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Start Your Digital Marketing Agency | Launch Your Marketing Agency!

teacher avatar Nader Nadernejad, Multimedia Producer and Marketing Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Naming Your Agency


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      Register Your Business


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      Build Your Site


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      Pricing Packages


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      Social Media


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      Mailing Address


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      Phone Service


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      Google Listing


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      Types of Clients


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      First Client


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      Inbound Leads


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      Sales Calls


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About This Class

Are you ready to start your own digital marketing agency? 

My name is Nader Nadernejad and I'm the founder of Nadernejad Media at the Toronto Eaton Centre. I've run my own digital marketing agency for two years now and it has completely changed my life. Because of my digital marketing agency, I was able to backpack Europe in the summer, meet influential people and take control of my finances. 

I recommend this course to anybody who is interested in digital marketing, social media or viral content. This course will teach you everything from scratch, so you really don't need any experience coming into it. 

As your teacher, I'll always be available to answer your questions and your feedback will be taken into account throughout the entire course. 

Here are some things you can expect out of this course! 

  • Launch your own digital marketing agency from scratch. 
  • Set up your agency's website and get your own address. 
  • List your business on Google My Business to compete with other agencies. 
  • Get your own number and automated answering system. 
  • Learn how to get your first client. 
  • Learn how to pitch your services. 

I will also reveal a few industry secrets to get you ahead of the game. Online marketing agencies are dominating the media and creating some of the most brilliant entrepreneurs in the world. Imagine being able to go wherever you want, whenever you want while working on your laptop. 

If you are self-driven, determined and want to launch your own digital marketing agency, then you've come to the right place. 

Important: In this course I recommend the use of websites and tools. They are suggestions and point at possible hosting options and examples of where you can register your business. You can use your own tools or free tools if you wish, or anything else you deem fit. I only use these examples to remain transparent with the strategies I have employed building my own digital marketing agency. It is possible to skip some of the steps that I show you or substitute them with your own ideas and solutions. In fact, I encourage it and look forward to the creativity you can bring to building your own digital marketing agency. 

Example: I use Wix and the Ontario business registration site as examples, but your methods can and should vary! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nader Nadernejad

Multimedia Producer and Marketing Expert

Level: Beginner

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1. Intro: my name is not on. The reason why I made this course you guys is because digital marketing changed my life. I can't even describe how much freedom it has allowed me to great for myself and the fact that there's business out there. It's crazy, it's abundant. You have no idea what's out there waiting for you. And before you do this course, I want you guys little letter. Ah, little note, and I really appreciate it if you check it out because it's all about having faith in the process. Because I promise you, I swear to you, if you have faith in yourself on the process and you have driving ambition, you're gonna be able to create something really amazing for yourself. And this is an industry that could branch out and become an extremely profitable business. So I really want you to go. I want you to go all in all or nothing. And I really think you're going to get some great value out of this so I can't wait to work with you. And if you have any questions throughout the course, let me know. I'm always here. What, you're going to create your own digital marketing agency will consist of a website. When people come to this website, they're going to see how free and awesome you are because they're going to see all the services you provide. Your mission statement. You're gonna have a purpose. You know, your marketing agency is gonna be like a human being driven, charismatic and beautiful. Gonna showcase a recent projects because we're gonna get you projects. And we're also going to be showcasing testimonial because when you do these projects really well, you bet your clients are gonna be saying amazing things about you. Also, little catchphrases, First page, first click every time we're in teaching a foreman place calls the actions on your site so you can get people to buy your services. Also, we're gonna teach you to sell your brand and bull even it. Welcome to the course. Can't wait to help you build a digital marketing agency. 2. Naming Your Agency: So now that you're ready to get started, let's talk about naming and marketing agency. Now. Making a name for your marketing agency is very important, but I don't want you to stress it out. Now. It's very normal to go on Google and start Googling all the names you can think of, only to realize they're taken. But there are so many good names out there. If your original off, you'll be able to find some really good names that you can actually craft a strong brand image around. So I'm going to get into some techniques about naming your company, and I've been men toward for this a couple of times. I've read a lot of books about naming business is the reason why I decided to go with my own marketing agency name as not in the job media. So incorporating my actual name was because I wanted to bring my clients that I already had onto my platform, and at the same time, I also do production. So I want people to recognize me as a public figure. So my idea when I want to generate more income in the future is to launch brand names that don't have my name in that. So what I want to do is offer products and services. Don't incorporate my name so that they can go further. So I don't recommend using your name unless you have a very good reason to do it. But if you want to Hey, it's not the name that doesn't. It's what you do, but your name is gonna help you a lot. So here we go. So I recommend listing your business name by desire on what that means is if people are looking for marketing services or they're looking for social media services, their desire ing a certain outcome or results. So if you could call your business go viral in 10 days marketing agency, then that's a desire that somebody has. If you can call yourself, get verified social and you could verify social media handles. If you could give people the blue tick on Twitter and Facebook, which is very difficult to do unless you actually worked there, then you can do that. So that's an example of name of your business by desire. It's also very effective. Another way is to list by problems. So a lot of people who are looking for digital marketing services have problems. For example, in the reputation management branch of digital marketing or more than PR service industry. People have negative Google links. They've been charged with a crime, and it's every time someone Gurule's their name, it's in the news. So if you call yourself remove negative Google Link incorporated or something, then you're solving a problem. And it's in your name these air Very effective. You want something that's short, catchy and down to the point, so it's gonna take some time, and you can even hire people to do this. You get outsource it for $5 on Fiverr or you confined. People are friends in your life where you can find a mentor. You can read books. Really take your time with this process, because it's much easier to find a good name now than to do this later on down the road. When you're busy and you have clients, you don't want to be trying to change your name. The next step I recommend, is if you really want. If you want to use your name, go ahead. But I wouldn't recommend using it forever, and it's probably going to slow down the beginning. Like I said, you could make an agency and then you can offer different products and services and get trade names for them or trademark them in the future, which is an idea. But starting out you should definitely try toe lift either by desire. My problem. Another one is by theme. So if you can call yourself social fire, you can create all these fire themed designs of your website. Everything could be bold orange. Professionally graphic design images like fire ah portray strength and power and warmth. But it also is really easy to make a theme around it to femur website to make it very, very strong, very strong and consistent, which is very important in branding. So what you gonna think about a name also going to think about like, Hey, what's it gonna look like when I name it this? If I name it Tiger Marketing Agency, are we gonna have tigers everywhere? So really think about the realistic part of it? A lot of people like to list animal names for some reason. A lot of people like to list colors like blue hat, white hat. I'd stay away from that, trying to make it a little more original. If you really want to go ahead but try to make it captured. You can also do jokes. Just really think about it. Write down everything you can in a notebook, all of your ideas, and I want you to go and check and see if they're available. But we'll get more into that later on when we talk about actually register in your business , which is our next step. For now, if you have any questions about obviously naming your business, do some searches, looking up and feel free to send any any questions my way as well, because they'd be more than happy to help you out. Good luck. Maybe your business again. Don't rush the process. Have fun because it's a blast. Browse themes and really think about what your marketing agency is going to provide for your customers and you're gonna do social media. You're gonna do search engine optimization. Think about the end result that you want to send your customer on what you actually want to provide for them and and think about how you would you put a name to that or face to that. Think of the images that you would use and derive and name from that. It is not an easy process. If you're struggling, it doesn't mean you're bad at naming things. It just means that it takes time. It's hard, it's competitive, but really, really, really trying to do it. And you're not gonna You're not gonna regret taking the time now. I promise you. Anyway, thanks for thanks for sticking around and can't wait to see her next lesson. 3. Register Your Business: So now I'm gonna teach you how to launch your own company officially. So what you're gonna do is you're going to start a sole proprietorship is not gonna be incorporated. And by doing that, it's gonna be the least amount of fees possible. Now, this depends on where you are. But what you want to do is type in register company in, and then just type in your type of your province or your state. And if you're somewhere else in the world, it depends how it's governed. But just type in your country name, and then it'll it'll walk you through it because they'll be links online. So in my case, it's Ontario. So, as you can see through service Ontario, it's $60 or by mounts, $80. I always recommend doing it online because it's much faster to do it. Online information obviously travels quicker by Internet. So as you can see, all I'm gonna have to do is read the information very straightforward. $60 to register $60 to renew your when you once every five years. Um and this depends on what province or state you're in. For example, if you're a nova Scotia in Canada. It's going to cost you over $60 every year to renew, so you're gonna have to read the Web site. But what you want to do is search for the correct link. You wanna finding government link Oftentimes, things up here that are asking you to register your company as you see there ads and these places are going to do it for you. But these air lawyers and these air different sites that are actually going to charge him or money to do the service. I recommend just working through your local government or municipality so that you could launch your business yourself on Do that. Whatever state you're in, just don't be afraid of this process. It's very straightforward. A zoo long as you find a government website you don't have to be afraid of. Put your information in. You may need a social insurance number, but complete the forms. Consent to everything, the website asks. Obviously, read it first. A. So you can see. I can do an enhanced business name search to make sure it's there. Always do a name search on if your local government doesn't provide that name. Search on the Web site. As you see on Service Ontario, they do try to find another reliable source to do it, or at least look around really, really well yourself, because that's going to prevent you from running into legal issues in the future so you could go to business name registration, Jews, English continue. And, as you see it, $60 to register where new your business read all this. It's not very long. Don't be lazy anyway. As you can see, all you really have to do is say sole proprietorship. A sole proprietorship is accompanied. You're running by yourself. That means you can do business as another name. But really, at the end of the day, doing business is not in a jab. Media or, uh, flare burn media or whatever you're gonna call your company is going to be a lot easier with taxes and at the end of the day as a sole proprietor, because it's really just personal income that's taxable. But you have to see how much that is taxable, depending on where you are Now, a partnership is when you join into a partnership with somebody else. This course is gonna cover doing this yourself. Now, if you want to actually launch a corporation instead of launching a sole proprietorship, that's a bit of ah, different step taxes or more complex, I don't recommend starting out that way always started a sole proprietorship. And once you make money, then you could move up to becoming an incorporated company. Um, that usually has to do with letting the sole proprietorship either dissolving it yourself or just going on launching that separate entity because an incorporated company is separate than a sole proprietorship. Anyway, you can read more about this, and I don't confuse you. But just try to launch something where you're making personal income and you can do business as your company name. So you're doing business legally where you are, and you should have no troubles. 4. Build Your Site: So this is the fun part of the course where we teach you how to build your own website, and it's pretty straightforward. All you need to go to is wicks dot com and sign up using any email that you already have, and you'll be able to see your dashboard and create an account. What you want to do is build a website, so choose a template that you like. This will be very simple. I was gonna walk you through it, but, you know, it's very easy. Just sign into Wickes goto weeks dot com. Sign up and you'll be able to choose from templates. Now, once you actually choose your template, you're going to see this dashboard your website. You're gonna have to make a domain. So you have to do is go to create domain instead of manage domain, and you're gonna have to buy it now. Obviously, there's an upfront cost with that, and you don't have to build a website in order to get clients. You could go on freelancer dot com or five or dot com, but we're looking at building a company here, and you're gonna need a website in order to actually look professional and build a client base. I mean, a website is where people are gonna find you. It's how you're going to get found a Google. It's really gonna be the home base of everything that you do. So I really recommend doing it now, once you build your site and you connect your domain, if you have questions during this, most people are gonna be able to do this by themselves because it's very simple. Wicks walks you through it with instructions. But if you need help doing this and you don't want to use Wicks or you want to use another provider or you're gonna website design already and you want to do it yourself, then just send me a question. If you have questions, I'll be happy to walk you through it. But we're gonna look at the components of making a good site mawr than the actual technical details of building that site. So you want to go to edit your site through wicks, and it's going to open up your website. Editor Ah Wicks could be a little bit slow when loading websites if you don't have a fast connection, but otherwise it's pretty fast that populates everything really well. On as you can see, everything is dragon drop, which is why it's really easy. I'm very transparent that we host a website through wigs on In terms of ASIO. They've taken better measures to get people to have good S CEO in their wake sides and they've actually included something that that's a little bit of a tool kit that will help you optimize your website for search engine optimization. But what I recommend is creating a website with a big and bold title, making yourself look more professional than you already are. Hopefully you're as professional as possible, but you what you want to do is make your company look big and it's difficult to do that. We're going to get into building a mailbox and a number and building everything that a real company has. But when building your website, try to go big. That's why we use the backgrounds of the buildings and we included a logo and we're using very bold letters and as you see throughout the website, we have called actions like contact us today and become a member. So when you get exclusive, when you purchase our services. You get exclusive access to our membership panel so you can track the progress or amazing effort to chief for you. So that lets people know that we can help them out. And they can also monitor what we're doing. There's a little chat with us. Sign over here, which every weeks website has, and this is my favorite part because you can set it up to alert you when people are on your site and where they're coming from. So, you know, in real time when somebody's on their site and you can convert them into a lead just by just by talking to them, always give a little bit about who you are when you're building your website, and if you need help with your website, let me know. But always always talk about who you are, and if you don't know where you are because you haven't built that corporate identity and you're just working by yourself, think of things that are going to appeal to other people on things you would like to incorporate. I've always worked with talented people who are gonna Web design and search engine optimization paperclip campaigns, so I recruited a lot of my friends to help me and a lot of people that I worked with in the past and have them on a roster so that we can work together. So basically, what we do is we bring creative professionals together and when we're working on a large campaign, will take those creative professionals to help us. So we're not just marketing people, but were people who can help you really develop your brand, walk you through it as we're doing it clearly. When you become a member, you can see what we're doing. But we're also gonna put video designers, graphic designers and video editors, and people are actually in those fields to really boost your brand. So that's one thing that we dio on. You might want to think about incorporating those things, too. You also want to talk about kind of the technology that you use what makes your implementation different than other companies think about intimate implementation and also why you're different. For example, we have full time access to analytics were transparent with them, so we'll always show them to our company. 24 7 Phone support is something we have as well, we have, Ah, call Basin in India, which were outsourcing for less than $100 a month. So these are things that are appealing about our company, and these are things I'm gonna walk you through doing as well, but we're also decisively local. We'll do hyper local marketing so people can stand out no matter what city they're in. So there's two things that set us apart. We also showcase what we do on our site. So things that make us different. So, for example, he worked with a Latin American economist, built him a Wikipedia page, and we helped market Is nanotechnology company that's huge. That's why it's first copy editing we did publishing. So we put him in the news, and we did social media marketing. So we really want to showcase what we're doing and the people we work for but always asked your clients first. If you don't have Klein's yet, ask your friends. If you can do some marketing for them, manage the Facebook page for a little while, do some Twitter on, then list them in a testimonial part of your site. Have them actually describe how good your services were and do a good job for them. Put them on a seven day marketing campaign. A three day, even a one day, optimize their their website for a second. Do something. Just try to fill this up, and it's gonna take time. Obviously, list your services. I recommend going full service. So everything you think you can do, even if you're a little bit scared by the process or you think you're not the best at it, you can't tell yourself that that's why I included the have faith in your process. Have faith in this process and have faith in yourself. Letter at the beginning. It's if you haven't read it yet. It's in the additional resources in the introduction lecture the very 1st 1 And that's because I want you to actually believe in yourself and believe you can do these things. For example, Social Media. You may not be an expert. You could manage that. You can watch YouTube videos to educate yourself. This isn't going over how to educate yourself, because I think you can do that. Any industry, you have to have faith in yourself. I believe you can do it as an entrepreneur. Even If you don't have prior experience, you're gonna need to go head first into this list. All the services you can do and then eventually streamlined them. But I'll start full service. I think it's a really good idea to actually test the waters and see what you like. And first page first click every time we want Big, bold, cap, catchy things on your website like this because that's a promise. First page first click every time and that's that's huge. That's he treated customers. We went over when naming your brand to talk about desire. This is a desire that we're that we're actually putting in big, bold letters to showcase it. So these are things that you want to do as well on. And also we do free consultations. These air calls to actually people collect them and actually brings them over to the contact form. So have that as well. Askew. See, we've also put Google Maps in it. Wakes will cover all of this for you. There's no learning curve there. It's very simple. You just need to go over here. You go toe ad, and then you're probably going to end up clicking on you have light boxes. So these pop up, you have menus, which is what you see at the top. If you look at the top, you can see homeservices about contact. So that's a menu. Um, but for your maps, it's gonna be in here is well, you can include your own block, and I recommend doing that. Include a wicks blawg and just update it with your company's experience. It's gonna help you with S e o add buttons and link them to anchor length, um, to contact boxes. The more people you have contacting you, you wanna you want to find as many people contact you, it's possible the more people you can talk to you and convince to buyer services. So this is a rough over you of what I recommend doing when you're doing your website. Create as many catchy things as possible. And that's why I recommend doing wicks doing squarespace. Wix is my number one favorite, but I recommend doing that and building something customizing into yourself in your own brand. What feels good to you? What would you like if you were looking for marketing services? How would you click around this to me seemed really good. This would convince me if I was a buyer. So thanks for sticking around for this long in the course. I hope by now you've registered your company. You have a name chosen and you've built your website along with your domain. If you have any questions, don't panic. Just let me know. I'll be happy to help you. You're all my students, so I'm just humbled and honored to be able to assist you with building your own marketing agency. But I also want to know how the whole process went. How long did it take you to do it? So let me know on We'll see you next lecture. 5. Pricing Packages: This is where a lot of people struggle. Pricing models. How are you gonna price your packages now? You have to think how you're going to offer these packages and what I strongly recommend is to offer a package that's not too high, not too low. You never want undersell your packages In the beginning, if you've never sold a package in your entire life, I have a 2 50 rule. Sell a pack for $250. It is really low. But if you think that you can't sell something, try it. Just just find somebody who doesn't need a lot of work done and offer them to 50 for 15 days or 30 days of really, really, really basic marketing. So I don't want down to sell yourself. I want you to understand Hey, I can tell a package. Then you need to adopt the mindset of Hey, if I can sell $200 package at 2 50 package, I can sell a 500 1000 2000 4000 8000, 10,000. You need to have that mentality, and if I can sell this, I could sell anything, and that's what's really going to make your company successful because I'm gonna show you a pricing model here. I'm not actually going. Teoh, pull the figures up on my phone. I'm gonna send you over my computer, but I want you to check this out. So now we're going to talk about making that. Lula, I don't really want you to sell anything under $500 because whenever you get a client that's gonna lowball you. They're always trust me. They're always harder to deal with people who are charging $1000 a $2000 I promise you. For some reason, penny pinchers are more difficult than people who are paying you really good money. So look at this. Let's say you sell a $500 package every single month. That's gonna be, what, $6000.6000 dollars? Because you're selling one package every single month. Let's say you retain those clients, so each package you sell those clients decided to stay on with you thes people paying $6000 a year. They decide to stay on with you for an entire year. All 12 clients at $500 or staying on for another years we're gonna multiply that by 12. Check it out. You're gonna make $72,000 if you can sell a $500 package every single month and keep those clients on for a year the next year after that, that the year after you signed those clients who will be making $72,000. Now, if you can sell more packages, let's say you sell the same amount to keep those clients on. You're gonna double that because you're going 20 clients or sorry, 24 clients and you're gonna make 144,000 now when you start scaling, this is when we're able to sell $1000 packages because you know your stuff. You know you're doing really well. And so you have $1000. Let's say you have five clients. It's gonna be $5000. You can have five clients, and for the year you could make $60,000 off of five clients. If you keep them for the year. That means you probably won't have to hire anybody. If you're working full time working for five clients, you could make 60 grand at home. Now, why don't you start, really, You know, selling enterprise packages packages that are $3000 your managers sell us to maybe five car dealerships. If you work in cars, they're making $15,000 for the year you're going to be making $180,000. Once you start investing this money, hiring people and launching other brand names underneath your company, you're going to be really pulling in the big bucks, the scaling process we're going to get into later. But this is why the pricing models so powerful you never want to do to 50. Because if you do to 20 clients at 2 50 for the year, you're looking at $60,000. You need 20 clients to pull that in. So you don't want to lowball yourself because you're gonna be dealing with so much garbage trying to actually satisfy the 20 different people. Putting yourself in jeopardy for legal risks because you may not may be underperforming or not giving a deliverables, you may have to hire somebody that's going to cut some money out of this. You don't want to do that, sell at a higher rate, and don't be afraid of doing those high prices and really, really selling your stuff because I know you can do it. I have faith in you. This goes back to everything we talked about. Do not lowball your services. This is how the pricing model works. This is how you stack it to make money. And I believe in you. As you see, pricing is everything. Because once you have clients on a retainer and they're continuing to pay you, it really adds up. So you want to price everything perfectly and you want to have a custom package, a package? Basically, you can sell things that are $500.200 dollars, one price fits all or certain people needs That could be kind of flexible. But when you can actually do a consultation over the phone, you'll realize Hey, okay. This is the big Fortune 500 company I'm talking to. Maybe I shouldn't send them over to my $200 package. Maybe I should send them over to my $300 package. This is why you should never list prices on your site. Because when you talk to the client, they have no idea what you charge. So they can never lowballing. They could never low volume. They don't know what to expect. So when you talk to them on the phone is gonna be no sticker shock. You're just gonna tell you're gonna say hey, okay. I've understood your needs. Really Listen to what the client needs on Charge them accordingly. If if they need website design and website optimization and social media, feel free to charge 1500 to $2000. 2500. But to give you a good a good midpoint is $500. If you're working with people who aren't large companies or don't own companies in all, $500 is pretty good because for a lot of people they can continue paying that without really hurting them. So if you have them on a renewable retainer, they're paying through Pay pal, for instance. They may never notice that the idea is that they just treat it like a phone bill paying off on. They keep paying you. So that's where you want to get. But if you have any other difficulties of pricing and packages, speak to the person on the phone and try our luck. If you can sell packages over $1000 as much as possible. That's where you want to be. And then when you work with larger companies, you could negotiate contracts. But for now, as you start off, try to stay at 500 go no lower and then try to sell over 1000 all the time. Try to always thousands of great pricing range because you can work with a few people and they make a lot of money. Whereas if you're working with 10 people on their each paying you to 50 you're not making much money for the amount of work you're putting in its you're not making anything. L really. Because you're making, what, $2500? You're working with 10 people. You're gonna be stressed where you could be working with three clients from paying 1000 each. And you're not gonna be a stress. You're gonna build a better relationship, and they're going to tell people about the word of mouth. So give that a shot. You're pricing should always be done over the phone or to be done over email. You don't want to put prices on your site. So remember that on Now that I've showed you how quickly you can, you can make an income with a model like I'm teaching you. You come out there, have faith in yourself at bay. But this process Because I know once I started having faith, like, hey, I could do this thing I was able to sell left, right and center. So I want you to do the same thing, be confident in your technique, and we're gonna get into how to talk to clients, and we're gonna get into that sort of that mode of of sales. But for now, I want to teach you about pricing models. And I think we've covered quite a bit here. So I look forward to see you next lecture. And if you have any questions, as always, feel free to ask. Thank you. 6. Social Media: welcome to the social media aspect of the course. Now that you've actually built your website, you have everything up and running. It's time to go on social media. What you want to do is create a company name account or a business account. I don't know where the Facebook head on over to Twitter had on over to instagram and make of those handles. If you're unfamiliar with our creative Facebook business page, then search it on YouTube because it's super easy. All you have to do is click on the top right hand corner of your screen and you want to scroll down. You want to go to Crate Page or create business page. That part's really easy, but I really want to get into how to automate your social media so you don't have to spend too much time on it. And one thing that's really good to do is to use a social media automation tool because social media is gonna be one of those things that shows people Hey, you do marketing. You're active, you need social accounts. Otherwise, I don't know how you can call yourself relevant. So make all those accounts and then download a tool called Buffer on your Cell phone or smartphone. If you have a smartphone download buffer, just look up Buffer B U F f e r. If not, go to the website, go to the buffer website and you could do it on your computer. But what you can do is set times for each social network for things opposed and you want to be posting about. Hey, we just launched. We're a new company in Toronto were Manhattan or New York or Mumbai. Wherever you're launching her agency and say, Hey, we're open for business, Send us your work. Ask us any questions you need. Just show people you're out there, that you may not have followers at the beginning, so you want to start creating interesting and intriguing content, which is what I want to kind of cover in this video. Now every single agency has a unique quality to it on whether you're doing reputation management or you have a unique promise like first page. First click every time you want to show this on social media, but one of the most important aspects you want to show in your agency is the human element and it's tricky because this is the hardest part, especially since you're probably working by yourself right now. You probably don't have a lot of people to say. Hey, look at her staff. They're making cookies a day. Hey, and look at our team working so hard on this new project for Microsoft, you're not gonna have that opportunity. But don't be afraid to post videos of yourself talking and sharing your expertise. You don't necessarily have the full people and make them think that it's not a one man show . You still want them to realize that. Hey, you know what? This marketing agency, we understand the people element, we understand your needs, and we're pretty damn good at what we do. So these are the things you want to do but definitely make those social media accounts and be active using buffers so that as you're building your agency, you can focus on getting work, and you don't have to think too hard about content creation. At the beginning, you want to get those first initial posts out, follow people that interest you on those accounts, follow maybe other agencies or people who can give you advice and give you inspiration and get get ready to blow up on social media. Get huge. It doesn't happen quickly. And if you notice even large agencies, they tend not to have many followers. The point of these social media networks a social. When people come to look at your brand, they're gonna want to see that you're actually engaged in marketing. You're engaged in your agency, and you guys are active people interacting with your brand. Because if you don't have your own brand, if no one's interacting with you and you're not big than how can you, how can they trust you to make their brands? But you understand what I'm saying, So just get get your social media accounts created and do contact curation. We will get into promoting our social media accounts, probably later on, as they continue to add videos, this course and expand it. But if you have any questions, as always, don't hesitate to reach out to me because I love to help you on and we'll see you next lecture. I can't wait 7. Mailing Address: Now this part of the course is going to be really fun because it's what's gonna make your company feel like a real company. I mean, it is a real company now because you've launched it. But this is what's going Teoh make it look like one of the big guys. If you notice my company and there isn't what I'm showing my companies to be transparent. Um, we have an address, but you may be wondering, how do we get an address? I cant afford an office I can't build in office. I can rent an office. You don't need to. All you have to do now with this age that we live in is look for a virtual now box and search for your city. As you can see in the U. S. You can get a plan 30 personal business with physical address dot com and listed on Google . This means that for $7 a month, 7 98 U S. A month you could get your own physical address. That means you can listen on Google. You could tell your clients you have a mailing address, you could put it on your website and if you don't want to spend this right now, you don't have to, but it's gonna lead just some of the extra things that going to be teaching you about in this section of the course. But just type virtual mailbox and the location your in. In my case, it was Toronto. As you can see, there's Regis. There's a whole bunch of different ones. Regis is a really good one. They have offices around the world, were not affiliated with them. And I'm actually not using Regis right now. I'm using agile, but what you can do is call the company or by a mailbox. And what happens is when Google sends you a postcard to activate your address and listing on Google, there'll be a secretary there that will read it for you and for online ones like the ones we did we saw previously. Over here at physical address dot com, you'll get an electron ICS gan of what anybody send each year mailbox so you'll be able to a list That, and as you can see here, makes us look very professional. Eso that's what you want to do Later on the section we're gonna be talking about how to get your own phone number on bond, Everything else to do with looking like a really big company. Um, this is extremely important. It will take your business to the next the next level, because by being able to list your cellphone Google, you're going to reach way more clients. They're going to be able to scale that and tune into the analytics of how many people this is reaching your really growing company. Here, you'll get the data. You'll be able to understand exactly how your business is faring out how many people it's reaching. It's so valuable, so definitely look up. Virtual mailbox and purchase one. You will not regret throwing credit card one of your credit cards that gets points and paid off. It's 7 $10. If you don't want to spend or shell out that extra money, you always have to for a business. If you don't hate, cuts some of your phone plan back your building in business now, and you have to invest something. If you don't want to do this right now, feel free to skip on past this entire section. But I really recommend you do this as soon as possible. You can usually cancel at any time on. You can't go wrong for less than 10 bucks. Come on. 8. Phone Service: So now that we've talked about getting a mailing address, let's talk about getting a phone number for this. I do have my favorite company. It's Grasshopper. So of course it's felt it wrong. Here is Grass Hopper. I like it just because the interface is super simple and you can get a 1 800 number, which is toll free, and you can do your business name so a lot of them are taken. But we do my market or my mind. Mark one or something. Search it and it's it's not taken. You could buy this right now. You could pick the number. Um, this is one. A 336962751 That's a 33 my mark one. So you could do that on Do you could choose preserving Continue for $24 a month. You get that number and no Onley. Do you get that number? But you also get a system. You know those ones that say, Hey, if you're looking for marketing services, press one Social media management press to you. Get that on. If you want to hire a voice actor, just head on over to five or dot com. Make yourself on account and then write a script. Right Press one for marketing Press to speak with an agent. However you want to run your company, you can actually create a phone system for as little as $24. Do you see how I hope you can notice now that so many of these things that look like only big companies could do? You can now do them for virtually nothing. And if you bring in income, if you really listen this course, you will be bringing in an income, and you will be making enough money to cover these costs and create financial freedom, which is really what I want to do for you. But you don't have to do a 1 800 number. I want to get into the nitty gritty of this and talk about what the best number is to pick up the beginning. Sure, there there is value with going toll free, but you definitely want to look like you have a physical address, and doing that is really helpful with grasshopper. If you download the app, you'll be able to call anywhere in the world without using minutes you. Actually, from my experience, the plan. I'm on the $24 I can call anywhere in the world. The North America. I'm sorry in North America, which is where most my business comes from without having to pay any extra money. I can talk for unlimited amount of minutes so you can choose a local number on debt will show up way better on your Google listings. If you do that, I'm going to get into that. So instead of doing a 1 800 number, browse local, I recommend doing this. First, you can open up another 1 800 number if you want to do international later, especially once you hire agents whether you do that in India or wherever, you can do a similar sites like Fiverr. But when you do that, you could get a toll free number for now because you will be a list single Google in the next section and Google really appreciates it. If you use a local number, you will reach more people because you look more legit. 1 800 numbers tend to be spam numbers, believe it or not on, and they don't get indexed as well So that's what's really important for me. Abbott. Choose Canada. But let's say if you're in the US, we'll do is we'll choose your state as you can see pretty much every state here, if not every state. I haven't looked through them all, but you can dio New York. Let's do New York and you'll start recognizing some of these area codes to want to get a 212 number, and you can choose any of these numbers. There's a lot of good ones available. Keep refreshing this list and will find ones with patterns like 4414 or get something People are going to remember 1975 like you can. You can really just keep refreshing until you find the number you want. You select the number. Yes, pick this number and again reserve and continue $24 a month. One number three extensions. So it's so amazing what you can do just by using the power of the Internet. Once you listen Song Google people are going to really think you're a large company and you're looking outside of a sky rise building and you have 80 clients. People are gonna have no idea that you just started a couple days ago with almost no money , they're gonna have no clue. And this is why you can scale it to become a large company. If you strategize if you follow my instructions And if you have the drive to do this, we'll see you next lecture. You don't have to use grasshopper, by the way. You can use whatever you want it Just use any company you want on def. You have APP that does this for a couple of dollars. Use that to this is what I use. There's no affiliate links. You just go to the site yourself. So I'm not selling any of this. You can You can choose and do as you wish. But I really appreciate you guys sticking around. And if you have any questions, as always, let me know 9. Google Listing: so I wanted to appear on camera one last time before we move into our next section. This section will. This individual lecture is about putting your business now that you have a business address and a phone number if you don't buy it, if you don't buy number or you just want to use your regular phone number, that's fine. If you have a regular address, you don't have to buy an address even better. But if you have about an address, good, because professional. But either way, you're gonna be able to really roll it. Now you have an address and a phone number. We're gonna list her business on Google, and I'm gonna drop the link right here. My business talk google dot com as simple is that if you already have a Google account log in preferably, you're making a business account. So wherever you're gonna be email that your business, that's probably the best Google account to log into. If you're using weeks, you can create a week's Google account so you can have, like, info or service at your company named up. Com. So you have your own domain and you could do that through Google, you can have a Gmail. It doesn't really matter. But sign into Google and go to my business stock google dot com. You're gonna be prompted, and I could show you want screen. But it's very simple. I want to talk to you. I want to talk to you guys right now. Go and type in. Your address we're gonna do is type in your address after you log into Google my business. And once you've typed in your address, Google is going to send you a postcard. It can take anywhere from 7 to 14 days or longer, depending on whether it's a holiday or what's going on on Google's and and once that happens, you're gonna get a postcard in the mail. Open that postcard. You log in to Google my business again, the same way I just told you to, and you type in that coat. Once you type in that code, you're all set ready to go. You're business will appear on Google within 24 hours. It's that simple. If you need help with this process, their videos all over YouTube. I am your teacher, so it's my job to show you I just got my business stuff. Google dot com is designed to be intuitive. It's not very difficult. I just wanted appear on camera tell you one thing as well. I really think now, if you followed my tips up until the steps, you should be pausing this course and going on doing these things instead of just walking. I want you to actually do these things I tell you to. I don't want you toe weight, do the whole course doing as you go through the courts, have faith in it. And once you're doing this, you're up and running for business. All you need to do is get one client and it will pay off everything you've done. And if you haven't bought a number using a regular number Oliver Li purchased is the website on you're really sat ready to go. So try this out. Let me know how it works, and that's moving toward next section and start bringing in some business so pumped and excited to do this. Thank you. 10. Types of Clients: so now. But not only were you up and running, but let's see what you've done. You have a Google listing your everywhere. You're gonna be a big company. Let's talk about getting clients. I mean, you're already you've done everything and you're gonna keep adding your website and making an amazing we're going to start by talking about the different types of clients. I really where somebody told me about this At the beginning, you have two different types of clients, many different type of clients. But you have the easy client that's easy to work with. And you have the hard client and ready pick up this guy. You pick up the phone. It's your job to be emotionally intelligent and sets out who that is on the other side of the phone. If they ask you a ton of questions he could sign, I mean, if they're gonna pay a lot, But if they're paying, they're not gonna pay you much their budget low, and they're asking tons of questions. It's an indicator. They're gonna need a lot of support. There gonna be a little bit needier than your average client. They're gonna always check in. You're gonna have to give them updates. You want a client? Who leaves you alone? Who leaves you toe work and who trust you? Remember what I told you Have faith in this process. You need a client that has faith in you because that's gonna allowed you to work. That's going to give you the freedom to get the rest you need. There is nothing worse. And trust me, there's nothing worse than happy Somebody who calls you every single night and day to check in. And you do not want to set that as the president for your future clients. You want to have a good client, and the way you do that is by talking to them, asking them what they need and really listening. If they sound skeptical, if they say negative things, if they try to lowball you cut your prices and 1/2. And these are people who are going to be difficult. You may think at the time Hey, you could deal with all these people. You may be excited. That's great. But they do have the ability to drain you. So really be smart about it. There's so much work out there. There's so many good clients out there don't have the scarcity mindset. Just don't pick a bad client. Pick the client that's going to trust you. Pick the client that says, OK, pick the client that's willing. And the reason why you should charge a lot because you're not only doing good work, but when you charge a lot, they're gonna trust you more. Trust me, because it takes a certain amount of faith to pay somebody thousands of dollars. When you pay somebody a couple $100 it could be a sign of being skeptical. Does that make sense to you? But somebody's paying you a lot. They're just they're gonna pay you a lot. They're going, maybe be a little afraid, but they do their best to trust you because they want to. They don't want you to screw it up. So fine clients that are willing to go that extra mile that are willing to make the investment don't go with the penny pinchers and don't go with people who are clearly going to be difficult in the long run. People who have a lot of tech problems so I can't pay you pay pal isn't working. I'm gonna right now for a quick holiday. It's not working. Believe those people behind their Just a difficult I don't know why, but working this formula for a long time they will be difficult. So don't go with them. Those are the two traps. A client, the good ones, the bad ones. There's all this grey area between. You will figure that out as you get experience. For now. Pick the good ones. Stay away from the bad ones. See the next lecture. 11. First Client: So now that we know about the different types of clients, let's talk about getting your first client. You have a marketing agency, you must know family members with a business. Or, you may know friends with the business. What I need you to do is I need you took I wanna ask somebody that you know, you have a consistent rolling and come for a little while. If your uncle owns a gas station, put him on a cheap packages. Your uncle, you could you could give him a lower cost. You need to have a package sold. So try to find somebody in your personal life. Go around and tell people Hey, if you give you 2 50 a month, I will help with marketing. And don't be weird about because the thing is everything has a vibration that I'm not going to get spiritually about it. But everything has a vibration. Your money has a vibration. People have vibrations. Don't go. Don't get weird about asking for money because if you're giving value, that's an exchange of energy. It's normal. You're helping people. People get into bad mindsets about money because more talk going up money is bad money is evil on. That's why people cultivate negative relationships with money. What you need to do is have a good relationship with money. Don't feel weird about asking for money. If you're gonna give somebody value, go ask your go. Ask your family members. Go and ask your friends. Put up flyers in your community. It sounds silly, but it works. If you're at a university, find an apartment or a university club that you can you can market for. If you're at your workplace. Say, Hey, I know I'm doing sales of the company, but I did marketing. Can you pay extra to 5500 $1000 a month? You picture price, but you deliver on your promises, and that's how you're gonna get your first client. It's gonna be difficult at first, but keep trying. If you try every single day for seven days, chances are we're gonna get client that week. So do that. Get your first client. Once you have a first client, you have a working business bringing in income on a monthly basis. So do that and let me know how it goes. Any questions asked me 12. Inbound Leads: So I talked about getting your first client, and I hope you were successful. If you haven't gone out down there yet. I hope he took note. So what I'm gonna talk about now is getting inbound leads. Now lead. Think of it. Lead as the first of all. You have cold leads and get hot leads. Cold leads are Let's say you make a Facebook at people see your advertising. But there, like who the hell is that? They don't buy your surface. They don't buy your services. That is a cold lead because you just came out of nowhere. He came out of the blue. You may or may not have been relevant to them, but they never seen you before. When you see them a second time where they encounter your brand a second time, they're going to say, Hey, wait a minute. I've seen that company before. I've seen him or her before on they're gonna be more likely to buy your services because now they're a warmer lead. So you have leads. They're just basically people who are prospects or people interested or enquiring the services that you offer. What you want to do is acquire leads. So what really great way to do this is by posting classified ads, and it may sound a little bit silly, but this is a free way to do it if you don't have advertising budget in the beginning. This is where recommend you start but classified ads working the nature where, after you post them, they start going down. The list has been proposed more ads that so they work. You pose a new one that started the top and then they go down. Craigslist is a great site to do this Could G. If you're in Canada, just look for classified ad sites there, actually, hundreds of the mount there, So I recommend doing that. So post those classified ads and you'll have people contact you all the time. Another one I've showed you five or before, go to www dot fiber dot com. F i e r r dot com. Join making account and list your services after you work people on Fiverr for a little while. This maybe not as effective is doing the classified ad method, but after you worked with him for a while, I tried to say, Hey, you know what I have a company seven working through fiver. Why don't you come on work with me through my company? You may take somebody off that platform and make them a consistent client. What you need to do is keep finding things like that, keep putting out messages on social media, keep talking to family and friends. And when you get those first couple of clients say, Hey, I offer you a discount if you can spread the name of my company through word of mouth. If you find me another client, I will give you a discount and they'll have to. Clients say it's the next client you have tow. Create a marketing strategy. Now, once you start bringing in income, you can actually start creating advertisements for yourself. You could do. I don't recommend it, but you can do radio ads depending on your industry. You can really you can really get a lot of leads to radio ads, depending on your marketing agency. But I recommend to Facebook ads because they're pretty low right now. Google AdWords. We're not gonna get into that right now because I don't want to just have you buy a whole bunch of advertising by a website by numbers. I don't want you to buy things. I just wanna give you a good idea. Classified ads are the way to go. If you're consistent enough, and if you're good enough on the phone at sales and get them on the phone, I do it every single month. I know it works. I do it every day and do it every week. A lot of my leads come from classified as I get a minimum of 15 leads a month from classified as so you need to do it consistently. You need to really keep trying. You can't give it up. You gotta turn on some music that pumps you up and you gotta post 15. Or you gotta hire someone for $10 an hour. Post those as for you. Otherwise, it's not gonna be successful. But that's a good way to start. There are definitely strategies that are way faster, but I think you need to start getting the first clients first and learning about how to write classified ads or good, because you're writing a pitch you're actually writing. Hey, I will help your company. This is what I do. And you get in the habit of it, so I recommend it. When you started, give it a shot and let me know if it works. 13. Sales Calls: So this is a very short lecture about sales. Call techniques and sales calls are funny because don't think of them as a super corporate like thing. You can do there really, really easy. Look at me. So I look like somebody who is wearing a suit that's gonna go. Hello on. I've worked 50 years in business. Clearly not, but I can do a sales call like anything. I'm very, very skilled with the phone, ridiculously talented with the phone. Um, and I'm not saying this to Bragan. All I'm saying is that being honest, it's very easy. If you can talk to people, there are two things, then they're going to transfer. First of all, if you can understand the other person there needs when I said before, you have to kind of see where they're at the price range, you picked a good price. You understand their needs. You give them reassurance that's so important. But the way you should carry yourself is like this. What's going Teoh? Give your potential client or your current client faith in you are gonna happen. Keep buying or buy from you. To begin with is a combination of two factors Are you ready? Its strength and war. If you were a war but you're strong, you're going to be very charismatic. And this isn't coming from me. This is coming from actually a Harvard research. I read this in the book on blanking on the Name right now, but I've been doing it the whole time. Realizing, Don't pick up the phone. I go. Hello. My name is Carl, and I don't There's a certain type of Hi. How are you? I'm doing very well, Thanks. Yeah, everything's great, you know, like use inflection. Can't be. It can't be taught. And I don't actually think about it. Wouldn't do it, but I kind of I picked this up when he started doing radio at I've never talked like an announcer like Good morning. It's Thursday. I was never like that. I always I got very close and intimate with a microphone and I would just use inflection and I noticed that they got a lot of calls. I was able to score very big interviews just by using this technique. So be warned. Be strong, have a good perception, but also understand people. If you can talk to more people and understand them. You're gonna make a fantastic sales goal. Keep practicing. Don't be nervous. Get caffeinated. Do whatever helps you and you will make an amazing call. Any questions? I keep saying this, but I mean it. If you want to have a phone call, let's arrange it because I really want you to be great at the sales call. If you could make a good call, you could be convincing. You can get anything you want. Trust me. Good luck with your calls. 14. Scaling: in this very last section. We want to talk about scaling your business and specifically scaling your business to make a profit. And I want to congratulate you for finishing most. This course is very last. Brief section is meant to serve as an inspiration and also something that will help you down the line when you accumulate more clients or go out and work hard to get those new clients, what you want to do is apply this principle. It's called 80 20. 20% of your clients bring you 80% of the revenue. 20% of your efforts bring you 80% of your results. What you want to do is you want holding enormous 20% of things that are bringing the most results 20% of clients, 20% of the things that you're doing, and you want to double them that you want to fire the clients. And this sounds crazy, but in the future you'll get there. You want to start letting your clients that are bringing your results. They aren't paying. One time they are there for you. Anyone start adding to your bottom line, adding to that 20% that are really helping you grow your business. You wanna holding on? Those things are really helping. And you want to try to start cutting down on your hours so you can spend your time being free. You could spend your time doing whatever you want on this is gonna roll into our next section to what we talk about automating your business and really, how to cut it down. In the very final part of this course, I'm going to recommend some extra resources. So you go on and read about this on continue growing your agency while not stressing the point of this is to lead you to financial freedom and lead you to living a happier, healthier for your life. So I'm really excited. It's been a pleasure to teach you on. I really can't wait to start talking about all the amazing things that you're gonna achieve when you start actually automating. But in terms of actually scaling your business, what you want to do, is it getting Apply the 80 20 rule and you also want to continue the search for prospects. There's so many great clients out there. There's gonna be days where you're tired or you think things don't work if you need to continue grinding on once you once you build up on income and I recommend you save this, even go to your bank and open up. Once you incorporate or you go your company, even Mawr, open up another account, a separate account separate from your personal income and just save your money in there. Don't go blowing your earnings at the bar to find ways to grow your business. I only have a limited amount of time with you, this course and the reason why I have made it so compact is because I want to be able to I truly want to be able to fit in as much useful information as possible from their help if you have any questions. But what I really need you to do as I needed to build that bottom line and make an income that's gonna last you for a long time to come. Let's get to the next section when we talk about automating your business right before we leave. It's been a pleasure 15. Automating: This is the final lecture, and it's been amazing adventure with you guys. I just want to talk about automating your business. There are things you could do when work starts really piling up, because it will when you get more clients and you'll notice you need help. You may not have enough to hire somebody, especially depending where you are. It may be difficult to hire somebody. It's expensive. This minimum wage your how you haven't employees really, really pay attention to what they're doing and train them. You could hire a virtual assistant and you were in the world. They're called V Ace Virtual Assistants, and you can hire them. There's websites called Your Man in India. Your guy in India. You could go on freelancer dot com five. Keep recommending these resources because they're so easy to use. But look up call centers. Look up places online at higher one virtual assistant that could check your emails. Cut down on those emails. Do customer service calls. If you have grasshopper, you could connect their number to that and the line you by Skype credit for $6 you can talk to them for a very long time. if they want to check in and call you, doesn't matter there. Every Dakota's India would be able to do that. But outsource to another country will really help you. Another way of automating your business is finding people who will regularly right update your blog's who will update your buffer. Who will update your social media. Automating your business is gonna be something really important. I just want to touch and all these things that you're gonna do eso when you actually get there. You have my advice to the back of your head and you can always come back and review this material. I want to get more in depth in it. And if you Demi lets me Atmore, content to this course, would be happy to keep updating it. You have lifetime access. I have lifetime axes, your teacher. So let's go together. I can't wait to see the amazing things you're gonna do but do your best to automate that. Do you know if you automate your business, you could travel the world? You've sapin agency, you have your cell phone Google, you have a number you haven't address. You found ways to bring in clients you gotta keep grinding. Gotta keep Try. I promise you, if you keep trying, you are going to break through. Never give up. This is something that you wanted to do. You spent the money to take this course. You took the time. I have faith in you and I know you could do this. Do not ever give up anyway. I'm not your life coach. Just your your teacher to help you do marketing. But it's been again. It's been a pleasure to teach you guys. I'm so happy to just be able to share my knowledge And remember, have that abundance mindset. The reason why I'm telling you all of my secrets is because there's business out there. There's so many people out there looking for marketing services. And if you can put goodness out into the world, it's gonna come back to you. It's gonna come back to you. Thank you for having faith in me and for taking this course and for just being amazing. He fall on my steps and follow my instructions. I know you'll achieve something great. Take care and good luck in your marketing careers.