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The Modern Marketing Workshop

Seth Godin, Entrepreneur and author

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23 Videos (2h 49m)
    • Trailer

    • Introduction

    • 11 Questions - Part 1

    • 11 Questions - Part 2

    • Action Theory of Marketing - Part 1

    • Action Theory of Marketing - Part 2

    • The P Words - Part 1

    • the P Words - Part 2

    • the P Words - Part 3

    • the P Words - Part 4

    • XY Chart

    • Emotion - Part 1

      50 term cheat sheet.pdf
    • Emotion - Part 2

    • Emotion - Part 3

    • Emotion - Part 4

    • Change - Part 1

    • Change - Part 2

    • Alert - Part 1

    • Alert - Part 2

    • Share - Part 1

    • Share - Part 2

    • Chatting with Milliner Satya Twena in New York City

      Notes on Satya interview.pdf
    • Chatting with Skillshare


About This Class

Catch up & get your team in sync.

Marketing has changed more in the last 20 years than any other business discipline. Far more than accounting, manufacturing, or management. Why are we relying on the same-old traditional textbooks? Why are CMOs cornered into decisions that make no sense? Why do leaders still talk about marketing and advertising like they’re the same?

I’ve built this Modern Marketing Workshop for the team of today. Learn how to spot opportunities, avoid pitfalls, and grow relevant metrics into meaningful action. It’s a fast, powerful, and hands-on course that will transform you and your business.

I've designed it to connect you to other marketers so you can both teach and learn, maximizing the power of what's covered.

This is the stuff I learned the hard way. You can be smarter: you have this.

Note: This class will no longer be available on Skillshare after December 15th, 2017. We encourage you to finish watching the video lessons and reviewing the classes resources before that time. Please reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions!


The big picture: the class is structured to teach you the four building-blocks of modern marketing and the 50+ terms that support them. With this conceptual frame and vocabulary firmly in place, you’ll be able to define the scope, function, and action items of a smart, effective, 21st-century marketing plan. I promise: this is fun work. We’ll talk a lot about famous brands as well as your own. I believe in tactics that are both strategic and practical.

Also included: original ebooks, reformatted classics, video interviews, and more. In total, it’s just over 2 hours of video content and 50+ pages of original supplemental readings and worksheets. I’ve designed it not to be daunting, but to be comprehensive and rewarding.

Be proactive about making this class work for you. If you enroll solo, connect with students in the Skillshare discussion forums, posting your work and sharing feedback. If you enroll with colleagues, schedule team check-ins and lunch meetings to discuss your learning.

Who will benefit most? Big companies. Small businesses. Profit and not-for-profit enterprises. Political campaigns. Anyone who needs to teach people who they are and what they do. Well, not really. It won't work unless you're restless, curious, and care enough to change your work for the better.

Why invest any more time, money, or energy in marketing a product before you really know how marketing works? Do this course, do the work, get aligned, and grow.


What You'll Do

The outcome is not a boring business plan. It’s your detailed plan (with a calendar) on how you will do work that matters and how you will spread the word about it. Your project is about developing a point of view and learning to tell a story that resonates. It'll be crucial to give and get feedback from your classmates in order to incorporate new perspectives and ideas into your plan.

Project: Create a modern marketing plan for your business or favorite brand.

Brief: You'll use the modern marketing lessons from this class to apply the Action Theory of Marketing and create a plan for your business or favorite brand. To translate the key concepts from the lessons into your project, be sure your marketing plan includes the following 6 components:  

  1. Describe the business or brand you’re marketing.
  2. Answer 11 questions to clarify your role as marketer. 
  3. Prioritize 3 P's to be the backbone of your marketing plan. 
  4. Identify top concepts you'll use to move through Emotion, Change, Alert & Share from your audience.
  5. Articulate your marketing point of view. What do you stand for? What are you trying to accomplish? 
  6. Tell the story you'll use to seduce your tribe and start your movement. Your story can be written, visual or both.




Ask Me Anything! Tune in to the Skillshare tumblr on Thursday, March 13th at 4:15pm EST for my live AMA.


Enroll in my first class, The New Business Toolbox: Help Your Business Do It Right The First Time for helpful insights into starting your own business.

"Seth Godin is a true master. I have been waiting for such a long time for a course like this and it was totally worth the wait..." – T. Linklater, Student

"Gold, loved it." – Phil Richards, Student

"An excellent, practical course which highlights the truly important factors in starting a business and the common traps to fall into. What I liked about it is that it provides options, alternatives, and ideas for every area. Another good point is that it is short and to the point. It just confirms that Seth does not sell smoke. Thank you very much." – Elena Elorriaga, Student

"Great class. To the point. Easy to understand. Useful information that makes you think." – Haley Cairo

"Simple and insightful. Seth Godin rocks!" – Justine Arena


The Modern Marketing Workshop is generously sponsored by Mailchimp.

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Amazing course immense value.
incredible insights with tons of actionable information.
Amazing class!!





Seth Godin

Entrepreneur and author

For 39 years, I've been starting, running, and bootstrapping companies of all sorts.

I started teaching at 14. I taught canoeing in northern Canada, computer science as an undergrad in college and business in a number of settings, including some time as one of the most highly-rated professors in the history of the Stern MBA program at NYU.

For more than a dozen years, I bootstrapped and ran a successful book company, with clients and partners that ran from Random House to Walter...

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