YOUTUBE SUCCESS: How To Film a VLOG for your New YouTube Channel - BEGINNER to PRO YOUTUBER | Dylan Reeves-Fellows ⭐️ | Skillshare

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YOUTUBE SUCCESS: How To Film a VLOG for your New YouTube Channel - BEGINNER to PRO YOUTUBER

teacher avatar Dylan Reeves-Fellows ⭐️, YouTuber & Professional Editor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Vlogging for YouTube! - Welcome


    • 2.

      What Makes A Successful Vlog!


    • 3.

      Equipment Required to Start Vlogging! (Camera&Lens)


    • 4.

      A Great Vlog Intro - Objective!


    • 5.

      Cinematic Vlog B-Roll! (KEY!!)


    • 6.

      The Best Vlog Lighting & Audio! (Bonus)


    • 7.

      The Middle of a Vlog!


    • 8.

      Case Study: A Successful Vlog Extract!!


    • 9.

      The End of a Vlog!


    • 10.

      Showcase: The Vlog from this Class!


    • 11.

      The Class Project


    • 12.

      Thank You!


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About This Class

As a successful YouTuber, Vlogging and filming YouTube Vlogs/YouTube Videos has been key in developing my YouTube channel. Vlogs allow you to form a relationship with your viewers which helps to grow your channel! Subsequently, people often ask me "how to film and create a successful Vlog?"

The answer is anyone can create successful Vlogs even if you are a new YouTuber or just starting your YouTube channel! I believe there's a formula to Vlogging and over the last 5 years of doing YouTube, I've learnt this formula. It involves having the right Vlogging camera, B-Roll shots, pleasing the viewers, and telling a story!

In today's class about how to film a Vlog for YouTube, I reveal all my tips and tricks for filming YouTube vlogs so that you can create a high-quality YouTube channel with successful YouTube videos

In today's class "How To Film a Quality VLOG for YOUTUBE! For Beginner YouTubers" you will learn about the following:

What makes a successful Vlog

  • The best camera equipment for Vlogging
  • Vlog lighting, audio and camera setting
  • Vlog structure (objective, b-roll, transitions)
  • How to film a vlog (YouTube Vlog)
  • &More!

Please leave a review if you enjoy the class and feel free to take part in the class project!

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Thank you!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dylan Reeves-Fellows ⭐️

YouTuber & Professional Editor


Hello, I'm Dylan!

Im a successful YouTuber, Presenter, Entrepreneur, and Online Teacher. Below you will find the main selling points on why you should watch my classes! If you're looking to learn something new then you are in the right place - Especially if you want to learn about YouTube and Editing!

I run a Youtube channel with over 60,000 subscribers, have a podcast, and a dedicated student platform called Student Ear. I have 7 Years of Experience In Video Editing, YouTube, Adobe Products, and Business creation. BSc Economics & Finance Graduate of the University of York Professional Acting MA Graduate

Check out and you'll be able to explore my progress in these above projects. Please take a look at my Top classes and don't forget to follow ... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Vlogging for YouTube! - Welcome : Today I'm going to be teaching you how to film a vlog for YouTube sign Dylan, I've been doing YouTube for over five years now, and my channel is called student blogs, as you have guessed, is based on blogging. And I've learned so many tips and tricks throughout these five years. I've helped me grow on YouTube and create successful and fun to watch logs that I figured that I should share this knowledge and information that I've gained from doing it with you guys, so that you can go on to create your own blocks. In today's class, I'm going to be teaching you all about the flow of a blog. How to film them, how to get the cool angles, how to make it much more of a story. And by doing this, you'll see that your vlogs and the quality will improve a lot. So the class project as well is to make a vlog about 23 minutes long sentence, send it to me and I'll give you some feedback. But right now, we're gonna head outside and we're going to start filming and making a vlog. 2. What Makes A Successful Vlog!: Okay, so class 1. Now I think before we can move on with making our own successful vlogs, we need to understand war of log is and what makes it successful. So a vlog is a video log. It's like a story of your day. So when you create a vlog, your aim is to tell the story of you getting from point a to point B or showing them how to make something. And it's kind of the key of a vlog is that your personality is what carries that you telling the story is what makes it your vlog and obviously everything else surrounding it is the sort of byproducts of that. So it's all about how you go about completing your objective or achieving your objective. A successful blog involved including different characters, different areas, different things also that the viewer stay engaged. So for example, if my flow was about me posting a letter, if I just kind of had on my camera and went along, hey guys, Today I am posting a letter to the postbox right now and post it. And he ago, it's not the most engaging block. But let's say if I do that again, a successful local anymore, like, right, Cool. Hey guys, Today I need to post a letter and you're gonna add a bit of drama to it. You know, I, it's really important letter, explain what the letter is. Make a sort of a story. Explain why it's important and that's why I need to do explain why need to do that. Maybe I've set up some cool shots, which we're going to talk about later on, right in a cool shot, me walking, colgate the camera. Maybe I then I'm talking again. I'll get a different point in this letter is this it's that. And then I kind of come up to the postbox, open my camera there, and then I've kind of got the letter of my hand because you can see the full story here. Then I go to post it. I feel MY post in it. Do that. And I sit down and think, thank goodness I managed to post that letter is very important. And yeah. And it's so much more of a story when you include different angles, includes showing them what's actually going on and everything like that. So that is what makes a successful blog. So now you know what a successful blog is. We're going to look at all the different elements you need to learn to master and what I do in my vlogs to create a successful blog. 3. Equipment Required to Start Vlogging! (Camera&Lens): In this class we're going to look at the equipment you're going to need to start blogging now it's become a very, very popular thing. And quite frankly, the only thing you need to start vlogging is a vlogging camera, because I've logged in camera, It's got a nice lens on as you can see your whole self and very light portable and you can start blogging from the outset. Often people would like to carry around maybe a bigger camera and they have a gorilla tripod. I'll insert pictures that right now. And if they're carrying and using a gorilla tripod, That's just they can get a bit of extra range or mobility when they're kind of using the camera. And obviously if they want to put it down on the floor and easy like a tripod, when they've got gorilla tripod, it's a lot easier to get the cool angles and to get stuff like that. And even to a large extent, to start vlogging is if you're starting out, you can even create very cool vlogs on your phone. So the equipment you need is very minor. These things are good enough to stop logging. So when you're looking at what vlog cameras together, I'd say in my opinion, I like ones that have a lower MM. So you can see here, we've got on this camera here, we've got numbers right here and less focused on in. So you can see right here we go. Obviously numbers suggest how far zoomed out the camera can go. And the lower the number, the more zoomed out I can go. And I think when you're filming stuff, that the more I can zoom out the better because then in captures more of the background and he, and capture more of the background, you can kind of tell more of the story. So obviously the lens and the Zoom is important. And then obviously pull portability is important and you have to make sure it can auto focus. And realistically nowadays, very good camera that does all of this and that's why I recommend also I forgot to mention in terms of a microphone. The microphone I use all my main camera is a video, my pro. And essentially when you get your vlogging cameras, some of them will allow you to connect to an external microphone. So you have to check the camera specification before you buy a camera to see if you can connect an external mic, if you can, and you're willing to take around the bigger rig that I'd recommend that this microphone here, the road video might Pro, and if you call connect an external mic, then don't worry about it. The onboard camera microphone will be good enough. 4. A Great Vlog Intro - Objective!: So now you know equipment you need, you're going to be ready to start recording and filming your vlog. So as we were saying, The faster than you want to do before you even start filming is have your objective of the vlog ready, whether it be going from point a to B, traveling, opening, completing something, meeting friends. And you kinda wanna have that in your head before you start vlogging. And then now allow you to really set the scene and paint a picture for you of luck. So for example, you pretty much take off the landscape, turn on your camera, hold your arm out to a, I'd say you wanna make sure that your arms fairly long and extended so you got a nice backdrop and then you can just set the scene. I mentioned you got a nice background. Hey guys, Today I'm going to be going to London. I'm going to show you all of the core sites in London. We are going to be taking some, some, some London transport. The red bus is the iconic robustus. And then you kind of what I explained when you're doing, I'd say explain what they can expect from the vlog. But then you also want to throw in a cliffhanger. Maybe something like the side we're going to see on the right boss is something that no one's seen before. So it's going to be very interesting to see what that is, silica. Let's get going with that. And you kinda want to ensure that there's a reason for the viewers to keep watching this vlog and to keep them to essentially see on a cytosine in the intro, you want to make sure there's a reason for them to keep watching and make sure that there's a nice little backdrop and you can see your whole face and stuff like that. Cool. So that's the very fast where the vlog, Hey guys, Today I'm going to be going to London. I'm gonna show you all of the core sites in London. We're going to be taking some, some, some London transport. The right boss is the iconic purposes and the site we're going to see on the right boss is something that no one's seen before. So it's going to be very interesting to see what that is. Let's get going with that. And as well, one of the only camera settings you need to worry about when you're blogging on a compact camera like this is that you have autofocus on. So you can see right here on top of my camera, I've got a video camera and an a and a is autofocus, which means when you're kind of moving your face around or flipping the camera around to look at, let's say, a different objective. It would automatically focus on this objective here. And then if I switch to a plant, it would automatically focus on this plant. Whereas if I, let's say how on manual focus, which is this video thing up here. When I switch between, I'd have to adjust the settings to make your focus. So when you have logging, like I am here, as you can see, I in-focus wherever I move my face would be in focus and if I flip it brown, but I'm still in focus because I have the auto focus setting on. So on your, on your camera you might have a similar buttons this, or you might change your settings. Make sure your camera is flipped to autofocus. I just wanted either in Fannie beginners out there. 5. Cinematic Vlog B-Roll! (KEY!!): And then the next part of log is the kinda the middle bulk and why you're probably going to show them the revelation that you talked about in the intro. You're gonna show them all the cool red buses, the cool traveling and stuff like that. But to get to that point, there's a few things you want to do because you never want to have a blog. That's just you talking the whole time like this because it can get a bit boring. So for example, let's take look up here and listen. If you, for example, on your way to London now they stop part of log waves explained that you're on your way to London. You may want to go Cool, few shots like this. So maybe I'm going to, I'm going to press Record and I'm going to balance my camera on this. Just so that now I can pretend walked down the hill to get that nice walking movement shot just to show that I'm walking somewhere and I'm, you know, I'm on my way to London essentially. So then I'm gonna get this nice shot. And come here, look at this shot as well. And you can see that in the shot, I've got a nice green background, I've got a very nice background and I've got it shows it paints this picture, is it sets the scene. So maybe I'll get one of my my my feet walking as well. So I'll put the camera on the floor here. And then I might walk down. I can see my laces and done. So maybe it's part of the story. My latest Ryan front of the camera just to paint the picture of the story. And then I will pass the camera again, keep going. And then already shots like that make it look so much more interesting than just you holding it and talking to the camera the whole time. So I think vlogging is about as well as showing your day and your story, getting them very cool shot. So he talks about the ones on the floor, the ones that move walking. And then maybe I'll get some B row, just the B-roll of a nice tree, for example. Like I'm recording right now again, some nice shots. Maybe come around here. Maybe I guess some of the sky and the sun too, so nice and blue and film that my steady hand. And then that's sort of B-roll shots that we just collected. And this one right here, we'll go into like the middle of the vlog. This is the transition, it sets the scene and it shows kind of a bit of what's going on. It makes it interesting. And some other cool Bureau shots that I think a grave when you're filming. Or even if you just pointing the camera at your feet. And you can show that you're walking as it shows that you're going somewhere. So we have a transition. And again, once you combine all these cool shots, it can really start to create a vibe for the vlog. Says that cool transition shot. You can even do stuff like this when he finished filming. Let's say if I was going from shot to shot a MIGA. All right guys, we're almost at a location. I'm gonna spin it and I'll see you at the location. Spin it. And then let's say you arrive to the camera keeping the spin exactly the same way. So you're only going clockwise or anticlockwise. So I just find it this way. So in a spin it again this way. This all right, some other location. And wow, is it looking fantastic? Almost that location on the spinner. And I'll see you at the location or the location and wow, fantastic. And that's spin transition again. Why does sort of another layer to the vlog? And it's all tips and tricks like that, that takes a while to learn that a super cool, they're really add a dimension to it. Maybe I'll even the sign cool like this, where instead of just holding it and talking to the whole time, I might just kind of leave us a nice B-roll shot, then run along, pick up the camera. All right guys. So basically right now we are halfway to London. We're soon gonna get r tickets for the right boss where we're gonna go in that massive tour around London and find out exactly what it's like to see all these secret sites and stuff like that. So it's going to be very interesting. And I look forward to seeing it. So listen, yeah, let's keep going. And then you see why I did that when I was vlogging, I kind of I didn't keep it very Convention on the whole time up here because it can go a bit boring. I played around with having a bit of a lowdown angle, hi up angle. And I think learning to play around with the camera is something that I spend four or five years learning how to do. And if you can really play with the camera player, the angles land to just have fun with it, then you've logged in, your quality is going to be so much more engaging and useful and all stuff like that. So really, you know, maybe play around with the low show every now and then. If you're going into a cafe or something like that, use the low shot and just kinda show your face and have little combo because that creates the like, uh, an element of secrecy is if, you know, if your viewers for you, and it just adds another dimension to the vlog and run along. All right guys, So basically right now we are halfway to London. We're soon gonna get r tickets to the right boss where we're gonna go on that massive tour around London and find out exactly what it's like to see all these secret sites and stuff like that. So it's going to be very interesting. And I look forward to seeing it. So yeah, let's keep going. Remember throughout, you want to include B-roll, these cool shots of you walking. You want to really tell a story. And I think that is really what makes a successful blog. And then after like a bit of B-roll and cool shots, I then set up the scene and update the progress on how getting to a London, getting to our objective and building up that cliffhanger moment, how that's coming along. So that is the first part of log high on a set the scene and create a bit of entry before you move on to the main bit. 6. The Best Vlog Lighting & Audio! (Bonus): Another thing when you're starting to vlog, you wanna make sure that the lighting when you're, when you're filming stuff is always kind of kind to your face. Because if I sign right here in the Sun-like star this video, now it's not gonna be as pleasing because you can't quite see my face probably especially in the short here. Whereas if I kind of get the nice sun, I use sunlight to create a cool shot where you can see exactly what's going on. Like this one right here. So much better for the vlog because visuals are very appealing and it helps a lot when you're kind of in nice light and filming like this. And as well audio when you're filming and recording your vlogs, sometimes you might be running to the drama and feel free to run whenever you have logging or you might be kinda doing a lot of spinning, feel free to spin. It really asks the environment, but the noise can sometimes gets you much. So often on top your microphone you can get lucky or wind capture. Or what idea is that? It's listen out and make sure that, you know, if there's loads of wind, I'm not gonna say something very important to the vlog. I'm gonna wait till that witness died down. Therefore, I can, you know, speak, explain the story in a co-location and the audio can be crystal clear, which is what you kind of want really. 7. The Middle of a Vlog!: Welcome to class 6 now due to a change in whether we're back inside. But nevertheless, we're going to be talking about what you need to do in the middle of your vlog to make it engaging and to ensure view is all hooked. So previously, we looked at what you can do at the start of the video, the vlog, the intro, the transitions, the storytelling up until the middle of the block. And we said that the middle of the vlog and what you reveal in the middle of the block is often what's going to go in your title. So we're gonna take a look at an example I did. And I'm going to talk you through what needs to happen for you to create a successful blog in the middle. So you've logged that I made recently, as you can see here, was a day in the life of a model and how to become a modal in 2021. Now, this was basically the vlog where I showcase the more day in the life of modal is like. So you can see from the title that you'd expect the actual modelling and stuff to occur in the middle of the video so that the view is watch the whole video sort of thing. And you can see that the video starts with kinda me introducing what's going on, what's happening, what we're doing right now. And you can see that I'm telling the story that I'm on my way to the train station. And I kinda like a few nice trees, do some nice B-roll shots. I'm at the station, I'm waiting and you can see I've kind of, as I was saying earlier, top the camera on the side. And as we skip forward, we can see I'm always building up to the middle of the vlog. And during the middle of the vlog, this is where I'm going to start modelling. So you can see that the build-ups happening, the build-ups, I'm tracing suspense. I'm talking about modelling. And then when we hit the middle of the video, the middle of the vlog, what I actually do is I show them that I'm arriving to start modelling, show the mi meeting the team, and I start filming all the stuff to do. The title of the video, as I was saying, now I think this is a key element to the vlog in the sense that when you're logging, the middle component has to be what the viewers watching the video for. So you can see that I'm essentially showing the view is exactly what modelling is like by recording myself every different angle I can setting up a nice low still shot there and just showing them moist like to be a model. And the middle of a bloke should be showcasing something it should be revealing. Finally, what you've been building up to you in the style of the video. And as I was saying, the key to a successful blog is that you don't reveal what's going on too early. And you make sure that when you eventually reach the climax of such over the vlog I, the modelling section, you have to make sure it's entertaining or mouth while to watch and it adds value to the viewers. And so in essence, you noticed I spent a lot more time talking about the beginning and then the step after Dao, the vlog as opposed to the middle. Because the vlog story is so much about what you do either side of the video, the middle of the video, because when you are actually kind of telling the story, that's what makes it a good vlog. That's what creates the engagement with viewers. So for example, if I just checked on day in the life of a model and checked on this middle component or the vlog, it would be kind of boring because there's no story, There's no buildup, There's no intrigue. Harvard, the key part of the vlogs are saying is that I'm revealing exactly what the views of come to see in the middle of the video. But I also brought up a story either side by using cool transitions, by telling them was happening, by creating a sense of mystery in the sense that I was going to. I said in this video, we're loaded in here a studio shoot in London during corona. And it's just like Dasa mad kind of almost intriguing thing to be doing and not everybody model. So I really built up the suspense, creates some nice cinematic shots and then showcased exactly what it's like. So I think that's what is key to the middle component of the vlog. You have to be truthful to the title and truthful to the store you've been building up to. But as long as you are showcasing something, I think that the storytelling and the building up to it is much more important. And during the middle of the log to tell a good story, I think you just have to explain what's going on in the middle of the vlog. You have to kind of showcase by not just filming yourself, you should kinda film your surroundings and all stuff like that. Obviously, it depends on your topic, but I think you get the gist of what the middle of the vlog is. It's basically exactly what the title says it is, but the WACC is done prior to the mid of the vlog occurring. So hopefully that helps. Let's move on to the next one. 8. Case Study: A Successful Vlog Extract!!: Across the UK, universities are closing down. And even though my time is now finished, I'm back on campus because I only need to collect something from the library. But yeah, More on that later I'm heading up here to collect some important stuff from the library. Like Iraqi, this is a good business idea. To take these gloves sanitizes the London Underground. Seldom flight triple the price. The library is going to close. Yeah, I guess uni Sheffield, they've just shut down a hyporheic. I'm sorry. I'm calling it such an hour. Okay. But I felt like he might be more. Now, when I first came to university here, they gave us a memory. And I was like, I'll put it on my keys maybe one day it'll come in useful. And today is that day. So today's plan is to do this derivative revision and then had to a Scooby-Doo pantomime. And today's a hot day for me. Today is today the University ski trip is skiing, and I love skiing so much, even from that flog you saw in first year when I went on a ski trip and I got lost, and I stay with the cable court lady in France. I still love scheme, but this year I had to make a decision. Did I want to spend a week skiing off, committing to several film projects that would take up six days when I have my degree and making a very responsible decision like an adult should, I said I wouldn't go. So today I'm just here like I'm at the library. Everybody is skiing, morphism or friends. Like actually having said that. They even skiing, they allowed to ski. I don't know enough of a sob story. Back to the grind. My plants or attack, to attack this revision, right? The client is to copy on my notes into a nice neat book. Go on the lectures and see anything that I missed in my note-taking during the lectures and add it to this book. Revise from this book. A star, I've got an alley upto study with me playlist on its laws about movie music. And he Star Wars analysts are meant to be like revising and it's for like some sort of villain assumption. I don't know, like a hero norms in the library. These posters disobeyed as well-known. Today, I'm learning about the binomial tree and the Black-Scholes model. And last week we learned about swaps and the work I'm doing today is four principles of corporate finance. So the grind here is completed on finally, the more awake now, but less snap to Greg's place. So this is Greg's place. I don't actually know why, but it's a bit when these Let's go find maybe inside there. Yeah, Maybe we should go to the top of central hall. Let's try and make it up that the top 30. Mao two years, very York. I've never been up there. This is one of the most peaceful spots hosts. I'm really trying to organize like a charity swim across the lake. 9. The End of a Vlog!: Welcome to class seven. Now in this class, we are going to be taking a look at what you should do at the end of the block in order to create a long-term sustainable channel and essentially to create a successful blog. Now the end is all about wrapping up what you've previously done in the block. And it's about making sure the viewers feel connected to you and end up coming back short channel for more content in the future. Because ultimately, a good ending will make viewers subscribe. If they subscribe your channel grows and also if they stayed at the end of the blog and continue watching through till the very end. The watch time on your vlog and video is going to be higher. The higher the watch time, the more impressions YouTube give you, the more impressions they give, essentially means that promoting your video more. And if they promote your video more than you've got a high chance of it getting more views, allowing you to become successful on YouTube, and allowing you to reach more people. So let's take a look at this one. So this is a vlog about a year ago that I made and it was all about then the life of an exam student and more slide to have an exam. And you can see I do the classic I built up to the exam. And then in the middle of the video, I start taking the exam as you can see right here. And I'm taking the exam from home. And then once I've taken the exam, the middle of the video, I talk about it and it comes to the end of the video. And at the end of the video, what I'm doing is wrapping up exactly what's just happened. Not necessarily doing too much intense stuff in terms of logging on B-roll transitions or anything like that. I'm simply trying to connect with the viewers, sit down, have a chat with them about how the exam, when what it was like, and by chatting with them and connecting with the view is at the end of the blog. They often feel connected to me and they're much more likely to subscribe and obviously dies what I ultimately want from them to help with my vlogs get to go out and get more views in the future. So I'd really take the time at the end of the vlog because the view is already hooked from engaging intro. From the middle one, you've shown them what they wanted. I take the time at the end of a flock to really just talk to your viewers, like pneumo, connect with them and tell them reasons why they should subscribe. Talk about what just happened in the middle of the block. And that is simply all you need to do. I honestly believe that the hardest part of log is and it's proven that most people watching videos drop-off in the first 12 minutes can hold them through the first few minutes. Then they're going to be engaged with your content. And then you just have to simply do what it says on the tin, show them stuff in the middle and then connect with them and review what happened in the middle at the end. So by really at the end, you just, you can be anywhere and just talk to them, talk about what happened. But again, you're probably thinking, Oh, I didn't expect the middle and the end of a block to be so easy. But this is my style. This is the style that works for me. And as you can see, I've got 46, 47 thousand subscribers, 400 likes and dislikes. And it's like, I honestly believe that the hard work and the effort in the video, obviously it should be the full way through of log. But really the intro is where if I was going to, if I could only have a 100 effort points, I will concentrate 90 0.5 at the start of the video. And that is why we looked at transitions. Be row, lighting, audio, cool shots, objective, and what you need to do at the start. Because if you really set yourself up nicely at the start of video, the middle is easy and the end is easy because you just want to connect, set the camera up on a tripod, make sure the lightings good. Sit down, talk and the video vlog with thank you guys for watching subscribe down below. And I'll see you again in the next flock. So that way they know exactly what to do, subscribe and then come back and watch your future content. So that is why do in every single one of my videos you can see here, I just kinda talk about what happened. Sign out the video, the outro rows. And it's kind of like the middle was obviously me showing exactly what it is and the stars me introducing it. So you can kind of see now that we're at the end of the sort of log tutorial, a clear structure on the intro, the middle, and the end. So that's why I wanted you to get from this this, this last two episodes. So if you do understand, then you're doing a great job. If you have any other further questions about this, feel free to ask me in the discussion. But let's move on to another class where I'm going to showcase, well, I'm going to showcase my vlog that we made in today's class. 10. Showcase: The Vlog from this Class!: Welcome to the showcase. Now, throughout this class I've showed you how to get Colby row complete chord transitions, where you need to do at the start of a vlog, the middle and the end. And throughout I filmed loss of little clips. And now what I'm going to show you is the edited down version of them called B-roll clips, the intro, and a bit of the middle, just so you guys can get an idea of how the clips that you saw me filming earlier really cannot call and come into play to create a successful and cool vlog. Hey guys, Today I'm going to be going to London. I'm gonna show you all of the core sites in London. We're going to be taking some simple sum, transport. The red bus is the iconic part bosses. The site we're going to see on the right boss is something that no one's seen before. So it's gonna be very interesting to see what that is. Let's get going on that. All right guys. So basically right now we are halfway to London. Soon going to be our tickets to the write buffer. We're going to go on that massive tour around London and find out exactly what it's like to see are these secret sites and stuff like that. So it's going to be very interesting. And I look forward to seeing it, so it awesome. Yeah, let's keep it going. Hi guys. We're almost at that location. I misspelled it and I'll see you at the location. All right. So I'm at that location and wow, fantastic. 11. The Class Project: Now for the class project, I would like you guys to create your own vlog. Now, I just want this to be a quick one of, let's say two to three minutes of length and include all of the things we talked about in today's class. That being transitions, cool transitions like the flip transition, some B-roll shots where you put it on the ground, some higher up. I want that to be a clear objective. In the intro of the vlog about where you're taking the block, I want the middle to showcase. Let's say that 1.5 minute mark to showcase what the pretend title of this log is. And then at the end of it, I would obviously like that to be a sort of subscribe to my channel. Thanks for watching and a bit of a reflection on what happened in the middle, in the middle of the video. Now obviously this flag isn't gonna be a huge, a huge monks is only a few minutes in length, but it's more of just a tester. So make sure you've got the concept of the way I believe a YouTube block works well. And then I will provide feedback on vlog, on how you can improve your vlogging on what I think you did well and what I think would help you on your personal YouTube journey. 12. Thank You!: So thank you for watching this class. If you did enjoy it, please do leave a review. Feel free to ask me any questions you have in the discussion. I was nice getting outside and filming a class outside for ones. And if you have any further questions, as I say, feel free to message me, check on my YouTube channel, and I hope to learn.