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How to set up a professional, beautiful Etsy shop in 2023 | Best-selling Practices

teacher avatar Cierra Smith, Simplifying your next creative passion

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      What you'll learn


    • 2.

      Prioritization in the shop set-up process


    • 3.

      Templatizing your brand image


    • 4.

      Etsy SEO made easy


    • 5.

      Trend Analysis Made Easy


    • 6.

      Best-selling tips for Etsy sellers


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About This Class

Whether you're just opening an Etsy shop or looking to start one in 2023, this is the course that'll cover everything that you need to know; From brand image "templatizing" to search engine optimization.

The specifics of what you'll learn include:

  • Prioritization in the set-up process
  • “Templatizing” your brand identity
  • How to approach SEO
  • Trend analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Product research
  • Keyword research

I'll walk you through a number of platforms, including: 

  • itself
  • Canva
  • Erank
  • Pinterest trends
  • Alura
  • Marmalead

So get excited!

- Cierra Smith, Founder of Cultured Simplicity

Get your shop optimized by me!

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Meet Your Teacher

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Cierra Smith

Simplifying your next creative passion

Level: Intermediate

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1. What you'll learn: Hey everyone, My name is Sarah Smith. I'm the founder of culture, its simplicity on Etsy and cultured simple And in this course I'm only showing you how to set up a beautiful professional Etsy shop in at 20:23, we're going to go over privatization and the setup process to privatizing your brand identity. How do you approach SEO? Trend analysis, competitive analysis, and pricing analysis. How to resize your images for Pinterest pins and creating carousel pins. We're gonna be going over some Etsy seller pro tips. Just everything I thought you should know us either opening up an Etsy shop in 2023 or optimizing the one you already have in 2023. So get excited, grab your notes, look at the class project. I'm excited and we're going to just dive straight into this course. 2. Prioritization in the shop set-up process: Alright, so first things first we're going to be going over prioritization in the Etsy shop setup process. And I have my notes right here on my laptop, so I will be looking over intermittently you to look at that. So I want to just touch on the order that you should be approaching. Basically just everything while you're sitting her Etsy shop, what you should be prioritizing, most highly. Prioritizing a bit less. So I'm going to get into that. So first things first, you wanna make sure you have quality products above all else, your products that are going to be what's getting sold. You want to make sure that your products are of high quality. So do not brush their creation process. Okay? Etsy is about selling what you love. So take that time to really create those things that you love. If i'm, I'm assuming that you loved the process, so don't rush it. Buyers can tell that anybody looking at Etsy shop can tell if you rushed that creation process, low-quality products don't sell. And if they do, your buyers are gonna be mad and they're going to come back and leave the negative reviews. And then your shop is just simply not going to be found in a t-shirt search. So just make sure that products are high-quality. Enjoy that process at, having a shot is not a get rich quick money scheme. It's not that. So take the time that you need and have patients. Okay? So first things first is those quality products. Number two is your SEO, which is search engine optimization. Memory that your search engine optimization is what gets your products found. So it's really, It's super, super important just after your quality products is the keywords that you are using when you are creating your product. So these are the words that you put your description and your tags and your title, which is threaded throughout your shop front. You want to make sure that you are targeting certain keywords, make sure you're ranking highly for them and search agents. So this is both, this is Google, even pinterest. Wherever your products can be found, you want to make sure that you have, you have those keywords to describe your products so that they are getting found in search engine optimization if you're not familiar with it. It's neither about the keywords that people are searching. You can think of something like branding templates. Sometimes people search that. They'll search that and they'll see all these products pop up. And I'm assuming you're either a newer shop or shaw That's not getting all that many sales. So your products are likely not showing up that high for such a general search term, even though branding templates is a very popular, highly searched for a search term, it is a short tail keyword, which means that it is not that specific. So there's tons of competition. So typically, you're going to also want to target longer tail keywords. This is super important when you're starting out because this is your, your differentiation strategy to make sure that you are showing up and you seem different than your competitors. So it's those longer tail keywords that are going to differentiate yourself from these other shots. So instead of just branding template, you would maybe say contemporary branding template or Bohemian branding template. Adding those other little descriptive words and create those longer tail keywords is really key to just making sure that you are showing up, since you're going to be showing up higher. And search when you're targeting these smaller long-tail keywords since there are less competitors that are also targeting them. So I hope that was a decent way of explaining it, but I like how that's just the order. So first you have your quality products and you have your search engine optimization. And then I can't even say number three, I'm going to say 2.5. So we have one, we have two, and now we have 2.5, which are your images. Your SEO gets your products found, your images get your products sold, it gets them clicked on. So that is why they are almost just as important as SEO. Because when people are scrolling through Etsy, remember at sees a very beautiful marketplace. People come in, they're expecting to see aesthetic images, the best of the best. That is why people are willing to spend a little bit more on Etsy. So you want to make sure that your products, your product images are gorgeous, that you're putting in that time to make sure they look amazing. So whether that's beautiful photography, if you are selling physical co-products or beautiful designs created in or Adobe Photoshop. Using mockups, you would make sure you're putting that word even if you're selling those digital products. And typically, you'll also want to have some texts overlays in there. I know the easiest way to upload listing images is just to take the photo and just upload it straight to the product. But it's those texts overlays that really set your product apart in the Etsy search. And I say set your product, set your product apart. But nowadays, So people are using texts overlays that if you're not using them, you're really just, you're giving yourself an extreme disadvantage because you are missing out on highlighting those key features that sets you apart because a lot of your competitors are already using those texts overlays that include the little feature that includes the product name, beautiful fonts, colors. It's how they further show their brand identity within their images. You want somebody to look at an image that you are like an image of one of your products and know that it's one of your products because the font, the colors, the texts, the quality of the photo. It all, it represents your brand and it's distinguishable. So you want your brand identity to be a parent and you want it to be very attractive. You want people to know that your shop. So we have quality products at number one, SDO at number two, and images at number 2.5. And then number three is your shop front. A lot of the times people will kind of overlook this and the listing creation process. And that's not a horrible thing because it is your listings that are wet skinning found in order getting sold. But at the end of the day, Etsy is, it's a marketplace and it's not just, it's not an Amazon. It's people are coming here because they want to support small businesses. They wanted to see what makes you different. And we'll see you a little backstory. The abouts, you widest support you. They come here because they know that they're supporting handmade creators, local creators, small businesses, just everyday people and they want to, they want evidence of that and that's where your shop front comes in. And that little about your shot sexually and put down your About you add in a little photo of yourself, added some about your shot photos showing the creation process, makes sure that your shot banner is big and pretty and also showcasing your brand identity, makes sure that your shop announcement is up to date. Make sure your shop policies and your FAQ are all there and make sure you have sections. You want everything to be super crisp and polished and professional. And keep in mind that all that texts that you include there as well. It's being read by search engines, maybe not buy Etsy, but by different search engines because that's text that's there. You don't want to miss out on those search engine optimization opportunities where you couldn't be including like, you know, I sell branding templates are my love for reading templates was founded Back in blah, blah, year. Like you conclude that all of that in here about shop section and that will also help with SEO. But remember to be genuine, be transparent, be honest. People can see all of that. You want to connect with your buyers. So that's your order. It's your quality products at number one, SEO at number two, images, low-quality images that are just beautiful at 2.5. And then we have your shop front at three. So now let's move on to the next part of setting up your beautiful professional Etsy shop in 202033. 3. Templatizing your brand image: Alright, so now we're going to be getting into templatized your brand identity. We're going to go to to do that. If you don't really understand, I'm saying templatized. I'm basically saying creating templates for your different listings, like visual templates that you are going to use repeatedly every time you create a listing. And this just really aids with making sure that your shop is showing up very cohesively. It looks professional and it really just speeds up the listing creation process. Do you don't have to repeatedly remake these these listing images and whatnot. So let me, I'm going to show you guys a taste of what having that cohesive rent identity looks like an images. And these are actually part of my Etsy shop kids. I'm not trying to sponsor them. I'm just kinda showing you the little bit of cohesiveness that comes with starting with an Etsy shop kit are essentially creating your own, which is what I'm basically about. Show you how to do. So you can kinda see here that it includes thank you note cards and includes profile photos which aren't as important, but they can be Q Sharp icon slash, slash logos, your shop banner, which is a huge part of how you're a shop front looks. You're listing photos, your receipt manners, even Instagram posts. But I'm not going to be getting into those. And you really just want them to look pretty similar so they're cohesive. So let's go in and look at the Canvas templates that are out there. You just go up to the top here to search your content or a canvas and just type in Etsy. And you can kinda see what they have here, what they have pre-made. I am going to start with let's start with our listing photos. Let's just start there. So I was in my personal experience, people don't really create listing photos and photos for other things. But we will see if anything shows up when you type in Etsy listing. Alright, so there are a few things. It's important to note that these are not specific to Etsy. And I can tell straight off just because they're not in the Etsy listing photo dimensions which are 3,000 and by 2,400 pixels. None of these are size like that. So I'm going to just create a custom design for that, for the listing photos. I did want to say though, if you want, wow. Okay. You want to start with one of the ETC. Banners. Then I will show you what comes up when you type that in. And this can just be nice. We don't want to start from scratch. There's a ton of listings, Etsy shop banners here that you can choose from and customized to reflect your own brand identity, adding your own brand name. There are a lot here, so you don't have to start from scratch. This is why I so strongly recommend Canva. You'll see a lot of crowns on this, which just means that they are Canva Pro templates, which means that you will need a Canva Pro plan if you're a new member to Canada or you use a new email address, then you can get that 30-day free trial, which I strongly, strongly recommend because there's so much more templates when you go with those, with that Canva Pro plan. And I even recommend buying it if you are looking into doing this as a long-term thing because I really think it's worth it. I will say that it's coming from someone who sell solely digital products to each their own. Now we're gonna go ahead and just move on into that custom, that custom photo or custom design for the listing photos. So we're going to type it, we're going to click Custom, and then we're going to type in 3,000, then 2,400 pixels, That's Px right here. And then create new design. Right now. It's just going to open that up and you'll have a Canvas that is size accordingly for you to drag and drop your listing photos into there. So if you have physical products, you already have photography done, you would just drag those into that Canvas right now to make sure that they are sized appropriately for Etsy. Or if you have those digital products and you would just download your products as PNGs and then our peak ping files or JPEG files. And then you would upload them here and then drag and drop them into the Canvas. So I'm going to use one of the elements here to just pretend like I have a product, then I'm going to be selling. Let's see, we haven't enough. Okay, so let's pretend like I'm selling something, some kind of baking supplies for making macaroons. It's pretty image photography is nice. So let's go ahead and play around with actually editing the image because you do want your images look really good. It's typically I, if I am gonna edit them, I'll edit it in Photoshop. But Canva has some very, very nice editing features and there's a lot less of a learning curve. So we're just going to reduce the blur a little bit to make the photo a bit clearer. We are going to up the vibrance a bit. And really this is unique to each products. It's just how you want to showcase your product. For these though, I will be upping the vibrant, typically up being the contrast at least a little bit will help to up the saturation a bit Nimmer to not play around with this too much. If you do start playing around, a lot, definitely indicate that in the description or put a little footnote on the photo, it says, colors have been changed. You don't want people to be mad for this product. It does it really matter because I'm just talking about baking supplies. But I did just recolor it and I think that it's just really good to be transparent because you don't want angry buyers. So I probably would've put a footnote down here, something that says color, listing photos, lifting colors have been tampered with. So just like this, it already looks pretty. So that's your your photo. And then adding some texts overlay, you can see that there's some shapes over here. You add in a rectangle. I'll add in shapes if I feel like the texts won't contrast well with the background of the photo actually right here, the background is pretty light, so I could just add in some black text and it will look fine. But I will see you guys actually adding in those shapes as well. Because a lot of times you will need to add an a shape to up that contrast. And you really want your texts to be visible. This is not the time to be trying to play around too much with fancy fonts and swirls and cursive and crazy color combination. Don't do orange and yellow. Don't do red on green. Just kinda try your best to stick around white on black, black and white. But I will say it can be very attractive when you have some different coloured texts in there. I'm going to show you what I mean by that. When we go to Tech, we see some different font combinations here. You can look through them a bit and choose one if you like. I typically I really liked this one right here. This leaks Spartan font is just very attractive and it's bold and it's feminine, and it just, it does the job, so I enjoy it. I'm a host of other recently used ones if you guys kinda looking for some recommendations. I also really enjoy the strict hand font. That one is very bold as well. And people are going to look at that listing photo while they're scrolling and they're going to see that text very clearly. Canvas Sans is also quiet, just straight to the point, still pretty attractive, not too hard. So all three of those fonts are nice ideas were starting out. So I'm just going to leave this text as is, because the actual text doesn't really matter for editorial. And I'm going to show you guys, if you do want to play around with the colors a bit, how you would go about doing that. You can either start directly from these photo colors right here. I will say that just looking at these, you can see all these beautiful photo, all these beautiful colors in this photo. And it only took out these five rather dual ones. So if you want to select different colors from your photos, you just click this plus icon right here and you've got onto the Eyedropper tool, then you can take any color you want from the photo. So I'm going to click that and I just change that to a pink color. And then I'm going to click the plus sign again, the eyedropper. And I'm, I hovered over the 0 already. I'm going to go in here and select some purple. And there you go. I will say that I'm trying to choose slightly darker variations in the color since this is on a white background and you want that contrast should be there. So I'm gonna go back in with the eyedropper tool. We're going to select this greenish bluish color. Going to go over the D and the plus sign. And I would say the yellow, but yellow doesn't normally contrast to WOW, on white. So I'm just gonna go with the green. There you go. It's just like that. It's already pretty and it's coming together and you'd be shocked how just beautiful product images can look when the text and the image like match when another, it's, it's pretty amazing. In my opinion. I'm a little bit biased, I guess, since I do this kind of work. But really it just like that, It's super, super easy to create your listing photos. So that's how you would create the listing photo. And then go back and you can kinda look through to create a shop banner, but to stay consistent with that cohesive brand I didn't eat eat. I'm gonna be just resizing this photo right here. And you just go up here and click resize. This is a Canva pro feature. So once again, go ahead and try that Canva pro free trial and resizing your design. Etsy, Etsy shop banners already. It's one of the preset sizes in here. Normally mess. Oh yeah, sorry. Etsy shop cover is what they call it. So we're makes you click Copy and resize, and that'll open up a whole new tab. And you've resize the image that you were just looking at and you can, it's gonna be resized when Etsy shop cover. So there you go. This is just, it's great for keeping that cohesive brand identity and I keep saying cohesive, but I do quite like that word. We're going to center this, going to drag out the way. You want. Definitely going to make that text bigger like I did. Then you can also go in and change the rest of the colors if you want or you can leave them as is. And really doesn't matter if you don't want this to be quite this hard. Why you can change the trans? Parents see a bit to do, lay down a little bit so you can kinda see through it. But don't drill it down too much because you want the text to be very visible. So down here we still have this text here. I can choose Ungroup and delete this text. I want it to, but I think it's nice. So I will just add in a little description about exactly what you sell. Theoretically, baking supplies, food coloring, food decorations, and more. And I'm going to click out on my keyboard and then drag this. And you can even add in something to indicate your website. So just e.g. sake, I'll just use mine. Then I'm going to drag it out. Definitely going to make it a lot smaller than it currently is. And it actually, I don't want it to be capitalised, so I'm going to retype that. I do think putting your website on your banner, if you have one, is a pretty smart move or your social media, your social media accounts really putting them on there too, can be a smart move to really just build that brand loyalty. So we're going to drag that towards the middle. I'm going to go ahead and ungroup this. And then I'm going to delete that little piece of text down here. You can see it's not super visible. So I'm gonna change it to white. And let's see what it looks like within affect you click this effectively, add in a shadow. Shadow. A black shadow will typically make it a little more visible and then up the transparency of it, we can play around with that blur a little bit. And I think that that is pretty visible. It will be pretty visible on an actual Etsy shop. So this would just be an example banner. I'm going to show you guys what my own Etsy shop looks like. Because we now we have this banner, we have that image. I kinda let you guys, it actually works. So this is my Etsy shop banner right here. And if you go down here, I'll show you guys like my products a bit. Here is one hair template that you can see. This one is very similar to my banner. So it's all about that brand identity. Then we have our sharp kits in here and like, you know, everything is just, I tried to keep a colorful. I play around with texts color as I see fit, but I make sure that it's all visible. I kinda want to just show you guys what it looks like actually in Etsy search. So this is why you want to use those big font. So it's high contrast colors. Add in some description and even at it, it looks right here. It's a little bit smaller than it looks at Etsy search because when you look at your Etsy shop, it just, it shows up slightly smaller. I'll show you guys what I mean. If I type in Etsy shop kid, you can see how they're just bigger images in all. So even though it's still four per row, they're just bigger. And you can see, even though it looks like the texts would be small when you look on your own shop, it, they're actually decently big here. Alright, so let's go back over here. I'm going to re-size this image once more to do the Etsy shop icon. And while we're here, we might as well touch on that thank you note card. Actually, we can see that this is actually super convenient. They resize it twice right here. So it says thank you. Note card and Etsy shop icon and it says those names because they are my recent. So I'm going to uncheck Etsy shop icons so it doesn't do it twice. And the 760 by 100 px pixels is the Etsy shop receipt. They enter dimensions. So we're going to click that too so that we can have that shop banner there. And I think that that's pretty much all I'm going to be doing for now because that's really all you need for templatized, that creation process. And it just, it really does them all. And they're all loading right now, while we wait for that, I'm going to go back and show you guys some of the listing image templates that I have already created that have more texts than them that I've already done all ten images where even though I only showed you guys how to do one image, the whole point of starting out with this template is this templatized and processes that you will have all attain at the very start. And yet I do say tin because you can have up to ten images on Etsy and I recommend you using Alton as you pretty much every guru out there. Every etsy search engine optimization tool out there recommends that you use all tank and then you can show your product and ten different ways you should see images or sell it. So it is, Let's just give it a second here to load. Alright, so here's some of my pastel listing photos. Just made all of these using that same little creation process I showed you. I added in rectangles, circles, squares, just kinda hovered over to select colors from the photos. Played around with the coloring a bit. At the end of the day, it just comes down to what looks the best. So it does, it comes down to playing around a bit, giving yourself some time to create those photos. Don't rush this process. A lot of people don't think about this list increased process. They only think about the actual process of creating the products. But there's no point in having amazing products if you don't showcase them amazingly, because people aren't going to click them and buy them. If you don't showcase them, you got to showcase what there were. So here are some examples of that. So your product name features, features, features, product close-up, more features in context, more features, and use features. Product comparison yours versus somebody's else's, their product in a collection of products that you sell. And then just some other photos that don't have to have any texts on them, but further showcase your product. And we have all ten images here. At that point, you would just click this little Share icon right here. Go to download PNG. Normally I will encourage PNG because they are the most high resolution ones. But sometimes every now and then the File Export and there'll be too big if they're bigger than 10 mb, they won't upload into ETC. So at that point you don't need to come back into Canvas, click PNG again and then compress the file and then read download it. But I will say at least try to download the file as pin a pin without compressing it and then uploading it to Etsy to see if it will be small enough. So these are your listing photos kinda give you guys that idea and we're gonna go back to looking at the other stuff. So we have our shop cover. Now we have our thank-you note card. Just move that text up there. I'm just trying to show you guys have just how easy it is. So this is a thank you note cards where it's going to do thank you. And I'm going to move the website back down to the bottom. And let's make everything just a little bitter. We're going to change this small texts. You always want to just be personable, genuine, supporting, supporting my small group. And I'm going to change the sizing of this so that it will automatically, you see that those lines come in there so that it's automatically positioned right in the middle. And then I'm going to change the sizing it is to, to just fit the text. And then I'm going to try to like auto put that in the middle of two. I'm going to add a page to this is that they can see that they automatically put a bunch of thank you note templates over here so you can select one of those if you want. This will be like the back of the card where you would put in a bit more texts. See if any these kinda match this front here. This one mashes decently. Then I'm going to just caught me that delete that. Putting your own texts you typically use there, we can just get rid of that. And just like that, your thank-you notes are done. Now we're going to move over to the shop icon. This is, Let me go back to my own shop to show you guys what the Etsy shop icon is. We just type it in. Basically the ed site. Etsy shop icon is the logo associated with your shot. Mine is this image right here, which is me, and it reflects what I do. So I do offer custom logos. So I'm gonna show you guys how to create that right quick. It just keep it in this square size. I'm going to re-size this into a square. Not super even though it was clear to me. Then I'm gonna go ahead and ungroup this and delete this smaller texts. You don't need your website on your logo. And I'm just moving CS and make the texts way bigger, so it's 200 now let's see if that That's pretty good size. All right, and I'm going to change the color of this. Drag and drop. Let's do purple. And we'll see kinda would be like how it's looking. It looks pretty cute as is. But if we didn't want to play around with the texts effects, we can do that. Click on that shadow, change it to black. Raise the blur. And it's a bit different. So now we have that sharp icon there as well. And if we want it to go in here and do the receipt Banner at this point, you can really use exactly what you did for the thank you note. Because it's your receipt manner, just basically new thinking or person, your buyer for buying the product. So let's delete this original texts and I'm going to leave the website on there. You can put your brand name, something on there so that there is that brand identity. So people know exactly who it is that they supported. Make this bigger. Let's go make this a little bit smaller and we don't want it to take up so much. All right, so just for that example, Here's that receipt banner. You can play around with this rectangle. You can add in a stroke. So minds that extra stroke will really make it look more polished. So you would just click the line here, click this line and then change the border. Wait a bit. So it's out for which actually looks pretty decent. So we'll go ahead and change the color of the stroke. Let's try this green and see what that's looking like. Not bad at all. We're going to spread out the rectangle. I'm going to click the thank you. And then I point to shift, click this for supporting my small business and drag both of them now. Then I'm going to grab everything and try to put it in the middle. Once again, this is just an example, but this would be your receipt banner. So take note of the dimensions that I mentioned because you will need to keep these dimensions in mind when you're creating your own templates. So at this point we've created everything that you would need for a short listing photos and your shop fronts. So let's move on to the next video. 4. Etsy SEO made easy: So now we're gonna be getting on to SEO, also known as search engine optimization. And what I consider to be the most important part of your Etsy shop. Basically, this is what's gonna get people to your shop. Your search engine optimization consists of the keywords that you target when you are, when you're creating your products essentially. So in your description, your title, your tags everywhere that you can put texts throughout your shop, all that, all that is factored in to search engine optimization and how your shot full rank when buyers are searching for different terms. So to start with research, I always just like to suggest, right within platform, since that is totally free, accessible if you're trying to sell on Etsy, you're familiar with So we're going to just go straight here and think about the product that you're selling. Its most, kinda like just general term. So I had mentioned Branding templates. So I mentioned in my last video, I typed in branding template to kinda see what longer tail keywords show up when I take that. And we see branding template, Canva branding templates bundle or any templates instead, or any template, Instagram branding template, ETC. Just right there you get a couple of, you had like four different ideas for how to expand those branding templates and neither stuff, these are search terms that buyers are already searching for him, know that he has Etsy is recommending it. So when people type it in, this is what they see. And how many times when you're typing in a search term you see something pop up. You click that probably all the time. So of course you would want to target the keywords at Etsy is already recommending. And just like that, you can assume that these are also, typically they're pretty relevant of trends. So sometimes you like, you'll see us there when you type this in. Now, you see these search terms pop up. You might type it into six months in different search term, it's come up. And that's indicative of the trends that are currently happening. But at least for now, these are the search terms that people are searching for. So if we click branding template, Instagram, and the fact that you stop writing ticket into an unbranded template, Instagram clearly shows that that is a really big one to be targeting is instagram templates. So you can see the products here. And if you want to dive even deeper to research directly on Etsy, go ahead and start investigating the top listings. So these ones, these are all as you can see, because I say add by Etsy seller typically the first row or as below these most love. So these are all ads and then you'll have the organic posts right under it. And then you normally have another role of ads down like two rows. So here are some more ads. So typically I won't really look at ads because that's paid traffic. And of course, they're gonna be showing up since you are paying to be showing up. So I'll click the organic listing and kinda look a bit at the cures that they have in their title. And if you're not at all familiar with the way that people may products for search engine optimization. The way that they have all these commas in here is completely normal and it's what you're going to need to be doing to make sure you target all those keywords that you're trying to target. So yes, this isn't the reader-friendly, not the most visible, but it gets the job done and it makes sure that you're showing up in search and come on at the end of day, people, they're looking at the image so they don't really care too much about the title there and look at the image and they see exactly what it is that your product is. And then they'll click through the images. So we can kinda look through the description a little bit. But typically their title is the focus for finding keywords that you should be targeting. And then you can go down to the bottom as well. And you can look at explore related searches. And that'll show you that, that'll show you the tags that they're using on their products. So they're using e-commerce, Instagram highlight, Instagram, instagram cover, Instagram icons, I say to take note of these tags that they're using because they're showing up high when you type in a relatively shorter tail, relatively shorter or longer tail keyword, branding, typically Instagram, they're showing up really high for that. So clearly these tags are working. Of course there are other factors at play as well. They shop is probably quite old. You can see already has managed to 94 favorites, which shows you that it's been around for awhile and people have really interacted with it. And you can also see that it was listed there was last listed today. That is today's date, which means that they just sold. It's always going to say listed on the date that it was last sold because that's when it gets released in if they're more in stock, if there aren't more insight and it's just going to sell out. So that's how you do it directly within Those are all really good keywords. Personally, I always use other tools as well. And E is my favorite, and I just find it to be the most extensive and affordable one. So earache and marmalade are probably my top two that I've taught to use slides that I've used a lot. I'm learning more about Laura and I think that that one is also quite useful. So I'm going to walk through each platform just a little bit to kinda show you guys different features at each one has. So this is E Immediately you can see where your shots stands. I've sold more than 97.3% of other shots and Etsy and my new a lot of shops and Etsy just open and simply never sell or they opened and immediately fall. But people don't try. That number. It's I feel like it sounds better than the reality considering 2004 to 76 sales. But at the end of the day, I'm happy with those sales. I'm happy with this global sales ring. And I think that's a really nice snapshot of how your shot is doing. So this shows me all my active listings. I have 110. I've been spotted on Etsy search 82 times within the last day, last 24 h. That shows you what that is. So that tells you that my search engine optimization is pretty well. It's doing pretty good. Inventory value is just showing you the cost of cost of the products that you're selling times how many you have in quantity? My ISO digital products. So for some of them I have a ton, like I'll have like 999 units listed in my quantity. So that's why the inventory value looks so high for it, just being digital products. Then this will show you immediately some days you might want to fix. I have 110 out your listings and I'm only missing one tag on one listing. So let me see what that listing is. This one, I have 12 times instead of 13 immediately, then I would go ahead and go in and add an a tag. But I'm not gonna do that right now since I'm showing you guys this tutorial, but I do think that it's the recommendations that they share are really quite useful. And then we see 18 spelling spelling issues when it's words that actually are okay, but I would recommend going in and changing spelling issues as well. Right here you can kinda see if you're at all familiar with Powerpuff Girls and Nickelodeon. They put this down as it being misspelled, but this is actually how people spell it quite often, Power Puff. But they're saying these are just suggestions. So take some of those spelling issues with the grain of SAR or grain of salt. But at the end of the day, you probably do want to change the ones that are obviously typos because Etsy auto, correct spelling. So if you type it in wrong, then somebody typed it in wrong. Etsy is going to correct what they typed in, but your spelling is not going to be correct, so you're not going to show up. So we're going to look down here, like here, this wasn't the best time to use. Probably would go in and change this to digital planners and then maybe digital stickers because I tried to do digital planners stickers. And each tag can only be up to 20 characters. So I just stopped. But not the best, not the best move on. E-commerce, Instagram, That's okay. E-commerce, that's how you spell it, but they put these recommendations in. Once again, take it with a grain of salt. You probably do want to at least look through it to make sure that there are no actual spelling errors in your listings. So we go back to this dashboard here and we can see missing images. I have one product that has, let's see what they're, what they consider to be missing that have fewer than ten images. So I have one product that has fewer than ten images, and then I have 61 where attacks, but for the most part IS target multi-word tags. 110 times 13. Not gonna do that right now, but that's how many tags I have in my shop controlling for that one where I only have 12 tags. So of all of those tags, only six of them or just one word. So really try to focus on longer to heal keepers. Don't do something stupid. Degenerate. Instagram, go ahead and add in that Instagram template. Trust me, your SEO, we'll thank you. And then I have 406 unique, unique tags. So that's also pretty good since I have quite a few products that are different from one another, then this will kinda show you sales comparisons with your competitors. These are shots that you already pre-selected. To me, these are my competitors. Some of them have their clients at some point. Then this will show you marketplace popularity and not super important. This will show you what we're even spotted on Etsy. And I really find this to be extremely valuable because where you were showing you the search terms that you were spotted four, shows you what consumers are currently searching for and it's showing you where your products are showing up. So people are searching for black grow digital stickers. They're searching for a black girl magic black girl planner stickers. Hairstyle is template, priceless templates, stickers, good notes. And then I can click at this, and I can see all this spot of listings that is super just invaluable. So definitely check out spot on Etsy and keep in mind, this is only a feature that shows up after you, not a feature that shows up. You'll only have actual information there after your shop is established and you have products up. So that's your, of course nothing is gonna be there if you don't have any products or if your listings are not showing up in search. But normally they don't show up in search if they're super new. So now let's actually go and look at listings. This is pretty much where I spend the bulk of my time on earring is under listing, looking at active listings. And then I'll also go over to Tools. And i'll, I'll go into Keyword Explorer and keyword tool. But how I typically approach the SEO process is I go to my active listings, tab, active listings. Keep in mind this is when I'm optimizing listings that I've already created, I can change the ranking, how they're showing up if I want to. Currently, what's the ranking up here first thing, kinda look and see. They don't really, from what I can see it, it's ranked according to alphabetical, but it's ranked according to the name of the product. But do you want to rank it by visibility score, you would just click that. And that would show you either what's most visible or what's least visible. And if it's a super new product like this one is not even going to have a visibility score. I just put this up yesterday. That makes sense. So visibility, visibility score, this is my most viewed listing. Actually these both have 97% listing or visibility scores. So I guess you could say they both are. I'm gonna go in and click this one. And this is my most visible thing, which just means that it shows up a lot for the search terms that I have optimized it for search terms that I've targeted and the tags and the title and description. It shows up for that a lot. And it comes down to that product having sold quite a few times at some point in the past. So let's seek me see. Yeah, 131 total sales. This product has sold quite a few times. So that's why it's showing up quite often. This shows you that it has a conversion rate of five. Once again, that visibility score shows you the age and the daily views when it was last modified and created total hearts and quantity available. So lots of good information in here. You see it has a grade of an a. We kinda tap more into why listings are graded, why they, how they are in earache. They tell you right quick. Best practices for Etsy titles. Honestly feel free to ignore this little piece here, because and nobody really titles their products. Nobody who wants to rank highly titles or products for optimal readability, they, they create their titles for optimal optimization. Optimists basically is where as I could leave it just on 100 haircare Instagram templates and just stop it right there, since that's what it is and when it show up for these other keywords. So of course I'm going to add them in there even if it's not as readable. So you can kinda feel free to ignore their advice to do short clear titles. Just make sure it's relevant. Then we could go down here and we can look at the tags that I have. And honestly the funny thing is, you can see quite a few of these tags don't have that many average searches, or average cliques, or average click-through rate. But this product is still doing well. So it really comes down to the mix of keywords that you're using. And it's common sense too. So even though like presented this, it has very few searches according to Iraq. You could like, you can think like a buyer and something that would come to their mind. Like if a mutation is coming in to add c to buy some branding templates for Instagram. It kinda makes sense that they would search beauty Instagram, even though that doesn't have that many average searches or average clicks. But at the end of the day, definitely make sure you have those tags in there that are performing pretty well. So good at researches get average cliques, good average click-through rate. You can see there's like I would say, a little over half of them have a good click-through rate. Down here you can see this one has 127% click-through rate, even though the average searches are pretty low, I think click-through rate matters the most out of all of these, because click-throughs are, shows you that when people are searching for that search term, they search it and they're ready to buy. They're not just searching it, they're searching it and they are clicking the listings that are showing up to buy. They're not just searching that. I hope that explained it. Well, but I do think this is the most important metric to consider. These all have pretty good these seven half decent click-through rates. This one has a good click-through rate. And then we can look at that competition as well only for these have really high at C competition and the rest of them are relatively low to mid-range. No typos or multiple words. We can see that they're used in the description. At least. What is this? Half of them pretty much are using the description. We got. Three torr is the start of the title. So this is what I would consider to be a best practices listing. That 97% visibility score kinda shows you that that is true. This will even show you your sales history, which isn't important. But it's kinda cool to see here all my images. If I was going to play around a bit, like I want it to change some of these keywords. I would not change anything on this listing. It's sold what I want it. But if this was a lower selling listing and I'm trying to optimize it. I would just tap one of these ones that are not doing well. So you just click it and you rank will open up a whole new page. That is. Describing the stats related to that keyword. So haircare, Instagram. Once again, we see very low stats, just metrics, unknown, unknown, unknown, Etsy competition 110. So not a very strong keyword at all, but it's on the listing that performed well, so I would still leave it alone. But we can look there and kinda see some related keywords. And Steve, any of those are doing better and then just go ahead and swap one of those in for this, for this keyword. So I would want to still keep it relatively long tail, keep it relevant. And if I had to choose one of these, honestly, none of these are great. I liked the metrics are skincare Instagram, but it's not relevant to inherit to a hair care Instagram products, so known even mess with that. We can look going on here and look at what other people are using for their top listings. So maybe hairstyle is template would be the way to go with that one. Instead of hair care Instagram, you could look at hair Instagram posts. You don't have to go into this blindly. Go ahead and click, click it and see what the metrics are just because of their sellers are using it on their product doesn't mean that it also has good metrics. This one doesn't have great metrics, but we can see here, we can see an upward trend even though the upper train is only ten searches. That's more than the zero that it had all these other months. So make sure you always hover over what the actual number AS because sometimes it will look like It's a huge increase, but it's just ten. That's ten people basically. So I probably would not use, well, I can't even say that this is such a specific keyword and it seems so something that somebody somewhere with search that I made he would, once again, that's where that common sense comes in. Sometimes these analytical tools are just great starting points. But you have to think like a buyer. Whether I will use that keyword or not, we kinda come down to what the other keywords are still a metric wise. So we'll go back down here for this hair hair care Instagram look on your top listings again. We'll see if any of these other keywords are looking any better. We use, he likes to do hair Instagram posts to see if anything's shown up for that. Even though it's not great, it has more than the other ones. So if I had to choose between the two, I would probably go with this one. Let's see what that trend is. Can we hover over and get a look? We see that it trended May to June 2022 as well, and that it actually had a decent amount of searches. That's 210. That last one only had ten. Then in December 2022, it did peak. Peak a little bit, trying to hover over it to see if I can see that that was ten. So I would end up going with this keyword just because it has slightly more searches, It's not unknown, It's just less than 20. That's sometimes the trade-offs you have to make with Etsy SEO because I hate saying a guessing game. It's not really a guessing game. It's just something that you have to be willing to play around with the bit you got to be willing to make changes as needed. I know it would sound ideal for this initial searches and optimization phase to be the only search engine optimization phase your shop every high CO2. But to be very realistic with you, you should probably be optimizing your shop twice a year. So that's that can be a lot. We have a lot of listings, so only optimize the listings that are not performing well, Don't mess it. The ones that are performing well mess with them once they stop performing well, I'll leave him alone while they are performing well. So that's my advice in that respect, we've walked through E rank a bit. I'm going to touch on marmalade a bit as well. I only don't recommend marmalade all that much. Because sorry, I need to type in this. Just because marmalade is expensive in my opinion, for what it is. It's 1999 per month. So it's something that I would invest in for one month. And you all my optimization within that one month and then stop. That's my opinion. Does at the end of the day, you got to think about those cost trade-offs when you're starting your Etsy shop, basically, however long you run it, you got to think about those tradeoffs and whatever you're spending money on, you need to be making back and your product sales if you're trying to make a profit. So this is what it first looks like when you go into normally, this is just allows you to search for different terms immediately. This will allow you to look at your listing to see how they're graded on. Marmalade, It's interesting to note the differences in grading on marmalade averse, ie rank. And I will say that this is actually a client's shops. So this is, these aren't different listings from the other one anyway. So I'm going to show you what searching for a key term would look like. Because nothing will go. We'll stick with me saying they'd be other one was branding simple. I'd see Marlene an earache. It should be pretty, pretty similar if they're both pulling all their data from the same spot. So let's see. Tastes a little bit of money. It always does this. I'll say that two marmalade typically takes a little bit longer than any rank. Alright, so interesting, branding triplets. I guess this is relatively similar to the other one. It looks like the metrics are a little bit worse on marmalade for this same search term than they were for the other word. But this is insightful and itself. So we see our engagement over time to show you on a trend. So I'll show you if this is a seasonal search term. Wow, It's not even that. That's interesting. Alright, so when you scroll down a little bit on marmalade, they'll show you the listings that are ranking for that search term. Slightly elite feature. The marmalade has as their pricing analysis that they offer right within the platform that will show you bargain price, mid-range price, and premium price. So that'll really give you a good idea of how you should be pricing your products and how you should be utilizing discounts and where to position your products. So this will show you the exact spread of pricing. This is the kind of gives you an idea shipping and you have physical products that you're selling. This is how you, whether people are covering shouldn't crisis within the cost of their products. And this will show you sample listings. So all very insightful information and it's quite useful. And it will even show you poplar tags that are popular for this keyword. So yeah, there you go. It's pretty interesting that branding template is more popularity of a tagged and branding templates for the keyword branding templates. But that's kinda information you get out of this. Similar sock shopper searches can be quite useful as well. Since you know, people are actually searching for this if that's relevant to you, if any of these are relevant to your product and the metrics are looking decent, going to put that in there too. This is a pretty good keyword and there's not that much competition. All of these are pretty good keywords and they also will give you ideas of products that you maybe want to create. You haven't already created them. Maybe real estate templates is in your future, has pretty good metrics. This is how you also approach product research. This is, this is search engine optimization analysis and research, whatever you wanna call it, but it's also product research if you allow it to be in, if you're looking to create new products. We also see some long tail alternatives is branding templates bundle and branding kit templates. Neither of these have great metrics, but this one isn't bad. So you maybe would want to maybe at least target this, this has more than 20 characters, so it couldn't be a tag, but it could be somewhere within your description or title or you could somehow do branding tip links and then templates bundle if you feel so inclined to make sure you're targeting this keyword. So we're gonna go back over that backup to this hot random armor. Leave right quick, we're going to run through a Laura, I think, is the most elusive search engine optimisation tool out there. Because not that many people are familiar with the Laura. And you see that it's used by 121,819 Etsy sellers. Myself being one of them, might sound like a lot of people, but it's not really that much compared to the other tools. But I personally find that it can be a very useful tool. And I'm going to show you why. It has some features that are very distinctive from the other ones that make it more sharp, setting up friendly. If that's that's the way to describe it. Essentially, it will templatized the work process even more so. And I mean that by saying that it will auto-generate descriptions and responses in, I think that that's just pretty amazing. The AI assistant is where it will do that. I've actually never used. These will be for recently, I did change one of my product descriptions, but one of the price Cruises is that they recommended because it was just so good and it impressed me. I'm not the press. We're under AI assisted on a loro io. So we're going to type, we're going to click on product descriptions and let's read that exact description. Create compelling product descriptions for Etsy listing. And it's not just compelling. It's also mildly search engine optimization, search engine optimized. And you can do that by adding, entering that focus keyword there and already having those targeted keywords that you also are also want to target in your title. So I'm going to show you exactly how I would approach this. I'm going to go to my shop and I'm going to tap on one of my listings. I'm going to copy and paste the title into a Laura. So we're going to go over this hairstylists branding kit. Happy to go back here. And this is a petal of my product. You can see that this is a bunch of keywords. And just like that, all of those keywords are gonna be used to write this description. If I want to enter a focus keyword, I can, I don't have to. I already have all these keywords here, but if I was going to put one in, I could say, let's let's just say hair stylist branding. There you go. I'm assuming you already had on research that known that that was a good keyword to focus on. So I'll give it a moment, a little robot here, it's going to stack. Unlike some people, this robot does not go. So I'm going to immediately see this description that it has provided, introducing the ultimate in hair styling, granting kits. That sentence, not amazing, but it's a good starting point if you're not familiar at all with writing and tasting descriptions. So you see you've got your back when it comes to helping you create professional-looking presence online. I really liked that, like the fact that this robot has generated that from this keyword stuffed. It's pretty amazing. This kit includes Canada templates for all your Instagram posts so you can quickly and easily create show stopping visuals are grabbed the attention of your intended audience and make them come running to your salon. Jersey, you feel like reading this entire description do but this is just a great, great starting place. If you're not great at writing yourself or if you just don't feel like it. This is a new feature and a Laura, so I definitely wanted to mention that with this being a 2023 focused search engine optimization course, we're just opening an Etsy shop course. So at this point, I've touched on all the tools. I've touched on So now we're gonna move on to the next focus. 5. Trend Analysis Made Easy: Alright, so I'm gonna briefly get into trend analysis a bit, definitely using those other search engine optimization tools is a way to approach trichinosis. And as you're looking at those different keywords and tags, you're going to, of course, he's seeing how they're trending. But I think that Dewey trend analysis at a very general surface level is very beneficial as well for knowing what direction you want to move your shopping or figuring out what products that you want to target. So you've probably heard of Google Trends, but I'm here to tell you that Pinterest trends is where it's at. For Let's get into it. is the URL and it'll show you Pinterest trends that are occurring right now. These, these ones up here are specific to my audience on Pinterest. You don't have to have an audience on Pinterest to explore the trends. These are actually general trends that are just training right now throughout the entire platform. It is early February. These trends make sense and you'll probably see very similar trends at anytime of the year relevant to the holiday that is coming up if it's a big holiday. So similar to this. If it's around Easter, you'll probably see Eastern hills. Around Halloween, you'll probably see Halloween nails. You can still use this to plan at any point in the year really. I think that it's very, very insightful. So we can go down here. We can also see Dream clothes are trending. Well. Excuse me, spring outfits are training, hair looks or training. If you can think of anything that you are, you want to create the has to relate to these things. And these are just keywords that you would want to keep in mind. And this is especially important if you're going to be re-posting your products to Pinterest, just linking to them. It's really easy to post to Pinterest. I'm actually going to show you guys how to resize your image and then post it as a carousel page, my Pinterest, so that it will have that link. And I think it's super important since the Pinterests shopping tab includes so many Etsy products. It's like some it's almost like they prioritize Etsy products over other products because there's just so many that show up when you search for products on Pinterest that come from Etsy. So just looking more at the trends. All these titles are super cool. These actual keywords, they're really cool. The real insight to is over here and in these metrics showing you the actual metrics, weekly change, monthly change, yearly change, year over year. This has increased, looks like one person's month over month. Of course, this has increased a tie-in with it being a holiday. So 1,500%, then we see week over week 30%. All this is very good stuff to know. And let's say if something was to have a huge jump, like 1,000 per cent weekly change, that would be considered a like a flash trend, which I wouldn't even really encourage you optimizing for that because it's clearly going to be there for a week and then it's gonna go. So that's, that's my opinion, my educated opinion on that. So top trends in the United States this month. We also see some, some other trends under here. And you can even look at Pinterest predicts. They'll show you, but to translate predict to rise in 2023. And these are pretty educated predictions as well. So definitely take a look at it that if you get the chance, I did at the beginning of the year. And then you want to actually search for keywords. Let's go back. Well, branding, I will see countries is not really a slot that I think of to go for if I want it to look at branding templates, you can kinda see that here. Pinterest is more personal life focus. But it is interesting to note that notion, template ideas is trending. And if you're not familiar with Notion, you should, because it's a big deal at this point. It's interesting, I just saw that a few days ago on Etsy as well. Notion templates are definitely trending. People are buying them a lot. And they're basically a aesthetic planning. Dashboards that are Cloud-based. That is horrible way of describing it, but that's how I'm going to describe it. The notion, template ideas. You can see that upward trend, these are very small visualizations, but they get the job done. So Notion template that has also trended up. We can see it's, they're both going down a bit, but they're still higher than they were. And it makes sense because this is around the new year. And Notion is a planning software. Planning stuff always peaks around the start of the year. Planner template. Good notes, template, note that none of these have anything to do with branding template for the most part, but they are still up there. And good for product research. Branding Is, looks to actually be trending a bit just without the template word in there, just branding by itself. So that's training a little bit, even though it has cited like a downward trend this past year, it looks to be going, it looks to be back on the comma. That's interesting. Looks to be if I had to say year over year, this seems to be a keyword that gets high at the start of the year. So that's interesting. We can see cool branding, brand, brand design, self-branding. All of these are related trends. Let's look at these actual numbers. This has 86. And let's look at self-branding. What is this number? It's down here, it's six. So that kinda gives you an idea, even though they're related keywords, you should probably be targeting, branding, and not self-branding. But all of these keywords are quite interesting. And they really give you something to think about. Not only did they show the keyboard, they see you actually specific demographic metrics like age, gender, location. You can't really beat these insights for free. So definitely use Pinterest chains if you get the chance to. I know I said this is gonna be a brief touching on it, so it's good. Skin wanted to keep it brief. We're going to move on. So I'll see you all in the next video. 6. Best-selling tips for Etsy sellers: So now we're gonna move on to the final video which are Etsy seller pro tips. Just a little list of tips that I want to give to you. That'll put you in the mindset of the Etsy seller pros. Alright, so I wrote them down, so they're are here, I'm looking at them. Make sure that you have a shop announcement and that it's up-to-date. I'd recommend updating it every month because people can see what it was last updated. I see this a lot. I'll take I'll click an Etsy shop and the shop and outset was last updated in 2021 or they updated it for a seal, a summer sale and it's winter. Buyers see that. That's one of the first thing they see when they click on your shop threat and they could see him, it's not up-to-date. I mean, sometimes people actually care. Like I personally wouldn't care that much, but I know that some buyers care when it's obvious than an Etsy seller doesn't really take the time to take care of their shop. So keep that job announcement up-to-date, keep it relevant, kinda lighthearted. Definitely announce any sales that you're having. Your buyers just right there. If you can't, you know, thanks for visiting my shop. Summer sale going on 20%, 30% off, 20 to 70% off. Get them a little excited, get them looking, keep it up-to-date. Next is that having a post-purchase customized message to buyers, etsy has a feature where you can have saved replies that you reuse. So every time you reach out to different buyers, you can just click that simply. It just changed maybe the name and then send it out. So for me, it says something along the lines, have hi, thank you so much for supporting my small business. It's been a really long term dream of mine, and I really appreciate the support. If you have a moment, please leave some feedback. I would really appreciate it. It sounds a little bit more personable than that, but That's just the gist of it. And I always start off with high to their name. This is, I do this. It is a genuine thing. I really do care about their feedback. And if they tell me something, because you can't say that you're going to try to implement their feedback if you're not actually going to. But sometimes every now and then somebody will reach out and they'll they might tell me something like this. Something was a little bit confusing or can you it's me reaching out that sparks them to tell me that they actually weren't able to access their fall and they needed me to send it to the email. It's all those reaching out that really stands out to buyers. And if you look on my shop, you'll see customer service is my most mentioned feature in my customer reviews because I evaluate so heavily. I always it's something that's really important to me and of course, buyers care about that. So be genuine with it and reach out to them. And don't just reach out to them and never respond. If they respond, respond. Then a lot of times they'll end up leaving reviews. You don't even have to ask them for that review if they do have a positive experience. But I do recommend always asking for some feedback, hopefully in the form of review because That's what shows up on Etsy etsy search. Your shot name shows up under your product next to the number of your reviews, not the number of sales, not your revenue. Revenue is the number of your views and your average rating. Of course you want it to show five-stars, parentheses 500, because if we're gonna know you had five is your five-star reviews. You could have five-stars. And next to it it says tin. Tin. Tin five-star reviews is nothing like five-hundred. You want to get those numbers up. That's what builds credibility and that's what gets you to rank more highly plus people trust you more. So it starts with a personalized message, post-purchase, post-purchase message that you send out. In my opinion. Next, you want to have competitive pricing. So for me, I will typically run a sale that price is me slightly below competitors. At least I recommend this for new shops, especially. And I say using a sale because you want, of course people to, to associate your shop, but the same amount of quality as your competitors. But you just want the price to be a little bit lower so that people are willing to buy from your shop. And when you're starting out, you got to sacrifice price a little bit because you're new people when they don't know who you are and they don't know about your products. So you've got to be a little bit below your competitors who have already been around so that people were at least every start buying from you. And I won't say, Can I use a CEO because it conveys that your products are still of a certain quality, but it's just the seal that's the reason that they're a bit lower than the price of your competitors. So naturally, you would have them price right around your competitors without having that cell going on. Because people can see what that original price was, but it's the sale that makes it below. Hope that made sense. But if you look at my shelf pretty much at any given point, I had a sale going on yes. For different discounts throughout the year, but I have pretty much always have one going on. And bear in mind that when you create that sale, normally at around 36 h, I believe they'll start showing they'll put up etsy will put up some kind of notification that tell us virus. You only have 36 more hours to save this much money. So if the product is 50 per cent off and it was $140 product, say, Oh, you only have 26 more hours to save. What did I say? Oh, it's just save $20. So if you make your sales for shorter, that sense of urgency comes up quite frequently. So if you set up a sale for every week of the year at about halfway through that week, that little notification will pop up? Yes, That's a lot of work. A lot of work. I typically only create 12 sales per year. So because you can create itself for up to 30 days. So I'll create one for each month. And that's how I do it. Of course, you can play around with your sales strategy, but I recommend having a sale at all times. Next, user have Etsy ads starting out. I know pay traffic, flow intimidating. It's not as fun as I read it as organic traffic because it is where the initial cost right from the jump. But you're a new shop, you're trying to get seeing. You're competing with thousands of other established shots. Etsy as is what's going to give you that push and keep in mind, yes, these competitors are also using Etsy ads, but not as many of them are. So you have a higher chance of even showing up within the first few pages of a search term if you're using those ads, like I showed you, I think two videos ago, how Etsy ads show up there, the very first row, and they're like to organic rows. And then there are another rub, Etsy ads. So at that point you're only competing with the other people who are using Etsy ads for those very highly ranked rows. Starting out, how at least that $1 budget per day for your Etsy ask keep in mind you only pay for them when people are clicking on it to yards. When people click on the ad. And yes, I've heard tons of mixed reviews about ads. I've had mixed reviews about ads, but at the end of the day they do bring in more traffic. And if your products are optimized, right? And if they look pretty, they should be bringing in more sales. If you are using Etsy ads and they're not bringing in more sales, it's probably because of something that you are doing wrong and wrong. I mean, either your pricing is too high, your products are not pretty enough, your description is not informative enough. Your keywords are not relevant enough. They're not long tail enough. There's something in there that you could be improving on. Yes. It's the ads is not a miracle worker is not going to normally quadruple your seals, but it should be adding in a little increase and it shouldn't be bringing in more traffic. And you want more traffic starting out, like you're not really going to be getting all that much traffic in most cases, unless your products or I'm just very highly searched for and new targeted some search term that is this super trending right now. Am I last pro tip would be to aim for star seller status. This is a feature that came out like middle of 2022. Being a star seller just means that you are a seller who values the customer experience and it's a badge that shows up on your shop. So nice, pretty purple bands and we'll say speedy replies, fast shipping, whatever other criteria you had to me since I don't have physical products, I don't have to meet that fast shipping criteria to be a star seller. But if you have physical products, you would have three criteria to reach. I only have to to reach. And among those is that you have to respond quickly to me, pull up the exact, the exact metrics because this responding quickly and having a rating and average rating of at least 4.8 over the last 15 ratings. I believe. I got to see exactly what they consider to be a fast response. I know life happens. But having that star seller status, like, especially as a new shop, can really just set you apart because it shows up and it just, it looks really good. So let's see. It says to earn the speed and replies bad, you have to keep your message response rate at 95% or more. So that just means you need to reply to the initial message within 24 h. And then for the rave reviews badge, like I said, you need to keep your average rating at 4.8 or higher. Among those criteria, you also need to have been, I think it's you have to have been on Etsy for the last six months or something. Let me see. And you had an in-person me sorry. If you were selling physical products that on time shipping and tracking badge, you would have to have 95% of your orders ship on time with tracking or with a shipping label purchase on Etsy, 95% of your orders. So that is another badge. You have to have been on Etsy platform for 90 days since your first sale? That is that last little piece of criteria. You make five orders and $300 in sales during a three-month review period and eating it has been on Etsy for 90 days since your first sale? Not 90 days since opening your shop. 90 days since your first day or so, that's three months. Not not to unattainable, and no star seller is not going to boost your search ranking. But it will, it will differentiate, differentiate yourself from your competitors. And it'll make it easier for buyers to tell that you care about them and the customer experience. That is pretty much my last piece of advice I covered as much as I could in this course. Maybe I'll have another future course out there, but for now, we're going to leave it at that. Now let's go on into the outro. 7. Outro: Alright, so I want to thank you guys so, so much for watching this course. I hope you were able to learn a lot from it. Hope you do the class project. Feel free to reach out to me. Check me out on culture, its, check out my Etsy shop quotes for simplicity. I'm on Pinterest as culture, its simplicity. So check me out if you get the chance. Go ahead and give me a hollow here on Skillshare. I'm so glad you're able to tune in with me. And I really, really hope that your Etsy shops takeoff really want to see them. I would just love to see, I would love to see them grow. I'm rooting for you. This year. This is your year, 2023. Okay. Get get excited about if you're starting an Etsy shop or you're optimizing the one you already have. This is your shops, you're getting that business mindset. Treat this sharp like a business and not like a passion project. And it will make money like a business. You treat it like a business. It will act like a business. That's my mindset on it and a lot of other entrepreneurs mindsets on it. So I look forward to seeing you guys in a future course and thank you so, so much for watching, watching.