Isometric Illustration in Procreate: Design Your Dream Room | Weronika Salach | Skillshare

Isometric Illustration in Procreate: Design Your Dream Room staff pick badge

Weronika Salach, Art with MAGIC

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20 Lessons (2h 15m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Your Project

    • 3. Isometric Perspective

    • 4. Collecting References

    • 5. Rough Sketches

    • 6. Canvas & Brushes

    • 7. The Color Palette

    • 8. Isometric Room Construction

    • 9. Bigger Furniture

    • 10. Round Objects

    • 11. Main Linework

    • 12. Using Masks

    • 13. Styling The Room

    • 14. Base Colors

    • 15. Thumbnails

    • 16. Shadows

    • 17. Highlights

    • 18. Final Touches

    • 19. Exporting

    • 20. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Ready for some isometric fun? In this class you’ll be learning how to create an ISOMETRIC room illustration in Procreate 5.


An isometric illustration allows you to present a three-dimensional object on a flat two-dimensional surface. Isometric illustrations are one of the hottest design trends - they are definitely eye-catching and will look very impressive in your art portfolio. It is a perfect marriage of flat meeting depth.

In this class, I will show you my entire process and share all my hot Procreate tips on how to design your dream isometric space. I will provide you with FREE Procreate color palettes if you choose to follow me closely and create a similar aesthetic pastel illustration. You will also be equipped with a set of FREE Procreate brushes along with an extra "flower of life" pattern brush (more info below).

In this illustration tutorial I will be covering the basic principles of isometric design. The class is well suited for beginners, though a basic understanding of the Procreate app is desired and is definitely a plus. For more seasoned Procreate users, this class offers inspiration for creating a striking isometric illustration for their art portfolio. Completing this class will help you in a better understanding of perspective, as well as learning how to creatively translate space into an illustration.

I will be working in Procreate 5, however, please feel free to use any drawing software, such as Photoshop, Adobe Fresco etc. Although the interfaces may differ, the process that I will be showing you remains the same.

What we’ll be covering:

  • Understanding isometric perspective
  • Using real-life references creatively
  • Tips on the tools, the canvas specs and Procreate brushes
  • Utilising an appealing pastel color palette
  • Fun sketching exercises to get you warmed up
  • My whole creation process from start to finish
  • Exporting your your drawing process in Procreate as video (Procreate speedpaint)

I can’t wait to see where your imagination leads you! I hope to see you on Instagram (link @weronika.salach) where I will be sharing my favorite projects from Skillshare. Use and follow the IG hashtag #isometricMagic to see other people’s illustrations and to get a chance to get featured!

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