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Build your own Instagram Theme Page in 2023 (Social Media Managers Leverage)

teacher avatar Alexandre Pereira, Let's Grow.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Creation & Vision


    • 3.

      The Art Of Content


    • 4.

      Captions and Hashtags


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      Click Me: Thumbnails


    • 6.

      Game Changing Audio


    • 7.

      The Beauty Of Testing


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      Essential Software


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      Building Community


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      Use Stories Effectively


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      The Benefits


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About This Class

Become an Instagram Specialist While building an Instagram Theme Page. 

In this course we focus on creating Instagram Theme Pages which are pillars in their respective communities and are serious powerhouses. 

Would you create an Instagram account one allowing you to? 

  • Become an Expert, The art of learning by doing
  • Leverage Clients for Social Media Marketing Or Freelancing
  • Build an Audience 
  • And much More

Over the last five years, Alex has gained over 700,000 organic Instagram followers for himself and his clients and now wants to teach you a very overlooked strategy that has been a fundamental part of his success

In Under 40-Minutes, Alex gives you a step-by-step course which also covers fundamental aspects of Instagram including;

  • Community Building
  • Thumbnails 
  • Captions & Hashtags
  • Content Curation 
  • Picking a Niche &  Name
  • Psychology behind Growth
  • Using Audio Effectively
  • How to Test Effectively

 All while teaching you exactly how to build the theme page and the psychology behind critical parts of Instagram.

Whether you are a social media manager, have a business you want to create an audience for, or are looking for extra side income, this course is for you. It is also perfect no matter what stage you are at in your Instagram knowledge. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alexandre Pereira

Let's Grow.

Level: All Levels

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1. Introduction: Learning by doing is the only way I learned. But working on your Instagram whilst working with clients or on your product can be difficult due to a variety of variables, such as brand guidelines, contract limitations, fear of failure, lack of confidence to experiment. In this course, I'm going to explain and teach you the best way to overcome that by creating a re-post account in your target niche, which will become your prized asset. It will allow you to attract clients, influences, brands. This has changed the way I learned and interactive Instagram allowing me to get over 700,000 followers for both myself and for clients. In this course, we're going to be covering asset creation and division content. The fundamentals of posting, the importance of thumbnails, captions, and hashtags using audio effectively testing your new best friend software that will change your life, the art of building a community, Instagram stories, and the beauty of all of this is that you'll be able to apply it to yourself and also to clients. 2. Creation & Vision: Let's get started the vision for your assets. So the first thing we're going to do is create an account. And the first part of that is we need to pick a niche. As a social media manager, you should definitely focus on a particular niche and it should be based on whatever interests or skills you have. So for me, when I first started, I've always had a love for food. Spends a lot of my time on social media looking at food content. My first clients were restaurants and food brands. So I thought, why did I create a food page? But the first thing I had to do was think of a name. When thinking of a name for these accounts, you have to think long term. You don't know the capabilities that you have right now. Now when I first picked my name, I spent a few hours looking at competitors. I came up with the name FFS, hungry, whatever industry you're in, look at competitors. Now, let's create an account. You're going to need an email address and a mobile number. So go ahead and make this account. 3. The Art Of Content: Content, content, content for these types of accounts, we're going to be doing lots of re-posting is that's the most efficient and quickest way for us to grow their accounts. We're going to be getting concept from influences larger pages than the US and also potentially brands themselves. How I like to approach this is by finding competitors in my industry. I will then go on their profile and look for their best-performing posts. You can judge this either by the views are by the likes of quick notes here to make mental notes of what is actually performing well, analyzed the post. Ask yourself, why is this one got an extra 50,000 likes? Is it because of the thumbnail? Is it because of the caption? See if you can pinpoint to reason because this is critical for you to actually understand your niche. So go through some competitors, follow them and go through their profiles and start saving a bunch of content. I would say 50 posts a time for us. We like to post four times a day. I feel this is the optimal amounts, but of course, it's all about testing to try 3456 times. Let's see what works for you, but try to find a number that is sustainable so that you can execute it consistently. Another great place to find content once you start interacting with the pages in your niche is the Explore page. Here you'll find content that is actually trending right now. Another quick notes here is when we posting content, always make sure you credit the original creator is critical. You do this step as you need to be following Instagram guidelines. Now, you might be thinking, if I'm just re-posting content, what's the difference between my profile and another peripheral? There are so many different variables when posting that if you change one or two of those variables when taking a post from elsewhere, that could be the difference between the post going viral and getting 20 likes. Simply changing the thumbnail could add a whole new dimension to the post. This is such an important attribute of running these accounts because it's competitive and with the resources you have, you will then be trying to add your touch to it and taking it to another level. You will pick up tricks that will go a long way in the future when doing this for other peripherals and for clients. Now in terms of the content, instagram rules are by far what's trending, but most, so I would suggest at least 90% of your content to actually be an Instagram real, if not all of it. As you can see from our profile, we post only rules. When matched to the great audio. You have a much better success rates of actually going firewalls. So make sure you're posting rules. Even for your clients, you should really be concentrating on posting as many rules as possible. So understanding the captions that thumbnails, the hashtags, and all the attributes that go into a real screen to be so beneficial to you when applying this to your clients. So it makes sure you're crediting the original creators you're posting are lots of rules. You're posting around four times a day and you're doing this in advance. I would not do it day by day as you don't want this to consume your life, but you do want to have a schedule where you're able to post sustainably, consistently and efficiently. 4. Captions and Hashtags: Captions and hashtags. Both of these variables give your post their ability to be unique, being exposed, and learning to be creative. We'll teach you things that will probably take years if you were to learn it, just working with clients, the fact that you are taking videos from elsewhere and then having to add your own twist to it through variables such as captions and hashtags forces you to be creative. The lessons you learned here, unlike other, only by doing repetitively trying different methods will do you actually understand the algorithm and what's working in that moment? You will then be able to apply this to both clients and to your own profiles. And lots of our best content has performed so well because of the caption by us drawing out the consumers to comment on our videos, we are forcing the algorithm to actually give justice to our post and therefore then potentially putting it on the Explore page. And overtime you will learn what works and what best way to test things. The goal with captions is to get the user to comment. And you can do this in a variety of ways. For us, e.g. caption that we like to use this tag to friends. You'd eat this with this more often than not, we'll get our consumers to tag their friends. A very popular caption that we love to use also is captioned. This giving responsibility completely to our consumers. And you can incentivize this by pinning the top comment rights. Over the years, I've tried literally every combination of hashtags. That could be 234-810-1230. You get the point. And I'm sure if you type somewhere, how many HashSet should I use is probably an answer for every single number. No one truly knows the correct answer. But what we do know is that you should be testing every combination at the store and seeing what works best for you. I've had videos, gets over 1 million likes with zeros, hashtags. Other video's getting 1 million likes with dirty hashtags. Once I would do is test the hashtags in batches. So one month you could do seven hashtags and next month, the next month 20. Let's see what works when picking hashtags. You will notice on Instagram that there's a number next to most hashtags. This is the popularity of a hashtag. So e.g. hashtag food is a huge hashtag and extremely popular. If you are hashtagging food is going to be extremely difficult for you to read. Whereas if you e.g. hashtag your name, It's likely that there are posts affiliated with it. But what I would suggest is you do a mix and tried to limit the top ones to two or three and the rest go into a hundreds of thousands. Remember, we're going to be able to utilize this on your own profiles, on product profiles, and also client profiles. So everything you learn in terms of the hashtags is going to be critical for you to understand your niche. As you'd be able to apply this to your clients and to your own profiles. Stay tuned as we unveil some of our hashtag generators in the software lesson. 5. Click Me: Thumbnails: From those to me are so important that I had to make a whole lesson on them. More often than not, the thumb nodes are the most overlooked aspect that you actually have control over. Instagram is a visual platform for your video to get attention. It needs to have the right thumb know it needs to be clickbait. The Instagram algorithm is designed to give you what you want. If you're able to tell the algorithm and get people to click on your videos, you will achieve viral videos. Now, in our content lesson, I told you to take note of when you're looking at competitors content. More often than not, what stands out is the thumbnail. It's no surprise that they're doing better. This gives you a massive advantage as this so many accounts out there, including large accounts that are not optimizing their thumbnails. So when you are taking content from them, you have the ability to pick a better thumbnail and therefore achieve great success. This is going to be how you gain a competitive advantage over competitors. So you've found the right piece of content and now you need to pick a thumbnail. So I would pick Phone nose off to the halfway point as a warm often than not, if you're able to get people to the halfway points, they are likely to finish the video. Try to give people a glimpse of the video. Let's say we have a burger and the video is someone actually crazy in that burger. I wouldn't necessarily show the finished product. That's ultimately the most important detail is what you think is going to be clickbait. As time goes on, you will find success and you start understanding what works best in your niche. This is amazing for when working with clients as the amounts of rows you post could be limited to two per week for you to effectively get the right phone? No, you're going to need practice. Take a look at competitors, and really just give yourself the creative freedom to try different from nose. Sometimes I like to even repost my own content if I store a video that I posted it two months ago, and it didn't do as well as I thought two months later, I can repost that video and change the thumbnail, giving a whole new purpose and potentially a new opportunity to go viral. The main point to take away from thumbnails, It's all about testing. 6. Game Changing Audio: Audio, the game changer, since TikTok to the Internet by storm, Instagram and other platforms have had to adapt. One of the biggest aspects that they've had to adapt is the audio TikTok is audio jungle with tons of viral audios, remixes, funny audios and more. Instagram is now what we'll do a powerhouse too, with tons of accounts going firewall, simply because they've chosen the right audio. The addition of audios works in our favor as this is another variable that we can add to the mix that will allow us to go viral. If we're posting four times a day, that means we can try for different audios per day in our niche, which means when we're going back to our clients will have a range of audios which we know either work or don't, to select the combination of audio and real go hand in hand now. And you need to be making sure that you pay attention to both aspects. And that's so critical for any social media manager or anyone who really wants to make the most of an Instagram post, I wouldn't recommend making your own audio until you pass 500,000 followers, really utilizing what's out there. There's so many creates is making excellent Adios. You have the same capabilities as anyone to go viral on them. Each niche has audio ads which are popular within the niche. As you learn more about your niche, you will start understanding which audios are likely to go file. Again, this is going to be great for when working with clients and with other accounts. A great trick for audios and rules. I have to try to match the editing of the audio. I know for these types of accounts, if you're posting four times a day, that can be difficult. But what you want to do is maybe when the audio drops are certain point climax the video at that point. Also, these little variables can make big effects on the overall outcome of the post. Essentially, you want to start building a catalog of audios which work well in your niche and keep trying different audios. There's no reason why you can't be a trendsetter and your niche, especially as your account grows, it could be that comedic audios work best or motivational. You won't find out until you test and test and test. Remember, make sure you use audios correctly as they are. Without a doubt, the future 1502, try not to bombard one singular. Would you try to have a mixture of audios? Yes, you can use the same Audio more than once. Don't saturate that audio as not only will your consumers start to pick up on that, but the algorithm also may. 7. The Beauty Of Testing: Testing. I'm sure by now you've heard me say a lot. But without testing, you're not going to become an expert. Doing testing. And doing is how you're going to learn. As I mentioned earlier, with client accounts, with products accounts, there's only so much testing you can do. As let's say you're a social media manager. Everyone's signs up two different packages and there's only so many posts that you've promised per week. Whereas on one of your re-post accounts, you could post up 30 times a week. So the data that you will then get from your testing accounts will be much greater than your client's account. 9. Building Community: One of the most critical parts of these accounts, and to be honest, any Instagram account is building a community. Building a community should be in most cases, the number one goal for any social media account. The number one metric on Instagram is obviously engagement, which is going to determine how well your post us an overall how well your account does. If you're able to build a community who is accustomed to commenting, liking, and sharing your content, your accounts is going to grow far quicker than you can imagine if you're able to provide platform for people to have debates, have a comment section where people often like to have conversations. Your engagement is going to be through the roof and all because you've provided the platform for them to do so through a careful selection of contents. And it's so important for you to build a community, because once you start promoting client accounts, people are going to be much more likely to interact or purchase anything you offer them. Building a community is about building a relationship with your audience. People are going to feel more inclined to engage with you if you provide a value on a consistent basis, whether that's entertainment, motivation committee, the list goes on. If you have a mindset of building community, it's 100 per cent pay off. Everyone wants to get followers, but your goal should be for your followers to want to build you. How are we going to build this? It is likely that I will actually create a whole course around this with a three things that I want to discuss now for you to concentrate on. Number one captions, number two, consistency and number three stories. Captions are so important to this part of the puzzle as you can literally incentivize people to comment or to pay simply by your choice of words. As we discussed earlier, simple caption could be captioned this, you are incentivizing your consumers to comment on your post and utilize their creativity. Which means that they're actually going to spend time on your posts at the Instagram algorithm knows how much time people spend on your posts. The longer you can have someone on your post, bets are received, it's going to be, you can also incentivize people by adding points such as top comment gets pin. If you're a big account, people will be looking at its top comments. And this could be incentive for people as they might want to get notice. Next is content and consistency. If you are changing your content every week, confusing your audience, and be the algorithm you want to create content that people will expect it from you. Whether that's motivational food, people are following you for a reason because they like your content. So you need to create a steady stream of that concept, your audience or humans. If you post consistently and good-quality content, there will more likely looking at your client profiles like your posts, share it with their friends. So make sure you're consistent. Don't change your content too much. Instagram stories. There'll be a lesson on Instagram stories where we dive slightly deeper, but they are so important for building engagement. Instagram stories have changed over the years and have grown on me a lot since they first started. Nowadays is such a great tool for you to use. I would recommend posting at least one story every day on platforms such as later. You can also schedule stories. Stories can be viewed by non full words as people can share it to them. You can be more experimental. It allows you to introduce new styles and also tests styles before putting them on the grid. Stories have so many capabilities now you have poles, quizzes, ask me anything so much more. I would be utilizing all of this as the Instagram Algorithm wants you to, your audience, also want interacts with you. So make sure that you are using stories with all its capabilities, test new content, utilize the tools with stories. I would have a weekly plan and users scheduling software or even the Meta suite to actually plan things. As again, you want to be consistent building the engagement is the oil in your hands. Over time, you will learn the tricks. Remember, it's a critical part of the process. 10. Use Stories Effectively: Guys, as I mentioned earlier that we discussed in the previous lesson, instagram stories are a great way for you to build your account and just overall an integral piece of the puzzle. So often I see Instagram accounts ignoring stories. You have so many capabilities to engage with your audience that you have to be used in it. Here's just a few things that I want you guys to concentrate on when it comes to stories post often, I think you should be posting stories at least once a day. If not more, we tried to hit around four to five per day. This isn't possible. If we don't, fonts will have a strategy that allows you to do so. As I mentioned in a previous lessons, stories give you a much broader scope of contents. So therefore, it's a lot easier to actually post and find content for stories. Let's say your fitness page on your grade to my early post workouts. But on your story, it will allow you to have a broader scope. So do not limit yourself when it comes to stories and posting. Often experiment and post use platform such as later refund the mesosphere you to organize and schedule your posts. Next up is utilizing the features. There are so many features now on Instagram. Stories such as gifts, polls, quizzes, and more utilized. All of these as it makes it so much easier for you to create creative content. A simple story to do is when you post something on the grid to share it to your story and put new post, add some creativity to it by adding some fire emoji just to add flat. Not only will this encouraged people to then go to your new post, also just adds more to your page. It gets people use to you posting stories. So at the bare minimum, tried to do that. Now, with the quiz features in the poll features, something we'd like to do what FFS hungry is, let's say we get a picture of a beef burger and a chicken burger will simply ask, which would you prefer? And we often get hundreds or thousands of responses. This can also be great for you to give feedback on posts or feeds, analyze what might work on your grid. Next up is story highlights. Story highlights a grade for your profile. They give you an extra layer of aesthetics. If you post polls, you'd be great at the story highlight. You have your poll results. Instagram is all about keeping people on your profile. And if you are adding a whole new elements of keeping people on your profile for your story highlights, the neurologists contributes and even more positivity to the algorithm. Another great feature of the story highlights is that you can put products and links so that they can sit there anytime that someone views your profile. Once you get into the tens of thousands plus two people, be going onto your profile to follow you and will probably end up pressing one of your highlights. So don't have too many and make sure you calculate what should be the remembered school about the user experience. Now finally, you can use stories, products, and your clients profiles, e.g. when we start working with clients in the restaurants sector or food brands, were able to immediately promote them to 80,000 people on FFS hungry more often than not, their profiles are in the thousands or even less. That level of exposure can normally cost them a lots of money. But now through working with us, they can consistently get shout-outs, which will make us look good and also allow their accounts grow quicker. Let's say that you have your own brand. You will be able to promote this with a profile that has a large audience. Let's say you want to make a YouTube channel. You can also promote your YouTube channel through your story the same exact way, we would just recommend you creating a custom story using the platforms such as Canva. I just repost in it every day or two. But remember, you have to keep posting organic stories and you can't just keep hosting promotional stuff as your audience start to not engage with it and could easily unfold you. For every promo you give, I would give them to organic, funny or entertaining stories, go and make some stories. 11. The Benefits: Now you've all been waiting for this one benefits of having these accounts. Now, in my opinion, as a social media manager, the whole point of having these accounts is to learn, is for you to experiment, is for you to be creative, is for you to really understand how Instagram works. It's for you to be on top of trends, but there's so many other benefits. We're going to be able to build our own brand. But in regards to learn in, there's no better learning than this as you're going to be able to post consistently, aggressively and tries so much more. One of our first lessons we discussed when you're creating the account to come up with a name that is brand double. So let's say you came up with a name. I love fitness. If I love fitness reaches 500,000 followers, is actually a great chance that you can turn that into a brand and start your own clothing line. Or you could start your own supplement or training programs. The name says it all. It all depends on how you've built your audience, how they are to one of my favorite aspects of these accounts, how you will be able to leverage them in acquiring clients if you are in the food industry and you have an account with 100,000 followers, you approach a client who has an account with 1,000 or 500 followers, they are going to look at your hundred thousand followers count and think, wow, these guys know what they'd do it. So it's immediately going to transform the way they look at you as it's going to be clear to them that you are an expert, especially in this particular niche, you can actually use these accounts to DM potential clients. We've had many conversations with potential clients and actually acquired clients through articles. Remember I said earlier, you become a pillar in your industry. This leverage is going to transform the way you get clients and approach claims. One thing I want you to remember, and I've mentioned it before, do not turn these accounts into spam accounts where you're only promoting products, you will see harsh growth and people will begin to disengage with you. And the Instagram algorithm will begin to stop showing you to your audience. This can be detrimental to overall success, to try to have a balance, of course, sell your products and do your promotions that makes sure that you balance it with good, valuable content is going to be critical for overall performance. 12. Rules: Hi guys. I wanted to just discuss some rules that I think are important to understand. It's going to be critical for you to tag the original creator. We have to comply by the Instagram rules, and also it's important to actually give them the credit. Now, there are numerous of these accounts online, many with over 10 million followers. And they all started from zero. If these types of accounts, once it loud, they wouldn't be wouldn't be posting numerous times a day, every day, have whole teams working on them, waste credit the original poster. When I was growing my accounts, five couldn't find the original creator. I wouldn't post it. And I was extremely picky about this. So a quick tip for this is to really, at the start, just concentrate on your competitors rather than looking at the influences or brands. Look at similar profiles to yours at the content that they're posting. More often than not, these accounts become pillars in the community, giving a platform to so many different creators. But to achieve this pillar status, it takes time and you will hit obstacles on the road. But don't worry, just keep pushing. The account will pay off. 13. Conclusion: Hi guys. I just wanted to say thank you for watching this course. And I hope you've learned something. I hope that you're going to go off and make one of these accounts. The project I will be asking you guys to do is to simply make one of these accounts, create profile picture on Canva, come up with a name, pick a niche, and we're ready to go, take a screenshot and put it in the project section. I'm sure that you guys will benefit so much from this. This is my first course ever, and it has been a critical part of the years of my social media success. Over the years, I've watched so many videos about social media and Instagram marketing in particular, there's not really much out there incentivizing people to make these accounts. And I wanted to change that as I honestly think this will change the game for you. Please get in touch if you have any questions. I would greatly appreciate if you guys are able to give me some feedback and follow me as I will be creating courses often from now on. And I really think that if you've liked this course, you'll benefit so much from the other ones. It's been a privilege. Take care. See you soon.