I might become addicted to Wild Grasses :)

I might become addicted to Wild Grasses :) - student project

I just love the textures and depth that can be achieved with a little expressive brushwork, Indian ink and minimal watercolour.

Here's a handful I created while filming the video, including a couple I didn't show.

This next one is one of my favourites because it really feels like the ink is portraying the deep shadows of a tuft of grasses, where the light is coming from beyond the page. Laying down watercolour first helped to achieve that look. Also the angle of the swiped brush marks below add to a shadowy effect. I used a little sprinkle of salt on the wet ink as an experiment, resulting in that slight, ice crystal effect. I also really like the little, implied yellow flowers. 

Although the bamboo leaves were very satisfying to produce, the grass is where it's at for me. :)

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