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YOUTUBE: The Structure Behind Creating VIRAL YOUTUBE VIDEOS

teacher avatar Dylan Reeves-Fellows ⭐️, YouTuber & Professional Editor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Creating Viral YouTube Videos - Welcome


    • 2.

      The Structure Required for a Viral YouTube Video


    • 3.

      Key Editing Tips To Increase Viewer Engagement


    • 4.

      Case Study: My Viral Videos Thumbnails


    • 5.

      Case Study: My Viral Videos Titles


    • 6.

      Viral Youtube Video Description


    • 7.

      Tags, Sharing it and My Top YouTube Advice


    • 8.

      An Example of It All At Work (KEY!!)


    • 9.

      Thank you!


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About This Class

The ultimate aim of this class is to help you understand what you could do to grow your YouTube channel. The way to get bigger on YouTube is to make a video that goes viral and gets lots of views, I've done this several times and my youtube videos have got millions of views overall. So in this class, I offer my tips, tricks, and strategies on how you can give yourself the highest chance of creating a viral video and thus making a successful YouTube channel in 2020.

As a YouTuber, I've learned lots of skills. There are certain things you can do in the process of making a YouTube video to help it go viral. These range from the right structure of the video to having the right video title, editing style, and thumbnail. Essentially all of them are tools to rank higher on the YouTube search engine and this is what this class helps you to do.

YOUTUBE TIPS AND TRICKS: How to Create Viral YouTube Videos and  Get More Views on YouTube 

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dylan Reeves-Fellows ⭐️

YouTuber & Professional Editor


Hello, I'm Dylan!

Im a successful YouTuber, Presenter, Entrepreneur, and Online Teacher. Below you will find the main selling points on why you should watch my classes! If you're looking to learn something new then you are in the right place - Especially if you want to learn about YouTube and Editing!

I run a Youtube channel with over 60,000 subscribers, have a podcast, and a dedicated student platform called Student Ear. I have 7 Years of Experience In Video Editing, YouTube, Adobe Products, and Business creation. BSc Economics & Finance Graduate of the University of York Professional Acting MA Graduate

Check out and you'll be able to explore my progress in these above projects. Please take a look at my Top classes and don't forget to follow ... See full profile

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1. Creating Viral YouTube Videos - Welcome: creating a viral video on YouTube is not just dependent on the content inside the video, but also on how you structure the video. What you have inside the video that helps people engage with the video and how you market it in terms of thumb now is titles, description and tags on in today's class. I'm going to be teaching you all the things you need to do in order to give yourself the highest probability if creating a viral video. Hey, guys, I'm Dylan. I'm Youtuber. With 41,000 subscribers on in my time, I've made quite a few viral videos that upwards of 100,000 views. Now, over the last four years of the new zoo, I think I've learned a lot of the components required to make a video go viral on in this class. I'm going to be telling you guys all of them, So please, do you make sure you check out the class projects when you're done on this cast project is all about identifying the different things within a video that helped to go viral. Now, believe me, there are certain things you just ignores a viewer but is a creator. You see on these things the things that are helping the video go viral. So make sure you check out the class project on without further ado. Let's get into Class one. 2. The Structure Required for a Viral YouTube Video: now in this class, Class one, we're gonna look at how, with the structure of a video on YouTube can really determine if it goes viral. Not now. The key to a viral video is that you never release the plot or the main information of the video to audio. Now, by releasing the May employ in the middle of the video, this basically encourages all of the viewers who have come to see what the plot is to stay and watch a lot of the video, whereas if you release the main plot on the main information at the start of the video, viewers may come click on the video, see the information click off. Whereas if you release the main flow of information in the middle of the video, the viewers are going to be watching into at least the middle of the video to see what the plot is. The reason why in a YouTube video this is so key is that if you get more watch time on a video YouTube, start promoting your video because they believe that everybody is enjoying the content watching loss of the content, and hence they promoted to other people who might also like the content. So by getting your watch time higher by putting the plot of the video in the middle of the video, it helps your video go viral because YouTube will start to recommend it to more people. So I'm freeze off. What recently made a video on my dissertation results at University. Now, deliberately in this video, I first I started off with a little story about my dissertation journey, and I deliberately did not release the marks I got in my dissertation till about halfway through the video, because by doing about halfway through the video, it basically meant that all the viewers of my subscribers who wanted to see what great I got would have to watch at least halfway through the video. Now, obviously, they didn't do this, and they wanted to stay and see what grade I got. They walked off the video on. Then YouTube started pushing out video tome or people who might like my content, and they started clicking on it and subsequently because of this and because I was able to get on my watch time a tiny bit mawr, my video. More views than any of my last 78 videos because of that reason. So really looking at the structure of your video, your log on revealing the key information that people have come to the video forth towards the middle of the video is much more beneficial than releasing at the start. So the first step in creating a viral video is toe get the structure right. 3. Key Editing Tips To Increase Viewer Engagement : now the next trick that will increase the probability of your getting good views on YouTube all making a video go viral. It's all to do with the editing. Now we know that the right structure can help boost watch time on a video. Now, another metric that YouTube and other platforms look at to determine how much viewers like your video is their engagement right now. Their engagement rate coming comments could be likes etcetera. Now, by doing this, what I'm about to tell you, it really helps boost engagement because it foods likes. Now. For example, when I'm editing a video throughout the video, maybe once or twice, I'll put in a few reminders in the video to ask the viewers who may be a watching a video and enjoying it to like the video. Now I do this because in case they forget, they might forget click off it. But if I ask him to like video, they often do like it because they're enjoying content on if they get. If I video against lots of lights than usual will see that viewers are liking the video there, enjoying it, they're engaging with the video on as they engage with the video. It basically means that you too can see this. And they're going to start promoting my video war and start giving you more impressions, which would give me a higher probability. The people are gonna watch my watch my video. Now, the way you actually do add in stuff like this, it could be a layer of text or it could be a mania. A graphic is that when you open Adobe Premiere Pro, for example, you got your video right in front of you. Then you might type in a box saying Please hit. Like, added to the two minute mark. Somebody might see it and decided it like or if you have been more advanced, are bringing out with them on Don't be Premiere Pro editing course. Soon you could have a head over to the graphic section scroll down, and there might even be a few specific YouTube plug ins, for example. The one I've got on screen right now, which basically flips out, was an animation. It says, Leave it like on. That really does help. In my experience, increased lights on a video lights are a metric of enjoyment that Mawr enjoyment your video gives viewers, the more YouTube are gonna promote this because then people come back to their platform. So it's all about getting the engagement rate up on guys that really the first step to help create a viral video. So you can tell you so, really, In the 1st 2 classes, you can see how a big thing of getting a viral video or a video of lots of use is all about increasing the engagement rate to a point when you should be like, Oh, this video people enjoying this, this is the one. 4. Case Study: My Viral Videos Thumbnails: now, so we know about how we can get us to engage with the video and how longer watch time will really help give it the highest probability of success. But how in the first place do we get viewers to click on all video on YouTube and get the views that will help it go viral? Basically, this is all to do the title description now in tax. Now, first, that we're gonna look at thumbnails Now, the key to a thumb now is to incite curiosity. The more curious people become about your video, the more they want to click on it. Now I have made a four class on all about how to create some. Now is how to really make them stand out when how to draw viewers in with them. So please do go and check out that fun. Now class in Adobe Photo Shop by this class, I really wanted to break down my recent film. Now on a video this performing very well on my dissertation and talk about the three key element that really have helped it stand out made people want to click on it so that when you make your own thumb. Now you can kind of do the same sort of thing. A case of first up. I want to talk about my posture. You can see that in this done. Now my posture is very slumped over. I've got my hood up. If I don't talk to open my hand on my head. My emotional kind of being in this done now really does insight, curiosity Because viewers want to know how upset is he. Why is he upset? Is it gonna be crying? Is your like you know what was going on? So I think being emotional in this in this done now opposed to this being straight up like Smiley really has helped us click on the video. Now, the second factor is the kind of very distinct logo in the bottom right hand corner To show people that you know I'm a university student. I'm literally here a top university on. I'm not not done good. That really makes people again want to click on the video. Now, another thing that I think really, really does help it stand now is you can see that in the middle. I put my ranking out of 100 people. Now, this pain boss to signify that I didn't do too well, really does insight curiously. And people are like No way. He ranked towards the bottom of the class 100 of 100 watt. So I think, really putting the ranking there really percentage perspective to potential viewers that I didn't do good and they want to see how I will. Yet when I found I ranks near the bottom of the year, whereas if I if I didn't include the ranking, they might think always pretty just like, you know, fairly, actually disappointed. But now, overall in the image, obviously I've got some text saying It's no good, which kind of signifies again, go side by side with the title that my dissertation they didn't go to Good. And then the other rule image I ministry of my desk like this, as if I'm working on my dissertation right there and then which further signifies, I'm I'm actually doing something in the video you're going to see something about. My dissertation in the video shows that what the title is really is what's going on in the video because it looks like I'm doing my dissertation, and I think they are the 45 key elements of this done now they're really, really help it stand out amongst the competition on YouTube. 5. Case Study: My Viral Videos Titles: It's the last up, So we looked at the thumb. Now. Now, another key thing that goes directly side by side with a thumbnail is the title. Now. The title of the video really has to inside curiosity and really has once again carrier sort of emotional charged or conversely, a title could create a really big sense of mystery. So, for example, my recent videos or title like this, my economics dissertation went awfully, awfully such a strong word on really that emotional charges. What makes people click on the video? If I just send my economics dissipation results, I mean, people click on it. But the fact I said it went awfully in the title really made people want to click on it. And you looked exactly what was in the sun. Now, in this video, last week's You can see How my title is my economics dissertation Awfully on then. My actual thumb now also backed up the fact that I didn't do too good. Now, looking at my most popular videos, we've got one that's called insane, a level maths exam pack. Now, the fact I put insane that emotional charge This is unbelievable, really, does drove us into the video and really did help it go viral. Next up, we've got football at Upton Park before it's blown up. Now this is a war true, by the way, I'm not click baiting anybody. But the fact I've said before it's blown up in the title really doesn't make people feel like a weight often parks blown up, we see bone up. Is it like what's happening? Blowing up such a strong word? The once again, that title was really helped to go viral, and then I tried to revise for 24 hours. No breaks. The no breaks in that title really is probably what draw on Drew people into the video so you can see that the key to making a title there's gonna help. Your video has the highest chance. Going Viral is all about the emotional charge and curiosity that title creates on arguably the title on the thumb Now, which go side by side. They're linked are the two most important factors in creating a viral video on YouTube because if these two things aren't right, then unfortunately you're not gonna have a good chance of your video going viral on Obviously, if your video is on a tutorial or something like that, then you just have to be very specific toe what you're doing in the tutorial in reference the title. But this class is more focused on entertainment on them sort of style of viral videos. But more of the story titles and thumb now is our key. 6. Viral Youtube Video Description: now, another elements you need to perfect in order to have. The highest chance of going viral on YouTube is that your description contains enough keywords. The your video becomes top of a search ranking or DIESE tracking on YouTube, for example, video of mine went viral was my day in the life of an economics student at University Now. Part of the reason, obviously, as long as the content was good, entitles writing funnels right was that my description allowed my video to rank highly on the search engine results on YouTube. Now how you do this is basically you have to include keywords that people who are going to be watching the content your posting would search for. So my video is all about one economics degree. It's a like essentially is a day in my life as a student doing economics so you can see you . My description. The first paragraph is I'm a student's economics at university. I thought to take you along with me on a Friday to show you and everyone what doing an economics degree at universities like Now that paragraph alone has got economics in twice its got university. Once it's got uni once it's got degree once. That's already five key Waas that people are gonna be searching for in that first opening paragraph in the second paragraph. I've got economics. Degrees are hard economics degrees University is not like a level economics. I'm so I'm doing in economics degree at a Russell Group University, The University of York on you can see how many times I'm talking about Economics University studying on that that key. That's key because as soon as people search Economics University, the University of York economics degree, his economics hard because of all the information I've got in this description, my video is gonna move to the front and talk with the search engine wish it did, which allowed it to get loads of use. So having key Waas in the description of a video is really the key to helping your video get more views and be more successful and have a higher probability of going viral on YouTube. 7. Tags, Sharing it and My Top YouTube Advice: two other elements. That noise important as the others. They're still important to help your video more views and have the highest probability of going viral are sharing it early on with your friends on tanks. Now, first up, let me talk about tags. I won't spend too long on tax because over the years they have become less important but basically tags things like hashtag essentially hashtag p waas. So essentially, when you make a YouTube video on you go into the tag section. If my video was about my economics dissertation, I put tacks in such as economics, economics, dissertation universe, the Economics University Day in the life of a university student doing economics or stuff like that. Tags, really. They don't do as much good as descriptions and titles, and some now watch time, but they add a little bit to your video in my help. Your video rank tiny behind. So really, what you want to do is just at a few key words as tags on your video on. Then sharing your video with your friends, especially if you have no subscribers, is key. So if you're starting out on YouTube, you might try and promote your YouTube videos on Instagram on Twitter on Facebook. Get your friends to watch them on. Drop A like you know, just make sure people watch the whole video on. You should be able to get a bit of a head start then on increasing the probability of your video going viral. Because if you got one view consistent each day over a week, you should be like Oh yes, it's a fairly decent videos. Get one of your day. Yeah, let's just leave it there. Whereas if you have zero subscribers on your video, got, let's say, 100 views from all your friends and one day you should be like, Oh, this video is doing quite well, guys, girls got no subscribers. Let's promoters China, we may. My has got potential to do well on YouTube because there's got zero subscribers 100 views. 50 lights, people obviously enjoying his content. Let's let's promote it. So really guessing your video out and about and asking your friends to like to promote it. You know, engage with the video, especially if you have not. Many subscribers will really, really, disproportionately help you in a good way on overall, if you're looking to build a long term, sustainable YouTube channel, let alone in one or two or three viral videos. The biggest thing a piece of advice I would offer is be consistent. Don't blow once, then breast and upload again. I've blown up, Load up, load up, load up load. You know, viewers really do build a sort of connection to whoever's challenges. So if you can really connect with your viewers by consistently uploading, they get to know you. You start seeing the benefits of that consistent work on it really is great. Now, of course, the first few months when you were putting in all this work, you know, getting many views, it's gonna be hard. It's gonna be tough. But in the long time it is definitely wife it on, Honestly, consistency, even once you've made it is good because it made sure your video your viewers don't forget about you or your videos and your channel that my top advice on crazy viral videos Onda successful channel 8. An Example of It All At Work (KEY!!): now in this final class, I wanted to duplicate one of my YouTube videos on Bring it over here So you guys can watch the whole thing easily because in this video, I basically have a all of the factors that I've been talking about in this class, which is helping the video perform really well on potentially go viral. I've talked about it a few times in this class alone. It's my economics dissertation video where I basically have got the right structure. The right now the right title, the right tags, the right description I share early on Andi. I've also got, like, little plugs throughout where I say, Are you like the video on 32nd says about music, and then blow that this in text, saying Drop it like if you enjoy on that sort of thing is really key, helping your video stand out and get more views. So I wanted to include it now, at the end of this class, you guys could see all of the different things I've talked about in this class in action. So yeah, let's roll that now. A dissertation or final thesis is kind of the pinnacle of university life. I mean, if you ever met a student who has been to university or done a dissertation, I guarantee they probably complained about it as as I had several times on the channel. They have a reputation for being a bit of a nightmare on, I probably agree. And I'm sure that this summer your instagram has been flooded, especially a few weeks back, with pictures of people holding up their dissertation in the garden with a glass of second hand and being like my dissertation. Oh my God, it was so hard. Now I probably would have done the same thing, but my printer is broken now. In today's video, I wanted to talk about my journey of doing my dissertation because I finally got the results on, Well, what's not know, unhappy. I'm no happy. So let me take you back to a much simpler time. This is about eight months ago I decided to do a dissertation on Guy selected my topic so originally, my topic was basically looking at how the business cycle and economic performance affect how much a youtuber were down in ad revenue. However, after a short consultation with my supervisor we swiftly decided that this would be absolutely impossible to do due to the pure lack of data. Now, after trying to pursue my passion is such a dissertation, I decided to scrap that on just basically do a very basic classic topic. Andi, I chose to do my dissertation on the Olympics. So after some fine tuning my dissertation title with something like this, I remember now it was basically like a how were the hosting the London 2012 Olympics affect UK government investment In the build up to it, I made my life very easy by choosing such a topic. And then I proceeded to gather data. I proceeded to read things and kind of build up this report towards the structure of having an introduction with an interesting question. I had a literature of you where I basically survey all current and available papers and all this good stuff to include in my paper to show that I'm not just copying other people to show that I'm using what's out there to further my research, all stuff like that. I am then had to formulate, like, kind of my methods and data that I was going to use to do some econometric analysis to basically get an answer to my question, then discussed my method, critique it and be like, Yeah, I should have done this. I should have done this, but I couldn't. And then I will conclude with my findings. So, yeah, after struggling with my dissertation to start with after I got the topic, because my whole idea of econometrics because I studied abroad last year, I didn't quite have the same knowledge, probably as some of the other people in my year. Andi. I was struggling a lot with the echo metric side of things. So after sorting out my econometrics on after sorting out everything else, I came to the conclusion that basically UK government investment in the build up to the Olympics was about 20 million higher. Obviously, some of this would have been spent on the Olympic budget, which about eight million, and the rest was higher than it normally would have been because of the Olympics. Because, I don't know, maybe they had to stimulate investment more in the financial crisis. Maybe they had to stimulate investment in areas outside of London and couldn't just be seen to be investing in London for political reasons on and there was various factors I listed that could be possible explanations the results I found now, in theory, as long as your methodology is right, it doesn't matter too much about the results you find. There's long as you show your method and it works out. So now you know the structure. Now you know my findings. Why? Why did my dissertation go awfully Maras also back the first results my university, third year, the May exam season. And the reason why I'm not happy with my grades is that, on average, historically, University of York students who take a dissertation on average get about 70% on. When I look at myself in the mirror, I see a kind of a student who is about average, right. I can just see it because, you know, I struggled. I got baby somehow managed to get to University of York did Well. I became an average student at the University of York in that class, so I would really be hoping to get around the 70% mark I want. When I think about, I put loads and loads of work into this dissertation. You know, I just sit there like brain fried, Just Ryan down research. And it takes a long, long time. Andi, I honestly feel like I gave my old like I really did try to give it everything. I had a one way relationship. I'm just given it. Should taking everything from me, I really felt like I go to the point with it where I didn't physically know why could add to it to make it better. And then I submitted it. And sadly, the grade ago was below average. It was 63% on, based on historical averages, that is our common border percentages. But it's very near the bottom of the year. And I think part of the thing was that I just put all of this work into this subject. Life have almost missed out 40% of the marks, and I don't really know why. Maybe I'll find out. And I'd love to share my dissertation with you Buy In all honesty, if I miss out again first by nor 0.4% or something, I'm gonna have to appeal my dissertation and stuff like that. So I'm not gonna share it with you today, but subscribe or shot in the future, you could maybe let me know why. Do not get a first on. You know what? Normally I would happily take a 21 in attestation on I think a 21 overall. It's a very good grade. I think more of the story is I'm just disappointed with it now. It may just seem like I complain about everything. I mean, I complained about doing You get the result. I complain about the results, but I think that's kind of good content on them. I'm genuinely I generally like doing well. So where am I going with this? Basically, I'm here to offer you some advice for if you ever decide to do a dissertation. Yes, Andi, I think you know somebody who's going to one that's fairly respectable. You could take advice from me, you know. Come on. So the first piece of advice I would give is choose a easiest topic that would have lots of data available for you to pick and use and shoes. Because if you're like me and he originally like, I do something really ambitious, something that I'm passionate about, something new and fresh. I don't really know if you're compensated and rewarded for choosing something that's no one's done before. Something hard. I don't know if you are, so I really think choosing a subject that is fairly basic for not to basic focusing on that . Collecting everything you need on that, rather than being too ambitious is, is probably going to help you in the long room. I waste it probably about 15 hours researching YouTube. Dissertation star with See You choose an easy topic on Choose something that like a house that sound good because people will ask you, Are you doing this station? What do you do? And it's like, Oh, how many Cheops can you do in an hour? Like it's just a bit meth? But if you do something that sounds quite smart, every like, Oh, this guy, this guy, that this station this year, Yeah, let's hiring. I mean, obviously not really like that. But, you know, I'm saying choose an easy topic. Make it sound fancy. It's a win win. Another thing I'd say is going to your supervisor and emailing your supervisor with any questions you might have is really, really key. I pretty much went to my supervisor every single week on. I'm sure she was probably sick of me by the end. But even if you don't have a question, go to a supervisor. Think of one, because I promise you that when you no longer can speech your supervisor, you're somehow get this burning question because, you know, you just orbit there and then But if you really go to a supervisor each week and just extract their information about the stations and stuff like that, then it will definitely help in the long run. On another thing, I would probably say, Yeah, get a picture with your dissertation outside of your university because realistically, if if you don't get pictured, even happen, maybe maybe no. And another thing, when you're writing your dissertation, make sure you don't go over the wide camp. It really is very hard to cut down Waas. Once you've already written your whole dissertation. So really stay Stay in tune with your word. Count on. Make sure I also had a presentation on a research proposal to start with. Make sure you do well in them because they're easy marks. I flopped my research proposal about 50% don't have. I should appeal that. I shall no appeal everything. I don't know how I did that, but yeah, yeah. Make sure you really do well in the easy stuff to start the year. And I think bearing those factors in mind, you'll definitely have a much more efficient process of doing a dissertation. Hopefully, you won't waste time. Hopefully, you'll choose something from the offset that it's gonna be good for you. And I really wish I could tell you how to get a first. But clearly, clearly, I don't know how to do that. So and at this point, I want to say a huge thank you to skill share sponsoring today's video. Now, if you don't know skill shares an online learning community when you could develop on learn new skills, skills share off was creative classes designed for life and everything that comes with it. You can find classes on Adobe Photoshopped Premiere pro YouTube. Even I made one of YouTube's to go check that out as well. On is a great tool for developing your personal skills. I mean, you can learn how to speak Spanish, and I guess in a time when summer is no longer as busy as it once would have been last year , for example, Skill. Sure, it's a great way to spontaneously take up a new skill or hobby. Now a class I recently enrolled him was a Instagram poetry class by Alison Millie, and it was just really fascinating to learn how to create a kind of all on instagram, which contains a message within the words and skill. Share Premium is less than $10 a month on the 1st 1000 people. To click my link in the description down below will get a two month retrial of skill share premium to, you know, enhance their skills and explore their creativity. So thank you to skilled Chef response from today's video. See you back home with the dissertation. Is it worth doing a dissertation? Now? This is a very topical question. Some people prefer to have exams, and other people prefer to do a bit. Of course, why? Before exams Teoh reduce the exam season. But now, in my case, I would happily take a 21 in a dissertation. No have to do an extra exam. However, given these rare circumstances, I feel like I would have been better off No doing a dissertation. Being honest with myself, I'm glad I did a dissertation. I would recommend it. And I think the reason why I would recommend doing a dissertation is because it has that bit of security towards your final grade. Now, if you do really well that basically it's less pressure on the exam season on when it finally yes to exam season, you have a bit less what to do, because the likely it is you will have already finished part of your gestation, if not all of it. It basically means that it picture or your your wife had the brain into gear a bit earlier , as opposed to waiting for exam season to come around and being like crap. See, even though my experience was a bit tough and down and you know I didn't do as well as I would have lied to, you know, I got 63%. I got the bottom. Yeah, I think that it's a great thing to do. Plus, I feel like when I'm older, everyone's going Are you need bread? You didn't station Black did. But if I didn't do one on one. I know. I feel like it's just part of device to culture to do a dissertation on something that sums up my opinion on my dissertation. How I did awfully. And I basically recommend you do one, but I'm to go watch some football. Is the Premier League is back. I'm talking my fantasy league at the moment. So you know, is I'm gonna make sure that their that it stays that way. So see you. Thank you very much for watching. Let me know how you did in your dissertation on. Let me know what you think of my opinion. If you could go back in time and choose that you do or not do a dissertation, what do you do? It? Let me know. In the coins down below S O B. 9. Thank you!: now. There it is. The classes done. Now, I hoped you did. Enjoy learning all about how you can give yourself and your video the highest chance of going viral. Now be sure to check out the class project where you can tell me the factors that made 12 of these videos go viral. And I'll see if I agree and tell you other things you may have missed. Now be sure to check out my film now tutorial class on my class on how you can go from not knowing anything about YouTube too. Making videos, consistently getting views, being a decent YouTube. Basically, I take you through a mini masterclass of going from beginner to intermediate. So do check out their classes. Lever of you Leave a like Let me know what you thought of this one. Andi, Thank you for watching