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YouTube Analytics and SEO Masterclass: Rank #1 On YouTube!

teacher avatar Nader Nadernejad, Multimedia Producer and Marketing Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

Learn YouTube Analytics and SEO Today! 

Do you want to learn how to use YouTube analytics and SEO to grow your channel? 

I'm here to help. I've made thousands of videos over my online video career an have over 150 on my current channel. 

I noticed the largest growth in my channel when I started using analytics to create video content. By implementing the YouTube analytics and SEO tips and tricks I show you, you'll be able to: 

  • Get more watch time 
  • Gain subscribers 
  • Reach new demographics 
  • Learn marketing techniques 
  • Increase viewer retention 

A solid understanding of YouTube analytics are essential to your success on YouTube now that the platform has become extremely popular. These strategies will help you stand out among the crowd and shine. 

I can't wait to teach you everything I know about YouTube analytics and SEO. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nader Nadernejad

Multimedia Producer and Marketing Expert

Level: Intermediate

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1. Welcome to the Course! : So your aunt, usually when you're trying to get more views, but it's hard you don't know how to go on your channel cause your videos just seem to be not ranking. You're probably looked up tips and tricks, because haven't we all, But you really want to go your channel. You're getting serious about it. That's why I made this course. I was struggling like you with YouTube for a long time, and I realized, Hey, you know what? What have we holding on the analytics and we look at them very closely. We see what videos are working, what videos, air not and what's bringing us. The more views now, I did that for a long time, and I honed in on the best strategies on compiled them into a list such as how to get more watch time, how to get more views and how to get more subscribers and how to combine all these metrics and actually analyze them in a way that allows us to grow a channel over time. And I've been implementing the strategy for a while now, and I've seen some massive growth. It's help me boost my business, get more clients and reach more people. It's help my credibility overall, and it's given me social proof, so I definitely recommend you take the scores. If you're looking getting more subscribers, you want to find out how to reach the first place in YouTube for certain search titles and topics, and you want to learn how to use the analytics to reach as many people as possible and grow your channel. My name is not on our Jack, and I can't wait to help you grow your channel using analytics and s CEO. 2. Introduction: welcome to your YouTube analytics and s yo crash course. In this course, we're going to be looking at the entire creator studio and learning how to use thes analytics to get more views. I'm currently at over 2500 subscribers, to be exact 2685. I've got a new subscribers every day, and I'm almost at 200,000 views now. This isn't a major feat by any stretch, but I've gained most of my consistent viewership and subscribers over the past couple of months. It will actually look at my watch time. You'll be able to see that it's been consistently going up, and this is because of some of the new strategy that I've learned. This isn't because I have been making any better content by any means or that have been doing anything special or magical. It's just because I have been doing my best to track my analytics for the first time ever, understand how they work, what videos are working the best for me and then start making more of those videos if you'll notice some of my most popular videos are about Halifax, Halifax, Halifax, Halifax, The reason for that is because I've been getting a lot of watch time for Halifax. People have been watching my videos because I have been looking up Halifax, which is our city, and talking about how you can move there, and that's a huge international. I mean, a lot of people are looking to move the Halifax for international reasons and to pursue school. And he never really recognized that there was a niks there. I was doing things I thought was popular, so I was doing things about marketing and about tutorials. You sound software and it wasn't reaching as many people because everyone was making videos about that. So I used my analytics, see what was working, and then I started to triple down on the things that were so in this course, we're going to go through everything from the crater studio to the views to the subscribers to the watch time. We're going to figure out what all of these mean and how to use them to get a viewership by tracking the analytics and the data. And this is what you have to do if you want to succeed on YouTube today and I have seen some people do with more popular niche and different topics that work out better. But I'm just doing YouTube right now to supplement some of the other things that I'm doing . This brings me audience for my company. This brings me social proof and credibility, so that's what I do it for. But I'm having people come and consistently every single day, so I definitely recommend that you follow these tips and tricks closely. And if you have any questions, just head on over to the Q and A section and ask me good luck. 3. Tubebuddy: in this lesson, we're gonna talk about a tool that I love to use that will help you in your future videos and ranking. So this is all about ranking in this tool is called Tuba Buddy. I currently ranked number two for the search term Halifax. Now there's over one million results about Halifax because there's Halifax in the UK and Halifax in Canada, yet I was able to rank second. This isn't luck. It's not because I received the most amount of use or had the most amount of subscribers. As you see, I only have 11,000 views. It's because I used a tool and my knowledge about keyword. Ranking to rank and number two. Now, this video brought me a lot of my new subscribers on. That's all due to this one to call to Buddy. Now you can get to Buddy simply by looking it up online. Just go to Google and search up to Buddy. Now I recommend doing it for the rest. This course you can still understand this course and gain insight without downloading, too, buddy, but it's recommended that you down, though to buddy on your Web browser, specifically, if you're using Google chrome from your chrome Web store. It takes a couple of seconds to install on. Then what you'll be able to do is move through YouTube with these analytics on the side, these air called video lyrics and they're supplied by two buddies. So once you go and install the browser feature or install the toolbar, I'll go through it. So you understand. I'll do it one more time. Look up to Buddy, click on this chrome link over here or, alternatively, go to the site. But I just had to go here because it's faster and then you're gonna click. Add to Chrome. I've already added it to chrome, so that's why I don't have the option to do it. But definitely go and check it out. It has over 5000 reviews. Lots of people are using this tool. I went to Vidcon once in Anaheim, California met some of the biggest YouTubers and they used to buddy. So I'm gonna walk you through what to Buddy does, and what it does is it gives you tips and tricks for ranking your videos. That tells you the total video views of each video has the comments the average few duration, which is extremely important. It's telling you how long people are watching it for the average time watched and the historical data over time. So this is going to show you the views gained over time in the visual charts that you can see how popular your video is. These are all important, but perhaps one of my favorite features about this tool is that it shows you the ranking of all the tags. I rank first for all of these keywords in my videos, and that's the reason why it's ranking so well. I'm going to go over how to rank for these keywords to body is only a tool to help you see what's going on and see how your ranking. Because otherwise you would have to search these keywords in an incognito browser so there's no cookies and actually go and see what you rank first for, So I'm ranking first for Halifax, Nova Scotia. What a Halifax, Nova Scotia like. And that's because I was able to use to Buddy to help me out. So all it really does is give you some tips and track your analytics. But I was able to keep going in and changing these tags until I ranked for something and it was able to refresh this page to see when they started ranking and over time, like when I first started, these were like number seven, number eight, number nine, number six. But over time they all came the first place. And the reason why that happened was because I got a lot of historical views. Ah, lot of people began watching my videos commenting and interacting with it. And then that told YouTube this was more relevant. So now, to Buddy tells me that I'm ranking for a lot of these keywords. Not only that, it has a thumbnail generation tool, so if you're making videos, I definitely recommend putting thumbnails on your videos. You'll be able to do it right here from within the Creator studio. All you have to do is you have a bunch of too buddy. As you can see, this is a two buddy icon. This comes when you would stall the browser toolbar, and what happens is you'll be able to. That's an extension. Technically, what will be able to do is add animated GIFs at a farm nail you could do captions. You can apply templates to your videos and published directly to Facebook, so I recommend to body for you. That's a quick overview of what the tool does. Just go ahead and download that tool if you want to see those analytics, because they will definitely help you and let's continue on through and figure out how to rank our videos. 4. Interface: we've been over the basics, and I've showed you my favorite tool for tracking YouTube analytics. But what about the interface that YouTube provides? Let me show you everything you'll need to know. Head on into your channel. Just hit your icon up here once your sign into your YouTube channel and hit on Crater Studio. Once you're in the crater studio, you're gonna be able to see a lot of things. Your comments are gonna be displayed here. I want you to be diligent of something. I want to see how often the comments come in. What you want to do in track over time. Just on a general basis. You don't need to write it down. You don't really need to make a chart. Just look at it. See how frequently you get comments. I tend to get a few a day a little bit more than that every 24 hours. And as you can see, 10 hours, nine hours, two hours, two hours. Keep looking at that. Your goal is to get that as frequent as possible, cause more people that engage with your video the more than YouTube algorithms are gonna promote your channel. The next thing I want you to notice over the months is your views. Once your view start going up, this is good. And that's pretty matter of fact, everybody knows that. Really pay attention to this that will start increasing mawr. You want to look directly at your view counter over here. This is going to tell your analytics over the last 28 days you need to start paying attention to this. I have been consistently, increasingly watch time. I think about a year ago I was getting about 1000 minutes. Now 12,000. You can get this up to a 1,000,000 minutes, and I just want you to think about that for a second. It goes beyond that. It's infinite, but you can get this up really high. And this means that somebody is literally watching a video of you every second of your life , which is incredible, that just that just goes to show the power of the Internet. I want you to focus on your wash time in minutes. This is what you want to get up. You want a whole people in your video for as long as possible, but you also want to get the consistent view, so you have people tracking in and raising those channel view counters. Also, your subscribers, the biggest tip I can give you for subscribers is in the beginning of each video. Ask for them. I'm serious, asked them. There's no need to even take the quote unquote high road. What you need to do is ask for subscribers in all of your videos. I didn't do that for a long time. I got a lot of use for a while, but I never asked for subscribers, and I just did that very recently with a couple of videos. And he went up from getting 10 to 12 subscribers and month to getting 55 so increased fivefold. And I'm not saying that that's a lot. But if I do this with every video that I make for the next three months, I don't see why won't get to 300 subscribers a month than 1000 in 2000. I mean, that's the point of analytics. We can track how they work so that we can hone in on the things that are working and increase them for success. So this is a basic rough overview of your dashboard. You'll also have your video manager a place to do life's streaming community. You can actually do community posts, so if you click here, you can do community settings. You could see everybody that's commenting, and this is really cool to Buddy, since I have it installed also tells me the amount of subscribers that a lot of my viewers have, which I think is really cool, and it shows they're connected accounts. So too. Buddy makes everything faster. It's almost unease of access tool. It's very good. Let's head back over to the dashboard and go a little bit more in depth into these analytics. But I think we've done enough for this lecture. We've seen the rough overview. We have a few tips now, so let's look at all of these features and find out how to use these analytics to get more views and grow our channels. See you next. Lecture 5. Watch Time : it's time to delve into the analytics, and we were talking briefly about watch time. But I want to teach you how to increase this and how to look at it to make this number larger every month. And I know I'm simplifying it by saying, Just make this number bigger But that's a simple a zit ISS. If we just make random videos now, it becomes a lot harder to make it on YouTube. But if you look at this watch time, you figure out what people are watching on your channel the most, then you can double down on that topic. Sometimes we just pick niche right off the bat. We decide. You know what? Hey, I want to be a beauty flog or I want to be somebody who does general everyday lifestyle blocks. That's fine, but you want to start fleshing out that niche to find exactly what type of beauty vlogger you are, what type of daily vlogger you are. It's not a simple is just being a blogger, any being of lager or being somebody who talks about animals. You have to be very specific. You have to be somebody who talks about pugs You have to be somebody who talks about just hair styling and stuff. So I'm not saying that you can't make it doing other, more general things. I'm saying, If you're going to take an analytical approach and use analytics, that is the best way to build your foundation, to build your viewership at the beginning. So I'm going to go over some of the mistakes I made, so you don't have to spend as long as I did getting to just a small amount of subscribers and you can grow weight faster. So if you look at my watch time, the video I'm getting the most views on is my moving toe Halifax Video. Every month I get about or let's see might my my views in terms of minutes, I'm getting 5552 so that's about three days and 20 hours. I believe this is on a monthly basis. Yeah, this is the last 28 days, so I'm getting a lot of use every month on my videos, but specifically Halifax. Why they love and hate about Halifax Halifax cost a living. This is chronological. The second I stopped talking about Halifax look at this. It drops from 5000 to 500. It's so much harder to rank for reputation management, which is the marketing thing that I talk about. But it's so much easier to rank for Halifax, so I think that's a mistake. I told myself Hate this. Videos of fluke. I only ranked because I got lucky and I kept making random videos about other things I was interested in. Then I made another Halifax video, and that was black and white. It was probably my worst quality video because I didn't have lighting. I try to correct it that also ranked second. I got over 1000 views in that video in just a few weeks, and I said, You know what? This Halifax thing is really working out, So I want you to do one thing. I want you to start making a body of videos. I want you to commit to a schedule. I want you to say, I'm gonna make one video a week at the end of the month at the end of 28 days, I want you to go to your crater studio and then I want you to click on your watch time. I want you to look and see what is getting the most amount of views. If you're getting a lot of views on one topic, start working on that topic because the longer you wait, the more likely somebody else is gonna take that topic away from you. Moving the Halifax is a topic that I've ascertained on YouTube. And let me just show you a little preview of what that means. Here I am ranking first removing toe Halifax here am ranking over here. 335 use a week ago. Here I am, ranking here. I'm ranking here. I'm ranking all over the first page because I realize that was a topic Aiken jump on. And I didn't know that instantly. I knew that by watching by looking at my watch time and got it goes up and down. Guess it's not perfect, But if I wasn't doing so many things, if I wasn't teaching on you to me, if I wasn't running a business and doing Facebook marketing and working with clients and becoming a journalist full time, then I'd be able to make way more videos on my watch. Time would be in the hundreds of thousands, I guarantee you. So this means that if you find a topic that starts working, you can keep doing that and get more. Watch time, and I get in most of it from one topic. I give it to you in the next 3 to 6 months. I'm gonna have some other topics cause I'm using the strategy and I'll be able to increase my watch Time and subscribers. MAWR The tip I want to state most is all these videos. I wish I said subscribe to my channel in the beginning of this video because that's where I get the most views. Say it in all of your videos so that the ones that ranked best, they'll bring you in so many subscribers. And I definitely recommend that you continue watching that, watch time and just keep an eye on this every single day, every month it's really fun to watch it rise. I didn't really think I hit 10,000 minutes in a month. That is quite a bit of time for me, but I know you can do better, especially if you focus everything on YouTube and I'm doing really niche topics You can probably cover something a little bit bigger and get away with it and get thousands of watch time minutes. So go ahead, Look at your watch time and I wish you the best of luck. Let's talk about view subscribers and delve into the other analytics. 6. Views: I don't know about you, but channel views may be so excited to me. This is like, this is me against myself. Watching how many views I could get on my channel makes me feel great. And to know that 194,000 people have watched my videos makes me feel fantastic. Sure, it's not a lot in terms of big YouTubers like Casey. Nice that you have met, by the way. He's a pretty cool guy, but it's it's nothing compared to them, but it's still amazing. You know, most of you would be so scared to stand up in front of an audience and speak to a room of five or 10 people. Now imagine 194,000 people. You need to be proud of yourself. When you start getting watch views on your channel, then you need a feel good. You need to use that to motivate you. You need to compare to yourself, not other people, but we also need to own it on the views and find out where they're coming from. So what I recommend you do if you didn't notice what I just did when you're in your creator studio hit on your views. I want you to click this. It's gonna load up your analytics, and there's a few things you need to look for. First of all, I want you to see the watch Time are gonna be there as well. But the views go directly into the views and then want you to look and see where everything is coming from. So here's a pie chart, and it's going to show you where most of your content is coming from. I will most of your views air coming from and I really enjoy the pie chart because it shows me exactly to me, This is more visual. You need to learn to click around. This is also going to show you your demographics and where people are coming from. So a lot of my viewers come from Canada because I'm in Canada. But a lot of yours come from the United States, and they come from India. I have a lot of viewers in India who want to move to Halifax on become international students. By delving into your views, you can access all of these other metrics on the side that a lot of people miss. And these are gonna help you. Because if you make mention of India and your videos, you say, Hey, I have a large Indian audience and I want you guys to subscribe because I want to give you Valley right here in Halifax. You're going to start becoming interesting to people in India. And you may be thinking, Well, hey, I'm in Canada or I'm in the United States right now. Why does it really matter? It matters because you want to ascertain an international audience. See, I still get views from Russia from China, from Sudan, Algeria. But see how the map isn't completely blue. You start growing on YouTube when you can get the global interest a global following. Right now I'm branching out. But I recommend you delve into the view section of your channel and see where in the world you're gaining interest. Then ask yourself why? See, I can see that Canada and the United States its explanatory. I continuously quote and talk about Canada and the U. S. In my videos. So that makes sense. I have some viewers from Brazil and from India, and these were some of the main locations where people want to move to Canada and especially Halifax. If I were to do some other major cities, I'm sure I would gain such as Toronto. I would gain a lot of viewers from around the world. Halifax is a really small city and I never knew I had a market. But I'm sure if I delved into some of the other topics and some of the other locations, it would be fantastic. I would get more views. So I want you to look at all the different charts and find out what they all do. See, I really like lying graphical. They show you growth over time and then we can see this massive growth and I can ask myself where this came from. The reason why I started growing on this date Ato beginning of March was because I started making these videos. I started talking about Halifax even more. I made five or six videos and I saw massive influx and viewers. So definitely go into that part of your channel and try that out. My advice used to make videos. Don't be afraid about the content you release. Go on, make as many videos as you can I have over 150 on my channel? I recommend you just make a video every day. If you can stop polishing it, making sure it looks fantastic. But released videos documenting your life Don't polish the videos and make them perfect. Document your life so that you can see as many different metrics as you can. You can look at the analytics and then you can say, Hey, this is working and this is not working. Extreme experimentation is what is going to make you successful on YouTube, and that's when I started noticing that fevers rack in. So I had click on that view section of your channel and have a little breakdown. Look at these metrics and decide what's bringing in the revenue, but also where your viewers are coming from. I wish you the best of luck, and I know when you see these analytics, you'll get some good ideas and you'll be able to grow your channel 7. Subscribers: subscribers. Everybody wants to know about subscribers how to get more subscribers when my subscriber count isn't bigger. But what if I told you the second I stopped focusing on subscribers, I started getting more views and having more success on YouTube. If you stop looking at getting subscribers and thinking about the best topics that are going to reel in people on how to be showy, you're going to be ableto really get more viewers on YouTube. You want to know why the organic reach on YouTube is hard? It's hard to reach people organically now because it's such a noisy space. So if you make videos about, I don't know viral Clickbait videos, they could work if you're very skilled at, um, But if you just focus on making random topics to get more subscribers, you're not gonna have a niche, and you're not going to be able to hone in on what's working for you. Let's delve into the subscriber analytics and talk a little bit more about how you can get more subscribers, but how you can do it in the best way possible. So this will actually give you a breakdown of where a lot of your subscribers come from, which is really interesting. We looked at where my views were coming from. And if you notice my views are actually coming from places like India and United States and Canada. So when you be surprised to see that I'm getting less of my subscribers from Canada and the United States, although most of my viewership comes from here, it's true. It's because I'm finding topics that appeal to people in other areas. So if I'm finding if I'm getting most of my views here, but more people from India are subscribing that show me that my content appeals mawr to people in India. So why would I try to ascertain market control in Canada and the United States when I congratulate solid foundation of subscribers in India? I'm not saying this is an important. In fact, this is really important. And when you focus on making money on YouTube, some of the highest paying ad P, P. P. C, or pay per click rates will come from Canada and the US, especially affluent areas like California. But what you really want to look at is, Hey, if I'm reaching so many people India, I should try to ascertain control over that market immediately before somebody else has the opportunity. Next, I can see that I'm not getting enough subscribers or Canada and the US Why is that? What content would appeal more? How can I follow the same niche but give them calls? The actions? And this is what I'm talking about. Guys in the beginning of your videos say, Hey, if you're in Canada, buzzwords like that. If you're in the US and you're thinking about Canada, subscribe to this channel because you will get so much value. Saying that again and again consistently in all of your videos is going to make this area turn more blue because you'll be bringing in. More subscribers now show a pie chart breakdown. The metric can be shown for the date range, so we're going to increase it, see if it fixes anything and it's not. I think you need more data toe actually populate it. What I'm going to recommend you do is definitely look at the breakdown of where your subscribers air coming from so summer, subscribing for my channel. That's cause I'm direct. Linking on social media, you should be linking people from Facebook, Twitter, all of your other accounts because you will get subscribers there, but also the YouTube watch page. People who are searching specific topics will have videos pop up on the watch page. If they're searching. Halifax and I have Halifax videos, they'll go on the watch page. So that's where I get a lot of my subscribers. This tells me to focus on keywords. I wanna have the correct key words, but also attractive thumbnails in my video so that I could get enough subscribers coming to my channel and I Congrats on a consistent basis. You need to focus on the long term here. When you're looking at subscribers, let's even go into the Creator studio again. The long term aspect of making videos is that you want subscribers over time. As long as this number keeps on going up, you're in the clear. You need to understand how long your life is. You can wake up 10 years from now and you're gonna be what? If you're 20 you're gonna be 30. You have your whole life ahead of you. You can be older. It doesn't matter. You have more time than you think. And If you can at least do this consistently, increase it steadily, then you will see success on YouTube. See, my number would be much higher if I knew these rules from the very beginning. I've only learned them in literally the past month. I have been practicing it for I've been on YouTube for five years. I made this channel two years ago, and I saw the most growth within the past five or six months and specifically the last two months, especially in watch time, because I learned about the analytics. That's why I want to share this value with you. So definitely go into your subscribers and find out where they're coming from. So you can craft a strategy when you're saying your calls to action in your videos and also when you're making your content. 8. Estimated Revenue : estimated revenue. A very poor tint. Analytic tool. So you noticed that I've been making revenue consistently, and then what? They completely dropped and stagnated at zero. This is because I was removed from the partner program on YouTube because I started getting most of my views in the past couple of months. Like I said and I didn't have over, I think 40,000 watch minutes within the year. Um, this isn't our problem now. As you see, I have 12,000 within the month within the 28 days. But I didn't have enough in the year perspective, and you need that in order to be in the partner program. I had enough subscribers, but I didn't have it. Could be 440,000 I'm not sure, but the thing was, I did not have enough for YouTube and the problem with that, I think it's it could be even hours. But the point waas I did not have enough, and I don't want you to worry about the estimated revenue right now because this brings me like I'm even. I have some of my, you know, me course done here. And this has brought me new students. This is help me build my business is to help me with marketing, and it's taught me about analytics. It's so important to start a YouTube, and although I wasn't making a lot, I may be made a couple $100 with YouTube Back in the day when it was with a partner channel called Full Screen, I was making probably two or $300 a month, and it was 15 years old and I was making that a month. It felt amazing to me. But since then, my pet, when I was younger, my parents had me delete my channel, and I just I didn't make money from YouTube since I abandon the platform. I went to open businesses and now I finally returned. And to not be in the partner program doesn't make me upset. Let's delve into the revenue and talk more about the partner program. You're not going to be in it when you first start your channel. If you're getting enough views, you probably are. But as you see that just completely dropped when I was out. When you delve into the analytics, what you'll be able to see is where your money is coming from. If you are in the partner program and how to get in. It is very simple. We'll go over that afterwards, but you'll be able to see what's making the most money. This means advertisers are advertising on your video, and people are either clicking that ad or watching them through. And Halifax seemed to be the best one. Generally, the videos that are getting the most views will make you the most money. So if you want to make money on YouTube, don't focus on the money. Don't come here and say, Hey, what's gonna make me money? Focus on just retaining the viewer. It's a simple Is that your other analytics, like your wash time and your views and your subscribers, which we're gonna give you that base and fuel your watch? Time and views are going to dictate how much you make, and now you can't even get in the partner program and last year getting that amount. So my goal in the next two or three months I'm going to reapply and I'll probably get in it . But it was really, really a shocker to be out of that. That's because YouTube is limiting who they're allowing toe advertise with. And this comes after the Logan Paul controversy. This comes after people abusing their videos and making click baby titles and advertisers dropping out. YouTube is losing money, so this just happens. If you don't have enough watch time, I'm going to get there soon. And now that you know the tips and tricks, get more watch time and views to grow your channel. You're gonna be able to do that, too. Let's go into my videos to get a breakdown of how you actually monetize a video once you're in the partner program or if you have enough views, what you'll be able to dio is there will be a button on this page that will allow you to monetize your video. If not, what you can do is you can go directly to the video and hit edit, and oftentimes you'll have a monetization tools there as well. So the reason why is not displaying for me over here is because I'm not in the partner program. But if you do want to apply to the partner program, just Google YouTube partner program, it's as simple as that. And then you should have the word monetization somewhere on one of these pages. Here we go. So make this video available on monetize platforms. There are also other options that will appear if you are inside that actual program. But don't worry about the program now. I wanted to give you a rough overview, so you understand how it works and what you need to do to meet that criteria. But I also wanted to let you know to focus here. This your estimated revenue is a result of these three tabs and your efforts to achieve growing them. It does not coming mainly from making money. You won't just make money. You need to actually increase your watch time. Most important views, second most in Borden and subscribers most important over time, but not immediately important. In order to make revenue, you can also use these videos. Want to you establishment will 12,000 minutes. I can get so many clients in my company, so you need to figure out your call to actions. You may not only want to say subscribe to my channel, but you may also want to say things like, hey, visit my website or by my T shirt, or you can set up different calls to action, depending what works for you. But because YouTube is such a large landscape that's changing so quickly, you need to learn how to be resourceful and innovate. Experiment and see what works for you. Good luck. 9. Titles: for YouTube s CEO. I've broken everything down in a simple, step by step process. I want to show you how to write the best titles, tags and descriptions and have made individual lessons for each. So let's start with title. This is the video ranked number one for the search term food. It's by buzzfeed. So of course, it's going to rank pretty high because they have over 14 million subscribers. But they also are very tactful about the way they title their videos. First of all, $10 game day food versus $456 game day food That sounds pretty cool. People want to click because they want to. Hey, what's the difference between $10 food and $406 food? It's very clickable because it's visual and, you know, people think that's cool. Like what if I had so much money I could splurge like that on food and the thumbnails air. Fantastic. But aside from that, I want to give you one soul, a tip that you can use an implement today in order to rank higher on YouTube. First of all, don't look at key words. Look at key phrases especially if you don't have the audience that bus fee does. So instead of typing in food type how to make Indian food. That is still going to be an extremely competitive search term. But it's gonna be much, much easier to rank for that than just the word food. In fact, I'm gonna go on a limb here and say It's gonna be almost impossible for you to rank for food, and it's still gonna be very hard to rank first. I mean the first page for how to make Indian food, but that doesn't matter, because the best way you can rank on YouTube. But I'm going to show you exactly how I did this. Buzzfeed it here mentioned the keyword as many times as you can in the title. Buzzfeed mentioned food twice. That's super helpful. I can almost guarantee they would not be in first place if they didn't mention the word food twice in the title. Sure, they'd be awfully high. They have a lot of subscribers. They've got a lot of use organically. They would get a lot of views there behind, but they would not be first that they did not use the word food first. See what I did here in some of my other videos when I started getting more views. What I did was a started placing that the search terms and titles as many times as I could in side of the title. So what I mean by that is let me go down to some of these videos. I'm getting some more views or even the recent one that I posted compared to my other videos. I want to rank for Halifax. So instead of just writing the word Halifax once in the title, what I did was I ranked by writing how a fax cost of living. And then I put transportation and food. So this is the title that's going to draw people in. But then I put moving toe Halifax. So I have Halifax, Nova Scotia, and have Halifax. I have it in the title twice and the way I make it digestible, So it's not one really long run on sentence. It's a use this and that. You can find that on the keyboard, probably all the way to the right. Like if you know where the P is on your keyboard, just hit shift and you'll get this line thing. Hit that button on your keyboard, and then you can separate things so you can write like Halifax food. And then you could do the line and put best food food in Halifax. That's a better title than just Halifax food. It's a better title than trying Calif axe food, because when he use a title like this, you're fitting in that keyword twice and you're making that association with food because people might put food in Halifax and then my put Halifax food. You have both of them in their reverse to hit the widest audience possible. So that's my tip. For titles. Try to use those key words, but focus on key phrases and longer terms and fit them as many times in your titles you can . And when you do put these little lines or even put a dash, if you don't like the line, I prefer the line. I think it looks better. You can use a dash or you could even use this cola. So I think personally on YouTube, this looks the best, but that's how you fit as many terms you can into your title and you'll rank much higher. Then we're going to get into the tags, and we're also going to get into descriptions and how you can maintain this consistency among all of them in order to rank higher. So go ahead and do that. I promise you will see your videos rank much, much higher for S E O. And let's move on to the next step. 10. Descriptions: We've talked about titles. Let's talk about descriptions. So descriptions and videos in order to rank are you want to have consistency between your title and your description. So I have the terms. Halifax. I make sure I mention it as many times I can inside of my description without looking Spammy. Let's see how many times I have it. I have Halifax 35 times on the page, probably a little bit less because it's titles in here. But I essentially have Halifax over 30 times. I have Halifax in the title. I have it in the description, but I don't just write Halifax 30 times. I write them in sentences because if if what you're going to do is just bam your descriptions and spam your tax, then what's gonna happen is YouTube will notice the algorithm is intelligent and if you're spamming like crazy, you're gonna be penalized by the system. What you want to do is form descriptions like sentences. I've been making videos from people who want to move toe Halifax, Nova Scotia, and I've received a lot of questions about the cost of living in Halifax, transportation in Halifax and food in Halifax. See how tactful I do that. What I want you to do is make long descriptions. Talk as if you're talking to your friend. You don't have to spend a long time writing this. It looks a little bit long for a description, but just go ahead and write that description. Write it like you're talking to a friend. Type it really fast. Hey, I've been making videos for a really long time in Halifax, and I'm really excited to make videos about Halifax. Keep doing that. Try to fit in as many times as possible. This may change in the future, but for now this does work. I find my videos rank much higher when have Halifax a couple of times in the description and also in the title over here, as you can see and then it's pretty similar for tags. But for tags, you want to do more than just write the word Halifax. You want to focus on specific terms, but for your descriptions, be careful. Definitely try to fit in these key terms as well. But try to write your main key word as many times as you can. Don't spam it too much. You will go down. I'd say probably 5 to 10 times is probably acceptable. The 6 to 8 range is my favorite. So try to fit this in around 6 to 8 times and you will notice your videos rank much higher . 11. Tags: It's time to talk about tags and I'm gonna tell you exactly how are you sagging but also have used that tool to buddy toe. Help me rank higher on YouTube. So I've been looking my analytics for a while. I noticed that I have viewers in Brazil, China. So I want to make sure that I'm putting the words China, India, Brazil in my descriptions so that when I go to mention them in my tags, moving toe Halifax from Brazil Look at this. They appear first and second, and they're not even in my title. That's because I have consistency between my description on between my tags. So what I wanted to do for tax is never use one word. I do it when I run out of things to say. But as you can see, it's completely useless, completely useless. Um, they're overused to body is going to give you some suggestions when you go in to fill your tags for your videos. Whenever you go to upload a video, this is what it's gonna look like. You're gonna have your upload page running, and I'm gonna show you exactly what the interface looks like. You're gonna be typing all of your tags over here. So as you can see, you're not gonna have these ranking or these numbers available from two buddy. Instantly. You're gonna need to go ahead and publish your video to see how they rank and they're not going to rank this high. First, it's gonna take a couple of probably 24 to 48 hours to see how how high they're actually starting to rank. But you should see the second you publish some of these turn green, maybe Position 27 for one tag position 20 for another tag eventually. Hopefully, they'll begin to rise to one. But here my main tips for tags. First of all, you want your tax toe, have your title in it. You want a A tag that completely matches your title. So Halifax cost of living should be in there if I didn't put it in there or cost of living your cost of living in Halifax number two see that? If I didn't put that in there, I wouldn't rank that high if I didn't put transportation and food in there, which I did transportation Halifax food in Halifax. I wouldn't rank for them. But since I'm copy my title, I begin ranking for those keywords. They are also in my description. If you look through that, so what I recommend you do is first tip. Always copy what's in your title. Second tip. Always copy what's in your description on that leads me to my third tip. If you run out of things and tax to write about, make your description longer and start adding more keywords. Start adding things like How much does it cost to live in Halifax and then write that in there in your tag because that's gonna be a question. People may look up. I mean, not a ton of people, but it could bring me a couple 100 viewers over the span of a month. So definitely do that. You don't wanna repeat tax too many times. I mean, how a fact in Halifax, Nova Scotia is fine, but you don't have a Halifax, Halifax, Halifax, Halifax. You're gonna get flagged by the algorithm. So what you need to do is establish consistency between these three, but also trying to fill this up. Use 500 into my last tip. Never use a one word keyword like I'm doing here. I've tried it out 100 times. If you're a large channel, it will work for you. But if you're not a large channel, I don't recommend doing it. And I want to say large channel, I mean at least a couple 100,000 subscribers, then it doesn't matter so much, and your subscriber base will raise your organic reach. But if the only thing you have to go off of his organic reach like me here because my subscriber base into active, then definitely don't use one word Keywords. You're wasting your time. You're wasting your space. Also, fill up this 500 word tag limit. Try to as much as you can, and don't put three tax trying to put as many as you can fill it up to 500. I got a bit lazy. We all do. You sometimes, but go ahead and fill that in, and you will notice that your videos rank higher 12. Consistency: I don't want to make the final lecture in the section too long, cause I don't like reiterating too much, but my final note or my overarching tip for this is to establish consistency, and I've said it before, but I really want to drive this home between these three. If you can make your title tax and descriptions similar and matching, so you have the same keywords in all three, you will rank on YouTube. Just find a topic that is niche enough that hasn't been done too much and then go ahead and uses longer keywords and establish consistency between these three. If you can cover that and do that for the next 10 2030 videos and right and no, keep it on your desk, right, so you remember to ask people to subscribe at the beginning of your videos. Then he will be bringing in more subscribers. Just try this for a month and come back and let me know what happens. Asked me questions in the Q and A sections, and we can tweak things together and definitely definitely go forward and remember to establish this consistency, find your niche. Look at those analytics to find out what content is working and continue making it to reach more viewers