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Sell on Etsy - How to Open a Successful Etsy Shop | Complete Course

teacher avatar Austen Hartley, Entrepreneur | Engineer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Brief Overview


    • 3.

      Opening Your Shop


    • 4.

      Product Research


    • 5.

      Digital Vs Physical Products


    • 6.

      Product Listing Photos


    • 7.

      Etsy Update


    • 8.

      Creating a Listing that Converts Part 1


    • 9.

      Creating a Listing that Converts Part 2


    • 10.

      Etsy Update 2 !


    • 11.

      How to Ship your Products !


    • 12.

      Create Custom Orders


    • 13.

      Marketing 2


    • 14.

      Case Study $10K in 3 Days


    • 15.

      Reviews and Customer Service


    • 16.

      Good Days and Bad Days


    • 17.

      Marketing - Example


    • 18.

      Etsy Growth Hacks


    • 19.

      Final Remarks !


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About This Class

Etsy is an amazing platform that enables anyone to start a highly profitable business from day one with absolutely no risk. It cost nothing to get started and there is no previous experience needed !

In this course I take you through the complete process of setting up and optimizing your own Etsy store. We go through every step from opening a store to building optimized product listings that sell.

I stared my Etsy store as a simple hobby project, however, using the techniques I go through in this course I was able to make a full time income in just a few months. All this, while doing something I loved.

There is no trick to success, but there is a right way to do things that can greatly expedite the time it takes for you to find your success. So if you are thinking about starting an Etsy shop, think no more and do it because the additional income and enjoyment of the work you do can quickly change your life, just like it did mine.

Click this link to join the email chat and ask me questions and get feedback !

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Austen Hartley

Entrepreneur | Engineer


I'm a Canadian Entrepreneur. After graduating from Engineering School at the University of Calgary, I had to make the decision between a corporate or entrepreneurial career. I choose to be an Entrepreneur and have never looked back. Currently Building out Fusion 360 For 3D Printing ! 

Get in touch with me here -
Check out my website for more information -

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to this course. My name is Austin. I'm technically a mechanical engineer, but I make a full-time living selling on Etsy. Etsy is an amazing online platform that literally anyone was your experience and even 0 budget can open a store and start making money. Little over a year ago, I opened an NC Sharp hoping to make an extra couple bucks here and there. And before I knew it, I was making a full-time income doing what I love. Since then, I've spent the last year and a half fine tuning and optimizing my shop. And in this course I'll be walking you through every step from the first time you open, all the way to shipping your first product by following along with each lesson in the course, you can basically just skip all the guests or just do exactly what I do. But for your own shop, I go over everything from choosing a shot name all the way to shipping your first product. So whether you're looking to make an extra 20, $5,100 a day or even go full time. This course is for you. You can have your own shop and business up and running within two hours. So let's go. 2. Brief Overview: Before jumping on the computer and going through it all, let's quickly talk about who Etsy is for now, at least for anyone that can make a physical or digital product. Some examples include things like paintings, t-shirts, jewelry, photography, prints, bath bombs. Literally, if you can make something, you can sell it on Etsy, there's enough people using the platform that even if you make, can sell something really unique, people will find it and they will buy it. Now, even if you don't have a product in mind just yet, don't worry because we'll be going through my product research method. And I can pretty much guarantee you'll find something that suits you and your store. So let's jump into it and let's start building RNC account. 3. Opening Your Shop: Welcome to part three of the course. This is one of the most exciting parts because I'll be going through the behind the scenes of my own Etsy shops and give you a brief overview of the day-to-day operations of visuals. After we take a look at my store, I'm gonna logo created a new email address and start an Etsy store from scratch. That way you guys can follow along step-by-step, setting up an optimizing your own store. So let's jump right in. At Now we can see in the top right corner here we get shot Manager. Lets go ahead and click that. So you can see we're writing to my dashboard, we had a total yesterday of 288 views, a 173 visits, five orders for a total of $460 in revenue. As I mentioned before, at sea as more than up potential to become something far greater than just a side income. $406 a day is pretty good side also money. Okay. In the next three are listings, messages or isn't deliveries. We're going to skip these three because in the next part of the video were going through those from start to finish with every setting. What I wanna do is jump right into the Stats section. And here we go. We're reading through it again. So you can see yesterday a 173 visits, five orders, 2.9% conversion rate and $406.15 in sales. They can pull up a bunch of charts for different stats. I don't really pay attention to those either. Now understands we see how shoppers found you. I can't stress this enough. This is one of the most important sections and 99% of people overlook it. If we go in here we see Etsy brought 94% of the visits. What this means is that I didn't have to run paid advertisements for people to see my listings in traditional e-commerce platforms such as Shopify or Amazon. If you launch a product, you will have to run ads, paid ads. You'll pay for those ads. From those advertisements, people will click and then see your listing. If those people who clicked on your paid advertisement don't purchase your listing, you just lost money. Now this is the most beautiful thing about Etsy is that you can, it is optional to run ads. And even if you don't run ads, people will still see your listing and they will still buy your product. This is why I say you can get in certain Etsy shop with literally 0 budget and 0 experienced because there's no risk, you're not going to lose money sending people to your listings. Now, the other thing we can see here is ETC, adds mindset 0. I honestly don't even run at some ads. I just have my listings optimized such that between my listing title might keywords, my product photos. It ranks high enough that no advertisements are needed. And you can do that too. It's really not that hard. Anyhow, moving on, finances, finances and just your banking information. You can change your banking information in here. It shows your payments account where the money goes. It's not too important right now. So the next one is marketing. If we go through here, we can see ads, the ads. As you can see, I'm not running any ads right now. And my last ad campaign in the last 30 days, I had one order from an ad. So as I mentioned, I don't really bother with those too much. But there is a time and place for those and I'll talk about that later. Integrations. I also don't really use integrations. You can just link your Etsy store was something like an accounting software like QuickBooks. I handled that all on my own. So I also don't use out community and how I don't use and settings. I'll go through every single setting with you following this when I make the account from scratch, so let's jump into it. I'm gonna make a new email address so that I can log on to at z and build a shop as if it was my first time doing so, I'd encourage you to follow step-by-step that we will go through a building and optimizing your stored. Here we go. Okay, and we're back. So I have myself a new email address may, and what we're gonna do now is open or Etsy store. So on, let's scroll all the way to the bottom and click cell on Etsy. From there we're gonna go open your Etsy shop and let's put in your main email address here. This is me, the one that I just made. Now firstname, password. Okay, so once you've done that, when you view your Etsy profile and you can go over now to shop manager. Okay, and here we are into our shop preferences. This is where we're gonna go through the setup. So for shop language, mine up put English, shop country, Canada and currency, Canadian dollar. Obviously, if you're in the us, put us in the US dollar, which of these describes you best? I just put selling as my full-time job, but it doesn't it honestly, it doesn't matter what you put. So pick one and then let's save and continue. So now we're getting into it. So name of your shop. Now the name of a shop isn't critical, but it is pretty important. Worth noting, you can't change it in the future, so don't stress out about this step. Mine, I just put my sample shop because I'm just running through this as a sample. You should try and select a name that goes with some sort of branding. So for example, if you're an artist, you're name might be Julius art shop or like Mike's art shop. Whatever suits the products that you first intend to sell, I'll recommend making your name around that. So I'm going to continue on with my sample shop CA, check availability, it's available, obviously, you're going to have to do that as well. So let's save and continue now. Stock your shop here is where things get interesting. This is where we're going to actually create a listing. You have to make a listing here before you can move forward, I believe. Yes. So let's go into analyst thing. I'm going to run through it really quickly here. And then there's another video in the series that's going to be very in depth going through how to make a proper listening. Okay, so here we are in Add a new listening. I'm gonna pretend that I'm selling, let's say jewelry. So what I'm gonna do, I'm just going to do this from Google Images. But if you have a product ready to go, I would recommend taking some images of that and making your first listing according to that product. We will probably go in and edit your listening later. So again, don't stress out about this part too much. So let's go to Google images and I'm gonna take one of gold hearing. I'm just going to steal a Google photo here. I don't recommend doing this. Let's say I like these. So save image as, let's pretend this is what I'm selling you my shop gold. Hearing. Here we go. So let's start by bringing in our photo out of photo desk, gold yearning. And here it is. All right, so we have our listing photo. Now. What's very important here is the quality of photos were going to be going through this in great depth after, but let's, the quality of your photos is gonna make a huge difference in how many sales you get. The one thing worth noting is that one of your photos will be used as a thumbnail. Now this thumbnail is also one of the most important parts about selling on Etsy is you have to nail your product thumbnails because if someone right now search for gold earring and they saw a 100 gold earrings, I need mind to stand out on you mind to appeal to the person that I wanted to appeal to. So make sure that we go in here. We just thumbnail now this one actually came out pretty good. I might zoom in and center it just a little bit. That looks good here. So that updates. So here's our thumbnail. When someone searches gold earrings, This is exactly what they'll see is this photo, the thumbnail. Now video. This is something that Etsy has just introduced. You don't need this. In fact, I only use this on one or two of my listings right now, but this is where you can just upload a quick video. So if you had gold earrings, you could, for example, put them on a little stand on a table and you can take a video showing like a 360 degree of them. You can have a video showing someone putting them on something like that. Just a quick video. If you're confident and you're good with the camera, and this is something that you can easily do. I recommend this because a I think SC actually gives you a little bit of a I don't think they charge you for a listing for you at the moment if you upload a video, so you'll actually save a little bit of, well, you'll save like 26 sense, but additionally, it will separate your listing for maybe a competitor. So if a customer has two tabs open on their browser and they see one with photos and then maybe they see your status photos and videos. They might think, hey, that looks more professional, that these look really cool. And now I can see with these earrings look like when they're on someone. So that's something that you're inclined to do them then absolutely go for it. Title. Title is the second most important thing, as opposed to just your thumbnail and your product photos title. You really have to know your title as well. So gold earrings, we're gonna be going through this again in great, great detail. So for now, I'm actually just going to put gold earrings. Gold earrings. So who made it? I always put I did because I make all of mine. I don't think it actually matters what you put here. I would always put I did or a member of my shop. What is it? It's a finished product. When did you make it? I always put me into order. Now category you can simply search up earrings and it will tell you all of the categories. So earrings in dangle and drop earring, stud earrings, hoop earrings. I'm not an expert, but again, Etsy makes it pretty easy for you. So let's say that the ones I have are hoop earrings. I apologize if I'm wrong, I'm not a 100% sure. This stuff here, I don't actually feel the same. This is just optional stuff. Let's skip that, especially for now, completely skipped. Let's only fill in the required. So here's the next important on renewal options. I recommend always leaving on automatic type physical or digital. This is a physical product. I'm selling earrings you when when the customer buys them, they're physically going to get a package sent to their houses can be earrings. And now digital files are things like design files, DXF files. Color grading, if you're familiar with like lots and presets, people sell those kinda things as digital files. Now description, this is where you see the, the bulk, the meat of the description of the product. So right here, again, we're going to do this in great detail later, but let's just put an example here. Gold earrings handmade at my shop. Quality. Guaranteed. That's good enough for now. Production partners. I never put this down. You should read this in case you do need to. But again, not super important for right now. Okay, so tags, tags are what, ETC, matches the customers search term to yours to begin with. So for example, if I searched up Christmas gift for her in your tags, it would be really strategic to have the words Christmas gift around Christmas time, especially with something like gold earrings where someone would be buying it as a present. And the most obvious one is just if someone searches gold earrings. So you're obviously going to have those types of keywords in your tags. So I'm just gonna write a bunch down here and let's go through it. So gold, I'll start with the obvious ones. Earrings, and then I would go gift, Christmas. Maybe I'd put in Valentine's Day if you're around there, if they're hoop earrings, put in hope. It's not like that materials, materials is total optional section. But because he said their goal, that might be a cool selling point for a customer when they go and they see the list of what this items made of it, they seek gold. I think that would be well worth adding, especially, especially for jewelry. So, okay, so price now before you set your price, I recommend that you go through my video on Etsy fees. This will give you a breakdown of the actual profit that you make after Etsy takes their little cut as well. Nonetheless, let's say that I sell these gold earrings for 49 and the nine quantity SKU. This is optional, but I do recommend us. Let's just put ear one. So this would be our first set of hearings, variations. Variations is, for example, if you had gold earrings and silver earrings. So we could go in here and we can choose variation type, let's say material. And the option might be silver ad. And then from here this is important. So under material we see are variations and we can choose prices vary, quantities vary in SKUs vary. Let's say that the silver ones were cheaper. So I would go in here, I'd press prices vary for each material, Save and Continue. Now Silver, I can pick the price of the silver ones. So maybe if they order the silver ones, it would only be 3999. Now, if you do have variations on you should have Photos, product photos of the silver earrings in your listening photos as well. So way up here where we have our listening photos, you should have photos of the silver ones as well. That way the customer will also know that there's options. And let's continue on. So delivery options, we're going to be going through this in great detail as well. At C gives you prefer postage prices. So it is a little bit cheaper to just use their shipping system, which I do personally. Postage prices, calculate them for me. This is what I typically use. Postage code. I'm just going to put in my my postal code here in the US, I guess this would be your zip code processing time. This one's important. So if you have if I had earrings in stock for this listening, I can put one business day because if someone orders on my simply print the label thrown on the box, get those hearings held the door. If you were in a artist and you had to actually paint another painting or something like that. You might say you're processing time at three to five business days, one to two weeks, whatever suits you. Where I'll deliver Canada and worldwide, believe or not. But I have had customers see from all around the world that is shipped to Italy. I'll all over Europe, Canada, the United States, everywhere. So I always leave this on Canada and rural blind. Etsy also takes care of the shipping. So no matter where your customers order from o you can, all you have to do is print out a postage label put on the box and get it out the door. That customer, how I have it set up and how it I'll show you how to set it up. Isn't the customer pays for the shipping. So this is another one of the best parts about Etsy is that you really don't have to bother with the champagne. Now, if you are in the US will get into this later. I highly recommend putting on a free delivery and maybe it cost you $7 to ship these to any customer. Then what you would do is you would add the shipping costs into the cost of your earrings, the price of the customer pays. So instead of the 4999, maybe my, let's say $57 and then output free shipping desal to rank higher on your product pages are on the ETC. Product pages. So here we go hand lengthy, obviously that is a 0, that's just the price that they'll add on. So if you're shipping was $10, they would just charge an extra $2 and you'd get that $2. But I've sleeve that because I want my customers to have kind of the easiest shipping experience possible. So I don't weights, let's just put 0.01. kilograms, kilograms already there. Truth about item weights. This is just speaking from my experience. The Post Office has very rarely ever check my item way. Like most of my items, I just leave as 0.1 kilograms because that's the cheapest. And any odd sine to the post office does check or they find that discrepancy. If you printed you're labeled from Etsy and you get an additional charge, it will just send you an email and say your package has been charged an additional $2 or whatever it may be. So item size when packed, this is going to be the size of the box that you're putting the earrings. And and so let's say it was 15 centimeters by 15 centimeters by ten centimeters. Then it'll show you the postage prices. So it gives you a couple of examples that you can look at. So if preview postage price, if I was in calibrating the postage price from my shipping would be $11.14. That's what your customer would pay if they were located in Calgary. Let's go through a couple of these. So let's say that my customer who was buying my earrings was located in Chicago. We press Chicago, we can see the postage prices only 7.54. That's pretty cheap. That could be worth just putting instead of having my listening and 4999 pointing it to save $57. And then that way I can put free shipping and I would still make that would technically, it's free shipping. Just charge the additional on your product price. So we'll again, we'll, we'll go over that later too. So let's save and continue. And there we go. Our first listing is May, and so let's just leave that as one because we're gonna get our shop open. Continuing on. Ok, how you'll get paid? This is where fc deposits your money. So for tax purposes, what type of seller RU I am unincorporated business, but if you're just getting started out, absolutely no problem and put individual or sole proprietorship country of residence. I'm going to put Canada obviously, firstname Austin. Let's fill this out. Your stuff. Okay, now we get into some important stuff. So whereas your bank located in my bank is located in Canada bank name, this is just where you put like HSBC or RBC or whoever you bank with, name of the account holder, that'll be your name, institution number, transit number, and account number. If you don't know these AB recommend just Googling them and it's pretty easy to find them. Your account number will be available within your banking system. So if you do online banking, you can just go pull up both your transit and your account number and your institution number. You can just Google that with like if your RBC and I think it's 003, I have to do that and we'll move forward. Okay. And we've got that. So mine went through your should go through as well. Now it says please confirm your email address, which you're gonna do login to your main email address. There will be a link there and go in and confirm your email address. And here's my email address. It says confirm your Etsy account. Go ahead and click confirm accounts. And here we are. It says Dunn and Dunn, you've already confirm your email address already, did it it says your account is all set, so we now have an Etsy shop with a live listing. So first thing to do, let's go into a shop manager. Oh, we have to set up billing so for Bill and just put in your credit card information. This is where, for example, Etsy takes a 26% listing fee. If you may, if you made your listening and I'll charge you $0.26. And then if you didn't make any sales ever, ETC, would charge your credit card 26 sense. So here we go. Let's just go ahead and add your own credit card number and we'll go through that. And once you get those in, simply press Open your shop. Here we go. It says hang on while we get everything in place. Boom, your shop is open for business, so we're all set up now. We have a live Etsy shop. And here you can see my sample Etsy shops. Yea, that's the name of my shop. It's a super silly name. I hope you picked on better than that, but we can already see our first listening, which is gold earrings now shop owner, That's me. This is basically our first blank template. Now there's no branding here. This is, we have a lot of work to do, so let's keep going. Okay. So I just get ahead because I added in these three photos here and you're gonna do the same. But let me explain, because this is a very important step. This is your Etsy shop. This is how it looks if someone clicks on one of your products and then clicks on your shop name. This is exactly what they'll see, which is your store. So there's three elements here that we need to look at right away. The first one is your shop owner photo. This should be a headshot of you or some sort of personal photo. The reason for that is that when someone is going through your listing, so for ours, it's the golden earrings one right here. When a when a potential customer sees that and then they also see a photo of the shop owner. It establishes some sort of personal relationship that shows that their money is being used to support you and your business. That's very important. So I highly recommend taking a photo or getting a good photo to use for that, although it's a very small detail, can go a long ways. Same thing with the other two photos. The one at the top here we will see is our banner photo. Now your banner photo is important because it's the biggest photo that you have there. You go to edit your banner. You'll have two options. So change Leo, You can have a big banner or a mini banner. I go with the mini banner because I think that the big banner is a little bit invasive unless you have a really, really good photo. I think the mini banner is sufficient, but don't don't use none because none, you're just you're just wasting an opportunity. So make sure that you have either a mini banner or a big banner. The last one, let me just get out of this ones up here. Cancel. Okay. So the last one is your shop photo, which is this one right here. I just went and took a photo or took a photo from Google of some jewelry on a table. I personally think this one could be a lot better for the store, but that's for you to do. So let me give you some examples. If you were a painter, maybe your banner photo is like a bunch of paint brushes laid out in a very artistic look. And maybe your shop owner photo is you holding a paintbrush and your sample photo is like an easel with painting on it, something like that, something branded that establishes personality and shows about what your store does. Now once you have those done, let's move on to the next one. Okay, so next let's scroll down here and we can see add a video and up to five photos. Now this one, this one is not imperative, but I still do recommend it if you have this content ready to go, if not, the most important thing is to launch your store. This can be done as we go and as you build your store, but if you have stuff ready to go, go ahead and do that. So for example, it says share photos of your process workspace or anything that can inspire buyers. Because if by R C this, again, it establishes that personal connection of them buying your products and supporting you and your business. So out of video for me, let's say I was making gold earrings. It could be a video of me like pouring the gold into a mold or anything like that. If you are a photographer, it could be a video of you just like out shooting photos if you, you know, the next one is addFive photos with captions, you can do the same thing with your process and how ever you make your products. Where it says, add a story headline and then add your story. This is where you would write something like, Hi, my name is Austin. I, my passion is making jewelry. I discovered my passion when I made my first set of gold earrings. Tell your story because one customer to see this, it goes so far. If you are selling products on something like Amazon, like the customers don't know who you're buying from, so they don't really care. But here it gives you that opportunity for someone to look into you and your business. And that converts the sales, believe or not, but it does converts a sale. So take the time, go through this. These ones are really straight forward out of story the headline and then add your story. So like I said, for mine, they sample shops selling gold earrings. What I could do out of story headline, How I discovered my passion for making jewelry. Tell your story, and then go on. Very simple. Just make sure that you get it done on local is if you're selling if you're selling items locally, let's say I'd sell my jewelry at the Sunday Farmers Market. You can put that in here so that people could come and visit you. And then at the very bottom, you have an opportunity to put in Frequently Asked Questions and seller details. The odds of a customer actually getting this far down on the page are pretty small, but if you wanted to put these in here, you could go ahead. So let's say that in your messages section, you get a message once a week that says, do you use on sterling silver for you, that type of silver of your earrings? You could put add frequently asked questions and you'd put the question and answer if you're a painter might say, do you use oil base for water-based paints? And there you and answer it. And that's pretty much it for our shop profile. So I'll go ahead here and I'll click View shop. And you can see this is what customers on Etsy would see. They see in my sample Etsy shops CA, here is our banner photo, here is our shop owner photo, and here is our just shop photo. Here's our first listening with the gold earrings. And that's all we have because we didn't fill in the story and the headline part. But that's pretty much it. And now your store is open. You have a little bit of a brand established. You have your photos when someone comes onto your page, they can kind of tell. Ok. So this store sells earrings and okay. So this shop owners name is Austin and there's the picture I know I just use a picture of a female with earrings, but that's just just so you understand the point. They can tell what they're buying, what the soar makes. And very importantly, they can tell who they're buying from. And that's it for this section. Following this, we're going to go, we're going to break everything down into great detail so that we can optimize your shot. So congratulations, because your shop is now open, it's just time to optimize it so that your potential customers can find your listings and buy your products. Let's keep going. 4. Product Research: Hey, welcome to this section. This is a fun one because we're talking about product research and the product research method. I'm going to give you a few examples of how I do product research. Then what I recommend is writing down as many potential products as you can and then go through them one by one at the end. So there's two types of product research. There's research on a product you currently have or make. So for example, if you make, say, Christmas ornaments, you need to do product research on Christmas ornaments. The second type is product research on brand new products. So if you don't know what you're going to make for you, Let's go through both. Now it's important to note you should have a product niche already established before doing this research, you should roughly know the genre or category of things you're looking itself. For example, if I'm a photographer, I won't be doing product research on clay pots. However, if you don't know your niche yet, that's okay to just pick one and follow along as the Jew learn the process. Also, at the end of this course, there is a section where you can put your email. If you put your email, I'll send you a list of my top 20 product Nietzsche's to help you pit one, maybe go do that right now. It's in the very last video and get that out of the way. So the first type of product research, is research on something you already have or make. There's three things we need to look at, price, competition and product value. I'll go through these and example and make it clear. Let's say I make leather wallets. What I need to determine is how much do they sell for which is the price, how many people sell other wallets, which is the competition? And is there any certain style of color or trend that I should make for my Etsy products. That's the product value. So the first thing we need to do on your computer, let's open up a private browsing window. I do this, ETC, doesn't just show you products from your search history. You can do this with all web browsers if that doesn't make sense or you don't know what I'm talking about. Just Google private web browsing and then the name of your internet application. For example, private web browsing on safari, and it'll show you how to do it. So Let's take a look at leather wallets here. Search leather wallets. Okay, so the very first thing you know which is really important is the first line of products that you see. This first line of listings, you'll see down here it says ad by, ad by and then the name of the shop. All these people are paying money to put their product listings at the top of that page. So we completely ignore those for product research. Going down what we see, okay, let's take a look at the, so this one right here, personalize men's full green. Ok, genuine leather wallet, engraved, genuine leather. It looks like the value proposition of most of these is the customization. They have letters, they have names, engraved, stuff like that. So that's their value proposition. Now, price, we see 4200566040. It looks like the price, one of them is at 70. It looks like the price is between 40, $60. This is all in Canadian dollars. So I know that if I come in with a wallet, I'm probably going to sell it between 40, $60, and maybe even a little bit cheaper to start. So now we have price for competition. Will we need to look at, is, if we go to the first line, after the ads line, we see the first the first shop here as 379 reviews. Quite a bit. The next one has 685. That's quite a bit. But then we see one with only 51 review. So if a shop with only 51 reviews can come in and get their listing of a top of the page for leather wallets. That means that the competition is still moderate. Look the one beside it only has two reviews. So I would gauge this competition around moderate. Now if every single one of them had thousands of reviews, then it'd be really tough to get your product in here. So to summarize a couple of things. The price is generally between 40, $60 to competition as moderate. There's a few people with not a lot of use or sales that are showing at the top of the page product's value, they're all personalized. So what this brings it down to is, how can you add product value in my head, the first thing that goes and my head is okay, I would add something maybe like a money clip. I could add a money clip to my wallet and I wouldn't be the only one on this page that has a wallet with a money clip. You could do something like that, you could maybe so in a little piece of Platt and the bottom right hand corner, and instead of a letter, maybe you just have a little piece of red plaid and it makes it kind of like this Father's Day gift appeal, something like that. Because if I jumped into this marketplace right here, just leather wallet, it's not the best approach. I have no unique value proposition. There's nothing that separates my listening from these listings. So always go in and try to add something a little bit different. Let's go over scenario two. You have a niche but you don't know what products to make. It would be like stepping back from the leather wallets and knowing that you make leather goods, but what product would you go on to make? So let's do a different example on this. Let's bring up Again. Let's say I make candles. So candles. Let's see what we get from candles. So under candles we see, as I mentioned before, at the first row is all advertisements skip the first row, you can tell because it says add by and then the store name. So here we are. This is the generic search results for just candles. So it says, here's the first one by two, get one free, okay, so you can already tell exactly what they do. It looks like most of these are Mason jar handles with some sort of unique message on the front of the customer. Okay, here's a different one. This one's in the shape of a female figure and see if we get anything different. So a lot of these are just mason jar handles. Here's one that's in the shape of a tree like that. Let's keep going here. Okay, here's a new shape one. Look at this one. Here's the one that's in the shape of a macro win, and it's pretty neat. Okay? Are I can already tell what I would do for this. So we have our Nietzche, our niche, and our genre is it we make candles. So now you're asking yourself, okay, what type of candles Can I make? They're gonna sell on Etsy for this, if you jumped in here with a mason jar, a candle that you can that the customer can type something on the front whenever they wanted to say that the competition, there's so much competition, everyone is doing that, so I would not do that. You have no unique value proposition. There's no reason for someone to choose yours over another one of these, especially if you're a new shop at the beginning, what I would do, I would pick a specific shape candle we can see like the one I showed you before was a Christmas tree. There was one of that female figure. Let's go. Let's say I chose seashell candles. Let's say I put the word seashell on there. Now. Okay, C. So now this gets interests and look at this one, seashell candle, 821 reviews, they sell it for $16. So what you could do if you wanted to make a seashell candle is you just buy a little seashell mold. You'd pour your wax in that instead of just in a mason jar. Now you have a unique value proposition. In addition to having a unique value proposition, you can now target tags and your title specifically. So if someone searches for seashell candle, it's a lot easier like a 100 times easier to get your listing to show versus if someone just searches for candles. So that's exactly what I would do is have my niche, which was candles. I sell candles. We do a broad search term. We see which candles are selling, why they're selling, how the competition looks. And then from that broad search term, we narrow it down. So from candles, I picked one that was in the shape of something. This one I didn't seashell. You could go through and type in ten different shapes and pick which one the best one was. So I hope that helps you guys out with some product research tools doing this. The more and more you do it, the easier and easier it gets. Ideas will just start naturally come into you all the time and you quickly, broad search, narrow it down, see how you can add value. I'll see you guys in the next one. 5. Digital Vs Physical Products: Hey, and welcome to this section. Now we're talking about physical versus digital products. Now, the far majority of people on Etsy seemed to sell physical products. I sell physical products and most people that I know and talk with sell physical products, but there are some amazing things about digital products. So stay tuned. So a physical product is anything that you actually make and ship once a customer places an order. Examples of physical products are things like candles, phone cases, t-shirts, et cetera. Whereas a digital product is a file that you upload to Etsy. And when the customer purchases that file, they're given a download link, or they can simply download the file, job is done. The biggest and most noticeable difference between digital and physical products is that digital products are way less work. Once the listing is made, the file is uploaded. There's nothing you have to do. Etsy handles everything else. The listing can just live on Etsy and keep paying you as long as people are purchasing it and you never have to package or ship anything. However, in my experience, digital files tend to have ten times the amount of competition and they tend to sell at a much lower price. Here's why a digital product example, you designed a happy face on the computer. You export it as a PNG or an SVG and you put it to sale for $5? Well, it probably took you less than ten minutes to do the entire process. Therefore, it probably takes your competitor the same amount of time. And then they might list there's for $4 and then you might lower your price to $3 so that they don't take your sales and then they might lower theirs to $2. So you see what I mean, unless you are a very skilled designer or you make some format of digital file that's unique and hard to do. Simple digital files will not be your best choice. Now, there is a really cool medium, and this is why I say there's something on Etsy for everyone. Some people do custom digital files, so there is still work when a customer places an order, but it's digital work. So if digital work is your thing, you can still make money on Etsy. Let's go through examples of digital files and I'll show you exactly what I mean and what I think of them. So starting out here, I just went to I searched up file. I then found four things, some that I like and some that I don't. Let's go through the first one. Here's the first one. So, So this has digital pet portrait of what this looks like it is, is you send them a photo of your pets. They then make your pet basically digital so that you can print it out. And this one's 8995. So this would be tough for some competition to come in because they would have to know the skill to take a photograph and turn it into that cartoon image. I'd like this one. This is, this is a good listen. Okay, let's go to the next one. So this one says 22 wreath SVG files. So on this we can see that if you bought this, you would download what has 22 different types of rates. I guess you could put these on Christmas cards or postcards or something like that. But here's the problem with this, is although you can see that they have 3 thousand sales and they have five-star reviews, so they're doing fine. The cost of this is only $1.34. So every sale, they'll probably get somewhere around $1 maybe. So even if every sale was this item, they're Etsy store is eliminated $3,500. And for however long it's been active for probably a long time. So they're not making a lot of money on it. And the thing is, is that I could personally open up Adobe Illustrator and I can make 22 very similar reads and list my item for $1, say, and then we would get into this price war. So I personally don't like this tactic unless you're open to doing lots and lots of design work and lots of listings. And you'll have tons of products in your Etsy store. That's okay because they are digital. So yes, this is not what I recommend to most people. Moving on to the next one, this one is custom-designed name or logo digital file. So what this is here as you type your name and this person will send you a digital file of your name and the logo below it. So here we can see there's one for the name Mathieu, all the letters are near. It's a cool idea, I don't mind it. The problem that I have with it is there not, they're selling a custom digital file, which is cool, but they're selling it for a pretty low price. And because of that, they're not taking advantage of the best part about selling digital files, which is that if you sell the right type of digital file, there's no work required because Etsy handles at all once you upload that. This one here still involves custom work and the prices a little bit low. So I don't personally recommend something like this. Moving on. Here's another one, Christmas family portrait custom holiday card. I really like this one. So this one looks like you'd probably send them a photo of your family or your Christmas card photo. What they do is they take that, they turn it into an animation and then they send you that digital file. And this one's cool because it's $60. So they are making good money on these and all they have to do is send you to digital file. It's custom enough. And it would require enough skill that not everyone could do it like I wouldn't be able to do this one that takes artistic skill and computer skills, but the other one with the reefs, like I could do that quite easily. So I like this one and this is a happy medium with a good price between just a digital file and custom digital files. So I hope that makes sense. There is a time and place for digital files for certain people. But if you're just starting out on Etsy and you're not, you don't have a ton of computer experience and start with physical products. I'll see you in the next one. 6. Product Listing Photos: Hey, what's up you guys? And welcome to this section on listing photos. This section is extremely important and here's why. The second that your customer makes a search on Etsy, The very first thing they see is listing photos. It's the one thing that pulls a customer's eye to your listening, makes them click and see what you got. When need to nail are listing photos. Here's what we're gonna do in this section. The first thing, the first thing we're gonna do is I'm gonna go through and see some real examples. And I'm going to show you what I think are good and bad listing photos and why. Following that, I'm going to give you some tips and tricks on making good and attractive listing photos that convert to sales. After that, we're gonna go through, I'm going to actually take a product. I'm going to show you how I do my listing photos. I'm going to take the photos of it, show you my really quick editing process, upload them to Etsy and show you how it luck. So let's jump into a Curie are on Make sure this is running. Here we go. Okay, so first thing I'm gonna do, I'm gonna search for, let's say planter. Now the first thing about listing photos is that it's really easy to tell which ones are not well done. And by no means do they have to be professionally done? They just have to look professional. There's a huge difference. So I'm just going to scroll through these. Okay, here's one that kind of sticks out as not being perfect. Let's keep going down here. And here's a really good one. Let's see what else. Here's one that I think could be better. Let's start with these ones. So the first one here, this one is really good. Let me tell you why. First of all, most of the, most of the color scheme of this is white. Then what we see is the yellow and the green, which really pops out against all the white colors. The subject matter of this picture is just the product that they're selling. You can see it's a small yellow bowler vintage camper planter. Excellent. It looks really good. There is a shadow on this side here which is OK because it's not overwhelming. Let's click through them a little bit more. And here's another photo with a hand in there which shows you the scale of the planetary we see it's really small to photos, okay, so they're all pretty much the same, but the background is such that it's not overwhelming. We can really tell what the product is. Our eyes are focused only on the product. Let's go to that next one. This is one that I didn't really like. You can tell that the quality of the photo isn't really great. It shows all the little imperfections in the actual product itself. You can tell that somebody had a light right here and that they are shining it against that because there's a big shadow behind. I don't like that. These listening photos are not the best. And you can tell that this person does a moderate amount of sales, that 1000 sales. I think if they improve their listening photos with that many reviews, they, yeah, they could sell a lot more. Quite frankly. Let's go back to this, ok, this one here. This one is also, it just looks really homemade. You can tell here they had a light, you can even see the light source and the top right corner, there's a big shadow coming on our left here. If you're going to do that, at least put the shadow behind the object. As we click through. It's just kind of a 360 degree view of this item. Again, you can definitely get away with this. It's no problem people will still buy. But to get the best conversion rates and the most sales we bought professional looking photos. Again, not professionally taken photos. We just need them to look professional. Let's go through here and I'll try and find a couple more examples for you just to really nail it on the head. Let's go to the second page. Okay, here's a really good one. Now that was an advertisement and let me click on it. Let me find another one for you. Let's go to this one looks good. And let's see if I can find one that I don't really like. All of these. All of these are not bad. Ok. Let's go these two good ones that I just had, I think it's this one. Okay. What I really like about this one is even though chosen multiple products, you can see that your eyes focus to the one that's, your eyes. Naturally zoom in on the one that's in focus. So this planter right here is in-focus. This one grabbed my intention, whereas the background ones are blurred out. So they're just there to set the moon, to set that theme and provide a good background. Let's go through their photos. Nice, nice. It's all theme about the backgrounds are good. Then they have some individual product photos to show you exactly what you're buying. This one nail that I really like those onto the next one. This one, this one. I like this one because it looks you can tell it's not not professionally done. It looks relatable enough that you can say, Yeah, that's exactly with that product would look like in my home. Let's click through this. Here we go. You can even see this little area in the top left corner of this person just has a white pull-down sheet and they took photos of this. They did the lighting good. You can tell because there's no big shadows anywhere. I like this. And then they have a photo of just the pot. Good. I like that one too. Okay. Now here's my tips for nailing your product listing photos first to, in your first product photo, your product needs to be the absolute focus of the photo because that photo will be used for the thumbnail that has to grab the consumer's attention. Number two, lighting is everything. It doesn't matter what camera you use. If you're lining is not good, the photo will look bad. Tip number three camera. Now you're probably thinking Maybe you need an expensive fancy camera to take good listing photos. That's not true at all. If you nail tip number two, which is get good lighting, the rest will take care of itself. Any mobile phone these days takes more than good enough pictures to be suitable for Etsy. And tip number four is theme. You cannot mix and match themes. For example, if our product was Penn, the other objects in the photo should not be something like a bowl of strawberries. Instead, it should be like postage notes or notebooks or something that matches the beam and the brand of the pen and the product that you're listening. And tip number five is just like tip number two. It has to do with the lighting. If you don't have studio lights, take your photos using a natural light source, like a window. Taking your photos by a window is the easiest and best way to get good-quality lighting and good quality photos. So let's jump into it. I'm going to show you a couple of photo examples. In fact, let's pretend that my item is this pen. Let's pretend that I make this pen from scratch and I want to sell it on Etsy. I'm gonna show you exactly how I set up and take my product listing photos. This pen. Okay, so here we are. All I did was I grabbed a few super simple prompts. So this is our pan that were taking photos of. We already know that. Then we have our notebooks. These were just on the shelf behind me. And finally we have a notepad using just these objects. I'm going to show you how simple it is to be professional-looking product photos suitable for product listening. So I'm just gonna love this record is I go through the process and I'll probably speed it up after and then show you what I was doing. Okay, now here we are on the computer now the program that I'm using to do this is Adobe Lightroom. But any, and absolutely any free photo editing software will work or not doing any crazy Photoshop touch ups, nothing like that. We're just adjusting a little bit of the colors here are in there so that it pops on that page when your potential customers see it. Here we have the 12345 photos that I took of just this pen. Now, here's my initial thoughts. So if I go to photo one, I don't like this photo. That's OK because you can see the background of the studio here now, I could quickly crop this in a little bit, but to crop it in enough, I would be losing some of the image. So I don't like photo one, so I'm gonna skip that one here we go photo to. So this is a close up of kinda the branding. So let's say if part of your Penn was that you put someone's custom name on these pens and let's say this was your label. It would be a really good idea to have a close up photo of that. So let's go ahead and quickly edit this photo. Also worth noting, Adobe Lightroom is free for mobile applications at the time of making this video. So you can just use this application on your phone if you'd like to do it that way or like I said, any free photo editing software will work. I just want to show you my process from start to finish. So now that this photos in light room, I'm gonna quickly edit it and then show you the before and after. And only take about two seconds. So I'll just leave the camera Rolon. Okay. So this one, I think it's done a couple of very quick touch ups. The only things that I really changed, I'd adjusted the exposure contrast, highlights blocks and then a little bit on the clarity. Again, it took about maybe 30 seconds to do. And I think this will look way better than it did before. And in fact, here's a before and after view. So you can see this is before and this is after. The biggest noticeable difference is the increase in the exposure in this way, overexposing your photos just a little bit for your product listing photos is perfectly fine. In fact, I think it's a great idea because as I mentioned, this photo will be present amongst a bunch of other listing photos and we want to grab that customer's attention so they click on ours instead of anyone else's. So a little bit of those overexposure is fine. I like this one. Let's move on to the next one. So this one here, I just took a super-simple photo of just the pen on top of the book. I probably should have stood up a little bit for this photo to get the background out of the corners here, but that is fine too. I'll just crop it a little bit here to bring some of the attention away from that. There we go and let's jump into it. Okay, and this one's done just like that. Again, it's probably less than a minute and I'm just going to show you the before and after now the only other thing is while I edit these photos is how is this photo gonna look? My Etsy listing photos? And that's something that's important to consider. So here's the final image of the second one. Now let's again, let's go to the before and after. You can see that on the left side here, this is the one before. It just looks a little bit bland. Now the product is still the exact same. Nothing has changed. It's just the one on the right. I've just played around a little bit with the lighting so that it just looks a little bit more attractive and a little bit more professional. Ok, now moving on to the third picture. Now I took this picture because it really shows kinda like the fine tip point of the pen. Additionally, I put it against a book because just a pen and a notebook, those to go really well together. So let's quickly edit this photo and I'll show you the before and after again. Okay. And I think that's good right there. So again, I'm going to show you the before and after quickly. And here we can see the difference. So the one on the left, it's quite dark. It looks like it was just a handheld photo that was taken. Whereas the one on the right just says this touch of artistic element that makes it look like it's more professional, like it's a proper product listing photos. So what I'm gonna do now, I'm gonna quickly upload all three of these to show you what they look like on the actual Etsy listing. I hope this cleared up pretty much everything. So after you take your photos, just try and put in that little bit of extra effort, import them into any type of photo editing software, overexposed them a little bit, play around with the lighting, and then you should be good to go. It's just that little bit extra that will truly lead to more sales, more revenue, and more money in your pocket at the end of the day. I hope this helps. I'm going to quickly show you this and then we are almost done for this section. Ok, now we're into the ETC, photo section. I just want to show you the difference between the photos that I didn't edit and the photos that I did at it. And keep in mind, this was done in like two to five minutes when you actually go through and you do this, take the time, take the effort, make these photos perfect. Take a 100 photos if you need to, and then scroll through. Pick your favorite five or ten of them. So here we are. You can see here this is our primary photo. Nice, that's the edited one. And then here we go. This is the unedited one. Now you can tell just the difference in the contrast and the colors and the edited one just kind of pops now where you'll notice the biggest difference is in the thumbnail, and that's why this is important. So if we see the thumbnail, This is the thumbnail for the already edited photo, we can tell because it says primary here. If I switch this thumbnail to the unedited photo, you can see just how bland and how that photo just doesn't quite capture the attention as the other one does one more time. Here's the edited photo compared to the unedited one. Let's say that right here on ours where it says Muji, if that was where you had your custom engraving or something for your pen. I think that's a great photo. Okay, so we are done this section. The biggest thing to take away is just take the time, do the photos properly because they are the number one thing that leads to more people clicking on your listing as opposed to everyone else's listings around yours. Thanks for tuning in and keep watching. We're almost done. Keep building your business. I'll see you in the next one. 7. Etsy Update: Hey guys and welcome to this lesson. Now this one is going to be a little bit different than the ones that you're taking right now. But first of all, I just wanna take a second and say thank you because I'm shooting this video right here a couple months after posting the class and the feedback that I've gotten from a class has been fantastic. The amount of emails, the number of people that have said, thank you, my store is up and running, things are going well. Thank you for reaching out and thank you for leaving a review on the ETC course. Again, it means the world to me, but this update is important because I have launched another Etsy shop. I now have quite a few shops. I actually have a person who manages all of my Etsy shops and helps me out with that. But I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to show you. Basically just, I took all of the tools that I taught and then I'm currently teaching in the lessons that you're watching right now. And I applied them to another Etsy shop that's only about two or three months old right now. And so what I wanna do is just give you a chance to see the behind the scenes of yet another Etsy shop. And again, this is the new one we just launched this. So I'll put a screen, this screen up right now so you can see exactly what I'm looking at. But here we go. Let's talk about it for a minute because this one has gone pretty well. So so the shop is called one we'll accessories basically, I have this electric skateboard thing. It's called a one wheel if you know what it is, cool if not, don't worry, it's basically just an electric skateboard. And what I did is I started making accessories for it and then I posted those accessories and made an Etsy store out of that. And you can see, here's my store. So basically, again, just like in the lessons, this is a stock photo. This is a stock photo, Austin, that's me. This is my profile. You can see we have the buyers are raving the shop as multiple five-star reviews and the past seven days. So that's great to see. We've done 278 sales in just, I believe it's two or three months. We'll jump into the stats and just a second again, it's going to be fully transparent. And these are the listing. So if you're curious, if you're curious, you can actually go onto Etsy. You can view my shop. This is one of the many that I have. And what's kinda cool about this one is at the shop was created. Like I said, we're donating some of the proceeds from the shop to charity. So the shop it wasn't just kinda like thrown together, but it was made really quickly. We haven't even updated all of our photos and put in any professional photos yet. Basically, we just took everything that we know, the accessories that I like to make at home and we made an Etsy shop out of it and through this together, and the shop is doing really well. And the reason that is doing really well, it's because of all the things that you're learning in the course right now. So let me take you into the backend of the shop. And again, you can go on Etsy and you can view the shop if you want. But let's check out how it's doing. So you can see, right now, it says $12 thousand in revenue. It says today, that's not today within d $12 thousand, That's the all time. So here we go. $12 thousand all time. I'll show you the stats in just a second. Like I said, it's only a couple months old, so it makes around maybe two to $4 thousand a month. So orders a 196 visits, 8 thousand. But let's just kind of go through this so that we can just have another view on an Etsy shop that is indeed up and running. So under listings, like I said, we don't have a lot of listings. You can go view them all on Etsy, there's 13 active listings. Let's go into stats. So under stats for this shop, let's go to all time. We can see here the shot basically started sometime around April, I believe, is when we really opened it. So revenue, there we go. We can see April $68. So it was probably on one of the last days of April. And then as we go may, we may want 1145 and then in June, 2500 July $4,266, which is phenomenal now, in July we actually ran out of stock of quite a few items. So then August here we're down a little bit, and then it's today's only September 3rd. So obviously, there's a lot of revenue coming in for September overall, it's a $171 over the last three days. So even that is pretty good as it is. But nonetheless, I just wanted to give you this kind of visual behind another Etsy shop. If I do, what I'll probably do is add more videos onto the end of this in the future. And then I'll use this Etsy shop so that we can kind of bolt goes through this together. Let's go through maybe one more thing, marketing again, NC ads. I don't use Etsy ads. I haven't seen that video yet. You will see in the future, but we don't really use Etsy ads or anything like that. But I hope this helps. It gives you another login to an Etsy shop that you can go look up. I'll use a shop to experiment with and hopefully keep learning things and I can keep adding to the lessons for you guys. So wherever you're at in your ESI journey, don't stop. Trust me, it's absolutely worth it. Keep going. Once you have a shop that's up and running, it is just continually generating revenue. So that's it. Keep going through lessons I can't weigh again. Thank you so much for the feedback so far and thank you so much for those who have left a review. I'll see you guys in the next lesson. 8. Creating a Listing that Converts Part 1: Hi and welcome to yet another fun section. In this section, we're going to be going over the specifics and making a proper listing that converts, yes, that converts the biggest thing we need to build our listings that convert. Now first, I guess I should define my version of convert. A listing that converts is a listing that shows up organically from X-Y search results. And one that when a customer clicks on it, it leads to a sale. Why is this important? Because if you have a listing that shows up organically, you will not have to pay for advertisements. I can't stress apart enough. You sell $100 thousand and products but half to spend $99 thousand on advertising. Well, that's just no good. So let's really focus on this section. Get a pen and paper and take some notes and follow along closely because this section is where we're going to save and make you a lot of time and a lot of money. If someone was to ask me what one single section from this course should I watch? If I was to just watch one, it would be this one. Here's why. If you make a listening today and by following the instructions here, you never have to advertise that listening for the life of your store, it's quite possible that she'll save tens of thousands of dollars, if not even more. So let's jump into it. The first thing I want you to do is to open up for web tab. So the first Web tab is going to just be your store, your shop manager under listings where we get add a new listing. Second tab, just simple,, google.png, whatever works. Third tab, Google Trends. You can just go to Google. You can write Google Trends and you'll see the first one that shows up is trends dot That's the one we want. Next one, just a blank page from regular Etsy where you would make searches as a customer. Okay. Here is listing photos. Now we've already captured all of our listing photos. We've done that. You've been through this section on that. No problem at all. Upload your listening photos, press pause here, upload your listing photos and come back when that's done. The next section, video beta, we talked about this. Etsy is in beta phase of launching their videos for your ads. Right now, as I mentioned, if you're good at taking videos and you can make a very high-quality video that's almost kind of like a commercial of your product. Take the video, upload the video. If not, skip it for now, I have only 01:00 AM. I listing says a video on it. Haven't seen any big change in sales or anything like that. So I don't think that doing videos is worth it at the moment, but if you can, then go ahead listing details, this is the meat of everything. This is the most important. Well, this is maybe not the most important because you're listing photos and most important. But this is really, really important stuff. This is where things get a little bit technical, so you'll have to follow among closely, as I mentioned in grab a pen and paper or follow along with your own Etsy listing. And let's do this step by step by step. I promise it'll be worth it. So step number one, how I'm going to do this, I should come up, I'm going to come up with a product that I intend to sell so that I can use it as an example. I think examples are the absolute best way to demonstrate this. So let's quickly go find me an example. And I already was kinda looking and I saw this one for what an watches. I think that's a good enough example. So let's use that. Let's say that my listing is going to be on wooden watches first I'm gonna go grab a quick picture from Google images just so that we can make a complete listing together. I'll be right back. Okay, so here we are. Here is my product image. I just went to Google, I searched up wooden watches. I took a picture from there. Again, this is just for an example. Never used Google images for your product photos, but you know that. So here's what have we got. This listing today is going to be for a wooden watch. Let's say that I make wooden watches, no problem. So I'm gonna skip the video section now title. Here's where things get deep. First thing that we're gonna do, we're gonna go to Google and we're going to type in wooden watch and we're not going to press Enter. What this does is it brings up Google search recommendations. From here, we can see things that people are commonly searching in Google. Why is this important? This is important for search engine optimization. Maybe you've heard of SEO before when one of your potential customers goes to and they type in wooden watch. You want your product to show up so that they can buy it. So how do we get your product to show up? This is the steps that we're taking now. So we can see before we press enter, Google recommends us to search for wooden watches. Wooden watches, canada wouldn't watch box. Now what we can do with these search terms, this is totally free. All we did was write wooden watch, take these search terms, put them in our tags. Tags are used for search engine optimization. So what I'll do is I'll go over to my listing here and I will start with tags, front tags. I will take these, lift these description words here. So ones that make sense would be things like Box for men, for women, stand case. And then Brands doesn't make sense. So let's go ahead and let's go take wooden watch case. Now, why is this important? Because if someone on Google searched for wooden watch case, although they're not searching for a wooden watch. If they see your wooden watch, they might click on it and go buy your wood and watch even though they were looking for a case because it's a related product. Let's go ahead. Etsy listening Tags. Here we go, case. Let's do the next one that is relevant stand. That's relevant stand. Okay. And the next one would be women. Excellent. Oh, typed it in wrong one sec and make sure that you make sure that you have these spelt correctly because I've done it before or I've accidentally made a typo and added it and it doesn't tell you it's a doublecheck or spelling on those. And what's the next one here is for men, let's put in men. And again, these make total sense because someone might type in wooden watches for men. And you want your product to show up and X1 is box. So I'm gonna go ahead. I'm going to put in bucks. Okay, excellent. We have most of them from here. That makes sense. So Canada, that's not really ideal. Amazon obviously that doesn't really make sense to put it in our tags, neither does brands, because that's just a super generic word. Next thing we're gonna do, we're gonna go into, the regular search one, and we're going to search a wooden watch. From here. What we do is we use the existing successful listings to help kind of navigate how we build ours. So again, first row here, I'll ads, you see the word Ad by all these first row, we completely just ignore it. Then this listing right here. This is the number one, the number one ranked listing when you search wooden watch, that means that this person has a fantastic listing essentially. So let's open that one in a new tab, and let's open the second best one as well. From here, what we can see is a bunch of keywords to use to get at the front, what we're gonna do is we're going to copy these keywords and we're going to use them for our own SEO purpose. Now follow along with me. So right here we go. Let's go up a little bit. There we go, see an order just came in. Now, let's quickly talk about title before we go through this. A title is not a classic title. When I mean that I say a title for Etsy and for products is a string of characters and words that are used purely for search engine optimization. What this means is that your title, if you just read it out loud, it doesn't really make sense because it's just a bunch of words. Let me show you. You see these ones here. Engrave wall, not men's watch with walnut dial and leather strap. That makes sense, but then it's just calm up. Would watch comma men, comma, watch comma, watching grape. Those are all just words in there for search engine optimization, we're going to use this strategy two, because this strategy works, it is the best. Because if I just made my title is something like Austin's wooden watch. Ok. It's not the worst, but but it has my name. Nobody is going to be searching for my name when they look for what and watches. It has just the words wooden watch, which are SEO good, but they're not great because you need more than that. People are searching for so much more. If you sold something like say those gold earrings and your title was just earrings, you're not taking advantage of the fact that they are gold earrings. You'd need to nail the keywords, and that's what this section of the video is about. So let's just just follow along because trust me, this is golden information. So here we go. Create listening. What I do now is I go to my description section. Take the top two. I'm gonna just copy control, copy and paste. Scroll down a little bit. And here we go, copy and paste. Now not really these here, these are just make my title. So now that I have some keywords in here, what we're gonna do, we're gonna go to Google Trends. The reason that we use Google trends are first, what Google Trends is is it shows you how often that search term that you're using has been searched over time and it also gives you suggestions for other ones. So I'm showing you what I mean if I put in wood and watch, what we get here is a graph that shows you the interest over time, which is just the amount of search terms for what and watch over a time period. This one is automatically set to 12 months. And for the United States, let's just make it five years and let's go worldwide just so that we get a better demographic. Now, what we can tell from this is there simply peaks here. These peaks are obviously they're going to be in December because people are searching for these for gifts. You see November, December, November, December. Although this looks like a cyclical and seasonal product, it's not a seasonal product will have a graph that looks it'll be like a flat line and then a huge peak in December and then a flat line and a huge peak in December. But let me just show you one. So it would be like Christmas ornaments. This would be a seasonal product. You see what I mean? So here we go, flatline, huge peak in December, flatline each peak in December. Search your term if it comes up with graphs that look like this, just know that you are you're listening is a seasonal products, so just Be aware. But mostly what we use this for is what's down here. Let me just change this back. So watch, okay, now we're back on track. Well, we use this for is right here. So interests by region, this tells us where in the world people are searching for our watches. Now, I know that my store mostly sells to Canada and the United States. Because of that, it's important that Canada and the United States on this graph are shown with interest. What that means is Your interest is compared to the interests of the topmost plates. So the United Kingdom here is ranked 100. That means that all of Google searches, the most searches for a wooden watch happened in the United Kingdom. All of the other numbers are set relative to that. So relative to the United Kingdom, Canada search interests is 54, and the United States is 59. That's fine. The only time I would be worried if it was completely greyed out like you see here, Mexico, if I was searching or if my listing was for wooden watches and I knew that I was selling them in Canada and the United States. And I got a gray area like the one in Mexico here, then I would know that, Hey, maybe this isn't the best product to sell because people aren't searching for it in my country. That's important to know. So wouldn't watches, I'm good. There's lots of interests in Canada and the United States. I'm sorry, I just clicked on something there and let's go back. So related, okay, this section is basically just related search terms. This is also very important. So when we go to this, we see Bobo bird wouldn't watch, Google wouldn't watch. Both of those are probably just wouldn't watch brands. Let's just double-check. So oboe wouldn't wash wooden watch. I'm pretty sure this is just going to be a brand. Yeah, you see Bobo burn wood and watch. Now, what we can do is we can kind of piggyback off of that brand. So Bobo is a very, it looks like a very popular wooden watch company. In our listing tags we can write bobo. The reason we do this is because if someone goes to Google and they search Bobo wooden watch, we would want them to see our wood and watch too, because chances are they're looking for wooden watches and they like ours. They might click on ours and they might buy it. So we can piggyback off the brand image of these really popular ones to get art on sales, there's nothing wrong with doing this gets done all the time in almost every industry. So we have, let's go back to our Google search here. So Bobo, This is another one, this is another one. Those are just companies. Let's do one more. So CU COO L. So this is just another watch company. Let's just put that in our tags just for SEO purposes. Now, moving on. Okay, so in queries here, let's go to page number two. And in page number two we see personalized photo women watch. I'm not really sure what that is as guard, that's probably just another company. When an Apple watch that has nothing to do with what we're selling, wouldn't award watch list, nothing to do but then boom, wooden engraved watch. That is one of the best things we could possibly see because selling on Etsy is oligo personalized products, customized products like niche products, and having a wooden engrave Watch is a fantastic idea. Now, if that's something that you make, perfect, this query section, or basically all it is, as I mentioned, is just things that people are searching for that are related to what in watch. That's perfect. That gives us lots of ideas of things we can add to our is. So what I would do wouldn't engraved watched? Let's add engraves to our tags. And that is an awesome thing that I think will be perfect for a title is having one engrave watch. Now, obviously this is assuming that we have the ability to engrave this watch. And that will depend on the specific product that you're selling. But I'm just using this to show you that the query section here can be used to get ideas for your products and product variations as well. It adds a ton of value. Let's go do one more page. Apple Watch wouldn't match, okay, but personalized wooden watch, another perfect, perfect set of search terms that we are going to want to add in here. So let's go. Personalized. Ad personalized in there. Okay, now personalized is in there. This is another thing that I think works really well for the top. Because if you engraved these custom wooden watches, then they are personalized. We can see that there's SEO data that supports personalized. We can compare this with the two top, top listings, and they both have the word personalized in their title. So I know a lot of this has come up two or three times. This is definitely going in the title of mine. As I mentioned, the title is purely just a string of words or a sentence with commas in between that describe your product or search engine optimization. So now let's go ahead and let's build our own title. I'm going to start with the ones that I like the best. The order of them is not super, super important. Just make sure that the first one or two that you have most specific to your niche that you're selling in. So for me right now, it would be engraved watched that one is the best. If my watch was made out of walnut and yes, it would make sense to put that in there if that is also a common search term because I'm just doing this as an example and I don't actually know what this one is made of. Let's just leave it as wouldn't engrave watch. Now, in terms of the formatting and formatting doesn't actually matter. I always just do search terms comma space and then capital letter for all the search term. So let's go ahead and I'm going to pick a couple of these and we'll come back. 9. Creating a Listing that Converts Part 2: Okay, so here's my title. Here's the ones that I use. I have wouldn't engraved watch comma leather strap comma gift for him, comma men's gift, comma personalize. All of those words are search engine optimized, which means that people are currently searching those turns on Google and Etsy. And what that's gonna do is that's going to help us rank high on search result pages and also show up organically, potentially on Google. Let me show you what I mean. Go to Google here and I have wooden watch. If I click shopping, Etsy seller array here, Etsy seller, these come up naturally. This is not from Etsy, This is from Google. What we want is to have our products here because you will sell a lot more. As we can see, these two listings from Etsy found on Google. From Etsy founded on Google, that's super important. So going back into it, what we have now we have a title. Who made it? I did. What is it? Finished product. When did you make it made to order? That's what I do for almost all of mine category. And just write wooden watch, I write exactly what it is. I pick the most applicable category. So right here it looks like the difference is men's wristwatches, unisex wristwatches. And then here's one for women's. I don't know who my demographic is mostly for this, if you're making the product, you probably know. And some of them are really obvious, like if you were making like earrings, and more often than not, those earrings are going to be for women, but for this, I'm just gonna choose men's wristwatches, okay, now we're onto the optional categories here we see Brand Material, optional case material optional. My rule of thumb with these, if it's going to make your product look better, fill it in if you don't know, leave it blank. And there's a few Let me show you an example of one that you definitely don't want to fill in. So for example, celebration here, if someone is searching for wooden watches and I put this celebration to say St. Patrick's day. Maybe someone who doesn't know anything about wooden watches and looking this up, they all of a sudden see it says that this gift is meant for St. Patrick's day. Maybe they don't buy it, so just don't fill in anything like that. And other example is like, oh, occasion, if I put occasion to stag party and my mom was looking for a gift for me and she thought wouldn't watches were cool, but then she sees stag party. She might, she might question that. So don't feel those in unless you're product is occasioned specific. For example, if you made something like a wedding cake topper and then for occasion, you can go in and put wedding. So for this wooden watch, I'm not gonna do that. Renewal options again, as we went through before, I always leave it to automatic site. This is a physical item, not a digital file. And now here we are onto description. Now how I handle descriptions, Is this the first sentence or the first string of words? Maybe the first two sentences, let's say to be saved, we use those for search engine optimization again. But now we take those words and we make them into a little bit of a story. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to fill in this description and then I'm gonna come back and I'll show you exactly what I mean. Okay, now for description, let me show you what I did. So the very first line, lots of SEO words, as we can see here, we have our new custom engraved watch with premium leather strap is here. So what I'm doing is I'm using SEO words. I'm putting them in a sentence to tell a story and give you a description. But that's very important to make sure that the first line or two lines are SEO optimized. Now. After that, what I do is I go and I talk rate about the features of the watch because once someone clicks on your watch and they look at your listing, what they want to know is here's the listing photos. Tell me what the watch does. And then after I list the features, what I do is I tell a story, tell them about who you are and why you sell these watches. So here I wrote, founded in 2015, we began making watches from wood as an environmentally friendly changed that also opened up the world to a new watch style or whatever it may be. It's a great way to make your watches have personality attached your customer to your brand and to your product and listing, it goes a very far away. You can go on for one paragraph, two paragraphs, wherever you think suits your product, but don't overdo it. Do not have a product listing that's like 50 paragraphs. They just don't look good because the page on the page there's the photo beside it is the listing. And if you have this narrow paragraph that runs all the way down the page, it just does not look good. So at the very end, I include one last little kind of catch which I would, I would mention any other features like free shipping or perfect Father's Day gift. Let's say I was shopping for this watch for my dad. I click on the listing. Ooh, that's a nice photo. I then read over to the description. It says our new custom grave watch with premium leather strap is here I go. Ok, that's nice. Then you read the features, you go, oh wow, look at all this things. This watch as it tells a story that's a cool company. And at the very end it says, perfect Father's Day gift. And you might be like, okay, that that is everything that I was looking for. Moving on. Then we then go we see production partners. Like I said, I just leave that blank. Custom orders. Yes, they can request custom orders. Here we go. Tags. Now, this part is important. Tags. We did the tags and initially, and now we need to go and revamped them so you're allowed 13 tags always, you're allowed 13 tags. Us every single tag. If you are leaving a tag unused, you're leaving money on the table. So for the tags, what I do, I review the ones that I've already made when I'm looking at these, these look good. I have K stand a couple brand names in their personalized men, women, nice, I'm allowed for tags left. Now, obviously I want to have the words watch and wooden in there because those are the main key phrases of my product is wooden watch. So make sure that those are in there. Then from that what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go up and I'm going to reread my description and my title. I'm gonna go all the way up to my title and I'm just going to make sure that I have the right tags in there. If at this point you have, say, 20 tag ideas, you need to remove the ones that are the least likely to be search engine optimized, or the ones at least describe your product or your brand. So what an engraved watch leather strap gifts for him. Okay, now when I go back to my tags, so I definitely want to put the word gift in here. And it looks like it's a really common Father's Day gift. So I'm going to write Father's Day as one. And now you can see I've used all my tags. So is there any other words that I want to put in here? My goal up, I see engraved, let's make sure that I have that. And I do, so we're good there. And let's just quickly read through this. Includes box case personalization options, hand carved Maple would. Here. Ok, so there's no there's no word in my tags that describes the type of wood which I've seen in lots of other ones, whether it be Maple or walnut. So I'm going to use that one. And in order to do that, what I have to do is remove a current tags. So the one that I'm going to remove is the one that I think is least likely to lead to search engine optimization, which in my opinion, I have case stand and Box, which are all kind of similar. I'm going to go and I am going to remove box. Again. This is a little bit of a guess, but you just pick the ones that are most closely related to your product or the ones that you've seen most in your search engine optimization results that we went through and keep those and remove any that you need to filter out to make room for better ones. So let's add in the word either maple or walnut. Let's just say that this one is maple in case someone searches for Maple wouldn't watch. And here we go. So materials, again, materials, as I mentioned, if the materials are going to make your products sound better or look better or appear better, or they can be used as a selling point. Put them in here. So for those gold earrings, we put the word gold because it sounds premium, high-end. So it was, it was perfect. Now materials here, let's say the Ours is made a maple before I would put Maple Woods So the customer knows exactly what they're getting. Price, you know how to set the price, set the price of whatever you want. Let's say these are 4999 for me to do it. Quantity, I always set my quantity to 999 because I know that I can quickly get units out the door. This is the only thing with your Etsy listings that you want to actively be monitoring is how many units do you have in stock? How many units do you need to make and how many are ready to go out the door if that process for you of making your product and shipping it takes a long time, then maybe you need to control your quantity. Because for example, if tomorrow someone ordered 20 of these watches in one day, one person or to 20 of them, would I be able to fulfill that order within my processing time. And you're processing time is set down here. We'll get into that a little bit later, but just keep in mind, you need to have your quantity set to an inventory that you can keep up with the SKU. All SKU is is an optional sort of search term for your listings. The customer doesn't see this SKU or only for if you need to search for a listing. So let's say you had 1000 watches at your selling. You might use your SKU to search amongst your own listing. So let's just put the SKU to W underscore one for watch, underscore one. Ok. Now, variations, variations are just things like different color or different material here you can go in, you can add a variation for, I'm not gonna do it because this watch is just simply a wooden maple watch. If you have variations, that's where you fill it in and you can change the price per variation if needed. As I mentioned before in your listing photos, if you have variations, include a photo of each variation in your listening photos. And moving on to delivering a delivery is going to happen in the next section where we're talking about boxes and actually shipping out to products. So I hope that out and make sure that you wrote notes on this video or have it bookmarked somewhere so that when you make your listings, you can go through step-by-step and follow what I did here. Thanks for watching. As I mentioned, this is a really important section, so make sure you nail this one and I'll see you in the next video. 10. Etsy Update 2 !: Hey guys and welcome back. This is update number 2. I know that if you just watched the last video though is update number one. Like I said, I'm always going to keep this course relevant. I'm going to keep updating it as new things come in, as new things come to the Etsy platform. So this is update number 2. I also do want to show you, since it's been, if you want someone to show you how that one Etsy store that I made in the last update video is still doing. The first thing that we need to dive into is ETC, star seller. Now star seller is a new thing that is on Etsy. I'm going to show you at right now if I click right here, we see this star seller. Basically, it's a badge that you get. It just shows up on your homepage so that customers who land on your Etsy store see that you are what Etsy calls a star seller guys. Basically all this is, is it's saying, Hey, look, if you're going to sell on Etsy, if you want to do really well, you need to be a star seller. And in order to be a star seller, you need to accomplish three things. The first of which is your message response rate has to be over 95%. Basically, all that means is that if a customer inquires that they send you a message on Etsy, you need to reply to that message within 24 hours. Now, when as he first came out with their star seller things, I as well as a few other Etsy sellers who had been selling on Etsy for a while, had some questions and some concerns. And actually fortunately, as he reached out and we had a personal conversation with a representative from Etsy. So I can kind of tell you that right now as it stands, this star seller platform has already improved, which is why I waited to make this video here at the beginning. I really didn't like it. I thought it was a really bad thing to be honest with you and I actually voice those concerns to Etsy. They made a few changes with regard to their star seller platform. And I think now we can actually use this to our advantage. So like I said, there's three things that we need to accomplish. Number one is that message response rate. Someone sends you a message. It's pretty simple. You just need to reply to them within 24 hours. Now, this might seem really inconvenient, but in reality guys, it doesn't take a lot of effort to reply to someone's message. A even what I recommend doing is that if they send you a message and maybe you're out and about, maybe you're busy, you're on holidays, whatever it is, you're gonna get that email notification on your phone if you have the app installed. If you can't reply to them right away, just send them a message that says, Hey, I'm sorry, we'll get to this message in 24 or 48 hours or whenever it works for you. But the important thing is to send them that message because star seller dashboard, whatever you wanna call it, it will calculate the time that it took you to reply. It doesn't matter what your response actually says. Hopefully that makes sense. If someone sends you a message, just send them a message back immediately. And just if you can't actually reply at that time in your message, just say we will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours. That is kind of the work around that I suggest in case you are super busy. The next one is a five-star rating. I've already said this many times, guys, if you don't have a five-star rating, a four-star rating is bad, okay. You have to maintain five-stars every review that you get from your customers. We always want that to be five-stars. In the course. As I go through it, I will be showing you ways to ensure that you are getting five-stars or if you're not getting five-stars, how do you actually improve that? So again, just 95 percent or more and have to be over a five-star reviews for your products. So again, just make a good product price it fairly ship it out on time, leave a customer know all of those things were going over in this course and you should have no problems maintaining that five-star review. The next one is on-time dispatch and tracking. This one is also pretty easy again and just says at 95% of your orders must be dispatched on time. Pretty straightforward guys, if you, if you're going to ship a product, you actually in Etsy, you get to determine how long it takes for you to ship that product. Just pick whatever works for you. If it takes you a week, put that as a weak if it takes you two business days, right? Two business days, and just make sure that you do indeed print that shipping label in time. So that is the ETC. Star seller dashboard. I'll show you mine right here you can see January progresses on track. This is the Etsy store for the one we'll accessories that I showed you earlier. It's now December and so let's just take an update. Let's look at how this store is doing. Again. I now have a manager who runs a store. They run a few of my Etsy stores. This is essentially just passive income for me. So if we go to our stats for the last 30 days, you can see here $3,240 is pretty good for essentially just passive income at this point. Like I said, I am a huge fan of Etsy. This is awesome. This is it. This one is interesting because it's actually not inflated due to Christmas sales. Most stores at this time, we'll have much higher revenue or have a much higher revenue and have more sales because of Christmas. Nobody on one wheel accessories. If you go and you actually look at the store, they're like really expensive electric skateboard accessories, so they're not a very common Christmas present. We haven't seen any huge increase in revenue over time with this door. In fact, if I show you this year, we can see that what kinda went up here. So we've actually had a decrease in revenue in December here. So you can see we've had some good months and we've had some average months, but some of these months we've done 54, almost $5 thousand again. So this store is doing really well again to all your stores are going to have ebbs and flows. We can see that this one is doing quite well overall. So, so far the store has made just about $30 thousand, which is awesome. That's fantastic. Like I said, Etsy is one of the best things ever an ETC works. And just on that note, I think it would be cool to show you another one of my Etsy store is just so that we have some more stats in here. So let me bring up another one. So here is another one of our stores. Let's go ahead and look at the stats for this one. And if I bring up, Yeah, the last 30 days sales. So here's another one that's done. Just both for $1000 in just the last 30 days, guys, ETC. It's fantastic. I'm excited for you guys to be in this course. I think you're going to learn lots and I think you can really make a lot of money and develop a really good business through Etsy. So let's jump into the rest of the course, and that's it for this lesson. 11. How to Ship your Products !: Okay, welcome to this section on delivery. In the delivery section, what we're talking about is boxes, delivery options, and shipping. Now, Etsy, once again does almost all of the work for you. So let's jump into this. I'll quickly show you how to set it up. So when you're making your listing here under postage prices, I always go calculate them for me. So postal code, if you're in the states, this will be your zip code, but it is where you are shipping the item from. So I'm just gonna put in my postal code here. And once we have that in what we do is we go to processing time. So processing time is the time for one, the customer places the order to when you have that product shipped out. So for me, I usually leave it at like one to three days. And because for me that gives me enough window to make and ship out my product. Again, this is completely dependent on what your product is and how you run your store. But you have lots and lots of options here for that. So if you make something like super custom work, you might put it to two to three weeks, even three to four. No problem. I recommend leaving it as low as you can because that's more appealing to the customer. And it's not a huge issue because people purchasing from Etsy know that they're getting handmade items. So where you'll deliver, I leave mine to Canada and worldwide. That's up to you. Even though I have it set to Canada and worldwide, almost all of my customers are in North America. I get probably one in every 30 order that does ship worldwide. Now, delivery services again, as he takes care of this, I just leave that standard free delivery, like I mentioned before, this can be a great option if you want to just include the cost of delivery into your product listing price and then choose free delivery. That works too, because I'm in Canada and I ship to Canada and the United States, I usually just leave mine as copulate them for me. However, if I was in the United States, most of my customers were also in the United States. I would probably just set everything to free delivery and tack on that extra seven to $10 to every listing than I have. And then what this will do is, ETC, will rank my products higher because I offer free delivery. Moving on, handling fee, handling fee is just basically this is just extra money in your pocket if you make a handling fee there, let's say I make it $2, the customer just pays an extra $2 for shipping. And that's the feed. And I get, I always leave this at 0 because I want my customer and have the easiest shipping experience as well as the cheapest. So I leave that at 0 and I, and I recommend leaving that at 0. Now, item weight, when it comes to item weight, you really have two options. The first of which is you can weigh your item with it inside of the box and use that number or you can just take an estimate and depending what postal service you're using, they may or may not even check. However, if they do check and you weight it under or your size that you said is smaller than it actually is, you will encounter an extra charge. The good news is that that extra charge gets just gets automatically applied to your Etsy account. So even if you are a little bit off in the weights or the item size when package here, it's not the end of the world. You'll just get an additional charge once it's ranked through at the post-office. So I don't weights let's say that for mine. I put 0.01. which is what I do for most of mine. Length, width, and height. This is the box dimensions that your packaging your product. And so for example, I used this box here. This is one that I use all the time. This one is 20 centimeters by 16 centimeters by 16 centimeters. I simply go in here. I put 20 by 16. Little typo there. I put 20 by 16 by 16. Now what you'll get is a display that shows you exactly how much your buyer will be paying. So if my buyer lived in Calgary, Canada, they would pay $11.73. If they lived in Chicago in the US, they would pay $7.54. This is a great way to know exactly the total that your customers are paying for your product. From there. Once your listing is done, just click publish, save that and you're good to go. Now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go into the order side and show you exactly what this looks like when the order comes through. So our listing is done, and now we're gonna go look at what one of my orders looks like. So if I scroll down here, here is a list of my orders. Again, I do apologise, These will be blurred out. The customer names and addresses are here, but let's say that I click Get postage labels from here. You'll be presented with this page. And what it has is you're labeled presets All of your delivery information, and it already has the box dimensions that you put in there before. Now the product that I chose has the box dimensions of a 30 by 23 by ten in centimeters box. It automatically shows you the calculated postage cost. There's a couple of notes here at the bottom that are gonna be different for everyone depending on where you're at and where you're shipping. Those are all already set though. All I have to do is press review, purchase, purchase, and then I can print my postage label. I would then just take the label, put the label on top, and then bring this to the post office and the job is done. So now you have everything from the start to the finish, from making the listing, getting the order to shipping the listing, you are now equipped completely to handle Etsy sales on your own. So congratulations, and I'll see you in the next section. 12. Create Custom Orders : Hey, and welcome to this section. This is a quick section on custom orders. Now this section is exciting because making a custom order for your customers provides two main opportunities for you as a seller. The first is the opportunity to make a big sale, and the second is to capture that 5-star review. Before we get into it, let me go over what a custom order is. A custom orders when someone from Etsy sends you a message and makes it customer requests. For example, if you sell a red T-shirt, someone can message you and ask, could you make that on blue? Now when this happens, you don't need to go make a brand new listing. You can simply submit a custom order. Now that custom work will look different for everyone depending on what you sell. But the process of doing custom orders and taking advantage of it is the same for everyone. So let's get into it a little bit more. For example, if you make candles, say you sell a 10-pack of red candles, but someone sends you a message asking if you can make them in blue. What this means is that the customer who was inquiring was either a, Unable to find the candle and blue already, or B, likes your product so much better than the others, instead of just buying a different one from a different Shop and blue, they are taking the time to discuss directly with you. Therefore, you can charge more for custom work. Let's get more into it. If I sold ten red candles for $20, you bet that I would charge maybe $30 for the blue ones. And on the other side, one of the best parts is that the customer knows you're going above and beyond to fill that order for them. So it's really easy to ask for a river you, after you fill a customer order, Think of it. If you are shopping online and say and you saw shirt you really liked, but he was red and instead you wanted it to be blue. You can send them a message and tell them you want it to be blue. You're not worth their time, but on Etsy you are. And that's what's special about ETC. Let me show you how this works so that you're ready when these custom orders come your way. Okay, so let's jump on to Etsy right here you can see I'm in the message section from my shop manager. Messages. Here we go. Now, when we go here, this is where you would see a brand new message from that customer saying, hey, would it be possible for me to get those candles in blue or whatever it is for your shop, it'll be someone making a customer request. When you click on that message, there's an option in the top right corner, it says make this accustom order. So after you're done chatting with the customer, you might say, hey, yes, I can make that in blue, it would be $30. Let me just make a custom order 40. Then you would click this button. From here, you'll be given two options. The first is to copy the original listing. Now what this does is, let's say that customer was on your candle listing when they send you a message from that listing, if you press copy original listing, it'll just import all of the existing information that will make sense in just a second. But what I always do anyways, is just press build the custom order. And then you're presented with a blank template where you now fill in the information. So the first one is the photo. So if you're doing blue candles and your existing picture was already a red candle. That's fine. Just put in the existing photo, but in the title, what I do is let's say that the customer's name was Sophie. What I would do is I would go custom, red. Candles for Sophie. What this does is it puts a personal touch on it so they now know when they see this listing. Wow, this is a custom order that this person is doing just for me. Make sure that you do that because it goes a far away. Now the next one is your processing time. We already know this from before. Processing time is just how long it's gonna take you to get the product out the door. So let's say it was one to two business days. That's fine. Category does not actually matter for custom orders. You might as well just pick the right one. So let's say that this one was accessories. It's fine. Item details. Again, what I would do is I would go in here and I would say this is a custom order for Sophie. And then whatever the product is in the change. So let's say that it was that candle example. I'm gonna go ten times blue candles. Now the price conversation would happen in the chat. So during the chat you might say, hey, yes, I can make you those 20 blue candles, it'll be $30. Then you'll fill in that $30 price here. $30 and then delivery. Now this one's important to, for this one, I'm going to tell you what I do is I always go to delivery and then I'm gonna go to enter postage costs. Now this is the exact cost that it's going to charge them once you've shipped 51015 Etsy products, you'll roughly know exactly how much it costs you to do the postage. Now, what I do since I'm in Canada, I know that every shipment that I make in Canada will be a minimum of about $15 and a maximum of $25. So I almost always just put $25. And if it ends up being a little bit less than, I just make a little bit more money on my end, if you're in the states you're shaping is probably a lot cheaper. For example, for me to ship something to the states, it's always $7.54. All of my products, anytime I shipped to the states, it's $7.54. So what I could do for my postage cost of our shipping to the states, I can just put $10. And then what will happen is I'll get $10 and then I'll only pay the $7.54. I'll actually make even a little bit more money on this custom order. And once you have all that and your photos, so you just put a photo of your candles in there. You're good to go. Your customer will get the custom order form where they just do the transaction through Etsy. Etsy handles everything. It'll show up in your orders once you ship, it will go from new to complete as usual and your set and ready to go. This is why I love custom orders because number one, you tend to make a little bit more money from them. You can charge for your service just a little bit, and it might require you almost no extra effort. Now, number two, this is the important one. After you ship your order and send it out, always follow up with a customer who filled out a custom order. The reason for this is because it's really easy to ask them, hey, did your blue candles arrives safe? If they did, I would love if you could leave me a review on Etsy and because he went the extra mile to help that customers get their custom order, your odds are really good at getting a 5-star review. So I hope this helps when those come your way. Now you should be ready. I'll see you in the next one. 13. Marketing 2: Marketing, marketing, marketing. I know it sounds boring and honestly 99% of the time it is. But if you've made it to this section, you've already optimized your listings, so there's not a lot that needs to be done here. At C handles most of the work for you. Now, marketing on Etsy is extremely simple, which is yet another reason why EDS, he's an amazing platform, especially for new sellers when it comes to marketing on Etsy, there's really two types of marketing. The first is ETC, ads and the second is sales and coupons. Now let's jump into the sales and coupon section and get this out of the way. So we're gonna go on the computer here. Let me just make sure that this is running. Yep. So once we're in our ETC Dashboard, go to your shop manager under marketing, go right into sales and coupons and click new special offer. This is where you'll see the three options. The first one, run a sale, second one, send offers to interested customers, and the third one is to create a coupon. So the very first one run a sale. Sale is exactly what it sounds like. It's a simple, you could make something like 20% off a product for all of your customers or something like free shipping. So let's jump into this quick. I'll show you exactly how to set that up. Once run there, we go, either percentage off or mindsets free standard delivery. So let's say I wanted to give everyone 10% off. Whereas this offer valid, this is just the location sleeve. It, I usually just leave it to everywhere if I run one of these. Okay, so minimum order to qualify what this is, you can select either quantity or order total. This will be used for something like by five, get free shipping or by five get 20% off, or something like spend $100 GET free shipping, something like that. You can include that in here. So let's say that we wanted to do in order total of, let's say $100. So the person had to spend $100 to get this promotion. Next one is duration. This is just how long the sale will run for it. It's pretty simple. You just put in the start and finish date, terms, and conditions. I usually just leave this blank. I've had no issues at all with it. Finally is just name your sail again, doesn't matter, that's just for you. Your customers won't see that. After you go review and confirm, you can just pick the listings that you want to apply this to and you're done. Super easy. Let's go back and talk about the second one. This one's important for rate now, send offers to interested customers. So let me show you what this setup. So we have two options. The first is abandoned basket and the second is recently favorited. So what abandon basket means is that someone has done an NC search, found your product, added it to their cart, but then not gone and checked out and actually purchase the item. What this does is it takes those customers and it sends them a quick little messages. It'll say something like Here is 10% off of this item. What that does is it helps your conversion rate. It'll help bring back those customers and just kinda encouraged them a little bit to get that purchase. And by doing so, we give them something like five or 10% on. This is one that I would encourage you to set up right now. Again, very simple to do. You can just go percentage off, say you wanna do 10% and choose a coupon code. You can see the mind says, have a special day. That's what I send my customers for abandoned cart. Easy. I would recommend you go and just quickly do that right now it takes almost no time at all. Now the second one is recently favorited shoppers. So when people are shopping on Etsy, They can favourite an item. There's just a little heart icon and if they click it, it favorites that item. When they do that, you can do the exact same thing because you know that that customer likes your item, they favorited it. You can send them a quick little five or 10% off to just encourage them to go revisit that item and make that sale. Another one, I highly recommend doing that. Do that right now. Let's go back. So let's go to the third one. The third one is just create a coupon. This one is super-simple, exactly what it sounds like. Let's say you have family and friends and you wanna give your family and friends 20% off all the items in your Etsy store. You just simply make a coupon for 20% off for family and friends. And when your family and friends are checking out there, just entering their coupon, I'll jump in, I'll show you how that works really quick. You quickly go say percentage off 10%. And we already went over the minimum order to qualify. So you know how that works, duration, you know how that works, and then customize your coupon code. This is where you could put say, family and friends 20. And this will give your family and friends 20% off of those items that you select in your Etsy shop. Those three are pretty easy to do. Again, my recommendation for right now is to set up this middle one, the send offers to interested shoppers. I recommend setting that up and just always leaving it running. It works pretty well. So let's go back. Okay, now moving on to edX, see ads for Etsy ads you simply just put in your daily budget and then you select the ads that you'd like to advertise. So if you have one ad and you set the budget to $10, Etsy will spend $10 per day on that one ad. If you select the same $10 budget for two ads, as you will simply spend approximately $5 per ad and may not always be in exact split. Now there's really two reasons to run at C as the first is obviously to make money if it costs you $1 and advertising for $100 sale, I would run those ads all day, every day because you're making money from them. When you run it, see ads, you'll know exactly how much you have made and how much you've spent. So you just need to compare those numbers and make sure it's profitable for you. However, don't forget to include things like material cost and your time. For example, if I'm selling those wooden watches from before and each wooden watch cost me $10 to make. And let's say I sell them for $50. That would give me a $40 profit minus some EC50. So I would say thirty-five dollars to be super safe. So if every $5 I spend on advertising leads to a sale, then I'm still making $30 in profit, which is probably worth it. But if I had to spend, say, $25 on advertising for sale, they might profit would only be 35 minus $25, which would be $10. So would it be worth your time and effort to make $10 profit on that watch? Now that just depends on what you make and sell in your store. My advice, if you have optimized your listings already, I recommend running about $5 per day per listing for a couple of days and then just review the results and determine if it's worth running those, ETC. I said I hardly run as he adds, almost never, but the results will be different for everyone. So for you it may be profitable. Let's say you wanted to do $10 per day, you'd simply put in $10 per year. You'd press Start your campaign, and then you'd select what listings you want to run that ad for. Again, super simple at z handles all of that. The only thing worth noting is don't forget once you have an ad running. So for example, don't set it to $20 a day and then come back in two weeks and be surprised at how much money you've accidentally spent on ads. Just make sure that you're monitoring this part. So lastly, in this section, I want to cover analytics. This section used to be kinda tied into the ETC ads, but now it's available at the top here under marketing search analytics, I'm gonna keep this section really simple, but if you guys ever do you want a highly in-depth advertising section? Please let me know at the end of the course and I can just add that n. So once we're in our ETC search analytics, what we're going to use this for is discovering this search queries that lead to sales. So on the left-hand section here we see all the search queries. What this is, is these are the exact words that customers are searching on Etsy for products. So why this matters is because we can adjust our tags and our listing title to match these search words in order to increase our conversion rate. I hope that makes sense. I'll give you one more example to help explain this a little bit more. Let's take those gold earrings from before. And let's say that in my search query term, I see the words pair of gold earrings and pair of gold earrings. Let's say that it had a lot of visits and a really high conversion rate. I would consider writing pair of gold earrings in my title or in my tags. What this will do is it will just help you get more visits and a higher conversion rate, therefore more sales. So again, this is a little bit more of an advanced section, but once you get sales and once you have your listings out for awhile, this data will be there and you can just use this data to adjust your listings. Doing this maybe once every two months to help ensure that your ad stays relevant and high on the search results page. Therefore, you'll get more money. And that's pretty much it for Etsy marketing. Like I said, they've made it really easy. All you have to do is select a budget, select the listings that you want to advertise, and you can advertise them. Then as those go on, just go and check out your analytics, maybe adjust your titles and your tags to fit those analytics that convert really well. And that's pretty much it. I'll see you guys in the next one. 14. Case Study $10K in 3 Days: Hey guys and welcome to this lesson. This lesson is super exciting because we are doing another behind the scenes look at one of my Etsy shops. This one is called one we'll accessories. I'm not sure where in the course I'm going to put this video. So depending where you are in the course, you may or may or may not have seen this one by now, but this is an Etsy store that we started from complete scratch just so that we could give you a behind the scenes look at building that Etsy store from scratch all the way to a successful Etsy store. And we have certainly done that as I'm about to show you. So what did we do this time that I want to share with you is we did a product line lunch. Now, if you did just a product launch, it would probably be one single product. What we did is we launched five different products at the same time. And now let me tell you why. Essentially what we do is we make accessories for electric skateboards. And there was a new electric skateboard that came out and I really wanted to make a bunch of accessories for that and then show that to all of our past customers as well as our potential future customers. Basically, anyone who might've been purchasing the new electric skateboard, I wanted to show them our accessories and here is the how we did it portion of this lesson. Number one is we went into Facebook groups and what we did is we posted our accessories and our links to our accessories in those Facebook groups. And we just said, hey, look, there's a new board coming out. We're making accessories for it. Here's a link to them in case anyone's interested. It wasn't too much of a sales page, it was just information and people liked it a lot. We've got lots of clicks through that. We also posted links on Reddit forums and we made a YouTube video just showing and demonstrating all of our accessories. Olive, which I should know are free. I've mentioned it many times. I don't believe in paying money for advertising on Etsy or at least I don't think that it is the best way because there are free ways to do that like we did for this campaign. So you can actually see one of them behind me. Like I said, I'm not sure where I'm posting this video, but this is just our Etsy store that is called one real accessories less jumping to it right now. And you can also go check it out on Etsy if you want. So here we go. This is our store. And you can see right now we have 99 plus orders. We actually have 122. We launched this today is Sunday, March 27th. I think we'd launched this on it was either Thursday or Friday, so it's actually only been a couple of days and that's why the store and so busy right now if I actually go into, let's see, so this is our store, this is the storefront. This is what you'll see if you search for us on Etsy. And you can see our stores super simple. Like I said, we built this from scratch up just for this course. And you guys can see the process here. Our store has 151 sales now with again, of course, that five-star review. I've mentioned it many times how important that is. So that is our store. Let's check out our dashboard so I can give you some information here. So this says today, that's actually not today. This will be the last seven days. Sometimes it just doesn't reload, but here we go. So you can see that in the last seven days we had 139 orders and 10.3 K in revenue, which is fantastic. Again, the point of this video is not for me to be both bold and say, oh look at how well our Etsy store Jane. I also have an overhead and someone who runs our store. So that's not true, just like all of my money, but there's no reason that your store can't also look like that and that that couldn't be all of your money. Because like I've mentioned many times, Etsy is a fantastic marketplace to be in right now. And as I mentioned, I will be updating this course as we go. So I believe this course is almost a year old now, maybe even more and I keep updating. And so today is March 27th, 2022, and this was our update from now, nothing has changed in regards to how to launch and how to build a successful store. This is purely just an update to show you and to have in the back of your mind in case you're thinking about doing product launches or a product line launched. We did keep this in mind because U2 can easily replicate these results. So that is pretty much it for this video. Keep doing your thing. Keep along in the course, and I hope your Etsy store is coming along really well. I'll see you guys in the next lesson. 15. Reviews and Customer Service: Hey guys and welcome to this video. This may be one of the most important videos in the series, and here's why your customers are all you've got. You need to make sure you do whatever it takes to make them and keep them happy. If you look at all successful Etsy shops, they have one thing in common of 5-star review from their customers. Anything less than a 5-star review will hurt your shop. Now that sounds harsh, but in reality, the people searching and buying things from Etsy are well aware of how the platform works. They feel like they are supporting your small business by purchasing an item. Therefore, they're generally inclined to give you a 5-star review unless you disappoint them. Now, number one tip for getting a 5-star review, include a personalized product insert. My store had a slow start at the beginning. I added this in a changed everything. Let me show you this is the exact inserts that I put in with every product I ship. It says from that's up in big letters. Thank you. Thank you for supporting my small business. I hope you absolutely love your product. All of my products are made from scratch in Alberta, Canada. If you have a second to leave a review on Etsy, it would mean the world Sumi below is a coupon code for 10% off your next order. Then there's a coupon code that says, remember Sen. And then, and this is crucial. It says made and packaged by where I personally sign it. I can't tell you how important this is. Whatever you do, do this immediately after adding this in, my reviews per sales ratio went up at least ten times additionally. And here's a reality of it. Even if a customer is a little bit disappointed in your product, product insert will almost always guarantee they won't leave a bad review, but instead maybe leave no revenue at all. For example, if you're selling a piece of jewelry, say a gold ring and the post-office somehow scratches a ring a little bit when when your customer opens that package, they have a personally signed note from the person who made and shipped their package, there are way less likely to care about the scratch because they see that you appreciate them and their support of your business. Now, if you do get a bad review, that goes typically one of three ways. Remember, a bad review is anything less than five stars. Also, before I go into this at all, remember never and I mean, never replied to a review. You can message the customer. That's okay. But when someone leaves a review, you'll have the option to comments on that review. After you do this, a customer cannot change their review. So replying to a review is an absolute last resort. Scenario one, you get a review that goes something like this. I absolutely love the product. It ships super fast. It looks amazing in my home. Four-star review. Every time this happens, I just send them a little message that goes something like this. Hi Stacy, I saw your review. I'm so happy you've received your item and you'd love it. I just wanted to quickly note that anything less than a 5-star review actually hurts my Etsy store. I would really, really appreciate if you'd consider changing it or if something about your order is not perfect, please let me know and I'll fix it for you right away. By doing this, I pretty much guarantee that we'll change it to five stars. It has a 100% success rate for me. So scenario, battery view number to something happened, it wasn't your fault. Example, let's say you sell pottery and you get a review that goes something like this package arrived broken one-star review. Now you obviously didn't ship out a broken products, so it was damaged during shipping, not to handle this, simply send the customer a message. Very politely explain what happened depending on the price of your product and the shipping. It's usually easiest and cheapest. Just descend a one and take the loss on the cost of shipping and that free products. You can try to discuss with the Post Office, but I may not be worth the time. Or if you're shipping something that costs over 100, are over $200, make sure you choose shipping with insurance then. And typically the conversation of the post-office service is very easy and they just reenter you for they just reimburse you for the insured amount. I usually handle these situations by first apologizing and then mentioned it once a package leaves my hands, it's the sole responsibility of the postal services to get it there save. I tell them that leaving a one-star review really hurts my Etsy store. And then I'll shifting it, shipped them a new one free of charge. Now, case number three, this one quite frankly sucks. It rarely happens, but it can summon these a one-star review and just doesn't change it or apply to your message. If you make a quality product or realistic listing, photos, description, it's it's likely that the customer didn't read what they were buying and then they bought the product and they're mad for buying it. In this case, you need to send the message. And if they still don't respond or change the reviews, it's okay to comments on their review and say something like Susan, I'm sorry, the product wasn't as you expected or was damaged and shipping. There are things as an Etsy seller I cannot control. I have however, refund you the full amount paid and I wish you the absolute best. It kind of sucks because the customers being very unreasonable. You just have to pretend to be passionate, empathetic. It is what it is. However, if any other customers see the one-star review, they will also see the response that you provided. And they'll see that you provide it a refund and worked with the customer and makes a huge difference in your new customers eyes because it shows you're still a trustworthy seller. Arguing with people like that will never end well for your business. So just be as nice and respectful as possible even if they left that bad review. Now, down on a good note, quite frankly, it's simple to maintain a five-star rating on Etsy once you get enough of them, are even a few of them, a 34 and even a one-star review will not change the overall rating of your store that customers for a seat. And Etsy definitely, they do their part to help you maintain a 5-star review. So now that you understand the importance of customer service, let's move on to the next topic. 16. Good Days and Bad Days: Welcome to section 11. We're almost done and congratulations on making it this far. I promise if you just keep pushing through, it will be worth it. The topic of this section, Managing good days and bad days. This is a great topic that all business owners will have to deal with when you own a business and sell a product or service your sales, your revenue and your profit is going to vary from day to day, month to month, and even year to year. Now, in the long-term at that year to year mark, we should see an upward trend. A goal after all, is to grow your business. And with Etsy, it's absolutely possible to get that upward trend and exponential growth because the longer you shop is active, the more reviews, the more sales, the higher ranking. Well, these things will only help expedite the growth of your shop. For example, at the beginning when you just open your store and you hit 0 reviews and 0 sales. Those first customers were really taking a chance on human, they've bought your product. Now, when you have hundreds of sales and reviews, not only will your listings naturally rank higher and be seen by more people, but your customers are far more likely to purchase your product is there's this, there's this inherent aspect of trust. It's establish through reviews and through your sales count. Now that brings us to the volatility of your sales. Just like the stock market, you will have some good days and bad days. There's absolutely no way to avoid it. At the end of the day, Etsy is a platform that is controlled by a company, by algorithms, by advertisement, by advertising. There's customers all around the world. So there's some things you can't control, but there is a lot of things you can do to keep it constant. And we're gonna talk about that at the moment. For me personally, I try and average between two hundred and five hundred and eight between two hundred and five hundred dollars a day right now in revenue. With that being said, I've had days with $20.50 dollars and even $1200 in revenue. So if you have a bad day or even a bad week, just understand, It's all part of the process. And on the other side of things, if you have a great day or a great week, just first of all, enjoy it because you definitely earn it, but don't expect a future to look exactly the same. So let's get into the things that I recommend to limit the volatility of your Etsy sales. Number one, be aware of seasonal products that can be a curse and a blessing. For example, if you sold gingerbread cookie cutters, well, you'd probably be really busy around Christmas time, but not that many people will be buying them in January and therefore your income in January and we'll take a dip. Now with that being said, there are people who make their entire living based off of seasonal products. For example, you may cookie cutters, you can make gingerbread cookie cutters in December and then continued to follow the trends. So as Valentine's Day comes around, you could make Valentine's Day cookie cutters, and the same would work for like Halloween, Mother's Day, Father's Day, et cetera. Tip number two. Don't change listings and they're doing really well. And this one I honestly can't prove. I'm just speaking from experience. If you're listening is selling really, really well. I don't recommend doing things like increasing the price or changing the photos. Because the back end of Etsy and the algorithm will have to adjust and for some reason it can throw off your sales. Now, if you're getting constant sales for a longer period of time, then it seems to be OK to change things up. But for the first couple of days of consistent sales, I don't recommend changing anything unless necessary. Number three, never fall behind on shipping your products at CME knows if you're getting a product shipped out in time. So here's a little tip. If you're going to be 24 hours late, you can just print the shipping labels so that Etsy thinks you've shipped the product on time. And if you want to, you can send the customer message and just say, I'm sorry, but you're shipping is one day too late. That way. It doesn't matter that way. Etsy doesn't actually know that you've shipped the product one day late, but I would encourage you to let your customers know. So that's all for this section. I'll see you in the next one. 17. Marketing - Example: Hey, what's up, you guys? I hope everyone is doing really well. I hope your Etsy stores are coming along nicely now today is April 27th, 2022. And as I mentioned, I'm gonna keep this course as up-to-date as possible. And here we are today with another update video. Now, this video is update is on marketing, essentially what I had built right now and what we've built together throughout this course is a store that is now doing very well. Let me show you the dashboard in the store here for this month. So let's go last 30 days. And you can see that the store has $17,600 in revenue in just the last 30 days, which is phenomenal. The storage him really well again, let's just go through it. This is our one we'll accessories store. I'm not sure where in the course I'm going to post this video here, but this is the store if you haven't seen it. So you can see we have 1443 sales. If we go to our reviews, we have 160, almost all five-star reviews and the store is looking pretty good. We've just recently added a new product line to it. And you can see that we have all of our star seller badges. So what we have here is a good-looking store that should convert really well in the event that we ran ads on it. Now, I'm not a big fan of Etsy ads. I probably already mentioned it in a past video. So what I did with this one is I wanted to show you what happens when you do run ads, the ads. So this is our good-looking store. Everything should be perfect. We should be running, ready to run ads on it. What I did is the last 30 days, I created an ad campaign and ran but a budget of 40 USD per day. So let's check out the results prompt this ad campaign. I'm gonna go to our shop manager or marketing Etsy ads. And here is all of the data. Let's jump into itself. You can see at the top it says we're advertising nine listings with a budget of 40 US dollars per day. That's pretty small budget compared to some of the ad campaigns that we run. But with this budget, let's check out the results. So there's really only two important numbers that we need to look at is our revenue from the ads, which is $2582, and then our ad spend, which is $212.35. Now, just from looking at those two numbers, we spent $212 and we got $2582 back. That's phenomenal. That's almost ten to one. That is me giving ETC, $1 and then hand them giving me $10 back. So you're probably thinking, awesome, those results are so great. How come you're not impressed with NCN as well? The reason is, is that I gave them a budget of 40 US dollars a day and they've only spent $212 of that, which should've been spent in about four to five days. So this is my problem with Etsy is the results are spectacular, but if they're giving or if I'm giving them $1 and they're giving me $10 back. I want to give them as many dollars as I possibly can to keep that 10Ks return. That would be phenomenal marketing. However, with Etsy ads, you don't actually get to pick how much money they spend. You give them a budget, but however much of that they spend is done on their end. Whereas other platforms such as maybe Facebook ads where you're running on Facebook and Instagram, as well as Google, which is running on Google search results and YouTube. Those ones, if I said hey, Google, I want you to spend $1000 today on ads. It's a lot easier to actually have them spend that $1000. They wouldn't be like, Hey, we only spent $212 of it and that's just one of the limiting factors of SZU. Now that being said, Yes, I am super happy with these results. Will I keep the ETC ads on for this account? Yes, I will. Because the return of kind of tend to one is something that it'd be, it'd be silly to turn it off, so I will leave that on. But it is a little bit disappointing that I can't just pump a bunch of money into there and get that ROAS or that return on ad spend out. They do kind of limited by you just giving them a budget and they spend whatever they want. It may have gone over this already. But one of the things that is worth noting in Etsy as if we click on marketing and we go to search analytics, this is probably the most valuable part that Etsy gives us right now. You should be able to see this on your end too, although I know it is still in beta. So what this is here, we can see the search query. This is basically basically just what the customers are searching on Etsy. And what we can do is we can take the ones that convert really well, and we can apply those search terms to both our title and our tags and even our product description. So you can see this one here is one we'll GT and this one has made $693. That's great. Basically what that's telling us is that customers are using the search term one, we'll GT there then clicking on our listings and then they are purchasing our products. So with that being said, it's worth putting the word one. We'll gt in a lot of our listings or of course the listings that it's applicable to, but that is something that you should do throughout most of your listings is just check on your search queries and go through and edit your titles and your tags appropriately. I will have a video in the course that is specifically on that process, but I did just want to show you that. So that's pretty much it. This is our update video for April 2022. There's nothing new besides that to report on. If you have a store in your store is selling something really well, your stores becoming super successful. You have lots of reviews, lots of sales, then it is worth turning on Etsy ads. How I would do is I would turn on Etsy ads. And when you do it, what you actually do is you pick on the listings that you'd like to advertise. You can see here manage advertised listings and you just go through and you check them off. Now, if I were you, I was just getting into my Etsy ads. I will go ahead and just turn on advertising for your most popular and best-selling products. That way you're not wasting ad spend on products that don't sell that. Well, then what I'll do is use that information and either leave your ads on or turn it off if you're not getting a good enough return now in the future, I would like to release a full sort of Facebook and Google ads process that you can do if you do indeed have money to spend on advertising. But again, like I've said many times, Etsy is an amazing platform. You don't actually need any ad budget to be successful on Etsy, this is the first month that we've even turned on ads. And as you can see, the store does quite well. So that's it for this update. I hope this helps and I hope you guys are enjoying the course so far. I'll see you guys in the next one. 18. Etsy Growth Hacks: Hey, I'm open to this section is exclusively on growth hacks. I'm gonna be giving you my top five tips for growing your Etsy store. Now growth on Etsy is really determined by two things. One is reviews and number two, his sales count. Now, these two do go hand in hand. More five-star reviews you get, the more sales are going to get and vice versa. So typically a purchase on Etsy goes like this, a potential customer and goes to and they search for, let's say plants or they see a bunch of thumbnails and listings of planters. Additionally, this is the most important part. Under the thumbnails. They see each store's review count and review score out of five stars. From that information, they click on the best listing where they're introduced to the listing page. On the listing page, the customer discovers one more thing that total sales counts. At this point, when they see that total sales count, the reviews, the listing photos there mind is pretty much made up as to whether or not they're going to add to cart and go over the shipping options so you need some deal, those two things, reviews and sales count and yes, the description and the shipping comes into play as well. But those are a little bit less important at the beginning because you'll only have that customer's attention for so little time. So how do you how do you nail those two things? Sales and reviews. Here we go. My top five tips. Number one, have a product insert. We went over this before, but I can't stress it enough. Having a product insert serves three purposes. Number one, it encourages every customer to just leave a review. Number two, that coupon code that you can put Such as members ten, is a discount that you can offer people who have already bought products so that they come back and buy some more, therefore increasing your sales count. And number three, as I mentioned before, the little bit of an insurance policy in case something happens during shipping, when they open it, they see that personally signed notes and have a little bit of insurance policy through the relationship established with the customer. Moving on to tip number two is digital products. Now I know I said before, I don't recommend digital products or at least that's not what I sell on my stop in my shop, but there is a time and place for digital products, and that's right now. And you see the thing about digital products is that if someone purchases a digital product from your store, they can instantly download and then leave a rote view. Whereas physical products, there is a timeframe between when the customer receives our order and when they can leave a review. So by having some digital products, if a customer purchases a digital product, you can immediately message them and say, hey, my name's Austin, I just opened this new Etsy shop. I see you. You purchase and you downloaded your product. I hope it's perfect. If you would consider Please leaving me a review, it really helped. So my shop, this way, you can immediately game reviews and talk to customers and get that relationship established. Number three, this one, super simple, family and friends. Tell your family and friends, hey, I just opened up my shop and I'm selling this product. It's on my Etsy thing here. So maybe you already make things for your family and friends. Instead of just selling them in person, maybe say, hey, it would it would mean a lot to me if you could go and purchase it through my Etsy shop. This way, you'll get your sales and you can ask them to leave a review. Now, tip number four is managing your profit margin in the long-term. It will do you far better if you start by making less money, but building up your sales and your review_count. Let me explain what I mean. Do you make this amount? So let's say you sold this mouse. Let's say it cost you $5 to make this mouse and you wanted to sell it at 1999, no problem. In the beginning, it might be strategic to price this mouse at 1099 because that way you'll have more customers who will be buying it. Those more customers can convert CIF two things, sales and reviews. So consider managing a profit at the beginning. Once your store is established, then you can start selling them most for 1999. Tip number five, offsite advertising. I know what you're thinking. I don't advertise. Offsite advertising can be done for free. Let me explain. If you make a product, you can list that product for free on things like Facebook marketplace could GG, Craigslist, and he had those free marketplaces. And how this would go is, let me say that I list my pottery on Facebook marketplace and someone says, hey, I'd love to buy that plate instead of meeting up and exchanging cash for your item. But you'd use you say, could you just go to my Etsy store and make the purchase on there? And then I will either ship it to you or you can come pick it up. You handle that transaction through Etsy. You can then follow up with that person and say, could you please leave a review? And additionally, you'd get that sales count. Now, tip number six always include one extra seasonal keywords come Christmas time, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day. Change your tags and your titles to say Christmas president, Christmas gift, Mother's Day gift, Father's Day gift, a humane leather wallets. You could put Father's Day gift or gift for Father's Day in your tags and in your title. Now that's it. Those are my top five tips. I promise you implement all of those. One of those, five of those, your sales and your reviews count will go up, need long-term revenue and profits of your store will be exponentially higher than if you don't. I'll see you guys in the next one. 19. Final Remarks !: All right, you guys, we've made it. This is our very last video together. It's sad for me, but I bet you guys are pumped because if you follow the video along step-by-step, you now have a branded Etsy store with your own products in your listings and a place where people can go and they can purchase from you and you're gonna make revenue and your new business is now going to add income and chain. It could quite frankly changed your life very quickly. So congratulations from the bottom of my heart, I sincerely just want you to succeed as much as possible. I've given you everything that I know about, ETC. It took me a long time to kind of navigate my way through ETC, and find the most efficient way to do things. And so I hope that by watching this course, you get to skip all of those steps. You get to skip the months of trial and error. And here you are starting fresh with a very well refined approach. So congratulations, you own a business, your business owner, and you're, you're doing our own thing. Good job. I am very proud of you. Part two of this. I want to keep this conversation going. I would love to stay in touch with other Etsy sellers about what current things are going on in the platform. I would like to tell you guys about product opportunities that I see fit. So maybe, maybe you're watching this and you're a designer and I find a really cool product needs for design work. I would like to send that off to people and keep this conversation going. So in the link below, what I'm going to have as a Google form, all you have to do, you can fill up that Google form. It'll ask you to put in your email address from there. I'll contact to you. Yeah. It's not going to be a spam email or nothing. It's just a hey, if you'd like to continue this conversation, let me know. And yeah, just it's always good to have Etsy sellers working together. We can talk about products review methods, you name it. That's all I'm gonna say on that. And finally, lastly and a very Endnote. It would mean the world to me if you could go leave a review, this platform works very similar to ads to you wherever reviews are all you've got and the way that you treat your customers, that's all you've got. Just like I said before, that it works with almost every business that way. So if you could please do leave me a review, let me know what you thought of this course, what could've done better if so. And I hope to see you guys again. I hope we can jet soon. So all the best, go make some sales, go make some money. And thank you for watching. I'll see you guys next time. Bye.