[Sample project] A place as bait

[Sample project] A place as bait - student project


For my brainstorming process, I ended up using 5 different sheets of paper to flesh out my ideas! There were a lot of fun ones, but the one that kept coming back was the idea of a house as bait. A little place, which seems like shelter from a scary/nightmarish place, but is actually not that safe.... kind of like the gingerbread house in fairytales, except with my personal spin on it. I had to keep in mind how I wanted to evoke the double-sidedness of the image/place, and decided to make it seem spooky by using strong value contrast, and an 'uncanny' feeling by playing with abstract shapes, where you're not sure if the shapes are trees, a storm, a scary spirit or all three.

To flesh out the visual part of my image, I created a few thumbnail ink 'sketches' to play around with composition and get a better feel for the way the ink and water were reacting to each other. 

I then decided to work on two final pieces, to give myself some options in terms of which one I liked best.

I decided that the one on the right was the best in terms of shape/composition, but used the one on the left to practice some more ideas I would maybe integrate into the final piece. 

During this part, i decided I liked the dream-like mood of the piece, and rather than making the path to the house very solid/grounded, I would play into the smoky/misty-ness of the free-flowing ink and make a path that seemed almost like it floated. I've always had a fascination with Victorian houses so decided that my house would be inspired by that kind of architecture, which I already find quite haunting. I wanted the house to be very detailed/precise, in contrast with the smoky ink-ness all around, so that it draws you in visually and seems like the only 'solid' thing in this nightmarish land. Thus drawing you into its DARK CLUTCHES HAHAHAHAA. 



ok. moving on. 

Here is the final piece which I thoroughly enjoyed making! I can't wait to see what you make!! :) 

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