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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Intro To Creating A Killer Morning Routine

    • 2. Know Your Why

    • 3. My Morning Routine (and my why)

    • 4. When To Break Your Routine

    • 5. Reducing Choices

    • 6. Waking Up Earlier

    • 7. Getting Your Family On Board

    • 8. Pitfalls To Avoid

    • 9. Class Project - What and Why

    • 10. Extra Resources

    • 11. Quick Recap

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About This Class

Start Your Day Right!

All forms of self-improvement involve small steps repeated daily. A morning routine is the best way to get this into your life. It guarantees that you will do all the tasks, learning and personal development that you desire – but haven’t yet found time for.

So if you want to lose weight, get fit, learn a language, start a meditation practice, and have a clean house, or if you just want to be well primed to tackle the day ahead; a morning routine is a must.

Each day when your routine is completed, you will feel a sense of satisfaction. You will know that you are on the right path. This will transcend your mornings, providing benefits throughout the day ahead.  

By taking this course you will learn the strategies that have enabled my clients and I to be able to:
- Establish a personalised morning routing that caters to your life circumstances & goals.
- Know when to break routine and how to get back on track.
- Convince your family and friends to join in with your morning routine.
- Wake up earlier without feeling tired.
- Use your morning routine as a catalyst for quitting bad habits.
- Avoid the pitfalls that catch people out with their morning routines.

Don’t let another morning escape you!

Contact Me:
Website: | Social @zacpphillips

Further Resources:
How To Get Your Sh!t Together (multiple chapters with free access) 

Mindfulness Meditation For Mental Health (Skillshare course)
Changing habits:101 (Skillshare course)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Zachary Phillips

Meditation, Writing, Self-Improvement


Zachary Phillips is a mental health advocate, author and mindset coach. In these roles he has helped thousands of people move from a place of barely surviving to passionately thriving.

He is the author of eight books including: How To Get Your Sh!t Together and Mindfulness: A Guidebook To The Present Moment, and the creator of the Depresso Espresso web comic.

He is also an instructor on Skillshare and Insight Timer, teaching mindfulness meditation, personal development, and creative writing.

He is a qualified school teacher, personal trainer, martial arts coach, and disability support worker. Working in these industries has given him a depth of experience teaching across multiple topics, to learners of all ages and ability levels. It has also enabled him to con... See full profile

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1. Intro To Creating A Killer Morning Routine: all forms of self improvement involves small steps repeated daily. A morning routine is the best way to get this into your life. So if you want to lose weight or get fit well known a language or establishing meditation, practice or just get more efficient in your day and one routine is a must in your life in this course will teach you how to establish one. How to troubleshoot any of the issues, how to get your family on board and, importantly, established a strong reason why. Because, like with any change, if you don't know a real strong reason why it's not gonna stick my name. Zachary Phillips on online Middle of Advocate, author and coach In this role, I helped thousands of people go from a place of barely surviving to passionately thriving. If you're looking to make a massive change in your life, this courses figure by establishing morning routines, I've helped many of my clients improve their life. My, me personally, I've been able to just get more done. I can't stress to you the benefits that a morning routine will have on your life across the board, because once you serve your morning your prime in yourself a success. You probably day to be as good as possible. And you've gotten those core things done. The things that you want done daily to establish yourself in this world. Let's get in tow. 2. Know Your Why: in my previous course, changing habits one No one. I talked about the importance of establishing a why for your changing of habits and want to re emphasize it here. So feel free to check. Check that link and watch that course. Because obviously, by establishing a morning routine, you are gonna be changing some habits. So those two courses very much connect. But the key is is establishing a why. If you want to start getting up at a certain time in the morning and then doing certain things in your morning, right. You need to know exactly why you were doing those things. Why do you want to establish a morning Retain? What benefit will give you all each autumn if accomplished, do for you. So what I want you to do right now is write down exactly why you want to start your morning . Retain. This is the first part of the project. I'll get back to it later on. We talk more about the project, but the first part of the project is working out. Why? So for me, I establishing, wanting, retained because I want to get certain things done in the next video. I'm going to talk you through my morning routine and why I have instilled it in that practice 3. My Morning Routine (and my why): So what's my morning retain? And why have I established it like that? If you click the links in the project section, you'll see a document that's cold. My morning, Retain. Now that will break this down in a lot more depth and what I'm gonna cover here so you can get a specific time based on all of a little detail that I'm gonna do. But basically, my morning routine is this. I wake up at 6 30 in the morning, I go and make myself with my partner a coffee and make sure she's up. Then I come back and I do some meditation. I do 10 minutes as a guided meditation and in 20 minutes of mindful mindfulness meditation similar to how I described in my course mindfulness meditation for mental health. So click check that out often meditation. I do a small amount of reading of a particular book, and that book changes as I get through it. And then I do a short listen off Russian Russian language, and then I go outside and do it 45 minutes off exercise in my home gym. Finally, after that, I shoot a couple of social media videos, talking about mental health, mental illness, all the vessels stuff and post it. So from the time of of rising at 6 30 until that's all done, it finishes about 9 a.m. Now, some days I go a bit quicker. Some days I go a bit longer, but roughly that's my morning routine. So what if I got all of these things in there? Well, I wake up, make myself my popular coffee, dual, that sort of stuff. That's obvious. Then I start meditating, as I previously described another courses. Meditation is the Korcula, the lead domino of mental health. I think that everyone should be meditating, and I do it daily for that reason, it makes a massive difference across the board. Makes everything better, My thinking clearer, my anxiety depression just but easier. I will handle its. It's a must do for May, so that's in first. Then I've got a bit of reading and a Russian Listen. Now there's a book that I'm currently reading called The War of Our. This helps You don't overcome the resistance to doing creative stuff, so that's what I'm reading. It's something that I want to make through and I'm reading it together with my wife. She meditates with May and then we read the book together. Following that, I'm doing a Russian. Listen now, In the past, I was My idea was I'm just gonna learn Russian and I didn't establish it in any way. And of course, I am never learnt. Why Russian? Well, my wife is Russian and I want to teach my sons and Russian. So if me and my wife can talk Russian together, I can teach my son. She can teach my son. It just works better. But why put it in the morning routine? While I was never getting it done, I never was giving it time because, frankly, it's boring to learn a language. But if I do a small five minute block off lessons on an app, it becomes very easy following that I do exercise now. Exercise is another one of those key pillars to my mental health. Physical body looks, fitness, the whole deal. Now I've got a home gym. I've slowly built that up. Over time, I'm going to be really scored on exercise at some stage. But I go outside. I do the exercise. Now. My exercise itself has its own sort of structure and routine to it because it just make sure you get all those same reasons that I'm doing. Morning routine is the same reasons. Why haven't exercise retained? But why the exercise retain To guarantee that I get it done. Most nights I trained Brazilian jiu jitsu, my martial on, but it's not guaranteed. Sometimes life happens, but I know in the morning that I pretty much I follow through, I get my exercise down and, like, I could just know that it's gonna happen because I can do it before work. Thankfully might work typically started 10 o'clock. So I'm able to get all of that stuff done, including my exercise on that I could get out the door and be in their right mind. Friend, I know that exercise puts me there, so that's a must have in my routine. Following that, I post on social media either shooting a one minute video for my social media, I ie instagram, Twitter, all that sort stuff and probably a video from my YouTube. And if you want, we'll track the links down below so you can have a look at all the stuff I'm doing. But the reason I do it daily is because I want to keep in contact is one of the things that I do for my own line look that I think is important, that I sort of puts up out there daily and just keep sharing my online journey with my mental health and all that sort of stuff and sort of keeping that going. And once again, when I didn't do this is a morning retain when I didn't have it locked in, I was a bit more sporadic about I wasn't putting at the content as much on and therefore the community that was creating. I was going into a spurt in bursts. Now that I'm very consistent with it, everything's growing people connecting. It's just working. So my reason why is because mental health in terms of meditation and exercise, it's the getting stuff done that I wouldn't have time for. I wouldn't have the motivation for I either reading with my wife on the Russian lessons and it's ensuring that I put out content in a self motivated way. You know, working from home is quite hard to be continually motivated, so if you look that in our I found, if I look into my morning routine, it gets done in the next video. I'm going to talk about when I will purposely break my morning retain and when you should consider doing that too. 4. When To Break Your Routine: Okay, So before we get into actually establishing the morning retained, I want to talk about why Sometimes it's important to break it. And why, with all habits, like I said, in the in the changing habits course you will find some flexibility. You need to have things life appropriate. So my morning routine that I just described it takes about 2 to 2.5. Alice, if I'm really pushing through to take hold in the half hours. But what happens if something has to be booked in really early? What happens if I'm sick or if my son is having a bad morning or something happens, right? Well, ideally, I don't book things in early so I can get that time. But when I can't change life circumstances around to guarantee my morning is locked in, I adapt. Now it's okay to adapt its OK to establish a morning routine and then tweak it or alter it , depending on the day. You've got to be careful, though, because you don't wanna be altering it every day. If you're finding the old turning it every day and always twisting and changing it, you haven't done a good enough job of establishing what a good morning routine ease figure . So for May like a highlighted meditation and exercise are the most important things. But let's say I have only got half on hour in the morning from when I wake up to have to be out the door or cut my meditation down to 10 minutes. They don't cut my exercise down to 10 minutes, right? I'll do something. I will know my core components of my morning routine, and I will get some of it in there. Then the next day I'll just go back to normal. I don't try and make up for lost time. You don't have time to make up for lost time. You're already time. Poor, right? So if you do need to cancel it, that's okay. If you need to change it, that's OK. Do a little bit of your coal. Just a little bit of something. The Russian lessons, the book reading the social posting all can be cut if needed. Ideally, I don't. But if I need to cut them, I do not find that I'm counting them too often. I'm gonna tweet my morning routine. I might have to get up a bit earlier, which means I might have to go to bed a bit earlier. Or I might have to make sure that I don't book stuffing or if my sons always struggling in the morning, there might be a medical concern with something that we need to address their right with any habit change. It's OK if you stuff up. If it's okay. If you make some mistakes provided you get back on and start again, let's say trying to quit smoking on and you've gone a month for that smoking and then you're breaking your have a bunch. That's okay. Get back on the next day. Same thing with the morning routine. Establish it, get started. And if you stuff it up, that's OK. Just start again the next morning. 5. Reducing Choices: so I alluded to this before, but one of the hidden benefits of a morning routine is choice reduction. It might seem counterintuitive to want to reduce the choices that you make, but it actually frees up a lot of mental space to the things that actually matter. So for me, my mornings locked in up into nine oclock roughly. I just go. And that guarantees that certain things get done. If you've watched all my videos, you noticed that I wear very similar clothing all the time. In fact, that's by choice. I If you look in my wardrobe, I've got a lot off the same clothes. Why? Because I want to eliminate as much choice for things that I personally don't feel now on, I apply that same logic to my mornings pride to establishing morning routine. I had to think about stuff. When am I gonna wake up? What am I gonna eight and I got exercise. I'm gonna work on this one might just those true many options, particularly for the morning, because you just it's hard to think in the morning for a lot of people. I found that by establishing the morning, retain it takes away the choice. It takes away the choice for things that I want to get done. So I know I know that when I get up in the morning, I know that every day from now on for the rest of my life now I could change my morning routine and tweaking the lots of stuff. That's okay, too. But I know for the for the future I'm gonna be exercising daily. I'm gonna be meditating daily posting for my online work daily. I'm gonna be learning Russian deadly. All of these things are going to be happening. I mean, we're reading daily, right? They are locked in. So I know. I know that that's just gonna happen. There's no choice in the matter. It just happens. Eliminating choices in the morning particularly freeze that stuff up so that let's say when you're establishing your morning routine, you wouldn't know what to put in there. Well, you're gonna be thinking about stuff that you want to get done that you haven't been able to find places for. You're just gonna get put it into the morning routine and not have the choice. You gonna wake up and do this then this. Then this, then this than this. And you just go through those motions. It could be like cleaning the house. It could be responding to emails. It could be anything that the things that you put in there, I will give you a guides and ideas of what you should put in when. But the idea is that if you get those just most husk down that need to be done, there's no choice. And you don't have to think about this thing called decision for take. And the idea is that if you have to make too many decisions, you lose, you lose mental energy, and I find that to be true myself. So once my morning routine is done, I then look at the day. So right now today for this, for example, I did moment morning routine, and then I'm like, what should I do now that I've got those things locked in? And then I thought about it. No, Mike. Okay, let's make school shit video. But I had the freedom to do that because all of my morning routine stuff was dumped. Yeah, I you know, I didn't just go straight doing this There was other things that I wanted to get done, of course, but he gave me the mental space, the mental clarity to make better choices today and every day. And that's what I want to give you only give you the ability to make better choices. How do you do that by establishing a strong and consistent morning routine that eliminates choices? 6. Waking Up Earlier: Okay, so one of the key components off a morning ritual is gonna be establishing a wake up time. All right. You need to actually get a particular time so you can work out for Wake up here on a newly for work here. What can I do in this gap? So the first step is to establish a wake up time. The best way to stop this is by just putting an alarm clock for when you roughly wake up. Now, now, how you gonna get more time? So that alarm clock, let's slowly start waking you up earlier every day. Set that alarm clock to one minute earlier. So if you wake up at seven o'clock, just naturally set your alarm clock for said the next day said it for 6 59 6 58 6 57 and so forth. And eventually you're gonna be waking up a bungee, Elliot. Now, as you get those new minutes, stop filling them with useful stuff that you want to get done in your morning routine. On the outside of this is you're probably going to need to establish a bedtime or at least a rough bedtime. So for me. I wake up at 6 30 I go to bed at 10 p.m. That's just what works for me, because by the time I get to sleep in a lot of stuff, it just it's my life. Now, by establishing a bedtime, you are cutting off components off. You know you're not life. But once again because remember we talked about being flexible. That's OK, because if a social event comes up and I'm out till two AM, that's fine. The next morning, I set my alarm to wake up. Later, I do a miniaturized, smaller, truncated version of my morning ritual. And then my day just continues like normal. It's okay to make change, but we're establishing. We're establishing order to which we can sort of flex out of it times, so work out of bedtime and actually go to bed. At that time, we gotta wake up time and actually wake up. At that time, you could start slowly waking up earlier, once again, changing habits slowly. Don't just jump back and try and, like I barely he might be able to do it for a little bit. But can you it continue it for a long time? Maybe, but maybe no 7. Getting Your Family On Board: so establishing morning routine is a very good way to impact other habits. Talked about impacting in our life by having to go to bed early so you can get up earlier in the previous video. But let's think about that Actually made if you was. If you're struggling with a lot of drinking and you establishing morning ritual that involves you getting up at a certain time, you're gonna have to start cutting that drinking down, right to be able to get up in the morning if you find that your cardio is impacted by smoking. But you're like, No, I'm gonna run 30 minutes every day and you establish that as a morning routine, you're gonna have to stop smoking as much. Right? So what you can actually do is sort of hack your life by establishing things in the morning that impact the rest of your day and life. So to be able to do that morning routine, you have to start changing other aspects of your life. This is a little hack that can start changing your life for the good by helping you implement those good habits and couples bad habits by the very nature that if you have to wake up early, if you have to do the exercise if you are to meditate, all of those things cause you to have to do other things in your life. And if you want to change those other things, you can start establishing them in your morning retain. So that's one thing to think about. The next thing is, how do you get the rest of your family on board? Because, like what? If you go OK, I want to go to bed earlier. But my partner, my kids, there's always reasons now. The first thing to be aware of is, don't try and change everything too quickly because you know you will revolt against that, and your family and other people in your life will as well. You can't change things super quick, so be aware of that. But you can. You can start moving stuff, but once again, everything needs to be life appropriate so slowly, slowly, slowly and appropriate to your life. What works for me? What works for your neighbor won't necessarily work for you. It might and trial of the different stuff, but it may not be aware of that and sort of be leaning on yourself. Expected take time. But what can you say to your family to get them on board? We'll tell them the benefits. The reason I'm doing this morning routine is I want to be happier and healthier. I want to be more efficient. My day. I want to get these certain things done, you know? T apartment. Hey, I want to make sure the house is clean. I'm going to get up in the morning at this time and you meditate. So I'm in a better mental state exercise. I'm looking hot and I'm gonna Then I'm gonna clean the dishes because I want to have a house. That's great. It's pretty hard to say no to that, but then throws like, hey, that's gonna need I need to go to bed at a certain time, which means that how you're gonna have to turn the TV down or off at that time, right? Small sacrifices. But if you talk people through it, if you give them the reasons why they some of more likely to get on board. So with that in mind, tell people why and demonstrated and they want your demonstrating it, and they seeing the improvements, shown this video showing this course talking, tell them, lead them through, give them the tools to start making changes as well. I found that with my wife, we had separate morning retains. But because we live in a household, we have a kid. We had to bring them together. So now our morning routines are in sync. She doesn't seem to be out of focus or function that well with that coffee in the morning. That's just her fine. So cutting my morning routine is to make her a coffee is to make sure she's up and out of bed because she's still, you know, working out without young son the morning routine for him as well. So part of my morning routine helps get her out of bed. Then we come together and we meditate and we read, Let me go off separately when we come back and check in. We talk about our plans for the rest of the day and awaken just sort of connect on stuff that's important Now. How did we come to this collective ritual of this collective mourning? Retain what we talked about our specific needs and just sort of negotiated and discussed it . We both sort of went OK, This works for me. This doesn't just talked about. So I strongly suggest if you want to get this in place and you should talk people through what you gonna do, but importantly, say why? And give them real reasons, not just because I'm doing this. That's not a reason that's just bullshit. Give them the actual reasons why the improvements, the benefits and why will help them. 8. Pitfalls To Avoid: So what should you put in your morning? Retain. This one is individual, but I've got a couple of ideas. I would strongly, strongly strongly suggest that you put meditation and exercise in there even just for one minute a day, literally one minute of meditation, one minute of push ups and doing doing those two things that only costs two minutes of time and your mental clarity and your fitness will improve. Now, if you're not sure how to establish those happens, check out my other skill. Shake courses, the changing habits in the meditation one and just get on the ground and do some push ups. Do those three things first, your mental state will be sharp and improved, and it would just sort of wake you up for the day. Now be on those two things. What should you put into your morning routine? Well, like I said previously, let's eliminate choices. Let's eliminate and get through those things that you just out finding time for that you want to get done and that also prime you for the day. So once again, the meditation and exercise is very primal from me. If you're religious, she might look towards doing morning prayers or like reading of your holy text. If you've got family obligations or things you need to do around the house, that might become part of your morning routine. If you've got study that you want to do that might be practice. The options are completely, completely open to your, but when you're choosing them, you need to think about the order that you're doing the meat. Don't just go. I'm just gonna doodle Think about really, really think to yourself even, like walk through your house. Okay, I wake up here that I go to the toilet and get myself coffee on. Then I'm in the kitchen. Okay? That's where you found yourself. Now, your morning routine started. Walk through the house. Where can I go to do the meditation? Where can I go to do the exercise? Am I gonna clean? Walk there where you're gonna physically be Put yourself through it. If you're gonna go t a laptop to do some seem like email responding or whatever. Sit down on your laptop and think I can. Now, with this place to go, you want to make it a streamlined and systematic is possible, right? You want to work out exactly where you're going to where you're going, toe where you're going to where it's gonna end a couple of peoples to avoid avoid social media. Okay, I don't touch social media until the end, and that's only to put out content. And then I respond to people. Why? Because I know. And it always happens in Yeah, I stuff up my morning routine with this. Sometimes as well, I get suckered into the social media vortex. And then I looked down at the time 10 15 20 minutes have gone, and I've just wasted it. If you're gonna put any sort of social media stuff in your morning, retain, put it last because it will suck in here, okay? It just it just does. And if you know that certain things are like that for you but them towards the end so they don't take the other stuff up the rest of the morning. Second thing, stop. When you're starting to establish your morning routine, start slowly in the sense that start with one or two things in the morning. They're not another. They're not another. Then another. Okay, don't just go bang his but 20 things that I'm going to stop this morning and that every morning from that one, it's impossible. Stop habit like that once again, the have a change, of course, is vital for this because if you're trying to too many or too bigger changes, it's just not appropriate. I want you to think that every establishing morning routine has to be life appropriate has to be appropriate to your life. You have to be able to do this not just tomorrow and the next day, but for every day for the next six months for the rest of your life, right? It's a morning routine. So don't overburden yourself because it will fail. And if it fails and you don't have the ability to pick self back up, you're done. So start slow. Start in implementing things. Gonna talk tomorrow that have gonna talk in the next video about how you can wake up. Earlier 9. Class Project - What and Why: Okay, So the class project has two components. The 1st 1 should already have done work out your reason why in the class project section, the first part is why I'm starting a morning routine. You write that out and then you got to say exactly why you're doing it. Just write it down so that you can see it so I can see it. And so that the community can see. Let's get a strong reason why the second thing you're gonna do is write down your morning routine or at least what you're going for. At the moment, my morning routine is like a certain time. Do this. Don't do this. Then I do this than I do this. Now check the link in the projects and you'll be able to see what I've got. No, you'll be able to sort of model what I want you to do off that. What? I want you to write it down, because if it's just in your head, at least stop. It's not locked in. Write down your morning. Retain sharing is a project and then printed off and stick it on your wall. Literally have it there for you. to see. I can't stress this enough. Stick it up and then go through it. If it's stuck up and you find after a week, something's not working, hand right on, Change it, tweak it, working out. But then you see it, and you're slowly going to establish what works for you. So your class project is right down. Why you're establishing warning routine. Write down what your morning routine is. I will comment on it, and other people be able to see it as well and then printed off. Stick it on your wall, look it daily and do it. 10. Extra Resources: so like I do with all my courses. I like to give you some further resource is, and most of these come from my book had to get your shit together. So once again, if you click the links down below, you'll be able to see a couple of chapters. The main one I want you to focus on is Chapter 4.6, eliminating as many decisions as possible. If you click that link, you'll be able to read that full chapter, and it will give you an in depth understanding off. Why? Why? You should try and eliminate as many decisions as possible and in our case, through a morning routine. I'll also put a couple of other chapters in there called Having Meditate and also eliminating social media from your life. And if you click the link in my profile, you be able to see all of the chapters that I've linked from all of the other courses that are done also put links down to my meditation course and my changing habits course, because those two very much relate to this course as well. So check those links out. It's all up. It's all that they it's all for free 11. Quick Recap: establishing morning routine is the best thing you can do to get your day in order your promise. Office success. And you're gonna be able to get so much more done. Including the stuff that you weren't finding time for. You just slotted in there. Stop. Create the project will hate you. Why work out what your routine is and we can troubleshoot it together Up top there. You're going to see a thing that says rating review this course police place. Please do that. It helps me to get that feedback. It helps me to garden community. It makes a massive difference. I've already recommended you that you check out the recommended reading of the extra resource. Is those links of that too? And if you want to see more, if you want to find out more of what I'm doing, you can check out my website at Zachary happen Phillips dot com. Or you can follow me on social media. I began everywhere at Zach api Phillips, Like I said, only releasing a bunch more courses over time. So please, please, please follow me on skill share and check out all the courses I've got up. I've got a bunch or e then about a bunch more coming, and yet they're gonna be similar sort of this. So if you like what I'm doing, he right, Review following me. Let's keep self improving.