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Etsy Bootcamp: Start your shop fast, easy and simple

teacher avatar Sergey Kasimov, Entrepreneur, Photographer and Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Getting Started


    • 2.

      My shop overview


    • 3.

      40 Free Listings


    • 4.

      10 Ways to up Sales


    • 5.

      Stats & Breakdown of fees


    • 6.

      Examining my #1 Shop


    • 7.

      Why I love Etsy


    • 8.

      Etsy Shop Overview


    • 9.

      Grand Opening


    • 10.

      Creating a listing


    • 11.

      Estimate Shipping Rates


    • 12.

      What to Sell


    • 13.

      Ideas for your Shop


    • 14.

      What NOT to Sell


    • 15.

      Taking Professional Pictures


    • 16.

      Adding Pictures to a Listing


    • 17.

      Adding Video to a Listing


    • 18.

      Makeover & Transformation


    • 19.

      Al Enhanced Listing


    • 20.

      Secrets to Etsy Success


    • 21.

      Star Seller Budge


    • 22.

      Multi-Variation LIsting


    • 23.

      Thumbnail Main Picture


    • 24.

      Opening Multiple Shops


    • 25.

      Promote your Etsy Shop


    • 26.

      Etsy Ads campaign


    • 27.

      #1 Etsy Shop Example


    • 28.

      Get Motivated


    • 29.

      Secret to my Success


    • 30.



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About This Class

Etsy Bootcamp: Start your shop fast, easy and simple

Imagine the freedom of running your own successful business that you're passionate about and earning a living doing what you love. With Etsy's large community of over 50 million buyers and over 1 billion dollars in transactions, there's never been a better time to join the ranks of successful Etsy sellers and take control of your future. Join our life-changing course and unlock the full potential of Etsy.

In this course, I'll learn about the top-selling product categories, including handmade, antiques, vintage items, and digital creative products. Expert instructors will guide me every step of the way, from setting up my account to launching and growing my business. By taking advantage of this exclusive opportunity, I'll receive 40 free listings to get my business off the ground.

Normally, each listing costs 20 cents, but with Etsy, I'll enjoy exposure for 4 months and low fees of only 4% for final value. Don't miss this chance to transform your life and achieve financial freedom. Best of all enroll in this course and redeem the Get 40 Free Listings so you can get started as at Etsy seller without any additionally fees required. 

Get 40 Free Listings <- Click here to redeem your free listings and get started as Etsy Seller 

Enroll in this course today and become the next successful Etsy seller. Join me on the path to realizing my dreams! I'm excited to take this to the next level by showing you how to use Artificial Intelligence to write attractive listings that make people want to pay more for the products that you are selling.

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Sergey Kasimov

Entrepreneur, Photographer and Teacher


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1. Getting Started: Hello and welcome, my name is so you can sum of a and welcome to my class how to make money online with Etsy. You have probably been wondering what is the best place for you to make money on the Internet today. There's so many places outdoors, eBay, those Shopify, and lots of other places as well. The number one place where you can get started making money today online. It is at C. My name is Stoic here some of it and I have been selling on Etsy for quite some time. In fact, I have started since the year 2014, when they just get started, I wasn't making much money. Just say Q, it was a newbie to this place. And my first-class, I was actually teaching as a newbie and I wanted to show people how you can get started selling on Etsy. As a newbie. People were like, wow, you're teaching a class before you made any money. Why should you do this? Because we wanted to prove to you that if you put your mind and your time into mastering a platform, you can definitely make money online. In this class, I'm gonna be teaching you. One happened in the year 2 thousand today, which is about 2022. Now, I mean about $45 thousand in fluid if went online shops selling on Etsy. In this course, I'm gonna be showing you how you can make this money yourself by applying all the different strategies and methods. Now this is not by any means the complete class to it. This is just a start of your journey. If you're ready to get started and you want to make money on Etsy, this is the class for you all today. Get started now and start making money. As soon as you in the wall and hit that subscribe button. See you on the inside of this class. It gets started today. 2. My shop overview: so much potential money. Can you make on answer right now? I'm gonna be reviewing four off my etc accounts. And you might be asking how come for? Well, the more accounts actually hand off the more chances that you're gonna actually have about most sales. Some of the shops are going to be way most successful the nozzles. Plus not only that, another thing about having more accounts is that you can separate them into different natures. So let's go and get started. Check out my number one account. First of all, I want to show you the actual online manager that shows you their stats for you. So the first thing you have two big is the stats range and in the one that will be actually picking is old time. But you can view last you this month with seven days and so on. So it's present time. This is actually the slowest, and the walls are all my shops. I just wanted to show you the force up that I create it. And as you can see, the full shop was not that successful. It only got 16 sales and only made 220 box and this is all time stats for their So initially when I get started, I put a lot of effort, indo I got paid. Then it just dropped the shop. So this one didn't work well for me, Daryl goes, I have a few more shops that are doing excellent, but let's go force and check out number two sub. So this one was doing not so good, but much better than shop number one. So this specific shop made a total of 1621 box from 61 different photos. It's not as good as the West to the shops, but I wanted to show you the traffic sources for them. But it is actually coming form. So most of the traffic sources coming form and see itself, and some of it is coming from external so much, which is a Tony put sent over. Coming from that and the elect is 17. Direct itself is well, I go and promoted myself, and social media is only 4% off the Toto. So one thing I want to actually emphasize here is that all those also media is very important. It's even more important for you to do acting on traffic to the shop, and it's even more vital for you to go and wink it on NCSU, because that's what the majority of your traffic is going to come flow now. That said, if you work really hard on your social media, this could be Number one traffic source. This is actually just a stats for my second shop, where it's Goto my Thought shop, which was even more successful. And then my first and second shop, this specific want is made a will being 6879 bucks, and it is making money every single day. Well, nearly every single day. That is 270 active odors. Now the interesting thing about those stats is the following. You can see that every single year are making more money until I put it told and start going away. But down in 2017 now a lot more down in 2018 as well. You might ask, what is going on over here? What one thing is, my shop is actually seasonal, so that specific shop since it is seasonal, it means that the majority of money are making around September. Toe that symbol time, period. So this shop is gonna exponentially increase hyo in the year 2018. Once this is another TA actually changes for 2017 it's a little different story. What happened here is that I put a lot more emphasis on actually improving my margin, which means I'm doing less work. I'm judging more for the product and therefore, I'm not getting as many cells as I got in 2016 while I was getting a lot most sales. But my profit margin was about most swimming. Now this is my thoughts up. Let's go toe my force up. This one made 6268 bucks and in two years, I actually expert, died of tomato borders. I got so in 2017 and me 2000 bucks. In 2018 I made 4000 bucks, so this one doubled the revenue. So one shop went a little bit down. Another sup went oh, at higher up in the same exact time period. So this shows you one interesting thing that by using just at CSCO, you can get a huge amount of sales coming for you using direct sources such as mail marketing, using direct sources such as email, marketing and promotions is going to get you the West of your sources and going to get your more cash as well. The thing is that I could do so much better in Is in Social Media. I know how to do it. I'm an expert at it. But I found by actually posting so much more time into improving my actual NC and going and doing the best issue as I can for each and every listing, I'm getting old, getting sales that make me not even need to do any whatsoever. Social media marketing all value eto direct marketing, which is using my email list, which is another way for you to make exponential mother calf. So there we go. Those are all the innings that I'm extreme making how much money I'm getting right now, Nancy, and how much money you can make on it as well. Nothing that you have to really keep in mind. Is that the Seo keywords for the search terms? This is one of the things that's gonna make a big difference. How much money you obey. Actually, making on it. So in this one, I'm actually also using first media a little bit more so for everyone on my shops. I'm doing a little bit different kind of ways that I'm marketing my shop and I'm actually showing really good results in the process. 3. 40 Free Listings: Are you ready for the challenge of getting started on Etsy and studying to make money and make your wife March different than it was before? If the answer is yes, then go ahead. Use those 44 listings. That's gonna get you four months to try out at all for free and see if Etsy is right for you. The first thing you are going to be doing is copying this down the actual link. Then what you're gonna be doing next. And then we're gonna be going to the private window to show you exactly what it's going to work like when you click on this link. If you click on it, correct, you're gonna be seeing something like this. You have to do is to go to your web browser, makes sure it's a web browser, not the mobile phone. Use this exact link, copy and paste it. M person go. When you place a goal, you will see this. You'll find the millions of people around the world cannot wait to visit your shop. Open an Etsy shop, and the West, you're 44 items or for free. And then it says, open as sharp today. This is a great way for you to get started for brand new business with a minimum amount of expense. All you have to do is press on, open a shop today. And it's going to go to this step. What you have to do next is to use an e-mail address. Inputs on Continue. You can also sign in with Google, Facebook, or Apple. One thing for you to keep in mind is that you can actually open multiple amount of shops using the same exact code. Reuse this code, and use different emails or methods of signing in such as Google, Facebook, or Apple. Then you can open more than one sharp to try it out because you just don't know which kind of niche is going to hit it big. And this way, instead of just making one blend name to your sharp, you can make fully different names or even more. Then you can go and Sacco Fudan and test out a few different business models while you're gonna be seeing which one is the best business model for you to make money online. I do suggest for you to try at least to the free, different free shops and see which one works best for you. 4. 10 Ways to up Sales: Hello and welcome everyone. In this video, I'm gonna be showing you proving to you how you can make thousands of dollars online selling on Etsy, what you have to do step-by-step of the way, in case you don't believe me and you the pool of $45 thousand that I was able to make about 1 $1000 a month of merchandise selling on Etsy. I wanted to show you a proof how much money I made on Etsy. And you can see over here, told the thousand parts doors made on Etsy. And this is pretty good on people who are dreaming this amount. Now you have to understand that this doesn't actually happen overnight. In fact, in the year 2016 and meet 0, next year, I made 2200 bucks that you have to add. 2018 was a whooping 7,800 doors. So I tripled the amount of money I made over four years after the dad eat actually stayed with a steady amount. It didn't actually increase, but it stayed within the same level. And you can see in 2020 it is almost $8 thousand. And the next year it fell down to $6 thousand, which is almost as steady as 2018. But one thing for you to keep in mind is not the rate. How much money I made. What you want to see is the conversion rate. You can see in 2016 was 0 because it had nothing open. Then it went to 2.7. When you just opens a sharp, you get the initial boost to the actual sub and this actually shows it right down. Then of course it fell to 2.2%. And after that, it felt to even less to one point-to-point sent. You might be a little bit concern. Why is it flowing? Want competition? But really it was something I did in the sharp that made me even more money. And yet I had to ship products to my customer. And you can see it over here by pressing on the all those all those 1696 of them in 2017. And here it is, the whooping 337 are those that actually translate into almost one order every single day, which was too much for me to handle what they did. Instead, I went in and they increase my prices drastically up in my shop. So the order is felt by about a 100 sales. And yet my web, a new state, almost the same. And you can see over here in 2020, revenue, the mother of all those went a little bit higher and then it fell to 156. And yet when you look at the income, the income is almost steadily the same. So I made more sales and I actually made more money in some ways, but I didn't ship as many products, which is the key here. Let's go into the stats and see their visitors. And we have 74 thousand total, which is 74 thousand. That's a lot of people for style was on your one. Then it went to 3 thousand, then 15, then 17, then almost 20 thousand visitors, which is, well, it's stayed within the same amount instead of around. So this is just to inspire you and also for you to understand the capabilities of Madsen, how much money you can potentially make if you put your mind to it and you'll follow along everything in this class that I teach you. And this is only one shot out of a few of them that I have all combined. I think you're really excited now, aren't you? How can you do it yourself? This is the biggest question. There's going to be step-by-step of the way for you to get started. You don't even need to get into my class, but you do need to get the 40 listings so you can get started like now, the link is gonna be below. Before the class, there's gonna be a link there listings you don't have to enroll in a class, you don't have to throw in anything. And then of course you can get started with Etsy itself. And if it's not enough for you, you can definitely get in the class itself. So what are the steps? Step number one, it is the open those sharp. Yes, I can't stress it enough. People just think that if they don't do anything, they're gonna get paid, that doesn't, that's not the way the world works. You have to actually open the sharps in order to get paid. Step number two, once you have that open doctor shop, you need a product to sell. I recommend for you to go to step number four, which is simply pick the product to sell. Now you can softly different things on Etsy. You can sell vintage and then ticks. You can sell digital downloadable products. Which you make by yourself. You can sell handmade products as well. There was actually a fourth category which is crafts and stuff like that also. So we can watch all those categories is what's allowed me to sell on Etsy. If you sell anything else, you'll get kicked out of this side because they'll find out, they know are you to actually listed the false thing you can do. Most people don't actually cannot create on handmade. It takes some time to do it. Digital stuff. They sometimes as well, you don't have access to that. So the first thing you can do is go ahead. And so when ditch products, anything over 20 years old, classified on Etsy as vintage, go ahead, look at untill childhood stuff. Look at stuff you have around the house and post them off with. So if you don't have anything, just go and go off and find some stuff to resell. Or of course, you can at least sell things for amoebae. Find some vintage stinks, mind a lot of them like a bunch of those things that are vintage though under selling them when Nancy itself, number fourth, ten, merchandise is a big key here. If you want to make thousands of dollars online on Etsy, you gotta have thousands of dollars of merchandise and then replaceable merchandise on Etsy itself. So gather up the merchandise listed up. There. You have it you have the merchandise for sale. We're pulling niche it again. If you have vintage and antiques is the name of your business, go ahead. Go on garage sales, hunting, and get enough. You can at least tell this every single year, pretty much like that. Number 5, fifth way to get the big money on Etsy is to advertise. And how do you advertise? Simply turn on the Etsy advertising for you. They do the best job out there. We'll get some trafficking as lethal as a bucket day and you will get the results. Now, we'll six ways for you to get money on. Add c. Be consistent, keep fixing things. Take new images, change the descriptions. For boost their listings. Open the shop. Number seventh way that you can make money on Etsy itself. The seventh tip for you is simply to be consistent. That means every single day, put the time, told the minutes of your time, newest things, most things up sharp, add more stuff to it, which is really similar to the one for number eight. High-quality. Be the best you can be in what your sound, meaning, high-quality pictures. If you can't do it, hire photographers such as me. Another thing you can do, a high-quality description if you can slide them, find a copyright Wilson who will do it for you. Most of the time, you don't even need much description. The pictures should sell the product itself. Number nine, keywords, make sure you utilize all the different keywords in the listing so it can be found in the actual title, checkout my in-class. Make sure you're doing it. And the last one is number ten. How do you get those big sales on Etsy? Take time to be in established a reputation than Etsy. That means getting reviews. It means getting sales. That means just being Dell. Just having to shop open for a long time. If you haven't opened a shop yet, the more you wait, the more it becomes just a newbie shop. You want this sharp to be established for a while and get sales. That is also the key for you. So all those different methods, although stamp, watch this video again, if you're not that we saw will help you get sales number one. Most important is just to get started. The false thing for a $1 million business. Therefore, ski. Even if it is not really a million Yet, you have to dream big. You have to dream that this is gonna be a big a thing. Eventually. Step number one you take is open this shop. That slight use the flu is things don't use your mobile phone. Or if you do use a mobile phone, copy and paste this listing, a web browser, paste it, porcelain, go, open up the actual shop and one listing, so it is open and you get the credit for the freeways things. Then what you're going to be doing is adding your force to vintage, wasting upto just add a few vintage listings so you get a feel. How adds the extra walks, style thinking, master mind, this whole concept. Now you have to think about what else do I need to do? So the name of the shop is not as important. You can always change it. What is important is for you to, after you open the shop, to start thinking, what can I do? What can I sell? What kind of products do I have? What kind of ideas do I have? Go to a cleft store, checkout, what they sell over, they'll see what's kind of things you can make handmade and you can make them mobile and over again at a pretty cheap price. And then start putting your ideals into practice. And experiment with them, see what works which do not. And it only becomes practice makes forfeit. The more you test it, the more you waste it, the more you keep on doing this over and over again, you'll get better and you will get the sales that you always wanted. It takes time, it takes consistency, or not gonna be a celebrity with this thousands of dollars in sales overnight. But you will make it after a few years, you'll be making thousands of dollars. And if you want a fast drag this, you want to get it much faster than done without making mistakes. Checkout, my class is going to show you everything that they did. I started from 0 and I got all the way to what is shows you. You can do it as well. Get started today and see you in my class or any other of my classes. And because walk-through, we subscribe to my channel and see you in the next video of the geek tech shop where you know what know what is the next video that there's gonna be featured on this channel? 5. Stats & Breakdown of fees: I'm sure you're very interested to know how much money was able to make in my main sharp, which is the number one shop that I created on Etsy. And here it is. $20 thousand is a wad of cash. 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, those 1.4% conversion rate. Let's go ahead check out the stats warned about this and see if you can get inspired by this. I'm not asking you to replicate this, but yeah, if you do, it is great. So the visitors, you can see that when I just got started, 2016, I had one visitor to the entire site. Then it moved to 3 thousand, jumped to fifteen thousand, seventeen thousand and nineteen thousand, and then it moved to 16000. Once again, I think there was a few months left, so maybe we can get this back to 19 thousand as well. In terms of orders, you can see that it went actually down. My biggest seal most 2018. Right now, I have 144 all those waltzes we're told the salmon back then. And he might be asking, aren't you losing more money by having ICE orders and that exactly. You can see over here, 2020, I had us all of those. Let's go back to the orders here. I had wavelengths or those 337 heal versus 226. And yet I made more money having lice or those of course, this year. It's normally not making as much as every other year, but this depends on the economy, how much money people have, what kind of things you're selling and when you get most of the cells, which is getting into the juicy as part of the year, which is November and that symbols. So I should be able to potentially maybe even tuple amount of money that I was able to make. So why exactly was able to get more money? And yet for us all those, this secret to that is pretty simple. I up my prices by upping the prices I was selling less follows by similar as pilots, I was still making more money because my margins were much higher. Voices trying to beat all my competitors. And actually, and I'm making as much, I moved into making as much money as they can and yet avoiding them the best possible product for the price that I'm selling. So definitely I move my selling philosophy in order for me to make more cash for myself. And of course make my customers happy as well because they keep on coming back. So let's go ahead and look at the stats over here. In this gives you a more overhead view of how much you're actually losing money on that. See when it comes to fees, taxes, and of course, shipping, which is not actually shown over here. So you can kind of tell heel, how much are you losing when you sell on Etsy, its compass about 21 fourth. And sometimes was, you can see in that symbol 622 box. And I've asked about a 100 bucks to fees and taxes. And then you can see another dates. I win. Who's it all? Depends. It never is the same stats you can see right here. This comes down to be about 14. Well, I sold one hundred and one hundred dollars of merchandise and this took away from it $200. So yes, fees and taxes going to be a juicy part of the amount of money that you'll be using every single month to add C. But you have to build this into the amount of money that you are resisting, the price it. So as long as you put this into the actual product, you have to really figure this out. You want to make sure that you're not losing money on the transactions in the same exact time. Do your winning money as well. And yet you have all those expenses and move them into something really important, which is how much money can you move all those fees and taxes into this sales, into what you're selling. Can I build this into the actual product? Can I make my pilot more expensive in order for me not to lose so much money for these taxes in shipping. Of course, if you're doing and you're selling also on Facebook marketplace, which is outside of Etsy. And if you're selling it to people on Facebook, getting them to buy the stuff and they're coming to you. And you're giving them the product, you don't have to ship it. It's definitely going to take away some of the expenses with shipping. And of course, if you're selling outside of Etsy, you're going to get more money and then you don't have to pay their fees and taxes. But the downside of it as C is not going to feature you, you're not going to become a star. So because of that. And here you can see the whole breakdown of their taxes and fees in case you're interested, wisdom is actually 0 because I have so many listings, but the shipping label is pretty expensive, this as well, or their fees and taxes are coming into, which is primarily the actual shipping and the transaction fee. So really it's all coming down to one thing which is the shipping label. So if you can reduce the amount of expenses coming into shipping the products. So try not to sell heavy things, tried to bulk and put a lot of packages to sew them all combined. So you don't have to go ahead and individually pack every single rather then ways that tried to reduce their fees and taxes, which is well, the majority of money is going for you can't do much with a transaction fees, but you can do a lot with their shipping label, which means that use packages that are much cheaper, tried to economize, try to use less weight when you're shipping lots of those things over time, they're going to end up to your monthly statement. Now when it comes to this tower cell ending, if you want to become an all-star cell, which is a five-star cell to be featured on Etsy. You have to do the following. The message response rate has to be 75 percent or more and I'm getting there, I'm not there yet. That is when people just send me messages and when I'm just talking to somebody who I want to buy something form. And they actually always have the last word, it counts against you. So that's a bug in Etsy. Hopefully they were fixed this one out. Also the shipping and on time and of course being with tracking. If I do and sell things on Facebook and people come into my house in order to get the product that they sold, which is a great way for me to save money on shipping. And the palm of that. Well, it doesn't show that tracking and because of that, I'm not getting this templates and x dot, which would help me go all the way to the 75 percent or more and to be featured on Etsy. So I'm not there yet. But if I get there, I'm sure that my stats are going to be much more higher. This is something else he wants everybody to get into to become our cell. And because of that, I think my sales have been holding a little bit. And of course, try your best to get into this because they're funny ads is going to feature your shop and you're going to get out more sales. 6. Examining my #1 Shop: 10,000 box made on Etsy selling products on it. Can you actually replicate? Oh, do what I do. This is not the kind of question that you should be asking yourself. You sent me more asking yourself, Is it possible for you to do something like this? And if you see someone else do it, you should go ahead and get inspired by it instead. And one thing I want to show you is the whole thing about This is a long term game. It is not something that you go about and you make money right away. It is more like you get started. Then you get good at and then you start to make money. This specific shop was actually opened on in the year 2013. In the first few years, it was making almost no money. Then it started to pick up. The reason why I started to make a lot more money on Etsy is simply because I took the time and I experimented with different shops, different methods, everything I could possibly do in order to get Sarah's going. So if this is something you are not doing, you need somebody like me to show you how you can go ahead, take your shop and move it to the next level and beyond. Second thing I want to show you is that I made this amount of money. Most of those orders was 448 of them with $10,000 off revenue made in the past few years. This is a recent stop. This is things that I'm gonna be showing you and showing with you or the knowledge that they gain is from the year 2017 in 2018. This class is super Cohen and his brain you. It's gonna show you how you can utilize at sea itself in order to make cash and make a profit. Most of my sales are coming from soldiers coming directly from Etc and Etc direct. Very few are coming from external search in social media. This is why you should definitely check out. This class is gonna teach you how to take your shop and take your business to inexorable and beyond 7. Why I love Etsy: So let's go ahead and visit one of my main shops just for you to be inspired. And it is very important when you're just getting started selling on answer. You probably don't have any sales. You don't have any money coming in and you're just not so if this business model is even involve it for you to get started with. So, first of all, this is how my shop actually looks like. And this is after a one off time that I spent making and perfecting the way the shop actually looks like. So the first thing I did is put a lot of effort into getting the ultimate and the best working image up on the front of it. The next thing I went about, I made this small image for it. And every single image that you see in my shop I took a picture and I made sure it is the best possible picture for this specific shop. So you can see how much attention to details that they're put on every single one off those listings. It is not something you should just go ahead and put a little time in tow. You wanna put as much effort as you can into the pictures, into the descriptions and in tow, everything else that you have included in the shop itself. So not only the product itself has to look amazing. You also have to make sure that everything about this product stands out and make it look amazing as well. So it is description. It is keyboards. It is putting an effort into pictures. And if you can't take pictures, you should have somebody on fiber to do the job for you. Since I'm off a taco for I take pictures off all my items by myself. But this is something that you can definitely outsource for somebody else to do it for you . And the description also has to be very, very good. You want people to take over the description and of course, want to buy this product right now. So this is what I actually did hear. It took me a lot of time and effort into putting my best foot forward. So we single time somebody gets a part of for my shop, they go ahead and we even awesome with you. So after you have awesome, we've used beautiful pictures and excellent products. You're going to get this sales that you always want. So this is something to just inspire you, that you have to put a lot of time and effort into the walk up front, and eventually you will be getting the sales that you always wanted and of your shop could take off, and it could get to the next level and beyond. 8. Etsy Shop Overview: Hello, welcome everyone, and thank you so much for butch sing this class. And I now want to talk about the most important things that you could do in order to get the most sales and make the most money when it comes to creating your Etsy shops. Over here is an example of one of my Etsy shops. And the whole exact key here for you to be successful and Etsy is to create a bunch of different sharps and experimenting with them because you just never know which product is going to take off. And even I even a command for you too, put a bunch of different multiple things in one specific sharp, which is going through a different team and products in one sub and then experimenting with it. And once you see which ones take off, then take that sharp and expanded into niches and break it into different kind of sub's. Like I have wake now going on for me. So this is one of my main substrate now and I want to go full step-by-step, the whole, entire sub so you can understand what elements you have to go for in order to get the most sales once you have a winning product. And this is the key here. Now, one thing you wanna do is to go through the entire class, watch the class until the end, and then implement every single Saturday because this is going to be essential to get the most sales and get the most money. So the first thing you want to actually do here is walk on your team picture. You can see right here we have a beautiful big theme picture here that showcases the paradox that is offered in the sub-domain pilot. This is barely important for you to do. The next step over here is for you to walk on two different things. Branding is one of them and the second one is about the actual shop name. So this one is Victorian sculpture. And it has fine and made sculpture right under it. It really tells people exactly what this sharp is really all about. And there was a picture of one of the main policies best-selling into SAP itself. And there is a logo on the other side showcasing the actual SUB. So this is important. And then we have an announcement as well talking about what kind of things are really selling in the shop. So make it as general as possible and yet read them. Know, what is this all about? Because this is the first thing that comes into the sub-bituminous CTO. Now the next essential thing is featured items. And you can only feature for different products. Make sure your feature, your best-selling piles or the ones who are gonna be bestselling. And then on the left side, you can see over here how it is organized by different kinds of products. By biasing on here, people can navigate. And they can see what is available in the sub. It easily moves it from one occasion to another. In this way, people can see exactly what they want to poetry us in here. And because it is so easy for them to navigate into work for all the different pilots and they are more likely to buy something from you. The next most important thing is product photography. Their photography has to be as good as you possibly can get in if you can add, take those amazing pictures, you have to hire somebody who can do it for you. It's all in house, all by myself because I have the studio and their ability to take those amazing pictures. But not everybody actually has to photography equipment in the studio and plus their ability to take amazing picture. So keep this in mind that all the pictures have to be really good. Because this is the reason why people go ahead and buy their products. They want to see what they are buying. Talking about buying the products. You wanna make sure that each and every one of those pictures goes right through. And you can cycle for every single image that only showing the different motivations of every single pilot. You also wanna make sure that was all white background. And you wanna make sure some of them I'll team picture such as here in US And you can see very nice background to the actual image itself. And this gets people really excited about the actual product and want them to actually buy the pilot Dennis for sale. Next thing that is also important is the keywords. Over here you can see a bunch of different keywords that are being posted white in the description of the actual listing itself. And in talking about description, you can see right here the description itself, the job description is to sell the product, not the other way around when somebody comes in here, talk about this while if you want to tell them why despite of this so good. And of course you can even add a video and I use YouTube to add the videos, but you can also use add c2 and a 15-second clip of an actual video of the pilot. But I find Etsy is not convenient enough because it doesn't give you an ability to put like one or two minute videos. So therefore, use YouTube for that as well. And you can see we have the all the dimensions and other specific locations of the actual product itself. Our weeding is included over here. So when a person comes to my shop, they know exactly what they're getting in or what kind of pilot or working for. And they want to actually buy those products. And that is the key to your success, is specifically to focus on making the best possible product that you can actually do. And put as much emphasis on creating the best beautiful sharp that you can actually create. So keep watching this class is going to be out of specification. How did get into details, how to do exactly what I actually breach. And specifically how to get those award winning pictures, descriptions, keywords, titles, and everything else to get to those big sales that your band actually looking for. 9. Grand Opening: to get started to sell a Nazi. There was a few things that you have to do forced off. You wanna actually start your shop and created to get started toe? Create your shopping, Nancy. Forcing a highly command for you to actually do is to go about and use the promo code that I actually included for you. That's going to give you the 40 freeways things. What you have to do here is really simple. Take the promo code itself. You're gonna be copying it, and you're gonna be pasting it in a specific menu of your browser. So once actually piece did the code into the browser itself. I'm gonna have a menu that looks exactly like this sense I gave you the 40 free listings. Once you get started, you're gonna already have an advantage. He'll because every single listing is actually 20 cents for you to actually pay for. So you can test drive your sister for free. And if it doesn't work for you, you didn't risk anything whatsoever. Now another thing I want you to know is that etc actually has the world's transaction costs out of every e commerce platform out there. It's only 3.5% off any sale without us up. How much will you? It actually goes. Which means that if you're selling pretty expensive items, you will still be charged 3.5%. Voice says If the item is super cheap, it also cost you 20 cents toe Western item for four months. That is a humongous amount of time that you're getting for your wasting to be featured on Etsy itself. So let's get started and open my answer shop right now. But it's on. Open your shop on Etsy. Next press on. Continue with Facebook. After your place on continua Facebook and menu is gonna pop up, that's gonna work exactly like this. All you have to do next is to place okay. Oh, you can until your email password and create your own Etsy shop by always doing it. Once we signed in and to create our ECI shop, you're gonna have a few different suggestions that we can have for our at the shop itself. It's going to say who were connected as using Facebook. Now the biggest thing that you have to know it now is that your user name itself is the most important feature off the shop because once you set up your using name to be what ever you wanted to be, you can't change it unless you open a new shop. And if you do open in your shop, you're not going to get the 44 years things so high command for you to take some time and think off a very creative and awesome shop name that you're gonna be using for your Etsy store. When you put on the register itself, it's gonna give you older shop weapons is that you have to set for you to get started forced off. You want to let them know which is best described you. Are you selling this full time, part time or it doesn't matter with something else and tell you the truth, it doesn't matter what you put here there was still open the shop for you Sup language. Make sure you said it to a language that you know the most customers are actually going to go into Next is the shop country makes. So you said it toe whenever location. You're actually in right now after you do this Also set then door amounts that you will be charging. So since I'm okay, the United States, their shop itself is going to be located in the United States, and the currency is gonna be US doors. After I do this, I'm gonna be pricing on save and continue. Now it's going to give me a second chance here to create my own shop name. So what? We create something that sounds awesome. So glean shop walks. That's gonna be the name off my new edges up what's placed on check availability to make sure what sexual available and it is. So this is the cool thing now, because all you have to do next is to add a listing itself and create your own at sea listing. And it's pretty simple. What's that? A picture. So he added one picture off dining that they will be selling off course and how we suggest for you to read as much as five different pictures that showing the different views. But here I'm just showing you an example of a quick listing. So the next thing you want to do is, of course, creed the title itself about this listing who actually made it This is very, very important you make. We want to make sure that it's either you or a member of your shop. If it is another company or person, you might get restricted and not be allowed to post something on Nazi. So since I did it, what is it? It's gonna be a finished product now. When did they actually make it? Since it's handmade, eight really doesn't meddle. If it is made toe order, you can put it in here. Oh, if it's already created, you can put reason t in here as well. If you're selling a vintage item, it really doesn't matter. Oh ho creates it as long as it's vintage and vintage items is from 1997. And before that, let's put in the correct category for this specific item. Next is the category itself for this item. When you actually selling something, you want to make sure it's in the white category and they are posting in every kind of category and subcategory as well, something that could walk all building construction. I think this actually equity disguise with themselves. The price itself always set the price a bit higher than you want to sell that I am forced off for the discount directory work and second herbal. You could always go off. But you can't always go Ohio. Another thing you want to do. Is there a new options? I like it manual. When the wasting expires, I'm gonna go back and always dyed them itself. But if you want this to automatically list for you every four months and charge 20 extra sense, you could put it on automatic. The item itself Did you know that you can sell digital items on ANSI? So if it is a digital product, you can put it as digital. If it's not, they make sure you put as physical. Then all you have to do next is describe what you're selling. So I'm just gonna put in Google Customs. What could this simple list item that I'm selling hotel? If I was actually selling and we'll item, I would actually fill it up as much as I can. Let's go to the next month, so humiliations themselves. You can actually make a different kind of items that you're selling and make a variety of it. You can do it by call device. They amital there's all kinds off different items for you toe custom, create dining itself and let people custom get revelation off this item, which is the federally coating about etc. Itself. So if somebody wants to get different kind of cause off, the same specific item or you have to do is to place on call itself and then add all kinds off different cause that are available, such as black brown. Let's see more orange so people can choose different kinds off course when they're getting the item itself. To top it off, you can price them, as you can see, just president twice, and I can charge them more money based on the call that they'll getting for this specific item. After you do this, you have another option or anything and not affiliation toe this product itself. I'm not going to do this because I really don't need that after you do this, they're shipping itself always that coming form. Make sure you put the country of origin the processing time, how long it takes you to get this to the post office itself. When you gonna get for me like a day, then when it's gonna be shipping form the shipping cost themselves. Make sure you put it as a quit and it's possible you don't want to whip anybody off here. They'll be not really happy customer. After you do this, all you have to do next is the most important boat, which is the tags themselves. Make sure you add every single one of those times you have are toting different tags and you want every single one of them to be actually filled up and no misspelling because it actually counts against you. Components themselves make show. You write down exactly what this item is actually made out of, so I want to put two of them. But actually, if I was actually gonna wish decide them, I would actually use every single one off the tanks themselves. So now next thing you wanna do is save and continue, and the item is already to be actually sold, and I'm ready to get paid next politics, Ghanem actually ask me is how am I going to get paid on that sea itself? So here there was a few choices that you can actually dio. You can put in your own bank account. You can actually put in April pay. You can use paper all you can use your credit card as a means off conforming your identity . Some of it is a little bit more complicated to use to get confirmed The nozzles. After you do this and you get your banking account conformed, next step for you is to create your own PayPal account, and you don't have to do much here. You can just sign up for free. And if you own a business, I suggest you opened a business account because you could get an additional discount off every transaction you make on paper itself. 10. Creating a listing: So we all ready to get started with etc. And the first thing you need to do is to quit an actual listings. So go ahead and go over it says you and go a little bit on Disciple. It says the shop manager impressed on this just once. After you do this, the next thing you're going to be doing going road says listing bus on that one. And now it is time for you to get started with cleaning always thing over here all the way at the top, right hand of your screen present ed and resting the posting is gonna ask for you is to add pictures. You can add up to 10 different images, but I actually usually do is take the pictures beforehand. So I have all of the muddy there edited and ready to go track them into the desktop percent . Add a photo and just and all the pictures up over here and person opened. Now I got most of them except one, But that's okay. You should always add more pictures, then west with them. But keep in mind some those pictures are probably not as good as they should be. And if you could eat a bunch of images, sometimes you have to pick the best ones out of them. And I do suggest for you toe, feel this up as much as you can. This is very essential. When you're doing products on, Nancy will have its many pictures as an example over Hell. Now you want to drag the pictures around once they do rolled up with the most important ones being at the top and the least important wants that number present the product being all the way at the bottom. So over here, you want to pick the one with the best time nail to represent the product you're getting. Sometimes the best one is not necessarily the one that's gonna have everything included. Now, as you can see over here, this one is just a little bit too zoomed in So person. I just, um, now. And unfortunately, you can only you zoom more in except zoom out. If this is the case, you want to go ahead and pick a picture that represents all the products, but having it a bit, zoom out. One thing I do suggest for you to do in this specific one. I like this picture the most, but I don't have a picture like it that is included over here. So what I have to do next is take a picture off the menu, Figel with this Jeep and zooming out more this way, it's gonna look so much better as the Tom Neal picture right now, I have to use this one instead. The next thing you have to do is to create the title off this product. So it's going to be Lego, and then you're gonna be adding a bit of the custom products that are actually showing over hell if you do have previous wants. If you don't have previous ones, just go ahead and create your on. Thanks for this. Which is gonna be Wegel? My own creation. Make sure you add this. This is the kind of thing that you're selling here and this is gonna be just I mean, if ego live cool, who came? Bend over kind group point. Now I'm trying to use some key votes when they do this, and you want to use as many keyboards and as you can for the product that you're selling specifically. You're trying to do is to match keywords that are going to be used when somebody is searching for this product. Now we have 56 keyboards left wants to use. I do suggest for you to fill up as much as you can. We're gonna go more into how to do. The title weighed on. The most important thing is just to create forcible. They're wasting. So who made it? I did. When is it a finished product? When was it made? This one is actually made toe, although, but this specific one was already made. So let's go ahead and do what he made one together. Goey. It's gonna be a Lego, and it gives you a bunch of different choices for us to pick for. This one is going into Lego buildings and construction. This is the most appropriate one. So it's going and in person down one. A few other choices for us to pick form automatically renew this listing. It means airway. Four months I'm gonna get charge 20 cents for this resting unless they have for your Hastings to go. So they want to recommend for you to do is to automatically get charge. If you put forward not to person manual, so you have to renew dis listing every four months. What kind of a product is this? This is a physical, actual pilot, so make sure you're quick on that now for the title in the description just to copy and paste and pays the same exact title over Hugh once again in the West off. The wasting in the actual description makes you let people know what they are buying. So you want to go into specific what is their product? What is the benefit of buying this product? Why you should buy it in so on. In fact, let's go ahead and look at another example of the same kind of identical product that I already created. This is one right here. It's person and it and this one. I didn't feel all the images. Sometimes I do that because I'm gonna go ahead and fill them weight on as you can see what this one. I walk down a lot of different keyboards. Hewas well, this one was made in 2020 and over here I added more information toe this listing. So it says the benefits off this which is include well, issue ago, Williams and so on. All kinds off juicy little details that's gonna make this product stand out a bunch more. And, of course, the customization version. If you want to get this thing customized, make sure to let me know what other things I could do to make this even better. So that's also really important because let's say somebody checks it out and they're like this product. But they want to customize it and they want something else inside of it. So given them this option that tells them that you can customize is a great ideal. And, plus, if you need to put it this cream of such as, Well, Fragos, you have to tell that Wagga group it does not endure responsible this pollock. So I did add this white to this next section. It says custom Odo. So that funny told them that they can go ahead and customize the specific Croteau. Also, I have something that is known as a section, and you can actually feature it in different kind of section. This is very important when you're creating the first things, you want everything to be put in a different section inside of it. Now, the next thing that is very important for people to find the Spartak is the tags. So what actually do is use toting different tags. A lot of it has to do with the product that I'm selling. And this will help it be able to find people using the search engine eggs. Oh, essential. The title, the tags in the description, everything all combined is gonna make people be able to find this product in the actual search on ansi the material. Make sure you put this in and this one is like, Oh, now, next, After I did this, I posted the twice as well. Do this. So over here I'm gonna be doing the same exact thing. This my own creation. I'm gonna be taking all those different tags that they used before and adding all of them to the Azle pretty much just copying them, piecing them over here. But I'm going to be doing and this you can do the same exact shortcut as well. It's just there waiting this after you paste this in Sanad person pace and just keep on the reading, the ones you don't need and feeling this whole entire thing up until you get everything filled up completely. All the different tags as well. When it comes to the actual price off this product, you want to make sure that you are being paid for the time that took you to create this. And I'll tell you might think this is a very expensive this. How much in entire set actually cost? Well, this is a custom made product. My own creation means it took me time at least 15 bucks an hour. It took me maybe an hour to quit this product past the pieces and everything else. I want to get Compass skated for the work that I'm doing. So think about this when you're creating something, how long it's gonna take you to quit this product as well before you go ahead and put all this effort into it. And then, of course, you want to sell it and think about this way, the faster you sell it and you get paid for it. It's not necessarily a good thing, because that means you have to go ahead and create another one just like it. So you might as well get paid the amount of money you dissolve for creating this part of the variation for it. You can go ahead and do different kind of teams. Affiliations were gonna go more into motivation listing radio on, but now we just want to create the actual listing. So after you add the affiliation if you need to, you can also do post immunizations for this thing. And that's something if it has a key chain or things that you can add extra forward, but not something that I'm doing myself. When it comes to shipping, you can do the shipping price manually in the United States. I'm doing it well. The contract located in is gonna be one Business day over hell, and this specific one is fixed listing price, which is gonna be about four doors. I do a command. It's much better to do free shipping. It's gonna more stand out in the actual search and then take the price off the free shipping. If you're worried that something a compass, Kate for everything and add this to the price off the actual product. So for 29 doors, plus the price of shipping, which is gonna be included in the price off the actual wasting. That's how you're gonna get confiscated for the actual product that you're selling. Now you have to understand that if you're selling this international, it's gonna cost a lot more to actually ship this product. In fact, it costs around protein box. Now, after you do this, it's also asking you to put the waiting. The waiting is important. Something to do with weight affiliation in here. And therefore you're gonna be putting this in, and it's gonna go and decide the price how much it is to go for it. Which is only works if you're doing Kaiko. Waited full and damp. If you're doing fixed price listening, the weight doesn't apply here. It's not this important. And when you're done quickened publish after you poor boys, You're gonna be seeing the actual product being published over here. This is the actual wasting example. Next thing I want to do is to question view on Nazi, so you can view exactly how it works. Like on that sea itself. You can cycle food the images to see if this is the way you want it to look like. Then check out the description in the last week. You wanna so much for this part of yourself, which is gonna be a Lego pizza. Don't leave, believe implants and so much. And you want to own up the key words for this. So we go pizza delivery. My product is showing up right here. In fact, I have two of them showing up with here because accidentally double wasted the same exact bottle. So I have to go into you and remove one of them. Next thing I have to do here is Lego pizza. What's person search And it's coming up is number one as well, which is good. So you gonna own up the key votes every single time. You're doing a keyboard for the party that you're selling like America. Let's take a look. Now, I'm not expecting this to shop over here, but I am expecting to see hell my products being featured in one of the force Few pages. And if this doesn't actually happen, that means you did something long. Which means that this one, the radio Marca I'm not dominating this so much. So you want to dominate this soldier and you want to be on page one as much as you can, the more the actual key would stands out by itself. Michel Legault. This one definitely is the biggest competition over here for all the products that are being sold on Etsy. So you definitely want to dominate the search results, which is gonna be soon radio on in this class. 11. Estimate Shipping Rates: So how do you calculate shipping specifically, if you want to ship in United States or international, How do you do it? Which ways to do it, and what is the best way for you to ship and why. So first off, you have to figure out where we're shipping. Put in your zip code and put in, well, you are going to ship the product to in United States. The key is to ship it to the farthest location in the 48 states, which is not including Alaska and Hawaii. And it's going to give you how much you should be actually putting aside the shipping fee for everything that you're selling. So for example, let's say the product is now in ounces, the package dimension is eight by six by four. You calculate, you will see that it costs you five bucks. Foursquare's to ship this. Anything else? It's going to cost you much more money if you want to insure anything about a 100 is automatically installed if you use priority mail. So it's going to cost you twice as much to install the package. You might as well just use force class and not have to in short, most of the time the package is going to get that were filed, any issues, it's not worth it for you to pay the extra money for that. Next thing you have to understand is the logistics of it. It's much better for you to ship this and to calculate it for the fall dislocation in the United States, let's say even though ask her, then, you're never going to have the problem of getting overcharged for whatever you're selling. The next thing you can do is international shipping. This doubts, as well as 14 bucks. Specifically, if you're doing it to Canada, if you're doing it to other countries, it's gonna be much more expensive. So we as a country, It wouldn't be placed on calculators. You can see the police jumped for another country. So 14 is for something, but they're close. If you're going farther away. And depending on which country you're going to be shipping it to, the price of it is going to be a little more expensive, but most of it is going to be within the same wage. So 25 bucks for anything, nine ounces, let's say 16 ounces. It's about the same. If you're going into a few pounds, the weight increases exponentially and becomes a lot more expensive. So it's up to you to decide and figure out if it is beneficial for you to ship products internationally. Now you can't figure out which country you're gonna be shipping it to because there was different countries on the map. So what you can do is just to make sure every single country is not covered by this. Just do and ship it to countries that are local. This will keep it within reason. So for example, if you live in Australia, do something that is very close to Australia, the shipment fees is now going to be that expensive. Where I live is United States. So definitely for me, Canada and Mexico is well, the shipping fees are not gonna be too expensive. International shipping shouldn't be scaling. The thing about international. Those are those customers equations and every piece of paperwork that you have to fill up. The good news is Etsy takes care of all of it for you. In fact, shipping it or warehouse in United States, they do everything for you with their customers and everything else, and even the package it and send it directly to its destination. The bad news is that when you slip it into the national, you have to follow rules and regulations. And it's totally different for every country. There is no specific standard when you're slipping it internationally. If you want, we're going to UPS and it's going to say everything that you're allowed to soup for every single country, make sure you check it out. Because if you skip this and it says that you can't ship it to that destination. The customs officers can take this product, they'll fall. You're going to be losing money because it's going to be hold by customers in your customer is not going to get the product. So make sure you check out those regulations. What things can you ship to every single country before you ship it to that specific country? In fact, the best thing for you to do is before you ship it to one specific country, just go ahead, read the rules and regulations and check it out. If it says something that you can't ship this specific bothered to this country, just go ahead and don't ship this product to them and cancel the transaction. That is the best things for you to do. 12. What to Sell : one of the things a lot of people always ask when they just get started. Nazi is what kind of products should you go ahead and start selling on Etsy itself? So the first thing I suggest for people to actually do is to go just a Nazi and explore the whole entire platform, get into the niche categories, such a stories, entertainment. I would think electable is craft and supplies. In fact, crafting supplies is well, you're gonna be picking up the products to go ahead and get, and then you're gonna be constructing with the craft and surprised the product you're actually gonna be selling. And that's the way I do suggest for you to actually do this. The first thing you're gonna be doing, let's take a look at the craft and supplies and seeing if you can find something that is interesting that you can use you. He was a very good kind of a product that we can actually buy. In fact, like this so much I'm gonna add this to my card. So what I'm getting here is a bunch old, different, kind off keys for me to use. Now, one thing you're gonna be doing is taking the key by itself and adding something else to it . So my question and do this would now we have a bunch of keys. The next thing we're gonna be doing is finding a bunch of different flames for us to use, such as this white here. And I just picked this one because it was kind of neat, but you can pick any flame you actually want. The whole entire purpose of hell is to find two different products combined both of those natures and then putting them together. And you wanna have something that's not gonna cost you too much such as this. Right now, this one is also pretty cheap. And the next you're going to be doing is adding the key to something else in charging more money. And there we go. We have our force handmade product that we actually created for at sea. And of course, the more interesting the actual frameworks, the more likely you're gonna get more sales. So the frame by itself is just a way. But adding something to the frame is gonna make it more interesting and up the value of it as well. So If you have a drawing, you can add the drawing to the flame, and then you don't have to even buy the additional product. You can just use the frame and then sell the whole entire product as a product over itself . Now, if course working at as a different categories, you're gonna get a Dios McKeel. So this is a choice and into attainment. There's all kinds of cool things that you can get from toys in entertainment, and you have to figure out what nature you wanna get into, what kind of products you can create, what kind of things you can actually dio. And you can even sell vintage an antiques as well a Nazi. There's so many different kind of things, but you don't know which one you're gonna be selling and doing until you take a look and the different kind of choices that are available the hell and seeing what other competitors are selling on Etsy as well, because this is very important. The biggest important thing about selling the pilot on Etsy is your profit margin. How long it's gonna take you to create this, how long it's gonna take you to sell it. And so on another cool thing about at sea, you can sell things that is a digital download. This guy has 2780 sales. So if you're a graphic designer and you can create amazing looking things, go ahead and try to create them and post them up for sale. This guy is selling specific teams instant download presets for something specific, which is a specific photography program. You can go ahead and sell digital downloads. Download. The key over here is to sell a bunch of those products. So this guy, I doubt, is just getting started here. 17 sales And he has some beautiful outward, and he's getting people to download them because he's prices are very reasonable. That is the key. When you're just getting start with digital out, you don't want to go ahead and make too much money. You want to just get sales, and the most sales you get the most says potentially, you're gonna be making over time. This guy has seven sales, but his pictures are way more expensive for a digital download, so he gives you two pdf files, one g p a and one b n G. He is charging a whopping 72 bucks for an autograph. Digital Point. That's like this is an autograph digital point for making this beautiful piece off artwork that he actually created. Why do people actually buying their using it? Probably four stock photography and his pictures are just amazing working. Another thing you can actually do is the following. You can go ahead and customize the older all by itself and change it into a different kind of sizes. So this one in particular, you can change their sizes. And then the big O, the size and the bigger the frame, the more expensive the digital picture actually is, the more expensive the actual picture actually is. So what he's doing, he is not digitally selling this specific bottle. Disposing is selling the actual product but giving you the frame to the picture. And people are buying. It would think that photography is not something you can make a lot of money on, etc. But you can't. He has 55. Sales here is not that much over money. By the out of the sails are high volume sales because you can see what he'll once somebody decides to buy this. They picked a frame to pick the material, and the price is a whopping $100. So high end items that he's selling. He is making big bucks on them, and you can as well. So this gives you some ideas how to get started selling things on Nazi. And one of the things I really think that you can attempt to dough is to create your own custom, Julie. So if you know how to do this, this is great, because now you can make and create your own custom, joy and posting up for sale. M make profit with that. How cool is that? They go get this thing right here. This guy's the best sell greeting, a custom Julie with those very interesting kind of works. And it's only for 90. For this one. There was a different relation and variety to them. He's adding a custom Wedel to it. I think this is one of the easier, more things to do as a custom joy, and you can get paid doing just that. So take a look around, find the things that you can actually go ahead and do on Nazi, get some creativity and start doing it. The only way for you to make money is to explore the site world. What kind of things are doing really well and then get in, smiled and start doing your own stuff on that. 13. Ideas for your Shop: in this video, we're gonna be coming a lot of different creative ways that you can make a lot of money on ANSI. Now let's get started. Number want You're ready. Vintage items. Check this out. This is metallic. Huge old and vintage. People want vintage stuff on that. See metal. Nice, you know. And it's one of a kind. You can't find this annual and it's on your available on my site on etc. So this is 1 80 for you to make money on Etsy, find vintage items that are unique and we show you hasn't things vintage too. Check this out. We can't award and vintage This item is the more order It is the movement that it is the most. Somebody would really want to get their hands on it and pay a lot of money. Something in this cocoa or 15. Maybe even more money. Nobody knows because it's been digits old people went to collect or than vintage stuff. Next day, old been ditch unique, different, maybe even antique. Who knows? He was something I got for Egypt. Now this item is meat in the soup when you shop. But here is how he saw little nets, you know. So it is a vintage item like old, maybe from the 19 nineties. Before that, all you customize it yourself. You call a little bit, you call it up. You do something fancy on it to make it look a little different than the usual. Been to China, etc. Next thing, yes. Check this out. This is usually made out of quake. So if you know how to make one of those by yourself, that's gonna be great. This is a baby. So if you make one yourself and you can create it, that's awesome. If you can't, you can buy them that pre made in some gift drops and you can just call them up and make some fancy nice looking, paddling and sell. People wait to buy imitation. So when you was like this on etc. And even if you can handmade and make it look like fancy this this is actually a wheel. I am here but But it was made in a So when you shop for 1980 so it is classified as vintage , so you can sell this on etc. As a day job. Next thing Handmade iPhone cover what makes it so awesome? Is that how it works? It's handmade, It's just unique, and it's different if you want to call, gobble up something that yours and something is unique and different is and I want you want to have your own interesting looking Kabul to it and this is awesome. So if you can create something like this so you can get your hands on a bunch of them, you can sell it for a lot of money on Etsy. People like individualized items on Nancy. Better deployment, handmade. He can get them anywhere else. So this is what here is. Another thing you can sell on Etsy. This is a walk now. How do you make money selling some Borg likeness when actually, Well, the thing about selling something like this is you just draw a different kind of patterns off on that we painted. You make it look unique and different, and people will buy it. It's It's all about description and making it different and unique. So if you could find the weight hard to do it, that's how you make one Uunet's show you more of them. Kuwait statues and figurines here is one, and this one was handmade. And what you do is you kind of create something like this, and then you put it in the album with hearts and up, and then you go and call and make your own design for it, and it takes you a while. To Cueto's, you can create a bunch of this is like an area working base. It's unique. It's different. You don't see this around. In fact, this is one of a kind kind of item you're not gonna find us annual Ellis, but in my Etsy store. So if you're great stuff like that, somebody might buy it, and I place it pretty high. So it's gonna take a while before somebody will buy this particular He was not a volume you can sell and make a good mother money, and you can create your own as well. This is a boathouse, and this is handmade ones. You can see I took some cute and everything. So if you have a favorite bar with outside and you want to give it its on house, you can create it or you can buy them in some out stores. You can accuse by stuff like this and they're not called are not finished. And you have to call on the mark, make a fancy designer on, had finish it up and everybody be like, Wow, this thing is amazing. I want to get one for my both day or for some, especially bad. So that's how those things do. So it takes a while. But they do so especially if you have a niche for Soto. I have gained a lot of it. That's the best way for you to make money on it. Make it science. That's a very nice item to sell on that. Some people have a talent to equate the own science. And if you have a talent to do that, and you can just kind of why quite your on sign on it off belly interesting message. You could create a bunch of those things and seldom going decent amount of money or that scene. It's all depends on the size and the message and definitely get a lot of people find them. This is something that you could easily make and sell and make money. No, I did by this in a in a store out store But you know what it is. It's Hey, it's a very small piece of miniature. Hey, you can easily go to a field that's full Hey, and create a lot of those very miniature size pieces. And if you have like a lot of them, you can sell them because people buy them. Or like if they have a collection off Twains or miniature houses or even wear goes, people really like to buy them. And this is something for 10 bucks of peace, so you can kind of create a bunch of them. You can just find them full. We actually, you know, in the hayfield or something, and just get a little bit of hay and just created. If you have no access to or hate field, which are people don't you can just go through an arts store buyer and get a huge pack of that and then break it into small pieces on make it fancy looking like check it out to fancy working like that and then sew it on. Etsy Statue of Liberty, Check this out. This is a wiggle me vehicle, and there was a base coat. In fact, once I sold those one of those, like 70 box. Can you believe somebody actually paid for that? Custom made waggles What I mean by Constant It's your own design. You came up with a design, you created it and people were like it. So they buy it as opposed, gifted by. Maybe they want to put this on the table for some decoration reason. I don't know what exactly they do it, but they do like the idea that somebody created a custom designed. Some of my designs are very friends. You have to check it out side, of course. And hell is another custom made war. As you can see, it's a very small miniature Lego or what, and you can't get anyone house, because the way I created it, it's one of a kind, and people do by them. They don't buy about them, But I, Montel to get were forced sales off. Those are miniaturized warbirds because people like to battle them out or there were two. Playoff them don't watch like I don't know what they do with them, but they do so pretty good on etc. What better than on eBay itself, because they were custom and computer with a bunch of those on my side. Now he was another thing you could do, and you can sell and make a good money. Um, it's a Hecky sec, but if you create your home like you could stitch unopened stuff and make recognise mandolins, make it look a little different. This one has no condiments. Did you kill? Somebody might actually want to buy this because it's a unique and different, but you can get and create them pretty easily. So you find some something squishy and you take some panel in and then sew it together. Make a fancy looking want, try to sell them. That's another great deal for you. Nothing that you could do and make pretty good money when at sea is create your own custom pope you or co. On wine, and it's kind of a little bit difficult to do this, but you can research how to do this on wine, and then when you do it, you created, and then it has a very unique, interesting smell to make a pretty decent money. Actually sell those particular items or story box. A piece actually did came down with the price off 2022 at this point because they were not selling as good being a lot higher marked up. And this is actually something My ex girlfriend queen, never like a bunch of those. And they do so on Nazi people wake them because they're different, unique. And their pheromones What it is, it's a It's a dating polish in. And you put this on yourself, and then what it does it attracts that this is actually clean for woman, not for man. And what it does is try to try to try to try to try to try to try to try to try to try to try to try to try to try to try to try to try to try to try to try to try to try to try to try. Try, try, try. Try. Try. Try. Try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try try. Try. Try. Try. Try. Try. Try. Try. Try. Try. Try. Try. Try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try. try. Try. Try. Try. Try. Try. Try. Try. Try. Try. Try. Try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try try. Try to try to try to try to try to try to try to try to try to try to try. Try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try. try. Try. Try. Try. Try. Try. Try. Try. Try. Try. Try. Try. Try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try. try. Try, try. Try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try. Try to try to try to try to try to try to try to try to try to try to try to track. 14. What NOT to Sell: in this video, I'm going to be talking about what? Not not to sell a Nazi, So there's a few things that you can sell a Nancy. But it's really important for you to know this stuff that you can't sell in and see, because if you're selling those things and that see, it's really like you will get your count band, you get in trouble. You get your wasting remote so we don't want that to actually happen to you. So with that said, let's take a look at the things that you cannot. So Nancy Roestoff reselling tanks we selling is not allowed to actually for you to do a Nancy so you can go about fight an item that you've found on how we express you can't go about United Venture finally May or even Onazi itself. Take the item and we sell it for more money. Especially if Dina was mass produced. Now you could go within the walls and buy, and I am Take this item and quick eat something quick ate it with this specific items for example, those Krauts that you can buy on Nancy itself. You by the craft. Then you quit ate a piece of joy. Take that piece of jewelry and you sell it for more money. That's totally allowed and legal for you to do a Nazi. So as he has specific laws, that with many people for mass producing items from getting things for how you express making tons of money. But on the other hand, they didn't create the process. They didn't go full and create those items on and by yourself. Now, why is this so important? Why does at sea want to keep it this way? The reason is, anti was founded as a craft place. Well, your quit eating things and are making it handmade. So that's the way they wanted this to be. And if you go against the rules, it's more likely that there's gonna be somebody who's gonna telling you. And if somebody's gonna telling you, it's really likely that your shop connect actually get close. In fact, thousands of different anti shop got closed every single year for not following those simple rules that at sea actually created. There's a few other things that you need to know as well about when and why, when you're selling things on that for example, vintage products. So went edge. Things you can definitely go about. Grab something that is oval 20 years old and 17 etc. That is about now. It doesn't hand even is 15 years old. Can you take this item and sell it on Etsy? No, that's not within the walls. You're not allowed to do so, But is it likely for them to point out that you actually did this? It's very sketchy. It's hard for them to know. How old is this item? But let's take a look at this example. TV. Why being baby from 1998? Is that allowed? Yes, the white Beanie Baby form uniting now you know, is that I would know What's the difference? One year difference. So if you'll listen, dining and you're saying this item itself was made in 1999 it says an attack made from 1999 and you ship it to the cell. Now if he decides to telling you that you violated the rules and item is actually who has then 20 years old and he finds in the tag itself sort of things. I have tags right on the minute says Hold the item actually is or if he suspect it is less then 20 years old, he can support you and you can get in big trouble with Nancy. So those are the things that you have to keep in mind when you're selling things on, etc. You've got to follow the rules while staying. And this is talking about digital points, digital points that you created yourself. It started a fire for you to sound, etc. On the other hand, if somebody else clean it the whole point itself and you just borrow in the material, that means you're actually using someone else's copyright information. And if they find out, they're gonna take down your actual listing and in fact, they can. Even so you they could even go about and think down your whole entire enterprise. Just because you violated the one rule, it's gonna be called trademark infringement. So Webb, trademark infringement, which is copyright violation. This is something that's it takes very seriously. And of course, there will not only take down, you're wasting. They can take down your whole copped with it and suspend you. There's thousands of people who get every single year suspended to Nancy for not following the world's or doing stuff that is totally not allowed to do any wiles, including on eBay itself. So don't make this happen to you. If you want to stay safe, you're gonna go with the entire woes and check out what you can't and you cannot do specific your Nazi. And here I just summarized a few of both imports for you to keep in mind. So with that said, Go back into NC, read their rules, and they make sure you can actually do this before you go and decide toe Western out of yourself. 15. Taking Professional Pictures: So in this swiped children, we're gonna be talking about Etsy product photography. And over here we have the pilot, but it is sold in my shop. In fact, I don't suggest for you to take pictures or when you want you want to have a bunch of those products at once that you'll be thinking about taking a picture of. Because you're gonna be taking multiple shots orbit. Instead of just taking a few things you need to know when you're getting started with fancy in product photography. That Falstaff, the place you're gonna be taking pictures off. We didn't have to be all white, the whole background. Next thing, we have to have some wait for us to use. I have a mobile station here. It's kind of cool. Because when you turn this on, you can have different steams are why this is a rather actual white here. Taking this out, we have the white one. They can put something like this. See, this is pretty cool by the way. Different ways for you to have whites for the pictures. What you're trying to do is to wait up the area. So there was no she'd over here or just position it in a way there was no shade. Or of course use a different kind of steroid. So this is good. But sometimes it doesn't work quite. One of the most essential things when you do and take pictures, you want to have a tripod you to use. We're using the tripod. You can position this exactly how you want this too. So the way it goes in the direction, that's correct. So all the shade gets a women eat it when you're gonna be taking the picture. If you need more aid to just press on it, it gives you more brightness. This is one tool that I like to use. You can use it as an LED one which is different. Diff, one kind of wife's give you different kinds of possibilities for you. You have to find which one works the best for you to fill up all the different shades that you get here. After you find the best way for you to get the right, Since next step is for you to take pictures. We need a camera for that. And we have a small camera here, which we can be using. Now, you have to figure out which camera is best for. You can even use an iPhone. The professional cameras, because they give me one of the different things you'll be able to view finder. You have different settings that we can do. Zoom in and zoom out and they'll need for product photography. Of course, should definitely have the tripod. Position this in a way you want this to. Once you put this in, I'm gonna be tripoding it and you wouldn't be leaving it down. And then you can have the whites giving the white overdose in a different direction. Then you can take pictures being at stabilized. Now for those of you who like to use the form, it's also a possibility. Sometimes the forum, you will have to do more edits for that. Some of the phones such as the door, very good job. Though I love things. I am not a proponent of using flash photography, especially on the form, because it's sometimes messes up the picture. You can see how dark they actually looks like. Definitely need the white source, which is essential and important for you to use. Having whites. Having tripod is important. Now, next thing I also suggest for you to do is to have the pump, which we used before. Having a pop is also essential for photography because you're going to be positioning the pilot on the job and you're gonna be taking pictures is going to give a lot more taste to it. And you can definitely check out some of those things that they sell and the photography that I do for my products in my Etsy shop as well. This is what we solved, these kind of things. They have created an experimental shop just to show you how well it actually does. So over here you can see I'm positioning it in a way. I want the picture to actually be forced. You have division. You want to put the product into pop and you take the picture. That's the next thing we're gonna be doing. Much putting in a foreign position, you get where you want this to be. Focusing on it in taking the picture. And then you're going to be zooming out more and taking another picture. I'm gonna be taking one from this side as well. As you're done with that. You have to take multiple pictures because you don't know which one is going to work best. If you see dark heel using debt whites. Putting the camera once again, using the following, snapping one very close to the object, farther away. And this is for ads where we are sensing you have a photo away picture. So it will fit as a thumbnail. If you don't like to use the phone or you want to use something more professional. You can use the camera on doing the same exact thing with the camera itself. And now of course, this comes out much margin better than taking the picture in another situation, I want you to take a picture, meaning pictures when I have many different angles. And to keep taking it, it is essential for you to do this because some of them are not gonna come as guilt is you want them to come out. When you're done with that V0 putting. Sometimes you want to have multiple products gonna be sounds. You have a few of them over here. Position you feminist sort of way. So it looks interesting. You can see sometimes the wafer have to be repositioned in a different way. We know having those things to look good. There was too much right here. Is please over brightness back a bit. So now we'll do it was a battle. Now we have a multiple creation kind of a wisdom of different products over here and I take the picture, take another picture. So on. Once you download is moving the prop once again back here, positioning one element. This one. We're gonna be doing next. It's just making it a picture of this. Taking it sometimes and then gonna come up, well, if it doesn't come up well, make sure you press on it so shoulder, the picture will be good. This one is, you can see that too much brightness, too much. If you see that there was actually something in here that once you change the plus and minus in here, I'm gonna be doing now. Makes it to see the plus and minus is adjusting it to blackness, making it dark, or making it much more bridle. You have to pick what you want and then take a picture of me awake this setting. And I love it on the camera. Good. And then I take the picture. That's up to you to decide which pictures wanted to take and how many of them. Keep them moving in different directions, in thicken the picture. Then be repositioning it in a different method. Doing the same exact thing. Of course, you're done. You're going to go ahead and take a walk. The actual screen and check what you did, what you did, and everything else. So you can tell if it comes out good and if it doesn't, and this one is not that good, keep on walking. Seeing the results. What you did. If it doesn't look good, that means you have to come back and take more pictures. This one is bad. This is really blown away. It didn't come out. This one you can tell. It's just the background was not good enough. It was just way too much white. And this white here, you can even see it because of that. That's actually a sense of for you to review that images on a camera afterwards. If it doesn't come out as good as you wanted to, come back. Focuses in and keep taking pictures. So we have a bunch of different pictures for us to use. And then you're done. And time for the next project. 16. Adding Pictures to a Listing: picture do make a huge difference in your wasting with those things that have the best possible pictures that are more likely for you to get sales. He was one where I took pictures off this item using the Wallace possible kind off picture for the specific item. And therefore, I'm not getting any cells whatsoever for this product and have been resting at many times and then sexually proves something that is very important for you to know. That picture's do make a huge difference if the item is gonna sell. Oh, if it's not so, the first step for you is to take better pictures. So that's exactly what they did. Now, One thing I do suggest for use to take many different pictures off the item in many different situations. What makes this picture is so bad. The reason why it's not a good picture is that there was this great background on the side . In fact, this is just white. There was just not enough white in this picture, making it look as if it is too dark on the top and very bright on the bottom for when they're mature. This picture might look OK But for professional, there is no excuse. And you have to make the best possible picture in order for you to get cells. So the first thing that actually did I. We took every single one of those pictures using high quality kind of pictures. And after I did that, I went in and they post him them up once again and that see actual commence for you toe have four kinds off different style pictures for you to have one is in use to is to show the size and the scale free is an team simile and for is valuation. The one I used right here is mostly a different kind of elation off the same exact picture . I'm not showing size and scale to short size and scale. I just need a war to show the size. Sometimes I can use a menu figure to solve this size as well. Styled Seen you actually positioned this informed off some other object, such as the kitchen such as a kid, way of it and so on. That will also be good, in fact, as styled, seen the next Malaysian for it is the kid actually pointing weapons and the revelation off the stout scene is toe have it on the kitchen counter in the toil. And so on the next step for you to decide when you want to sell this item is to figure out which is the Kabul picture and which belongs is number one picture over here. There's many pictures wants to choose from, but this one is not the best one. This one right here seems to show the whole product from this side, and it shows it in the best possible image. Although this one comes in the course second as well. I'm impressed on it so you can see the different images and how they actually look like. And when you see the different kind of images, eventually you will look at them and you see which one looks really good and which one looks just okay. The one who looks the best should be the number one picture. Second best is number two and so on. So this is whatever command for you to do in order to enhance and get a lot of extra sales is toe add value to the product by just taking amazing pictures 17. Adding Video to a Listing: So if you already got your anti shops set up, the next thing you want to do is to enable the video, and it should be easy for you to do this. The only thing you need to do is to go down to any listing that you want to feature the video in Westover Hugh Dango Wood says the edit button and then all you have to do is just to scroll down. And there's gonna be a video section that should actually be included over here, and this is actually should be featured in almost any shop right now. So that is a very cool thing that you can add. And there was a few girls that you have to do here. One, the video has to be Western 100 megabyte. The next thing it has to be 10 80 Ohio resolution. And lastly, it has to be who s then? 15 seconds and no more than five seconds. If you go here to make something western, five seconds or over 15 seconds is just not gonna upload. The next thing I want to show you is the actual videos that I have created for etc. And after that I'm going to go into and show you how I'm actually making those videos So you can see that behind a scene. Stall off me, Actually, in my studio, making the videos for all my answer listings. So I made a few videos for few off my waist. Things that I have posted up. Now, the more always things you put the video on, the more visibility you're gonna be getting, and the more likely somebody is gonna buy your product. So he was one pilot that I have created. And you can see here that when you're person, the 2nd 1 like hell, there was a video thing, and as you press on it, it automatically shows the actual product. The great thing about this, you can actually see it in free de. And the way I made this, it's actually moving as if it is just moving around in a 360 degree direction. So you get to see everything about this specific product in this one night, He'll, When I pressed on it, there was actually a mistake that I mean, I don't know if you can spot this. The mistake was I filmed this the wrong way. And by filming it on this side, there was black on both sides. This is not the correct way to do this. So when you're doing this, do not do something like this. You can see over here. I am actually showing it as it moving. I'm trying to do if we 60 over issue this before I figured out how to do this and you will see in my videos how I go ahead and create some of those things. And in this one, the biggest mistake was after I did this, not correcting After that, there was the second steak when I went overhead to showcase, and I'm not showing it right in the phone. So this video should be scraped. It is just not good. And in this one, I did a different kind of a video for those objects of here. So those are dog noses and a zombie version of it. And after a few takes, I was able to quit this one. And I think this is actually the best working for this kind of a product. So in this video, I'm gonna be talking about how to do etc. Videos and right now we can do 15 2nd commercial to showcase your product. And this is the essentials. You actually need pretty much any kind overboard that you can use for the background. And they have one of the four here. I got this at Home Depot. Cost was 20 for this one. Same cause for this one as well. You also need some kind off overhead white to shine from the top. And this is what I'm using right now, so those are kind off. Maybe I told you box for those big lights over there. Not too expensive and something like this, this is probably cost me another 20 bucks is well, but you can use as a kind of white. That is essentially the same exact set up over here. So when you're gonna be using an overhead, right, I'm gonna be shining another white form the actual side to capture even more beautiful image. When you're doing this because you can see right here it is a little bit too dark. So you want to have some right? You know, coming form the top from this side or from any direction Now you might wonder why have those things like here. Well, this is primarily to support the right. So you're putting this right here. You can put it higher if you want to, because I'm doing everything by myself, and I need to be able to support all this stuff by myself. So putting this right here, Cantona known, and I have a side white, but I'm using. If this is too high, I'm gonna be putting this away, and you can use any kind over stand. This is what I'm using now is a super cheap toilet here that I'm using and I'm putting this down. So this is pretty much it's going to write this up and we can do background White putting it right behind the camera, and it's gonna make it work. Very good. Take a look at the difference, don't it off doing it on which one of the better in your opinion? No. Next thing you also want to do is to position your camera and we're gonna be doing videos with a tripod. Now this specific trap, it is super cheap. This is, I think, a $12 tripod. And what I like most about is that it goes down like this. Now, there was a reason why I have my phone like next to me as well. The reason why I have my phone is that you don't have to use this for videos. You can just use your iPhone if you have an iPhone or any kind of a smartphone, and you can do the same exact thing the issue of the phone, you can see it doesn't hold gonna fall down. So you need some kind of a tripod or stabilize a food actual phone, and this would have to be manually. You actually have to put this on press on your finger. And the part with the iPhone is that you have to put a finger in order for you to get this to work, because otherwise it's not record. This is for the older version off the fourth. Maybe the new one doesn't have this issue. You just press on it and it starts to recall that as you go about and do it so you only need a tripod for this. What you doing here If you're going to be doing with the phone actually going to be focusing on the image question on this and holding it without moving it. That is the key. So for you to hold it without moving, you need some kind of a surface for you to use, and this one would be just fine. Then when you find exactly where you want it to be, that's when you push on. Go. Now, the next you want to do is to move the actual object about. And I will actually use this instead because I want to use the professional camera to do this, then the phone. So I'm gonna have to turn this on. And you want to move this to the actually the video setting because that's the best ones gonna give us the best quality. And the next thing I'm going to be doing is just pressing on this, which is gonna be the record button. Let me have any 15 seconds to go. So you want to see one thing about Hugh first? I want to make sure that captures the bottom. You can see the bottom is getting kind off here. I'm living it down all the way, like hell zooming this in. And now we have exactly how I wanted to actually be set up at now that I have it. It exactly. I wanted to set up around, but it's not gonna capture when you noise. That's the good thing about this. Is that at sea is not gonna let you do it. Just gonna be pressing on this button like hell. And as you press on, it is going to stop recording. So we're gonna go, It's on the court. And now what you're gonna be doing as you were calling, you're gonna be moving the object around Pretty simple. And that's all you're doing now. This is actually done about the whites on. So there's a big difference between the lights on and then being off. So here it is. The right is like you turning it on. Now you can see what a difference this is. This looks really different of delight. Just show. Wait, undo it. There we go. Now, I'm gonna do this once again, press on record The same exact thing that I'm doing here. I'm just moving it around. And now this actually looks pretty awesome, in my opinion. And you only have 15 seconds and that's it. You're done now. Sensitivities video was quit along with 15 seconds. It started your carefree to go over the time because what you have to do is you have to edit it out pretty much. Anything over 15 seconds is just too much. So he was the 2nd 1 I'm gonna be doing is zooming in. Unfortunately, this one lacks the beauty for you, too. Move everything around. So this is a very cheap tripod. I do suggest for you to get more expensive one, but it still does hold the job for you once you set this up and this is like a small animal . We want to make sure everything he's lined up in his perfect for the shot. So any mistake, anything long you want to make sure they care of it before you start shooting. Once you have everything set up in the way you want it to person record. Now they're gonna be using moving this around, and you can see how I'm doing it over here. Just moving it around so you can see all of the different angles and then there, waiting for the 15 seconds to go in and then turn it off for the biggest object here. This is gonna be way more tricky. You can see here zoom all the way out in pretty much this one is just gonna be it could be done. But you really need to work your way to get this, to be the way wanted to be. There we go. And moving this around now, even be zooming something more in because that's basically all we can actually do here. Because it's just the subject is just way too big for this video. So you might actually encounter an object that might be a little too big. And the solution for that is to go over the way. Handhold. Well, I'm gonna be hand holding this and then I'm gonna go for it, just like Dad going up and down. Somebody captured 15 2nd of it using this specific method. So regardless off the object you're gonna be using, every single object is gonna be done different. And yet, when I have the best 15 seconds, this is what I'm gonna be sure casing for anybody who is a prospective, vile off those parks 18. Makeover & Transformation : So in this video, what I'm going to be doing is showing you a complete shock may cover and transform Mason. So this specific shop is my risk performing sharp. It is not the one that's making me the biggest money. It is the one that's making me the least possible amount of cash. So what I'm going to be doing here is showing you what steps I'm going to be taking in order to improve the amount of sales that I'll be getting with the sharp. And this actually includes things that are basic and important things as well. And you can see how I do it. So you can go ahead and warned for my mistakes that I made. One of my first jobs that I haven't been paying so much more attention to. And now of course, since you're all hyped and excited to see what kind of steps I'm going to be teaching you. Let's get started with the warning. So all those different kinds of figures have been posted for sale on Etsy. Those four of them right here, and the prices are set at this price range. So what box you get for your dose, which is the yellow ones, the green ones are going for the Navy. And the zombie dog one is 1298 as well. And the red wire one is just 15. Now, this is just something that I have created and it was not sold yet. And this is something for you to understand that you have to figure out what you're doing when you just create those things. It doesn't mean that the item is going to sell right away. You have to do a few things to make it work a lot more attractive and make it work in a way that people who want to actually go ahead and buy this specific product. And you can see right off the bat, the mistakes I made when I just initially posted them up for sale. So I wasn't really careful with their photography. I just took pictures of the item. They'll writes itself. It is fully dark. You and you can see right there another issue is the cardboard over there. And there was a Bordeaux between those both of those white surfaces combined. It's happening because this specific item was posted and I took the picture totally wrong. It is available cook it on the side too. And who is the next one as well? A little bit too dark on the bottom. This one is actually more decent and other pictures for you to get this item that you're seeing, salt, you have to pull out more time into their photography. You want to take at least 10 different pictures of the product. Use every possible Ingo, show more details, shorten use. So the scale of this product, make it a styled scene where you put it in front of somebody and use different variations of the old nowadays person. I just thumbnail and move it around so we can move it in a way that highlights the specific point of the time actually saw it here. It is still too dark for this picture to walk. Good. Of course, the next thing that I did when I just posted this figure for sale is made not enough attention to what this item actually is inside the description. The way I did it unnecessarily walks pretty good for eBay, but it doesn't work with for Etsy. For an essay type of arresting. You're going to describe right up front what they're getting. So it would be like something like this. We Acts zombies and then Walking Dead and then twist the metal. This makes our wet a bit more sense. Zombies. We go greens. So in the first few things that you want to put in when you describe the item, you want to give people an ability to understand what is this item that you're actually sign. And if you don't put enough details in the tidal, nobody wants to look at the rest of the Western. In fact, the picture is the number one thing somebody looks at. Number 2 thing is going to be the title. After that. It is actually has to do with the category while this item is going to be located inside the Etsy store, but you don't have as much control over the category. It just has to be the correct category that this island belongs to. After you do all this part or you're doing next is putting as much description as you can about the sign. And people want to know what is a dao buying? What is the size? And of course, they want to know more details about as well, such as the weight. Where was it made out of what is inspired by? The more details that you can put here, the more likely somebody is going to buy this product. After that comes the price. When I initially created, I wanted just to sell this product. So I put in 12 bucks and people are not buying it. Interesting enough with ETC. The smart thing to do is actually to twice the item up, not down, and then moving it down. So after you price it twice it exactly how much it takes you to create this item and how much work it takes you to do it, because eventually you will have a sale and then you'll be just very. Not happy that you saw the sine of four West than it cost you to actually make or less than your time was actually Wolf. After you put all those details over here, people want to know the shipping price forward. In fact, the best way for you to go ahead and do this is to use free shipping. Etsy is big right now on police shipping items to help with shipping outbound modeled on Etsy. But if you are going to be shipping it also internationally, you have to take this into standard that's going to cost a lot more money to actually ship it internationally. You don't have to do for your shipping, for international shipping. Once you're done with all those important details of this product, you can go ahead and post it for sale. So this is just one of many different things that I have up right now that are listed on this account. Another thing that you can actually do is to go ahead and buy the specific equipment you need to make those. So there'll be have one of those things that we can get 800 pieces of metallic Twist Tie. While this is exactly the kind of equipment that they use to create dose, and it only cost 599. We're shipping and returns worldwide of this place are getting six different colors and 800 pieces you can create a hundreds of those are meant for only a price of six bucks. I mentioned how many you can actually create and then start posting them for sale on Etsy. One thing I do suggest for you is to experiment with different kinds of products. And they just get started on Etsy. That's exactly what they did. I experimented with many of those things and I eventually found what worked best for me. Not right away. You're going to find things that are going to be actually selling. And sometimes some of the things are not on a cell at all. If you have things that are not selling well, it could be a wide variety of issues that are making this product not selling good. It is not, and it doesn't have to be about the actual product itself. The pilot could be excellent, but the way you presented it could be really bad. And this is another very bad example of how you should not present a product. The pictures are not top quality. It looks too much amature the pictures themselves and the product itself is not standing out very well. Another thing about this is if you see this too much dark with too much white, doesn't look too great. It takes away the focus from the actual product. And this one, the most important thing that I was actually zooming in is the pace. And it came out super blowing. After you see all those bad examples of photography. And I'm ashamed of it because I am actually a very good photographer. So this was taking a while back when it just snapped a few pictures. And they just posted that thing up for an experiment just to see what's going to happen in the experiment totally failed. But maybe that's a good thing because it showed that you can't just go ahead and just pause any random pilot up for sale. You've gotta put a lot of time in details into it as well. You want to make sure that the product is presentable and it's going to get people interested in buying this product. The more time that you put into the product itself, and the more details that you put into it, the more likely you will have items that get sold out. You can see those 18 of them. And I moved into a different niche. A niche that I moved is creating markers, which are otherwise known as my own creation. You can create and do different kinds of things on Etsy. But eventually you're going to be figuring out which is the thing that works best for you. 19. Al Enhanced Listing: Chat, GPT, how this specific tool is going to totally change the way you walk, do almost anything out there online. But specifically, what are we awake about this tool is that you can recreate your online Louis turn to the next level. So the first thing you have to actually do is correctly talk to the owl and make it do your work for you. E.g. we're gonna give it a command, right? A battle. At C. Now it can do not only an Etsy listing, heal and optimize it for SEO, it can also do eBay as well. False thing that it actually does. It can give you a sample of how to write something, how to make it very good, clear and concise. Well, in this example, it talks about how to keep your thoughts and the listings organized and it gives all the details about this product. Next eight features, all the specific things that this product can do about. And lastly, the size and the selling point is right at the end of this entire listing. The next thing you wanna do. So the first thing you want to do is to create an actual sample listing. Wait on eBay, or of course you can make one on Etsy as well. When you create the actual listing, you can see right here I wrote down exactly what this product is all about. Then I went ahead and I vote even more. And here is it. After I created this listing, I ran chat on it to make more improvements to the actual Western the chat. What it actually did, it gave me ideas what it can do to make this listing even better. So first off, what I did, I wrote it down, make this eBay listing even more appealing. And it gave me a few suggestions what they can do to make it more appealing. As it gave me more ideas, I put it right into the actual wisdom itself. Then the next thing I did, I asked for even better idea of what it's gonna be like. And I put in the actual tax tender as it did this, it went in and change the text around it and made it even better. But that wasn't enough. I then asked make it 100 times even more appealing. And that was the keyword. Once you find the hour to do the bidding for you, it will wait everything so much better. It takes a few tries before you walk out into a text and walk through it. Good for you. I also taught that to write the title and it did it as well. The title was a bit too warm, so what I had to do is change the whole entire title. So the first thing, as you can see here is my original listing. Then the chat with the rewritten title over here. I retook the title, rewrote it in a different way, using the keywords from the owl. And then after I did this, when they did next is we'll write the whole entire thing, which is so much better than the previous one, it gives more information, more robust. Now add more keyword rich and more likely that it's going to get the sales that I want. So should you use the chat to quit much better tax using the art. Of course, you should don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your listing and make itself or so much more money than you originally could, but just enhancing the width and function of aggregating. And as a finished, the same exact listening for eBay, I decided to double up on the system on Etsy as well. So why should you do it in two different places? Pretty much for more exposure. And also because we don't know which one is going to get sold for. Therefore, having double exposure in two different locations is the key. And over here you can see I'm using the same keywords over here and putting this same exact coexisting in two different locations. One motor, I have a different title for it, but I'm gonna be using my original title as the actual keyword for the eBay title for ads, I'm gonna be using the chat GTA tile just to go ahead and do an experiment which one works much better. And also to differentiate both listings. 20. Secrets to Etsy Success: Secrets to success on Etsy forced off at seasonal different than AZO e-commerce websites such as eBay, Amazon, FBA, and they're all very similar to each other. But Etsy is slightly different. What makes Etzion little different? Has to do with creativity. It also has to do with how you present. You'll stop on Etsy. But the biggest thing for you to understand is that slow and steady wins the ways. This is not a marathon. It is more like you're walking to your destination. Travelling from a to b, slow and steady wins the waste. How do you do it on Etsy? Have to understand a few keys to your success. I sold over $25 thousand of merchandise and I already know what they did right and did wrong, and I want to share it with you so you don't make the mistakes I've made. And specifically we'll make it exactly wait for staying. Most important thing is your branding. Everything has to be styled. Similar. When you go to your Etsy store, it's like a sharp, It's like an experience. If you go from one picture and the wisdom to another one, they should be kind of similar style, not like what is this? This is totally different. Second, it is about the quality of their listing. Some people do a good job focusing on quality. You just want to get the listings out though. That's not the key here. You want to make really good pictures. Then you want to make sure the description is written. It doesn't have to be the best description out though. Just doesn't have it cannot have listings, mistakes, small mistakes, that's gonna cost you big time. In fact, one of my listings that they created over the years had one small typo. But this typo made short that they're wasting levels salt until I looked at it again and I saw the mistake. I fixed this mistake and they're wasting got sold. That is how crucial, how essential it is for you to pay attention to the details. Some things that are lacking in eliciting that glucose your sales, such as the weight of the item, the height, more description into it. Those are small things that sometimes you overlook. But in reality, if somebody wants to buy something, they need to know what they're getting. If they can't see it. It is another three-dimensional item. They can tell what it is. And even pictures don't do enough of a job. You have to do pictures descriptions and just enough to make them what dynam so even taught. You have very nice-looking pictures and good description, you'll missing their appeal. If the description doesn't make you really want to buy this item, it doesn't make a picture in your mind. Wow, this is so cool on my table. It is lacking. It is lacking. They want somebody to buy it right now. Certain things don't have this appeal to them. But on Etsy, it's really all about the creativity, is really all about the desire they want. This is something that supplements your life. It is not something that is essential to your wife. And that's what makes the big difference with this item. Whether it's going to sell on Etsy. All if it's going to just stay though. If you want to get the sales, you always want it. Remember, you're focusing on the big picture. Eventually. You want to go ahead and make the big money. But that I know the key for you is to focus on the details to make sure that you're doing everything white. Because like now, do not even worry about the sales. Everything that you need to focus on is making sure the sharp walks also. And it makes people who really wanted to by formula. 21. Star Seller Budge: So how does the star rating actually help you in the search itself to find out what I did. I put in more dynode and poison search. And you can see over here what happens if your style cell, are you going to get featured mole? Well, the truth is you do because you can see over he'll want to fully for people who are right on the top, our style cells. In fact, you can see here a lot in the swatch itself is coming out as a style, so as well. And it's all on the first page or blanking on Etsy. So this is pretty good. So if you decide you want to become a star, so it's more likely you'll be featured on false page on Etsy. You can see all of the people who are featured on force. And second page also featured as a style cell as well. That's a good thing. So you definitely want to link pretty high because this way it's going to give you the opportunity to be in get products sold much faster. In fact, a lot of people are trying to get to the top of Etsy, etsy search. And therefore they're doing their best to get into this tau. So lading, you can see over here, this portion is stuff. So he has the badge of honor, Oliver Hill. And when somebody who was overweight, he sees what it says, which provide a great customer service experience, five-star reviews and shipping on time that makes people more likely to click and buy from them. And you can see a star rating exists in two different locations, one at the top and one on the bottom, giving you the highlights and why they should buy from your Business Voice is anyone else's. Ebay used to have the power. So badge of **** and Etsy has its own thing. It's called a style so badge. Once we get the badge, that means that you made it. You are one of the best sellers that adds the extra has. And for good reason, not only it helps your reputation, it also gets you a lot more sales and a lot more visibility on Etsy bus. People see this, they know you achieve something great. So let's take a look at what happened to me and why I finally got to the star cell batch. Over here. You can see what you can do in order for you to get the same thing. One, you have to respond to each message. So when somebody sends you one message, it doesn't matter if you keep on responding back and forth with them. It's only to false message that counts. But you have to respond to them as fast as you can within 24 hour cycle. Or as a wise, you don't get a good score. Two is the weighting. So when you get reviews, I believe you actually counts, you get a bad review. It knocks your style eating down. And it's going to be very hard for you to get back in, especially if you don't have much sales. The more sales you have, the less likely want to review is going to make a big difference. Lastly, on track shipping, this is very important. Now, most of the time, if you ship this within a day or two, it's on track shipping. Now, we run into a problem. If you'll go ahead and sell something walkaway, you want to use as you shipping, you're going to lose the shipping time. And you don't get 100%. Don't get. By not getting target in all those readings, you're at risk of losing their style. So waiting. Over here, the target is 95% 404 response, 4.8 out of 5 for the average rating, and 95 per cent for shipping on time. So what happens if you're gonna be doing this? You get the following. You get a big boost in their actual SOP itself, which means a lot more people are going to be finding you. Also. Another thing you have to understand that this is not something that stays for a long time. You have free months. So if you finally achieve the star rating, you stay with this link for only three months and after that, you have to keep doing a good job. In fact, star rating is not going to go ahead and rank you higher in the actual swatch itself. It's more likely you'll be featured on Etsy. But the biggest difference is when somebody sees your sharp and sees a star rating, they know they're getting something that's totally different experience with every hours or so on Etsy. And therefore, they're more likely to purchase from you. In fact, it's actually even state itself. Once you hit your sales are going to add more likely to go up. So well, if this badge of honor, I want to show you that I finally achieved a star rating. And it's not something that you always get into. A lot more unusual for an Etsy shop to achieve a star rating. 22. Multi-Variation LIsting: next day I'm going to be doing is creating a motivation kind of a listing so forced anyone to do is to go all the way to the bottom off the actual screen. Until you get to the part where it says relations person add valuations. And here we're going to be choosing the primary kind or variation that we're going to be creating Now, there was all kinds of motivations for us to pick from. If you don't like any of those choices, you're just gonna be pressing all the way. The bottom that says create in your affiliation Over here, you're gonna be describing what kind of motivation we're gonna actually quit. And this one is gonna be choice and present ad. After you go ahead and do this, you're going to be adding the kind of motivation that people can have a choice to pick from . We're gonna have a red one, have a good one green, and you can add as many affiliations as your actual like. Now, if the price is gonna be different for each and every one of those, including the quantity, you can go ahead and high, right, Those different choices now there is another violation option for you. So gonna be create a motivation inside of affiliation itself. So for this one, it is the same exact choices as previously. But since I don't like any of those, I'm just gonna be present and create a new revelation. So it's very similar to the previous choice that we had before. So over here I'm gonna be doing fitness and now picking to the front choices. Wait. And this is gonna be the two choices for us to pick form. And you can also do the same thing here. Prices very in quantities very as well. Now, if you're gonna be adding both of those as choices and President, save and continue, this is gonna give you way too many traces and complicate everything. Because of that, I do suggest for you instead toe uncomplicated a whole thing by having nice choices. So you're going to actually take out the price and the quantity on one of them. I'm going to keep the price and quantity for the court choices in person update, and you can see what we hear. It makes it so much more simple. So now what? The bio is actually going to be doing. They're gonna be picking the affiliation that is included, and then they have optional choices for them to pick. But it makes this so much easier for you to control. Now, if you don't want to go ahead and go, food is you can go and change. It is prices are all the same for all the different quantities and person update. And over here, the price is gonna be the same, regardless off the choice, they're actually going to pick form. The only issue of that is, if they're customizing this whole thing, they're not being extra for the customization. And because of that, what I'm gonna be doing is actually changing the price around. So if somebody is ordering the product as is, they're not paying any extra. But if they want some other choice, they do have to pay extra money for this product. So the original one is gonna be costing 23 bucks if they want a different kind of choice that is not included. I'm just gonna be hiking the product, place up the reason for this. I want to discourage them for actually choosing something that is not available because it's exit time for me to go here. Then customize that. Why I look the time actually selling now, the next thing I want to do off the your actual go ahead and change the motivation. You want to link the pictures? Exactly. So what kind of product? Your son. So the 1st 1 is gonna be the court choices, and this one is gonna be the blue one. And spectral I just put on hell and show them exactly what they're getting in place on safe . And then I'm gonna be pressing on a link for those once again in the end one. And you can go ahead and pick different ones If there was actually a choice here, but there isn't. So I'm not gonna go and do the red one and gonna do the green one, because there was no choice for us to pick form. Now, you can also go ahead and go to the door finish by pressing on this bottle right here was indoor finish, I doubt. And now it's going to remove the court choices from one of them. Okay, in this one, which is gonna be the one like you. This one is gonna be the truants. Palin dough one I doubt present safe was a link for those once again and really have two different choices for us to do here. So cold choices. And you can see over here that in this specific motivation thing, you can actually pick only one out of two things. Either the court choices, all the door finish, it doesn't let you actually do both. So be wise when it comes to doing that. And after you're done present, publish. So it remembers everything, and it translate right into the actual wasting itself here. 23. Thumbnail Main Picture: picking a Tom Nao picture. You have a bunch of different pictures for you to actually pick. But the most important one is actually the time now because this is the image everybody sees when they just hobo over everything else that you have. How does it look like? War person preview to find out which one is the time now, how the actual picture actually looks like. And if you go right into the actual shop itself, you can Huvelle global different images. And here is the image that is featured in the actual come now. So you can see how the image looks like when you actually zoom into it and exactly how the bio is going to see when they go ahead and look at the different images. So you want to make sure that every single one of your images is really focused on the product that you're actually selling and have a few examples off Google images and a few bed ones, for example, that space set over hell, it looks pretty good. You can see every single media figure that is included this one over here, the time travel looks good as well on the other hand, this one the fridge magnet. This one does not good because the image itself zoomed in a little bit too much. So that's not what you want to see. And this when the war broke up, this soil also zoomed in a bit too much. So you want to make so that the image itself when you are posting it up, so cases the actual highlights over the product that you're selling. So now we have a bunch of different images that we can use specifically for the poor file image itself, and the one I suggest for you to do is to go ahead and use an image that actually is zoomed out. So when you're taking originally the pictures, you want to zoom out a bit when you're gonna be taking the image and this is etc. Photography basics. So pretty much you zoom in for some of the images by the one you want to use for your poor file. It could be a few of them. You zoom a bit out enough so the image itself actually can fit into the time. Now you can see over hell some of those images I have not zoomed in enough for this to actually walk. So what I have to do is go back to the drawing board and take the images a little bit more far away. So then I can actually use this as my poor file image. So he'll but I'm gonna be doing It's pretty much moving around the thumbnail images until I see one that's gonna really fit inside here and without adjusting the actual time now, because adjusting a time now you can just zoom in, you cannot zoom out. And because of that, you want a feature The picture that walks and creates something that's gonna work the best when you're going to be putting it right in here. Now, on the other hand, when I just put this image over here, you can see that this one is okay, but it doesn't work with girls, so you have to move this around so you can just drag it until it is right in the center. And then, if you like, the way talks west on save, and it's gonna look exactly how it should work like so this is the key for you to creating a very good working Tom nail image that actually stands out 24. Opening Multiple Shops: why should you have more than once up operating in the same exact time on etc. This is a question on the people Ask me and hell is my answer for you. Having different kind of shops lets you sell in different kind of nature's if you want to. So just vintage bottles and you also wanna sell handmade. Mixing them together is going to make it all seems like a mess. Also, if you're selling digital plans, doesn't weigh potential shops that you can eat right now by creating different shops. You also get 40 listings for a week in order for you to create and use their free always things. You've got to create a different shop using a different kind of email. That's the only way it's actually gonna let you do it, plus etc. Really does lets you opal eight more than one shop as long as they used different kind of emails. It is not against the rules. This is great, and one only thing that is against walking for you by having multiple different shops is just being able to market, promote and organize them altogether. Yes, you can sign in and out using different kind of war gangs, but it's going to make it a lot more complicated for you in order to do so now. Also, it's harder for you to go and manage different kind of stops altogether. It's still Billy beneficial in the world. Most of all it Let's you experiment and see which kind of shops are gonna walk for you. What kind of files are better? Boy? When I just got started, I started one specific shop and they kept on doing it. It wasn't working for me when they started. I decided, where me experimental different shops. When I start to experiment with different shops, I was able to start making a lot more money online. The reason for that was quite simple. Experimented with different things about seven vintage. I started concentrating into more can made design, and I started to make actual problems and money with fancy. In fact, it was making me at one point, and it is still is making more money than some older things that that sell on eBay, really etc. Itself is the new marketplace for you. People want to buy handmade vintage and digital products because the marketplace on eBay so saturated. It is so much easier for you to get started in a new place such as at sea. I don't know why you waiting for There is no excuse for you, but to get started today, Etsy is the next best thing. See you in another video. And I hope you enjoy Now do me a huge favor. If you enjoy this class so far wide me review let me know when others know how much you have this quest. Thank you so much for watching and see you in the next week. 25. Promote your Etsy Shop: to be successful in etc. It requires you to do a lot of marketing outside off the box, which means you can't just go and put everything into your water presence. You also have to have a physical presence as well. So when you go to different places such as Kraft, Fells and different locations, you want to showcase not only your products but also so case a few samples that they can take with them and those kind of samples. This is, well, it's really important for you to get things that don't cost you almost any money. In fact, that thinks that cost us than a buck and sell them that cost you maybe 19 cents a piece with your water on it. It's gonna go a long way for you because what's gonna happen is when somebody goes to that location, if they just get the business counts, they made actually forward out. But if they get the pan itself, it's kind of cool because they always have to use the pen. And if they keep on using, depend itself and it has your war go, and in it it says what you're actually selling, including the website. People are definitely gonna go back to your business. And although something format as well, So what that highly suggest for you to do is take a look at full in point that come find a few things that you think are pretty cool. They don't cost a bunch of money. And of course, you can give it away as a giveaway for people who come to your stop itself. And then what I highly suggest for you to even do is have a even a few prizes. Were you actually gonna give away some things that cost a little bit more money? In fact, if they actually take the business card and give it to you, they can actually intel a prize and win something that might cost a little more money, such as one of those things like here. This is a cool bag. So if somebody wants to actually get it, you can actually order a bunch of them off your wall, go and website on it and get people to actually buy it so you can get a bunch of them. Actually, if you are somebody who wants to sell a bunch off products and you're gonna be doing those souls over the country or a lot of different places. So you're thinking here or what? A long, long time. If you don't want to spend this much on a particular product, you can definitely get us on stationery is that don't cause this much at all. Some of them cost as little as a Bach. There's all kinds of interesting things that you can actually get as a giveaway, and those particular giveaway since the interesting you can definitely get a bunch of them . And, of course, when you get a bunch of those cool different products, people are more likely to get back to you and all those something from you. So you have to figure out which kind of products you want to get. And of course, you can request a sample from this company just for you to see what it's like. And if you want to feature it and then if you want to do something about cheapo, you can look for pence. You can look for other kinds of interesting giveaways here. There's all kinds of interesting ones, such as those quips and, of course, those clips themselves. If you get, like, the minimum amount he'll So you're gonna cost you 172 box to display your business using this particular equipped those other thing you're talking about? A band right here. This is just a boy slid a mood. One popular because people were like to get those boys skirts, They collect them, they were them. Oh, that time And this one is gonna cost you around 212. So there's all kinds of different kind of products that you can get that you can showcase your business offline. And it's definitely a lot cheaper than you getting a bunch off different, more expensive products or even creating a sample off what you're actually selling on your exist or because that's Stephanie Cohen. Of course, you weigh more than a buck. It's gonna probably course. You tend to 20 bucks. You might as well just some of the product right down. So this is just an extra item that you can give away for free all you can, of course, give it away with a paid porches as well as of somebody by something you can give it away for a little bit more money So if somebody buy something, you can give away the more expensive price included. But if somebody doesn't pay for something, they are just browsing. They want to just know more about what you're doing. You can definitely give them something that caused our glass to give away for them so they can take it home. Think about. And if they decide to buy something for mu, that's gonna be your way to get extra business. Just make sure every single time you create something, make sure your website is featured right on it. And you have that this count cold as well. So if they decide to get something, the discount code is into the right in the website itself, so that those are the two most important things you have to do in order to get a lot of extra business. 26. Etsy Ads campaign: Etsy ads, is it actually Woolford for you in order to get more traffic? And CIO's the answer is kind of complicated. It is. And it's not forced off. It says you're missing out because you're not having this campaign for Etsy adds, the minimum is a bucket day. The maximum is 25. If you're just starting out and you want to get started with fancy, but yet you don't want to get or people when you expenses, I suggest for you to start at the bug. On the other hand, starting at a bucket day is then going to give you the results you want. Let's take a look. It what happened when they did a door day, Dollar Day in your study days, I got a huge amount of views. Overdose. I only got the 150 people who clicked on the ad. The important thing is when somebody clicks on the ad, this is the only time you get charged. If you see here the entire yield. When they did those ads, I got 19 thousand people who viewed my ad. And of this on a 187 of them clicked on the ad itself. And how much, All those I get 0, I wasted in 25 bucks in order to show you what you should not be doing, which is wasting money on Etsy ads. Now you might say, but it might be a waste of money for you to do ads, the ads, if you've got 0 all those and you only got nothing out of it. It's not really the case. I got nothing auto. I spent 25 bucks. I got a 187 potentials who came to my place and some of them might have favorite, some of my listings are wasted money and you only get charged when somebody clicks on the actual ed. Yet, it got me potentially future clients when they do the product's going on sale. Some of those might actually translates into actual clients. So you get 0 from the ads. I did get traffic into my listings. That is the good news about. The bad news is that it's not the way that effective. Because of it. I suggest you to start in a bucket day, try it for 30 days straight, and keep on experimenting with the products that you are offering. When you want to do this, which you have to do is desire and figure out how much money you want to actually waste on this. Because either it comes down to that you're wasting money initially. Now over time that might actually improve. But in my case is sometimes I just broke even as Okies is I was money in this case, I lost money as well. The first thing you're gonna be doing is restarting the campaign. And he is, I'm starting again advertising width 41 listings, which is the budget of a bucket a. And I want to show you the stats over here to see what's going on here. The ad views. Let's go into this year. You can see over here they had views is above 19 thousand. And you can see the months that I ran this on, which was January, I went on a February. I didn't want any March and I weren't a lot of it in April. The adclicks 50 clicks, 330, and then got all the way to a 104 quirks. So it seems that the more you run the ads and the more quickly you get over time, those more interests in my products. And fortunately, there was no sales. Now after you run the ads for awhile and you decide it's not doing too well. You can go forced to manage, advertise listing, and get rid of those things that you don't want them to learn. You can go to other options. Person turn off ads. So let's say you don't want to want this anymore, just make sure you turn off the ads. So it's no longer using your money because you can actually forget this. And then you'll be charged a buck a day for the entire year, which is pretty expensive, which comes down to 365 in box a year, or even more. If you forget this for a longer period of time. If you're doing more than a bucket day, 25 a day, this can get to some significant money that you might be actually using. Let's say you're selling vintage products. So now we are working at the specific products or be advertising. Here are some products that I actually am saying. If you want to run the ad for certain products, that you'll be learning, what you have to do is to pick the products you want to advertise. Placed on over here, just once the bids will be on for those listings, just press on it and you can see it turns add on and off. If you want it off, you press on it again. And it's going to turn it off. Turn off the advertising for debt. That's how it's gonna go. Pretty much what's called into another one. We wanted this on, we turn this on. And here is another one. Now we'll advertising another product. Over here in the keywords. You can go ahead and post the keywords for the products you're selling. So if you just want to do focus on the vintage, you just type in the vintage, then you're picking the products you want to advertise for. And we have the listing statutes which is active, advertised, not advertise that an inactive and active, those are the active once we have the stats here, which is the ad views, clicks, quick weight order, revenue budget spent, and the return on the advertising budget. 27. #1 Etsy Shop Example: So this specific example of a Jewish shop is exactly how you should set up your Etsy shop to work. Break it. So first off, we have a picture of a few Julie's on a model on both sides of it. Then we have the branding name of mommy joy, wait and wait in the middle. Same thing goes from the bottom small picture. And of course, we can contact a sharp on python about hot. And you will get more details. What she is awake and more about why they shop is all concentrated, all about making joy. And why should you actually buy it from them versus all other competitors on this side? Remember those so many different people who are doing the same exact thing on Etsy. You want to stand out and be unique and be different. Why should somebody buy it from you? Voices from other locations. Also, you can see here in the announcements is utilizing that to put a lot of info why you should buy it just from them and form no one else. Let's take a look at the featured products. So the featured are probably the ones that are the best in the shop. You can see on the side of it, it is broken down into the most biggest categories that people are buying it over to sales. And 500 people who had mild is sharp. It is all broken over here into different listings. The most important thing is how she uses models to convey the message, to show it right on the person that this product is selling on. This is essential. Zooming into the actual product and putting as much details into it is something that's going to make or break your sharp. So over here you can see here that the actual product is featured on a model. Here's another picture of it as well. She goes into n, gets a lot of belly beautiful models. And she gets them probably from firewall using different kinds of models is very important. And hiring them from fiber is probably what makes her shop and unique and different in different selections when people are buying it form is also essential to utilizing all the different aspects of Etsy. And lastly, having a unique and very different description for every one of those products makes people want to buy and brag about after they go ahead and purchase form this shop. 28. Get Motivated : I want to talk about the inspiration off, quitting your own 9 to 5 job and get started being an entrepreneur, which other ways means walking for yourself. And with that said, Not everyone is built into this lifestyle, but you have to understand the rewards are more than enough to eventually make you really want to actually do this. So it is a lot of hard work up front, so you can go ahead and enjoy what you want to do for the rest of your life. A lot of people that work 9 to 5 and you keep on getting the same money they raise the Children beginning is a few cents on the door. You might be getting 15 bucks an hour. A lot of times you get way less than that. You get the minimum wage and you're struggling to pay bills and everything else included with this kind of a job. Unless you get into a profession, there's no way for you to get up their wings and to get for you want to get in your wife. Of course, you can become men, Joe, if you stay in this job for the next 20 years also. But if in the next two on five years, you'll be able to get exactly what you got within walking for yourself, that is a dream for most people. When a lot of people are not willing to put up the work that it takes to build the dream, they have excuses. They don't have the time. They will be easy doing something else there, so comfortable what they were doing, that they don't want to drop it to do something new. I totally understand this. The way for you to get to the next trouble is to find the time to do this, you have to spend too much time working on your own business. But at least put one hour every single day, and it does end up by the end of the year. So by putting a lot of time in tow a dream and building on it, this is the key for you to be successful, and you have to really for ghost on what you're gonna be doing so you can do the things you always want to do. Wait a lot, such as buying a brand new vehicle, buying a house, getting this stuff you always wanted to get for yourself. Traveling to places, enjoying your wife and doing something that you want to actually do and the world doing it . This is the go for you. So keep working at it. Don't give up and stay focused. This is the key to your success. 29. Secret to my Success: Thank you so much for watching and thank you for getting to the Bono's and almost over a structure off this class was going on. I think you're for getting here. You're one of the best students that you actually been persistent enough to get all this way. And I want to give you some one of the best steps that I aval actually gave anybody out there. This actually has to do with being in the Intrepid all. And that's Hoppenot is somebody who keeps on trying who keeps on trying to do something new , and eventually you will succeed. And this takes a lot of books. So villains on your part it takes a lot of effort. It takes a lot off motivation, and a lot of it comes from revenge. Now, don't let the haters and down those tell me that you can't actually do this. And if you keep on asking and you're hearing out of people who are gonna be negative in your life and who are telling you that you can't get this done, you're not going to get any. Well, if you haven't noticed people who are poor and who don't have much money to begin with. They have a negative attitude about everything, and they think that there are always gonna be in the same state of mind and never gonna be able to succeed. In some ways, it is true. The reason why it truly is. It's all about the way you think it is the mentality the people who are the one put sent. Most of them are thinking different than the people who are in the 99% the way they think different. Instead of thinking that I'm not going to succeed, I'm not gonna be able to do this. I'm not good enough. I'm not smart enough to do this. Instead, they think, What if I do succeed and I'm more than smart enough and I'm able to do this? I believe in myself, and I can get this done. State of mind is the number one thing that keeps you from being successful. If you're not in the right state of mind and you think constantly that you are not gonna be able to do this, then you want to be able to do putting the right state of mind in your head and being able to think the same as the 1% will get you to the same occasion when I was poor, Didn't have any money to my name. And this happened more than a few times in my life. I was just like you. I was thinking the same thing. I was taken negative thoughts. I don't that I would never be able to succeed. I never thought that I would get so I got in my wife right now. There is a why everything was keeping me back. Was the negative state of mind and 1/2 toe totally retrain my brain. I had to start to think positive even when 99 put send off, everything was going along. I still had this 1% off hope and instead of focusing 99 puts into my energy on things that are not going right for me. I focus. One put sent on just the one thing that was going right. So insulting and negative. I started. Think positive. I tried to think positive with whatever was happening in my wife right now. And the best thing about this is once I start to think positive, I start to make the better decisions. So instead of making, I don't want to do this. Oh, I'd see what all the negative consequences if I invest in this business instead of was why I should try something new. I should go ahead and do something that I haven't done before because if you keep doing the same thing, you always do. It's called insanity. Same results by doing the same, exacting. If you want to try and you want to do something different, you gotta go ahead and do something totally different to get different results. This is why investing in yourself and putting a lot more effort into getting yourself where you want to get with education with thinking with positive motivation is gonna get you so much more than any as a location you aval get on this planet. Anything is possible. If you set your mind to do it, believe in yourself. No one else will believe for you. This is actually would get me to my success. It is my secret, and I'm here to show it with you. Pass it along 30. Conclusion: Thank you so much for getting all the way to the end of this class. Congratulations, you're done. You made it. But your journey which has just began, it's not even over yet. In fact, you're just studying. And since you and you'll be here, go ahead and take yourself, slap yourself high-five. And above all, helped me as well. Make sure you smash that thumbs up button. And of course, widely with you, how much this class helped you out. If you haven't done so, please watch this course or will again, there was so many things you probably all missing. And because of that, make sure you take notes the next time you watch it. Most importantly, skip watching and enjoy the rest of my classes as well. Thank you so much for watching this class and I hope to see you in the next class that I have created. Also, you're one of my best students can graduations for watching this class all the way to the end. And because of that, Yosef will be successful to what you have to do it that is so essential for you is to watch this step-by-step and follow along. This is how some of my best students created amazing Etsy shops. And you can do this as well.