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Journaling: Draw a Ghost Mood Tracker for your Journal

teacher avatar Monja Wessel, Graphic Designer & Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What do I need for Journaling?

    • 3. Let's draw the Mood Ghost Tracker

    • 4. If you don't want to draw yourself, there is a way

    • 5. Outro and Project

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About This Class

Journaling is one of the best things you can do for your daily life. It helps you to keep track of yourself, your mood, your health and your productivity which makes you overall feel better.

In this course I show you how to get into Journaling. You learn all the stationery you need for journaling and, to get started, I show you how to draw your own Ghost Mood Tracker.

This course shows you how to draw the Mood Tracker but if you feel that you want to get started immediately decorating your Journal you can just grab the added template, download, print and use that for your Journal.

The Ghost Mood Tracker is not just for Halloween or Fall. It's for all year. To me the Mood is one of the important things to track and to keep yourself happy and see how happy you've actually been over the month is one of the best things to track. It basically means that you don't fall into depression because you see that life isn't actually as bad as you feel sometimes it is. This is a tremendous help!

Meet Your Teacher

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Monja Wessel

Graphic Designer & Illustrator



As a Graphic Designer, Artist and Illustrator I enjoy all things creative. I love designing and modern memory keeping (aka scrapbooking) as well as video creation, editing and taking photos. I'm also a teacher so it felt natural to me to create online courses and combine all my passions.

In my classes I focus on creating courses you can follow easily. You will have a finished project once you have completed the class.

To me, learning starts when I can pick you up where you are right now and help you discover why you mostly want to conquer the topic I'm teaching you.

I create my courses carefully so you can easily follow through but if you are stuck at any time you are welcome to write me so I can help you overcome the obstacle.

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1. Introduction: joining became a really satisfying hobby. Not just that. It helps me to get stay organized on. It helps me to really have a creative outlet. It also help me to keep track off my life on Definitely takes care of me square booking. I do not scrapbook a lot when I have a photo book, but I do when I have a pro German. Because then I can just easily at some pictures to my ball journal. Andi Then I know or was going on in the day. Hi, my name is Moon. Yet in this course, I had to show you how bull journaling works and how you can make it your very own. We're going to draw this mood goes strikers on. I'm going to show you how to get these black background, how to get the ghost inside your bull journal and how to make it your own. If you are not ready, sure. If you can draw it. No problem. You can Donald Trekker. I attached to this class and go from there Android Untreatable journal. And then make that tracker your very own. So join me now and have some fun drawing into your well, John 2. What do I need for Journaling?: let me first tell you that you do not need anything else but your bull journal and a pencil . That's all you basically need for full joining. But I promise you when it won't be enough because if you're really full journalist, you will enjoy to have all this kind of stationary on. One thing is watching. Tape Wash. Tape is something you need everywhere in any time, so you might create pay tracks or you might just decreed your pages with it. Whatever it is, you will need it. The same is for the zebra mild blindness. You do not need thes special help tips, but they're great to use in your ball. John and Brush Man's are felt tips you can use as a water kala pan, so there are water tanks included, and you can draw with them and then use a water tank pan on just makes it up and have some water car brushes with it. So on what you off course need our pence's. In any case, you don't need that many, but you do meet some under skins er off course to cut out pages and all this kind of stuff . So all the things I have here just also like these cities. If roller tape which helps you to glue sinks on your pages are not necessary, but they're nice to have. So it's just a recommendation from the same appeals to these acrylic block stems. They're really nice to have, because they allow you to stamp help pages, and that makes life much easier. So you have these temp sense, and then you have acrylic stems you can medically just put on the's stamp block and then start stamping. Of course, you will also need a stand pat on. Then you can just go ahead and stamp your pages on. There are so many different stems available as you can easily create little boxes with a monthly stems on, which saves you a lot of time. Andi Most appropriate errors because you can easily make a mistake using things by hand. Yeah, there there are just all the stationary things I news from time to time. It's not on a serious set, but you make a ruler, for example, to have lines Pierre Nicer. In some cases, in many cases you won't need it, but in some cases you will Onda Um, yeah, there is. There's much more. And one of my favorite things is a migrant fine liner, because it is one thing I wouldn't. It comes in a package with lots of different finals. And, of course, you need a rather rather is so necessary because I always write with my pencil and then use a Robert if I don't like it. And then I used whether the friction Path or the Micro Faina and you put it on there and hear the fiction highlighters, which are also pretty cool because I can wrap them if I don't like it anymore, can mark pieces on if you don't like them or I can just wrap it off. So pretty cool, isn't it? Once again, you don't need all that. You just note your bell journal and a pen of paper. I don't so and just a Pam. And here is a printer, which is also pretty cool because you can print out pictures from your phone and put them into your brother Joel. Cool, right? So again, not necessary. But nice aunt here is my bull, Joan. You can buy them on Amazon or wherever. For just a few bucks. You basically in mood. Book is just fine, so that is basically all you need for full drawling. But if you just want to read your is it the A Belgian and a pen that's just find you can start bulge only. 3. Let's draw the Mood Ghost Tracker: the material you need for this spread is a little bit different than usual on. Because of that, I'm going to show you exactly what I use for this spring. If it's a little bit different for use, it's fine. Aunt, here's what you need. First of all, of course, your full John. I use the scribbles that matter then some black drawing paper. Saburo pen on autistic brush it. Excuse er a set square microns high nine up defense. I'm acrylic paint, a white Sharpie and a TZ qualitative. You also need some pencils. Some once you have all back together. Let's get started. I saw it was measuring my pages. I won't give you hear exact numbers, please. Measuring yourself just because near not everything is equal. So I ask you to better measure it yourself, so it's much better. Otherwise, you might have to bake or too small. So I choose a little bit smaller than the actual size off the book because I want to turn it around a little and glued into the bush. You will see in a second what I mean. But that is basically Kelly. What I want to do, usually a set square should help you to get sing straight. But as you can see here, it didn't. So please measure on top from left to right andan bottom from left to right. So you can be sure it is straight, actually. So I'm then cut it out. I blew something into my beau. Joel. I usually lose used theeighties if roll of tape. Why? Well, because it doesnt lead through them. So that is why I use it here. A swell. And when I do, I put it a little bit inclined here into my bowl shown. So I make sure have some space on top, too. Right? Move. Go. Strecker while would go seared on top. Um, well, you see, I don't like it, so I do it again. But you can do it all at once if you want to. I just want to make sure I have some space later. So that's why I already put it here. So once you're done with that, you can start drawing your ghosts on. Basically, they are having overall on some weekly lines on the bottom. So that's it. Actually, it's pretty easy to draw. I used once again my Pantsil and I also draw ghosts, which are I just want to fly out of the whole trip herself just to add a little bit of fun here. And I also draw them over the black paper because I want to make it look a little bit not so sorted. I don't want them to be all on the black background. I you know, I just want him to come out a little bit, so make sure you draw 31 off them, So start counting on not just growing. Otherwise you might have too many or too little, so it would be annoying. So make sure you have felt the whole months off. Ghosts, - once you're done with a ghost, scrapped your acrylic painting on here. I put the white into it. I used a Sharpie and I use a college pencil, but nothing worked. Ask whale and acrylic paint, so we have to get over that, you know, fill each off the ghost with acrylic paint, and now it's a little bit more work. But it's well, worse is I can promise you so start drawing one layer and it's still you know it won't carry door so you will have to add a secondly and make sure you let it completely dry and then at the second layer and then dry it once again. Otherwise, it might look a little bit stretch. So, uh, start drawing here. Acrylic painting doesn't need that long to dry, so maybe wait an hour because there might be some edges on where the calories a little bit thicker. So make sure you really try. I'm dumb tested, so you know it's it has really right and then start toe a second layer. - I have already speeded video up. It takes some time to draw all these ghosts onto your growing paper, but you know, it's well, worse it at the end because it looks really nice. Andi, So down. Very if it takes some time to just keep going. - Thanks . - Once a dried complete. Didn't you added a second layer? Like I just do here, you know, have a drawing once again, so just try if it is dry, and if so, start using the tabula pen and around it I use a severe pain because it's a little bit thicker on. I like it for that bread, so I want the ghost of flight out off the off the black paper. And I also droid on the black paper on. I can promise you, even if you don't see it here, you can't see it in the actual spread. So make sure you draw all around all off the ghosts here, - so use a Sharpie and at some dots everywhere, it looks like it looks a little like stars. So just drop it onto your paper and it looks really nice. So once again, I use this double a pen on and yeah, I write mood tracker on Golden Ghosts here on top, off my spread Just mood goes, that would goes trecker because I just don't have enough space for it. So that's why on day, um, once I'm done with that I number number all the ghosts from 1 to 31 I do it all over the paper and, you know, the 31 can be on top and one on the bottom, just go all over the spread, and then it looks much nicer when you start adding the faces over the months. So once again, I use my pencil and write legend, and I choose different, uh, mood faces. So I have several of them. Actually, I have eight off them because I like it when it looks a little bit different over the month . So usually you would have your spread and at one moot every day s o how you feel on dumb have it just over the whole month. So now the months has already passed a little bit. So that's why I, um, have already some a ghost. So, Phil, on you will see how nice it looks in just a second. - You see, my spirit is coming together on, but I have something next to me to know what how I felt each day off the months. And that's why I'm drawing now all the faces here. It's not just out of my hat, it's it's more from she cheat, actually. So here is a my ghost of my mood Ghost Trekker, and it's turning out really nice, isn't it? So basically, we're done now. I'm going to add the spread to this course so you can print it out and you can is graphic paper to put it on your village. Only if you don't want to draw everything yourself, let's find. But you can definitely do that. It's not that hard, so just try it out. You see, you can't go from and it's really fun. And these ghost mood ghosts are not just for Halloween, which might be the intention. But it's not because, you know, we are all in the mood and not everyone should see our mood is like like a girl's flying over us. So I believe that thes mood goes a perfect all yellow. You can also use it every month. It doesn't matter. So if you like the mood, go Stryker. It's not just for October, not just for how we go ahead on you, some for you, Bull John. 4. If you don't want to draw yourself, there is a way: As I already said in the introduction of this course, you can get your printable the mood Ghost tracker from this course into you bullet wound without ever drawing it makes things much easier. And I show, you know, here how you can do that. My example is now these books to read printable, and I use graphic paper for that. So it's pretty easy. You just grab Buble Journal on the printable, and we can get started. The graphic paper. It's usually available in huge packages here. In my case, it waas in 100 pieces, so 100 pieces off graphic paper to have now. But no matter what, I can use it forever. And now I just put my print will on top off the graphic paper, make sure the great page is on top and then you start drawing. Just go over it and you can already see that this is working and it's going into my bullet journal. And in the end, you won't see a huge difference when you draw it or when you just get it into the world, Joan like this and just cheat a little bit. You know, you get more used to all that when you draw a little bit and it all takes time, as usually is always in life, things take time and maybe you don't feel comfortable with it. It doesn't matter, so you can shed a little and get it into your bull John, anyway. And believe me, it's great fun to color. It made me take a look under your paper from time to time just to make sure that everything goes well. You're not out of sync here because that's important. You need to really keep it onto your bull journal. And if you're not sure you can do it, you some washi tape, maybe, and just glued until the graphic paper or under your village or whatever you feel like Onda , then go ahead. But don't worry ends. It's a little bit for giving. It's not that hard, because later we use our sabila pen. Onda go over it way are already done. So first I took my micro fine dining, but I quickly notice it will get to sin. So I'm using the tabula pen, but it's up to you what you choose. Of course, you don't need to make it sin. You can make it sick or you can make it simple. It's totally up to you. I just like it more with the sick lines on. Yeah, that's it. So I'm just going over it once again on them. Then I get rid off all the graphic paper. And if I have some lines which are not really even now, I can easily get rid off because that said blue pen helps made who just do that. You can, of course, use whatever felt if you half that. Just what I have handy? No. So I go over it with that one. - So at this point, I treat my printable, just as I would have drawn it directly into the book and give it a heading. So you can be great if right now. So just draw however you wanted on just at some lines for the books and whatever you think off and maybe also started reading some books you want, Terry. So just to show you can call it in the same way as he would do with any other spread. You just go over it now with your you see the several mild liner. But you off course can use what everyone. And he felt it was fine just because they are not being sure. That's why I usually uses that math liner. But, um, you know, uh, if you prefer other colors or curly collars or quero was a watercolor painting that's totally fired up to you, just make sure it doesn't leave through the pages. Yeah, that's it. So you see, there is no different. Whatever printable use and off course, you can do the same with a good ghost tracker on. Do you just need to color the background in black? It might be a little bit hard or you sheet and put the black drawing paper on it and then just copy the ghosts from there. But you can also do them totally on your own. It's no big deal, I promise. You can also shake out the books to read class here. There is also a printable attached, and you can download it and get that one into your bull. John less Well, I just wanted to show it here to a year. That's how easy it is and how you can do. It was all kind of printable to have 5. Outro and Project: Congratulations. You did it. I guess I know you have your mood tracker finished on. Maybe it's looking a little bit like mine. But maybe you totally made it yours. And I would love to see that Please post your project. And if you don't feel like doing it yourself, you can always download my mood tracker on. Then go from there and decorated to put it into your bull journal or wherever you want. And then show that project the main thing. If and you do not just consumed the class but go ahead and do whatever you want with it. Whatever creative stuff you do. I would love to see that. See you in the next class on her, then by