My love for flat lay =)

My love for flat lay =) - student project

Anna hearing you talk about light is like...OMG I totally agree! =D  I talk about it a lot in my classes, because it’s so important! 

Ok, so now I know that these kind of images are called flat lays (I used to call them “directly from above” but Im not a native speaker, so please pardon my English =D

I love flat lays, however recently I've been more into landscapes, cityscapes kind of photography, so I decided to make a project here to remind myself why I love flat lays =)

Here are a few pictures

I should have probably placed the scissors closer to the bottom right corner and down the exposure a bit, but I still like the result =)

“Otherwise you may find every corner of your home being taken over by props” Ahahahaha, this is precisely my situation =D

Thank you for the class!


Oh, one more! Made this for another class (the sketches that is, not skillshare), so instead of scanning I decided to make a photo =)) I know its simple, but I rather love the colour scheme - b&w and orange =)

PS posted the last one in IG and used the hashtag =)

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