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Fundamentals of Google Analytics

Jeff Sauer, Google Analytics Strategist

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10 Videos (1h 1m)
    • Introduction

    • Key Terms

    • Setting Goals

    • Segmenting Your Users

    • Tracking Campaigns

    • Using Social Reports

    • Analyzing Content Performance

    • Creating Dashboards

    • Final Thoughts

    • What's Next?

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About This Class

Learn how to get the most out of your website data with Google Analytics expert Jeff Sauer in this new, straightforward class.

From understanding user demographics to creating the perfect dashboard, every lesson is packed with actionable tips and tricks to help you articulate your goals, increase conversions, and use your website to improve your business. Key lessons include:

  • Setting custom goals based on visitor behavior
  • Using segments and content groups to understand your users
  • Tracking campaigns and search terms for insight into traffic sources

After taking this class, you’ll be able to expertly navigate Google Analytics, ensuring you can understand your data, distill it into actionable insights, and vastly increase the effectiveness of your website.

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Quick but packed with information. Good mix of very basic review with introduction of more intermediate concepts.
If you're looking for a quick overview of some of the key elements of Google Analytics this class is great. There's no projects to help you truly understand the hands on elements of Google Analytics but its easy enough to return to the course to implement some of the learnings.
Neema A

global citizen

I've been using Google Analytics for over 10 years. It's been something I check into every once in a while. And since 2013 or thereabouts, things got more technical and confusing for me. I watched Jeff's Fundamentals of GA video in one sitting, but kept pausing it so I could flip over to my own GA account and try out different things. A HUGE takeaway and new learning for me from this video was the part about Segments. I had seem them hundreds of times, but never really spent the time to decipher what they're all about. So paused the video, flipped over to my own business's GA account and started using different Segments like Jeff mentioned: finding how different audience members behave differently. This was a big eye-opening experience for me because I was able to quickly identify how two different market segments behave. Since I already had Goals created, I was able to see the actual results of each of these GA Goals. And also since I know my own sales data, I could see how each of these related to my sales conversion. And I came away with new insight into an opportunity for improving a segment's conversion. This alone unveiled a part of GA that I didn't understand (and frankly, didn't think I really needed). But now I gained a whole wider understanding of my business's traffic and what I can do to improve it's conversion.





Jeff Sauer

Google Analytics Strategist

I am the founder of Jeffalytics, where I talk about analytics, PPC and entrepreneurship. As a digital nomad, I live in hotels and AirBnBs around the world. You can learn more from me at Analytics Course, PPC Course, and Agency Course.

Teaching is my passion, and I hope you enjoy my Skillshare course!

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