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8 Videos (40m)
    • Welcome

    • Choose Your Subject

    • Make a List of 10 Characteristics

    • Get Inspired, Stay Inspired

    • Shoot Prep: Thinking About Lighting & Composition

    • Shooting Your Photo Series

    • Editing in Lightroom

    • Closing Thoughts


About This Class

This fun 40-minute photo class by Andrew Knapp will teach you how to create a quirky and meaningful photo series based on your very own "muse!"

Inspired by Andrew's own project Find Momo, you'll choose a subject that's close to your heart — friend, family member, pet, or even object — and create an eye-catching collection of images, all with a consistent look and feel.

Along the way, Andrew shares tips for every step in his creative process, from exploring your muse to shooting and editing. It's a perfect class for everyone looking to hone their photographic eye, start a passion project, and channel their creative enthusiasm.

In Andrew's words: start something, begin anywhere!

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Great presentation style and really inspirational. Would love to see more.
Great class!
This class has been very inspirational and Andrew Knapp is a wonderful instructor. He has wonderful wisdom about being creative and finding your inspiration again when you feel stuck. He is very approachable and this class is a great jump start in finding your creative muse and getting back into your creative groove.





Andrew Knapp

Photographer, Creator

Photographer. Creator of "Find Momo" project. Co-founder, designer, and co-artistic director of Up Fest. Co-creator of "We Live Up Here" and Sudbury arts festival Up Here. 

Start something, begin anywhere.