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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Create more creative vampires

    • 2. Vampires around the world

    • 3. Vampires part 2

    • 4. Vampires part 3

    • 5. Vampire conclusion

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About This Class

In this class we go over varios vampire myths from around the world and how to encorperate diferent design elements to make your vampire designs stand out from the competition. 

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Ben Tobitt

Illustrator and Animation Director


Hello, I'm Ben.

I'm an animation director, Illustrator, character designer and background artist for films, television and games. 

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1. Create more creative vampires: Hi everyone. I'm Ben. I'm an animation director. Eye protection list. I'm pause. I'll one of history's greatest and most beguiling monsters. In this class, we're going to go through some of the most distinct fan designers from around the world and how we can use these as inspiration for your own designs to make truly unique empires. If that sounds like fun, and I'll see you in the next video. 2. Vampires around the world: So vampires and I'm PI myths can be found all come the world's, but we're going to be focusing on just three for this section. First off, we have the strict ROI, which you find in European cultures. These are essentially spirits that come back from the dead to suck the life living. There are described as corpses that can take home the aspects of animals Rava than people who have become infected with fan purism. As I was much more modern take on the creature. They're also called the damping and the loo gaps. And this is where you get the film dracula, vampire, which along with the vampire, Vampire, a poem by Shelley, statuses the caries for European vampires as fill-ins in Western culture. So with this guy decided to give him quite unusual proportions, really kind of leaning into the copes, come back to life aspects as well as giving him and kind of almost mutated look, giving him a bit more of that bat characteristics that, that are synonymous with the creature. Then from the Philippines you have the Manen and gal, which I probably mispronounced. It's a hideous creature that detaches its torso from the rest of the body to sprout back like wings from its hands. It then preys on pregnant women. Like with European fan pause, it hasn't devotion garlic, this element of the creature detaching It's torso you from the rest of his body is quite unusual and very visually striking. So I'm going to use that to his advantage by really going quite extreme with all the guts and the stuff coming out here. Another thing which you see I'm doing is during one of the wings and then deciding that instead of doing all the effort of drawing the other wing, just copy and pasting it and then just messing around with it until it looks right. And as long as you put in a little bit of extra effort, then no one will tell us if you copy and paste of the hand like this. And then in China you have these Xiang Xi. He's a vampire. It copes that come out at night to proud that living. That can be stopped by putting secret parchment on the full ads, which essentially renders them MR. Bottle. Here, this guy, I wanted them to look a little bit like an executor or kind of high-class kinda guy though from two places. And these rather nice robes that forgiving him quite a stiff kind of copes like posture. And then a phosphate would be quite fun to have him unto lit well, like the others which I've designed, which a backlit, just give me a bit more of that kinda creepy authority. Is the three vampires, some three different parts of the world. And you can already see that even though all three of these designs are recognized, leave Vampires, they're all very different in terms of the design. However, it's all still readable. We're going to go into more of C subtleties and differences you can put into your design in the next video. 3. Vampires part 2: So what makes vampires in particular, so beguiling, if the zombie is the monster equivalent of a car crash, We know we shouldn't look, but we secretly want to, the vampires the emotional equivalent that a dangerous practices. But we can't look away like famous criminals or just bad but charming people. We want to know them either in the downfall or the dangerous romanticism. And the other thing that works with vampires as they have rules. Now each story has its own rules and settings, but everyone knows some of them. The garlic sunlight, wooden stake through the heart, counting sesame seeds. Now being able to cross water the whole state through the household decapitation, the list goes on and on. But these rules give vampire story so sort of game-like quality. You can have them as powerful vampire that seems unstoppable, but there are always ways to beat them. So balancing the sexiness and the horror is where you get various types of vampires between the horror and the beguiling characters. You can have everything in between. First of all, I'm drawing this guy who looks pretty, pretty nasty, Pretty Goblin like, very hunched over, but still has those very distinct leave empiric qualities that show that he's not just any old Ghoul. This is possibly a vampire who's that for a very long time and has become feral. And then on the other side, you have the kind of aristocratic, very romantic ideas of empire. One is kind of similar to current sources, such as Hannibal Lecter, that sort of dark businessman, the autocrats, the wealthy, noble with dark secrets. And that's all sorted design being very stiff upper class. And I find most vampire designs fall somewhere between these two. So let's have a look at a few ideas that other people have come up with for their vampire stories. So in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you often gets to vampire Omeka, which had to be done on budget, is essentially exaggerating the human features and pushing them just a little too far. So they're in that kind of just tipping into the uncanny valley where they look human but not quite. And that will, and that's what gives them, and that's what gives them that distinct look. That kind of very Pharrell, brooding browse, kind of accentuating that rage full look. Giving them the look of people who are just constantly on an emotional edge of just a lustful violence makes them very distinct, also, still kind of recognizable as human beings. I definitely cost them towards the more human scale of vampires for sure. This is all well and good, especially with extenuating that frown. But let's try and take out a little further. And this way what we're gonna do is we're going to introduce some animalistic qualities. And while animals should we choose, but of course the bats. So I'm going to give this guy some T3's and like scowl the eyes, the black hat. She is typical for all these kinda designs. And he's clearly recognizable as if I'm pie. But let's make him a little bit more special. So I'm adding his nose riches, which typical of bats, especially vampire bats. And this is the ferry, typical of these little guys. I think they're actually quite key, even if they are kinda scary like and those kind of fleshy flanges around the nose. Very distinctive. And you can use that to really push the design to make it a little bit more distinct, a little bit more special. Also adding in the cleft in the lip, which I thought was kinda cool. And putting any extra little teeth just makes it a little bit more distinct to a little bit more special than the usual large canines, angry face designed to capture the law of vampires were showing usually done due to budget constraints. And then just adding the pitch black eyes. And really kind of pushing the, really pushing the human aspects of the design so that it's not quite super monstrous, but it is enough to show that this guy is not a regular human being. Another thing to think about when drawing the teeth is not to do them completely flat like this. It can look very kind of goofy. One way of sorting this out is by considering the entire head when you draw the teeth of a character. So I'm just going to mock in character here. It's just given them the angry eyes. And just consider where the skull is and then consider where the teeth in the skull sits and where the jaw is. And this way, you can be much more expressive and not feel like you're kind of going off model if that makes sense. And then just draw the mouth over the top. And this looks a little silly, but obviously you can just erase out the details that you don't need, the construction lines that you don't need in the face. And this will give your character a much more 3D image will considered look. Then if you just draw kinda big, cartoony teeth. Another example is yeah, like always considering the shape of the skull when you draw your character. And that way you got much more 3D, much more considered look that fits in with the rest of the drawing. As sometimes when people drove vampires, they get so kind of hung up on the teeth because they also should distinctive point that they tend to have that kind of flow T quality where they sit on top of the drawing by just having a little bit more consideration in your prep work, you can make it look a lot, lot better. 4. Vampires part 3: So continuing with our animal hybrids for vampires, another brilliant example is in the comic book and film adaptation of 30 days of night, where the vampires are basically made to look like shocks. And this is bringing character choice because it really ballets them or animalistic ferocity in these types of vampires. These are very far away from the very Demir, very thoughtful vampires, much closer to kind of vicious animals. You get that with the big sharp teeth and the entirely black eyes and loss of blood around the mouth and stuff like that, I think is just brilliant. And it's something to consider is animals outside of bats and wolves and things like that. So, so really pushing the boat out in terms of references. But we can, as she go even further with the kind of animalistic elements that we want to bring into a vampire design. So for this one, I thought I go quite far and make it really quite disgusting. And with this one, I'm going to have quite a big open mouth and give the character the source of grotesque sort of snakelike teeth. If you look at a viper or any other kind of venomous snake, you can see that their fangs actually have their own phenom sacks and muscles that push them out through the mouth so that they can latch on to their prey. This is also something you can do with a more insects design, which just makes it even more disturbing, give them big kind of tarantula, mandibles and stuff like that. Essentially a really does depend on the type of story that you're going to tell. If you watch my how to design horror creatures episode, I go into a lot more details on how each monster design can represent what you want it to. So another thing you can do with the facial structure of an empire is considering that they're not human, you can be a lot more lax, especially when they're looking very transform and give them this sort of elongated, almost like design where you really stretch how far the human head goes. And you can really get in these lovely angular shapes. You see this a little bit with the film Nosferatu, where the Dracula stand in his, almost wrapped like in his design is absolutely amazing, but really kind of pushing something into the uncanny valley of human, but not in human. And that's what gives vampires that mistake is being kind of close. And again, this is quite fun for very Socratic vampires, as I said with the kind of, the levels of dehumidification, you have either very Pharrell animalistic on pause or you can have very aloof, quite beguiling vampires. This kind of design can fit into either. But again, it's really putting in those very sharp edges, making them very elongated and quite beautiful in their own way, but also slightly off so that is just slightly too large, the chin slightly too pointed. And then of course you have the fangs, of course. So that's what I'm trying to sort out here with this very asked Socratic vampire given with a fantastic big rough there and see darkening up the eyes, really hollowing out the cheekbones there to make them look quite emaciated as you would get with a liquid diet. 5. Vampire conclusion: So now we have a bunch of fun designs for vampires from these quite traditional peeps here to sort of, as I said, the monstrous school, to see just about human. We've got fun bat like design. Or maybe this guy is what this guy was like after he's transformed a little further, something to think about, as well as loss of others. I really hope that this video has helped you think about other ways that you can design vampires in your, in projects and that you don't just need to stick to the normal bat like Count Dracula, alkaline look and that if you do some research, look into other cultures. And most importantly, as I pointed out in my horror illustration or how horror character design video, if you think about what kind of reaction or emotion or philosophy that you want to get across with your artwork or with your designs that will help immensely with the way that you design your characters, especially your monsters. Because then you'll get something which is a lot more interesting and a lot more considered, then if you just go with the brief of oath of empire, it looks like a vampire shit. But just have fun with the design process had in things you wouldn't consider adds its pieces of animals or of real life people. Just have fun with that. Add different animals and different design philosophies to elicit particular emotional responses, whether that be intrigue or horror or disgust. It really depends on what kind of story, book, kind of vampire you want to create. So this video was requested by a subscriber who had enjoyed my design. Zombies and zombie holds videos. If there are any other kind of creatures, characters that you would like me to go into more depth with, then please just leave a comment and I'll happily read all of them for sure. I can't guarantee that. I'll make videos all of them. But if you let me know what you'd like to see, then it's more likely that I'll make those videos for you guys. As always, I am very grateful for all of your views and subscriptions and the lovely comments. Or if he's, I've been guessing. If you'd like to see more videos like this one, obviously, leave a comment and subscribe to my channel, and I'll be sure to have more up in the feature. But until then, I'll see you in the next one.