Have you ever watched a YouTube video and wondered, How did they even do that? How did they shoot and edit and post and do all the things to make this video happen? And have you ever watched a viral YouTube video and wondered how to become a successful YouTuber? 

If you’re a video rookie, the process might seem a little overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be! In this tutorial, we’ll break down how to become a YouTuber—and not just any YouTuber. You’ll walk away with tips that will help you understand how to become a good YouTuber. Before long, people will be watching your videos and wondering how to recreate your YouTube skills. There’s nothing like turning the tables! 

How to Become a YouTuber

Step 1: Plan Your Content 

If you are planning to create scripted videos, consider taking a screenwriting class to help you plan your content. 

Before you start your YouTube channel, spend some time thinking about what kind of videos you’d like to craft and share. Will you be vlogging days in your life? Sharing information about one of your interests? Producing short, scripted films? With YouTube, the sky really is the limit. And while there is always room to be creative, you should begin your channel with some consistency. Choose a few video formats and stick to those, at least to start. 

Once you have a big picture idea for your channel in mind, start thinking about your debut video. Now is the time to research, if necessary, and to put together a script. But don’t let the word “script” intimidate you! The time and effort required to write a script will vary depending on the type of video you’re making. 

If, for example, you’re shooting a vlog or video diary, you’ll probably keep it simple, with an outline of the moments of your day that you’d like to feature. A more formal video will obviously require a more robust script. Choose a format or style that will work for you. You can always adapt it for future videos! 

Step 2: Consider How You Want Your Videos to Look

If you want to learn how to become a famous YouTuber, you’ll have to be intentional about the way you shoot your videos. Take notes about the way your favorite YouTube videos actually look. Are they shot selfie-style, with the YouTuber holding the camera and filming their face? Is the video steady, as if it’s being filmed on a tripod? Is the YouTuber shooting the video on the move? Is there a lot of light in the shots, even when the videos are indoor? Are there any shots that you really like? 

It will take time for you to work up to mimicking your favorite videos—and there’s no pressure to be a professional right away!—but it will be helpful for you to know what you like in terms of YouTube visuals before you begin. 

Step 3: Gather Equipment

It’s time to shop for equipment! 

Now that you’ve thought through the kinds of videos you’d like to make and how you’d like them to look, you’ve gotta gear up! Check out this tutorial for advice on the best audio and video equipment for beginner YouTubers. 

Step 4: Shoot Your Video

Set up your equipment… it’s time to shoot! 

You’ve prepped, planned, and researched. Now, you’re ready to put all of that together and actually make your videos. 

The process of shooting will differ depending on the style and equipment you’ve selected for your video. Set plenty of time aside to shoot your first video so you can account for any rookie jitters or mistakes (which are totally normal!). It would also be a good idea to have a friend there for moral support and camera back-up, even if you’re planning to shoot yourself with the camera on a tripod. With an extra set of eyes to ensure that everything looks good in frame and the camera is rolling, you’ll save lots of time. 

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Step 5: Edit Your Video

After a little practice, you’ll feel more comfortable with editing software. 

When it comes to video editing software, there are plenty of options, but Final Cut Pro is one of the most widely used by YouTubers. Marques Brownlee offers a basic tutorial in this class, which should help you produce your first few videos. 

You can edit your video as much or as little as you’d like. Regardless, the goal should be to make the video flow smoothly, to ensure that viewers can see and hear what’s happening on-screen clearly, and to remove any glaring mistakes that might distract your audience from what you’ve created. As you get more comfortable with editing software, you can add fancier tricks. 

Step 6: Post Your Video

Let’s get your video out to the masses! 

Your video is complete, and there’s nothing left to do but post it to YouTube! Once you’ve set up a YouTube account (which you probably already have if you’re a regular viewer), the posting process is fairly simple. Just follow along with the prompts and be patient! Uploading video—especially if it’s on the longer side—can take time. 

Tips for Becoming a YouTuber

How Do You Earn Money as a YouTuber?

Your channel is up and running and you’ve started making videos. There are a few ways you can monetize your YouTube hobby. 

Become a YouTube partner and earn money from ads. 

Once you meet the eligibility requirements—that means you have more than 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 valid public watch hours over the last year—you can apply to partner up with YouTube. In exchange for meeting their monetization policies and staying active on the site with new videos, you can share in the revenue from the ads being served to your audiences. 

Work with brands as an influencer or affiliate. 

YouTube influencers earn money by partnering with brands to advertise their products and services. As a YouTube influencer, you would enter into an agreement with a company in which they would pay you a certain amount of money based on your follower metrics. They would then pay you to share about them in a creative way on your channel. 

Sell products or merchandise. 

If you already have a business or side hustle, you might consider using YouTube as a platform for selling your products or services. In this arrangement, you’ll bring more attention to your business page and earn money that way. 

What Is a YouTuber’s Salary?

It depends! As you can see, there are different ways to monetize your YouTube channel, which means salaries differ as well. 

The going rate for advertising on YouTube is approximately $18 per 1,000 ad views, which equates to somewhere between $3 and $5 per 1,000 video views. With those kinds of numbers, you can probably imagine that earning a lot of money on YouTube requires a lot of patience and persistence. For most people, YouTube can only become a full-time job once their subscriber count is in the range of millions. 

How Do You Grow Your YouTube Audience?

It’s clear that if you want to become a high-earner in the YouTube universe, you need to bring in lots of followers, right? But where to start? 

Here are a few tips for increasing your follower count and attracting more attention to your videos:

  • Create eye-catching thumbnails for your videos. 
  • Use SEO-friendly keywords in the titles of your videos. 
  • Fill out every descriptive field that YouTube prompts you with before you post, even if they’re not technically required.
  • Engage with your audience! Respond to every comment left on your videos. 
  • Partner up with other YouTubers. You can promote each other in the videos you make. 
  • Share about your videos on social media to bring your friends and loved ones to your channel. 

The faster you increase your viewership, the faster you’ll be able to monetize your videos. Don’t be afraid to test out these tricks! 

Is It Hard to Become a YouTuber? 

You’ve found your way to the end of this tutorial about how to make a YouTube channel and begin creating your own videos. And while there’s certainly a lot to learn if you’re new to the world of video production—not to mention the YouTube platform itself—it’s not especially difficult to get started. With prepping for, shooting, editing, and posting videos, practice really will make perfect… or close to it. 

What you might find more challenging and time-consuming is becoming YouTube famous. If you’re starting your YouTube journey trying to figure out how to become a popular YouTuber, you might find yourself feeling pretty disappointed pretty quickly. With enough hard work, creativity, and consistency, you just might be able to monetize your videos and become a YouTube influencer—but there really are no guarantees. 

That being said, being a YouTuber is fun! If you get into it with the goal of having a good time, you are likely to really enjoy it. 

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