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Etsy Shop Makeover for Creative Entrepreneurs: SEO & Listings for Beginners

teacher avatar Alisha Jemelian, Small Business Owner & Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Create Tagline


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      Linking to Other Products


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      Product Photos


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      Adding Keywords


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      Product Description


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      Shop Sections


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      Shop Announcement


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About This Class

Are you a designer or creative entrepreneur who wants a successful Etsy shop so that you can share your handcrafted products with the world? Then join the Etsy Challenge Shop Makeover course! If you want to improve your shop, get found in Etsy search, make your shop easy to navigate, and have a successful small business, then this challenge is for you.

If you spend just 10 minutes a day for the next 7 days on this, then you will learn tricks for running a successful Etsy shop that will save you time, that will help bring traffic, and that will give your shop a professional feel that helps customers feel confident buying from you.  

In this class you’ll learn:

  • How to use keywords so that your listings get found and convert into sales
  • Time-saving tricks to setting up your product listings
  • Easy ways to keep your customers engaged and shopping
  • How to organize your shop so that customers don't get confused

This class is for people who already have an Etsy shop, but aren’t selling as much as they’d like to, or anyone who wants to open an Etsy shop, and would like to be successful from the beginning.

My name is Alisha, and I am passionate about getting you more sales because I have been there before. I am a paralegal who took my creative business full time, and I want you to learn from my mistakes.

The BONUS:  Anyone who completes this class project within 3 weeks will get a FREE one-on-one coaching call with me where we discuss your Etsy shop.

Follow me @oneblushingbride for more creative inspiration.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alisha Jemelian

Small Business Owner & Designer

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hi. Welcome to the Etsy Shop Makeover. Four creative entrepreneurs where if you spend just 10 minutes a day for a week, you can see increased sales and increased orders. My name is Alicia Jemele. Ian and I used to work in a law firm as a pair legal until I took my design business full time. And I have full confidence that that could be you one day, if that's what you want. Well, this class is for Etsy shop owners. If you have a shop and you're wanting to get increased views, increased sales. But it's also for you. If you don't have a Nazi shop and you want to start off the right way right from the start , you're the way that this class is structured is I want you to watch a lesson, then posit and implement what it is that I'm saying. That's the way that you're going to see the most results. Don't just wash the whole thing through and don't do anything, because that's not going to get to a lot of results. So watch it, and you can spread it out a little bit over 10 minutes a day for a week. or you can do it all at once as long as you are implementing it as you go. Some of the things you're going to learn our how to use Q birds in your tags and titles so that you see MAWR views and get more sales some time saving tips that save me in the process of putting up those product listings. How to organize your shop So that is not confusing for customers and how to keep your customers really engaged as their shopping on your site. I I want you to stick around and tell the very end, because if you dio and you complete this class within a week, or I'm sorry if you complete the class within three weeks, although really should only take you a week Max, then I am offering a free 30 minute coaching call with anybody who completes the class and completes the class project, so that is something to look for. Two. As you complete this, I believe in your small business, whether you're wanting to get more money in your wallet or you want to take it full time one day or you just want to share your art with the world. I fully believe that you can do it. If you stick with it. I'll see you for the next lesson. 2. Create Tagline: Hi and welcome back. Your first task to getting more sales on your Etsy shop is to update and edit your etc. Tagline. Now you want your tag line to reflect some of your Etsy shop keywords because this is going to help you with S e O And it is also going to help you be found within Ah, Google and all of those good search engines. So just so you know, you know what is a tagline? What is it? And how is it different than the title? Well, you couldn't take a look here at an example. The tagline is not your shop name. Here We have an example of a shop. One blushing bride in full disclosure. It is my shop just because I decided to use it. Um And the title is one blushing bride. That's my shop name. And the tagline is custom artisan wedding veils and capes Free samples. What should you include in your tagline? Will? Your tagline should tell people what your shop sells. Your artistic point of view, your artistic style and what you are all about, What it is that your shop is about what you're about as the designer. I want you to make sure to include keywords in it, include the keyboards in your tagline, and try to use descriptive words that will help people understand your aesthetic. So I know it can be kind of hard when you're just hearing all this theoretical knowledge. So let's actually take a look at some examples and some good and bad ones, and that is going to help us out. So these are ones that I'd like these are actually taken from riel, etc. Shops, and these are not the shop names. These air the taglines on the upper left hand corner. You will seem minimalist jewelry had made in Alaska free returns. I like this because you get an idea as to the shops aesthetic. It's simple, minimalist. It's handmade in Alaska, so that is a selling point for some people, and they're also adding in that free returns, which adds toothy peace of mind that somebody would have buying from their shop. You might as well um, add in those things that your customers are worried about. Like what if I don't end up actually liking what it is that I order on the upper right hand side. You see another example who laser cut cake toppers, signs and home to core. I feel like this is pretty specific, which is nice, because people know exactly what it is that they're getting into. Um, they're If they're looking for some sort of laser cut item, they're probably going to go here and they'll find what it is they need on the bottom left hand, you see custom hand stamped metal gifts for bohemians. Once again, you get a really clear idea as to the style. It's a bohemian style. It's hand stamped, and they have a lot of difference. Types of gifts that they're offering their keeping it pretty broad that it's multiple types of gifts rather than actually naming them all out. Which is nice because you don't want to get too wordy. And the last one that we see is hand engraved wood gifts for him, once again, very descriptive, very specific you're talking about would so a very particular medium that this shop is using and they're catering toothy male audience, which is good because a lot of shops don't do that. So they're being very specific, which is good, Um, as people will know that you're talking directly to them now, while these air good ones there are also some bad ones. And I'll tell you why. The upper left hand side, you'll see the tagline Beautiful jewelry that is pretty vague that could refer to many different things and beautiful. I mean, what is beautiful in one person's eyes can be not beautiful in another person's eyes, so it's a little too vague. Um, on the right hand side, upper left hand side, North Shore Company. This is a shop, actually, that was just repeating their shop name into tagline. And the thing is that we're using or by doing this you're just losing all that space that you have available. You're losing the real estate by not putting keywords in there that could help people find you. Eso yeah, don't don't repeat your shop name again in the tagline. Do you don't have any need to duplicate it? On the bottom left hand side, you see one that says rings, necklaces, bracelets, cuffs, hairpieces, scarves and shawls. The reason why I don't like this is I feel like it's too wordy. They've just stuffed everything in there that it is, they sell. They've basically listed out everything possible that they offer. They, uh, practically put in the kitchen sink in there, so try to narrow it down a little bit more to the top sellers, I would say no more than three items just so that it doesn't get too confusing for your customers and on the bottom right hand side. The very last example is personalized gifts. Once again, that's very vague. I think you can get more specific. What are the Who are the gifts for? Ah, what's the style? What's the material that's being used and what makes this unique shop? How does it stand out? So to summarize a few things that you want to avoid is repeating your shop name in the tag , and number two is actually not even using all the space available. I believe that currently you have 55 characters in your tagline on etc. So try to use as many of those characters as possible because the thing is that, um, you're able to put in additional keywords in there and definitely keep in mind that when people are actually looking up your shop or your items on Google, like if they were to just type in your shop name on Google. Your shop will show up, and in that will be included your tag line, which will appear as the folded text. So keep in mind that this is valuable retail space for you. You might as well get the most bang for your buck and use all of those characters. All 55 is possible or getting as close to 55. And ah, third mistake that you see a lot is listing everything possible that you sell in your tagline. So try to keep it specific, but not so specific that it seems confusing and overwhelming and like you don't have any specific craft, we'll give yourself a high five, a pat on the back and do a happy dance because I'm doing one over here with you. You finished day one. What I want you to do is to actually comment in the comment sections below with three possible taglines taglines for your shop and a link to your shop so that I can give you feedback if you want some help or just of the very least, so that you can promote your shop a little bit because we only in a bit of self promotion, I'll see you back soon. 3. Linking to Other Products: Welcome back to lesson to Now. Here we're going to describe a problem so your customers are shopping on your store, their browsing around and having fun. But then they get distracted by another, shops products, and they click off of your page and they forget about you and they never come back to your store. Is there anything that you can do to keep them engaged and on your store and continuing to shop? Well, there is, and this is a fun little trick that I like to do in my Etsy shop. So your task today is going to be too basically at the end of every description on every listing on your shop and anywhere you have text really in your Etsy shop, I want you to include a link that the customers can click on to continue learning about you or seeing more of your work. I want you to continue the conversation with them. We don't want to have any dead ends where you have a product description, and then that's it, because that is an easy place for people to drop off to bounce off your site. They get a text message and they get distracted. You want to constantly be giving them those next steps for how they continue to learn about you, how they can continue to engage with you because that is how you are going to eventually get the sale. Let's take a look at an example from an Etsy shop to see what this might look like. An action. So here you see a wedding veil that is for sale. And you can imagine that customers browsing they're interested in reading all the details. And then at the very end here, you see that there are some additional links. Um, they've written for videos and pictures of my design process. Please visit. They have links to the website to the Facebook page and to Instagram. And additionally, at the bottom, there is another link where they're saying not ready to commit. That's totally okay. Whether you buy for me or somewhere else, I want you to walk down the aisle feeling beautiful. So please grab your ville guide so that you can save yourself time and money downloaded by copying and pasting the following link. So we've seen that Ah, this person has linked both to outside website and to social media and to a, um ah, freebie that the person can download. And this freebie would then send that person's email address so that they would be able to the the shop owner would be able to follow up with them at a later date. And in addition to just the product descriptions, you can also link. Actually, in this shop announcements section, you can see this is my shop, actually, and I say you can save time and money by grabbing your free veil guide so that you walk down the aisle feeling beautiful now, Unfortunately, ah, you do not have the option of doing clickable links, but people can still copy and paste it, and many of my customers do. This is how the main way that I grow my email list so basically they would copy it, they would paste it and they would go, and at this point it directs them to a landing page where they could enter their email address. And this would lead them to be able to receive further communications and marketing messages from me. So I'm really wanting to drive this point home. Basically, the problem is that customers can get distracted when they're looking at your Etsy shop because that's he includes related products from other sellers on your actual product page . What is the solution? Wealthy solution is to The solution is to include links throughout your descriptions and basically throughout any text that you have, where the customers can continue learning about you or seeing more of your work. What sort of things should you be linking to? Well, let's take a look at some examples. One possibility is to link to related products or two related collections that you have. Maybe you sell jewelry and you have a bracelet that goes really well with a necklace that you sell. Maybe you design handbags, and you have a really cute wallet that is out of the same fabric that that handbag is made out of. And so you just include a link throughout the description. A second option is you linked to your bio, your etc bio, where people can learn more about you and by learning more about you and what makes you unique. That's when they're gonna fall in love with you more and see what makes you stand out, and they're gonna figure that they just need to have whatever it is that you are designing . 1/3 place that you can link to is your email list, and I mentioned this briefly. I was showing that, in my example, where it was linking to a landing page where people could enter their email address in order to download a free pdf that would be sent to them. This is really valuable, because when you have somebody's email address, you're able to get directly into their inbox, and email is not dead by any means. Email is very valuable because people typically have it all the time with them on their on their phones, and they're able to access it at any time. Number four would be to link to your website. This is if you have a standalone website that is outside of etc. Maybe it's hosted via a different platform, like Shopify or something like that. Number five would be to link to your social media pages, Facebook, instagram, all of that good stuff. Now why is this important to do? You want to keep customers from reaching a dead end and not knowing what to do next? Because it keeps them looking at your work and burning about you. The more that they learn about you in the process of your designs, the more that you are going to build that know, like and trust factor. In fact, there's this cool research called Ah, the rule of seven that says that people need to hear about you or from you at least seven times before feeling confident enough to make a purchase from you. So this could look something like somebody find you on etc. And they look at your product and you know they forget about you for then and then they log on ecstasy again and they see that they had previously hearted your work. That's touch point number two Touch point number three might be that they see then a link that you linked to your instagram. They then start to follow you on instagram and they have several times that they see you posting about your work on Instagram. Maybe touch point number five is that they hear about you from a friend and it continues like that. They need to get in contact with you seven times before making a purchase from you. And if you want to go step further. You can even expand this idea and include a link at the bottom of your bio. Your about you page you can include links at the bottom of the page is on your website that is outside of etc. So it doesn't stop just with your etc descriptions. I want you to take action today. Don't put it off because if you put off adding in these links, we all know what happens and never gets done. So at least take a look at what your most popular products are on that scene. You can do this by going under the's Stats page and at least for the top five, most popular, make sure to include a link to something that will keep the conversation going to maybe a related product or your social media. Do it today and I'll see you back for the next lesson. 4. Product Photos: Welcome back to lesson three. A picture really does say 1000 words. So in this lesson, we're going to be talking about the importance of those product photos Cannot overemphasize how important this is. I want you to use 10 s e o optimized photos that are high quality and that show off your product from different angles. As we get a little bit further until the lesson. I'm going to explain what I mean when I say sdo optimize photos. But for now, I want you to really focus on the part where we're making sure to use up all of the photos that etc. Gives us. Currently they're allowing us to use 10 but in the future they might allow mawr. They've even introduced the video feature, which is fun. Make sure that you're using all 10 of those, because once again, this is valuable. It's easier for your customers to digest what it is you're selling via photos. That is for them to read a whole long description. And I don't want you to feel your listings up with low quality images or just ones that you , um, just any random photos so that you feel better about yourself like I used all 10 photos. And this will get me more sales. No, I want to make sure that you were showing crisp, high quality photos with even lighting and preferably that are on a plane background so that your product really does pop. Let's talk a little bit more about this. So did you know that 75% of customers will rely on the product photos when they're making a purchase? And 22% of returns happen because a product looks different in person than it did on your website? So you're not only encouraging people to buy from you when you have a good product photos. You're also last inning the chance of having returns and having unhappy customers because you're clearly showing them what it is. Your product is what it looks like from different angles and how they can use it in their life. Here are a few best practices I recommend using a clean background that's not too busy if too busy. Then you can confuse your customers because they don't know what's the product, and your product doesn't really stand out that much. Ah, best practice to make sure you're using natural light. I am a huge fan of natural light, and so are other photographers, because the flash from a camera can kind of dole out some of thes special features of your product, especially if your product has unique texture that you want to capture. So I always try to take my photos next to a window where delight is being filtered through that window. Because when the light is a little bit less harsh and make sure you take just a ton of photos, especially when you're first starting out, play around with what you think, works well and just literally take hundreds of them because you never know what is going to actually end up looking good. So try it out and just have fun with it. So how are you going to fill up all 10 of thes slots that you have on etc. You want to make sure you're using all of them so that you're maximizing every opportunity to draw your customers in Well, here are some that I highly recommend. First, you need photos of your product firm at least three different angles. You want to show it from above from below from the side you want to show the finishings you also want include stylized photos so that people can imagine how they would be using this item in their home for inter life. You compare it with cute and complementary fabrics or shown as it would be used, maybe as to core in your home. If it's for kids, you can show it on kids in a playful sort of setting. You just want to include one or two additional pieces so that they can see how it might work into their own lives. The other option is to include packaging, and that's always a fun one, because packaging is actually can really seal the deal with people and now at sea has the gift wrap options. So if you offer gift wrap and make sure you take a photo of what your gift wrap looks like , make sure you are, including a close up photo showing that wonderful detail. And finally, if you are still really just you can't fill up all 10 photos. Something that I like to do is to create a can va graphic and this can VA graphic can. I'm gonna talk about it a little bit more in detail here, but it can include many different things. Canvas is basically an amazing creative software design software where you can create images and graphics. It's really user friendly. It's free. So there's really no downside. Check it out if you're wanting to, um, to create some of these graphics that I'm going to be describing, okay, the first camp, a graphic that you can create is one that is showing the process of how to design a custom product with you, or how it is that people can work with you. So on the left you will see, uh, a visual representation of the steps to creating a custom piece with this designer. And at the end, you also have a brief, um, just summary of what it is that this shop does. Why would you need to include this year? Um, well, it's It's just easier for people to digest in a visual way than it is for them to read a bunch of text. So when it's broken up in this way, it's easier for them to understand what are the steps that they have to take? What does it look like to define a custom piece with you. The other option in Canada is you can create a graphic featuring a review. If you have a stellar review, then you can make it all beautiful in Canberra and, ah, you know, great. Create a bunch of different ones, you know, ones that really reviews that address buyers, fears that they might be experiencing. And it can really go a long way. Toe words, helping people feel more comfortable and confident purchasing from you. Another canda graphic option is to show what makes your shop unique or different. If you have a selling point, maybe you're ico friendly. Maybe you have a really unique process where you are, um, working with Ah, I'm not, I'm not sure, but, you know, unique sort of employees who are either underprivileged in some sort of way anything that the selling point that would make people proud to support you. Um, you can create a canvas graphic around here. Here you will see. An example of one of the selling points of this shop is that they offer free samples so completely free samples. But what is it that makes you unique? And how can you create a can of a graphic to represent this. The last option is a can of a graphic that is showing the variations or the different finishes that you have for a product. Maybe you're showing the different colors that people can select the different materials, the different lengths. In this case to the left, you can see a canvas graphic that's been designed showing the different lace options. But I have seen this and many, many creative ways. So what are the different variations you offer? And how can you show it in a visual way so that people know exactly what it is that they're buying from you and what their choices are. So at the beginning of this lesson, I mentioned that you want to make sure that all 10 of your images are S e o optimized. What in the world did I mean by that? You want to make sure that you are naming your photos with words or phrases describing what your customers may be searching for when you save these photos to your computer. So basically, before you upload these photos that you've taken of your products to NC, you want to rename them something that people may be searching for. You want to use some of those keywords that we've brainstormed previously and add them into the name of this image file. So instead of just being named something random, like your photos named one a B 007 you want to name it something specific that reflects what it is you're selling? Why do you want to do this? Well, it is because your shop will get better. Google rankings and your photos will show up better in Google images, and it's just better overall for the year at CEO. It will be found more easily when you name what your photos are. So stuff those keywords in there. Okay, now let let's look an example. So, for example, let's say you have a photo that you took of your graphic T shirt that you sell. You could save it to your computer as funny graphic T shirt for teachers in red. You would then upload this voted two etc. So that Google and etc do all of their magic and you get seen, so thank you for joining, and next lesson is a good one. 5. Adding Keywords: Welcome back today we're going to be talking about a subject that is not everybody's favorite topic. But I personally love it because I promise that if you stick with it that you will see more money in your account. More dollars in your wallet. So today we're going to be talking about S E O. And I'm guessing that you have not come this far and worked this hard in your small business to quit on your dreams. Just because things get a little rocky or get a little bit tricky, I believe in your dream. And this is a great, great way that you can see results. So please stick with me here, okay? We're going to be talking about S E O. Your task is to optimize your titles and your tags in etc. With specific keywords so that your products can get found more easily in both etc. And in Google. And this takes us actually to your class project for this course. What I want you to do is you're going to be creating a running cheat sheet of at least 20 keywords that reflects your most popular products that you sell and you are going to be able to refer back to this sheet in the future when you are working on S E O and it will be a huge timesaver. I promise you're investing a little bit of time now, but in the long run, you're gonna save so much time because you will always have to be doing this sort of brainstorming. And it'll be super easy to edit, uh, or creating titles and tags for your listings. I've done this myself. Actually, I keep my running list of keywords on my notes app on my phone. However, you could also do it on just a regular pen and paper on a word document. Anything that is going to get you to actually do it and a place where you can refer back to it easily. So I am going to run through the exact process that I would do if I were putting up in your item in my shop. This is some of the keyboard of research that I want you to do as you're creating your list of your top keywords. Now, here you'll see I'm just on the home page of Etc. And this little search bar right here is super powerful, so it will automatically fill in additional keywords that you could use or at least think about using in your titles and your tax on etc. So I'm just going to give you, um, some examples here. Let's let's say that you you have a a silver ring that you created Silver ring and let's see what pops up here. We have silver rings for women is a good keyword silver rings set if you're selling a set of them. Silver Ring for men, silver rings with stone silver rings that air bo hose. That's a style silver ring. Splints don't even know what those are, but I guess that's a thing. Silver Ring Band. That's a great keyword silver ring stack. And then you're talking about the specific silver ring moonstone. That's a specific material Silver ring set for women. Let's take a look at any of those would be great keywords. Let's take a look at one more thing. Maybe crow shade. I do like reshape blankets or something like that. Um, se brush a blankets. Here are so many additional keywords that you could think about using, and the other thing I like to do. If I'm still not getting quite enough keywords, I like to actually search for the product. Sometimes they'll put up additional keywords here. Cruciate, baby blanket, crow sheet blanket. And I like to see what other people are doing. You're not copying them. You're just seeing if they have some key words that you can then incorporate it into your own title. So here we have the keyword hand crow shape, blankets. Let's see if we can find any others. This is a rainbow, and that's a pattern sunshine pattern for cruciate. Blanket. Okay, sea turtle. So that's getting more specific. How about easy plush blanket? That's a good That's a good keyword for Crash, a big bulky that's also good Afghanis in their Afghan is a good keyword, extra large. That's also good. So I'm sure people are looking for large crow shade in it like style so you can kind of see what other people are doing, and that will help you out a lot. The other thing you can do that's basically exactly like, etc. You just get additional ideas is, um, here on Google and the search bar works exactly the same. Let's say that we're looking up that we're creating hair accessories and you'll see that we have additional keywords hair accessories for girls, hair accessories, clips for kids, for brides, for men. So let's look up and see what comes up. And you also then can get some additional ideas from thes shopping sponsored things, you know, maybe hairpins winning flower hairpins. Um, and if you scroll all the way to the bottom after doing a search, you also see additional searches that are related to your original search. So here we have hair accessories, headbands here, accessories for girls, hair accessories for braids. So that's different Accessories for prom. If you have something that's a little bit more formal, you can do this same process also on pinchers. It works exactly the same. You just go up to the search box at the top, and you would type in your keyword and they give you recommended phrases and keywords. Then you'll just add those into your titles and tags on etc. So as you're creating this cheat sheet that you can refer back to, I also want you to keep in mind that this is going to be a A work in progress. It's not like he's going to do this once and never go back to it. It's constantly gonna be changing. It just gives you a heads up or head start when you start to create new tags and titles. Something I like to do is I like to go into my etc Analytics section, and I like to see which listings are doing the best in my shop. Which ones are getting the most views, then all click into them and see what keywords did I use in this listing and maybe those air good keywords for me to use a again. This is a really good strategy of reusing what it's already working for you. But just as a disclaimer, the disclaimer is that I don't want you just to completely copy and paste your listing so that you have exactly the same titles exactly the same keywords that you're using for every single listing, because I mean it's OK to repeat keywords, but I want you to try changing up the order and making small tweaks in it so that each listing is not a carbon copy of next. The reason I want you to do that is because you should be viewing this as an experiment. And over time you're going to go back and analyze the results to see which keywords were which order of keywords did the best. And if every listing is exactly the same, then there's no way to see what is doing better or one or which one is doing worse. So I do want you to to improvise and ends change it up from time to time. Now, where do you even start with this? While these air some good questions to ask yourself as you are brainstorming your keywords , I want you to think creatively and think of phrases or keywords that are going beyond just what your physical product actually is. You can think about who will buy it. Some examples are a bride and aunt, a student or teacher at dad or mom or grandma or Grandpa. Those are all great keywords. Number two what it is, that is the more obvious description of what it is you're selling. But make sure you're including materials, you know, metal. Um ah Or would, um you know Lenin and you're also including things like the color you can include. Ask yourself where they would use it, what they use it for. Cooking at school, for the home, for the pool, maybe even on a date. Ask yourself when it would be bought or used. Some examples would be for autumn or for New years or for Christmas. All those fun. The holidays. Why it would be bought. Some examples could be a gift or because they're having a big life. Events such as a birthday or maybe a graduation anniversary. Don't forget Mother's Day retirement. Um, you know So, for example, if you're selling something that's pretty feminine in nature than you know, make sure to include things like Gift for Mother's Day. And if it's something that is more masculine, could be gift for Father's Day and the bonus. One question you can ask yourself that is not on. The slide is you could ask yourself how it will make their life better. How will your product make your customers life better? So maybe you're selling some piece of clothing or some accessory that is adjustable, and that makes their life better by being easy two sides. So your keyword there would be adjustable. Maybe you are selling something that soft so it won't be scratching against their skin. And that makes their life better because it doesn't teach them as they're wearing it. So you're keep where it would be soft or silky. Maybe you're selling something that is reversible, which means that they have more options. So basically they get two in one, and the reversible part would be the key word. Think about how it makes their life better. Make sure that you include your your keywords. You're running list of keywords in the project section or in the comments so that I could take a look and give some feedback. You can do it. Just do a brain dump of all the keywords you can think of. And it really won't take that long. I mean, I'd say like 5 to 10 minutes to start off with 6. Product Description: welcome to lessen. Five. This is a fun one. It's a personal favorite of mine because I think there is so much power in words. What do Jane Austen and Mark Twain have in common? I would say that they are living proof, uh, how words can motivate people and inspire people and how powerful the imagination can be. So, in this lesson, I want you to think about how your product descriptions are looking. These days. I want you to edit them so that they are not boring and bland. They should most definitely capture the imagination. They should motivate people so that after reading it your buyers No, they just they know that you are speaking right to them. They absolutely must have would you are selling. So I want you to put some dedicated time into writing the's at sea descriptions. You're going to do an audit of your product descriptions and amp. Them up so that they are actually engaging and so that they describe the benefit to the user. Now I'm going to tell you some best practices, some time saving tips. The 1st 1 is the same thing that I mentioned in my previous lesson. Actually, you are going to like this is before you ever even start to write your descriptions. I want you to create a cheat sheet of the descriptive words, phrases and adjectives that you like that you could refer back to when you are writing to inspire you. I personally collect phrases from magazines that I like. I collect them from instagram posts. When I think there will written, I write them down in Pinterest descriptions that I like just really any sentence or word that really speaks to me. You will then pull it this list on your notes, app or on a word document whenever you're writing descriptions, and that's going to help you in the writing process and really help you get those creative juices flowing, you would be amazed by what a time saver this is. I refer back to my words and phrases all the time, and in fact I am going to show you what mine looks like so you can see that it does not have to be anything fancy. Here are some phrases that I have collected over the years and you'll see that thes would do a really good job in jogging your mind and getting produces flowing phrases like breath of fresh air for the bride with sufficient sophistication, style and grace Turn on the charm. Um, it just is a really good way to get started. I'm gonna scroll through some of thes so that you can take a look at some of them. If you want access to this, I'm more than happy to send it to you. Just sent me a message. It's just that I know this is probably a little bit more catered, catered towards feminine industries and wedding industries. Because all of these words here you see all these agile stives, um, that really more wedding appropriate. But you can start your own list of phrases and and words and sentences that you really like , and then you take them and make them your own. But if you want access to this, just let me know when I'll send it to you. Also keep in mind that this cheat sheet also is going to help you with writing instagram descriptions, Facebook descriptions, the copy and emails that you send out to customers. So it's it's very useful for multiple arenas rather than just the at sea descriptions. What are a few other best practices? Well, this is a mistake that you commonly see where people are telling the specifics of the product rather than how the product is going to benefit the user. So you want to describe the benefit to the user in your descriptions? Let's look at an example. X. I know it's hard to envision in your head, but for example, if you sell soft T shirts for moms, you would not just say T shirts. Uh, this is a T shirt made from Jersey material. That's boring, and it doesn't compel the, ah, the customer to want to press that purchase button. Instead, you would write something like made from ultra soft jersey material so that you can be both cute and comfortable as you create beautiful memories with your Children. Do you see the difference? Basically, what you're selling is not the specifications of your product, the fact that it's soft, you're selling the fact that you're gonna look cute and comfortable as you create these memories with your kids, and you're going to do that because it is soft. I'm going to say that one more time so that you guys can understand because I know it's It's hard to be hard to visualize when you're just hearing audibly. Basically, you would write something like made from ultra soft jersey material so that you can be both cute and comfortable as you create beautiful memories with your Children. So make sure to sell what the benefit is to your customer. The other thing I want you to do is answer those frequently asked questions within your product description. Most of your customers are not going to take the time to message you. If they have a question, they're just going to click away and buy from somebody who does answer their question in listing because people are busy and their time is valuable. And a lot of times people just don't have the brain with their the brain energy to compose a message to you. So if you don't answer, it's their questions in the description. Oftentimes they're just going to click away and never make that purchase. So try to answer the actual ah, frequent questions that you get within the body of the text. This one is valuable. Okay, make sure that your text is visually easy to digest. You want to break up the text with bullet points or numbering or paragraphs so that it is easier to read when you have just a big glob of text that's all together. It can be really overwhelming. You think? Oh my gosh, I'm not gonna greed through all that. But you want to encourage your buyers to to read through your text, making as easy as possible for them. And you do that by breaking it up a little bit. So it doesn't look like this whole horrid black whole of text that they're never going to escape from. You want to make it as easy as possible for them to read. Now this seems like a no brainer, but a lot of people forget it. Make sure you're including measurements and materials in your descriptions, and this would be in addition to you can show it visually to the measurements by, um, in the photos of your products by including a measuring tape so people can see visually how many inches it is. But it's also good to include it in the description. In case people don't see the photo, make sure that you are reading your descriptions out loud before publishing. Why would you want to do this? Because it feels kind of awkward when you read your writing out loud. But this can really help you to see if there is a natural and easy flow to your description that is easy to read. Or, if your words feel kind of still tude, an awkward and just hard to say by saying it out loud. You're going to realize it really fast, whether something feels awkward or sounds awkward, and you will be able to adjust now. My last tip, which seems so obvious but so many people don't do it. Always proof, read and spell check. And if you're really bad at catching those rheumatic away errors or spelling errors than have a a friend proof, read it because there really is nothing that is less professional than, Ah, there isn't anything that is as unprofessional as those typos and people will assume if you have a poorly written description that is full of typos, that the product you are selling is also going to be full of errors and full, and that it will be low quality. People make that jump in their minds that if you have a a poorly written description or photographs that are not high quality, that the product they buy from you is also going to be like that. So once again, as I mentioned before, if you want to see my list of words and phrases that I referred back to earlier in this lesson than just send me a message and I'll send it right over to you and in the comments section below, you can also include a sample description or a link to one of your Etsy products so that I can take a read of your description. I will see you back soon. 7. Shop Sections: Welcome to lessons. Six. We are going to be talking about the difference between TJ Maxx and Nordstrom, and we want your shop to be the Nordstrom. And just to clarify, I am not Downing T. J. Maxx. T. J has its own audience, and it does a really good job at catering to them. My grandma used to love to shop there, So, um, I have nothing against TJ Maxx. But, you know, there is a difference between these stores and out of the two stores. I want you to be more like the Nordstrom. What is the big difference between these two stores? I would say that it is in the organization and the layout. Teaching Max is a little bit chaotic and confusing. You see the photo here for reference. You really have to hunt around for what you want. You have to commit to spending some time there and searching through the aisles and hunting for just the right piece. But in contrast, you walk into a Nordstrom, and it is a very pleasant layout, and it's fairly easy to find what it is that you're looking for because everything is nice . Knee nicely organized in the right place. So you should ask yourself, Is your Etsy shop confusing or is laid out in a clear and concise way that is intuitive for your customers to be able to navigate around him? So your task is to edit your shop sections so that they are clear. They aren't easy to understand and so that your customers are able to easily. And I like the word easily, I guess so that your customers are able to easily navigate your store. That is the goal. So what is the goal in this? We want your shop to be easy to navigate and to move around with. This is but we've already mentioned. But why is this? It's because in the digital age, we tend to have shorter attention spans. If you confuse your customers, they're not going to take the time to figure out where you have placed a certain item in your store. They will just keep shopping until they find a seller who was given them an easier experience of finding what it is that they need. You need to make take away as many hurdles as possible for your customer to eventually reach that check out process, and one of the ways that you can do that is to make your shop really easy to navigate and with some clear categories. So as you're brainstorming your shop sections, I want you to ask yourself some of these questions. The first question is, Do my shop sections actually accurately reflect what it is that I'm currently selling in my shop? The reason I have this up here is because it is a mistake that I have made the whole focus on my Etsy shop is wedding fails. This is where I made most of my money. It's where 99% of my sales came from. But then I did an audit of my shop sections and I realized that five of my sections were about wedding bills and the remaining five sections had to do with other things. So the average customer coming onto my shop would not know that I am specializing in wedding veils. It was not a clear representation of what it is that I do and what my shop stands for. So I edited my shop sections so that they more accurately represented what my core business , Waas, which is wedding veils. Another question you can ask yourself. This is a basic question, but it will help you with the brainstorming is what is the easiest way to sort my products ? Maybe it would be by material by product category. Maybe it's by length or by size. Maybe it's by this style. So I like the layout. An organization of this shock Satya. I hope I'm saying that right, But you will see that they have broken it down over here basically into yoga broads, yoga tanks, yoga shorts, etcetera. And that makes it really easy for people to navigate. They just see the section they want. They go to it and they don't feel like they're missing out on anything. The white loft is another example that I like, and they have chosen to do their shop sections in terms of what the material is or the method of of making it so they have photo milestone markers, wooden growth charts and canvas growth charts. So they're talking about what the material is that they're using or the style, and it's just very easy, very clean to navigate. So previously we covered number two, asking yourself what is the easiest way to sort my products, and we saw a few examples. Another question you can ask yourself is number three. How have other shops that I admire organized their shops and their products? You can take a look at other etc shops or other retail shops that you admire, and once again you're not caught being. You're just getting inspiration for how it is that they have a late out their products. The last question is, you should ask yourself if you can delete or combine sections, you actually have quite a few shop categories that you can add these days, but I think the fewer the better. I mean, I would recommend staying like not the fewer the better. But like somewhere below 10 around 10 the max is a good number because the more sections you have, the more confusing it is for customers. So try to keep it as streamlined as possible. Maybe there are one or two sections that you can combine into one. Or maybe there's one that you could just delete altogether. That, um, only has one or two products in it, and that can be re categorized into some of your existing shop sections that you already have. So stay tuned because we have the last lesson coming up here and it is a short one. 8. Shop Announcement: ubaid it with last lesson. Now make sure that you stay tuned even for the conclusion. Ah, video that's after this. So that you can get a hold of a freebie that I'm giving out to all of my listeners. Okay, so for this lesson, we want to take a look at an area that you have probably neglected because I know that I certainly did this seriously only takes five minutes to get it up and running and up to date. So your challenge is to edit or create a current Etsy shop announcement with your keywords and with a way for your customers to continue getting to know you off of the etc platform. Now, your shop announcement. It sounds so simple, right? But it actually has multiple purposes and etc advises that you keep this announcement short and sweet, but you are free to make it as long or a short as you like. I just want to make sure that you are including some of your shop keywords that you've already brainstormed previously in the 1st 1 to 2 sentences of your shop announcement. Because this could really help boost your S e o and the visibility of your shop in etc. Now, even if you are not changing a whole lot about your shop announcement, it is good to edit this from time to time because on etc. You can see when the seller last updated their shop announcement. So previously I had my same shop announcement up for over two years. This is not exactly a good impression for my customers because it makes them feel that I'm no longer around or that if I am around that I just don't care about keeping my site currents and nothing could be further from the truth. So take some moments now, just update it so that you at least have a pretty current date on there. Something that I like to do is adding a link within those first couple of of sentences that show where people could follow me off of that see, and it could be a an announcement or link or people consign up your email list in exchange for a freebie that you're offering or it could be a link to your Facebook or Instagram. It can really be a link to anywhere, as long as you're leading them somewhere where you're getting your customers off at sea and on to a more permanent space where you have full control, suggest your email list or your website because I I love Etsy. Don't get me wrong. I would not be doing what I am without etc. But on the Etsy platform you are still beholden to the platform. And if etc were to close on your shop for some horrible reason, which I mean we hope and pray that that never happens to you or to me. But it does happen sometimes. Then you would be totally stuck. So you're you're wanting to try to get your customers too off of the etc. Platform eventually and doesn't mean you're not continuing to use etc. Just means that you want another way of being able to get in contact with them. Now I want to take some time here and to show you a couple of shop announcements so that you can see this in action. Here is an example of a shop announcement that I actually quite light. You will see that and now the announcement here you can see that it was last updated on January January 6 2020 which is fairly recently. You know, you'd be a little concerned if you were saying something like 2015 even if it's like for from a year ago or something, you'd be wondering. Is this person still active? And you'll also see that this person does silhouette prints and she has included keywords such as, you know, pieces of arts portrait, too. That's another good keyword. Uh, print and silhouettes. Fine. Art is another key word, and I'm sure photo paper is also key word. So those are all helping her with S E O. And you'll see that you don't have ah, whole lot of space here, fourth e initial ah, shop announcement. So you can always click on a read, um or And then you can read everything that this person has to say. But make sure that you're including the most important things within this section, so that customers see everything that they really need to see before they have to click that read more, and then in in the read more section, you can really make it as long as you wants, including any other details that you would like. But make sure that those 1st 2 sentences or so are really strong. And I'll show you an example of my shop as well. Um, here you can see that I've also included some keywords like Vale Um, and I'm also directing people off, etc. And on to basically my email list. If they were to follow this link, it would send them to download a PdF, and they would get a veil guide and that would allow me to get in contact with them in the future so you can see it's above like I have Tom Moore that I write because I have a hard time keeping it short and sweet. But some of the most important info is what is before you have to press this button. The read more button makes sure the most important stuff is at the beginning. 9. Conclusion: Oh, my gosh, You did it. You made it to the very end. I am so, so proud of you. Give yourself a pat on the back. Maybe get yourself some coffee like I have and celebrate. The truth is, if you stay persistent and you stay consistent with what you're doing with your shop, then you will see results. I promise. You just have to stay with it. Don't be shy in the comments below with their class project or just in the comment, make sure that you've linked to your shop so that we could all take a look and give you some of those hearts. Those hearts mean everything I know. And if you have completed this class and complete the class project, then make sure that you indicate in your class project somewhere that you're interested in a 30 minute coaching call with me and I will reach out to you so that we can do a little one on one consultation about your Etsy shop free of charge because you completed this class. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen