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How to set up a best-selling Etsy Shop | Sell on Etsy like the pros!

teacher avatar Cierra Smith, Simplifying your next creative passion

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Intro + What you'll learn


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      Your step by step action plan


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      Walking you through a shop that needs improvement


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      Creating images


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      Keyword Research like a pro


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About This Class

Hey! I'm assuming you're here because you're either:

  • A new Etsy seller looking to fast-track your way to success
  • Or an established Etsy seller ready to transform your shop & increase your sales

Either way, you're in for a treat! This course details exactly how I (a 3-year Etsy shop seller & growth consultant) approach my clients' Etsy shops and get them set up for success. 'Cause let's be real -- selling on Etsy is hard, and frustrating. Especially with all the SEO, algorithmic, and seller-based changes that Etsy made earlier this year. Since Etsy's birth back in 2005, descriptions have never contributed towards SEO on the search platform itself, and now all of a sudden, it does. And that's just one of the changes Etsy threw on us this year. Changes or not, however, Etsy has consistently grown YOY, so any creator with any form of sellable handmade skill would be silly to not get in on a piece of the pie. 

In this course, I walk you through my step-by-step action plan for setting up your Etsy shop like a pro. I list resources, best-kept secrets, and more. So open up your Etsy shop dashboard and get ready to get to work. 

Resources mentioned: (use The Handmade Mastermind's link for a 14-day free trial),,

Get your shop optimized by me!

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Cierra Smith

Simplifying your next creative passion

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1. Intro + What you'll learn: Hello, my friend. In today's course, I'm gonna be teaching you how to setup a best-selling Etsy shop. It's 2022 or when you're watching this, it could be beyond, but it goes without saying that there had been a lot of change, changes on Etsy recently, algorithmic changes and other changes among the seller dashboard and whatnot that makes selling on Etsy and entirely different feet from what it used to be back when he first got released. Like a lot of sellers really approach the platform pretty blindly. There's not a whole bunch of resources out there on how to succeed on Etsy. And if it is, a lot of it is kinda dated at this point. It was released back in 2016 or something. And there have been so many changes just in 2022 alone that you've really got to make sure that you're up-to-date. And I am I guess what you would call it, it's the admin. That's what I'd worked as in the past for different shops. And I make sure I stay up-to-date and all this kind of stuff that that's also in addition to me running my own Etsy shop that I've had since 2019 and I've done a lot of trial and error and fido ETS your resources that a lot of critters don't really seem to know about. I've kinda come up with a bit of a game plan, action plans I use whenever I approach new shops that I feel like really everybody should know before trying to dive into an Etsy shop blindly. Or if they have an Etsy shop, they need to know this plan in case they set it up and they're not making any sales because that does unfortunately sometimes happen. And I feel like if you follow this actually mean and I'm gonna be showing or sharing with you on that one. It happen given you do the research beforehand and makes sure that your products, there's peop, things that people actually want. But I'm assuming that they are. And even if they are uniquely positioned items that are a bit less known, they could be items that people would want. I'm hoping that that's what the case is. If your shot and I'm gonna be walking you guys through the process that I go through with my clients when I'm transforming their shots. I hope you're excited. I bet your notebook, your tablet or whatever, and you're ready to take some notes. 2. Your step by step action plan: Okay, so first things first, before I even get into sharing my screen and walking you through stuff, I wanted to just give you a very tactical this as steps that you need to do, either when you're setting up your Etsy shop or now to revamp it. So first thing you want to, you're gonna wanna do, look at your competitors. You're going to want to look at the best-selling listings in shops that sell items that are in your niche. If you sell digital stickers, look at shops that sell digital stickers, or even more specifically, look at what kind of digital stickers you sell. You sell like Celeste, your digital stickers or I don't really know, animal Hawaii color, digital stickers and look at listings that are pretty specific to that because there are micro niches, niches within niches, and you want to make sure that you're looking at competitors that are selling items and they're doing well with those items that are very similar to what you're selling. So look at those best selling items. Look at their titles, look at their descriptions, look at their tags, and look at their images. And you don't know how to look at everything I just said, I do no tags. That it's not exactly a split. Said that what you're looking at is tags when you're looking at Etsy from a seller's, from a buyer's perspective, which is how a lot of people approach competitor analysis when they're first starting out as an Etsy seller. But if you look at it listing and you go to the bottom, you'll see a bunch of little little oval things that have words in them. And those are actually the tags that people use when they create it they're listing. Or you could get more in depth, which I will touch on this, these two sources in a future video. But and E, they really give you a super in-depth view of the tags and all the information regarding a listing. Even if it's the competitors listing, it shows you a lot about it also in marmalade and E rank. Beyond just doing competitor analysis, you're also going to want to do keyword analysis and trend analysis. So you can manually connect your shop to these sites, analyze your listings and current tags. So if you already have items in your shop, then you'll be able to see a grade for each listing, which I think is just great. It'll be like from an F to an a and I simply will tell people, or since I do this kind of work, I simply start with the listings that have the lowest grades and then work up to it syncs with the highest grades just to kinda give you somewhere to start and it has a bad grade. That means your SEO is really not gray or you're doing something else wrong. Somebody dislike your descriptions, your titles are too long or they look like they're written for computers. So I think those, those rates are super-duper helpful. Also these tools, they can analyze the performance of different keywords. There's even like you can track, changes, something, you can do an I know for a fact you'd like you can literally look at the changes that you make on a listing and see how that affected that listings performance. But other keyword research as well, keyword researchers just super important. You should never just go and type in your tags or targeting certain keywords blindly. You can't just sit there and say, oh, I think that this is a Something that's the people who are searching for it. Because maybe it is, maybe it is like kinda turn that it seems like of course equal researching for this. But there could be a crazy amount of competition. And so there's really no point in you targeting it right now because it's the starting off shock, you're just simply not going to get found using that keyword because there are so many other shops who are already using that keyword who are performing a lot better than you are right now. So keyword research is really important, and I would say to do that for all 13 tags on each listing, and then to target. Some of those tags, though some of those keywords within your description and title. This stuff that used to not matter on Etsy. I used to always matter on Google and it still does matter on Google for SEO, but now it also matters on Etsy. They see something that's new. This is like 2022. So if you ever heard that your description isn't matter towards FTO, it does now. So keep that in mind. Okay, Then I also will say use platform itself to see which search term suggestions are showing up when people type in search queries. When you start typing in a search query and suggestions will start coming up underneath. You might type in personalized necklace and then SE will suggests personalized necklace, monogram, or personalized necklace for him or something like that. Look how completing these, these words that you're typing in and use some of those keywords. Because clearly that's what people are searching for. If that's what I see is putting out there and you know how many times you just click what the platform is suggesting for you. So definitely take advantage of that and that's entirely free. So definitely do that. And that helps you come up with some more long tail keywords, which are more narrow keywords that are very specific to what people are searching for and more so than those really broad keywords that can encompass a lot and that has tons of listings already there that would be competing with yours. And I also set you can use those ascites and you to figure out where you should be pricing your items. Then I would suggest that you sit, you're a beginning shot or your shutter is not doing well, I suggest that you run cells that all lower your price, just slightly below your competitors. Not enough that people would question its value, but just slightly below. And do that in the form of a sale so that it will look like your item has higher value anyway, But that sale will bring it down to a lower price. Instead of you're setting your prices just below your competitors without running his tail. That conveys less value, but you wanna make it look like somebody's getting a deal. It's higher value, but they're getting it for a deal because you're running a sale and I always just say even run a sale year round, it doesn't really matter. I know that's what I've done in the past. I would definitely say, use those sides to figure out the ideal price range because that's all. They show like average price for different keywords, different categories, and they're super useful. And you can even do this directly on You don't want to use a size. I would suggest you use those sites, but if you want to just use Etsy, you can just type in those long tail keywords and see what people are pricing like. Kinda look around the price ranges and the averages are, average it out and then place your eyes a little bit below your competitors. Using a sale. They're super comprehensive and you can already tell. So I would strongly suggest you use them and getting a really good look at best selling items are a lot like your product is just super, super helpful to really transform your products into something that sells well as well. Because if an item that similar to your item is selling well, that means your item can be selling well, it's just how you position it. This SEO and the sticker in the images that you've used. So really look at those listings. That's extremely valuable. And because ETC, just a large marketplace nowadays, there really is hardly anything that you could possibly sell that somebody else isn't already selling out there. Actually selling well, so that's your first step and look at their competitors and their best language things. Also, you're gonna wanna get So you're gonna wanna get to create these new photos for your listings that are mimicking these best-selling listings. And you want all your photos to be cohesive and attractive. So you want them to, especially the cover photos, you really want them to be key cohesive throughout your entire shop just so that it looks professional. And hopefully ideally they will people, when they see a photo that looks a certain way, they know that it's your shop. So if you can figure out how to make your cover photo still a professional, but maybe add on like a cute little light opaque, opaque logo on there somewhere. That would be pretty much like chefs kiss, but it's whatever you wanna do, You wanna make sure that look unprofessional or they're attractive and the cohesive because it's the photos that sell the product. At the end of the day, I mean, SEO is gonna get it found in the texts, is gonna get it found the photocell it because we weren't going to buy something that looks ugly. So, so I've listed three websites at this point,, he, and I'm going to be leaving these links down, this description because you're going to want to know them and I will see that they actually do all have paid plans, which is not ideal. But he has a free plan as well in Canva has a free plan. I will say the paid plans give you a lot more. And honestly, I think that they are very good investments. The investments at all when you look at how much they cost, I mean, it's like 999 for each rank Pro. I think it's like 1999 from normally Pro and then Canva is like 1299. This is per month, by the way. But since you probably won't be won't need them for more than maybe like three months. It's really not that much to go ahead and go with the paid plans, but of course you can stick with the free plans if that's what you'd prefer to do, that's your budget. Go ahead and stick with the free plans. You just won't have access to as many features, as many. I feel like you kinda limit the power of the resources. But if that's what your budget is, I'm not going to make you guys buy paid items. So next thing, you're going to want to update your shops policies, announcements, FAQ, shot that banner and just make sure everything is up-to-date. Etsy likes to see that a sharp is active and updating all those things, not just your listing. So that's your shop policies that are at the bottom of your shot human, there's even a timestamp there that your, that your buyers can see this shows when you last updated your shop policies though it looks good on you, last updated within the last month or so, your FAQ update that as well because there's also a timestamp. There's a timestamp on your announcements. All this stuff. You want to make sure that they're up to date, especially if in your announcements you will typically you don't name your sale. You'll put down summer sale or something. If you don't update that when that summer sale is over, it's misleading and it looks bad. If if a buyer can tell it that announcement is outdated. But you're still saying there's just some mercy on when there's no sale going on your shop that just looks bad. And then the shop banner that's not going to impact your SEO. But if you are somebody who puts announcements on your shop banner because some people do do that because it's higher visibility when you put it right there on your banner, since people are looking at that, you're going to want to make sure that's updated as well. And you also just wanna make sure you show your shop banners, update it to look attractive and cohesive with the rest of your listings in your shop. It really goes a long way that shot better. It's like the first thing people see when they click on your shop. So make sure that's looking good. And I will say, I'm not reading like I am reading. I have notes right here. That's what I'm reading, but I think also be putting this document straight up in the if I'm able to do so, I'll be putting in the files for the shop as well so you guys can use this plan. But now we're gonna be getting into some very hands-on, just walking you through some of the actual steps. 3. Walking you through a shop that needs improvement: Okay, so I did want to show my shop a bit more in depth. I showed it real quickly in the intro video. But here it is nice sharp. And when she didn't notice that I actually do put what I preached into practice. You can see my announcement is relatively recent as saying summer sale and it is still a summer sale. My banner looks pretty good and here are all my cover photos that you can see. They're not they're cohesive to a degree because they are such different items, some of them, they can only be so cohesive, but I want to think that they all look cohesive in the form that you can tell they're from the same brand. Because I pretty much tried to stick to a color scheme and just a typical art styles. So I'm pretty proud of that. And I do use to make my photos. So that is where I make everything that you see here. It gives me new selling digital products. You of course, don't physically take out a camera or a phone and start snapping photos of noon, you have to download the files and like put them into a design application that you can then like position the product dawn and whatnot. So for me, that's and that's what a lot of people use who sell digital products. So this is my client that I'm currently working for and honesty, her banner looks really good right now. I'm impressed and I did want to note that, but you can see right here, her announcement is really outdated. It's July 28th, 2022. This is a pretty November third, 2021. That was awhile ago and that was the last time she put an announcement in here. So she doesn't even announced her sales or anything. Now, of course, I'm not trying to talk bad about her at all. She's super sweet. I'm just approaching this move very tactical, strategic level. That is how I'm approaching this shop. There's really no emotional feeling in this. So you can see her her items and why they don't look that bad. Like I do like how bright the photos are. They're not cohesive. They all look like they come from different shops. For the most part. Even these two items which are actually pretty similar, they look like they come from entirely different shots and that's never good. It makes the whole shot friend look very messy in a way, like it just doesn't make it look professional. And honestly it looks like something you would click on in shock and then you can immediately click away from it to go to another shop. They're so similar items, but they look more professional and they know what they're doing. And really that's what your photos, That's what you want to convey. What your photos that you know what you're doing in your items are of high value. These though, I really like how cohesin these all look. So if you sell any kind of photos or frames like this, I love how these look. A plus here, um, for me, just since I know, since I am a designer of sorts, I can tell, it's pretty obvious to me that these aren't actually prints, at least on these two and that she just put the text directly over the frame. But that could probably just mean from a design standpoint. But I will say sometimes it, there are little things that you can do like lower the opacity of text just to make it look like it's actually in the photo. So moving on from that, the rest of it is like this, this photo, a lot of it's getting cut off, so you really need to take it and pay attention to those dimensions as the cover photo dimensions are 2400 by 3 thousand pixels. Definitely keep that in mind when you're creating these cover photo. And what's going to cohesive color scheme. It goes a long, long way, but I will say I'm happy that she does have sections over here. I will say I think she has too many. Just like look, these are a lot of sections but they are very specific. You can look in my shop, I only have I don't really have that many sections. So I'm a bit more niche down. I guess you could say. I would say if you can limit your sections to do so unless you actually have just a ton of items was 66 items is not a lot of it's not a ton of items. I've heard a lot of people say that leaves the old rule of thumb I sc, but you don't have a 100 items. You can't complain that you're not getting a lot of sales. But I wouldn't think that that's changing. But I will say that at least having a 100 items in your shop, typically it does make it look more professional and it definitely increases your chances of getting a sale just because the more products you have, the more likely it is that you will sell because there are more selling opportunities. So definitely keep that in mind. But Athena is quality over quantity, so you want to have a lot of quality listings. It's better to have a few quality listings and a whole bunch of not quality. So just keep that in mind. So down here, this description looks pretty good. Mia, I like self-care principal. She includes that right here on this text, so that is definitely a keyword right in itself. So that's a little bit extra SEO that she provided right there. She has some more terms thrown in here as well. So that's pretty good. Can maybe get a bit more long tail with some of those keywords, but it is pretty good and she has her link so that it looks professional as well. Shot policies last updated. It sounds like they were last updated on the day she must open her shop. And people can see that March 192021. And Etsy, you can see that and just keep them at Etsy. I'm not sure exactly how they how much how much priority they give it, but it does have some priority when you update it. Certain things, Etsy likely that you're keeping your shop up-to-date? Yeah. I think that's about it. Then I'm going to say overall, it looks pretty good. I do think it would look pretty good. Issue also got star seller side is and it's not too hard to get anymore, or you have to do is have gotten five sales in the last 30 days and you need okay. Let me go ahead and say, I'm not a star sale seller, but I do at least have this badge and a customer service badge of any sort looks better than not having one. It can get hard when you start getting a lot of messages. There are some you have to answer like 95% of your messages within a within 24 hours. And even though it doesn't sound that hard, it can get hard. So that's why I star so it but I'm working on it. Hopefully. By next month I will be. But that would definitely look good on here with her being a new shop. So that's my little critique. Now we're going to be walking through her shop and I'm going to show you guys how I would approach creating these new cover photos. 4. Creating images: Right, you guys. So let's dive into image creation using And I touched on this website in my little step to step or step-by-step video, but in case you didn't watch that one, is a design platform. It is entirely free, but there is a pay plan that offers a lot more tools and features that you can definitely go to the free plan if that is what your budget is looking like. The page layout plan is 1299 and they have a pretty generous free trial. They had like three-month plans are offers some time, so definitely hop on those. You can just to create some cover photos for listings on Etsy, you will need to click Create a design at the top here. And then they actually, they have a lot of templates here if you type in Etsy for like banners and first shop icons, but they don't actually have them for listing photos like the cover photos. So you can actually do that more or less from scratch. But I will show you how to use some of the templates that they have here. Mind that your, your dimensions need to be three, that they need to be 3 thousand by 2400 pixels. That is the dimensions that at C shows that your cover photos won't be cut off on the search engine. So you didn't need 3 thousand 400 and then create new design. But because I want to show you guys for some of the tips that they have are gonna go up here and type search your content or canvas and go ahead and type digital product. That's what I saw and that's where a lot of my clients, so I do know that Allahu also subsidy simple products on Etsy. There are more physical product sellers in neutral product sellers. But this is the templates that I'm going to show you. You can definitely use some other physical product and fits as well. You can look through some of these pre-made templates that others have made. A lot of them are free, but if they have a crown on it, that doesn't mean that they are paid. They are part of the paid plan. So just keep that in mind. You can look at the different timbres they have. And if you want to use one of these for your cover photo, you definitely can. You just need to resize this. So this one right here looks pretty good. I could definitely see using that if you sell like social media templates, just resizing it to the SD cover photo dimensions. This one looks great as well. This one looks pretty good too if you select courses. The different bundles, this also it's good for social media templates. Social media is who pays for this one to use and they have some really good Tim that's on here that you can use. If you'd rather, this one looks good to you. If you would rather use one of these instead of starting from scratch. I would encourage you to use one of those if you've never created an Etsy listing for cover photo before, just because it does so much of the work for you. But I actually have already started on them. So although you would click create a new design, I'm gonna go back into my little inventory of designs. I'm going to tap on the one that I've already started on for this client that I'm currently working for. I really I'm at currently in the process of revamping her shop. I showed you guys her shop in one of the previous videos, how it was looking at first, and at this point is really starting to look a lot more attractive. Because I've been using this kind of template design for all her cover photos. Once again, you see three dimensionally furniture pixels. Go ahead and tap that. And so you can just look at how these look. I have a lot in here, but I'm just really been, for the most part like reusing this template or very, making new ones that are very, very similar. So they all look very cohesive. So it's kinda clicking through them. These are not hard at all. These ones that actually are the cover photos. And then these next ones, if you'd like the secondary supplementary photos throughout the listing, you even use this to create listing videos which are getting quite popular. And seeing what you really need to do is once you have that little, you have a blank page. You go to elements and you can definitely look at some of the different elements they have here. They have a lot of really interesting ones that can make your photo look a lot more interesting than just putting your product on their bikes. So I use like a wooden background for them. And I clicked Edit image to actually write in that back on. And then I asked, so I use this little iPad template for some of these ones over here. I used, I use this one for actually just putting the product inside and use it as its own forum as a smoker, you don't know what a mock. It's basically just fake. It sounds I've assayed but like that, but like a fake way to show your product how it will look physically. That's really the best I can. So at this point here, her actual product photos over here. So just like grab this one already perfectly sized iPad. And then you could drag, I'm bold and then make it smaller because you want to show a bit more the cover photo. And then if you click out on your keyboard, you can drag and drop so that you just create duplicates. And united six and the other one I'm just gonna do for on this one for the sake of time. And also sometimes you have to just play around with it. Sometimes using less. On the front, it looks cleaner and better than you did before, but it really also concerned with, which seems more importantly, you can drag and drop and show more pages. In Canada is pretty nice. They use little snap lines kind of help you make sure everything is aligned. Then you go to texts. And I definitely recommend adding texts and your cover photo, especially for digital products, but like honestly for all products. But I also did want to point out, you'll notice under your text, your default texts are different from mine. And I'm going to show you why. When you are on this screen of Canada, the actual screen, you can go to Tools and brand. You can create a little brand Kate. And I think that this is super great for making sure all of your images. Once again look cohesive. I know I keep using that word, but it really is important for your brand identity and image. So I have a color palette here and then I have fonts. And more or less this makes up the brand kit for my clients. She doesn't actually have a logo. We can then put that right here. She did. Yeah. And you'll see that when you go to an actual design, these are all super accessible. You can just add colors here. You can upload a file, change this one. You can do whatever you want. And then when you come out over here, all of them will be like pre ready for you to use, which I think inches amazing Canvas, such a good tool. I find that it's pretty intuitive to you. And if you're not, you've never designed before, it's not much of a learning curve. So we've changed that your mind, these are all, I'm not thinking too hard about these words that I'm putting up here. I'm just doing this for the tutorial. And then you see for that untitled brand kit, we already have all those pillars Access. All right, Here, I am going to leave the words black because you can't really go wrong with black text and you want that really high visibility. So I'm actually going to move it up a little bit so I can put it on the side of the brighter part of the wood. And you might even want to brighten the wood even more. It just comes down what she wanted to do. And then we'll add that little sub-heading in there so you can put some more text. You want to add some important info that you think. You want to add, the important info that you think people would care about when they're scanning through products, when they first search. Once again, it's what's the image is going to be. What gets people to click on it. Let's put it that way like 17, okay. He use some of these. You can use dragging a line from elements if you want to. Add a bit more interesting look to your photo. Separate things a bit. Lines typically would do the trick. Use out and drag and it will duplicate that loan. I do the outbreak in the world just a little bit. Then a meal prep planner, I'm going to change the line spacing so that it looks a little bit closer to get there. And you can see on the other ones, I also add a rectangle in and I add more types on top of that. So I love this feature of Canva is that you can use the colors from your photos. You see photo colors right here. You can literally change this rectangle to a color that's already in use. Photos. I think that that just looks super prey. Grab that text too. I'm just copying and pasting. This visibility is a bit more high contrast. And this of course, is to graph this red. Copy that and paste it. Make it change that alert to another color from the photo. Same text, font style. That up here, you could change it to make it diagonal two. Alright, so, yeah, this will more or less looks good and this is about what I would do for actually creating a listing cover photos. So you guys are learning they definitely check out to make some of your images have not sponsored by them or anything. Of course, it is worth platform. 5. Keyword Research like a pro: So now I'm gonna show you exactly how I would approach keyword research. And I'm going to show you using two tools that are always inconsistently free. And then two that are third-party sources that one of them can be free and then the other one is a payment. So itself is that first free resource. is the next free resource. And I'm also going to show you, which is a paid resource, but there is a two-week free trial that I'll touch on in a bit. And then E is that last free resource that can be paid. The paid plan has more features, so it's what you wanted to. So first, I wanted to show you on itself. Since this one is very, very relevant, of course, it's showing exactly what people are searching for and we're gonna be using the search engine search bar right here for some keyword research. So choose that listing Ramy working on it. I'm going to go and look at I already selected one, so let's go with printable vacation planner. Vacation planner is pretty like that. A very has a lot of potential. So let's type in vacation planner. It's already giving you all these search suggestions for words that you can use clearly, these are things that people are searching for. How many times you go and you search for something and then you see a suggestion pop up and you just click that suggestion. Keep up. Keep that in mind. We're looking at these, so these are very, very good keywords to use. These are great tags. Do use great keywords to focus keywords that thread throughout your description and title. So we have vacation planet Printables, stickers template for Google template, Google Sheet and digital. So all those are great ones. We want to choose ones that are relevant to our products. So we can't use stickers and we can't use Google Sheets because those are not relevant to the product that we are talking about. But these rest, rest of these, I think they look like we can use them, might have look a bit more to template for Google to see exactly what that is, but I'm assuming you can use that one as well. Now we're gonna go with that route keyword here. And I did want to mention that if you ever searched for anything related to the products that you sell, I would suggest you use either like an incognito window and in private window or you like clear your cats or something or just sign out of your Etsy account because you want to see you don't want it to be personalized. Which suggestion Do you want to see what all buyers are singing? So now we're going to finish with that route keyword. And we're going to bypass all these ads right here. This first row, these are all ads and you can target that says Add by Etsy sellers. So we ended with the first search result. We see that this doesn't have ADD and this is, seems very relevant in similar to our products, like it's not a Google Sheet, so that's what we want. So we're going to click this one since this is that first organic search results for vacation planner to clearly they're doing something right there, SEO. So we can definitely look at these keywords. And they have these two keywords very nicely separated with commas. So we can use digital planner, notability planner, vacation planner, travel planner. Goodnotes, painter for iPad. Oh, whoa, digital painter, good notes, template. These are all keywords that we can use. And then we go down to the bottom here and we see a ton, more keywords. So these are all fantastic. Like I'm not saying to steal all of them, but like copying a good amount of them is a smart ideas since they're listing is clearly already doing well, we can tell because it says it was listed on August eighth, 2022. Today is August eighth, 2022. So clearly some body just bought this listing. So it is what's the thing that's currently in-demand? Some very relevant ones to our vacation planner. It looks like it would be definitely vacation planner or travel planner, trip planner, itinerary planner, digital packing lists. All of these are really good ones that I definitely think we should use. Then GoodNotes is in here a couple of times. So we wanna make sure we definitely put GoodNotes in one of our tags. Target that keyword as well. So that is how I would approach keyword research directly on Etsy if you didn't know that these are, these are the tags that people are putting on their listing. If you didn't know that's what these what these related searches are. Two bars, it looks like related searches, but as a seller, you should know that these are actually the tags. Now we're gonna move on to Google is a little bit less prioritized Etsy, but you always want to use Google because that is the search engine that most people are going to directly anyway, and Etsy results do show up on Google. So vacation planner, the RDC, a couple more suggestions here. Template, website, template you will sheets, jobs, these aren't super relevant. So we're gonna kinda move on from those because they probably don't eliminate at least two of those. Didn't even have anything to do with products. So you could go directly to shopping. But typically for keywords, images presumed produces the best results for keywords because images, you see all these keywords that are already laid out right here at the top, we see vacation planner, free printable template, Excel. I tend to vary spreadsheet, employee calendar, road trip, download, downloadable, notice all these different keywords. So definitely if any of these are relevant to your listing, snag all of these because these are clearly what people are searching for. I mean, you only had 13 tags. You can use. She's the ones that are most relevant. But if you can read a good amount of use, write your description in tires will definitely do it. And these are all free. You are free to you. And then for a minor But since we already have tapped on the listing, we can just scroll down. You can see exactly what they're saying about your tags, your long-tail focused, he ruins focus, keyword engagement, long-tail tags. If you don't know what a long-tail tag or keyword is, It's just really like the more specific keywords, like vacation plan or I'm not sure if that would be long tail, but vocation plane are good notes. That would be long tail. The more detail you add makes it more long tail. But normally it will tell you if it's a long tail keywords. So like right here, vacation planner is long tail, expense tracker is not long tail. And apparently these are all of our focus keywords. These are what the current seller prioritize and I don't see probably don't even realize that she was her focus keywords, but they must have showed up multiple times through the tags, in the description and probably in the title as well. So vacation planner targeted that one pretty well. It doesn't have that many searches or engagement, but it's very relevant to the product. So I would say she should keep that one. Expense tracker has some more searches and engagement. We also would want to know the amount of competition, and these are green, so there's not that much competition, So that's good as well. And then vacation journal, even less searches and engagement, but it is still long tail and this is very relevant. So typically, with such a low searches and engagement, I would go with keywords that have higher engagement. Some of these are not even showing up. So I would definitely get rid of these. Don't like, these aren't even need to be keywords at all because they're not what people are searching for ever. Apparently according to these searches and engagement and results. And then these are just showing all the four tags. Travel planner looking, looking pretty good. I mean, these are both green and then not too much competition. We'd prefer. There's a little bit less, so this would turn green, but it is what it is. I'm going to tap on vacation planner to analyze that keyword because they'll give you some more long tail keywords and kinda show you what listings are ranking high. Just a very in-depth analysis some arm elite will give you and it's very similar at the It'll even show you engagement over time. We see in November of 2021, there was a lot of engagement. It's kinda, it's kinda strange. It looks like it goes through little waves, but this past month there was also a slightly higher amount of engagement as well. You kind of an idea of where you should be pricing your products. So that's pretty cool. User all listings are doing pretty well in popular tags. So in addition to vacation plan or people will typically tag with travel planner, trip planner, travel journal, travel itinerary, holiday planner. These are nice. I do like these. Particularly they are really relevant right here though under popular tags, they don't actually show searches, engagement and competition. I do think that that would be pretty nice, but they do so they show average price. So if you see $8.74 is the average price or vacation planner, as a very new Etsy seller, you'd be smart to set your price maybe a little bit above that and then use a discount. They said it like 20% below. When you set the original price as high, gives it a little more value in the eyes of buyers and then a discount we'll make it just seemed like a discounted price, but not like the product is less value itself if you just priced it 20% lower than the competition from the jump without that discount. So that's pretty nice to you that they show that average price. Then an under similar shopper searches to actually show searches, engagement, and competition. So that's definitely, these, are those parties only very relevant these words. But we can definitely work with GoodNotes planner and digital planner. These have a lot of competition though. So we really might want to just stick with those more focused keywords and then maybe add in your vacation planner and then digital at the end, or vacation planner and then GoodNotes at the end. All these curious, I mean, they're pretty, pretty good, lots of promise, but this is really just I'm walking through more relational and you hide, approach it. You probably at some point you'll realize you got to kind of make tough calls with keywords and tags based on your research, you've got to decide which ones you want to keep, which ones you want to get rid of, which ones do you think? Will it lead to the most sales engagement? Just those tough calls you, you have to make. But fortunately, normally use Google at C and E rank all make it a lot easier for you to make some of those tough calls because they show you, for the most part which ones you should be prioritizing. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Now on to the next one. 6. Outro: So, thank you all so, so much for watching this course. If you're able to learn a lot from it on starting your own Etsy shop, making sure that it's a best-selling one. I really am hoping for the best for all you guys shops. I really want that for you all. So make sure you do the class project below and share what your classmates and me, because I know I'd love to see it and I hope you enjoyed this course. Don't forget to follow me, to check me out of my socials at cultures simplicity on Pinterest and Instagram are more active on Pinterest. And try to keep up with me on Skillshare. I hopefully I will post some more videos, more tutorials in the near future.