Alternative inking

Alternative inking - student project

Thanks for the great tutorial Michelle.  There were useful and inspiring suggestions for unusual and creative mark making.

I took the suggested drawing tools to a couple of life drawing sessions. It was fun going with a project in mind! I am going to continue to play with alternative inking methods and see where it takes me.

This is what I found so far...

The tooth pick would not carry ink until I broke the tip off, then it worked well. I enjoyed it, finding it to be an expressive drawing tool.

Splatting with the tooth brush was fun. Also tried drawing with the bristles with mixed results.

There was no controlling the ink flow from the cotton wool, it was all or nothing. Probably because I was using Ho-Show paper which is super absorbent. So not a subtle drawing tool, but I found it worked well as a kind of big fat brush which applied ink in a happily random manner.


Olivia, 10 minute ink drawing with a tooth pick and cotton wool on A3 Ho-Show paper


John, 5 minute ink drawing with tooth pick, cotton wool and splatter from a toothbrush on A3 heavy cartridge paper