign up now. Well, into its sign up. Now you type in either your website. You don't need a website. You can also type in your email address. Um, so that's a great way to just like in, ah, log in with your YouTube account, you should be able to log in. If not, you're going to sign up using your email associated with your YouTube account, and we'll take you to this page. This is the home page that will show you what your estimated earnings are. You want to actually go and submit for payments? It will be auto linked to YouTube account. So what you need to do, please go ahead and fill in your bank account gold deposit, and you're gonna get paid by Google, Google, Google L C. I believe so. What you want to do is see how much Google sends you. They're gonna send you maybe two or three cents. You're going to confirm it when you get it in the next two or three days, and then you would have verified your payment method and they will pay you every time you hit $100 threshold. Now you can change that threshold. Um, you just go into your settings, and it's very easy, but wait till you hit $100 1st You can manage your settings right here and manage your account right here. It's a simple is that, But AdSense is the most popular way to get paid. We're going to go into some other methods that you can use the monetize your account. The course isn't about making money on YouTube. It's about growing your audience. But I want to show you a couple more ways that I recommended the most popular and the most beneficial. 17. Congratulations: thank you for taking this YouTube course about how to grow your audience. This course has really been about finding your passion on YouTube, creating videos about it on understanding the niche, finding the broader niche, homing in on a particular topic within that niche, and using that to funnel in new subscribers so that you can broaden out and eventually take the marketplace. And whatever it is you're interested making videos about now, none of the courses that I make are completely flawless, and I'm always looking at improving them all the time. And I mean this, Like I say this saying, fluff. I really want to improve this course if there are parts that I missed, if there was something about this course that was not 100% with you, please let me knows that I could come back as soon as possible, fix it, improve it and make it better. The landscape of YouTube is changing. The landscape of marketplace is changing and a marketing in general, it's It's always shifting and moving, so let me know what I can do to improve the course. Let me know what I can do to help you as an individual. Please give me an honest review. Let me know how this course was for you. How you enjoyed it and what I could do in the future to really make my courses better. I really appreciate your time. I'm so happy that you've been a part of this and I wish you all the best and grow in your in your chip audience.