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How to use AI for Social Media Growth & Content Creation (Instagram, Chat GPT, & More)

teacher avatar Alexandre Pereira, Let's Grow.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Chat GPT Introduction


    • 3.

      Chat GPT Captions (Round 1)


    • 4.

      Chat GPT Quotes and Motivational Captions


    • 5.

      Chat GPT Fast Hashtags


    • 6.

      Chat GPT Bonus Captions Tips


    • 7.

      Creating Blog Posts - Chat GPT


    • 8.

      Email Campaigns - Chat GPT


    • 9.

      Twitter Threads - Chat GPT


    • 10.

      Youtube Videos - Chat GPT


    • 11.

      Podcasts - Chat GPT


    • 12.

      Bonus Social Media Tips - Chat GPT


    • 13.

      MidJourney (Round 1)


    • 14.

      MidJourney Let's Create Art


    • 15.



    • 16.

      Canva AI Tools (Must Watch)


    • 17.

      AI Background Remover - Bonus Tools


    • 18.

      Bonus Tools Full Website


    • 19.

      AI For Selling Products Tool Skimmer


    • 20.

      AI Background Creator (Amazing)


    • 21.

      Instagram AI tips


    • 22.

      Tik-Tok AI Tips


    • 23.

      AI General Growth Tips


    • 24.

      Project Time


    • 25.

      Future Course Updates


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About This Class

Learn how to use AI Effectively for Social Media Growth and Content Creation. Focusing on AI Tools such as; Chat GPT, MidJourney, BlueWillow, Canva AI and more! 

By the end of this course you will be ready to start leveraging the power of AI, to help you in everyday projects and tasks. 

We will be exploring different topics such as; how to write the perfect caption for social media, How to create backgrounds from nothing, how to create the perfect email marketing campaign subject header, how to create realistic images and so much more! 

In this course we will be using: 

Canva, CHAT GPT and Midjourney, BlueWillow and more. 

Let's prepare you for GROWTH.

  • Understand exactly how to use CHAT GPT
  • Learn how to combine AI with Canva
  • BONUS Tips for Growth on Instagram is Provided throughout 
  • How to use BlueWillow
  • Multiple Bonus Tools Included

In Under 60 Minutes , Alex gives you a step-by-step course teaching you how you can take the worries of creating and growing away from your life and it into a world where you have AI doing the hard parts for you! 

Best of luck!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alexandre Pereira

Let's Grow.

Level: All Levels

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1. Introduction: Ai has taken over the world over the last few months. And it's brought us so many tools and websites that we can use to make our lives much easier and more productive. In this course, I'm going to go through some of the best tools out there that are great for social media growth and content creation. Because I need a monitor for over eight years now. And ai has completely changed my workflow. Trust me, if you haven't started using AI by the end of this course, you will be, my name is Alex. Let's jump straight into it. 2. Chat GPT Introduction: To get the most our chat TBT, you need to ask the right questions. A formula that is working well at the moment is, first, write me a kind of the second is that is style and tone. And finally, highlighting, featuring characteristics. Now, if you're able to incorporate this into when you're giving commands to check GPT or ask any questions, you are going to get responses that actually match what he wants. I think often people go into THE VT and they asked very vague questions or give very vague input, and they will get very vague outputs. So guys, start with this formula and it will transform everything. But now let's put this into practice in a variety of different ways and show you just how effective chat GBT 3. Chat GPT Captions (Round 1): Now the first way that we can use trach EBT as a marketer for content creation is specifically for captions. And this is one of the ways that I've been using CBT. And it's really honestly changed the game. And you have to be doing this. So whatever time of Instagram account you have tickets or wherever it might be, you can get it to create captions view. And let's actually do that right now. So for example, let's say we're a fashion related account and we want to create a caption which is related to clothing in some capacity. I'm going to now give it some input so they can create me a caption. I'm going to show you just how easy is it, guys, remember this version of chat GBT writes an Instagram caption in a fun and engaging tone that describes the features and benefits of our new range of dresses. As you can see, look how it's created this incredible caption. But now, essentially for Instagram, I often think this potentially might be too long. So I'm just going to ask it to be short on, give me a shorter version of this. But not too short. But you know, we've stopped to our formula in this. Come on. And it's allowed us to have a, it's given us catcher, which is actually related to what we desire. But here we have a different version which is a lot shorter, and also it's including hashtags were I'll go into that a little bit further later on. Now, this is just a simple caption. Now, obviously, when creating captions, so many different styles of captions out there, we want to sometimes be more informational, add bullet points. It can be Jim related, etcetera. So I'm just going to show you how you can do that as well. So for example, this was obviously selling something. I'm going to create a new chats and I'm going to put rice and Instagram caption, which tells five benefits of doing squats in our gym, is included in emojis. It's making my life so much easier as someone potentially who has researched stuff. I'm giving it the outputs that I want because I know what to put. And it's giving me exactly what I want. And guys, you know, it's obviously weighty but professional. Be Burn, baby burn. You just need to tweak it, play around with it a little bit, but you can really get the results you want with your captions. But for example, again, if I want to make this shorter, make it shorter and more concise. And it's given me a different caption, a lot shorter. And I could possibly definitely use that 4. Chat GPT Quotes and Motivational Captions: Insoluble. Another good way to essentially ET, is to get quotes and motivational captions for your audience. You know, sometimes it's just important to have a really short one liner in your caption. And for example, for that, you can just ask, writes. Give me five motivational quotes, which are about pushing Mondays. I had some funny aspects. But let's just see, Let's see. There you go. Rise and shine Monday warriors, remember Monday is just a warm up for the rest of the week. Embrace them like a pillow and show them who's boss. But you can obviously make it dark if you like dark humor or completely dark and just reach it. You can just literally play around with this how you want. For example, if you're a restaurant and you want to, or your food page, and you want to provide people with some recipes. You can simply ask it to write you some recipes and it will provide them. So it can make your life so much easier when it comes to Captions. And just to take this to another level, redo this caption that out, a call to action so that people can get in touch with with me as a, as a life coach. Redo discussion, but add a call to action so that people can get in touch with me as a life coach. And here we go, ready to conquer Mondays and transform your life as a life coach. I'm here to guide you through the ups and downs, helping you unleash action potential. Let's turn Mondays into your launchpad for success based on one of the best ways I think to use chat GPT when it comes to your captions, is the way it can provide value. So again, I've mentioned you can add recipes, add more information to your captions. Even if you order a gym or a fitness trainer, personal trainer, wherever it is, we work with those types of clients. You can actually get Chat GB to create workouts view based on a few metrics. So really for me, adding extra value using an API which has so much data and so much capability, you really want to leverage how you can add value to your audience. The guys, that's how you use chat GBT to really transform your captions. 5. Chat GPT Fast Hashtags: The next thing I wanted to do, which is a must as well, is obviously in your captions, you can add hashtags. And normally nowadays when you type something in on church unity in terms of captions or you ask it for a caption, it will also usually give you three hashtags. So for example, in the previous one I've done, I mentioned about Monday mornings and life coach, et cetera. And it's giving me life coach Monday motivation transform your life. Now, if you wanted more hashtags or more specific hashtags, etc, you can easily just ask it to do that for you. So for example, I'm going to now ask, give me ten extra hashtags, which are Rayleigh will save the niche. And there you go. So these hashtags will help you reach a more targeted audience interested in personal development, self-improvement, and achieving their goals. So in terms of hashtags, they can take care of that for you. 6. Chat GPT Bonus Captions Tips: Now, in regards to captions, I wanted to just go through a few different ways that you can improve or change the way you do your captions. Now, for example, I've got here, creates a funny and catching social posts of my coffee shop, Dallas espresso. I'm going to press Enter and they're essentially we have a caption which fits exactly what we've asked chat GBT. But I want to change this slightly completely. Actually, I wanted to change this completely and see what chats you VT can do for me. So I'm going to literally copy this. I'm going to press paste. I'm going to put creates a off and motivating. And I just want to show you the capability to attach your teeth with a few changing words. The difference is going to give me an guys. Again, you can add emojis, you can ask it to add more emojis. Less emojis are different variation of emojis. Now for example, let's say that you have a blog post about coffee. The benefit, I'm going to type in the benefits of coffee on Google. Now, I'm going to find, let's do this One Health or cone. Now, you can use it to also create socially, create a social media caption based on this blog post. And you literally just copy and paste the blog post website link. And it will create something based on what you've given us. I think this is super underrated way of creating captions, especially if you want to add additional value. Remember, rightly call to action to tell people to come in and get a free coffee only to date. Because obviously I'm showing you so many different ways that you can create and play around with your captions. I always recommend to try and still keep it as clear as possible. Be concise with your input so that you can get what you want. Here you can see I've written something in regards to try to get calls to action and it's given me something which I definitely think if I was to add it to oppose would get people to come in guys, change the way you use your captions on social media, whether it's for TikTok, Instagram, anywhere, and stop using chat GBT guys, Trust me, stay around for the rest of the course as there is so much different schools, I definitely recommend you start using 7. Creating Blog Posts - Chat GPT: Guys, the next thing we're going to do is create some blog posts and get Chat GP to actually write them. And obviously, you know, the purpose of this is to use persuasive language, encourage readers to potentially actually booked these holidays, etc. So what I'm going to write for this one is write a blog post about Albert fatal in Portugal as a travel destination in a and engaging to include information about local cultural activities and accommodation options to suit your budget. As I mentioned earlier in the course, it's important to keep it concise information and I feel with this type of prompt or giving it exactly what I want or giving you that tone and give it a certain characteristics I wanted to speak about. So it should provide me with a blog post I actually will be able to use. So let's press Enter. One of the great things about THE d t is obviously that I've asked it to create a blog post and it will actually categorize it properly for me if say for example, give me its high school, you'll give me the introduction, then it will talk now as it's typing about beaches, the law, etc. Now, we just wait until it's done. And when you're done with this, then you can literally create a blog post in a few minutes at a few pictures. Essentially, you're done. Now guys, Here's our full blog post. Done. It's gone through different sections. So we got introduction. Beaches go low, delve into local culture, thrilling activities, accommodation, options, budget, nightlife, extravaganza, and the conclusion. So that's a really solid blog post. We would read it at this point and if we're happy, then obviously take it. But if we wanted to add another section or change the tone or make a certain paragraph bigger, we would simply just put that input and that's what we'd get. So guys, if you need to make blog posts, chat, GPT can actually do that 8. Email Campaigns - Chat GPT: The next way we can use chat GET again is for something like e-mail campaigns, which a lot of us marketers have to do. Or if we're doing outreach or we're doing it for a client. And what each catchy VT can do for you is actually write the email for you. But in this case, what I want to go through is this subject titles to captivate your audience or people that come across your emails. So for example, in this case, I want it to write me five fun and engaging email subject lines that promotes our new routine. A subscription service which is currently 40% off. So get Ritz and save big 40% off on protein shape subscriptions. Fuel your games with rules, set of protein shakes, subscription, madness, et cetera. And if I wanted to change it, make it more professional, making more eye-catching, etc, I would simply put those prompts in and it would create more ideas for my subject line. And often, when using chats you VT. The reason to do it is just to make our life easier and sometimes just to give us ideas. So there's so many times where I've used that GET and then go off taken one and make small adjustments and taken it to another level. So you don't necessarily have to literally copy and paste every time. But it's a good way to just get your mind working in a creative way to e-mail campaigns, whether it's the full email subject line, except for definitely start using CBT for that 9. Twitter Threads - Chat GPT: Another way that you can use chat GPT is on Twitter threads. As we all know, anyone who uses Twitter and is actively posting most of this high. And they are using Twitter threads to tell a story, to go in depth because of the word limit. So we can actually use chat GPT-2, create our threads for us. So for example, in this case, I'm going to do exactly that. So I'm going to press new chat. I'm going to put, writes me a professional and detailed Twitter thread, which is about the importance of sleep as someone who works in the creative industry. Essentially, There we go. So I've written the primary professional and these are Twitter thread which is about the importance of sleep as someone who works in the phrasing industry. So I'm targeting people who work in the creative industry. And I'm getting it to write a professional and detailed thread for me. And, you know, look, it's a matter of seconds is ready at six out of ten. And that's where I would potentially copy and paste it, etc. Now, as you can see on my screen here, or I think you can see is I use grandly, now, you can copy and paste this into Grammarly at any point just to see if you want to change the term there. We want to fix few words, etc. So there are tools that you can use on top of chat GP to really make it better. But more often than not, this is really ready to go. Both horse always proof, read everything but Twitter threads. Easily possible for you to create with the threads. Whereas clients, whether it's for your personal brand, using changed 10. Youtube Videos - Chat GPT: Now guys, the next one is YouTube videos. Now, this applies to obviously any type of video, but let's say you want to create a YouTube video about a particular topic, let's say your personal trainer. And you want to create a video which goes into why people should be sleeping at least 8 h a day. You can actually get chatting again to write that script views. So I'm going to put in, writes me a YouTube video scripts which has but it's professional, which is about the importance of sleeping least seven, 8 h a day for people who want to lose weight. And as you can see again, it's starting off with its high school and it's going to give me the introductions seen one series actually going to tell me what I should be doing in the video, how I should be speaking. And then also the kind of the wall, the exact words that I should be using. So if you're thinking about starting a YouTube channel or have a client who wants to do YouTube and you don't know, They want you to write a script, etc. It can actually take a long time to chat. You can actually take care of that and imagine showing this to someone. They will be very impressed with what you're giving them, as this is concise, is detailed, and it's broken down, is very professional. So at any point, if you want to use YouTube and have a client, or if you want to use it, use chat GPT to actually create your scripts. On top of that, you can write extra stuff, make some tweaks that this will give you the fundamental basis you need to get onto YouTube 11. Podcasts - Chat GPT: Another great way to check GBT when it comes to social media and your personal brand, etc, is holocausts. Now again, we're just going to write, write me a professional and we'd see scripts for HOD cost, which is talking about the importance of nutrition, your mental health. So there we go. Welcome ladies and gentlemen one to another episode of mind and body balanced, the podcast where we explore the fascinating connection between nutrition and mental health and it goes into it more. So definitely, if you wanted to podcasts in the future, definitely jump on chat, CBT 12. Bonus Social Media Tips - Chat GPT: Now here are some final tips for chat GPT. Remember when you're asking chat should be easy for something to be specific. So for example, don't ask it vague questions. Write me an Instagram post because it doesn't know what Instagram post is for what some of the variables that you actually should be inserting. So for example, if you're supposed to be creating an Instagram post for a gym page, tell you it's for Jim page. And if you can give it any more information such as it's for a chest workout or it's for a gym in new Dallas. There's so many different ways or variables that you can input which are going to change your results. So guys, be specific. The next thing is used, the right language is so for example, if you're looking for Jim related content, make sure that you're using gym related words. Words that the, remember, remember, CBT is based off so much data. So whatever industry you're speaking about, what I'm looking for content for is most likely going to understand the jargon, etc. So it's fine to use that specific style of wording. Now, as you can see here on chat CBT, you open up different chats with it. And something that I like to do is to make sure that for example, each of my brands that I'm working with or for myself, that I have threads or chats that are specific to what I'm looking for. So for example, let's say sleep key to creativity. Now, I've asked it in that chat specific style of tone, etc. So I need to remember going forward that in that chat, That's the tone that is going to be delivering the outputs to me. So for example, you need to be consistent when speaking to me, oh, well, expecting results, inserts and chat. So if you want something to be different, you need to create a new chat. Now, as I showed you earlier in the course, you can insert blog posts, etc, interchanging VT and take a look at it. And based information office, for example, there is no reason why you can't give it examples. So for example, if you see or any good caption elsewhere in a different account whilst you're on Instagram, you can bring that copy and paste that caption into chatting to T and say, you know, create something similar to this, or use this as an example, or use this as a reference point. Remember the morning for you give it, the better the output. Remember be open-minded. When you're inputting information. You might be expecting it to give you certain information back and not always will it give you what you want? But sometimes you just need to take where it gives you and it possibly could still be effective. And this is based on loads of data, so it could be the most effective way. But if you're not happy with it, then changed certain inputs that you're adding and it will give you a different output. Doesn't final thing I want you to remember, and probably the most important is testing guys, which has UPMC, is important to test different outputs because this is going to heavily affects your results. And at the beginning, it's worth playing around them there for a few hours. And our just before you really start diving in and using a lot more. So make sure you test 13. MidJourney (Round 1): Okay guys, so now we're going to be using the mid journey, which is essentially an odd generator. But for us, social media marketers and content creators, we can use it in a variety of ways. Now, I'm going to show you a few of the example type of posts that we can create using mid journey and other AIR generators. Now, raising high-quality graphics can be very time-consuming and meet journey literally allows us to create high-quality content relatively quickly. Now, what you'll need for mid journey is a Discord account. If you don't have a Discord account, make sure you get one before jumping into medium because you do need it for mid journey and for other ai. Ai such as blue willow. Now as you can see here, we're basically on the mid journey dashboard. And if, for example, I press newcomer room, I can see all of the different posts that people are creating. So for example, this person has just created this super cool Paul. This person is creating some dogs. And look how realistic these puzzles. So what I always recommend is that you different logs that people are actually created as you'll get a feel of what's possible and you'll start seeing what prompts people are using. But as you can see here, for example, they're trying to actually create logo. Now, the AI at the moment degeneration is still not perfect in terms of text. But if you are trying to create a logo, you can simply use this logo and then edit these letters on different platforms as Photoshop or Canva. But you've got the unique bone right here. For example, he put logo, forest motor sports, and obviously the text isn't perfect, but there is ways that he can fix that in another platform. And for example, here, they've put examples of pink websites. And again, great if you're trying to create a portfolio, et cetera. Perfect for that. Now something but I liked doing so for example, let's say food photography. You can actually see the type of photography that this can possibly generate. Say for example, this actually looks like strawberry or a railway life strawberry in this case. You can see it tells you what prompts that person is actually used to create this image. So guys, it's really important that you actually spend some time just looking at what's possible. So look how real this ai image is. And again, greet sided with olive oil, dressing in photography, etc. and they've been able to create that. And it looks unbelievably row. And then you can just keep scrolling through. And for example, photorealistic strawberries and cream yellow background professional. Now, this takes ages to actually create in terms of real life food production. Now you can do this in seconds using mid journey Angela, you can take this to a, for example and simply add some text on top. And that would be a great social media post. And as you can see, scrolling in and it was an incredible stake here, etc. So it's really important to understand what people are presenting with 14. MidJourney Let's Create Art: Now what we're going to do is actually create some of our own hearts. And just so that you understand how to do it. So what we're going to do is press. Imagine. This allows us to stop creating or putting prompts to create us our arms. Now, you can really get creative here and create stuff that you mean that is really out there. For the purpose of this course, I'm going to create something just out there. I want to potentially create a graphic for a motivational page. Now, what I'm going to do is I'm going to do super hero, rabbits, soup, my outfit, golf ball, eight k ultra realistic and a three by two. Now, at the end what I put dash, dash AR, this essentially is the size of the image that I want. So for example, three by two is this is the format of the image. And so for example, if you wanted to do a huge thumbnail, you will do 16 by nine. So now we just wait for the image to be processed. I will then open up Canva. I will go to create Instagram. Here are my switch. Amazing. So essentially what these u1, v1, et cetera means is, so these are the image that is generated. Now, I will upscale them and actually pick one of them to use all of them. I wish press you want. So for this case I'm going to press you want. But for example, if I liked one of them, but I wanted more variation of that image, I would press v1, v2, and it will start generating another four images based on that particular image. But in this case, I like this one. I'm going to press web requests yet and it's going to open up that image. I'm simply going to right-click Save that will go into downloads. I will then go, go, go. That's Canva. I will then go to my downloads and just drag that in there. Now we can play around with the image. So I'm just simply going to create a motivational quotes. Oh, I can use this texts for example. And I'm just going to put something for the sake of this video like keep grinding, for example, affects lift. And then we have our image. Now, guys, with the prompts on MIT journey, how I would recommend doing it. Again, it's similar to change GBT. The more information you give it, the more detail you're going to get back in your image or the image is going to be how? So? For example, usually what I like to do is describe how I want the image to be and then also give it some additional information in terms of the style of image I want. So if I want it to be realistic or a comic book style, etc. and essentially the image will be produced that way. So for example, you can see here eastwards mascot logo of 2q2, cherries, smiling cartoon style. So that's where it's produced this down the two cherries, and it's done it in cartoon style. Essentially, you guys made journey is not complicated. And I really think that if you're needing graphics in any capacity for your pages, it's definitely worth using, even if you have blogs, for example, and you need images which are your own. You can go onto here and its heyday. For example, imagine beach in Portugal, lots of people, ultra HD, realistic, amazing water. And then I will put a 16 by nine. So for example, if I was creating a blog post and unaided images which were which will my own or specifically said, had certain things that I couldn't find on the Internet, I could use my journey to do that. So as a content creator, median is an incredible platform to use. You can use it for YouTube thumbnails. Let's just quickly see how good this will be. And you can see here Someone's on the Yorkshire door surfing on the sea with a glass and a t-shirt forecast shot on a Canon. So you can even tell him what, you know what camera, potentially for short, is supposed to be filmed on. As you can see here. Here are my images and they do look super realistic, especially this one and that one. So yeah, mid journey is definitely a great, great AI to use as a content creator. 15. BlueWillow: Hey guys. So if you don't want to use mid journey, let me introduce you to another. A cool blue or yellow and blue willow essentially is very similar to my journey. But as you can see, there are a wide range of different ways you can use it, but it's essentially very, very similar. You start off by putting imagine again, and it will produce your images. And essentially difference at the moment is that blue willow is free, whereas MIT journey, you do have to pay a monthly fee to use it, which is not much if you're using it for content creation, et cetera. But if you wanted to experiment and try things, blue willow is the one I would definitely recommend to start off with. And then potentially going into mid journey as they do work. Very similar, but as you can see, you can create it for a bunch of different methods that the scaling is super high. But yeah, you can be creative, etc. So guys, if you want to play around with something like this, definitely trout, blue, willow, 16. Canva AI Tools (Must Watch): Okay guys, so now I want to introduce you to some of canvas best AI tools and features that definitely recommend you guys start using. So let's open up Canva and as we can see, we've got some in Canvas tools here. Now, I'm just going to run through some of my favorite tools and the capabilities of using Canva. And now we've got this image here of Neymar wishes a foot Brazilian football player. Now, let's say I wanted to turn this into a graphic. Now as you can see, the image finishes around here. But I want to just have Neymar in the photo and had a different backgrounds. What I'm going to do is press BG removal, which essentially this background removal. And it will remove the background. And as you can see, there's the background removed. I will then essentially put the, make the background black or whichever color I want. This works for anything that I want in terms of any kind of image where there's a stand alone feature in the middle. So for example, let me find another image directly on Canva. Let me type in something. And goats shoot photos. Let me just open a new one as find, let's say image with some puzzles. So for example, this image here, I'm going to then go to edit photos and press BG, remove her again and again. It's removed. Now, let's take this slightly further and change the image and show you some different features. So essentially what we can do his edit photo. And now these are some of the new features which is magic eraser. So for example, let's say I want to remove this sponge or whatever it might be here. I will just highlight it. And let Canva do its magic. And essentially it will begin removing the image. Essentially, you just need to tidy it up entirely up a few times. Does it integrate way where there's kind of a little bit of transparency and it's not completely replaced, but it looks very much like it was never there. You can do this with anything and you definitely is definitely worth playing around. But now what I want to show you is still in Beta, but it's definitely worth playing around with. Now let's say this bottle head here. Let's say I want, let's say I want it to be something else. I'm going to press Continue. Then I'm going to describe what to generate. I'm going to press, I'm going to type in parks. I'm going to press generate. Essentially what I'm expecting is to turn that head into a plot in some capacity. If I was creating a social media post for a client, which essentially this is a bottle of perfume which has a plant or something like that. Yeah, this is basically what it does. For example, like that. I could press around with January new results. And as you can see, that's actually a really cool image. This can work with anything that you're really do it. And I think that this is one of Canada's greatest new features. Obviously, everyone knows that this is potentially a bottle of something where you can. But we want to show the features that it's plant-based or something so creative post, it's worth using this a generator and that's it. There's the image. And then obviously if we wanted to remove the image, etc, we could the guys Canvas, but a lot of different features. It's all about playing around, etc. But in terms of a, I keep up-to-date with what's happening in Canada. And I think those new Beta, those new Beta features are going to be game changers. And that looks like a really cool image. 17. AI Background Remover - Bonus Tools: Another resource that they have is there a background from the roof? And now Canvas also has this. But for example, if you didn't have a pro Canva account and you just want a simple background removal. Use and check out the AI background removal. Really good tools on here guys. Especially if you want slogan creates ****, is this then generates its highest fuel generator, etc. You can get started on the great platform to begin and has a bunch of tools. 18. Bonus Tools Full Website: Introduce you to some other tools which you might or might not know about, which are definitely important to have in your toolkit. And the first one is Now essentially what allows you to do is multiple different things. But let's have a look at what we have here. So they haven't a writer, AI background remover, AI slogan generator, ai image of scalar. So for example, let's press Image upscale. Now, as you can see here, this is the original image, and once it's been up-scaled, it's scaled into H D image. And I've tried this and it actually works. Also provide an different photo enhancer in this course. But there are so many times where sometimes we are filming the client in terms of getting pictures, filming your time, getting pictures, and there's a really good picture and it's come out slightly, not as high-quality as we want. And it's nowadays there are ai image enhancers which are just supposed to fine tune our image to make sure that it's the highest quality possible. And to be honest, even content that we potentially have used in the past. I've had a few, maybe a year ago, two years ago that we were that was unusable. Now we can potentially scale it up and use that image. So don't sleep one image are scalars 19. AI For Selling Products Tool Skimmer: Okay guys, so here's another tool that is a must. If you're selling products on TikTok, on Instagram, and you want to get detailed descriptions about certain products. For example, if you're doing Amazon affiliate marketing, wherever it might be, let me show you this chart. Now we're on copy. I'm just going to say what I'm going to do, for example, is go over to Amazon. I'm going to type in headphones. Go on to, for example, these headphones right here. I'm going to copy rights meat as social media host about this product. There you go, sir. I can essentially use any links to any product, puts it onto copy dot a, and it will create high-quality captions for my social media posts, copy 20. AI Background Creator (Amazing): Hey guys, here's an AI which is unbelievable and I'm sorry to any photographers out there, that this is heavily. And essentially what this does is it turns an image and it gives it an amazing product, backdrops. And you can get 40 shorts and month for free. And this essentially is what, how it works. So for example, here we've got a chimeric and ginger put it into Padlet and it will give you all of these generated photos to match the product that you've put. Guys, when I was creating content a few years ago for a social media marketing clients. Creating this from scratch took time and lots of effort. And now with the introduction of AI is going to save you so much time. And this type of content is highly valuable guys. So you can really build something from this. And this is such a great tool to be using. You can then take these and put it onto Canvas and add texts. But essentially, it allows you to create high-quality content exactly like this. Guys. Do not sleep on 21. Instagram AI tips: When it comes to Instagram, definitely start using AI to make the whole process quicker. Guys. The one of the most important variables on Instagram is consistency. And AI essentially saves us so much time. Essentially, that's why you should be using AI because it will allow you to save time from creating content. And it will allow you to be consistent long-term, which essentially is going to allow you to grow your account, needs consistent content. So utilize what's available out there to make sure you're consistent guys. When it comes to Instagram, one of the biggest burnout on Instagram is the fact that we need to keep producing content. And sometimes we can overthink things and we can spend too long in the caption, etc. But guys utilize chat GBT to make those captions. And it will simply make your life easier when you are using Chat, CBT and other ai don't solely rely on it. Of course, you need to have your own input if there are small manual changes that you can make them do so because guys, ultimately you know exactly what you want. So don't become too reliant on AI, but use it to improve your workflow, save you time, and to produce better quality content. But always remember, you set the line in terms of the quality that you proposed and dish out on Instagram? 22. Tik-Tok AI Tips: Guys, when it comes to TikTok, TikTok is about producing fast-paced content and a very consistent basis with some people posting numerous times a day. And posting so often can be difficult and it can definitely lead to burnout. So definitely using ai is going to allow you to save so much time. And one recommendation that I have a TikTok is to really plan your content in advance, guys. You don't want to wake up each day and think I need to post them. So three times today or I need to post twice wherever it might be, you want to start doing your content and advanced. So even use chat TB2 to generate ideas view. You can simply ask it to create ideas or scripts wherever it might be that you're producing content for. You can use that to make a bunch of consent and record it all in one go. You can use mid journey. You can use different platforms to enhance your videos and the content that you create. And again, you can use it to create, get hashtags, to do SEO, to do numerous different aspects of the TikTok day-to-day use AI to avoid burnout on TikTok 23. AI General Growth Tips: The final point that I want to make is that with the addition of AI, now we can produce even more valuable content to audiences on Instagram as valuable content, along with consistency, is going to build a community. And ultimately, a community is what we want. So guys use AI the right way on Instagram and you will grow 24. Project Time: Guys, what I want you to do for the course is I want you to create a mini blog post. Now, even if you don't use blog posts and won't be creating a good way to just combine all of the AI that I've shown you to create something cool. So create a blog post about you traveling to your favorite destination, even if you've not been there before. Go to mid journey, the same way that I've shown you. Create some images to match that blog post and simply, you can use Microsoft Word. They just add them together, take a screenshot and upload it to Skillshare guys. Make sure you do that even if you're not going to use it, just so that you can understand how to combine everything 25. Future Course Updates: Hello guys. I hope you've enjoyed the course just to let you know that I will constantly be updating this course with the latest information when it comes to a, I, just as I know, the AI world is going to be developing them for social media marketers or contact tracers. It's important for us to be up to date. So make sure you stay tuned. 26. Outro: Make sure you follow me as I will be making more courses and I'll be updating this one on a consistent basis. Guys. Let's grow together.