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SEO Today: Strategies to Earn Trust, Rank High, and Stand Out

Rand Fishkin, Founder & CEO, SparkToro

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11 Videos (1h 9m)
    • Introduction

    • I. Link Earning, Whiteboard

    • I. Link Earning, Screencast

    • II. On-Page Optimization, Whiteboard

    • II. On-Page Optimization, Screencast

    • III. S.E.R.P. Features, Whiteboard

    • III. S.E.R.P. Features, Screencast

    • IV. Mobile vs. Desktop, Whiteboard

    • IV. Mobile vs. Desktop, Screencast

    • Conclusion

    • What's Next?

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About This Class

It's 2017. In the fast-changing world of SEO, what now drives real impact for your site? Join “Wizard of Moz” Rand Fishkin to learn how to earn trust, rank high, drive traffic, and stand out.

In 9 engaging video lessons, Rand combines his signature whiteboard teaching style with helpful screencast demonstration, sharing tools and tips. Inspired by marketers' most common questions, key lessons include:

  • Link earning strategies to help your content rank higher
  • On-page SEO optimizations to serve users first
  • The latest in search engine results pages (SERP) including rich snippets and schema markup (and why it's time to go beyond "10 blue links")
  • Best practices for mobile SEO and maximizing visibility for both mobile and desktop

Plus, the class includes an exclusive list of checklists, tools, links, and resources you can consult again and again.

This class is ideal for those with basic SEO familiarity, but all are welcome. Whether you’re working at a startup, growing your digital marketing toolkit, or simply love to learn, this class is the perfect place to discover what's now effective in SEO — demystifying the jargon and helping you reach your ranking goals.


This class is recommended for those with basic familiarity with SEO. Brand-new? Check out Rand Fishkin's first Skillshare class, Introduction to SEO: Tactics and Strategy for Entrepreneurs.

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Really comprehensive class from one of the kings of SEO! He really makes the technical parts of SEO easy to comprehend. Appreciate the handout materials.
This class was awesome and I learned some great tips. Thank You. I would have liked to see less advertisement for MOZ and more on other free programs we could use to accomplish the same goals for the hobbyist website designer.
Mr. Fishkin gives a really good overview over the complex topic of SEO. I am new to it and got a comprehensive idea of what is important in the field of SEO. Especially in combination with his first course I recommend watching this course if you are interested in improving your website concerning SEO.





Rand Fishkin

Founder & CEO, SparkToro

Rand Fishkin is the founder of SparkToro and was previously cofounder of Moz and He’s dedicated his professional life to helping people do better marketing through the Whiteboard Friday video series, his blog, and his book, Lost and Founder: A Painfully Honest Field Guide to the Startup World. When Rand’s not working, he’s most likely to be in the company of his partner in marriage and (mostly petty) crime, author Geraldine DeR...

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