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Use AI for Graphics design, Canva, Chat GPT & Midjourney

teacher avatar Alexandre Pereira, Let's Grow.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Why do this course?


    • 3.

      CHAT GPT ( Text Creation )


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      CANVA ( Bulk Creation )


    • 5.

      Midjourney ( Picture Creation )


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      Bonus Tip


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      Canva Bonus (Creative Process)


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      Putting Everything Together


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      Instagram Growth Bonus (BONUS)


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About This Class

Learn everything it takes to leverage the power of AI and Canva, to create ENDLESS Bulk Content for your Instagram accounts, this will change the way you grow and plan your Instagram strategies. 

Whether you are a small business, a successful influencer or you do not even have an Instagram account yet, this course will put you in a position will give you the edge over competitors. Look no further, if you are looking for a course that you can learn fast and implement today!

In this course we will be using: 

Canva, CHAT GPT and Midjourney. 

Let's prepare you for GROWTH.

  • Understand exactly how to use CHAT GPT
  • Learn how to combine AI with Canva
  • BONUS Tips for Growth on Instagram is Provided throughout 

In Under 30 Minutes , Alex gives you a step-by-step course teaching you how you can take the worries of creating away from your life and it into a world where you have AI doing the hard parts for you! 

Best of luck!


Meet Your Teacher

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Alexandre Pereira

Let's Grow.

Level: All Levels

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1. Introduction: In this course, I'm gonna teach you how you can make graphics like this in a matter of minutes and in massive batches, AI has taken over the world over the last few months. And being able to leverage it for social media is essential nowadays for efficiency and for growth. We're going to run through step-by-step how you can leverage Canva, chat, GBT, and mid journey to create high-quality, in-depth graphics and best of all, in a matter of minutes, this is a step-by-step course. So make sure you pay attention and take notes. Try to do it at the same time. Throughout the course, I will be dropping bonus creativity points, Social Media Marketing points, and growth points for your Instagram accounts, guys, my name is Alex and I'm a social media markets or an entrepreneur. And today we're going to change the way you use AI Canva and create graphics in bulk. Let's jump into it. 2. Why do this course?: On Instagram, there are numerous ways of creating content from Rails, two pictures, two graphics. In this course, we're going to be concentrating on graphics specifically. They are great if you don't want to show your face and want to add variety to your page. And one of the best ways to actually provide value to your audience as they are clear and really are great way to showcase information. You could create singular motivational graphics. You can create swipes with in-depth information. You can create step-by-step, so you can create recipes. There's so many ways to use graphics if you aren't using graphics in your content plan, I really recommend starting to add graphics to your marketing strategy. And specifically on Instagram, it's a great way to add variety. And the way I'm going to show you how you're going to start creating your graphics is going to be a way for you to be consistent. And consistency is one of the number one variables when it comes to growing on Instagram. So guys, let's jump straight into it. 3. CHAT GPT ( Text Creation ): So the first thing we're going to do is open up chat GBT. Now, if you haven't created an account for techy, BUT create one and we can jump straight into it. Okay, So you've made the chat GBT account and this should be the page that comes up. Now guys, to begin with, we're going to start off with some motivational quotes. As nearly every type of Instagram account can do with motivational quotes. And it can be an easy way for you to just create content and add variety to your page. Now, chat GBT can literally give you all the motivational quotes that you need. Let me show you how e.g. writes me 25 motivational quotes, but make them shorts and make them. When it comes to prompting chat GBT, you need to be specific with what you want as the output will be a lot better. So e.g. don't just write, write me at 25 motivational quotes. You need to add a little bit extra so they really can get you what you want. Now, on most graphics on Instagram, there's not too much space for us to put in terms of texts. So making sure that we put, make them short is going to be critical so that we can get the right size text on our graphics. Now, the next thing for me that I want to do is I want to make the quotes related to superheroes. Let's talk about superheroes in this instance and make them super hero related. Now, e.g. if I wanted to specifically do Batman or superman or make them dark or, you know, funny, then I could put that. But for this instance, I'm going to just put this and this section we can just speed up. Now it's just a waiting game, okay, so we've got all our 25 motivational quotes related to superheroes. And we've asked it to be short, and I think it's done a really good job. Now. We've got our quotes. Now guys, when it comes to chat GBT, you can literally put any number of quotes that you want, but I recommend doing it and maybe 25 to 50 batches. And this will allow you to just make a clean amounts of quotes. Now, we've opened up our Microsoft Excel and what essentially we're going to do here is literally just copy these and paste them. As you can see that all here now 25 quotes. And now we're going to press Save As, and now we're just going to save this somewhere. So for this case, I'll just save it for downloads. And I will put Alex. And one thing you need to do here is save it as a CSV. This is a very important step to save it as a CSV and just press Save. Now is where the magic happens. Let's move over to Canvas. 4. CANVA ( Bulk Creation ): Okay guys, Now we're going to move over to Canvas. And if you don't have Canva and you work in social media or wants to build your social media profile. I really recommend using Canvas, one of the best tools out there for creating content, whether that's videos, graphics, stories, logos, story highlights, wherever you need, Canva can provide and you can either get it for free or at a relatively low cost. Guys. Let's jump into Canva. Now guys, you're on Canvas now and you're going to go to create design, and we'll just go onto Instagram, post portrait or square. I would recommend doing portraits, so we'll press that. Wait for it to load. We will then go to Design and templates. And here you have templates for Instagram posts. But today we're going to be doing motivational quotes. So I'm going to type in motivational. And as you can see, we have a bunch of motivational quotes, and these are essentially templates, so I'm just going to pick one. This one looks cool. So let's pick that. I'm going to now go over to apps. I'm going to type in bulk. I'm going to press Bulk creates. Now I'm going to press upload CSV. So this is the document that we made earlier. Now, open up that document. Now what we want to do here is we want to press this text here. And we want to press connect data and press that. And then press Continue, and then generates 24 pages. And there you go. Now you have all of those quotes added to a graphic. Now, here you have an opportunity to change the text. We could change it to Antonio bold, e.g. put it all in caps. We can play around with this and obviously make it look good. So e.g. you can play with the spacing. As you can see, this one is a bit far apart, so I will tighten it up. And I will put it like that so that we can see it. As you can see the background image, I can move that around. So now, what I really recommend is if you want to potentially play around with the first one before doing the bulk generates and then it will make all of them like this. But in this case this is fine. And then we have a really good looking graphic. Now, I could play with this more and add a glow to it. When it comes to social media, we're creating bulk content, but with each one you can make small adjustments or make certain ones look better than they are. So e.g. you could add just anything that Canva allow you to add. You can add that. Put the transparency low, just add some effects to your graphics. Now, the next level is the background image, but we're going to generate that using a different AI called mid journey. So move over to the next lesson. 5. Midjourney ( Picture Creation ): Okay guys, so the next one is going to be about mid journey, which is an AI which generates photos for you. And these photos, some of them are insane and the creativity that I see on that platform is crazy. You will need a discord accounts. So creates a Discord account and that will allow you to go on mid journey. Now, mid journey is a paid software, but you will be able to get a free trial and you'll be able to actually create a bunch of graphics just simply from the free trial. But if you do enjoy it, then obviously get the pro version in the future. But let's jump straight into mid journey. Okay guys, so we're on discord now and we're specifically in the main journey discord. Now, if you just see as you go through the discord and go e.g. to the new Commerce room, you will see a bunch of people creating the AI generated imagery. And some of the stuff you've come across is insane. And you can just see the capabilities of the software. And something that I do on mid journey is when I see someone's amazing content that they've produced, the I think I could potentially use for my own content. I will press web here. So you can actually do this even if you're not paying and you can literally save this straight away. So this is a tactic that some people do actually just go through it and get their content for their graphics or wherever they need that way and it's free. So there's constantly stuff being created zone here. There's like, I think 12 million users maybe or even more than that now. But, yeah. But for the purpose of this video, I am going to show you, you can see here that one would be a great motivational quote one. And you can see what other people actually prompting. So this is one of the best ways to learn, is actually just see images and also see what people are typing to create the images. So when you do it, it can be a bit addictive at the beginning just to see what people come up with and to learn it. But it's super fun. And I do think this is going to be a massive part of the future, but let's jump into creating something ourselves. So jumped to present. Okay, so what we want to type in is imagined. Now, this is the commandment or the prompts, which is going to allow us to actually create something on my journey now. So I'm going to press imagine. And what do I want? Well, I want a superhero in a forest, which is male, which is female. Let's say blonde hair with a red cape. Fantasy forest. Then you want to put some extra details such as the quality that you're looking for. E.g. I'm gonna put eight k ultra realistic. But e.g. if you wanted a cartoon style graphic, you can put that information into here. Or if you wanted a specific style or specific artist, you can literally put the artist in there and it will give you that style of content. So I just want to show you with some basic commandments weight actually comes up with. So e.g. then add the end when you want to know when you can actually tell it what format to create your content then. So for this, we want it portrait and in 45. So let's press Enter and see what it actually comes up with. So now we just wait. While you're waiting, you can look at what other people are making crazy images. But yes, as you can see that my my picture is being created. I think it's done. So here we go. So I've got four images right here. And to be honest, I actually really like this one, this one and this one. So I want to get those ones scaled and put into the final quality or the final version. So I'm going to press U1, U3, and U4. And these will basically start up scaling them for me. These are cool, these ones here. E.g. again, I could scale one of them if I wanted to, wait to see if they scale them and then save them. But in this case, I'm just going to wait for mine to be scaled. And yeah, I mean, this looks insane food photography. Wow. Wow. Okay, guys, so now we're waiting for my request to be finalized. And I believe here is the first one, so I'm going to now press web and it will bring up my image now. You can also just scroll down a bit and see, explore related. So these are some of the other similar images which people have also created. And I could easily just take this one as well. Save Image, and that will save that image for me. So I also do that just to show you guys because they are super epic now in this case, I'm going to also save the image that I've created. And there we go. So we've got a great image now. We want to finalize that by putting that on Canvas. So let's move over to the next lesson on back to Canva, putting everything to gather. 6. Bonus Tip: Just a quick bonus point. This, you can make these graphics really quickly and really effectively, but I do recommend spending some time just testing things out, coming up with a color palette that you like, a font that you like, a selection of different style graphics that you like. And then once that process is done, everything will fall into place and you'll be able to create bulk content way quicker. I think at the beginning, obviously we're trying to make things as quickly as possible, but it's definitely important for you to spend some time understanding how my journey works, how CBT works, and how to put it altogether on Canva. Because the more original you can create content, the better. 7. Canva Bonus (Creative Process): Okay guys, this is the bonus round for Canva. Well, I'm gonna go through some of the creative process, what you need to remember for Instagram, and just some bonus tips on how to best utilize Canvas. So here we have a graphic and we've got some texts. Now, when it comes to creating graphics on Instagram, there were a few variables that we need to think about. Now, the first variable that I want you to remember is when it comes to Instagram, we want our contents. You go on to the Explore page. So that needs to always be at the back of our mind when we're creating anything. Now, a tip for this is sometimes having text which is not too big, makes people press the image more, especially if you're using really high-quality images from a platform such as mid journey. So the image is going to stand out, but also the text not being too visible is going to make people press that image on the Explore page. So e.g. in this case, we could have had the texts like this and people would have been able to see it. But if we have the text smooth like this, once they actually press the graphic, there'll be able to see the text. But essentially they wouldn't have been able to see the text if they didn't press it. So making take into consideration how you want to approach your text size. Now, the next thing I want to discuss is the elements that are actually available to you on Canvas, e.g. let's say this photo here. Now, I love this photo, but maybe I don't like this sun that much. So what I'm gonna do is type in some. And I'm gonna go to graphics, or I'm gonna go to photos actually. And I actually prefer once something like this. So if I want to use this sun right here instead of that sun, this is how I do it. I will make us make it slightly bigger. I will then go to Edit photo and I will press BG removal, which is background removal. And there we go. The background has been removed. I will now make enlarge that, make that slightly bigger. And boom, I have replaced the sun easily using Canva, and these are just small things that you can play around with. I can obviously make work on the transparency a bit as well. Blend it in more like that. I can then add glow to it, e.g. that. But something that I mentioned that even earlier in the course is being able to play around with certain aspects. Obviously, we want to be able to create things quickly, but the quicker you understand certain cheat codes and ways to use Canva effectively, the better your graphics game is going to be. So e.g. I've added this little glow. I will then position it backwards. And now that will just add a bit more effect to the photo. Using the elements on Canva is can be a game changer and I do recommend it a lot. If you're, if you do want to test out your creativity, something here, if you're struggling to potentially see the texts, Here's a quick bonus I just go to and then I will go to my blog. E.g. I'll just grab any block, e.g. that block, and then I will make that black. And I will then reduce the transparency. But as you can see from there, and then I just rent you, increase it tiny bit, bring it in more e.g. but now it will just add, it will just make my text clearer. It doesn't really change that much in the actual grand scheme of things. But these lists will, things are going to be what makes, what takes your content to another level. Now, let's jump into adding everything together on mid journey with Canva. 8. Putting Everything Together: Okay guys, so what we want to do is bring, is drag our mid journey pictures into Canva. And here I have two of them. Now we're going to use this one. We're going to just put everything together. We've got our quotes that we got earlier. I'm going to grab this one. I'm going to go back. I'm going to paste it here. Now. As we can see, this, it looks good, but we can't really see it that well. What we want to do straight away, I'm going to need to add the black. And what that will do. I will then press transparency. And I will then just bring them back to about 15. Just essentially making the photo darker, which will allow this text to stand out. Now with this text, I'm going to make this slightly less spacing. I'm going to change it all in caps. I'm going to just, just like that. And then what I would do is literally who grew Alex or wherever my handle would be. Either they're there were up in the top, make it more transparent like that. And there you go. There you have a really good-looking quotes. You have a really good looking picture on a whole. And guys, you can literally create more so something like this one which looks incredible. Again, you can put your handle and just go from there. Because adding everything together. And you're just literally once you get this text right, when you first bring everything into Canva and sets up your graphics, the first, the first time. That's when you'll be able to choose what texts you want to use, the style, font, etc. Then it's a matter of dragging your pictures in from mid journey and just literally putting in, moving your texts that are right up against that fits next, next. And you've literally just made endless quotes though. So guys, it can be really easy, really quick to make these siloed graphics. It's a matter of getting, when you first start to play around with different styles, start understanding how to, how everything works. Once you've done that guys, you can literally make 110 min. 9. Instagram Growth Bonus (BONUS): Guys, his bonus lesson, which is all about Instagram growth. I don't want you guys to create these graphics and post them online. If you don't understand the grand scheme of things when it comes to Instagram growth. So make sure you watch this lesson just to make sure that you can use the graphics and the best way possible. Now the first thing I want to discuss is being consistent. When it comes to posting on Instagram, you need to be consistent. And that's one of the reasons that we've actually created and gone with these graphics, because being able to create 5,000 graphics is going to allow us to plan our content in advance. But what I want you to understand about consistency is you don't want to post five times in one day and then take three days off and then post twice and then post three times the next day. Consistency is about being there day in and day out and providing the same amount of content. What I want you to do is if you can only post once a day, twice a day, three times a week, then do that. But what I want you to do is do that long term. You need to build a consistent strategy which is going to allow you to do that every single week. So look at your content from a weekly perspective and just make sure that you're able to do that each week as you're building a community and your audience expect something from you. And that's the reason that we're doing graphics so that you can be consistent. You can keep feeding your audience that content, guys. And as we make graphics, we're going to be trying different style graphics. We're going to be making, we're going to be trying different quotes. We're going to be trying different recipes. We're gonna be trying different pictures. Don't be quick to over analyze when a post doesn't do well. One of the best things or one of the things that I've learned over the years using Instagram is just to post, understand where, where you could have done better and move on. And if you're able to unlock this mindset, is going to really allow you to push long-term and not burn out guys, essentially, when we are creating content on Instagram, you know, one of the most important variables when it comes to the algorithm is user retention. So guys, when we're posting these graphics or swipes or wherever we've created, we want to remember that we're trying to keep that person on the post as long as possible. So if you've put a quote and it's relatively simple quotes and it's motivational. Think, how can I make someone stay on this post longer? Well, the answer is, write a caption that is potentially relevant to the motivational quote, it's further reading. So it's going to keep the person on the post and then essentially engaging with that person. They're going to feel more connected to you because you've shared more information. Remember, we're trying to provide value. So guys, make sure you're using your captions properly so that you can retain the user's attention. Guys, the next thing I wanted to talk about its competitors, and this is gonna be one of the most important aspects when it comes to actually growing your accounts and understanding what works. We'll ready. Now, of course, you're gonna be doing lots of testing yourself, but competitors are great way to actually see what's working already. So you can see what other pages are doing and see what works well on their page. And if there's a certain style of post that's not doing well and you see that on a few different pages, then obviously avoid that. Or if you think you can really do something a lot better than try it. Using your competitors is important to analyze what they do well and what they do wrong, but to not over analyze and compare yourself because you will never understand every variable that goes into their practice. So guys, learn how to use your competitors effectively and it will really help you on your growth journey in regards to growth is don't over-complicate small things. There are so many different variables on Instagram such as hashtags, captions, call to actions, stories, posting, times, the demographics of your audience, the different contents, styles, the list can literally go on. And as you've seen, I've mentioned a bunch of different things and it's probably like 50 more different variables that go into Instagram growth. And the reason I've mentioned and want to discuss this is because I want you to realize how many different variables that actually are not to over analyze certain variables such as hashtags, your caption, et cetera. If you're not happy with the performance, et cetera, don't over-complicate your journey. Yes, you should be testing different hashtags. You should be testing different graphics, motivational quotes, different styles, but don't Start over complicating. Remember testings, move on. And remember that there are so many different variables that go into whether you're going to grow or not. And what you need to do is just make sure you control them and you put them in good places. They don't need to be perfect. Perfect doesn't exist. 10. Project: Guys, and for the project, I want you to create a graphic similar to how we've created. And just make it your own style. Make an epic, put it towards whatever goals you're trying to do on Instagram, but makes sure that you follow the steps correctly and you take notes throughout. Thank you. 11. Outro: Guys, my name is Alex and I hope this course has given you some insight into how easy you can leverage ai and Canva to make your graphics go to another level.