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Watercolour Flower Illustration - With Fineliner and Brushliner

teacher avatar Helena Artbook, Artist and Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Preparation and Composition


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      Graphe Hyacinths


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About This Class

This class will teach you how to paint beautiful, creative watercolour floral illustrations.

I have been always obsessed with poppies. So I tried to paint them and illustrate them. Over time, I figured out a really nice and original way on how to approach them and I would like to share this knowledge with you. You will not learn only poppies, however, I will also show you a fun way on how to illustrate grape hyacinth. This class will help you to take your creativity to the next level.

You will learn:

1. About composition

2. How to create beautiful watercolour Poppies with fineliner and brush liner

3. How to create beautiful watercolour Grape Hyacinths with fineliner and brush liner

4. New, original creative ways, bonus bookmarks, and more!

All the materials I’ve used:

Staedtler Noris HB Pencil

Mono Zero Eraser

Zen Art Supplies Brushes

White Nights Watercolour

Khadi Watercolour Paper

Sakura Pigma Fineliners + Brushpen

References: Unsplash

Music: Epidemic Sound

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Helena Artbook

Artist and Illustrator



Hi everyone, thank you for stopping by!

I have always loved drawing with a pencil, especially faces. As a little kid, I used to draw celebrities and my family and friends would always like my pictures and encouraged me to create more. As I was growing up, my passion radiated towards fantasy and surreal topics and I also started experimenting with watercolour.

As I have also taken up oil painting, I have fallen in love with the medium and it has become one of my favourites to this day.

I have not attended any art school or a long term class, therefore, I'm a self-taught artist.

As I believe that anyone can learn anything by themselves, I would love to inspire people and help them out by sharing my knowledge by teaching. ... See full profile

Level: All Levels

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1. Introduction: Hello, dear people. My name is Helena, and I will teach you how to make these beautiful, super creative, simple watercolor flora illustrations. This class is dedicated to anybody. It doesn't matter. Madrid just came here to relax or to learn something new. These little flowers are supposed to make you want to play and forget about your worries. I will guide you step by step on how to create these with watercolor and liners and show you many creative and original variations. I will also cover a little about composition to make your illustration skill even better. At the end of the class, your creativity will be hopefully on fire. Let's do this. 2. Supplies: so we don't need a watercolor, said. Obviously, I'm using these White Knights watercolors really nice and vibrant. Just what we need for these illustrations. You won't need many brushes. I'll be using a big fluffy one for the background and then once more, one for the flowers. These are from a company called then art supplies. Really amazing brushes, expensive ones. Dough. They hold a lot of water and are made from squirrels. You don't need expensive brushes, just huge, which everyone's. You have the next airliners. I'm going to use the to be liner and a brush liner again. I highly recommend using these. However, you can use anything you find at home like a black coral pencil. Black paint eggs. Edra. This is a brand called Sakura, and they are super awesome. Then you need a watercolor paper. I'm using a brand called Cadie, which I'm really happy with. I have cut the paper into six feet eight inches in My bookmarks are random. I just measured by an eye. Or however I wanted to bookmark size to be feel free to use any size you way. She can also find some old paper you don't use and cut it according to yourself. Then you'll need any old papers. You wondered your table tissue pencil and a tenor of water. 3. Preparation and Composition: Before I started the actual illustrations, I was brainstorming ideas how to make these illustrations looking the best for you guys. I recommend you do the same and try out some sketches before you go into the real thing. I have ruined so many expensive political of papers. Therefore, if I had done this preparations sooner, I wouldn't have ruined so many off them. So as you can see, there is plenty of variation or how to create these illustrations. You can experiment in so many ways with the colors, shapes, backgrounds, eggs, Edra. It is always better to draw the flowers in groups rather than one by one. Make it look like that each flubber in the group belongs to each other. There is one thing I want to show you before we start, and that is the rule of thirds. This will improve your illustration drastically. This is our blank paper, and we'll divide it into thirds like this. So everything that you put around these points and lines is more aesthetically pleasing for the human eye. It's given by nature. So let's see an example in the stomach nail. I will draw flowers without thinking about the composition. Just however I please. In this one, I gave the composition some thought. See how the right one looks better? Let's divide these thumbnails into the thirds to see why I have put the most flowers towards this line and the chip 2/3 are filled up with flowers as well. The bottom one is left with stems. Also, I have made this group are of the left 2/3 and this group part of the right third. That created a nice balance, whereas here there is no clear way where things are placed and there is no orders vote. You can also take this focal point and put some flowers over there and make the bottom line the leaves line, for example, or you can create a focal point with this group of flowers right here. We will also be creating a background which will be placed according to this rule off course. You don't need to follow this rule. However, this is just a suggestion on how you can approach things 4. Poppies: Okay, so we are going to sketch to puppies, draw the stems first by flicking a line from the bottom to its up. Do this line quickly as it will look better and not so verbally. Remember the composition we were talking about in the previous lesson. Think about is more like designing groups of flowers rather than drawing them one by one. As you can see, I drew three flowers on the right and four on the left, and I made another small group. Need the right one. According to the rule of the thirds. Do not follow the reference that much rather think about the direction and rhythm off the stems done to copy them. Exactly. Now we can start drawing into puppies. Have a look at how I'm drawing the petals. I'm using only three max four petals and kind of making my own as I go and drawing them in a way so they overlap each other. It looks really cool. In this style draw, the lines will bilion purpose. As you can see, the popular leaves are very much like dot. You can just take the reference as a guideline to observe shapes and colors and later you don't even need to look at it and make up your own flavors and get really creative. With this, I join an additional puppy on the right edge. As I felt the space was not full enough. You can change the composition a little bit as you go. Always go by your feeling. If you feel the space needs to be filled, then fill it up to composition is really about your personal feeling. If you feel something is off, it probably is. Try to have a look at it and determine whether it's pleasing for your eye. Also, add in some butts and boots. When you feel like the composition is on point, we can start painting in the background, in this case, even do the colors according to the scar and graphs. So I will mix azure blue with cadmium yellow to make nice turquoise skies, and then I'll make the green using the same colors. However, I put more car medium yellow as yellow and blue makes green. I could have used other green. However, I wanted to show you two possibilities we can create from as little color as possible. It's best to use the bigger, fluffy brush for this. Now we are not going to fill in the whole paper. However, we are going to fill in the space around the puppies and and again, eight in the space in the 2nd 3rd of the paper. In this kind of direction, we are going to start painting in the green. Use a lot of water at this point as we can still modify the colors later as it one dry out so quickly. Try to work around the puppies, almost like the water kind of runs around and create launches. Hugged the pope is with paint around the edges, almost like the puppies are magnetic, and I drove watercolor to them. Get creative with this. You can come back to you painted color and dumping it with water so it will not dry out. You should not have any problems painting around the puppies as the brushes are usually really flexible. Don't be too scared. Oh, do. Pencil will not be visible once you finish the illustration, or you can easily erase it so it doesn't matter if you paint a little over it as long as you want. Lose the shapes off the puppies. Now we are going to pay in the blue and let it makes with the green and create a Grady end again. Work your way around the flowers and create Butch is around the edges. When you're done, you can squirt some color by gently topping to brush to make the blotches look even nicer. Notice this odd one out. You can leave this one completely without about two color touching it now, while the color is still worth, we can create a little bleeding, so let's use the red of the puppies. We will be coloring in later car mean in my case, and gently dub it around the puppies in the background and let it breathe just two or three so we won't lose the background colors. Take a cotton but and clean up any splutters that goes into flowers now very dry really well. And if you're impatient, you can use a hair fun. When did background is completely dry, you can grab it, see like me, put some nice music and start working on the petals. I chose a smaller brush at this point as I find it easier to work inside the flowers with it. We will be using just simple orange card memory. It, in my case and red car mean in my case, and just play around with these two colors to create beautiful, radiant puppies. Don't follow the reference at this point and just fill in the colors. However you please. You can create a radiant with red and orange. In some flowers, you can paint on flowers only orange, or only read into flowers that overlap each other. I like the colors to pour from flower to flower again. Use your creativity when the color is still worth. Take a lot off red and dub it just about the stems. It will create a nice bottom shadow. This father got dried out quicker, and it created not so nice looking stain. So I will spread the color and do the drop again. When this layer is completely dry, we take a dark color and feeling the overlays, notice the Hughes off each flubber, so interview around the overlay is more orange. Use orange color to fill in the overlay, so the coloring kind of makes sense. - When we're done, we can Sprinkle a little around the bleeding. I realized I forgot to fill in the H Flubber, so I'm going to do it now. Now we move to the most fun part. You can now take the liner brush. If you don't have the brash, you can use anything else like a normal liner felt a Blackwater color or even a black pencil. However, I highly recommend having a big ticker block as it will make the illustration pop in this case, losing your hands. No, really losing it. The more you be scared you do about line, the worse it will be. Don't drawing the same thickness. Let your hands kind of dance, press to do paper and then lose. And as you go and repeat, you will create a nice line that will be we're style rather than a line and has the same thickness. Move your whole hand. Not only the wrist, so draw mines around the battles. You might not even see the pencil at this point, however, you should not have any problems with knowing where the individual pedals are. The whole trick is to have the overlap suggested with a darker color. Don't strictly follow the petal and fling the lines outside off them as well. The poppy petal is wrinkled, so you can suggest it like this to make the stem just flick aligned to the bottom quickly like this. The quicker you'll flick it, the better it will look now. Isn't it so cute and beautiful? I'm obsessed with painting puppies. Colors are very bright and radiance. When you're done, you can erase the remaining graphite. I will show you how to make the bookmark for the bookmark. These scheduled of flowers the same way as before. Then just fill them out as we did before. We don't need to paint the background as it looks nice on its own. Now you can paint the stems green as well, by mixing the blue and yellow. Then you can Sprinkle it with red and orange when it's dry, filling the overlaying space between the petals with a darker color. Again, notice the Hughes around the overlays and use the appropriate color and it's dry. Erase the graphite. This time I just to be liner and just went around in the same way as we did in the card before. This time you don't have to loosen up your hand as much and just draw around the petals as you please. - Now we have the hosted complete. I absolutely love these. Feel free to experiment with the colors. Background at the shapes eggs Edra give your creativity space to shine. 5. Graphe Hyacinths: for the great here, saying We will go straight into painting as we don't need to sketch. At this point, we will use only two colors. In a cool Hugh. I picked ultra marine blue and cut me in lemon yellow. Those colors are all we need for this illustration. I mix them together and using more blue, unless yellow resulted in a nice turquoise color. It's better to use the big, fluffy brush for this. Just paint in the background like this, or you can think about your own direction or shapes. When I finished painting the background, I went into pain from the bottom so it wouldn't dry out. Now I Sprinkle some color and it's Soap Dept. More color and water at the bottom until to the paper so the color pours down. This created nice about a color flow, then adopt more color in the middle. Now I did some blue and yellow to the bottom and again created flows with the yellow as well. It looks more interesting like this. Then I could more yellow at the bottom and that it poor by moving the paper. This created a nice illusion for the grass and disguise. Please feel free and get creative with the background. Do plenty of blotches flows. Experiment with colors. The options are endless. When it's completely dry, let's grab a tea or a coffee. Mix a bit darker turquoise by adding a bit more ultra marine to the mixture. The trick is to get the color much darker than the background. So it stands out. Observe the great P essence, and you can see that they are made off little bells and bowls so we will emit. They knows by creating little shapes resembling that. Don't complicate it and just gap around with your brush like this. Keep it a simple as possible. - Then you can take some ultra Marine or any blue you are using and create a nice Grady and by jumping it inside what he ascent again ? Think about the composition and create groups off these flowers. You can paint those inside the background and outside as well, so it looks more versatile when you're done. Let it dry out completely now I will use a brush been for the lining, however, feel free to use anything else that you have. Losing up your hand creates circles for a small if lovers and bells for the bigger ones. Also don't try to be too precise and flick it outside, inside and around the flowers make it over love with each other. Make it kind of messy in a nice way. If that makes sense, use quick lines to create the individual flowers and let your hand flow. Use a quick flick from the flower to do bottom of the paper to make a stem. - E have given the composition some thought and didn't just flick their hair since around. For no reason, I tried to balance out the whole picture and create different groups off lovers. Three on the left, then I five on the right containing one group of Chu and one group of three. Use different sizes off these ear, since an experiment with the positions make some incomplete, just sticking out from the edge. Make some at the bottom contrasting. The ones that are up makes more groups and larger groups. Eggs. Edra. Also, as you can see, the majority of my hair sins are towards the top of the 2nd 3rd off the paper to complement the golden rule ratio again, it's also about your personal feeling and how it's pleasing for the I for the bookmark. Let's make little jobs off color and paint without the background. This time, - use a green mixed with cadmium, lemon, yellow and ultra Murray and make some stems. You make an interesting twist, turned a bookmark upside down and paint your flowers from the other side as well. - Now Sprinkle it with some blue. I'm going to use that to be penned this time and go around the flowers just with circles. Make a really fast movement and create sketchy circles. You are not trying to make the circles perfect. Remember again. Make it over love with each other, going side and outside of the individual flowers. - Now look at how cute this is. The reason why I'm showing you all these different variations is to spark your creativity so you can come up with your own ideas as well. However, if you don't have any, just copy me 6. Conclusion: you can use these techniques to make up your own flavors as well. For example, I used the same technic Milland for the puppies under two gives here, and they look just as beautiful. Those bloggers are also a great present for your loved ones. You can make birthday cards, postcards, paintings. You can use those to cheer someone up. For example, whatever you please, I very much hope that you enjoyed this glass and forget about your worries for just a little bit else. You later.