Sleeping koala

Sleeping koala - student project

First of all, I want to say thanks to Michelle to help us to go outside of our comfort zone and invite us to explore with unconventional materials. I enjoyed the experience so much.

I chose a photo not only because koala bears are cute, I also wanted to make the illusion of depth imitating the focus of the original photo that is available at

I couldn't find the name of the author to give the proper credit.

I used a cotton swab and a piece of wood to draw the branches of the tree trying to imitate the look out of focus in the foreground.

I used a fine round brush to draw some stems and leaves of the background.

But I made the koala stippling and crisscrossing with a Hunt 101 fine pointed nib.


Thanks a lot and I would like to receive suggestions and comments.

Greetings and my best wishes to everyone,