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How to Build a Threads Account & Community (Instagram's Twitter Rival) with AI + Canva

teacher avatar Alexandre Pereira, Let's Grow.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      What is Threads?


    • 3.

      How to Start Threads Account


    • 4.

      Building a Community


    • 5.

      Optimizing your Profile


    • 6.

      First Building Method (IG)


    • 7.

      Building Method Standing Out


    • 8.

      Building Method


    • 9.

      Threads Is your Testing Ground


    • 10.

      Instagram + Threads


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    • 12.

      Content Ideas


    • 13.

      Do not delete your Account


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About This Class

Instagram THREADS is here and NOW is the best time to Build your presence on there. History tells us that early adopters make massive progress when building their Brands / Businesses / Profile's when being one of the first on the platform.

By the end of this course you will be ready to start transforming your threads profile and leave a lasting impression. 

We will be exploring different topics such as; How to create Graphics with AI, How to grow your account from 0, How to grow a community which interacts with you & more. 

In this course we will be using: 

Canva, CHAT GPT and Threads & More

Let's prepare you for Community Building.

  • Understand what it takes to STAND OUT
  • Learn how to create Graphics Quickly with Canva
  • Learn how to use Chat GPT to create Quotes
  • Understand what it takes to actually grow on Social Media
  • Why this can help you grow your Instagram Profile

In Under 60 Minutes , Alex gives you a step-by-step course teaching you how you can REALLY make the most of this new platform! 

Best of luck!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alexandre Pereira

Let's Grow.

Level: All Levels

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1. Introduction: Hi guys, My name is Alex and in this course I'm going to be going through why you need to create a Threads Account and how you should be growing it. Threads is still in its infancy stage and now is the best time to Build your brand on threads. In this course, we're going to be going through a bunch of different ways to Build your community, to create content, how to leverage AI, and much more, guys, make sure you stay until the end of the course. As I'm sure, you'll be able to build something that's going to lost. My name is Alex. Let's grow 2. What is Threads?: Threads Is a separate app to Instagram, but you use your Instagram credentials are profile to actually log into threads or to create a threads profile. Now, as I mentioned, Threads is a text-based platform or a public discussion forum, similar to Twitter. With the differences being that you can post up to 500 characters when posting a Thread. And you are able to post links, videos, pictures, etc. with videos being able to post up to 5 min. In the first week, Threads was able to gain over 100 million sign-ups. And the CEO of Threads has a plan to get over 1 billion users and begin a whole system of monetization. So guys, I really recommend jumping on Threads as is so much potential. While Instagram primarily connects through photos and video, Threads, aims to connect via texts. The app aims to offer a separate, inclusive space for real-time updates and public conversations 3. How to Start Threads Account: Starting a Threads Account is as simple as logging into your Instagram and creating it through your Instagram credentials. So your Instagram username and verification will all carry over to your Threads Account. And in terms of the guidelines, it will be carrying over Instagram's policy and guidelines for their community. 4. Building a Community: One of the most important aspects on threads, and literally any social media platform is how you build your audience in terms of building a community. Now, building a community is essentially how you become a successful presence online when people, when your audience interact with you on a regular basis. Now, everyone who reaches a point where they have a community has put in work to get to that point. Because threads is still in its infancy stage. All of our AAC, It's on, there, needs to be nurtured into communities. So the point for this lesson is engaging with individuals so that they can later on establish our communities. So what I mean by this is anyone who follows you, who likes your posts, who replies to your, your threads. You need to be interacting with them because these are people that in some capacity have liked your content, haven't been applied to your content. You need to reply to them. Building a relationship with someone on the line is essentially how you will establish your communities. So, for example, if you start replying to people now, later down the line, that will pay off tenfold, guys, the power of interaction with individuals when you're a smaller cup account is where people go wrong. People think, I don't need to reply, I don't need to engage. I don't need to do this. But what we're trying to do is build this level of relationship with people online who are interacting with our content. So guys, even if you do this for like 13, 50 people in a few months time, this will pay off tenfold and it will allow you to start establishing a community. So guys, don't sleep great engaging with people who engage with you. Because I promise you, there are not going to be many people who are doing this. And we all know from Twitter already that it's very much a community based platform with regular commentators on different topics and replying to tweets, etc. So we can establish ourselves the same way on threads 5. Optimizing your Profile: When it comes to optimizing your Profile, you want to make sure that your Profile appears Professional, just like any other platform, people are going to be more inclined to follow you if you have a Professional looking for Profile. So the first thing we want to do is make sure that our Display Picture represents our brand or business. Or if we're an influencer, portrays us in a nice way. So the first thing you want to do is if you're an influencer or personal brand, make sure that you have a nice looking picture of yourself. Make sure that it's got good light and that you can actually clearly see yourself. And if you're a business or you're a Profile who has a logo, make sure that that logo is clear and professional. What you want to do is potentially look at some bigger pages in your niche. And look on Instagram and look at the profile pictures that they have and try to use that to inspire your Profile Picture, guys, make sure your profile picture is good, clean. The next thing you want to do is to optimize your bio. So utilize the space that is available to really portray your account and suit kind of real people in like a fish to follow you. So one of the good things about when you're creating your Threads Account is that it will take your Instagram bio and put it on your threads bio. So if you already have a Professional one on there, then that's fine. But if you don't, I would definitely recommend trying to make it stand out. Even if you're a personal account, Put some inspirational quotes or something about your life. Whether you're based in the world, something that's kind of represents you. The more information that you give them more personable the experience is going to be for someone who potentially it's going to follow you. Utilize this space properly and don't put stuff like follow me in telling people to fully you is not really going to incentivize them to fully. What you want to do is incentivize them by being personable. So guys, make sure you optimize your Profile so that people will follow you 6. First Building Method (IG): Now one of the first things you want to do after you've created your threads profile and Optimize your Profile. So make sure you watch those lessons if you haven't. The first thing you want to do to before you start any Growth Method or even potentially posting frequently, tried to post something. First of all, just so that there's some activity on your Profile. In the first thing you want to do is to get the people that you have on instagram to follow your threads profile so you can advertise this wild stories. All message them, interact with them, but get the people that you have one Instagram to follow you on threads. So follow those individuals on your Threads Account as they are going to be far more likely to follow your Threads Account at the beginning. And when a potentially new user comes onto your page and you already have 20 followers, 5,000, whatever it might be, it's going to be much more likely that they will follow back as you already have some sort of following. So guys, first thing you want to do is get people to follow you who already follow you on Instagram? 7. Building Method Standing Out: Okay guys, so right now on threads, the feed when we're scrolling is pretty cluttered and it will basically just show us whatever people are posting who are following. But overtime, the feed will start becoming more organized, etcetera. But right now and even later on in the future, you need to understand that you're going to, your content is going to be competing with a lot of people's. So I know that a Threads is obviously a text-based platform, but at times, just posting text is not enough. And as I've mentioned earlier in the course, we need to post visuals to capture the audience attention. Now, this clause is just simply to reinstate that and to tell you the different ways that Twitter does this and a difference with threads. So on Twitter you can do, on a single tweets, you can do up to four pictures. And on the difference on threads is that you can do up to ten. So this is similar to the carousel or swipes on Instagram. You can completely swipe through a single Post. Now this is great to give people extra context, information, visual aid, etc. so Threads is already got more in that capacity compared to Twitter. And these tools are available to us. We need to use them. So remember that guys, on the video side of things on Twitter, we can pause the video up to 2.5 min long. Whereas on threads they have released and allowed us to post up to 5 min. So there's a reason that they have given us these tools and these premium amounts. So make sure that you are utilizing this if you want to stand out on Threads 8. Building Method : Now guys, one of the growth strategies that we need to be implementing right now is interacting with people in this capacity. Now, TikTok, Instagram, all of these platforms have restrictions. So for example, when we follow too many people, when we liked too much content, when we reply to too many comments, we've all seen the guideline notification pop up saying you've done too much. We need to protect the community guidelines. And this can sometimes put your account in a shadow bands zone and it can hold your growth. But the beauty of a fresh platforms such as Threads is the limitations are far less. So it means that we can do far more actions before we get constrained by any limitations. So what we want to do, and this is going to be a tactic that is going to really work right now, especially for the foreseeable future, is to start following people in your niche. Now, when people, when you follow accounts, expecting people to follow you back, the biggest mistake people make is not concentrating on the right people. Now let's say your food page or a restaurant, you're a chef, wherever it might be, there's no point you following sports people or motivational people because that's not your target audience. What you want to do is type in food, type in some other restaurants and start following the people who have liked their most recent Post. And essentially what you're doing is putting something similar right in front of them. You are following them. They'll get the notification. And if they like your content, like your page, they will fully back. And now this is someone who you know likes that style of concept Guys. You could do this exactly the same way with responding to people, with replying to other threads by liking their posts, re-tweets and etcetera. It all applies, but you need to concentrate on your niche, guys. This is one of the best ways right now to grow and you need to be making the most of it. Obviously don't complete the abuse it give yourself maybe like 50 people at day that you need to follow something like that. And trust me, in a few months, this will pay off so much for you 9. Threads Is your Testing Ground: Use Threads as a testing ground for your audience so you can use it to drop Ideas, to ask questions before UQ rate. Further content for other platforms such as YouTube, for Instagram, etcetera. So use it to ask your audience questions and just to brainstorm ideas. Right now focused on connection and conversation and later the engagement will happen. Use it for customer support. So for example, if you haven't Instagram Profile and that's where you have your most amount of followers or engagement, etc. you can send people over to your Threads Account who have more in-depth questions. And once you have asked customer-related questions, so use that as a place where people can interact with you and you can even advertise that on your Instagram Profile, sending people over to your threads. And it can be a way to Build separate audience on there. Use it wisely 10. Instagram + Threads: Guys, as I mentioned earlier in the course, instagram and Threads are super interlinked. So when you see your threads profile or someone's Fred Profile, the Instagram logo will be in the top corner and you can simply press that and it will go straight to their Instagram profile. And this is virtually the same on Instagram. Now, what this gives us is a massive reason to use one or the other. So for example, if you want to grow your Instagram or you want to grow your threads, it means that we should be having the other platform as well as we are in a, potentially have the ability to appeal to a completely different audience, which will then go on to this alternative Social Media and potentially follow us. So we need to be using both Threads and Instagram to gather to really reach maximum exposure. And taking this even further, once we're, for example, posting a Thread Post, we can share this to our Instagram stories. So when people go on Instagram and they see your story, don't know. Oh, he, she, the person is active on Instagram or active on threads. Let me follow them and see them there. So it's also important to potentially have some variety in your content. Maybe it's Post some more behind the scenes related stuff on threads, but definitely interlink your Profile's and give people a reason to essentially go and follow your Instagram, to potentially go and follow your Threads Account. And this is how you're going to really build a community and a big and utilize that added exposure. 11. AI THREADS: Guys, for this lesson, I'm all about working smart. So we're going to be using AI and canva to actually create some graphics that we can post on threads. Now, as you can see on this thread or tweets right here, this tweet has been able to get over 500,000 views and they've done nothing in particular, that's special. And we could easily do this using a is. Let me just show you exactly how we can create this using chat, GPT and Canva. So for the purpose of this lesson, we're going to be created motivational based graphic. Now, let's open up chat GPT. All you need to do is create an account. The free version is fine. So what we're going to do it as typing writes me a motivational quotes about being productive. So I'll simply write that in about being productive. Make it short, and give me five more. So let's say we want to use this one right here. Productivity is the bridge between intention and achievement. Build it's strong and cross the shores of success. Now we're simply going to go over to Canva. I've got something here. And we're going shoe. We're going to just simply go to elements and I'm going to type in Bridge. And I will go to photos. And you will see a bunch of photos and I will simply drag that. I'll put that into the center. If you haven't used Canva before, I really, really recommend that you start using Canva. If you want to create visuals that are going to appeal to your audience, you need to be using Canva. So guys, I've literally just done this in about 2 min. I'm going to just put this in the sensor, going to go to effects. I'm going to add lift, max intensity and that we go. But I could, I could do, Let's make this make it bigger. And there we go. And for example, if I wanted to make this darker, I would simply go to Elements type in block or something due to all go to here. And just put in a lab, coats you here, which is the opacity and bring this. And there we go. And you know that relative, that basically looks like those ones that I've shown you here. Obviously, this is slightly different, but if you wanted to do a more stoic one or have people in the frame, etc. you can do that. Get some pictures from Google wherever is. Let's say your account is called motivation success. You could simply put your name, make it a bit smaller to water market. And there you go and put it somewhere, Put up here corner wherever. But guys, these visuals, they make a big difference when we're posting on Threads. Remember, when people are scrolling through, help them to stop on your post by giving them a visual aid. And as you can see on chat, GPT, etcetera, using this AI and canva can make your life so much easier and will really increase the engagement on your content. 12. Content Ideas: Okay guys, so here's some content Ideas for Threads, and these are just broad and general, but I'm sure you'll be able to find some stuff which you can start posting to date. The first thing is asking questions. You can simply throw out questions into the massive Start Threads is, and people will start engaging with you. So this is a great way to spark conversation and just really throw some thoughts out there. Another great way is sharing Quotes. I mean, really for any niche, certain types of Quotes, whether it's motivational or historical, is a great way just to create content and find content quickly, as we will see in one of the lessons in the course, you can use Chat GPT to rate these quotes for you. Another way to create good concept of threads is to do behind the scenes. So you can give people to live update. If you're a business influencer, whatever type of account you have of what you're up to. So if you just woken up and it's time for some breakfast and you're cooking something special. You can let people know on threads. And you can take a picture, etcetera. I think behind the scenes it's a great way to Build a community and to build that personality is one of the best ways finally, is to start conversations. If you can get people to have a conversation in your threads, then you are hitting the jackpot. Learn to spark conversations, Learn to get people commenting and have conversations with each other. That will be a goldmine in terms of reach 13. Do not delete your Account: This is just a really quick lesson and something that I wanted to make sure that all of you knew is right now on threads. If you delete your threads profile, your Instagram profile will be deleted also. So I just want to make sure that you guys are not delete in your threads profile. If you do want to delete it, just deactivators so that your Instagram Profile can remain intact. If you have a lot of followers on Instagram, you don't want to mess things up, so just the activate your account. If you need to do anything 14. Project: Guys, for the project, it's simple. What I want you to do is create eight threads account and optimize your account by making sure that the buyer is clear about what you're going to provide for your audience. So follow the steps earlier in the course. Make sure you have an optimized profile picture, et cetera. And post your first post tried to post something with a visual appeal. Share it on the project section so that I can give you feedback so that you can get some of the other Skillshare members to potentially follow your profile and give you feedback. Guys, my name is Alex. Make sure you contribute to the project 15. Outro: Guys, I hope this course has been helpful. I will be updating it throughout the next few years, making sure that I'm giving you the best advice out there for growing your threads accounts. Right now, what I've mentioned this video is some of the best ways to really stop building that community and stop building your brand. My name is Alex, dropped me off, follow, and Let's grow our accounts.