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How to stand out on Etsy | 10 things Top Etsy Sellers do differently

teacher avatar Cierra Smith, Simplifying your next creative passion

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      What you'll learn


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      A clear mission


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      A cohesive storefront


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      A complete storefront


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      Bundled listings


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      Meaningful descriptions


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      A Well rounded online presence


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About This Class

Cierra Smith, maker and founder behind Cultured Simplicity, here. In this course, you'll go from novice Etsy seller to expert Etsy seller in 10 applicable steps. These are hard truths I've learned through two years selling on the platform that I hope you'll be able to learn in a little under an hour. If you're wondering:

  • Why your Etsy shop isn't growing?
  • Why you aren't making any sales?
  • or the most important things to know before starting an Etsy shop...

this is the course for you. I'll be covering everything you need to know in order to think like a top seller on the platform. These are tips to supercharge your shop, sales, reviews, conversion rate, audience retention rate, credibility, and professionalism. You don't need any prior experience, but you should have a basic knowledge of what Etsy is and a desire to open/grow a shop of your own.

You'll need an account on Etsy.

IF you'd like, you'll need to sign up for an account on Erank and/or Marmalead.

Meet Your Teacher

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Cierra Smith

Simplifying your next creative passion

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1. What you'll learn: Hello, and welcome to my course on how to make your Etsy shops in, out where I will be going over attendings that top Etsy sellers do differently. Now I'll be real. I'm not a top Etsy seller. I don't have millions of sales, but as you can see here, I have 1190 and honestly that's a pretty decent amount. I would say that I'm a rising Etsy seller. I've made the majority of those sales within this past six months. So it's definitely been very exciting. I've been on the platforms is July 2019, it is June 2021. Like I said, I've had over half my CEOs in this past six months, so I'm excited to see where things are going to go. But I'm also excited to teach you what I've learned thus far because there is a lot to learn in there, a lot of courses out there that tell you, quote unquote, how to add C. But they are not very effective or they're not updated like they're out of date. There are a few years old and it could just get very confusing. So this course is being made in June 2021 and I fled the days I'm talking about will be applicable for at least the next year. So you can be excited in that, so rest assured. And hopefully if you don't already have an Etsy shop, you'll feel it more than competent to make went after this course is over. So let's get into it. 2. A clear mission: So first things first we're going to get a little bit sappy. He is, there's nothing wrong with getting a little bit sappy. The first thing that top Etsy sellers do differently is they have a mission. Ideally, they have a vision that goes at that mission. Because nobody can connect with your staff if you don't tell them why you have the shop, what your objective is with the shop, that the products that you're offering, where's the value other than like the product in itself, you would want to know the person behind the product. They wouldn't know the person behind hole store it. There is a person behind this door and they want to know where their money is going and when you have that mission there for them. If they can really identify with you and they can connect with you. And as it, as a seller, that is, one of the biggest things you can do is just connect with your audience because you are, you are a small business. And they, this isn't Walmart or Target where everybody kind of knows what you're doing. Like nobody knows what you're doing. They don't know who you are. The neural met you before. So your, if you've ever heard of like in an elevator speech, That's really what you're about. Statement on your page is, is where you should list your mission. For me. I say that I'm a designer from North Carolina looking to empower and inspire women of color. And you can see that even though that is a very specific objective, it is a very broad like Objective 8 can encompass so many products. I didn't get this specific. I said that my mission was empowering and inspiring. Women of color didn't get too specific there, but everybody knows what I'm trying to do with my shot. And then even though that's going to be different for every single shop owner, you need to have that. You need to have that mission and you need to have a vision that goes with that. And that'll just be a why behind everything that you produced and I'll make sure when you put it on your shop like this and make sure that everybody knows your why and they're more they're definitely more likely to buy from the shop when they feel like they can connect with the person behind me. There's a reason why hashtags like and black owned, woman owned others heights of owned are no trendy rising with they are because people like to know who the maker is behind what they buy. So just think about that. Makes you come up with your mission and make sure you write it down as soon as you can so that when people go to your shop, they can look at it. If they'd buy it and then definitely don't just, this gives like the headline, the tagline appear. You want to get more specific down here and just give a little bit more about background so that it doesn't just seem so cliche. I mean, this tagline by itself, we seem to see a little bit cliche, but honestly like Not really I think is pretty often tank. It's definitely the honest truth. But when you go into a little bit more detail, we're going to really feel confident that their money is going where they think it's going. To definitely make sure that you have that mission statement. 3. A cohesive storefront: Now this next step honestly just appeals to the basics of humankind. Everybody likes pretty things like who does everybody likes aesthetics? So what does that have to do with you? And you should have a cohesive story. And not just the Hesiod, but it should be attractive. You know, a key he surveys that basically just means that everything from it looks like one unit, even though they're Odyssey separate unions. So up here this technically be a unit just in itself, my shot banner, but it's not reshaped printer. It doesn't look like it doesn't really look before for my shop at all. It looks like exactly. But I offer and see what's your view? They want you to have a shopper and it reflects her shop for XOR or more. So even down here, this image matches the banner that looks really cohesive. And then you go down. This part is even more important. You want to make sure that your products are cohesive in some way. So for me, some ISO digital products. Why not sure if it's a little bit use is easier, but I feel like it is a little bit easier because it really just comes down to like background. As you can see, a white background has pretty much ready my status quo for so many things for all my SVG bundles of white background is normally my go-to. You can see everything looks super cohesive. I have watermarks so that people, when they see myself, they automatically know who's shopping is. Of course, that would be my ideal world, but at least it looks very professional and people look at it. Just think about everything that's like different colors, different textures, just look jarring. That doesn't look professional at all. And who would want to buys new? I don't know. I didn't know somebody who was shot before. I don't like that at all. And if you're looking at this, you're like, but it isn't, then they don't all look the same. Of course they know I offer different products, but the products that are similar, they do look the same. So you can see all these products, these are my Instagram Underwood's. They all look the same. This another instrument by no. And then I also have stickers on my sticker packs. They look the same. They have this iPad cover it because I use the same templates for similar listings. And I use, if you don't know what Canva is, definitely check it out, but it's a really easy way to make sure that all your links and cupboards are cohesive. That as you can see here, here's some more stickers. Both have the iPad cover and then everything else pretty much has that white cover. Let's get back to my branding bundles and they look pretty similar as well. Honestly, I do think it's a very beautiful layout. Am I biased? I don't know, but I'd be like a lot of sellers will say that or a lot of top. So it will tell you that they have de, definitely have a vision of how they want their shocked and look and they act on it. They make sure that everything is cohesive. And if it wasn't at some point that you'll bet they modified photos and they make it cohesive. So make sure you use up front. 4. A complete storefront: Next thing you want to make sure that you have a complete storefront and this is this is one of them that I remember hearing a lot I can 2019 when I first started in one of the things that is still very true. But I hope that I can provide a little bit more clarity as to what that means. It just means that you fill in every single thing about your shot, right? You possibly can. So your shop looks extremely well-rounded and it looks like there's somebody behind it that really cares and honesty and see, they have been known to prioritize shops that do that like prioritizing search or recommendations. They liked the shops that are fully well rounded have everything. So as you can see here, have, I mean, shop name, that's a given. But you also have an announcement and not just smart Jackson announced. This announcement was last updated Arduino live in, and that is the date that I am filming this. I think I tried to keep my announcements very updating so that people know that they're, it's even more important to me because I saw digital products. So I could be saying stuff but not even really there behind the scenes. I could be off doing other things, but I really am here behind the scenes. I keep an eye on my shop every single day. So when I update my announcements essay, really easy way to show my buyers that There's actually a person behind here and they are keeping things updated and they all respond to you if you reach out. Beyond that, you'll also see that I have all my sections to the side float in. All of them. Definitely do have sections. Don't skip that step. That's pretty obvious on and I won't even go more into run my shop is for the products, which is another big thing. That's another part of having a complete store friend, but I'll be real, that's a little less realistic as it beginning, at the beginning Etsy seller. More. So that's important when you're starting out, is that you just make sure this stuff down here is foot out your adult seat, mate, you have your photos in right here that everybody can see. You want to have those photos because it's just really a little more interactive. You see that I have all my social links on here, which I will go more into that later on in this course that, yes, social needs shop policies. You can see that I have in here. Which shop policies are not that many people who check them on my shower at least because like I said, I teach my products are digital. So I looked up to him and January 2021, it honestly, that's still pretty SAD. It wasn't like this month are anything but 2021. That's the main goal here. And like I said, not many people check it out. It really had a real recent update to regularly rendition that makes somebody behind the shock to take care of things. Your stuff down here definitely have your returns and exchanges, fooding has what borrowed is I want to know about that. Everybody wants to know if they can return something and when they will be able to have all that fluid. And once again, like I said, he had rewards you for doing your frequently asked questions. Even if you don't have to ask you questions, think about what they could ask you and then just answer them before they're even asked so that you are wondering. They can look down here. If you are wondering and they don't have the answer, they will leave your shot asap and go to another one candidate to their question. So yes, wrinkle, have your FAQ throughout your policies, foot out your about section, fill it out. Everything filled out. Your socials. Complete storefront, me see, I even have a video here. I definitely suggest having a video. So once again, it makes it seem a lot more rely on interactive. So that's another thing that I really love. And you see I have a lot of reviews here as well, which I will go into that now that another section of this class as well. All right, so I'll see you in the next video. 5. Bundled listings: Especially as a beginner at tea seller, you really want to fill up your shock with products as soon as you can. Of course, do you want these plex be high-quality? Do not for your shop at with low quality products or you don't want your shop so empty because one it looks empty, it looks professional, it isn't trustworthy. And most importantly, there aren't many options for people to buy. Reframing is in an Etsy shop to make money. So you want to have some fat will actually make you money. This is something that I really see a lot of top sellers do, but I don't think many semaphores do it unless they are like more inside the dish niche, which is what I am. So I started even as small seller initiatives bundling your listings. So first-name right here you can see that I have an RO SVG bundle. What a bundle like you compile listings that you already had and you put them in one course, you charge it for a higher amount, but it's slightly lower than it would be if somebody bought those listing separately. So I don't think that pretty much explains that we kind of all know that situation. People who like if you buy one, it costs this much. You buy one across there and ours, but you write to a cost $10. So you stop, you save $2, which let's be real. That's normally a little bit more than you actually save. Ladies an example. So right here you can see that Let's just look up power paths because no love Powerpuff Girls and my shocks after I offered. So you can see over here, I have a separate listing that Powerpuff Girls, girl power. And then here's my bundle here. It has that exact same image. Like if you understand that this is not gonna go into that in this course, but it's basically an image. So this image by itself is 285. And when it is in this bundle, it's 640, 642. And that person, and they'll get that image, but they'll also get five others. So honestly, that's a steep. But there's kinda my opinion because it will just sell beer. So he bundles for about your SVG fonts are about mismatch anyway. And I know that people are kinda the kit. These are a cap when it comes to buying says I'm not about to charge 285 times 6 for digital files. At the end of the day, people, I will say people are roughly people definitely flocked to that SVG bundle because it's regress value, the best thing for Iraq and they can't be multiples of these in there. So like why not? And that's just something that top at these differently once again, I'm not a top empty cellular rising, It's Sally year, but I've seen so many Tom Etsy sellers do it where they fund with their listings. People are more likely to buy and you make more money because people weren't going to buy them separately, that they've dyed them together because they're together and they there, I'm saving saving money in a sense, even in no way does cost more, but they get more value. So it seems like, seems like pretty affordable, reasonable switched domain. And it is a really smart thing to do because as a beginner, Etsy seller, you don't have that meaning, listen to yourself anyway and when you bundle, but at least things that you already have, You haven't where listings and just close your shop of more may feel that burn fat, more professional and you're using more opportunity to make money. So button to your listings guys. 6. Meaningful descriptions: My next tip is to have descriptions that are meaningful but not too meaningful. And what I mean by that is you want to definitely have that personal flair in there, but you don't want too much smoke layer. You want to make sure that you can skip it ends getting the job done of actually describing what your product is. And those people often say that you are selling like the Beeline. You're selling the experience more sun than the product, but people want to know about the product. Of course, you can designate voltage on value, make sure that you are adding a little bit more like the experience element in there so that people can like almost inundation it themselves and it really gets them excited about the purchase. Mentioned that you are still getting the job description because that description is all they have to basically like to analyze your product and they know what to expect. So don't make your description to robotic. Like don't make it only say stuff about your product, but don't make it say too much about stuff other than your product that you feel like when make sure that you think would make a buyer wants to buy more and make sure that it gets the job done, but that it's not too like static. So I'm kind of see here, I did a little bit. I'm just kinda offering that appeal to emotionally. Tired of struggling to establish your brand and the competition, ready to impress it in show business partners and your competitors. And this is the logo for you. You'll love the feminine touch. You'll give your brand. You can even give this to a friend, colleague, or a family member. So those details right down right there, they didn't really have anything to exactly do with the product in itself. Isn't saying that I'm mentioning are the colors. But it definitely added something to the description. It definitely Dean and it kind of would appear to have somebody who was feeling when they search for this listing. So of course, I included that in there and I see that you should include that in there whenever you plant can't include something in the Mason my fill light. Oh, they didn't serve as listing. They deserve to treat themselves to it because there were now like they made is there that break because everyone will something nice than their life. And I remember like this quote by Dan Wieden, that people do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic. And you kinda keep the back of my head because it is always, I said a little bit about personal flair. And then to get it kind of adds that connection to your buyers. But I've often seen as necessary and make the mistake where they are adding too much a patent that you can actually are to their description and they're adding it. So she if you added at the beginning of your description, you just stuff it in there. And if you can all see that there are real details about this friction until they scroll down a bit like this that can really turn away over here. So just really be smart about the placement. It's right about how much should we include in there. Whereas you can see I have a lot of concrete information in there as well. He built like they need to know. So make sure you have that in there. Says somebody has any questions, really trying to make sure all those questions are addressed in the description. That's where you want to address some questions, if not limited to that there adjusting your FAQ section, but they need to be addressed because unless like I said earlier, somebody can't find the answer something they're wondering about. They are super lucky to just go to another sock entirely. And that's a really unfortunate because he may sound is because you didn't have the information in there use routinely. These were adding too much of that manage. So yeah, I have a little bit the magic, but have a lot of the practical stuff and find a good balance between the two, making sure that you have, a lot of you have allowed the practical stuff earlier on description and you go and add more the magical stuff later on. That's okay. They don't set it to match him. You can add a little bit the magical earlier on to is like I say, you want to have that personal element. So like I said, I end in the first paragraph, but it was, it was after practicals then tens. So sorry about that balance. Where do you think about it? Really the bow and make your customer feel? They look at it from their eyesight is your Skype SAN and answer them then you need to know is a well-rounded make them telling Thetas that are in the product is made the product that they would want. 7. SALES: All right, We're going to keep this video short, run and run. And you guys have heard, of course, being said that you can actually afford to keep in mind that that was a new shop, but don't know how much your stuff acts to cause. So let's say you have a scale for 20 percent off, but you also price your products at 20 percent more than you would sell them for it. It's not really unethical or anything. It's just if you're charging them for as much it they actually are valued at, as long as you're not making them, you're not pressing for higher than there actually value. That is not unethical to read a seal, but for the price even with a sale going on there. So price at which you would sell them for if you're within a sale going on. So FTR academics are really simple to do. I'll show you guys, but first I didn't want to see that I'm running a sale as well right now. Says 20 percent off makes everything. So that's just a really nice day and all sorts of mighty goes my shop, they said on sail off the side here. So in on making sure that every single list, and that's pretty much all of them. So that's always really nice. If you knew the search up here at CRP though even have like a filter section for where you can say like for where you can start out, yes, everybody likes to shop sale. Of course they would have that section. So I'm just wait for it to load for just one moment. And then also tourists, special offers on sale. They also have free shipping and press analyzable, But not really focusing on free shipping never hurts though. But keep in mind that when you do free shipping, you can always raise your price to cover free shipping so that it seems like shipping, it'll seem like it's free. It's just being covered and the item price, and that's something the FDA recommends. So there's nothing wrong with it. And one thing you can see here that only the stuff that's on sale shows up. So definitely do consider running as frequently as often because it'll make you show up in searches. Are always searching for MCOs, suggesting now, consider it. Going back to the backend of my shop here. If you wanna kinda see how to run sales. I'll go into that a little bit as well. You're just going to marketing and sales and coupons. We click sales and coupons. And then you can easily click new special offer and just run it sail and click all of your listening. So we're gonna say, Oh, I'm not going to run line because I'm already running when I'm just gonna show you that it's really easy. In its gritty. It can normally be pretty effective and actually a little bit more money. And she doesn't like sales. Like I said, I I started this day. Oh, well, are wonderful day. I guess it was 12 days ago. And I've made that $188.73. And I don't know, I noticed that many people, but you can see how cheap my listings where it That's a pretty decent amount. We 12 days. I didn't want to go and to also just raising your price to fit in the sales so that you don't lose money. Because like I said, you don't really run an Etsy shop. You're not trying to make money, it's too much work. So you will not be getting some kind of profit. So he has like a book editing tool that will make you automatically add a price to every single one eagerly scenes or at least as many as you have plate. So you can either click this box up here and say Select all 40 on this page or you can say Select and just 60 pages I was listening to you have, or you could go one by one and click voicings, but I liked all of them. And then you go to editing options that drop-down here. Like edit price is super useful. I don't know if any other e-commerce platforms do this. They might. I don't know. But as you say percentage increase, you can literally type in how much? So 20 percent. And I'll tell you how much it'll cost. You add that 2% increase and it will add that to all of your listings. And then if you run a smell that's 20 percent off, it'll see like it's sale, but you're not losing the profit, but you making sure that you're showing them searches when people are filtering their searches by on sale. So consider it. 8. Reviews: Alright, uh, when she or they can look at this page and once you take a really good look at all these buyers are not buyers, sellers. And take a look at the difference between the sellers. They all have five stars as to be expected. By a high-quality Etsy shop. Look closer and you see what makes some of them stand out so much more than the other one. It's the amount of ratings. Okay? You can see it. And you, they connect 2365, verse 31. Now, whom are you more likely to mean unless you're intentionally buying from someone because they're a small business. Or more likely uses generally liked the product more. You're more likely to trust this other brand gets a half so many more. Not even sale is just from that. They have so many more reviews. Of course, you can assume that because they have more reviews, they have more sales. But this isn't always situation. It could just be a situation where they got their reviews because they knew how to get them. They asked for them instead of assuming their buyers would give and reviews. Of course, we can pretty much assume that these people have a different sales. But in situations with their previews are kind of close, sometimes bursting with less reviews actually has more sales are present, more OF US has less details, but one of them just asked for review. So reviews are extremely important. These SE doesn't show how many cells you have as Misha's, I always start with the true. They show how many reviews you may show the rating, the average rating of their views, as you can see, I have AT and I'll tell you where I have 18. I wasn't always asking are you going to review an army for I actually just started asking for people to reveal the last MAN. And why did I do that? You can I learn from another Etsy seller? I had I bought from a seller and she just sent me a message asking for one ounce. Like why am I not doing that? Like why? So I've changed my shadow and I asked her to ask them for years and I've gotten a few. A few might not sound like that much, but it's more than an early gay people or they just don't automatically review, don't expect that provides be agreement on some of them real by random word. Dignity I have. So I have over a document sales and I'll earn 80 reviews. Taking time out of your day and you're not thinking about it. I'll reserve, use a really establish yourself as an expert in your field is really makes you look so much for that, have a lot of reviews. So you should really ask for reviews. And I say tab Etsy sellers, it kinda depends on how you go to you. Sometimes you say sellers are so busy, they're not able to ask all their buyers review. But I can guarantee you at some point they were. So I kinda let me just show you guys what I will send to people after they buy a decent amount of time. Like I said, I've just aren't doing this like a couple of weeks ago. But I found it to be effective and I went share it with you guys. Though. Course, a personalized message never hurts. So I do have their name in there. And I haven't saved. Let me show you guys that you're going to see is really useful and then say, let you kind of like see your applies and were used. So you click OSCE for five down here. You can see them on every save applied ridden or you can keep things a little bit more simple. And then you can just click Show More and then you can click that one here, which that's, that's my that's the message I normally leave. I just caught thanks and review and have their name in. And now you can see it. I see that you ordered to my shop. I'm so grateful that you chose to support the company that has been a gene for a college student, your satisfaction is very important to me. I'd appreciate your feedback to improve my business. I hope that you continue to buy records and my products to your family and friends. Male-dominant assigns complement your beauty and handiwork. And then sincerely, you weren't Sierra. And it doesn't come across as too salesy. I mean, there's no real way to ask for a view or ask Maya to continue buying from you if, you know, without assigning these salesy, but I didn't want them to know that I generate you care about them, gets idea. And I really like customers. It's like I said, so exciting. Sales and make connections. At 1. Hopefully you are all experienced that when you're on a tea shops, if you aren't already. And like I said, just to make sure that you're asking for those reviews because at the end of the day, I'll make more people coming to your shop and they see you in search. They see you have more reviews and makes you look a little better than the next guy and your competition. And they'll click on you because they can trust you based on what other people have said. So human asked for those of you sooner than later. And finally, a way to ask for them. It can really set you up for success later on down the road. 9. SEO: If you know anything about e-commerce, the neuron's going to touch on is eventually SEO. Search engine optimization pretty much is what it sounds like optimizing your shops for search engines because you want to show up in search. People are searching all the time if your shoppers and optimize, it won't show up in search even though your shop needs a good fit for what they're looking for. So that's kinda just look at an example. We'll unclick this first search engine term right here. Popular lawn games, apparently. We'll see what they got further away. So it's important to note that Etsy always shows ads before anything out. So wrestle is a teeny bit. Unfortunately, if you don't have to have Reggie because the graph, you've got the best SEO in the world. Somebody who is paying for ads to show up will still get prioritizing search. But you will be on the next line because the next line is not. It seems like the kind of would do a patterns and time that sometimes so just make majority than not as a kind of determined, it depends on how many people buy ads for that search term. So this is the first list and that shows that that wasn't an ad. And we can, can't just look at what he said. So we already established that the search term was lined games snow. So now you don't get away with not having turning your title. But we see here that he has game. He has corn home, outdoor beanbag toss like, you know, that's that's Alon game and it's appearing right here. Going down, you can kind of look at the description a little bit. You can see the Athlon here. I wouldn't be surprised if he does not really need to. Again, another important point is that it's really, you have it a description as he does not look at your description when it comes to SEO, google does. So. Alright, see you when I retired, you're listening, even if you stuff your description with the keyword that you want to be shown up for going down year, we can tend to look at some of the things. They'll show you a little outline of what he tagged his product with. So sometimes that's how it works like this, toys and games and sports and recreation. Those are the categories that he categorized. He's listening hands. When he made his listening, again, you can look for yourself. I could show you as well. Um, uh, toys and games, sports, outdoor recreation, Those are two categories that she automatically has. Occasionally he or she categorized this product under those categories, and then lawn games is the third one. So we can assume that they put that down as a tag. And we can also assume that these names up here, he played out as a tag. So that's, these are great, they're great tags. I want to say that. So he got really specific with some of them, their long tail keywords, the axon short tail keywords are long-tail ones or any gets us a little bit more specific custom corner. The short run is when he was a little less specific, but when people search for those specific ones, he's more likely to show up even higher in search, but he's doing a good job here. So he's got lawn games and that's a good reason why he showed up. Looking at if we kinda just look at the back-end of what it's like running a shop. I'll show you a little bit about how to add in SEO for yourself, because it can be a little confusing. I'll admit. It's not the easiest thing, but I will tell you that you should always try to include the search term that you want to rank for in your listing title. And then make sure you include in your tags, times are really important and you get 13 of them for each listing. So choose wisely friend. As her description, like I said, it doesn't matter as much for Etsy is NCDs. They don't they don't prioritize that a script. I don't really know why, but I'm sure there's a reason, but Google does. So if somebody looks up something on Google, you can show up. And that's a really nice thing that's like the thing that's as of 2020 because you wouldn't always show up in Google Red Sea somehow they got, you're listening to show up as an individual Google search results, so we can thank him for that. And we'll click one of my listings is how it looks in the back-end. Pretty exciting, not growing, but it'll give you a little if you haven't never going to ESI slide before or maybe this will be very enlightening for you if you never see how this looks. So as you can see, here's where you add the title. It says to include keywords that buyers would you use search for your item. And that is just a very friendly way of saying search engine optimized. This is where you put that SEO in and you make sure that you know what you're doing. You can just put anything here. I knew that Powerpuff Girls was something that people are searching for. But if you're trying to rank for a term that nobody searching for and then that's not going to do you any good. So I will tell you to products that you can use to find terms that people are actually searching for. I strongly suggest marmalade. They are not free being get a free trial. So I will include a link. Now Moho what I do, I really do enjoy them and so enjoy ie rank. Each rank has a free plan and they do a pretty decent job, not super in depth. But their pay plan is super in-depth. So whatever you wanna do with that, they will give you, they will tell you search terms that people are searching for on. So that's really useful in yellow so that you don't try to rank for our word that nobody searching for. I will link those both down below. And we'll kind of look a little bit more at the backend here and go down. As I was saying about the categories earlier, you know this a little bit less on the SEO and it's super important that you make sure that your stuff is actually in a category. Right here. My, this thing is kind of grace as a digital print. So it tells you every single category that you're at least English show up in. Pretty useful to know. So water core wall hangings, all of that jazz. I have my colors phone in as well. That's another mid Tang, not so much rest just to make sure that your listings are fully well-rounded and that when people are making searches and they're filtering their searches like so many of us do, your listing will show up. Yeah, I think states are needed. You go around. Here's the description. You can add your keywords in there, ideally for Google, but keep in mind that UFO ranks know me like the first leaves like 160 characters with them things. So make sure that you have words that you want to rank for. You put them at the beginning. Because everything down here, this isn't really mattered for much of anything other thing, your job buyers actually reading your district. So make sure that useful. It also have those SEO terms in there for Google. Now prescient. I said he doesn't hear him. He really cares about the tags though they say This option will just ignore that, ya'll, it's not. You need to put them in there. So think about what someone might use to search for listening and put them on here you saw their team always use 113. And like I said, you'd normally eat or eat rank or you can even go onto Etsy and search yourself. By me, my dad was let me go up to the top here and I'll show you that if you go, they will automatically easy terms that you need and are searching for when you type in one word. So like they'll basically make the search more specific for you. So if I typed mean accepting that everyone would know cranes. Yeah, the sense that they automatically offer printable Waller prints, wall art or art in general, planner who's going to be here for warrants searching for them. And you also know that people are more likely to click on one of them because they are adequate in flight who doesn't like their search to be sped up a little bit. So I see that even if I didn't really exactly know where I was going with that search, I might see, oh, printable calendar and I click printable calendar. So you can already know that those are some terms that you can use as well. Still eat, drink, and novelty and they were great as well. Other than that, that's somehow you can view for SEO, for your lysines, definitely make sure that the sex section of your shock, our SEO optimize nicely optimized search engine, optimized as well. So what I just mean by that is trying to make sure that your sections are very relevant to what you're selling and they're still named things if you are searching for or sections that we can only be a certain amount of characters. It can't be that many, but they should be specific. They should be relevant things. Let me see right here section. You can see all the sections that I have here. Not too many because a lot of things I saw my shop are pretty pretty good. E sub I guess I never sell to many different things, but they're very relevant to what I'm selling in their sufferings. Black, she searched for, I don't get super specific, but they're also not super rod some of them. So just think about that as well as CNS care a little bit your sections, but a whole lot lists and tags and title. So that about sums it up. Of course, you can always do a little bit more research and SEO and never hurts, but those were the main things. 10. A Well rounded online presence: Okay, so we're looking at in C-Sharp or honestly any small business for that matter, it makes it a little bit questionable when I said that you don't have a social presence, like the only place you can find them is their shop. That's a little bit questionable to me. I don't enjoy it. I'll be removed. Uiview the mid known to not buy for Nim if I can't find them anywhere else because it seems a little bit more like a scam. I mean, what businesses that have associate present in this day and age. So that brings me to my next tip which is two and have all your social integration bound there, his abdomen and there you've got you. I would strongly suggest that you do make business accounts, but if you don't, then you have a person on campus as your name and it looks decent human even put that on there. It isn't it's not going to hurt you to have them on there unless you are posting this crazy It's it's you probably. All right. So you can see I have my Instagram on here, have every social media pretty much that I own on here. It's not that. But they're up here. So sharp and Blom in Pinterest, Instagram, and they're all, none of them are broken links. You madam, Make sure they're all updated and they go straight to my house and money. This is, like I said, even be on your storefront, what your whole brand presence to be cohesive and this is cohesive. You can see that I go on to say the I in training disadvantages and advantages for businesswoman and walk, which stands for women of color. So once again, I go back to that whole empowering and inspiring woman of color. I have the same name, cultured simplicity, blogger, it's on relief. Efforts. Make everything look professional and I'll come up with an IG plan. And it couldn't be a little bit better. We hear I'm working where I check my experiment at some point. I would definitely be working harder over here as well, hopefully building my client base that more as well. And then Pinterest, once again, that's awesome, great, cohesive as well. But what he will, and they click this stuff religious, oh my gosh, establishes you as a professional. And it gives them a way to connect with you beyond your shop. Ideally, they'll follow you or like a post or something and they can keep up with you. And that's just, that's really went once you actually have to Pinterest, if you were wondering about that. I do have two, but they're both about premix, about the same names. I do prefer this page a little bit better because it's more focused on culture explicitly as a blog, more so than some of the services that I provide with my sister. So let's look at this page a little bit culturally inclusive Boston and blogger, Florida helping phosphates of color and credentialing, please do business. Women thrive personally in commercially. Once again, it's pretty cohesive. We go down, agree, It will see that even by Pinterest pages, relatively cookies. And I always make things look pretty rotten, never hurts to have robust clinics in there. And let me just give it a second alone. So yeah, here it is. Here's something a loading. And these are images from my book, which I'm actually brings me to the next thing I wanted to mention, which is that a lot of the top Etsy sellers have logs or at least websites of their own beyond me, but you guys have like a website of their own. Really this look so much professional and it's a way to expand your reader. It's a way to like, once again, to show up more in search is even if your Etsy shop doesn't show up on your website. And like why not have a lymphocyte? Sure, and maybe it costs a little bit money. It really allows you to expand your reach and diversify your income in a risk-free and the content you provide other than just like physical or digital products you can often provide written content. Blogs and blogs are great. Can't they offer suggestions and tips for how people can use your products? Ideally, that's what you'll be doing with your blog or your website is your group for finding somewhere inside that happy can use products that you offer and not making it seem span CERCLA, you're actually providing them value. And maybe the more you talk, the more you talk to your audience can get to know them. We get them to start common teeny, build an e-mail list. You'll learn more about your audience. You'll learn more about what they're looking for and you'll make more products that people actually want. And then they'll buy from you and it's kind of like a circle. They go back and forth to your blog or your shot and it just, it looks great. So definitely do consider building a social presence and consider its them later. 11. Patience: This last tip is just all of us need a year at some point in life. It's to have patients because patients submerge you guys. So some virtuous, you need to have it with Etsy shop. It is not an easy journey. The time there are these sections hope hopefully you are the exception, but a lot of times it's just a very slow process. Those first couple of months keep in mind, you're hardly a blip on Etsy is radar. They are just, they like just getting to know you. They're not really ranking. You insert that much. They are like you're not really shown up that much because Etsy is so trying to kind of figure you out, figure out how to position you what you're doing. And you can take like give a take at least six weeks. I don't know, but maybe on average. And you can see like, here's my growth shrink, here. Do I wish that it was like an uphill incline. The Han and terse have cores, but like any journey is gone like really. But the overall thing to look at here is that it is generally going. So looking at just look at this, I may have nine orders in July 2019. July 2020, I mean, EDI orders that isn't levels like nearly ten times. So even though it doesn't seem like that much to some people, that's really good for a year as of grow. And I really had to get past those first now, first year because it was kind of frustrating. It can be real with you like would almost bring when it brings tears to your eyes m times and you're putting a lot of work into something and you're just not seeing the profit you want. Because remember that that patient is key. All these toddlers had patients you look at when they were found in most of them had been on the platform for about like at least five years. Of course, there are people who have been in there for like two years like the exceptions, but a lot of times they've been on there for a lot, a lot of time. There finally, really reaping the benefits of what they sound. So there's another like the highest math I've had so far was marched. Anything what am I got 122 orders in June June 2020, March. I got six orders. That was one year, six orders. So 122 and that was patients and work. You can't just have pasted. You also have to put in the word keep that in mind. Patients comes with you working along the way. Don't get that you guys. There are so many quotes out there about not giving out like you didn't come this far out on the this far. Don't give up now is no purpose to give it. Like why do you even get started? You're just gonna give up. Just keep going, keep trying. It's kind of like investing. Like you don't pull out when things get hard because beings are almost always going to get better. That's just how the economy works. In general, a goes up. So you've gotta give it time to get past those rough patches. And one of these days that patients will pay out and it'll basically pay to get excited for that. He didn't mind that C also have been known to drop during summer on Etsy and that's just how it works. It's either one of those platforms, I don't know why, but people seem to buy more. Jesse around the holidays, but in summer people get outside more and they start doing more things. So sales normally do drop. Last year they actually went out for me because he 40 home during summer of 2020. We all knew what was happening in 2020. So people are at home and they were shopping a lot. So things are a little bit different, but don't be discouraged when you see drops during summer because that is very normal. And definitely anticipate the holidays. Definitely. Do your your shop up for the holidays, prepare even months in advance, good listings ready, have them ready to go out around holidays and have them sales are handy because you can really capitalize on the holidays. 12. Class Project: Then you're going to sell so much for watching before you go out, you want it touched in the class project, I'm offering to Option keys. I know that there are a lot of different levels of Etsy sellers out there, but how far you progress your shop. So first things first, you want to do this project, go for it. Take a screenshot of your storefront and show it to any part that you want to say that you want to show that it's cohesive picture of the listings. Do that. If you wanted to show your shot random and your view that it's all fine and exciting. I can't wait to see you. I am sure your classmates can't wait to see it either. But if you are newer, you just getting started. Whereas you would just prefer to, because why the heck? Take a picture of your mission statement and put that in the class projects. I think that'll be really cool to see as loud as Dui our fellow classmates are selling when it seems with their vision and their mission is, so this is the mission statement and I will see you guys in the next course.