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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Learn Todoist Basics!


    • 2.

      Todoist Versions


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    • 4.

      Tasks and Sections


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    • 9.

      Settings, Karma, Shortcuts


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      Pinned Favorites


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      Start Page


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      Todoist Project Templates


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      Recurring Tasks


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      Thank you and Congratulations!


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About This Class

Last time you tried to organize your tasks and to-do lists, however using Todoist proved to be a troublesome task..

But it doesn't have to be this way!

You Will Walk Away With...

  • Learn Todoist Basics!
  • Understand the essence of Todoist functions, without memorizing them!
  • See how each of these functionalities are used with real examples!

After this class you will be able to:

  • Actually SMILE when you start creating Todoist Projects and Tasks from scratch :-)
  • Impress your boss, coworkers, and your friends on what you can do with Todoist!

If you're like me, you use Todoist on a daily basis for organizing my to-do list. Whether it's for business or personal related projects, everyone wants to be able to use Todoist freely and easily.

Here is what we will cover in Todoist

  • Todoist versions
  • Projects
  • Tasks and Sections
  • Labels
  • Flags
  • Comments
  • Filters
  • Settings, Karma and Keyboard shortcuts
  • Pinned Favorites
  • Start Page
  • Project Templates
  • Recurring Tasks

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Bash (BizTech Matters)

Online Teaching Excel Expert


Hi! I'm Bash and over here at BizTech Matters, I love sharing what I know through online classes, with my over 10 years of IT and teaching experience. Whether it's creating websites, programs, spreadsheets, editing photos, or anything computer-related, I ensure that I will give you the tools to succeed.


My goal is to show you the essence behind on whatever I'm teaching you. Hop in for a fun ride into learning in the technology world!


Join me in learning the following this growing list of skills:

- Mastering Top Microsoft Excel Formulas

- Mastering SQL Queries

- Create your own Power BI Dashboard!

- Use Excel Power Query to Clean your Dirty Data

- Use the Top 50 Excel Keyboard Short... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Learn Todoist Basics!: Hi, welcome to Learning to do is basic. So are you starting out in using to-do list, then this is perfect for you. This is one we will cover in the course, organizing projects and pass it to do with labels, flags, and filters, and a whole lot more. So what are you waiting for? Learn to do this now? And I'll see you inside. 2. Todoist Versions: Hi, This is spraying home, and we're going to be discussing about to do list. So the first question is what is to do it. So to do this is a to do lift, right? It's a nice playoff words, and it's a great tool to get you organized from a day to day basis s so that you don't forget on what you need to do, and you get everything in one place. So the very nice thing to do is if it's in this website, but you can also install it on your devices. There's an app swell variety could see over here and canned sink everything across multiple devices so that you can have everything in one place. So, for example, if you add in your mobile, for example, or your tablet, then it gets sink to all devices. A swell. Okay, so the very nice thing to do is if you have everything in one place and then you can also use that, for example, to delegate tests. Others you can let's say, work with your family members or with your team at work. OK, so that you can get things organized and one of the unique things were to do this. It has productive ity. Features were in. You have productivity goals, OK, so that you can keep track of your progress as you go from a day to day basis. So one thing that I want to point out as we to do if there's a couple of different features okay, so what I'll do is I'll also cover premium features off to do it so that you can better assess on which version is better for you. Okay, so you can also go for free, right to get things started. Okay, so we'll be covering more of this to in the course for the free and the premium. OK, so if we're for you could see over here, right, you can have up to 80 projects and then you can have up to five people per project. But for the premium right, there's more projects. There's more people a swell again. Then you have a couple off extra features over here. Reminders, comments, file uploads, labels, filters, right, productivity trends. Okay, so I'll be showing the features a swell. Then you can just decide from there, but I would recommend to use premium so that he can have the full experience off to do ist . So one thing also that I want to point out is if you just do a quick Google search, right, that's a just type. And to do is turn today premium trial at the time of this recording. To do this is pretty knife to also give a free trial the case so that you can experience premium and then see if it best for you. Okay, so if just search for this phrase to do started a premium proud, then if I click on the link, I already have it open here, right? And then there's just the offer for the free trial. And then once you log in with your to do it account, it's very easy to create one right and then you'll be able to use premium right off the bat for 30 days. Okay, so if elevate it, give it a try and then see if it's best for you. 3. Projects: Okay, so right now I'm logged into to do it, and you could see over here, right on the left side, Pretty much in bath today. Up calming. Right. So you just have some sort of like an organizer. Quick way for you to see on what's Jew today and then over here, spell for the projects. You can start organizing your work over here, and I will be focusing on projects in this lesson. Okay? And then you could see a swell on the bottom. There's labels and filters, which are premium features over here. Okay, so over here on the side as well. You have a quick snapshot on what you can see. Like what's true today. Okay, so over here, once you start creating a new account, you can see that there's a welcome project, a swell so that you can have a quick preview on a quick walk through a swell on what to do to do it. So let's just click on it just to have a quick view so you can see over here, right? You have your task over here, but we'll be going Tru task in detail and que in the final minute tutorials. But for right now what? I want to focus its simply on projects. So I just want to share with you on what usually do I do, for example, when it gets started with projects, Okay, so over here, right on this project Seacon Just high, Demus. Well, right or expand Swell over here. And let's just skip this for now for the welcome. Okay, so I'm using the premium version and then I'll just click. Add project, right? And then over here what I would suggest is to create a couple off starting projects. You could just work with three or more project at the beginning. But usually what I would suggest is, let's say, Let's just create a work project. And then over here you could also select the project collar so that you can make it easier on the eye. So let's say for work. Let's say I want it to be color orange, okay? And then you could also have a favorite so I could just add it. If this is the number who on project for you? So that's for work. And then let's see, let's add another project, right? So you could just click the plus bottom over here, or it could just select add projects well over here. Okay, so that's pretty handy. And let's say let's add home and let's give it a different Carter. Okay, that Z give it the color green thinking McCain. It looks good. And what I would suggest okay, You could also add another product called. Maybe you could also name it. Asked something, but pretty much the concept over here Issue. Have a been thinking or you have a collection where you have your task. It's more like a nice to have. So this task, it's what you want to do in the future. But you're not prioritizing it right now, so it's a way for you to have this over here. So that's a in the future. If you have some extra time, then you could just go to this project and that start getting stuff from there and in place it let's say to your work or your home to get a prioritized. Okay, so let's say let's just give it a collar off. Great. Over here. Okay, so we have this tree project right now to just get things started, so The question right now is how do I expand? Let's say for work I'm doing coursed that creation in case. So how do I do that? So it's very easy at another projects. Well, over here, that's a for courses, okay? And and just to keep it consistence, and this is going to be under my work project, I'll just create orange because the cool thing, because you can have sub projects a swell. So, for example, if I just dragged us over and place it under work, right, you could see the level right now work and in courses. So if I click this right, it gets hit it. It's a nice thing with working with projects over here. So, for example, let's say I want to add another project for work. Let's say I'm also working on creating books, for example, so I could just right click on work, right? And then you can add a new project, a swell to add project below. Okay, let's say this is for books. This type and books were here so you could see that it got added right away inside the work project. OK, so it's a nice way if you want to have it added right away. Instead of clicking, add project. You just right click on the project and it just add it straight over here. Okay, so there's a couple of options since we're really here. If I right click on work, there's a couple of options. You can add it. The project. If you'd made a mistake, right, you could share it at the favorites, can even email right, and then you can have a cannon or feet archive it or delete it overall. Okay, so it's a nice way to get things organized. Same thing as well. Over here for home, let's say for home that's at a project swell inside home over here. So let's say we have chores, okay? Just to get things organized, right? And if you notice it also inherits the project color, since it's already green, so it selects greenness well before. But you can also change it if you want a different cutter in case a lot of Louis. Let me just put it inside home. Right. And there you go. Okay. And then over here, if I just right click, Okay, you have the same options. A spot and the nice thing right with chores, for example. Over here is you're not limited 22 levels for your projects. You could add another one over here. So for example, let's say I'm just doing home improvement, okay? Under chores, right. So let's say I wanted to be under sure, so I could just drag. It s well, other chores. And now you have three levels, OK? So you could add It's a very cool way when it comes to organizing project. You can add more over here. Okay, so we have pretty much projects covered, and then on the next lesson will be covering about task. Because I know you're itching on how do we start adding tests inside our products, so stay chin for debt. 4. Tasks and Sections: Now let's talk about the fun part off to do its which is creating tests. Okay, so over here, what we have right now is we already have set up a couple of projects, right? We work we have home have someday, right and an inside work. I have a Courtis project, and then I have created a blank one note course here. Okay, So for example, if I wanted to start planning or creating, let's say tests related to creating an online course, then this is for I start. So what I'll do is let me just go back to courses and then Al Jets ad and right click here a new project. Okay, let's say let's give it the name. Ah, am creating this to do this course? So I'm gonna use this to plan out on what are the steps or what are the tests that I need to do to accomplish right to be able to finish this course. So when it comes to adding Taaffe, you can just click at test here straight away. OK, so it's up to you because there's two ways of doing this. This leader, you create a lot off tasks like a completely after do like What do you need to do to accomplish this specific project? Or you can add sections to swell to have some structure organization right when it comes to organizing your test. So what I'll do is let me just show you on how you can add a section. Okay, so we have this selection over here, right the tree dots and then you can go for ad section. But you can also go here right and then just click at section as well. So let's say I have a couple off like faces. I can use that to create my sections. So let's say the planning face and then you can add some more live t Add another section. Let's give it ass production. Okay, so that's the time we start recording. And then let's say after dad, then it say, going life. Okay, so that's another section. Okay, so there's no task yet. It's just more off creating some sort of structure, right? So that it becomes easier for me to think about. What do I need to do when it comes to creating to do its course? OK, so now let's say If we're planning, I'll click. Add tests here, right? So when it comes to adding tasks, what I would suggest ISS UES firms as to start to make it easier for you to recall, it's not a prerequisite, right? It's not mandatory for you to create a task game, but it comes easier in the long run because, for example, if I just type in, let's say for the planning, create and outline off topics, Okay, it becomes more obvious for me on what I need to do or what I'm trying to accomplish. If I just typing here outlined, well, let's say a couple of days later and I come back to this list, it's not as obvious. Okay, so start with divert, right, and then you have your phrase over here on what you want to accomplish. So that's pretty much that tax over here. It's pretty easy if you just kick at tests and there you go and then you could just continue adding tests to the rest off your section. Okay, so let's say let's add a couple more knitter for planning. I want to write down a script. Okay? Okay. So those sort of things that I want to do. It's not just a simple to do lift, but what we can do. Okay, so over here, if let's say I made a mistake and I just want to change this, he just pick at it, right this spot in over here. And then you can start scheduling them a swell, because the cool thing with this one, if there's two ways for you to schedule, you can go for here. It's kick schedule and in mark on, When do you want or you need to accomplish test today Tomorrow, for example, Or next week? Right? So instead of clicking here, which I can do right now, let's I just click tomorrow. Okay, so that's Marcus Tomorrow. If I could save, then you have it is tomorrow. But you can also change this. Let's say instead of tomorrow I want it done today. You just type in the word today and it automatically schedules that for you. Okay, so it's the nice way right off doing things faster. Where, and you don't use your mouth. Just hype everything in and to do. It is able to infer on when the schedule off this task ISS for you. Okay, so let's say that's Marquis said today. So we're good with that. It's safe. And let's go back again to write down a script. And then let's change this to, let's say, next Tuesday. Okay? I want to finish this by next Tuesday, and you could see over here, right? It was able to infer because my next you're staying at the time of this recording is August 11. Okay, so he was able to find out right away on when Next Tuesday s okay. You can also change this, for example. Let's say tomorrow, just like Tom, right? Or tomorrow. Swell. No worries. It was able to infer to swell or let's say next week. Okay. So next week, that's gonna be the upcoming Monday. Okay, so he was able to schedule it, or you can even have it. That's a day. That's a Friday. Okay, which is today. Okay, so there's a lot of ways, but it was able to infer everything here, which is really cool. So it makes scheduling very easy for you. No need to click on anything, but if you want, you can also click on the schedule icon so that you can have a quick look on your calendar and then just scheduled in advance. Okay, so that's the nice thing. So let me just change this. Let's say I want the stun on a Sunday. Okay? Okay. Looking good. So we have our task over here and then another thing that you can do. ISS You can also add sub tasks inside. So over here inside sub tests, it's just more off task within a test. So it's just having multiple levels if you want to do that. So you could just let's say you have this mean tax over here, and then you want to break it down to other attacks. Okay, So, for example, so one of the task could be that's explored to do this? It's one right? And then I say, read to do this Help pages. Okay, so those are a couple, and then I'll just typing today because I want to finish that. Let's go back here again and then do the same thing a swell for today. Okay, so that's good, right? So we have this sub task over here, and if you want to do so, you can just click on the sub test and add more subtexts. Well, so he just go level under level. Okay, But of course, we don't want it to make it too complicated. So we're good with this for now. OK, so to be able to make this more realistic, let's add more taxes. A for production book, a recording room, right? Let's say we just want a according room. There's just book it. Let's give it a date off. State would be good, right? It's add some more, then cold. Okay? Or maybe let's say, start recording the videos. Okay, so that's pretty much for production. And then let's just go to going live, Okay, so let's just cancel this. And if we're going live the sales at a task off, create online course description, Okay? And then let's say, send out marketing e mails case when on to stay right. So we're going to choose over here and inside over here. That's a day if it's going to be done on Monday. So that's pretty much with setting up pass under the to do its course project over here and what I want to show you. Nexus this view. The upcoming Okay, if I click on this common link over here, it shows me like a preview right off the tests that are gonna be, like, upcoming Literally. Okay, in a couple of days. That's very nice. Way for you to have a sneak peek right off the task that you need to do in the following days over here. Okay. And if you not it a swell right, there's the calendar on top. So if you just click on it a swell or just go back to today with this bottom, Okay, so that's for upcoming what I want to show to us. Well, it's the inbox. So the cool thing with the inbox ISS, this is a place. Let's say you're doing your task during the day and then all of a sudden you think off another task that you need to do, right? Not immediately muddy. Want maybe to schedule it somewhere in the near future. Okay, so if this things happened, right, it somehow, like clutters up our mind, right? If there's a couple of things that we're trying to recall or trying to think that Okay, I need to do this later. Chatter, chatter. The inbox is a very nice place for you to just dump everything in there so that you can have designated times of today. For example. In my case, I just spend a couple of minutes at the end of the day, have a look at my inbox, and and that's where I reorganized. Okay, So, for example, let's say, Inbox, you all decided, like this example over here, right? There's gonna be a fami lunch, right? Okay, then. Maybe on the weekend. So I just add over here. Okay, so it's just as things go along, right? You just type everything in here. So did you have a central location to just It's like a dumping spot right now off everything in here. And then you just set aside time later to reorganize. So let's say that's a review to do. Is our review goals okay? 40 midyear. Okay, so I'm just adding couple off random stuff over here, and then that's a call. My agent to ask about the deal. Okay. I'm just making stuff up. Okay, Cool. So let's say I'm ready done with my involved, and then it's ready to end of the day. So once I get here right you could just go back here and then start to a sign. Or Tinkoff, where should I place this? Lex? Which specific project? When should I do this? So what you can do is you can just quickly added this tat over here, right? And let's say Okay, family lunch, Okay. And that's do It's gonna be done on this coming Saturday Tall. Just type in Saturday over here, Right? So it gets scheduled, okay? And then you can also change the project. So, for example, let's say it's gonna be under home Home project, for example. I could just type it in here for home. Okay, So another cool tip that you could do is, for example, instead of I'll just remove home over here, right? You could use the hash tag to be able to find the project quickly. So, for example, instead of clicking over here to re assign it to the home project, I could just type hashtag and then type in home over here and you'll be able to set it up quickly. Okay, so it's very easy to be able to assign projects to test true d hashtag. So I flicked save, and that goes out of my inbox because it's now assigned toothy home project. OK, so let's say review goals for a media. Okay, let's say this is going to be done next Tuesday. Okay, so we're good at that. And then, let's say 40 hash tag off the courses that say that's for my planning of the corridors. So we're good with that click safe, and this one called my agent to ask about the deal. Okay, So what, you can do a swell over here instead of assigning it to a project by editing it, you can also drag this all the way. Okay, let's say I need to sign a deal for the book, okay? So you could just drop it here, and it goes straight to the book project. Okay, So pretty easy. And you could just clean your in, buffed in a quick fashion this way. Okay, so that's pretty much for Inbox and and for did today, Okay. It's a similar to upcoming it away, but its moral focused on just today. Okay, so it just shows you all of the topics over here. So one of the questions right now is okay. We're good. We're creating tax. What if I already finished one of the test? So it's very easy to do, so that same finished exploring to do it. Okay, so it's just a matter of taking this. Won't you take this? Poof. It goes away. Okay, so it's very easy. Just take whichever task that you have completed. And then to do it will just update it for you and track it for us. Well, so one of the questions is What if you completed it by mistake, So it's very easy to do that. So if he gets to go here on the top, there's a productivity section. A swell. Okay, I'm just giving you a quick preview over here. Sneak preview. Okay, but this one is where you can check all of your completed tax. If I just click, view all completed tasks over here, right? He can see that I have completed the test off explore to do it, which I just did a while ago. So I just click here on this icon, right? And then I could just remove the check mark. And once I do that, Okay, then already undid the completion of the test. So if I go back, Elvis X, right. I'll go back to to do this, and you could see that it's back over here for the test. Okay, so it's very easy to undo a swelling. Just go over there and then you could just change the completion that you just did about ago. Okay, And last thing that I want to show to you is the task options. So over here, if I just over over a task, right, you could go for edit, right? You could go for schedule, and then you have comments this Well, okay, so if I click on this right, he did leave comments. A swell. Okay, so we'll go over this in detail in a future tutorial. And then over here, the tree dots over here is more tax actions taken at Tass above at has below, right at a task. And then you can just do a quick scheduling over here, right? Priority will discuss this. A swell in detail. Reminders move to project if you want to reassign it. Okay. Duplicate. So makes it easy for you to just duplicate that, say, a specific tests copy link, and then delete. Okay, So you have different options, so that's pretty much it for tests 5. Labels: Now let's talk about label. So labels is a premium feature. And one of the things that gets confusing of times is what's the difference between using labels right or assigning tasks to a project? Because labels pretty much could be assigned to tests. OK, so the main purpose off labels is you can use it to group or categorize task together. Okay, because one of the main reasons is it can save you time. Okay, when it comes to, let's say, setting up or for a specific setting. Because, for example, what I can do with labels is either let's say you could do it for a specific action That's a emailing calling or using a computer right over here office already have a couple of like label set up over here. Okay? Or you can also have labels such a specific to people or places right, the office or home, for example, or specific tools that use Okay, So to show you quickly on what I mean by that, what I'll do is, let's say, let's add a couple more label, so it's very easy to do, so I'll just kick plus over here. Let's say I want to create a label for emailing. Okay, and you can assign the caller a swell. Okay, so we have email, we have computer, we have call right and that we have the office. Let's add another, like, label off home for the location. Okay, so let's say home I wanted to be the caller salan over here, okay? And then let's say maybe we have another gym label, for example. Okay, so you have a couple of neighbors now over here, and it's very easy to reorganize them. A spell that say, if you want the places to be close together, okay? And it's a home gym, right? And in the office, I'll distract this down, okay? And then you can also have the label actions on this one. So same thing, right at table above that level below edit and favorites. We'll discuss this later, move to shared labels, and then they get label so we could just go for any the tree doubts over here. And you could just update the specific Gable. Okay, now that we have labels, let's go back to one off our projects. Let's go to work and then the to do its course So let's apply the labels over here, right? So I'll just edit the tests. I'll just do some updating, right? So to be able to add a label, there's pretty much two way so you could see that there's a this bottom over here and label bottom. Okay, so it could click on this one, and then you could just select the labels over here. So, for example, that's creating an outline of topics. Needs to be done by the computer, right? And And I would need to be in the office a swell. Okay, So once we're good, right, you could see the tables are added, I'll click safe and you have your nails over here. Okay, so let's say let's continue working on this. So another way to add labels quickly without the use of a mouse is the at sign. So if you recall a while ago right, it's the for the projects. You can use the hashtag, but for the labels you're gonna be using the at sign over here, that So let's say it's the same thing, right? Computer, and then I'll just type in office a swell, Yeah, going to do this okay. And then explored to do this. Okay, so I'll just edit this lips. Just It's just added this a spell over here, right? So let's say for to do exploring to do is that I could just do it inside, like at home or at the office, and then I just the computer A swell. Okay, so if you notice it's more than one label, you're not limited to what specific Labour. OK, so you could just use multiple to apply. It's more flecked tagging in a way, right? Adding more information to your task. It's much of possible. Okay, so once we're good. All right, let's say writing down a script, writing a script requires me same thing computer swell. And then it's a wanted to be done inside the office. Now, booking a recording room. That's add this quickly too. Okay, lets say looking would be done by a cop, okay. And then can be done anywhere to say Okay, cool. And then start recording the videos that say I'm gonna be the same thing. Computer and Dan make it office. Okay, So the reason why we're doing this is because the labels can be used across multiple projects So, for example, I'm also doing that say, book planning or I'm writing a book, for example. Then I can also add the specific tags. A spell over here. Let's say writing book topics requires me to be a computer, and it requires me to be inside the office as well. So the good thing with this one ISS since we have this label. So, for example, I'm inside the office, right? I could just click on the office label and then I have this quick view on what are the things that could be done inside office. Okay, so the cool thing over here is, for example, you're doing Are you working on specific software? Okay, that's a four shot, for example. And then you're doing image editing if you want to batch or bulk them up together, right, so that you could just do everything like multiple tasks and four shop in one Go. Then let's say you have a photo shop label over here. You just click on the photo shop label, and then you have all of the tasks listed over here, and you could just pinpoint or select which ones that you want to do so that it's safe your time because sometimes right there's still some setting up or they're still some like preparation time that you need to do so that you say time on depth and you could just work on the task in one coherent setting. That's one very handy use right off labels, so sometimes a spell. I also use labels. Let's say I also keep a high energy or lower energy label. Okay, so it's very easy for me to tag or to label the like, specific tasks which wants would require higher level of energy from me or low level, so that its aims of Saturday right? I'm pretty prepped up in a game to do some high energy tests. I could just go straight to the labels and select the high energy ones and then pick which ones that would be applicable to me at the moment. OK, so it's a way for you to segregate quickly on which tasks are good for you, right on the specific situation or specific moment in time. So another quick tip, a swell is aside from adding labels is, for example, in here let's click on the book of Recording room. You can also use comments over here. So, for example, if I have a phone number that any call or an email, it could just quickly added over here, right, so that whenever you try to work on the test, you can quickly see over here swell. 6. Flags: Now, let's talk about flag. So, four flags. It's a way for you to be able to prioritize tests and inside to do it right. There is pretty much four levels of flags that you can do. So if I just go here to D to date page over here, right? We have this tat over here, so let me just play around with this and you could see this one, right? There's three flag over here. Just select a specific priority. Okay? So if you haven't set one, it's priority. Forward by default. And you could see that there is the color. It's felon, right? Red for P one. Okay. And then you have your arrange or yellow, right. And then we have your blue for priority three. Okay? The cool thing with this one is it will be able to sort it automatically for you based on priority. So what? I'll do. Yes. Let's play around that if let's say this is priority to write. Okay? So you could see that they got caller quoted with the orange, called her over here, so I'll do the same. Okay, let's say this is priority one. Okay, This is something that I need to do definitely today again. So if I say this, you could see that the order got updated automatically because what to do is we'll do it. It will sort everything by priority. So which means people on the top followed by P two and P tree and P for Okay, So it's a very nice way to tell you immediately on what is the most important task that you need to do. For example, I have a tendency sometimes that I work on other tests. But it's not the quantity off task that you need to do. But it's more of the quality like which one would have the most impact to your day. Okay, and this is a nice way to keep on reminding yourself that Hold on. I need that. Say you want to do this first, right? Because it seems easier to do. But this one would remind you that Hey, you need to work on this first because that's a Pete one, and it puts it on the top off your to do this. Okay, so if I click on this, another wave to be able to, like a sign a priority very quickly is the use off p and then followed by the number. So let's say I type in Petri. You could see that there's the priority three Flag a sign right away. If I click save and there you have it, it's Petri right away. It's the color blue, so it's very easy for you to do so. There's no need to click actually the icons. But just in case, if you forget, there's a very nice reminder at the bottom of swell people on P two, Petri and P, for that's case sensitive. OK, so you could just change it. The smell. Let's say this is not a Petri anymore. I'll just save it p one and you could see that it gets changed. Asked the red priority. Want flag as well. So do that for your tests and it will be able to sort it quickly for you by priority. 7. Comments: Okay, so now let's talk about notes and comments. Okay? So for just one, it's a premium feature, but it's, Ah, very handy way to be able to add more information with a specific test. So, for example, I'm exploring to do this over here, or I'm reading the to do is help pages, so I'll just click on it. And you could see over here that there's the comments time over here. And you just add everything in here so you could just add text, write comments, you could add links, and then you could also and attachments a swell. So I could see over here there's three attachment. There's the audio swell. And then you have your emojis fell over here. So, for example, that's how I'm reading this specific HelpAge for to do it. So just copy this. Okay? Let me just copy this over here, and then you could just pace it straight away on the comments section. So I'll just add comments. Right. So once you have your girl, okay. And then you could also do the same thing for you tripping. So, for example, let me just get this tutorial. We're here, and then You could also pace this over here as a comment, and you could see the to do it. It's pretty nice to give you a quick preview so that it's easier for you to read or to have an idea on what the link is all about. So saying goes to swell for the YouTube link over here, right? He could see that their staff preview nicely displayed over here. So you have your common section and then just attach whatever you need to add more. Which information to your tests? 8. Filters: Now let's talk about filters. So filters is a to do its premium feature. And to be honest, this is definitely one of my favorite features into this, because this is where the power off to do with shines the most, and it allows you to customize right to fit your needs from a day today basis. So what I'll show you right now is over here, infielders. If I open this up, there's already a couple off default over here. So, for example, if you select Priority one over here, it right, everything gets filled. Third base on parity one. So it just gives you a quick view and quoting with this oneness everything is customised about. You can add new fielders. He could change what gets this plate and what's really essential for you. So just to show you what I mean, let's say, for example, you want to view all of the tests that are urgent in a week's time. So, for example, within seven days, right, it's Priority one. Okay, so which means it's gonna be urgent fairly soon. So what I'll do is I'll just use the plus sign and let's add a new fielder let's say urgent in one week. Okay? So once we have this one, okay, you could add this specific qui Okay, seven days and p one. Which means it has to satisfy both conditions for this task to be displayed here. Which means it's Jew in seven days, and then it's also flagged as a priority one. Okay, so let's say this is pretty important. So I'll just markets a spread over here, right? And we have this urgent in one week and true enough, right? You could see all of the tests and they're displayed over here because right now it's July right 31 by seven days, right, It's gonna be until August 6. So to do this was smart enough to be able to fill their this dynamically for me. Based on what I need it. This changes because as days go on as they pass by right this June, I 31st will get updated to August 1st tomorrow, and it's going to show me a view off August 1 until August 7 because it changes along with times. Well, it's just the next seven days. It's not tied to specific dates over here, so that's really nice. So which means you have the power to be able to create more fielders over here on how you define your workflow or you're working habits on a day to day basis. Okay, so let's add another fielder. So, for example, I want to create a field there cold. Nice to do. So the question right now over here is how do you define nice to do we're in. Let's say you have some free time and that you want to pick a couple of task that you can do during the time that you have extra time. Okay, so let's say for me nice to do would be Priority three or Priority four Tests. So let me just add this. Okay, Pared three or priority for which means any test that would fall under P three or P for would be considered extra are nice to do for me. So take care of this one we're using, or because we want to say that it's just satisfy one off this conditions over here because , for example, if I write Petri and Pete four, then that's going to be an issue, because no task would be able to have p three and p four at the same time because we can only have one priority at any given point of time. Okay, so let's try to sound that, say, Let's give it the corner off, Teal over here. And then nice to do over here so you could see right. It showed me on off the P four test because I think that's the only one that I have at the moment. OK, so it's a really quick filter. So what I'll do is that's change one of the tasks over here. So let's say stead off p two. Let's chase this to Petri. Trade on out. Nine of topics If we jump over here, nice to do and you could see it over here right? Because it's considered Petri and it's part off the filter that I just did. And the nice thing with this one is it sorts it by priority, so it's a nice way off sorting. Okay, so that's four fielders and it get add more. Okay, so that for example, let's say I want to have a quick view off all of the work that I need to do, Okay, so let's say That's Mark Bs as file it. And if we want to fill their in my project right normally we would do it. Asked hashtag work, but this might not work, OK? Pun intended. So you could see over here you might be wondering. Hold on instead. Work. I have a lot of tests if I go to projects, right. If I go to the Louis course on K, there's a whole lot of tests under the work main project. So how come this one doesn't have any tax that are showing up for the fielder? It's because if I click on work right under the work project itself, there are no tests that are being shown. So, for example, let's just add a random tattoo over here. Oops, that's just type in piss. Okay, if I had this under work and I go back to the work fielder showed up over here, okay, Because it's only to that specific project. When you use that specific field there, 40 hashtag project make. So what we'll do is that's just changed this at it. Filter. OK, you need to tight man double hashtag. So what this will mean is it will get all off the tests right under the work project on all of its child projects. So if I click save over here, right book, You could see her out of test. So now you have a, like, an aggregated, less complete, less off everything inside the work project. Okay, so it's a nice way as well. It's very flexible. So you could think of the possibilities. You can change this. Okay? I said I don't want work. It's too many that say urgent work. Okay, so now you can play around with the possibilities, right? You could combine the conditions together. You have your P one, and then you have your work. If I click, save right, everything gets filtered out to just Pete one. And it will check all off the tests right in all of the projects over here. So, for example, if I create under one, of course. Right. Let's say this is P one. Okay, so I'll just add a P one over here just to see if it will get added. Us fell to the view because this is a different project altogether. So let's go here or just work. You could see a swelling, right? This is the one on dirty one note course. Okay, so there's a lot of possibilities that you could do over here. So, for example, this and another one, let's say, added by yours truly. Okay, so you could also write. Have this keyword over here added by me, right? If I kick ad and you have everything that was created by me over here could have this because, for example, you have different collaborators, and then you just want to fill their out quickly on who added like or who added which tests , right? We could use this filter. A swell fielders are very powerful because you could just mix and match on specific conditions. So that you will have a quick view is a very easy way to find tests that are important to you. I'll also add this link to the filters HelpAge because there's so much that you could do over here. Okay, so I could see a swell right available for a premium or business version. And then there's a lot off examples that you can check out over here. So, for example, we have handy fielders to try up. No date, just typing the node. A fielder's You can see that which test don't have a Jew date, and then you can do a quick review and an update those tests so that everything is nice and clean and hast dates assigned. Right. And then you have seven days and then at waiting, right. You can also use labels inside your fielder. Okay? And then you have assigned to specific person, right? Not you, but the different specific person. And they have your sub tasks, right? You have your parent tat. There's so many days that you could do that. Filters. Okay, so what? I would suggest iss have a play around. And the cool thing with this one is you can combine them together. So for example, you know that you can use the no date that you can combine it with. For example, you have no date, right? And then you want to filter it out, added about you, right? You could just go for no date and added by me to you just mix and match conditions to get her. So ask you, like, increase your knowledge and filters. Then there's more things that you could do to be able to quickly sift through all of the test inside to do ist 9. Settings, Karma, Shortcuts: Now let's talk about settings, karma and sharp cuts in case so to be able to access the settings, it's very easy to do so it's located here on the upper right corner. If I click on this right, you could see the Sadiq option. But before we do that, let's just have a quick look at the keyboard shortcuts. So if I select keyboard shortcuts over here, it's Ah, very nice way to be able to have ah, cheat ship off what you can do to use your keyboard to just make things. And to do it a lot faster so you could see the ones that we used a while ago. Like, for example, adding a label, the Shark Artist e at sign. And then we have the project, which is the hashtag. And then there's even the adding on assigning, which is the plus size. And we have the priorities right p one until p four and then a quick comment with the control. Yeah, and there's a lot more that you could do over here adding tax, which is cute, right? And then there's go to start, page, hide or show the navigation with new with the M key. Okay? And there's a lot more. Okay, even sorting this added as well. So, for example, on just press em right And you could see the navigation gets hidden, right? With a single press. So it's a very quick ways that off going here, right? And there are also reminders scattered across the U I or the interface where you could see that the shortcut, This du m key. Okay, so I could just press on it. So the next time there's no need for me to just go over here, right? Safety of time. Okay, so that's pretty much for Cuba Char cuts. Let's have a look at the settings, so I'll just go back here and Al selects settings. And then let's just have ah quick run true off what we have over here. So this demo account of mine, right? For example, in the account settings he could see on Landy premium trial with end, Right? Because I'm using the Priam trial right now for the demo. Okay, then. Pretty much basic personal stuff. And we have General. So this is where most of the major settings are gonna be done, right? You have your language. You can change it. We have the start page. I'll discuss this in a separate lesson, and then we have the smart date recognition. So this is where right you can enable or disable. Remember that whenever we create tests weaken, type in, Let's say tomorrow, right. That's where the magic happens. That's where we enable that magic that tomorrow the next Monday. The next week, for example. This is thesis Mart date recognition, so you can actually disabled this. Okay, So, for example, if you want more control, you want to do it manually, then even just select banks and disable this right now, OK? But for me, I prefer to have it because it's a very handy way to just type the dates and then it gets scheduled automatically. Okay, Auto, accept advice. If somebody, right. If there's collaboration that's happening, you can accept invites automatically. Jane. Then we have the date and time zone over here, right? It has changed the formatting on which one you prefer and how to get like, being displayed. Same thing. A swell for military time, right? 12. Our 24 hour format start of the week and change this Well, okay, so I'm happy with this one next week. A spell on how it interprets. Okay. And then this is pretty cool for email. So, for example, if you want to have a daily agenda collated, right to start being okay, then you can have a daily digests. Well, and then there's also newsletter about product news and then tips and tricks from to do this so you can set it over here and bed accesses. Well, if you want to use the better version to be able to access, like new features ahead off the official release. So it's up to you. Okay, so that's pretty much for General. If I go to subscription. So over here in subscription, right, he's just have a preview, and then you can upgrade, right? And then any billing information or invoices and say you have already paid, then you can have a quick view over here inside teams. So this is a cool way to just change the look and feel off your to do it. There's a lot of teams over here that you could just let's say, I just want to go for and sake lover, okay? And you could see that there's the star icon, so that means that's a premium team over here. But it's not a big deal. We could still play around with different teams, right? If I select this and it becomes start quickly, I said like this, Right it comes color green cover and gates over teams. Let's say we have karma. So karma. It's a different topic on its own because it gang defies or it allows Gamification off your test. So, for example, if you want an extra layer off motivation, then you can use karma over here looking so pretty much, let's say, by default over here for tracking off your performance. There's the daily go off five tests, and then there's the weekly goal off 30 tests, and then you have your day soft that it can set it up. That okay on Saturday and Sunday, like I don't want to meet the goals for my tasks. I can just take it easy over here, and the karma won't penalize you, or the performance monitor won't penalize you for that. And then you also have vacation mold. If you're going away somewhere, right? Definitely you won't be able to accomplish the task. Then you can turn on the vacation more this well, so we'll be going through this one the karma section in a short while because I want to show you on how it works and how it looks like it's pretty cool. It's simple, OK, but it adds a layer of motivation that if you're feeling competitive and then it just motivates you to complete tasks on the day to day basis. OK, next this reminder. So reminders. Pretty much you work on task. Okay, that half a time set. So, for example, you set the task. That's Jew tomorrow 10 a.m. Then you can have reminders over here that's a pick herbal to those type of tests. So over here, let's say the full time Internet me this before then, and reminder gets sent to you. So, for example, the push notification to your mobile right? It's just gonna remind you about that can have a desktop notification. Mobile push modification are an email. So it's up to you on which one that you want, like the matter that offer mining for you. Okay, If you go to notifications, then pretty much you have control us well, on what gets not if I to you. So over here you have email. And then over here you have mobile notifications. So pretty much over here for notifications. It's useful for collaboration. So, for example, if somebody assigned the task to you right or somebody completed a task and completed the test, then you can choose to be not a fine toe. You could just live it over here and just have everything ticked by default. Okay? And then next it's back up. So, backups, it's another premium feature over here, right where? And it creates automatic daily backups. So, for example, if you did something wrong in a project or 15 UNITA tests by mistake over here that it's a nice way for you to just go back a day in time over here, and they can also download it. Okay, so you can have a copyist fell on your hard drive. So for integration, so pretty much if you use Google, Canada already can connect, get swell and sink it over here. Right? You could also use Apple calendar or outlook. A swell Okay. And in the last heading, you have your importing of tests from wonder this. Okay, so we're pretty much good with saying so Let me just close this and then I'll just discuss karma quickly to you. So for karma, it's located pretty close to the settings. I can't, so I'll just click on this. You see the check mark over here? So this is a premium Features well, and it just shows you on. What are you doing? Or how far or how close are you from your productivity goals? So over here you have your 21 completed test and then you have your daily goal, right? Seven out of five test. So well done. OK, and then you have your streaks over here. And then it's a quick preview on how are you faring right in the last seven days if I go to weekly So it's the same view pretty much right. It's a very nice way to show that Hey, I'm pretty close. So it's not exactly like it's not exactly the quality of test, but it's just more of the quantity, right? So you won't be able to different shape a big task or very high priority tasks as compared to let's say, a little prayer to task in karma size or in productivity. Zais over here dare to say Okay, but it's a nice way for you to just have specific goals that hey, that's accomplish more from a day to day basis. OK, so if I go over here for karma So four karma is just more of points over time. If I click on this one, right, so as to accomplish more tests, right? You have, like, he can level up, can go from beginner two novice, right, intermediate cheddar. And your goal is to be enlightened. Okay, so it's just a nice way off having that specific title next to you. And they could see the goals over here so that it just adds a layer off gaming Gamification Teoh. It just makes things a bit more exciting, okay? 10. Pinned Favorites: Now let's talk about paint favorites. So for pin favors toe work, it's very easy to do so You just right click on any Iram under projects under labels or filters, and then you can add it to the favorites. So the reason to use favorites. ISS There's this section over here. If you find yourself going to a specific project frequently or a specific labour or specific fielder, then it's best to have it panned over here so that it becomes more efficient for you rather than searching for it over here one by one. OK, so to be able to do that, it's very easy. What I'll do is, let's say we want to pin work project over here, so I'll just click on the ellipsis and understeer add to favorites bottom. So once we have it over here, right there, you have it for work. One thing to take note office when you pin this specific project. If you notice it's only the task under that project by itself, Okay, so it doesn't less all off the test that you want to be shown over here. So, for example, if you want to have everything under work, right. If you saw the filters tutorial, we have a specific filter wearing we can create. Ah, filter Over here. We're in the lists, all of the tasks under work and all of its sub projects. Okay, so which means you can use the fielder Asa pin favorite over here instead. Right? So that you can have that flexibility. Okay, so let me remove that. So But if you want a specific, like sub project over here elected to do its course, then you can do that as well. I'll just click on this one at the favorites. And there you have it for D to do this course over here. Okay, so that's where projects and then you could do pretty much the same thing as well for labels over here. So, for example, let's say for the office label, I want to have this pin so you could just do the same thing. Add to favorites over here, right? And then if you want to remove them, that's pretty easy as well. Just click on the ellipsis again and then remove from favorites. Okay? So once you have this one, you can jump over to filters, and then Let's say I'm good with this right. Urgent in one week and then the Samels a good bit nice to do and an urgent work is also important for me now. Already added all of them inside my favorite rights. We have this tree over here and wanting to take note off ISS. You could see the order over here, right? What? You can see if the order from projects and the labels and then followed by filter so you could think off the ordering as pretty much has how you see it in order over here from top to bottom. So pretty much just follows the same ordering in your pin favorites because one of the questions that I normally get ISS how do you rearrange them? Because if you see over here right, there's no way for you to rearrange as compared for this once you can drag and drop to change the order. So to be able to do that, so what I'll do to demonstrate its quickly is I'll just remove the project and the label, right? So, for example, for fielders, let's say I want urgent work to be on top. So what you'll do is you'll have to scroll down over here, then change the order off the original item. So which means if I want this to be on top, for example, then I'll have to put this in front off the other filters. Okay, so once we have that in that order, if you scroll up and you have urgent workers fell on top. So which means, what do you have in pin favorites with? Just follow the order that you have right over here in the original items that you have selected. Okay, so that's pretty much the quick way for you to be able to order your pit favorites. 11. Start Page: Now let's talk about the start page. If you recall in one of our settings over here, there's a setting for the start page where, and you can modify it to something else. Okay, so the start patients pretty much this one, the home icon over here. If I click on this right, then you're brought straight to your home page. You can also press h right are just type H, and you can have this quick view over here. It's the upcoming page over here, so we can change that quickly. Let's go to settings. So once inside your settings, just go straight to general and then you'll be able to see the settings for the start page . So if you open this up right, you have your queries, which is today and upcoming. That's pretty much the the ones that you see on the left side, and then you can set it to a specific project. Let's say inbox or the wants that you've created over here, okay? And then you can also have labels as your start patients. Well, if you prefer that. But my recommendation is to use a fielder because with filters you can customize on what you see in your start page. Okay, so you have full control. Because if you recall our fielders like, there's a lot of combinations that you could do so that it can be the best one for you. Okay, So use this one, use fielders so that you can have your start page with full control. OK, so let's say let's just pick one to say urgent work over here. We're good with this, right? And then what? I'll do this. That's close This and then let's have a look if this has taken effect to our start page, so now we're back to our home. Okay, let's click on this, and you could see that were brought straight to the urgent work filter because that's the default patient that we will be saying. Okay, So just used the start page to pick the number one like view over here that you go to the most 12. Todoist Project Templates: Now let's talk about project templates and project templates is introduced by to do it as a quick way for you to get started on a specific project. Okay, so if you're looking for inspiration, are just a way to get started quickly than project templates would be very good for you. Okay, so to get a better understanding, it's go straight here to settings, okay? And then you could see the selection over here called templates. So we select that it's gonna be bringing you to a page and to do it's worrying. It's more flat. Kickstart your next project with this templates that we have or hear. Okay, so, for example, there's a lot off templates that you have, so let's say let's check it out for design and product. Okay, so you have feature planning product roadmap. Okay, then let's say let's just try it out for work, for example. Let's say you're having a meeting agenda, Okay, you're having a meeting and you want to make sure that you have all of the tasks that are covered right for preparing for the meeting. OK, so let's do a quick preview just to have a look back and this is what it looks like for the meeting agenda. If you're good with death, then you could just, like, use template over here, and then it's gonna bring you back to write your to do this. Okay, So the template will be added to your project less. And once you're good with that, right, use this template, and then let's have a look on how it looks like. Okay, so it's a nice way just to give you some inspiration on what you need to place here. Okay, so we have our meeting agenda, right? Your agenda section and then your action Adam section. Okay. And then you just modify them because it gives you some sort of direction, right? Okay. And then you could see a swell The meeting agenda, Waas added automatically s a new project over here. Okay, So if you're like one thing to get some new ideas right on how to get started, then this is a good place for you to explore and and have a look right there. Stephen, Language learning student projects, right or personal? If you have goals, appointments at a cheddar. OK, so have a look. I'll include this in the links section. A swell, then enjoy exploring the different templates 13. Recurring Tasks: Now let's discuss about recurring tasks. If you recall the task that we've been working with, a lot of go okay for those tasks, it's always just a specific date that we have. For example, next Wednesday, tomorrow or the Saturday right. So we're pretty much limited to one specific date. So one of the questions is, What if you want this task to be recurring that say you want to have it pop up? I said, Reminder to you every week, for example, or once a month or right. There is something that you do on a day to day or like a recurring basis. OK, so it's pretty easiest well, inside to do it so showed up quickly to you. So, for example, inside the book project, right, we have this right book topics, and it's scheduled on Monday. Okay, so for example, let's say I don't want it to be on a Monday. I wanted to be done every Tuesday, for example, at 5 p.m. Okay, so you can do that. What I'll do right now is every Friday, right at 10 p.m. Let's change it to 5 p.m. So you can see over here, right that to do its was smart enough to be able to infer that. Okay, this is a scheduling part, a recurring part, and you could see this one over here change, right? You have that recurring icon over here that it's gonna be done every Friday, 5 p.m. Okay, so that's really cool, because this is the setting, right? The smart recognition that's enabled by default, and to do this is able to infer asked you type because the good thing with this oneness, there's no, like, complicated settings that you need to go true. You just type it in in plain English, and to do it is able to convert this for you. Okay, so a quick dip, a swell. So what I'll do is let me just remove this. Okay? So for example, let's say you have another test, and then you make mention off a Monday as part off the tests description, right? So you don't want it to be scheduled, for example, because one of the problems is, for example, let's say, just a pure created it. So, for example, let's say monday, right, it's your book named Topic. Okay, so what's gonna happen over here, right? We don't want it to be scheduled on a Monday. What you can do is just click on it, right, And then you'll be able to disable the smart recognition. Okay. And then let's say we could just type in again every Friday at 5 p.m. Over here, and then it's still able to do its part, right? Okay. So if you want to undo the smart recognition, just click on it, and then it will just be treated. Ask Playtex. So what? I want to show you, Right. So let's say this first. Okay, so we're good to go for the recurring test and then what I want to show you It's this page over here. There's help article that also included the links on how to set the recurring dates. Okay, because pretty much there's a lot of possibilities that you could do over here. And there's a lot off examples, right? This is the type portion, and then this is what to do. It will interpret it. Okay, So have a look at this page and then so that you can have an idea water the different possibility so that whenever you create recurring tasks, just keep on typing, and then it's gonna be very quick for you. 14. Thank you and Congratulations!: Thank you and congratulations on completing this course. So I hope that this has helped you learn to do is basics. So you're also able to leave a review on this course. So just by clicking on the reviews link over here, and you would have a leave Review button enabled for you. So simply click on this button delivered you bought on to be able to leave a review. So please, please leave an honest review. I would love to hear your feedback. You can also check out my profile for more Microsoft related courses by clicking on my name, this link over here. 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