I LOVE YAAAAAARN!  - student project

Phase 1: Picking My Theme

This is just a quick check-in for the workshop. My identity for my business is "Midwest Urban", so I like to mix minimalist with cozy, focusing on soft lines amid neutrals an warm colors. So my theme features pretty sparse backgrounds with bold pops of color.

I'd like to have more consistency in my flatlays so I can showcase my crochet and knit projects. This is one of the favorites that I've made. I think I love it most because of the simple colors, plain but textured background, and the perfect amount of branding. This isn't my brand, but I want to showcase my items this way.

Phase 2: Collecting Props

So, I have a loooooong list of things I think tie into my "Midwest Urban" yarn/maker theme, but part of the theme is intention and minimalism. Below is a collage of a flatlay style that I've done several times on Instagram (instagram.com/TLYarnCrafts) that gets good reception. I keep the background quiet (I typically use the same rectangle of faux white fur in every flatlay) and the props simple so the focus can be on the texture and features of my hat design. These go over especially well with other makers since I sell most of these patterns. From here, I want to work on 2 things:

  • Composing my photos: I'm a pretty novice photographer, and want to get better at making my photos visually arresting from first sight. I've been trying to learn more about the rule of thirds as well as dynamic angles in photography. I know there is a lot that goes into making a photo artistically interesting, and I want to bring that to my pictures.
  • Playing with angles: I love that flatlays that are simple and pretty like the ones I try to create. But I want to play around with diversifying how I shoot those flatlays. Shooting from straight above makes for an interesting theme, but I want to see what more angular photography (like what is used for my live models) will do for my brand identity.

Modern Crochet Design for the Adventurous Beginner