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YOUTUBE SUCCESS: How To Write the PERFECT YOUTUBE VIDEO SCRIPT (To Help Improve Your Content!)

teacher avatar Dylan Reeves-Fellows, Economist & YouTuber

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. YouTube Script Writing for Success - Welcome -

    • 2. The YouTubers Notebook

    • 3. Noting Great Video Ideas Down

    • 4. Scripting the Intro (KEY!!!)

    • 5. The Main YouTube Video Content

    • 6. The Outro and Thanking Sponsers!

    • 7. How to Read your YouTube Video Script while Filming

    • 8. Delivering a Scripted Video (KEY!!)

    • 9. Scripted Video Case Study (KEY!!)

    • 10. Other Classes and Class Project

    • 11. Thank you

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About This Class

Writing YouTube Video Ideas down and writing scripts for YouTube videos will improve the quality of your Youtube videos. Planning out YouTube video ideas will help your youtube channel improve in quality. This class will help make your content creation process easier when making YouTube videos.

I show you how I as a successful YouTuber with 42,000 subscribers plan out my YouTube videos out and reveal all the tips and tricks I use to make a great YouTube video. Having a good script will help beginners starting out with youtube to make better quality content and planning out youtube videos will also help YouTubers who have been making videos on the platform for a long time.

I use notion as my YouTuber notebook, I write down, plan, and script my youtube video titles, youtube video intros, main video content, and outros. Today I'm guiding you through this process :)

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dylan Reeves-Fellows

Economist & YouTuber


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1. YouTube Script Writing for Success - Welcome - : Welcome to my skill share class today. I'm going to be telling you how you can write the perfect YouTube video script for your videos. Now, I'm a YouTuber. I've got 42,000 subscribers. Street drugs gonna check now, Andi, I never used to write video scripts or video like ideas down on. I would need to forget the ideas or I'll completely forget what I wanted to talk about in the video on my video is a bit wishy washy all over the place on it wasn't as engaging as it could have. Bean. And then in my last year of doing you choose to my 50 year Basically, I finally stopped being lazy and started to write scripts that took me about 10 minutes. No time. It'll really before I made a video on Firstly, my filming time reduced a lot. My editing time reduced a lot on the overall quality. Improved dramatically on my channel on this was reflected in my subscribers started growing my view started growing on Overall, this class is gonna be great for anybody who was starting out. YouTube on wants to prepare ideas properly. I'm gonna be taking you through how I write scripts for my videos. The key things I do in the intro to keep viewers hooked. How I mentioned stuff in the middle bulk of the video and then how I sign off the video in order to make people want to come back for more. So you're in for a treat on Let's Jump into Class one. 2. The YouTubers Notebook: Class one. The YouTube is no. So before we even start to think about writing down detailed scripts for a video, we really do need an efficient script and no taking an idea taking system. Now the system that I like to use is Vyron app I use on my phone and my tablet on my computer, and this APP is called Notion Now. Notion is basically an online sort of notebook. Basically, where if I was to write some notes on my phone, it would automatically sync up to my computer, which meant I wouldn't have to transfer them across. It would automatically do it for me. So this is a great thing, because as a youtuber, if I'm on the train home and I get struck by inspiration and I take down and notes on my phone, it automatically appears on my computer, and then I can start working on it. So I would recommend if you goto the Internet, your Internet browser, the APP store or Google play download notion on. Once you have notion open, you can see minds on screen. Right now, I've got a section for YouTube now, what I would do in this section for YouTube is create an extra tab in extra page on. It's basically a list on this list. It's all of my video ideas on. Then. If I was to click on the video idea, it would come up with the script and all the stuff that I want to mention for this video. So cause quite often I feel like as a creative probably like you are, you get struck with inspiration. And if you don't capture that inspiration in that second, it's easier for it to disappear. So notion is a great way of grabbing the inspiration when it strikes you on is the ultimate system for for taking notes on YouTube you'll see very soon. Why? Because you know you could do him wide. You could do it yourself, but to transfer document over from your phones, your laptop. It's a lot of hassle. Notion cuts down every single bit of hassle there possibly could be. And trust me, I've been here for a long time, so I'd recommend notion for your note taking system on YouTube to help you grow 3. Noting Great Video Ideas Down: class two. Now we're talking business before we actually write the details script, we want to get a rough idea of what we want the video to be like. So there's obviously three components to a video. We have the intro, we have the middle section and we have the Outro. Now, before we start to develop a script, we need a rough idea of what the intro is going to achieve, what the middle of the video is going to achieve on what the Outro is going to achieve. So let me give you an example. My last video on my channel was talking about how I ranked first in my exams at York University. Now, at the start of this video, the intro was all about telling the audience, You know what? I didn't expect to rank first, but I managed to do it. I want to let them know that I was trying to do something I didn't think I do, and I did do it. And then I high hinted in the intro that I was going to tell them how I managed to do it in the main section of the video, which make them stay, stay and watch the video. So my 1,000,000 section was all about me offering tips and tricks on how they could, you know, get better grades at university essentially, and then the final section of the outright. I wanted it to be like, you know, this is how you can apply the tricks and tips that I've given you today to your own life. So before I even started to write out that four script, I had a very basic and clear idea of how I want to the video to go. And then I start building my script around the three ideas of how I want my video to go on now is the most efficient way to start building up your YouTube video script, and I promise you, by having your three main aims of the video out first, it really helps the script making process go smoothly clearly, and it gives you a lot of sense of direction instead of being there. Like, should I do this or this or wash right here? It really does help 4. Scripting the Intro (KEY!!!): class three. This is by far the most important aspect of any video. The intro really is designed to hook people in to the next 10 minutes of your content. Now, for me personally, the way I love to do this is to write up a short voice over script. Before I start my video on out a bit of drama to the start of video and you are Roll a clip from my from the video is talking about last class where I'm telling people how I managed to rank first in my tabs on you can see that in my intro right now I'm about to show you I wrote down on the script. You know, tell people that while I was going to struggle to do it, tell people how I managed to do it and then let them know in the intro that I'm going to tell them how they can do it. So I scripted my intro in a way that show people my problem hinted it weighs, overcome it, And I was also telling them, telling them that if they watched the video, they're gonna have a better chance of doing what I have done. So my intros really key for summarizing what's going on and how and why they benefit from staying in the video to roll that I ranked last in my first ever university exam. I failed probability one, I got 38%. And at that point, I think the rational thing to do was to consider if I had the capabilities of pursuing and getting a degree after failing the first ever exam I took. And at the time I thought if I was going to fail and drop out, I may as well fail every examined and Robel. However, within the space of a few months, I was able to completely turn around my academics to the point where I was ranking first in economics modules. And today I'm gonna tell you how I managed to do it. Because there are three very simple factors that transformed my academic journey on more more than likely transform yours and see my interest really did set up a promise for the viewers that they're gonna find out this great information about how I managed to turn around. My academic journey on my intro also created a bit of drama with the music, hinting of dropping out because, you know they want to know. Well, how did he do it? Had to turn it around. So it really does set up a nice thing for why they should stay and watch the whole video. They want to know how they how I did it, and they want to know how they can do it. So my intros key for setting up that promise that they're gonna learn something and discover something new by watching my videos. Now I'm gonna pop up the script on screen right now as well, and talk you through it. Basically, you can see here if used to replay that video and then look at that script for the voice over 90% of it of that script matches up to what I'm saying on the voiceover on I think for the intro having a fully scripted you know, word for word typescript is very key. The rest of the video you can free flow. But the intro is so important for hooking viewers in that I'd say having a very detailed script is great. So I was literally they're looking at my microphone looking at the script reading Alive from the script, having a break, reading a line from the script, having a break on once again the script writing was all, as I was saying, drawing viewers in telling them, or they're going to gain from watching this video, Andi. Then that delivery was, or just line for line copying and copying and copying what I'm saying on my script to the microphone. 5. The Main YouTube Video Content: class for the main section of the video is where the promise you made in the introduction comes to fruition. Now, in the example of me ranking First University and offering tips and tricks that how I did that in the intro I set up saying I didn't expect to do it by managed to do it. And there's three ways that I didn't do it on. I said that all up in the intro, which makes the middle part of video when I script it a lot easier. So my script for the middle part of video basically had the list of the three things that I did that help me transform microdot Academic Journey University on It had a few points on there and examples that I wanted to elaborate on. Now, unlike my intro, my script for my middle part of the video was not word for word, because when you're talking about 89 minutes straight, having a fully scripted section is a very, very time consuming process to make on what I did. I just wrote down the key points instead that I wanted to mention on a few other key examples. Andi, I think This provides a very natural and free flowing way to your YouTube video, and it will make it seem a lot more authentic on natural, because if you script the whole thing, it can be a nightmare, and it can come off Wooden. So really having a semi scripted a free flow for the middle part of video? It's what I think. What's best now if you're making a more complex video where there might be different locations or the mommy different shots or there might be different people, the script is key Norfolk telling or writing down what they're going to say but key for scheduling ideas and placement in the video. So if I was maybe going to meet a friend of the Skate Park and then meet another friend afterwards, I might want to know down in my script just before I even write down the content I want to create during the skate park or meeting my friend what the order is, I'm gonna see each friend and then build up a picture of how and why, you know, I could make it interesting. So if I was meeting a friend escape park right down first right Going to skate park, maybe B roll call montage clips, have a chat and interview with friend Andi. I'd write them three things down on the script. Now. Script is great for just keeping on organization and list of the shot. You want to get a swell as the content and the things you want to say, Really as well. If you're making a more complex video right down the people, you're going to see the locations you're going to go to. And it really helps build this clear image in your head about how and what you can do for your video for me a long time. I'm filming recently inside because of the pandemic, so it's not been too much of an issue recently. But I always write down kind of what should I wanna have? Don't have the war background I wanna have just so the bigger and better and more clearer picture I have in my head of how the video is going to go. It's a lot easier in the editing editing process, and it's a lot easier when I'm filming it 6. The Outro and Thanking Sponsers!: the outro. Now the altro is pretty much one of the easiest things. The film In a video here at the end of the video, you basically just want to say Thank you for watching you write down your script. Anything you want to say. Maybe you want to plug something of yours. That's a great place to do it. Because once the audience finish watching your video, they can then go off looking out of the social media channels or anything like that. So you could script and say, remind viewers the check out lines. The ground war website. Andi, I think in terms of the Altro, really just kind of be flexible, say whatever. Just freestyle it. Altro is the perfect place, that freestyler, because you've already done all the hard work, the viewers that came, they've stayed on. Now they just want to see, like a nice natural send off. Andi, I think for an outright you don't really need to script it unless there's anything key you want to summarize from the video. Now, nine times out of 10 unless I'm doing a sponsorship where I have to thank the sponsors of the end of video Then I leave the outro section black. And I think it's clear to see from my scripting process that the intro has to be fully scripted. For me, that is the key part, right? Draw viewers in. I've got the middle section which is still scripted of it but a lot more free flowing. And then the outro, unless I have to thank a sponsor is completely You know what I do what I want here, freestyler. So there you go. You know how it was Script My intro My outro in the middle bulk of my video. 7. How to Read your YouTube Video Script while Filming: now in classics. I'm going to talk to you about how you can use your script while filming. Because obviously, if your computer's next to the side of your on a monitor, you can't really like film from behind and look at the screen and then look up and then look at the script and then the carpet delicate the script. You have to think of a clever way if you don't want to memorize the script. This is to read the script while you're filming. Now what I do, I've got the luxury of having an iPad, and I have my script on my iPod on the APP notion on guy. Plop it down just out of view of camera and it's just here, and I have the script up on my iPad, and every now and then I'll break or look down on the script. Or take him while I'm about to say, Then I'll look back up of the camera. Now I'm going to talk about the delivery and how you should deliver a scripted video in the next class because that is very, very key, because you do not want to be wouldn't at all but I think it's clear that if you have a sort of device for a piece of paper, you can write down the script. If you don't like that on in front of you on just discretely read it, that is the best way to do it. So I've got a desk here. I've got my behind it just out of shot. I got my camera here and I'm good to go said, Hey, guys, welcome back Channel. Today I'm telling you all about how you can rank first at York University. 8. Delivering a Scripted Video (KEY!!): class seven delivery of a scripted video. This is the key class. If you write a perfect script but cannot deliver it naturally, what's the point? Having a script only works if you've got the skill of reading a script, looking back up and delivering the lines. If you've never seen them before in your life, it's acting. It genuinely is on throughout this class. Everything I've said has been pretty much scripted, but I hope you wouldn't know that. Let me know in the discussion if you knew that this was all scripted on up from me delivering it. And of course it takes time to master this skill. But it took me several several years developing. My voice developed my inflection to to really make everything come across naturally. But the delivery of a scripted video should come across very naturally. Now. I think a great way to do this is to get comfortable chair to sit back, relax on, don't feel intense, stop. And I think sometimes it's very easy to get too caught up in a I've got a script in front of me. I've got to hit it wide forward now. Ideally, you would, but If you mess up one or two wires, just pull it back in the video on Just move on And remember that pauses on mistakes can be edited out video. So if you're delivering a line and I think it's wouldn't do it again and then edits it out and if you don't know how to edit now I've got a class of premier pro, along with many other classes for YouTubers to go and check that out. So my top tips for delivering a scripted video art take your time, have brakes. Cut it out if you need to and redo it if you need to really use your hand gestures. If I decide here like this and delivered it like this, I think it's pretty obvious that I'm scripted and I've memorized it. But as soon as I started out in a bit of emphasis, I I just random emphasis on words. I suddenly start seeming more naturally. I'm using my hands. If I mean I'm thinking I'm freestyling it. And it's really about getting a feel for the relaxing nature of film YouTube video that will help you deliver a scripted video naturally and make it seem unscripted on the biggest killer that makes it obvious. Reading a script is if you're kind of speaking like this and then you look down and you keep speaking when you look back up and keep speaking No speak. Take in. Reset. Speak. Take in. Reset Speak. 9. Scripted Video Case Study (KEY!!): now in this class, I've referenced my recent video of how Iran's First the University of York. Andi, I've told you how I scripted the intro for that. The middle part of it on the outro. And now what I'm gonna do, I'm going to show you that whole video. And then we're gonna compare the final product of the video to the script that I made on pretty much you're going to see that the script in the intro is exactly the same as what the final product of video was. Obviously a bit more fancy editing the middle bulk. You can see that I roughly had what is going to say written down in the script and you see that transpired to the middle of video and then the outro, completely free flowing, random, whatever. So roll the clip I rang to last in my first ever university exam, I failed probability one. I got 38%. And at that point, I think the rational thing to do was to consider if I had the capabilities of pursuing and getting a degree. After failing the first ever exam I took. And at the time I thought If I was going to fail and drop out. I may as well fail every examined and Robel. However, within the space of a few months, I was able to completely turn around my academics to the point where I was ranking first in economics modules. And today I'm gonna tell you how I managed to do it. Because there are three very simple factors that transformed my academic journey on more more than likely transform yours. Recently, the class of 20 twenties 2017 exam rankings came out and I happened to stumble across thes and I checked out the rankings. Thrilling stuff it is. But it turns out off the ranking last improbability because I failed the module and got fourth for that 38%. I actually ranked first in macroeconomics one Ondas. Soon as I saw this, I was delighted, thoroughly delighted. And I thought that I should share how I managed to go from ranking last improbability or the way up to first in macroeconomics one. But because there are three things that completely transformed my academic journey at university and most of you guys most you guys watching Arbeit University, your You know that sort of thing, so I figured it would be a very helpful video. Now, I think the important thing here is that I was never in the position where I thought even ranked close the first in this exam. You know, I came off the back of two first your economics exams with two very, very low scores. I mean, I couldn't find a person who got lower than me, and then I was able to transform it around as if, you know, I go, you know, I just saw something in my sleep and I was changed. I changed like that, You know, it's kind of unheard of to go from failing t getting top in the year. I think now, in this three factor kind of step to getting good grades, the first one's going to quite obvious. This last two are going to be a lot more kind of the second point I'm about to tell you today is gonna be very controversial. I know. I just know everybody's gonna be at me in the comments and s a lecturer is gonna hate me for this, But let's just wait for okay. Also, I realized I haven't given you any proof that I rang first. So here is my student card, and you can see the end of my student i d. Here's the 2017 macroeconomics rankings and results, and you can see that my student I d matches up to the bomb with 86% which is, you know, ranked first. I'm not lying. Firstly, motivation now to be a top former, I'd say having a reward at the end of achieving a goal. It's something that is incredibly useful now. The problem with the university is you don't really see that kind of end goal and reward off your final degree until it's way too late. And you've already botched up two years of university. So that is the ultimate problem. So how do you kind of get around this problem and constantly staying motivated and not just motivated one day before your exams? And in all honesty, I don't know how you do this for everybody, because you get blinded by these amazing nights. Our society, you know, basically university live each day as it is, and there's no short term reward. It's on your final degree, which is the reward for working hard to. Nobody really works that hard until the final hours of the exams and stuff. But the one thing that changed for me between me failing and me passing was the fact that I had the opportunity to study abroad and so suddenly, because I could see the end goal of studying abroad. I got this motivation from this reward I was gonna have if I studied hard. Now, obviously, when you look at it from a degree perspective, you degrees two years down the line, obviously you're not gonna work hard on this. Reward wasn't a piece of paper. This was a physical type of reward. Excite go abroad. And that is very different from just having the final reward of a degree. A good degree. So how we went from ranking last? The first was I became motivated. Step one motivation. Find your motivation. Maybe you get all of your friends to commit to a holiday if you will perform well. Although you could just go on holiday to do badly. Really reward yourself if you perform well in your exams. And I think that motivation to perform well, it's gonna help you rank higher. The second thing that helps me rank from last to first was my essay writing ability. Now I went through the whole year getting bad. It's a grades except for my final over exam, and something kind of hit me by chance, and it made me start getting great grades. Now the thing that I did for my essay subjects was what I thought to be an thing to be waffling. Okay, so what? I basically mean I don't mean what we'll do Not waffle. I basically went from kind of explaining stuff in a fair amount of detail, toe overly, overly, overly, explaining it to the point where I was writing absolutely insane, an insane amount of pages. To me, it just looks like waffle, because I'm explaining everything in such minimal basic steps. But as I started to waffle and right physically, as much as I could about the explanation of my essays and steps in my essays I started getting these great grades and I was like, Oh, my goodness, that I thought waffling was just writing too much about you know, the same thing, so I never did it. But in actual fact, waffling is kind of just talking about something completely off topic on when I realized that I kind of was had a different definition of waffling to my lecturer, more they wanted me to do was just kind of explained everything. Step by step, in an incredible amount of detail, I started churning out these good grades and I mean for economic history. I recently got 74%. No doubt about it. It was down part of the content. This was in 30 by the way. But what I did in this exam I wrote 19 pages. My writing was normal size 19 pages. My hand was my nonstop incredible moving, and I did well. Some of my friends did well of 10 pages, someone you wrote A and got less marks to me. But what I found really watch for me was waffling and writing as much as I could. And I know every lecturer, every teacher says quality over quantity. But I found that for my writing style. Whenever I wrote loads, I started getting great grades and I continue that kind of quantity, explaining over quality explaining and for me that transformed my academics. And I got such better grades in 1st 2nd and third year. But let let me know what you think about what I just said there. Because waffling is controversial. I'll tell you that on step three, the best grade I ever got came from Macroeconomics one. And this was the only subject in my whole university career that I bought Textbook. For now, I was like, I'm not paying that money for a textbook. I'd rather just have it in the bank and do nothing with it. Type of thing I'd rather spend on, you know, nice out. But in actual fact, I use the textbook for this exam. Andi, I ranked first, and for some reason I never go a textbook for an exam ever again. And the reason why I only got textbook for macro economics. One was my friend shower his own who's like bro. Textbook is gold for this subject. So I got it on. He was sure enough, right? And obviously, this is why I was so good in the exam because I knew all that stuff in the textbook on by Just didn't bone again in Southern Awas. Yeah, Now I'm not saying by every textbook I'm saying, if you can by textbook and your electrodes based all of the material for the class on kind of the textbook. It might be a good ideas. Get one. And I think the thing at university is right. You don't need to be smart to do well. You could be a BBC BBB student a level and smash a star, A kids at university. So that is it. I truly went from being last to first in economics at York from these three factors. Motivation, textbook on waffling. And I promise you, I've racked my brain. These are the three things that, you know, I think personally helped me. Now everyone's different. But when I look at why did well there compared to my previous exams that the main factors obviously I studied a bit more. But my point is I didn't study two times as much from macroeconomics one versus probability 10. Other Classes and Class Project: class nine mile. The YouTube classes now missing quickly. Plug. I've got a class on how to make YouTube thumb Now is how to make YouTube videos in editing them in Premiere Pro. How to actually Start and Grow Your Channel from Nothing is an equipment lighting, titles, descriptions, tags, everything like that. I've got a class of hate to make viral videos, so please do check out my channel for anything YouTube related. I promise you will not be disappointed. I'm basically telling you all of the tips and tricks I've learned over my whole entire YouTube career on skill. Scheffer. Few guys, basically. So, please, do you go and check them out, especially if you didn't enjoy this class on. 11. Thank you: you made it to the end. Thank you very much for watching my class today. I hope you did enjoy a hope. She did learn a lot. Now this has been a very big introduction to script writing YouTube videos on the key aspects that you have to follow in order. That's right. Successful video on. I hope to learn a lot from the example. It's well, because you know how you go from a script toe a final video. Now, if you would want to see another, let's say YouTube script, video class. Let me know in the comments on Blow lever of you Andi, I hope to see him flip side.