Fearfully Made - Act One Checkpoints

Fearfully Made - Act One Checkpoints - student project


Rogan returns to his hometown to visit his aunt.

  • Cab driver ignores the given address as he and Rogan approach Town Square.
  • Rogan notices onlookers gathering at Town Square.
  • Rogan witnesses Aunt Paulette’s public hanging.
  • Rogan retaliates by assaulting the Sheriff.
  • Rogan falls unconscious with a whack of the Sheriff’s nightstick.



Rogan leaves hometown to study mortuary science as an apprentice.

  • Rogan struggles with his assignments.
  • Rogan’s scores indicate he won't fare well as an embalmer or examiner.
  • An emergency call from Aunt Paulette forces him to return home.



Rogan awakes in a locked room with Aunt Paulette’s body on a slab.