Shadowbreaker Act One

Shadowbreaker Act One - student project

(This is in the form of a comic book)

Hook: Solidad is investigating a crater in the forbidden land of Durvama where her sister’s and Harland’s traces were last imprinted, when an underground passage to the the city of Mera Leo appears before her.

  • Solidad sees evidence of a battle and feels traces of her sister and her squad’s white magic as well as Harland’s oppressive black magical imprint in the air.
  • Making note of this she remarks to herself that the white magic used was very intensive and that the imprint of white magic feels like a revival spell.
  • This urges her inspect the area more thoroughly, when she sees a dead demonic beast of some sort and two seemingly deceased paladins of her sister’s squad close to the outer ridges of the crater. She inspects them both to find that one of the two paladins is still breathing.
  • Solidad rushes over to ask the fatally wounded Paladin, Orric what happened at the crater. Orric with the last of his energy and breath says something to the effect of “save them... Harland... he’s...” (haven’t decided yet) and points to the center of the crater. Orric passes away from wounds delivered from fighting the demonic beast.
  • Solidad then makes her way to the center of the crater, with Harland’s dizzying imprint gradually increasing with each step closer, until a large magical glyph appears as soon as Solidad is dead center. The magic glyph cracks the ground before Solidad’s feet into a large underground stairwell leading to aqueducts. She ventures onward into the unknown perplexed.


Backstory: We go back in time to see Solidad losing against her sister Alyson in combat and seeing Alyson become Knight Captain over her.

  • At the bottom of the stairwell, we see who seems to be Alyson  running past Solidad in pursuit of someone or something. Solidad makes chase only to find that when she catches up to and touches Alyson that it was only an illusion, and upon touching this illusion Solidad is put into a sedated slumber. Bringing us to two intertwined flash back sequences in the form of a dream.
  • (Few days prior) We see the flashback of Duke Gallo’s face giving Solidad her orders sent from the King of Bohanna. 
  • (Duke Gallo narrating her orders throughout this scene as an overlay and introduction of major characters) He starts by saying something to the effect of “9 months ago as I’m sure you know, your sister was appointed Knight Captain...” We go on to see Solidad and Alyson competing against each other in combat to become Henkel Ford’s(Solidad and Alyson’s adoptive father) successor as the new Knight Captain in his retirement. As the narration continues we see the King, The King’s knights and Alyson’s squad members attending. Navarre, Orric(deceased in the present), Meron, and Hamilton(deceased in the present). 
  • Alyson wins the duel against her sister handily and insults her weakness afterward with a cold expression. Solidad having fallen to ground looks onward with the match being decided with a shamed look on her face for not being able surpass her sister ending the dream sequence flashback and introduction of characters.


Crisis: While in the underground city Solidad encounters the evil denizens of Mero Leo that halt her progress. 

-Solidad awakens to find herself in a small closed off room of the aqueducts. With many questions about where she is and more importantly where her sister and the rest of her squad are. Gaining more control or her body she opens the door and makes her way through the aqueducts killing fiend after fiend only to find Harland at the end.

-Solidad readies her knightsword and is ready to attack Harland, asking the whereabouts of the missing squad and her sister. Harland taunts her as he looks into Solidad’s soul with his powers and makes remarks about her hatred for her sister. Solidad then yells as she takes a swing at Harland. 

-Harland warps behind her with his magic evading her attack and says something to the effect of “You paladins, always rushing to get to the point. Look around you Shadowbreaker... (an evil fiendish creature then starts to slowly creep up towards Solidad) don’t you know where you are?” (The fiend rushes towards Solidad after this line as Harland teleports away to an unknown location) Solidad yells out to an escaped Harland’s name as the creature begins its assault.