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Watercolor Easy Halloween Painting with Contrast Colors | Learn to Paint a Spooky Halloween Painting

teacher avatar Sanika - Arty Vibes, Artist & Art Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. Introduction n Colors

    • 2. Materials Required

    • 3. Painting 01 - Background

    • 4. Painting 01 -Detailing

    • 5. Painting 02 - Background

    • 6. Painting 02 - Detailing

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About This Class

About This Class

Hello, I am Sanika and I will be guiding you from the beginning to paint some amazing watercolor Halloween Painting. Go through all the lessons and don't forget to post a feedback. I strongly recommend you all to post your completed artworks in the projects section, so that I can have a look at them ! Also if you have any doubts, you can ask them in the discussions section, I will be happy to help you :)

Meet Your Teacher

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Sanika - Arty Vibes

Artist & Art Teacher


Hello everyone ! I am Sanika Bhutkar, an Architect by profession. I am an artist and art instructor based in India. I practice various mediums like watercolor, oil pastels, soft pastels, mandalas, acrylics, canvas, etc. I have been teaching art through various platforms since a long time.


You can scroll down to check out my Watercolor & Acrylic  classes here on Skill Share and learn with me. Make sure to FOLLOW ME on Skill Share for regular updates about my new classes. I would recommend you all to start with the 'Everything About Watercolors' class first if you want to learn all the techniques and tips. Then take the 'Watercolor Beginner Polaroid' class and then you can take the rest :)


You can find me on Instagram and Pinterest by th... See full profile

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1. Introduction n Colors: Hello everyone, I am Seneca and welcome back to my class. Today we learn how to do this beautiful Halloween beating. This one is a bit tricky one because it has Duetto delete contrast colors in the background. But don't worry, and let's start learning it together. So in this being done yet meals three colours. One is the orange color, the other one is the blue color. And the next one is black color for the detailing parts of it. So now let's learn how to paint it. 2. Materials Required: Now let's see the different types of materials we require. So these are, I visit grade worker colors. So you can either use ans or gates like this or you can go for it, you fellows, but make sure that our history, then we'll require watercolor sheets. So the main thing you need to see, you know what the velocity does that give us a 100 plus n Copan and acid free? These are types of sheets. One is the hard-pressed one and the other one is the corpus to one. The hard-pressed tells us mutex shadow, whereas the whole breast has this kind of extra. So this is 300 GSM shield. You can see it doesn't Eisen thick, whereas this is our door, 100 DSM she'd, since my Tertullian was at 300 GSM, cold pressed watercolor paper for such crane dough for developing things to guide their nice finished drawing. Then you will require rushes for forgiving washes. So this one is a 24 number Mach brush with citizens make a round brush. Whereas the other one as though flag brush, which is off to a number. So you can use a nice big sized brushes, E that are like one automobile brush to give your what DO washes, then you will require some medium-sized strong brushes for being done your background's color. So this is our N number Anda eight number round brush. Then you will require either small round brushes for the building elements. So you can use any background brushes which was Bruce Jones are in good condition. So avoid using brushes was baristas are coming out like this, which as you can see in this draft orders, they are or did I ruined or like this? So don't do such kind of meshes. Use crashes which has nice boosters, any Brian brushes we walk. Then you will require masking tapes of this as I'm asking, beverages quite thick inward. Then this is another one which is the same but just the width is smaller than the first one. So you can use any bike off such masking tape, or you can use a squat shapes or even vistas and joined my people whenever you remove it. So I use all of these three for various types of things you can use anyone. 3. Painting 01 - Background: My palate, I have taken these three colors. The blue is a civilian view, or you can take a ultramarine, then oblique black color and then the orange Palo, one audience which I have taken in my palette is a orange color plus a little amount of scar nutrient. And another we'll require just a plain orange. Now I have got my people ready, make the fingered on all the four sides. And I have drawn us so cool with the rounder on the people. It is Ready light, but you will be able to see it once I start with the coloring. So I am just giving life. What DO wash to my entire people. Waited making, doing this. I am making sure that I'm not been think back so-called because that's so cool is going to be our moon and you don't want to be infected with the background color. So apart from that so-called, the rest of the part, I am just giving a 10-watt awash with my brush, a bigger sized mob brush or a flag brush to give this wash. Just remember to go slow when you are doing around your so apart from that, you can just give a nice thin wash with your regular sized rush. So again, this is a 300 GSM Boy pressed were developed people, which I have nicely on all the four sides. Now, let's start with our darkest blue, thus necessary alien blue color. And I am using a debt number on rush to pick this up. So I have started to drop some fellow at the topmost part with my brush. And as you can see, I'm just going in with some random strokes. Maybe even this part again, just learned goal inside your so called which you heard me earlier. And I just keep them wrong. We are not drawing any straight line or something at the edge when we ended my work him portion, what DO has already dried up. So I am just adding another layer of water in the bottom portion. Again, when you're doing this, I am just leaving v_x ocular part. And now I have Nicea played one more layer of data bottom part. And you will need to be quick when you are being thickness and in gears your water layer razor, then make sure that you put on more water. Because otherwise it won't be nice. So we need to do it quickly when though what the layer below is still wet. So now let's see, soften the blue edges. Thank me. Had been just cleaning the edges off does sought of which he had left for them. So you can use this one as a scratch and just sharpen this. Okay. With that. Again, do this when you're Julio Gallo, background-color is Delaware. Otherwise, the Bachelor in will be seen at the background and meet on one bag me wonder to be blended in tanks really with the audio column. So just straight nose faded doc, I love with your earlier colored so that there is no specific lane visible besides your mood. And makes sure your bottom portion of the paper is still awake. If you wish to continue painting the background at the bottom part now. And now I am going in with my orange plus little amount of scarlet thread and do it. So I am going in the most bottommost part of my BE bought with that panel. And as you can see again in this ascap big withdraw edges. And now I'm just taking my orange color simply and continuing in this entry Pargament back way doing this, I'm also trying to blend in my orange with my audios negotiator footage. So now when you walk with your orange in the blue color, make sure you learn through. Go insane. Much. Mic is blue and orange are globally contrast colors. And when we try to mix them, they're resilient, which we gain will be either a muddy brown, a lot of money, Greece shear. And that's why we don't want to go too much into one another with those colors are the background won't look that nice suggest blended in the edge fighter itself. And then leave it as it is. Right? Oh, wow. Yeah. One. And now wake for you a background to completely dry up. Now my, my brown color has dried up come Vg and so start building the moon. So far that forced to follow. I am giving a nice clean water wash inside my so-called way. Giving this wash, don't go out, say the edge. We don't want the outsider Carlo directing sale. So just be careful while giving this wash. And now I'm just speaking some very late black plus blue color. So by very late, I mean, I am just adding a lot of water to that color and thinking less of Galapagos. Let's just drop some of the follow on this rate surface of the moon to get some nice street dogs. Dead zone to our moon. If you'll feel that compilers kicking go much AnyVal, just strike those sporadic water with the water, but don't spread it throughout the entire Moon. We just want pick on some parts of the ways the moon will get completely dark and we don't want that. So just sporadic lately with order or it's just lift up some of the dialogue with your dry brush. So now I'm just guiding slaves. Go give more depth, will need to start. Since now. Bronchus denigrate. Because nice, you get things done. Act now we are done with our Moodle as well. So now lets read for our moon to completely dry. And after the loan has completed radar, then just start giving one more light water wash Toyota and diode background because we are going to let it once again. So give a very thin worked awash. Don't keep on all on your gallows with your brush, making games. Just straight to give one single thin wash off moto. Do this when you're all year, layers have completely drained up. And after that I will be again using abcdeSIM thesis with the same technique. Completing one more letter for my background. See again how a watch and try Godel with along with me. So again way blending the orange and the blue. Don't or where the word just do it. Though. Very little background. More zinc barred at the central part of their OWN oranges needed with one another, Just do it footer area, normal to each other too much. 4. Painting 01 -Detailing: And after this lead is done, wheat for it to complete your dry up. And now all our background colors have dried up completely. And now let's start adding some nice Halloween elements without black polo. So for this again, I am using the regression itself. And this is an a spooky three. So at the bottom, because thicker as we go about, the branches are getting thinner and thinner. So the more practice do your tree in a similar way. Just to remember that much more tonight in science, I was sitting on the ground for the Halloween effect. Let's sum back in the sky. You can do these with us more. Pressure field one I am doing. Now, let's give it a nice base width. At the bottom. Let's add some Halloween elements. Lake some stones, our pumpkin. So I'm making some good OS now, fun making some grass. Yo, need to start pressing. Yeah, brash. Now I'm drawing up again. Just next Joe dot, bar dot. Then let's draw the eyes lit up. Right? Yeah. Again, just adding, feel more grand, just draw that tree. This kind of a thing is done now. So let's remove off. I'll feel or don't. But just outside from yogi has removed. So if you're like me, don't forget, didn't leave feedback. 5. Painting 02 - Background: Hello everyone. I am back again with another Halloween painting for this year. So we'll start wrapping up our paper by beeping or than all the four sides. So this paper is around the A5 size people. And I just nicely, the bird on all the Ford ages. It is at 300 GSM, 100 percent cotton B, but like I am using. And then just nicely leaping or done all the for sale, strike or keep the edges similar of their game, the words of their deep so that it will look nice and even after you're being things done. After that, we'll start drawing a very basic drawing for wrapping thing. So use any sulcular, bigger sized object that you have to make a circle for the moon or else you can also use your compass for making the circle. Just make a nice big circle in the center of your people. Back is going to be our moon. And the remaining part is going to be the night which we will be depicting with Docker gallows. After that, we'll just draw a nice bungalows are adopting Glacier hunted buffalo to mark the Halloween theme will effectively, so you can draw it first and then binded orders. You can also just skip the drawing part and directly vein dead after your background is completed. You can get a keeping that when we start painting the details on. So I'll just draw the house and I'll also add a few pumpkins and a bagged and maybe a dreamy lake, a crooked branch 3. And we'll just finish off our basic pencil drawing. It's very easy. Just keep watching step-by-step. I'm driving along with me. Okay? Okay. Okay, so now we are done with the drawing. I have learned very dark so that groups visible for you all, so I adjust. It is my darker lines. I am doing this because I don't want my pencil marks to be seen once my painting is completed because watercolors are transparent and then your pencil marks will be seen. So I don't want that. That's why I'm just making them later. Then we'll start with a nice single lead off, lean worker wash. Make sure you use clean water for this and discover your entire beeper with a thin layer of water wash, you will be able to see a nice shine on all the edges of the vapour, then you will know that washes perfectly done. Don't use too much of water. Also, use a limited amount of water rights, but I did evenly throughout your body, but with a bigger sized brush or flight brush, pen for the background, I'll be mainly using those shades of blue. So this is the abortion blue color that I'm using. I'll be using the ocean blue, but just besides the moon circle which we have drawn. So just carefully paint off border the so-called bard with the abortion blue-collar. And then the edge part, I'll be going with my black color. And then I slowly go on lending my ocean blue and my black color nicely to get this smooth blend with the Bohr effect radial background. So you can see as being good with the ocean blue in a circular manner. And now I just add my black color from the edges in again the same circular manner. And I will first color the age portions. And after that, I start blending them blue with the black lead to run. While bending the blue with the black, make sure that you don't have your black color in your brush. Otherwise, you will end up getting all the background in a black color because it is very dark. So it will convert your blue as well into the black so slightly, you can wash your brush force if you want or as you can gain the blue colonial brush and then go on blending with the blue color so that you are a diode binding with an arctangent Lubac. Also leave the export for the pumpkin like I had drawn there. So I just left that one spot for the pumpkin. And now you can see I took some blue color in my brush and the W baller I have started blending in because otherwise, if I would have blamed with the black color than they are in dire, blue-colored also would have converted into black, so we don't want that. So whenever you feel that you are blushed Russians getting too much of a black color, then just clean your brush, take some blue color and then smooth than your black blend with the blue. Then our arm night background is completer decided to start giving her water Washington sanctuary bard again, because Mao earlier water wash has write-up. Just give it that nice edges of the blue which we had drawn. Your color might slightly start getting inside the park, but don't worry, it's okay. Just color the entire circular part with a nice thin layer of water wash. This is just the spleen or the Watchdog I am given. And after that, we'll start with either gloomy and local law. You can use any medium yellow color that you have for this. And I am giving that in the centric bite of that he simply Blinn. And then I have taken my orange color and the background surrounding circular ER, which is there. I dropped my audience scholar in that. So since this is a very abstract being Bang, we are piloting the moon very bright, yellow and orange to give it a nice spooky Halloween theme effect. So you can see I am just marking the circular edge quite enough with I have not kept it very prominent. I have Lakers lately mixed with the blue and white because this is an IES very abstract scenes. So you don't need to worry about getting crisp edges for this one. So this is just the background, so it is related. In Delano, the blue edge, just trying to get the nice circular age and then start lending orange and the yellow as well. So just slowly go with random brush strokes to blend your orange and yellow a bit. After that, I think it needs a bit more Xcode. So what I do is I just take my day should be bought in my hand and I just tap it on the moon Bart, to just lift up some yellow and get some extra do it. And now again, I just dropped my local law and orange collapse or dental offices. You can see this time I'm just tapping my brush to get 0 slate picture and not just being the entire area. So at some places wherever I feel like the calories less, I just add a little amount of color to give it some random texture. After that, I'll also just follow the pumpkin reaches there besides with my chrome yellow color, just giving up lane core chrome yellow wash to the end. Gaia Pumpkin Circle. 6. Painting 02 - Detailing: And now we're going to start IV dealing byte. So 430 dealing entirely dealing, I will be doing with my black color directly. So I'm using my brush, round brush to be in bed with the black. I'm using my six number brush, but you can use any size brush, whichever you're comfortable with. You can also use MLA says brushes to get some smaller strokes. I'm bigger sized brushes took over the larger radius, so that's totally upon you. But I'm using my black color and their design which I had drawn out of the house, sorts of Anglo, my teen shopper it because all the pencil lines are not clearly visible to me. So I might just do a modified as and when I go on adding the leaders, are you compete or other details that does the bungalow barred the bumpkins, the bags, and the tree. I just leave some gallows. The ADRs accident Bart's to get nice color sheets which are there in the background. Lake, for example, I just leave the window area without my black color. I'll just be delayed out more to get the light coming out from the window, which will be our background area and the rest of the bar that you go with, the black color. So just keep observing how I am, where I am just being done with my black color and keep on bilayer doing accordingly, painting accordingly along with me. 30 days you can go as low as you're walking slowly and perfectly because the details are going to just enhance your paint them to another level. So I hope you will enjoy it. E-tailing this outward me, keep observing. Don't lose your focus. Keep seeing my painting I'm doing along with me. We definitely get the perfect result. This great. Okay. This week? Hi. Yes. Hello? Yes. Okay. This week. Okay. Hi. Hello. Yes. Okay. See again building the entire being denser. Let's just do the satisfying part at the spilling of the game. By beating of the day, make sure that you build it out of v from the paper at an angle like this. You can see I am pulling it at an angle which is away from the paper. This will help you avoid adding. So even if you're gay bears are like this, don't worry, but your edges will be clean and smooth. And I really hope you enjoyed this beautiful Irishman lesson for the Halloween series. I'm so excited to see your works. Don't forget to upload them.