Laundry Font

Laundry Font - student project

I enjoyed working on this Project, now I see grids suitable for creating fonts everywhere.Prior to comminting to a laundry sign grid I experimented with shadows from different objects.

The final typeface is based on  a grid created with the washcare symbols.

In the end I decided to showcase a font in a little zine, therefore I thought it could be nice to attach the letters to some plot and chose a movie "Skin I live in" by Pedro Almodovar.

In the movie, skin was treated like an external body cover, a container preserving human essence. Thus, I decided to apply washcare typeface on different fabric related to costumes of movie characters and use names and phrases from the picture to narrate a story.

Every character plays a certain role, wears a costume he might put back in a closet, wash, dry, torn apart. In that perspective, the font on the basis of washcare symbols enhanced the idea of the movie. In the zine I tried to show nature of each character and his or her relations to the other characters of the story. The viewer supposed to undress the book, revealing strange connections and metaphors, binding the characters together and separating them.