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Mary Smith Photography - student project

Mary Smith Photography - image 1 - student project


This is my funnel for Mary Smith Photography who was our example case study for this class. 

Below you will find some details about the business and my proposed strategy that guided the way I created this sales funnel. 


  • Name of Your Business: Mary Smith Photography
  • What are your products/services: Personal branding and lifestyle photography sessions for entrepreneurs.
  • What is the ultimate goal of this funnel: To get more value per customer without raising the cost of the core offer.
  • Is your business location specific? Yes - Toronto, Canada
  • Who is/are the target audience(s) you’re aiming to target with your funnel: Young, trendy business owners

Proposed Strategy:

Step 1: 
Product/Market Fit [Transformation]:  

  • Go from HAVING trouble getting the right images to represent you and your business online, to having professionally taken, authority-building images ready in 5-7 days. 
  • Go from FEELING overwhelmed and frustrated with never getting the right kind of image of yourself and your team, to having someone who will walk you through the entire experience and make sure all of your concerns are addressed.
  • From a STATUS of having only shaky iPhone photos of yourself on social media… to having gorgeous, professionally edited photos to share with your audience.
  • From the EVIL of the money-sucking media industry and overpriced corporate photographers… to a GOOD personal, kind and honest experience based on mutual trust and connection.

Step 2 - Traffic Source:

  • Facebook and Instagram Ads targeted at small business owners within the Toronto area. 

Step 3 - Lead Magnet:

  • Enter to win a free photoshoot - one winner picked every month! 

Step 4 - Tripwire:

  • $9 - How to Plan and Prepare for the Perfect Personal Branding Photoshoot 

Step 5 - Core Offer:

  • $250 - Lifestyle Photography Session (1 hr Session, 30 Final Professionally Edited Images)

Step 6 - Profit Maximiser:

  • $500 - Team or Product Photoshoot (Half Day Session, 60 Final Professionally Edited Images) 

Step 7 - Return Path:

  • Retarget past customers with additional offers, referral bonus or give friends 20% off




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