Whether you’re all about scaring people or you’re more into the cute and cuddly, Halloween drawings are a fun project for the fall. Plan out some drawing activities with the kiddos, or make your own creepy masterpieces and display them as decor throughout your home. We’ve compiled a list of ideas for any type of spooky drawing that fits your style. Whether you’d like drawing a monster or an adorable bewitched cat, you’ve come to the right place for Halloween drawing ideas!

Creepy Drawing Ideas

Ghouls, goblins, and ghosts, oh my! Frighten your friends and family this Halloween by trying out these fun creepy drawings.


ghost drawing
With a ghost mood drawing, you can practice your ghost drawing and track your moods at the same time. 

Ghost drawing can range from incredibly simple to complex. Any blob with two eyes could be considered a ghost, but if you’re looking for a particularly creepy creature, try focusing on the details of the eyes and mouth. These features can illuminate all kinds of added fright in your ghost drawings. 


skull sketchbook
Black and white detailed images of skulls and other parts of the skeleton make for the scariest drawings. 

The head of a skeleton is notoriously creepy. Its hollowed eyes and bony features are a perfect subject when you’re looking for creepy drawing ideas. If you want to make your skull drawing just a little more terrifying, try adding some crossbones or snakes for an extra thrill. 


Source: Unsplash
A large hairy spider sitting on a pencil drawing is particularly creepy. 

Spiders are so creepy, there’s a name for people who are terrified of them. If you’d like to give your arachnophobic friends a fright this Halloween, try drawing a spider with a silky, spooky web as its home. With their eight long, hairy legs and countless eyes, spiders are among the creepiest creatures you can draw. 

Scary Drawing Ideas 

There’s a subtle difference between creepy and scary. Creepy drawings can be weird but stay approachable, while scary is just plain petrifying. Monsters set in haunted houses and graveyards can shock and scare even the toughest among us. Here’s our list of scary drawing ideas. 


drawing a monster
Source: Unsplash
A line drawing of a sad Frankenstein monster gives off all the eerie energy and vibes.

The best thing about drawing a monster is that it can be completely one-of-a-kind. Some of the scariest beings out there are plucked out of others’ imaginations, so dive into the darkest depths of your mind and discover what types of creatures you can dream up. Like Frankenstein, you never know what your monster drawing ideas will turn into. 

Haunted House 

drawing a monster
A majestic, yet spooky haunted house watercolor painting can set the tone for your Halloween craft projects.

Drawing a haunted house is another idea that offers a lot of creative control. After all, any kind of shelter can be haunted! Try breaking outside of the traditional haunted house box and draw a haunted mobile home or apartment building. Whatever you choose, setting the house on a hill at night is a surefire way to add a touch of scare to your Halloween drawing. 


drawing a monster
Instructor Sanika shows us a scary watercolor setting filled with pumpkins, bats, owls, amidst an ominous moonlit sky. 

What’s scarier than a field full of graves? We’re not too sure. Almost every Halloween movie features a creepy scene in the eerie stillness of a graveyard, so if you’re thinking of easy Halloween drawings, this is a solid choice. 

Horror Drawing Ideas 

After you’ve finished these three horror drawing ideas, turn off all the lights and pop on your favorite horror movie for a night full of horrific fun. 


drawing a monster
A unique vampire sitting next to a grave is sure to send chills down your spine. 

Vampires aren’t always adorned with a long black cape or a widow’s peak hairline, but they do all have some extra-pointy teethーperfect for biting necks and sucking blood. Drawing a vampire doesn’t have to be hard—simply try a course on face drawings and add the necessary accessories to make your vampire even more horrible.


drawing a monster
Skillshare instructor Ed Foychuk teaches his class how to draw the creepiest creatures. 

Howl at the moon with a werewolf drawing, or go a step further and make a comic of a man (or woman) slowly turning into a werewolf. A course on animal drawings will show you how to make these halloween drawings step by step, plus add realistic features on your werewolf that will make it extra terrifying. 


drawing a monster
Drawing a monster: a partially drawn zombie on Adobe Illustrator makes for an especially scary drawing! 

Bring your drawing back to life with a horrible, brain-eating zombie! What’s more horrific than that? Whether you’re preparing for the zombie apocalypse or not, drawing these frightening foes is a perfect craft project for the fall. 

Cute Halloween Drawing Ideas 

If scary things on Halloween aren’t your speed, you may be more into the less-spooky hallmarks of the October holiday—think cats, pumpkins, and corn mazes! Try these cute Halloween drawing ideas as a fun project with your young kids (or anyone who enjoys the cute over the creep).


Skillshare instructor Watercolour Witch Eliza begins her class with a beautiful, colorful watercolor witch painting. 

Not all witches are wicked. Try drawing a friendly neighborhood witch, who’s as bubbly as her cauldron and as clean and helpful as her broomstick. Take a course and learn how to draw cute characters, making your work of art the most adorable witch around.


Skillshare instructor Patricia Caldeira begins to draw a majestic, yet adorably chubby kitten as she introduces her class. 

Black cats don’t have to be bad luck! Instead, they can be adorable balls of fur who want nothing more than to cuddle up by a toasty fire and purr while you drink your pumpkin-spiced-whatever. Drawing a cat can be done in a number of different ways, so find your style and make it your own!


Skillshare Instructor Dylan Mierzwinski teaches her class how to draw pumpkins and gourds with brush pen markers. 

Orange, plump, and perfectly round, pumpkins are a quintessential item on any Halloween list. Draw or paint realistic-looking gourds, or try giving your pumpkin a smiley face to add to your cute Halloween theme. 

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