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The Complete Spanish Method. Intermediate 4. EL MÉTODO.

teacher avatar Peter Hanley, The non-stop SPEAKING Spanish course

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction to Level 4.


    • 2.

      The Subjunctive, Quiero que


    • 3.

      Pasarlo bien, Espero que


    • 4.

      Time Trial.


    • 5.

      Es importante que


    • 6.

      Decir que, Es probable que


    • 7.

      Time Trial


    • 8.

      Es mejor que, Es bueno que, Dudar


    • 9.

      Placement of Prepositions, Recoger


    • 10.

      Time Trial


    • 11.

      No parecer que, siento que, Me encanta


    • 12.

      No parecer que, Siento que, Me encanta


    • 13.

      Time Trial


    • 14.

      Niños, Antes de que


    • 15.

      Para que, Cuando


    • 16.

      Time Trial


    • 17.

      Cerrar con llave, Olvidar


    • 18.

      Mío, Tuyo, Suyo


    • 19.

      Time Trial


    • 20.

      Míos, ¿De quién?


    • 21.

      ¿A dónde?


    • 22.

      Time Trial


    • 23.

      Tener prisa, Tener miedo


    • 24.

      Imperfect Tense


    • 25.

      Time Trial


    • 26.

      Hacía calor, Iba


    • 27.

      Hacía calor, Iba


    • 28.

      Time Trial


    • 29.



    • 30.

      Practice and Extension


    • 31.

      Time Trial


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About This Class



EL MÉTODO allows you to:

► Speak, non-stop, from the very start. (no note-taking required)
► Produce and assimilate thousands of practical phrases for daily use. 
► Painlessly absorb grammar and vocabulary at intermediate level. 
► Make rapid progress, without the need to memorise or "study" in the traditional sense.


"Tell me and I will forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn ." (Benjamin Franklin)

Right from the start, EL MÉTODO engages you in a non-stop spoken dialogue that requires no pen and paper. This beautifully simple resource allows you to use and understand Intermediate Spanish in a matter of hours, without the need for tiresome attempts at memorisation or lengthy, grammatical explanations. This is achieved through a expertly designed, world-class methodology that builds up and practices the language in your mind and mouth, step by step, until you are able to form increasingly complex sentences with ease.

From the very start, you will be forming your own sentences, effortlessly absorbing structures without even realising it. The method guides you through Intermediate Spanish in a motivating and stimulating way.

Recent students put it this way:  
★★★★★"Outstanding from the very first lesson to the end. The Spanish is challenging and fast moving, and yet  constantly revisits vocabulary and structures so that it sinks into long term memory. Explanations are short and yet accommodate for all learning styles. The whole journey has been a world-class introduction into a language I’ve learned to love. ¡Gracias por todo!"

★★★★★"After completing level 1 and level 2 , I am here for level 3 and have already purchased level 4. Does it not  prove how good and well organised the courses are! It's Fantastic. Beyond expectation!"


In EL MÉTODO as in real life, learning is a continuous process, not a series of separate topics. Each new word or structure is preceded by a clear and precise introduction. The process continues as the students use the new word in a variety of different contexts. Repeated exposure to new words and structures over time, in a wide variety of situations and associations, means that these are acquired for life.


EL MÉTODO INTERMEDIATE, level 1, consists of 20 video lessons of spoken Spanish. After every lesson there is a series of optional written exercises..

We will engage you in a spoken dialogue that requires no pen and paper. Just talk, talk and talk. You won't stop speaking Spanish from start to finish. This is the ideal system to learn Spanish. 

My goal with EL MÉTODO  is for you to become "hooked" on the program, thereby mastering intermediate Spanish as quickly as humanly possible.

To your success! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Peter Hanley

The non-stop SPEAKING Spanish course


Hello, I'm Peter.

After twenty years teaching languages in France, Spain and U.K it quite clear that the traditional methods used by the majority schools and language academies do not produce good results. Most of the students finish their courses with a very poor command of the language and this, at times,  after thousands of hours of study!

As a result, I have created EL MÉTODO, a new and different approach to the teaching of Spanish for beginners that will provide one with a solid base and a practical usage of the language as quickly as is humanly possible, without the need for laborious memorisation or "study " associated with conventional Spanish courses.

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Level: Intermediate

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1. Introduction to Level 4.: Do you want to master intermediate Spanish within the next few weeks? Well, you can, but you will need the write method. Hi, I'm Peter, creator of element auto, and for 25 years I've helped tens of thousands of language students using accelerated learning techniques. Now I'd like you to experience the same results. A proven method dramatically reduces the time it takes to get the basics down by the end of the four levels of this course. In as little as eight weeks from now, you will have a full understanding practical usage of intermediate Spanish. But what makes an effective method and wider most language programs fail so miserably. Most language courses actually apply no method at all. They overload frustrated and demoralized you with long-winded explanations, boring lists, tables and tests. And before too long, you'll have given up entirely. Those of you who started a language for years and years at school with little or nothing to show for it. We'll know what I mean. Now, a strong method instantly gives you that thrilling sense of rapid progress is designed to take full responsibility for your learning, relieving you of all the pressure of trying to memorize it quickly and painlessly constructs a solid foundation. Building blocks because they're constantly repeated and relentlessly recycled in new contexts and combinations. And this way, Spanish doesn't just become easy for you to remember, but difficult to forget. With elemental lot, you immediately start forming and speaking your own phrases. Just as in life, learning is a continuous, cumulative process, not a series of random, unrelated topics. Are students report feeling energized, triumphant, and driven forward by the rapid results they experience, their report craving more and more as they sail through the lessons and levels, soaking up the language with ease. With convenient audio lessons, it's easy to fit our metal into your daily routine. Along with my natives daughter Jessica, you can join us wherever you like in a continuous spoken dialogue of thousands of perfectly constructed phrases. By the end of the four levels, you'll be raring to go ready to start exercising your new skills amongst the natives. So join us for the first lesson where I'll metadata is waiting to get to work on you. 2. The Subjunctive, Quiero que: Okay, we're off again. This time it's Level 4 of elemental intermediate, lateral rectus, the homestretch. Now I don't expect students to be jumping in at this level. But just to remind you, here are the guidelines to follow as you move through the course. As usual level for picks up seamlessly from where we left off the last level. Please bear in mind that every single piece of language involved in L metadata, unless specifically introduced as a new item, will have been presented and thoroughly practiced in earlier levels. So if you find any of the material in level 4 beyond, you, do go back and go over previous courses. The main focus of level four is the subjunctive mood. To learn this set of additional conjugations and its usage can be a daunting task. However, if the normal verb forms, the indicative forms, been mastered, your task is really quite straightforward. So if you're still unsure of those indicative forms, we would urge you to go back and repeat Level 3, or at least to go over the verb tables have suggested and practice throughout that level. It's simply not possible for us to practice each and every form of all the verbs with presented. So unfortunately, and exceptionally, a little rote learning at this stage, maybe an order. Now unless you're an academic linguist, there's no particular reason you should be familiar with or understand the term subjunctive. It is used in English that there aren't really any uniquely subjunctive forms. If we say, if I were you or so be it, God Save the Queen, were actually using subjunctive verb forms. Modern English often finds ways around using the subjunctive. Not so with the more Latinate languages such as Spanish, that uses a multitude of specific subjunctive verb forms, which are part and parcel of everyday speech and simply can't be avoided. Or basic statements such as I want to speak, doesn't require the subjunctive. How would we say that? I want to speak? Quiero hablar? However, if we were to say, I want you to speak, the EU introduces a second person, second subject in Spanish, this is expressed as I want that you speak. I want that you speak. So it's the US speak that needs to be expressed in the subjunctive. So we get Cato caballus instead of atlas here. Okay? Bless, repeat, please. Care. Okay, Fabulous. Fabulous. So you see the subjunctive is formed in the case of AR verbs by changing the endings to those of E-R verbs and vice versa, ER and IR verbs take AR endings. So the verbs change tracks when used in the subjunctive. Again, how will we say, I want you to speak? Care. Okay, Fabulous. Good. Okay, fabulous. So now you should be able to say, I want you to speak Spanish with me. Hey, rookie abolitionists by neural canal, Negro, ghetto, spaniel Camino. I want you to call him the 80 kilo yummy. And now simply, I want to call him bearing in mind here that is the same person wanting and calling. I want to call him yet. Oh, yeah, Marla. I don't want you to call Jessica. Now. Here are two people involved. I don't want you to call Jessica. Jessica. Jessica. I don't want to call peta Nakuru Gemara, Peter. Knock, yada, yada. And how about I don't want you to call peta. Peta? Not yet. Okay. I don't want you to speak to the Spanish girls. Kick-ass Hispaniola. I want to speak to the teacher, bearing in mind that here the person wanting and doing the speaking is one and the same. K2 hablar con el professor Soda. But now try. I want you to speak to those people here. Okay, I believe ghetto caballus Kanesatake in there. We want to be here. Stocky. Stocky. We want you to be here. Good Amos case the psyche. Get Amos, guess the psyche. And how would you say they want us to be here? Here in case you hadn't guessed the most hockey. I want to stay here yet. Okay. I want you to stay here. Hello Kitty. Genovese hacky. And I think how to say she doesn't want us to stay here. Jackie. Not yet. Again, upscaling most AKI. And how would you inform a group of people? We want you to be here at ten o'clock. Stay psyche and SDS. Get Emma's case stays archaeology. But we want them to be here earlier. In other words, sooner bit, okay, mosquitoes is Dana key, must pronto. Beta-keto. Most gauges is 10 AKI mass pronto. We want them to arrive before nine o'clock until the last Nueva. Get a Muskegon and I want to give it to you. So how about I want you to give it to me yet, okay, Melo, this one, do you want me to give it to you? 3. Pasarlo bien, Espero que: Welcome back. So we've seen that one of the structures in Spanish, The cools from the junk to mood is piano. There are many more to come, but let's keep working with this one. Pno k. It's worth noting that the little word k is so often the trigger for the subjunctive k that I want that you do it. I want him to be here. I want that he be here. Cato case. Okay. Good. Okay. Stay. The way to say to have a good time in Spanish is pasado la bn, Literary to spend it or to pass it? Well, by saddle, OVN should try to say, have a good time. As Albion. As Halloween. I want to have a good time. Tro Passat lobbying. By saddle Albion. Persona is a perfectly regular verb that works like hablar. So try to say, I want you to have a good time. In other words, I want that to you have a good time. Kiloparsecs, ghetto kilobases, bn. We want Jessica to have a good time. Get a good Jessica. Low-pass. Cbn. Get aimless, get Jessica low-pass. Avian. Iu dot is another perfect irregular AR verb. Tried to say, I want to help her. He had argue that. But she doesn't want me to help her bid or not carry Beethoven piano. She wants to help him. The idea you that no. But he doesn't want her to help him carry law you there. Now, as mentioned previously, ER verbs and ir verbs change tracks, can take on the AR verb endings in the subjunctive. How did we say I want to write it? Cato is creepy eaten law. Yet basically medulla. So see if you can say, I want you to write it. Keto calories, grievous, get the mass. They want us to write it on the computer screen any lower than ad or getting Cholesky memos in a lot of the other. I want to do it. Our third law. I want you to do it here, okay? Yeah. Okay. And here, just as an English, I emphasized you, I want you to do it in Spanish. We can add the extra for clarity or parenthesis. Ghetto kid ragas. Now say, I want you to do it like that, bearing in mind that this time it's not necessary to stress or emphasize the EU as we've already established who's being referred to. I want you to do it like that. See. I see. I want him to do it here. Okay. If I were just to say I want him to do it, we wouldn't need clear, okay, logo. Now another verb which often calls for the subjunctive is to hope a sporadic. So try to say, I hope he does it. A spin, a Speedo kilo AGA. And now with emphasis on the heap, I hope he does it, not her. I hope he does it. Spade. Okay. Logger. We would also say sparrow Caillois guy, tried to say, I hope she does it. A spade or kilowatt guy, Asia. A spade. Okay. Yeah. Okay. I hope you do it. A sparrow kilo, a Speedo Galois guys. But how about, I hope you do it, not him. I hope you do it. A spade. A spade. A spade or kilo August. We hope you have a good time in Minorca. A spade are mosh kiloparsecs been in Minorca. Spit on mosquito passes, bn and Minorca. We want to be happy. Get this carefully. This we want you to be happy. Good MOs case this fairly good in most cases, fairly. And now try. We hope you're happy. Use-case disbelief. I spent almost kiss disbelief. We don't want you to be sad. Nor gate in most case this grease day. Okay. The teacher is intelligent. Sba nanoscale professor saying Delhi, Hindi. Don't worry about that. Oh, Kobe's body. So now can you say, I hope it's a good hotel? A spade. Okay. Say on when or Speedo calcium, we're not then. I hope it's better than this one. Is spade, okay? A Speedo Kusama. And our last phrase in this lesson is, I hope it's not too expensive. This bedrock and nausea, Demasio. Speed up your nose. 4. Time Trial. : Hi. Okay. Okay. 5. Es importante que: Okay, welcome back. Can you try to say it's important to be here? Es importante que es importante stocky. Now the structure, it's important, that is important is another one of these structures which calls for the use of the subjunctive. So how do you think we would say it's important that you be here? Ac important, take k steps. Again. Es importante caspase AKI. So let's practice all the forms of S star in the subjunctive. Using this same phrase, it's important that I be here. Ac important the KGOS day again, repeat believes it's important that you be here, is important to stay soggy. It's important that he or she be here as important. The Gael Garcia Estate, again, it's important that we be here as important they can nosotros, nosotros estamos AKI. It's important that you all be here as important, they cable short troughs, vosotros, a stay soggy. It's important. They be here S important. They gave us a standard API. Now over to you and see if you can go down the list using all the conjugations in the same way as important. Now try. It's important that the boys be here soon. Es importante que los chico is Dana keep pronto. Es importante. I'll now try and it's important to do it every day. Es importante que es importante para local area. We see in this sentence is no, that so the subjunctive isn't required. However, if we say it's important that he do it every day, es importante caldaria. Let's practice the subjunctive of affair in the same way down the list using the phrase, it's important that I do it, et cetera. And then test yourself with the following slide. Okay? It's important that you call me. Importantly. It's important. It's important that they have a good time. Es importante kiloparsec, NBN. Es importante kilo passing mean. A similar structure to its important. That is, it's necessary. It's necessary. Okay. Plus the subjunctive. How would we say it's necessary to do it? Snf a saddle I felt alone. Isn't if it's not necessary for you to wait for me. In other words, it's not necessary that you wait for me. Noise necessarily will give me space. Noise, Nephi stereochemistry this, why don't you write to me? And now the command right domain is cleaved by me. And I'll try giving the same command using the formal form, right to me. Is Greenbaum a schema? And then the negative don't write to me. Now my screen. And try. It's important that you write to me es importante que mi screen. This important. It's important that you don't write domain grievous AC importante que no mask device. Now I'd like you to ask, what do you want me to write? The tree want D18 that I write. Okay, Good. His disclaimer. What do you want me to write to get good? Yeah. How did we say do it in the imperative of the command? Don't do it. Nonetheless. And how about what do you want me to do? Good, good, good, good as Ghana. What do you want to do? What do they want us to do? Good care? And Gilgamesh, nosotros. Nosotros. Finally, in lesson 3, how would you ask a group of people, what do you want them to do? 6. Decir que, Es probable que: Now listen for starts with the instruction. Tell me on the next command is tell her. I'm sure you'll remember from our study of pronouns that the combination is avoided in Spanish and set is used to replace. Let them do we say, Tell her the seller. The seller. Now the theaters, you know, is one of the governors. The first-person singular, the iPhone, takes a G in the present tense. So using that as the basis for the subjunctive. How would we say, it's important that you tell me es importante que, es importante que melodic ideas. Okay, So you'll have noticed that the negative command is actually the subjunctive form. Do take a look at your verb tables if you get confused at any stage. Now let's go over this table to practice and perfect the subjunctive of defeat. I hope you tell me soon. A sparrow, pronto, a Speedo Camilo di guys parental. We want them to tell us calmly what happened. Get a mosquitoes getting most kinda Paso. Now using the vosotros form, please try to ask, why do you want them to tell us? Can know slogan, get a Skinner's learning and I don't want you to tell her. No. Not yet. Okay. I don't want you to tell Jessica. No quiero case say low D Garcia. Jessica, remembering here that the state is not optional even though Jessica is included, the indirect pronoun say is an essential part of the structure, not karaoke siloed egos are Jessica. Jessica. For the next sentence, I'm sure you will remember that pronouns who come to the end of the infinitive verb. The verb in the infinitive Say to do is add trim. Tried to say, I'm not going to tell him tell him to do it. In other words, tell him that he do it. Delay delay keyloggers. Tell her not to do it. The way I can know Logan. Really Ada can no longer tell them to have a good time. The less kiloparsec NBN, the less kiloPascal Ambien. Tell them to write to us the list kinesis Screen1. The less Gino's is clear one. And how would you say, tell Peter to tell the truth? The layer. It's important, you tell him not to worry. It's important Ticulate eagles can now see preoccupy. Tell him not to tell jessica. The leg can know siloed IGA are Jessica the lake and Nasera Levi, Jessica. I'm aware that some of those might have been a bit tricky. So do go over this lesson as many times as you like until you are responding accurately and confidently. Okay. I come in the present tense, I come bingo. Bingo. Good. So they need is another go verb. Therefore, when we say Tell them to come, the landscaping and the less giving and don't tell them to come. Knowledge Degas giving and giving man. It's important that they don't come until next week. As important as knowing and hasta la semana kVA. As important as knowing and Estella semana kVA. Another structure that triggers the subjunctive is, is possibly can. It's possible that, and also it's probably okay. Now when we say, for example, it's possible he will do it. It's possible he'll do it, he will heal is future. But Spanish uses the subjunctive. Is possibly kilowatt, repeat please, is possibly kilo AGA as possibly. Good? So try saying it's possible, she'll come later. Is possibly a mascot, is possibly giving a Mostafavi. The Spanish for to win is Ghana. Ghana. It's very probable that Madrid will when K is, we probably. 7. Time Trial : Hi. Okay. Hi. 8. Es mejor que, Es bueno que, Dudar: Okay, carrying on with the expression is possible that tried to say it's possible. They'll start with this one. Is possibly a thin honesty is possibly can, but it's more probable. They'll do that. 1 first. Bed always must probably K argon AC it as mass, probably an SAP meadow. Spanish for it's better. That is unsurprisingly k followed by the subjunctive. It's better that you come to my house. Is my amikacin. Amikacin salad is a typical go verb. So how would we say it's better, we don't go out today. As methodic and nostalgia Masai, tell him to stay at home. Casa. The legacy giving Casa is better. You have a Coke than a beer. Una Coca Cola k1 affair with them? As McCord ketamine una Coca Cola. Do you think it's better I do this one or that one? Case may hoard. Today's or OSN expression. It's good. That is when okay, is also followed by the subjunctive. It's good that you're here. Is Bueno. Bueno guessed this hockey. It's good that you agree with me. Is Bueno case, this is when our case, this needle. It's good that you're having a good time. We're not kiloparsecs. V-in is 10 kilo passersby. And we could also use the progressive tense with the verb estar. Is Bueno. No, bn is when Achilles, Debian. It's very good that you are learning Spanish. This neuron is we win or CAPM as a Spaniard. Or even if we're not guessed this up in the unknown is, by the way, just say it's a pity that another expression which uses the subjunctive is es Una. K is when I last The Mackey. It's a shame. You don't speak Spanish more often. Es Una last Dima can know Abby less spaniel Massimino do is when I asked him OK. And noblesse is spaniel Massimino done? It's a shame, I'm not good at languages. A Sunnah last Dima, Gaziano, Australia, Bueno. Any dioramas? Is when I asked him aka your nausea goin I need the unless. It's a shame, I don't have more time. Sooner last Dima cannot tell much the bone. As soon unless the McCain nothing. I'm osteon bone. It's good that you have all the courses. Is del metal. We're not getting US dollar less Coursera's del metal. But it's a shame you don't study them. Better way sooner last Dima, again, no losses to the es. Una. Lastly, makin, no losses to the S is fantastic Caucasian of the expression which requires the subjunctive. Tried to say, it's fantastic that Jessica's coming. It's fantastic or giving a Jessica is fantastic. Okay. Jessica. But it's possible that her father come in knowing certain structures which express doubt or uncertainty or lack of understanding required the subjunctive examples of these are to doubt that. Also not create K I don't believe or I don't think something is so. And no and then dedicate to not understand that. So how would we say, I doubt it's very good. Dude. Okay. Say a movie Bueno. Bueno. I doubt he can do it. I don't think he can do it. With Othello. You'll remember from level one of the beginner's course that I'm sure that is a story sago came not to be really grammatically correct. However, even though this is okay and common in spoken Spanish, the proper phrases estoy, say Gouraud, day k. So if you wanted to say, I'm sure it's here, you'd have to say a story, say oro decay Starkey. It's as if to say, I'm sure of that. I'm sure of the fact that in this phrase the verb is not subjunctive. But if you express doubt or uncertainty, I'm not sure that then we need the subjunctive, so I'm not sure It's here is noisy toys say uno de K, stay AQI. Repeat please. Noise. Several decades, they are nice. They say, What are they guessed, Jackie? He's not sure that we can do it. Nice, Tessa. I don't understand why you can't do it. Hello. 9. Placement of Prepositions, Recoger: Let's start Lesson 6 with the following sentence. You can't do it. No puedes are very low. So far we've learned to place the object pronoun hello, May Day, et cetera, after the second verb, where it hooks on to the infinitive. In effect, forming one word. However, we can also place it before both verbs, and it means exactly the same thing. With ESA therapy, repeat please, no luck with the Zotero. So as I say, you can either attach the direct object pronoun to the end of the second verb or place it before the first conjugated verb. So try to say, I know why you can't do it both ways. St. Paul, cannula, Odisha, say Poor Law. Sapere can narrow point as I say uppercase. Now using the same principle, would you say they want to visit me in my Yorker in two different ways. They want to visit me in my orca. May create NBC tar in my yoga key at NBC karma in my Yorker. Make good NBC. Nbc. And how about I'm going to do it in the two possible ways. Oh, boy, boy. Boy, yeah. Fetlock. Okay. Perfect. To pick someone up, to collect to pick someone up is again, we can pick you up in front of the hotel. The podemos, Dilantin, or indeed Podemos. Dylan. The polymers Nico headed Dilantin entertain. But image knucklehead and Dilantin entertaining. She doesn't think she can pick me up on Tuesday. No caret came a point Enrico had L Marty's not Kinect came a point that a coherent map deaths. How do we say I put in the present tense? Bongo. I want you to put it on the table. T80 kilo palm gas in La Mesa. Dino came upon national armies and I want to know if you can put it on the table. Good or bad. In LA mesa. Either say medicine when it's been any lameness, Sam. Why can't you put it on the table? Volcano low point is Panera in La Mesa. But can allow pointer is pointing in La Mesa. Why can't you pick them up tomorrow? Pushkin, no loss point is cohere manana. Volcanoes, potentially coherent Manana. Another expression which uses the subjunctive is to be glad that we're pleased that which in Spanish is a toy content, oh, estoy, content of the game. So try to say, I'm happy that you are coming. A stoic content or they're giving us is take content, are they giving us? I'm pleased you have it. A story content or de Gallo 10 gosh. Estate content that they can attain less. I'm pleased you're having a good time. A stoic on dental decay law passes bn is take content that they cannot pass SBN. I'm glad you don't have to do it. Especially content or they gain knowledge. Estate content that they can know, nothingness, Catherine. And how about, I'm sad, you have to leave. A story three, stay in the dating AS a state. Three, steady getting cascade, then. I'm glad you're coming to pick me up. Is clay content though. They came a ring gas estate content that they're giving us Africa headman. I'm glad you like it. A stoic content or they came to a goose. Estate content that they can use them. Now in Spanish to say to have is usually the verb tense. However, when we say I have done something, we're actually using the verb bear from which we get H0 asset show our H0. I have done something, you have done something, he has done something. So the verb Abyei doesn't really exist as a standalone verb, only used in conjunction with other verbs. To create the present perfect tense. I have done something. So what would that be? I have done it. Low, atrial, low H0. Now at times we will need to use this verb in the subjunctive. For example, if we want to just say, I'm glad you have done it. In this case we get Iowa. Iowa. Iowa. I Jarmusch, ISE, ion. So tried to say, I'm glad you've done it. A steroid content or the H0? A steak contain Taniqua? I'm not sure that they've done it. Noise, toy sago, their kilo ionic. Nice day. Say What are they? I doubt she has done it. Do don't care. It's a shame. We haven't seen it yet. As soon. Elastomer Nala, Nala must be stopped. 10. Time Trial : Hi. Okay. What I'm going to go for life. 11. No parecer que, siento que, Me encanta: Another way to express doubt besides not cray. Okay. I don't think that is no. It doesn't look like or it doesn't seem that. Try saying it doesn't seem that you have understood this lesson. Navbar, Ithaca, IRS, and didn't DDoS Delic the'm. Now politica, Yes. And thin. It's worth pointing out that in the category of uncertainty, these are usually expressed with the negative No, no power ethic, not gray, okay? So the same structure in the affirmative and positive no longer requires the subjunctive. How therefore we say, it seems that you have understood this lesson by a thick chaos and dandy lowest ALEKS. But ethic guessing the leaders, Teleco. We don't think that they've been able to do it. No. No Can a mosquito. And how about we think they've been able to do it. Good day. At theta. We are sure they've done it. Agarose, decade, decade. And now we're not sure they've done it. No Eskimos. Nice demo stakeholders, they colonia nature. Okay. You remember the expression, I'm sorry, is lossy and literally I feel it. Lucien DOM. This is another structure that takes a subjunctive, a structure from the feelings category. How would we say, I'm sorry that you think that cm2, KPN, JSON syntax, VPNs essay. So I'm sorry that you can't come see us. We need Center can help with us. We need to say I'm so sorry. We say I feel it a lot. I feel it very much. Cn. Cn. I'm so sorry that you don't like it. I'm so sorry you haven't understood. Can DO mucho. Mucho can Niacin Delano. I'm so sorry that you're not having a good time. Passes bn, cn tomato, canola, passersby. And remember the verb actually means please. Just saying, I like dogs. We need to say Dogs. Please mean how would we say that? I like dogs. Penrose. Other verbs in Spanish work in the same way as Gustaf to say I love dogs is main GAN loss Petros, dogs in chant. Main GAN loss, Pedro's main Kanban law spatters. So try to say, I love writing. Main gun, done a screen name, band-pass cleavage. She loved the last lesson. Lean gondola, link and the malloc thin. I love your house. Main guns to GSA. Gsa. I'm very glad you like it is doing movie content though. The gustation is the MOOC content to the ghettos. I love what you've done with your room. Main gondola as a habitat, Tian, main cantaloupe acid to contribute Athenian. I loved everything we saw in Madrid. Main gun, dot-dot-dot, all loci, most in Madrid. Minconf dot-dot-dot Okemos in Madrid. You'll love the new shop. I hope it's bigger than the last one. Is sped up. She loved the supermarket that they've just opened. Lincoln, Lincoln super Mercado. And finally in this lesson, yes, but it's a shame. It's not near her house. Si es Una last Dima. Again, noise state must dedicate it to casa. Nice day MasterCard is sucrose. 12. No parecer que, Siento que, Me encanta: First sentence in Level 8 is, they loved the last course. We now say they will love the next course to listen. And approximal corso tambien. Listening can dial proximal, cool. So tambien, we love to the first lessons. Nursing can select your NES. Nothing can be made as like DNS. The first questions are easy. The last, Sean fatty less, ESP minus plug into some fatty less. But the last ones are more difficult. Sean must defeat the less than theta, less than the mass, some mass the faithless. I don't think they're more difficult. Journal clerk is N must defeat electron, must defeat the less. And how would you say, I love some lessons but others are boring? Main Gunter now goodness like the bear or trash. Now to say a piece of advice, let me give you a piece of advice. In Spanish, we only need one word. It's as if we are saying, let me give you an advice, which is a piece of advice. How would you ask? Do you want a piece of advice? Yes. Do you want me to give you a piece of advice? Yet us get there. Now the verb from this to advise is, and this is another verb which requires the subjunctive are concerned. So try to say, I advise you to do every lesson twice. Their togas CUDA lengthen those faith is the icon cinco Gaga's Cadillac theme. On those basis. He says, I should do them three times. And thick dress with this. And he says I should do them slowly. Ed50 gala saga, this patio. If you think a law saga, this patio. I always see the same questions. Simply bolus mismatch. Mismatch, but I want us I doubt they're the same. Doodle QSEN match mismatch. Do doc STN Les Mis mass. I didn't see that word in this course, nor we know b. But I think I saw it in the last one. Demo. Hey Doc multimode. This one is much easier than that one. Is the Casey case. I'm not sure it's easier for everyone. Noise. Boisei. Nice day. Say what are the calcium has fulfilled Pareto's. But I'm glad you find it easier. Better estoy content or they get to take content. Are they killing when there's much pathogen? It's possible that your Spanish was better known. Possibly. Possibly get to Espanol. It's good that you've studied all the lessons. Is when okay. I told us last like the donation is wait. Okay. As is to the other told us last neck the honest. I'm more tired today than yesterday. It's doing mass. Is the mass concert hour. I advise you to stop working. They are. You're always giving me advice or in Spanish, you're always giving me pieces of advice. Cm pre-made us concertos. 13. Time Trial : Hi. Okay. What I'm going to go for life. 14. Niños, Antes de que: Welcome back. Welcome to Lesson 9. I'd like to start with a question. Can you send me the bill? La Quinta? Now if you wanted to ask, can you send it to me tomorrow? Here we have two pronouns, the indirect and the direct pronoun may unlock. These can both go before the first verb, or both attach onto the end of the second verb, mandates. So could you say this in two different ways? Can you send it to me tomorrow? Millipedes, Bandar manana, boy, this man, Dharma la manana. Millipedes man Norman Yana. For this man, Madame de la manana. Can you send it to her? Scylla. Scylla point is can you send it to Jessica Silva policeman data, Jessica. Jessica, It's important that you don't send it to beta. As important. As important, they can know Soloman. It's important that he doesn't see it. Es importante. Es importante el Nino La Jolla. Okay. I'm sending it I'm sending it to her. Now referring to something masculine, How would you say the teacher is sending it masculine to me? The teacher sending it to me. And Professor Malloy stomach. And Professor minute. It's important that I have it today. As important or as important thing now. It's important that you sleep seven hours a day. Is important decade. Or draw us as important decade where much earlier. There are two ways to say children in Spanish, if we refer to offspring, that's to say someone's children, part of a family. It's E harsh. However, if it's just children in general, we say ninos. Ninos. To try to say it's better that children sleep 10. Hello, Duane Allman, df, estimate watercolors, minions doing them and I doubt my daughter's loops ten hours. Doodle Kamei had whereby the authorise the dot Cami. Methodists. It's not necessary that she sleeps so much. Noise necessarily you're done, don't do it. I love children. Main content, los ninos. Main contenders, ninos. It's showing me you don't have any a soon unless Dima cannot Deng us soon unless the MAC nothingness. If we were to instruct someone think before you speak Spanish, would express this as think before speaking, thing before to speak. Think before speaking. Think before you speak. P&z. This their bladder. Pn sat until you do it before you leave outflow and this desal lead. Lead. However, if we change subjects, for example, do it before she arrives. In these cases, we will need the subjunctive. And before becomes, and this and this, the game. So try to say do it before she arrives. Until decades. They can do it before the children arrive. Outflow and this decay, yeah, Again, loss. At nine days they can begin loss Meniere's. You can do it after they leave. They can say, ask for the bill before you leave. Be the La Quinta and this decay the various be the La Quinta enters negative ions. They will ask for more money before they finish the job. Peggy ran must be narrow and this determines pay. The land must be narrow. Anterior determinants. I'll ask for more money before he finishes the job. Must be narrow. 15. Para que, Cuando: An easy one to start less than 10. I want to know. It's also very common to hear Spanish people saying I want to know. It is generally left out in English, but very common in Spanish. How would you say, I want to know it two different ways and that's to say placing the law in two different places. Yet us have A1. Now, here's the verb sapere for the subjunctive forms. Sip, sip us, Sippar to. I'd like you to practice these in the normal way. How do you think we would say, I want you to know Cato, fellowship, pass the galaxy pass. I want you to know before I leave. Until they came in via. Good. Okay. I don't want the children to know. Nokia. Know Chapin. Not the NO gallows, ninos loves a pan. It's important that I know if you can pick me up is important. It's important to say, but he says the children should go quietly. The thick filament, the thick yellows. Nino, say bye. Thank you. Tell them the seller. Tell the children to leave quietly. Case a DSLR, ninos QC, I tell them to do it today. The list kilo organoids. The less Kayla and I tell them to do it before they leave. The less kilo wagon and test decades. The less Kellogg an antigenic expressions so that I'm doing something so that something should happen. So that is barricade and it takes the subjunctive again. So have a good saying I'm telling you so that you know the law. Diego badda Diego badda Pelosi pass. Now dry, we will call you so that you know where we are. The Yamato barricades surpass non this Thomas. I'm going to give it to you. I'm going to give it to you so that you remember me. But I k may require less. Well, yeah, that when we say when, not as a question, but when something happens in the future, the following verb needs to be in the subjunctive. So for example, when I leave this quantum Mariah, when I see You cuando when plus the subjunctive when referring to the future. Try to say it so that you remember me when I'm not here. To this quantum noise diarchy equator, this quantum noise Turkey. Right to me when you can give him a cuando. Does tell me when you know something. Di Salvo. Call me when the children arrive. Yanomami cuando ninos. How would you say leave me the key. Don't leave me the big one. Now in English, to leave can have two meanings. Either to leave, to go away or to leave, to leave something somewhere. Hearsay. Tried to say when she leaves, tell her to leave me the key via the lake immediately. You may already know that the verb to go in, to get in, to enter is when she leaves, tell her to leave the key next to the door so that I can get in. Yeah. 16. Time Trial : Hi. Okay. When I moved out to the plasma. 17. Cerrar con llave, Olvidar: Up to lock, to lock the door or window is literally to close with Qi. Suo tried to say, when you go out, don't lock the door. No one knows and gas, nothing ever is lab work. When you go out, don't lock the door so that I can get in. Wonder sagas, not theorist law, does nothing. Lock the door so the children don't get out. No Sargon. Know Saigon. A useful in common verb is to forget all be dark. Iv that don't forget your keys. Nor VDS. Vds to the ARBs. I'll never forget what you did for me. Know I'll be Renuka, locate the Step Pyramid. Nine, be that a non-car lucky step, AMI. It's important. You don't forget, it is important. Again, not all v, This is important. They can no longer be this. Have you forgotten? Our shall be the UDL. As soon we're gonna have you already forgotten my name. Guys, all without Amin, know the answer. We have amino many. Have you already forgotten your phone number? To numero de telefono? Gasoline either do, no matter the telefono. I want you to call me when you find it. Ghetto Kimmy jammies following when dress. Dress. I'm going to write it down to that. I don't forget it. Okay. No longer read a novel? Yes. Have you already forgotten? My advice? Would be that whoami concerto. The answer with Udemy can say, it's better. You forget what I said. As McCormick TLB this locally, hey, Mel tried to say, it's very good that you haven't forgotten. Is Bueno shall we do is we went Okay. No, I guess all the data. It's very good that you haven't forgotten the last lesson. Boy can know albedo is we went okay. I love this course because I always remember the important words. Mean quantize the crucial role as parabolas important this ICMP liquid, the last pylab as important. 18. Mío, Tuyo, Suyo: Welcome back. I doubt you're going to forget the word whole Vidar. No, no, That's the first sentence to translate. I doubt you're going to forget the word all with that. Dude. Okay. Buyers, our radar, Le Havre. All radar. Okay. My yes or no, I don't think it's possible. No. No. No, not. Now we've already seen earlier on in the course is how to say my, your, his, etc. For example, my book. Your book. There's another type of possessive which is to say, it's mine, it's yours, it's his. It's ours. It's yours. It's theirs. And this is S meal, repeat please. As meal as me or to your S2. S3 is nuestro as NuSTAR is voiced, draw as Westeros, as X2, Y2. So if the thing being referred to as feminine, then we'll say as Mia is a Surya es nuestra VoiceThread. So try to say it's mine, not yours. Referring to something masculine. And I would like you say the same thing. Referring to something feminine. It's mine, not yours. Mia. Is Mia. How about it's his referring to something masculine? A Su nuestro. Non-western. And using the feminine forms? A su. Yeah, no nuestra. Nuestra. Know, say it's not yours. Referring to something masculine. A know, draw. Not wasted. The phone is not mine. Telefono noise meal. El telefono noise meal. And I don't think it's yours. It must be his. Debbie said, is this book yours? Is 20. Instead, leverage too young. We can also place the article. L, or law before these possessives. And this introduces a contrast that's to say, not yours, but my one but mine, not that one, but my one, mine. So we're contrasting two items. Another example is this phone yours is did they live for no. Do you know enemy or my one at a meal is mass McCain you? My one is smaller, mines smaller. So it's this book yours is still Libra is to you. It's the leverage to young. Now minus smaller. Know is must be a near as mass spec anion. Using the bush otros form is that yours? Is a cocci, is voiced, draw. A psychogenic voice. Don't know. Ours is blue, R1 hours is blue. No. Noise through a nuestro is Hathaway. Is that money? There's SAD nato is SAP. Nato is to know there's is on the table. No. Estar en la Mesa. And pseudo stand la Mesa. Is that girl his S anemia is Sue. Sue, yes or no. Here's is much younger. Know. Is that beer yours? That is a subset of a phase two. Yeah. No, mine my one is bigger. No. Law. Mia is much grander. I've got mine here. I've got my one here. Then go la Mia. Me I again. Don't forget yours. Don't forget your one. Nivea does lead to yeah. Can you send me is because I've forgotten mine. With this board. Aob, Dada. Read other Neil. His is a bit more expensive than yours. And SUE your resume Boko mascara to your and SUE your resume. Baco mascot. Okay. I'm sorry that you don't like mine. My one. S2. S2 can not take with me. When you send me hers. Don't forget, is the red one. L Sue norway, this case. Mondays and Surya. Me, this case L. Now I'd like you to ask the question. Haven't you sent me there's yet. And finally, I don't like ours, but I love the USTA el nuestro domain. Your domain. 19. Time Trial : Hi. Okay. When I moved out to the plasma. 20. Míos, ¿De quién?: This possessive adjectives, when they refer to something plural, as you'd expect, they take an S. Last last two years. How would you ask these books, yours. Yours? If does leave it as Sun Tzu? Yes. I don't think they're mine. Not creo que se on me or not getting okay. Minor over there. He loves me as a standard. Again, referring to something plural, several things. Could you ask did you see how when you came in through your Squanto and trusted? So yes. Don't forget that yours and theirs are in the car. Norway, this gain-loss West Nile Viva scalars and vectors. How do you say minus locked? But hers is open. A new. Better, so yes. I hope yours is better than mine. A spade. Okay, I'll do your Sammy Herculaneum. The question, who's, who's is it, who does it belong to? Who's in Spanish is who? Kn. So try to ask, whose is this computer? The GIN is the ordinate or the energy state of the another. It's not mine. Minus here. Noise. Noise, meal. Jackie, Who's with those keys. Next ask the obvious. Dickinson is, has yes. I think that Jessica's Gropius from the Jesse can get a okay Sunday, Jessica, she's always losing her things. Cm CM, process. I'll give them to her when I see her. Daddy. Daddy. I'll give them to her when she gets back. In other words, when she returns. Now instruct someone gave it to me when you can. No. Puedes. Don't give them to her. No. No cell as they say, yeah. Don't give them to her before I speak to her desk and this decay job until they tell her not to lose them this time. The lake in Nala Nala Vesta, with those children. Dickinson. Dickinson is ninos. Their hours. Nuestro son nuestros. Tell them to be careful. The less good things. 21. ¿A dónde?: Where is, as you know, Dante. Dante. Where are you done this task? However, when we use where, where, for example, where are you going? What is your destination? We have to add an initial. So could you say where are they going? I don't I don't never. And what about where are they? Don't understand. Ask them where they're going. Out on the van. Where are you going, children. I don't device. I don't devise ninos. Where are you going after finishing the lesson? I don't give us this twist. Determiner. Determiners. Where are you going after we finish the lesson? Notice here there's a change of subject you to we I don't think they get their mean emotionally. I don't live as they get that minimus more. Do you want to know why do you want him to know? I don't want him to know Nokia. Okay. I only want you to know K2. And of course, I want to note to your Ambien. Ambien. I only want you to have a good time. Hello, possess similar ghetto kilobases, bn. Okay, Now I'd like you to order someone sell it. Then they sell it to me. Hello. Then they don't sell it to them that no single bin. Sh Don't worry. I won't sell it to them. No. I'm not going to sell it to them. I'd like you to express this in two ways, changing the placement of the pronouns. Nor Scylla, boy. Oh boy. Oh boy, yeah. Who are you going to sell it to? In other words, to who or whom are you going to sell it? Again? Again, bossa nova. I don't think I'm going to sell it to you. No. I think I'm going to sell it to him. I'm very sorry that you've sold it to that person. The CN esa persona. 22. Time Trial : Sometimes. Hi. So what I'm going to go for life. 23. Tener prisa, Tener miedo: The way to say to be scared or frightened is thinner, middle to create, to have the intermediate. They needed me. How they move. We say, don't be scared. Not paying us medieval. Nothing has me middle. Another expression with the net is to be in a hurry, literally in Spanish. To have hurry. They need a pretty sad. So try to say, don't be in a hurry. Nothing us pretty soon. Nothing has been. A useful little expressions. Hurry up the tree, give yourself hurry that depressor that Deputy Sam. So now tried to say Hurry up. I'm scared that they prefer that the precise thing on the other. Now in order to say, I'm scared to do it, we need to add little word day. I'm afraid. I'm scared of doing it. Now tried to say I'm scared to leave the thing on the other. They may. Now if we wanted to say I'm scared, something will happen. We need to use decade. I'm scared that you'll do it. Then go me ago they login. Try saying I'm scared that you will leave. I'm scared that you'll go away. Then they get the virus thing on the other, they get the images. I'm scared that you will leave me here. The key thing is aki, We have to hurry. Then. The name of Lisa. Where do you want to go? And then they get a seat. I'm scared of forgetting all these words. And they all read our daughters. The mom, yellow there will be that told us is test pellagra. I'm scared that you'll forget all these words. Tengo day k or V, This DoorDash, parabolas thing on the other, they get to IV, a category, say I'm in a hurry. Then go Pisa. If we wanted to say, I'm in a hurry to do something, we need to add the word boar. I'm in a hurry to do it. Then we'll repeat please. I'm in a hurry to learn English. Thing will presuppose reading lists. Getting less. Now, I'm in a hurry for you to learn English. I'm in a hurry for you to learn English. Put K2, aprender, single thing or preceptor get to append Nassim Nicholas. I'm in a hurry to start. How did we say you're lucky? The ANSYS. You're lucky to know me. Then is sweaty. They cannot remain. The ANSYS. You're lucky to speak Spanish. The DNS sweat. In order to say, you are lucky that I'm here, for example, it becomes dk. The, the key. The key is they are key. Dns sweat and it gets tacky. And they're trying to say you are lucky that I'm your teacher. The day gay Josiah to Professor DNS. Sweet dedicate your CO2 professor. You're not my teacher. Mine is much better. Professor. Professor. You're lucky I'm a good student. 24. Imperfect Tense: I don't think I've been very lucky with you. The continuum. I'm so sorry you think that C N to C. And at this point we're going to look at a new verb tense known as the imperfect tense. It's one of the tents is used to talk about the past was happening at a given point in the past. For example, it was raining, we were having lunch. So whenever we use walls or we're doing something, we're using this imperfect tense. Now the imperfect forms for AR verbs go like this. Joy, bla, bla, bla bus. Noaa are biloba. Nosotros have biloba mush, vosotros, lullabies. A Yoshua yes. Avalon. So try to say I was waiting. I was waiting for you. I was speaking. I was buying it. I was having dinner. I was having a beer. What we're having who are you talking to? Us? What were you talking about? What were you thinking? Are you waiting for? Our kidneys, parabolas. A man was waiting for you, but he left. Number the better safely. The imperfect tense is often used when one action was interrupted by another. I was having dinner when he arrived. Then Auerbach, 10 years ago. So try saying they were having dinner when she called. Peter was talking to Jessica when her mother arrived. Kubla Khan, Jessica. Jessica. Were you listening? We all listening to Jessica or peter S. Good job. Eyes are Jessica. Jessica, oh, happy day. We were listening to her. Life's good idea. We were listening to her when Carlos came in. Java. Cuando intro, Carlos. Carlos. We will having a coffee when he saw us. Dhamma Obama's cafe. Cuando knows beyond Dhamma, Muslim, Catholic landowners be AR verbs and ir verbs work like this. The verb. I was doing the first lesson. This morning, I was doing the second lesson. We were living in Malaga, BV or mosh in Malaga. The VM Jose Milan. They were telling the truth, the theory and law metadata. I was leaving the room when she spoke. Salia, the lab. Where you having a good time. 25. Time Trial : Sometimes. Hi. So what I'm going to go for life. 26. Hacía calor, Iba: Okay, then I'm sure you remember how to say it's hot, as in the outside temperature, the weather, it's hot. Literally, it makes heat effect galore. I think I love. How would we say this referring to yesterday, for example, it was hot. Thea color. Now on occasions, verbs which are expressed in the past simple in English are expressed in the imperfect in Spanish. When we describe what things were like. To give general background information, providing context, or to set the scene for an action or an event. Then we'll use the imperfect tense. A Thea, color. It was hot. Not any Ahmose maturity, narrow. We didn't have much money. If we wanted to say, I knew it was true. Again, we're describing what things were like. We're giving general information or setting a scene as opposed to describing one single completed action or event. Sabia, Qaeda metadata. So please say we didn't have much money. No tenia motion with Jordan arrow. Not the neon was motto De Niro. I didn't know anything about Jessica before. No shabby another they Jessica. Jessica. And this. You'll be relieved to know that only three verbs present irregularities in the imperfect tense, sad and bear. And furthermore, the irregularities of the verb there are hardly noticeable. So let's look at the verb. Eat to go first. Your IBA to EBUS, Eloisa, Eva. Eva. Eva ice to your Sway? Yes. Eva. He didn't know if you were going with Jessica or with her father? Nor sabia see EBUS congestion or control, Padre know Salvia. See. We were going to tell you but we forgot. They were hungry. We were lucky. Sweater. She was frightened. Then. We also use the imperfect when we say what happened. Repeatedly in the past, we often use the structure used to for this, but not always. Gotta be a Yamaha Sumatra. She called her mother every day or indeed, she used to call her mother every day. We went to the swimming pool every week. Even more Sheila piece thena gather similar EMA masala piece, the NACADA semana. Jessica didn't use to go out so much. Jessica. Jessica to waste time, as you might remember, is to lose time in Spanish, but she didn't waste your time if you didn't use to waste her time. No better via the MBO. She studied much more mass. She was always in a hurry. Cm Britannia, CM Minneapolis, and she was always in a hurry to finish our courses. Cm Britannia precept. Simply the NEA pretty support them in absence courses. She never forgot things. Can be cautious. Nivea that I knew we were going to be third. Ethan. Ethan. We used to go well, we went every year. Eva Daniel. Last year we didn't go to, uh, before we went to Minorca. El ano pasado, no free mosh, IB or Minorca. In ano pasado Nephi most AB. We must have Minorca. 27. Hacía calor, Iba: The verb said in the past, the second irregular verb goes as follows. Joe, era to era. Nosotros estamos. Vosotros is a Yoshua. The stressed syllable with all these conjugations is the first initial, e. Eta, eta, eta, eta, eta, eta. So tried to say, I didn't know she was so nice. I didn't know that Carlos was so strong. No. Serbia. Good. Carlos. Carlos. Did you know that Spanish was so difficult? Savvy. Savvy SQL Espana. I didn't know that it was impossible to learn all the verbs. No savvier. Foreseeably aprender. No savvy. Yeah. K line perceive leprae box. It's impossible to call her. She's never there. As impossibly Yamaha. No. Another same sentence in the past. It was impossible to call her. She was never there. Non-car estaba en la. He didn't know if you were coming today or tomorrow. No severe sleep apnea or manana. Know, savvier C10 and so yeah, my Nana. I wasn't going to come today. Know Eva. Third irregular verb is bare via SSH. We always saw him on Saturdays. Cmp. Cmp. They always saw each other on Sundays. Simplecv, los Domingos, cn, vn, those domain gloves. We never saw the same people. Now VM was known coulomb is very useful. Little expression using the subjunctive form is with a K, meaning might or may, perhaps, with a way to say it might be difficult. We say with the KCI, the fifth literally means it can that pops in nonsensical in English. But that's the way to think of it. It can that once more, how did we say it might be difficult? And I guess it might be hers. With a guess. Yeah. So yeah. They might be mine. Where they Garcia. I may or I might go out later. Osaka saga, Mostafavi. Where you going along DeVos. Devos. I might go to the supermarket. Mercado. Super Mercado. Useful phrases may parity between k. And this means it seems good that, in other words, I think it's good that I'm all in favor of something happening. You are learning Spanish. Neuron. May party Fabian coupling doesn't span. Yeah. I'm all in favor of you having a good time. Espn. Espn. But I want you to study to do the Escambia tambien. I'm all in favor of you going out. Esophagus. Esophagus. I'm all in favor of you going out, but I want you to be back at ten BN QSR. 28. Time Trial : Sometimes. Hi. So what I'm going to go for life. 29. Seguir: How did we say, I know when referring to people, places or things? Cannot go. Cannot go. I'm sorry, you don't know my method. Can token not, cannot catch me metadata. Cannot cast me metadata. As we saw before. Also means to meet somebody. Tried to say, I want you to meet Jessica. Gus Jessica, Casa Jessica. I'm all in favor review meeting more people. Cannot guess. I'm asking. I want my children to meet their father. The arrow cannot scan. The verb. I'm sure you all remember is dry air. This is one of the go verbs which take a g in the first-person of the present tense. So say I bring try go. I don't want him to bring his wife. No. Not yet. Okay. Okay. Putting both of these last two sentences together, I want my children to meet their father, but I don't want him to bring his wife. T80 can be seahorse, cannot gun. Better, not care. Okay. Drag us yet. Okay. Me see. I'll never forget what she said about me. Anca locally holiday me, Nivea that a noon Kylo Codecademy. Do you want me to give you some advice? Here is good, is good. Then we can say, okay, it's better that you don't say anything. Another device, Nala. Okay. Can you ask the question? Where do you want me to put this? Banga SDO? Hippo? Nice. Don't put it behind the door. The La Quinta now instruct somebody formally, put it in the small room, bungalow in Kenya. Kenya. Similarly, I want you to put it in the small room again using the OS death form. In lab. Again. Yeah. I'm asking her for more time. I hope you ask for more money to a sparrow. De Niro tambien is paid. Okay. Lepidus must be newdata mean. Yes, we ask her for it every day. See Galleria. See. Hello, pay the most Columbia. Do they play tennis? Tennis. You want them to play with you? Now? I want us to play you and may not care, okay, Who game of nosotros to a, you know, the verb to follow it is CBD. Looking at the present tense, George Segal, to segues, here there's a U between the G and the a. If you were not there, that would soften the G and we'd have segues silent. You hardens the G cs, as with all the other conjugations, segfault segues, see gay in the past. Saggy, say geese, stay. Not sake, we stay but segue ISTE CEO. So how do you think you would ask, why are you following me? Four gametes egg is a string. We are following you because we're lost. They say Pakistan was Pedidos segue. It also has another meaning, which is to carry on to continue. Try to answer the question, shall I carry on. Siegel? I want you to carry on with this course. I don't think I can finish it this month. Is DMS. Ms. You'll never finish it if you carry on like that. Ccg, SRC. Src. 30. Practice and Extension: Okay, congratulations on reaching lesson 20, the very last lesson in the Intermediate Series, our last class together for the moment at least. So, congratulations on reaching this point. If you followed the courses diligently and methodically, you'll now be in possession of a great deal of Spanish and all these cost structures and words now form the solid foundation for your mastery of the language. So in any case, I want to thank you for the effort you've made and all the time you've taken to listen to Jessica and myself. It's been an honor for us to have you we will be producing new elemental material. So until then, take care and hasta la vista. How do you think we would say, I hope you can come to my party? And for this sentence, I'd like you to address a couple of people. I hope you can come to my party. Payer or clipboard ice, many dummy fiesta. Speed occupies many NAMI fiesta. Now hope you sleep well. A good way to be in. A Speedo gateway must be in. Another simple way to express wishes or hopes is with a little word k plus the subjunctive. So to say, sleep well. In other words, I hope you sleep well. Gateway to mush BN. Bn, literally that you sleep well, that you should sleep well. Please repeat. Good waiter must be in. Okay, We're must be N. And using the same structure with cake and you say, I hope they come soon. Giving and pronto, giving number on top. And using the same structure with cake. And you say, We hope you carry on with your Spanish. Kfc gas CO2H by neural. So you guys can do Spaniel. I hope everything goes well. Or indeed give Ayatollah bn. Now try saying it wasn't as easy as I thought. No, I didn't. Amphiphilic come up in Sabah. I might study something else. Now, a little reminder here that something else is another thing in Spanish, I might study something else now, for the case to the outer core shower. When it gets to the attack Asada. I wanted to start the course again. Albedo, albedo, empathetic or Getty. And I was going to do it faster this time. Eva. Eva, I felt, no matter API to establish, I'm scared that the Spanish people wouldn't understand me. And hearing in the Spanish version, people, the word people is superfluous. So let's just say the Spanish. I'm scared that the Spanish won't understand me. Spinalis. Spinalis the end then. I'm sure they'll understand you. They say What are their content and Medan. But I'm not sure that you will understand them. Better. Noise toy, say DK2 loss in your payload. Nice day, say water, they get to the investors. But I've done a joy metadata. Metadata using the verb Esperanto. Hope, I hope you have a good time. A spiral kiloparsecs be in a Speedo kilobases bn. And now with K. And the subjunctive, say, have a good time. Kilo pascals, kilopascals, vn. Where are you going in Spain? Hispania. I've never seen Hispania. I may go to Malaga or I might go to Alicante. Malaga. When they gave idea Malala. I love Malaga. Main come down Malaga. Call me when you get there. Don't forget your Spanish book. To leverage by nulla VDS to leave it at this by using the structure. I hope everything goes well. Gave I gave I have a good trip. 31. Time Trial : Sometimes. Hi. So what I'm going to go for life.