Design For Instagram: Creating the Perfect Flat Lay Photograph

Anna Kay

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10 Videos (22m)
    • Introduction

    • Class Project

    • What Is a Flat Lay?

    • Lighting

    • Theme and Colour

    • Props and Backgrounds

    • Composition

    • Photographing Your Flat Lay

    • Editing

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class

Have you seen beautiful 'flat lay' images on Instagram and thought how fabulous they look, but when you’ve come to create them yourself you just haven’t been able to make them look anything like as good?

Or maybe you’ve never tried to create your own but are looking for new Instagram ideas to zing up your gallery?

Well, take this class and I’ll show you how!

You'll learn exactly what a flat lay is and how to choose the right items to photograph.  I'll give you tips on how to compose, style, photograph and edit your images to make your Instagram gallery sparkle!

Whether you use your Instagram for business or pleasure, flat lays are super popular and will be a great addition to your gallery to help you attract new followers and promote your work.

So enrol now and let's get started creating some stunning flat lays!

(Introduction music from Bensound)

102 of 121 students recommendSee All

A good, basic class on flat lays. Perfect for the casual photographer or beginner, and anyone wanting to spot check their current flat lay process.
Nicole Abramson

Founder at Studio Bea, Marketing + Creative

If you've already taken a (food) photography class, or a design class, a lot of this is repeat information. But if you're new, it's a great, short intro.
Pearl C

Karma Laboratory

Very thorough and informative! The picture examples were extremely helpful.





Anna is an artist, designer and writer based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Having worked in graphic design and stationery design for quite a while, she is currently taking a MFA and is exploring more traditional mediums such as drawing and printmaking as well as newer digital ones.

Her creative work is influenced by all sorts of things, including anthropology, travel, music, art and design, science, architecture and nature.

She also writes novels.

Anna is really enjoying teaching on Skillshare as she loves passing on her knowledge and being able to interact with students.