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Spanish for Beginners. EL MÉTODO. Level 2

teacher avatar Peter Hanley, The non-stop SPEAKING Spanish course

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction to level 2.


    • 2.

      Comprender, Si


    • 3.

      Further Practice.


    • 4.

      Time Trial


    • 5.

      Comprar, Caro, Nuevo, ¿Cuánto?


    • 6.

      Voy a, Tarde, Llamar, ¿A Qué Hora?


    • 7.

      Time Trial


    • 8.

      Poner, ¿Vas a?, Listo


    • 9.

      ¡Hasta pronto!, Todo, Nada


    • 10.

      Time Trial.


    • 11.

      Profesor, Estudiante, Conmigo


    • 12.

      Hablar, Español, Inglés, Venir


    • 13.

      Time Trial.


    • 14.

      Practice and Extension


    • 15.

      More Practice and Extension


    • 16.

      Time Trial


    • 17.

      Vender, España, Me gusta


    • 18.

      Llámame, ¡Hazlo!, Rápido


    • 19.

      Time Trial.


    • 20.

      Bien, Lunes, Algo


    • 21.

      Libro, Este, Hombre, Mujer


    • 22.

      Time Trial.


    • 23.

      Nosotros, Ir


    • 24.

      Demasiado, Habitación, Vivir


    • 25.

      Time Trial


    • 26.



    • 27.

      Usted, Empezar, Pensar, Entender


    • 28.

      Time trial.


    • 29.

      Me Gustaría


    • 30.

      Poder, Volver, Levantar


    • 31.

      Time Trial.


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About This Class

Level 2 of the complete, non-stop SPEAKING Spanish course: Mastery of the basics for BEGINNERS - in a matter of hours, not years.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Peter Hanley

The non-stop SPEAKING Spanish course


Hello, I'm Peter.

After twenty years teaching languages in France, Spain and U.K it quite clear that the traditional methods used by the majority schools and language academies do not produce good results. Most of the students finish their courses with a very poor command of the language and this, at times,  after thousands of hours of study!

As a result, I have created EL MÉTODO, a new and different approach to the teaching of Spanish for beginners that will provide one with a solid base and a practical usage of the language as quickly as is humanly possible, without the need for laborious memorisation or "study " associated with conventional Spanish courses.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction to level 2.: Hello. A very warm welcome to the second level of Spanish with metal before starting the course to make sure that you've amassed all the material in Level one. This course follows exactly the same procedures, level one, which I'm sure you're familiar with by now. As a whiz, I advise against Russian through the course. Make sure each lesson is fully mastered before carrying on to the next. A success with each lesson depends on master of the previous lessons and everything that's gone before. So Jessica and I wish you speedy progress with Level two and feel free to messages with any queries or concerns you may have as you move through the course. 2. Comprender, Si: The first word we're going to learn is to understand, to understand which in Spanish is company name. So now can you say I want to understand it? And now say I want to understand you get a complaint. And how would we ask can you understand me for this company? Can you try to ask, why can't you understand me? But again, not for this comprendre main volcano possess competent that a man. I can't understand, you know, now 0 company. And how would we say, I can't tell you now? Know whether the third that I think doubt. And the question, why don't you want to tell me the third main volcano case, the CDMA. Now can you say he is Pedro? Pedro. Pedro. And what about the question? Is he Pedro Miguel? Is Pedro. Pedro omega. And how about is Pedro American or Spanish? Pedro es Americano spent around medical, Spaniard. And how would we say I? And I'm Spanish. Sorry, Paula Espanola. Say power lysogens, pendula. The word for if in Spanish is C, just like the word for yes, but without the accent C. C. So how would we say? I don't know if you can see me. Necessity point is better. I don't know if he is Spanish or British. No Celsius is Spaniel or Britannica. Necessities espanol no, Britannica. So the infinitive. To understand is comprehended to say, I understand. It's comprendre company. So we remove the ER infinitive ending and add the o comprendre. And to say, you understand it's comprende this. So we remove the ER infinitive ending and add ES in its place. Comprende this companies to say he or she understands its LOA yep. Comprendre without the S, the third person singular, the he or she LOA, yeah, form in Spanish is always the same as the second tool you form without the S. How would you say she wants to know if you understand? A yak hair is surveyed, see comprende MMC company in this. And how do we say? She wants to know if he understands. See comprendre to say or to tell as we saw before, is the seed. The seed. How then would we say she doesn't want to tell me if she's leaving tonight? No. See Sally Alice, 1002. If I don't see you today, you can tell me tomorrow. Why does the film and Manana? And what about the negative question? Don't you see where I am? Nobody's done this toy. Notice the nice toy. Now say, I can see you. I see you are a male. You can see me. For this point is better when you see me. Yes. I can understand you. Why not comprehend? I understand you. De comprendre. They complained. 3. Further Practice.: So then, do you remember how to say I know Josea you're saying? And how would you say I want to know? Kido submitted. You know Savage and I want to know it. Keros Avello zero So low How would we say I know it? Lossy lo se You know it Lo Sabes Low service on the question Do you know it? Low salaries Why don't you know it? Perkin Nolo Service Fork in auto service And can you say she knows it? A get low Sammy A yellow savvy. She wants to know it. Kerry Sevilla, A Yankee in December. How would we say I have? It is your bingo loading and I want to have it. Here are 10 l o. Here are 10 l o. How about the question? Do you want to have it dearest in a law? Jealous Dinello? And how about why does he want to have it? Pork, A carrot and a low particulate and their law. Where does he want to do it? Don't take area Said low Don't care a fairly low. I do it. No ago, Lulu Al, I'm doing it. No, I go, Lago, you are doing it. Law Mathis law office to say I know how to do it The word how in Spanish is not necessary It's not translated in Spanish. It would just be I know to do it. So how would you say you know how to do it? Services, Savvis Federal law. But how would you say I know how to do it for you Say a fellow parody se fellow Bharati. And can you say I want to eat it? Caro. Carmelo, Geno, Carmelo. And what about I am eating it local more, you know coma. 5. Comprar, Caro, Nuevo, ¿Cuánto?: Bienvenido. Welcome back. Welcome to lessen three level two of metal. So then how would you say? Can you tell me if I can have it today? For this defeat May see polio 10 L Oh, boy. What is the film? A simple dinner. Loy. Now can you say sheikhoun? Tell you if it's important A young pointed a 30 c s important. Yeah, but I fear this year's important. I'm sure I can do it if it's easy A story Sekulow que puedo a fellow see is facile Esta cerrado Que puedo Phylicia's Fosse? I don't know if you want to tell me. No se Si Curis deceiving me. No soc get is the freedom it now the verb to buy in Spanish is comprised Kumbela What would you say in Spanish for? I'm sorry, but I can't buy it for you. Lo siento, Pero no puedo comparatively low parity. Lo siento pinup. Welcome problem parity. Can you buy it for me? Put this comparable Opara me for this comparable lobotomy. And what about What do you want to buy here, Curis? Compra aqui. Kids, Come, Pataki on the negative question. Why don't you want to buy it? Pork in no carries comparatively low por que No kid is compatible. The word for expensive in Spanish is God. Oh God, Oh, no need to roll the ours. It's a single one. It would double our A B. Caro, but with the single Are is just a single flip. God! Oh God! Oh, it's very expensive. It's week. Otto is Morgado. I can buy it because it's not very expensive. Put a comprar alone pork in newish McCargo point a compatible. Oh, poor kid noise. McCargo. She doesn't want to buy it if it's not good. No Kerry comprado seen no es bueno. No Kerry compare Losi. Nice boy. No, I'm not buying it because it's expensive and it's very bad. No compro Borges car. Oh yes, my melo. No, no Contra Borquez Carter Years Morning Mollo A Z saw previously adjectives or describing words like tired, busy, good or bad usually have masculine and feminine forms. I'm tired is historic and saddle or strike and Santa, depending on if you're a man or a woman. We've seen that noun. Zor objects are also masculine or feminine, so the ending of the adjective usually changes accordingly. The Spanish for new isn't Weber on Weber? No. Ive Oh, no. Ever Now, bearing in mind that a car in Spanish is considered masculine how would you say I want to buy a new car? Caro comprar coach a new ever Get a combat um Gorton level. She wants to buy a new house. Au Kerry Comprar Akesson Weber. You get a Coimbra Carson River. She wants to buy it because it's not very expensive and she needs it today. Kerry Comrade alone pork in new ehsmoh Ricardo Edo necesita Oy. Did a comparative lope organize my car alone? NCC Towey The house is very expensive. La casa is my gotta lakha says McAda Now then the question How much is cuenta? Cuando So how do we say, How much is it? Gwanda ways? Guan toys. And how would we say? I want to know how much it is, T. Rowe. Severe Quanta s get of cyber Kwan toys. How would you say she wants to buy it? But she doesn't know how much it is Kerry, comrade alone. There are no savvy toys. Ejaculate, Comprendo Pit on. No Salik want toys? How about Are you sure you know how much it is it's not single that K service Cuando is esta said. Would I guess at risk one toys. And how would you ask? Where do you want to buy it? Don't they care? Is compatible? Oh, I don't care is comparable. Oh, and to say if you buy it here, it's not very expensive. Si lok um Pre's hockey? No, it's Morgado. Si Lok. Um press a key noise my cargo. And how would you ask? Can you tell me how much it is today? Put this decision. Make Kwan toys. What does this mean? Make one toys Oy. And lastly, I want to buy it. If it's not expensive. Caro comparable O C. No is Caro get oak umbrella sceneries gado. 6. Voy a, Tarde, Llamar, ¿A Qué Hora?: I thought this point. Let's take our first steps away from the present and learn a simple way of talking about the future. So to say I'm going to as in I'm going to do something. It's boy boy, remember, the V should be pronounced Has a very light be with the lips, barely touching each other. Boy boy, how do we say I'm going to do it, Boy, A Cerullo boy are fairly low. I'm going to buy it, boy. A comparatively low voi alc umbrella. I'm going to eat now. Boiko made our the word late in Spanish is not a day fatty. So to say it's very late. What would that be? A smooth out of the is my point out of it to say mawr in Spanish. The word is mass must and to say more late. In other words, later it's mustardy mast out of how would we say I'm going to be here later, boy. Starkey, Must Are they well? Yes, that I give my study. And how about I have to do it now? Because it's very late. Tengo que othello. Our pork A a smart are they? I think all gethin loud up or gives moved out of the I'm going to do it later, boy, I said Look, my star Day! Well, yeah. Fed low mass star today. The negative form of I'm going to is I'm not going to I'm not going to in Spanish is you may have guessed. No Boyata, no voya. So how do we say I'm not going to do it now? Because I'm going to be busy today. No, boy. A fellow. Our pork A boy! A star! Ocupado Oy! Nobody affair, Laleh Park area start ocupado. And how about I'm not going to buy it? Because it's very expensive. No. Voy a comm problem, Burke A It's my car. Oh, no way. I'll compel a poor kid from Ricardo. I'm going to tell you later, Lawyer. They see the day mustardy boy, I feed the mustardy. And what about? I'm doing it now Because I'm not going to do it later, Lago. Our Birkin No boy affair. Low mustardy lago. Our broken no boy affair. Low mustardy word for to call in Spanish, for example. On the phone to call is Jamaar. Yarmuth. Remember the double l sound like we saw before in the word for chair. See, Gia is like ah y in English, depending on the region or country that you from. There may be variations to this sound, but in standard Castilian Spanish, it's most often pronounced as a why with the tiniest hint of J So, yeah, mod Yarmuth. So then how would you say I'm going to call you later, boy. A yama? They must aladi Well, I am out of there Must battery. I can't call you later because I don't have my telephone. No point, Georgia. Marty Must Are they Birkin? No. Tengo mi telefono No bologna. Marty must started working. Nothing. No mi telefono. And how about you can call me if you have your telephone? Put this jammer me see tennis toe telefono What is your mommy? Seediness Toe telefono? The question At what time is I get order literally. At what hour? Que order Like Yoda, remember not to roll that are but to give it a single light Flip order gay order like Yoda . How would you say? Therefore at what time can you call me? I came on up with this Yamada me. I killed up with his Yam army. If she has the computer. She can call you city any in order. Nor with the young Marty Sittinin. Lord another. Whether you Marty, I'm going to be there later. Boy or star? Ah, he must today. Well, yes, that I You must start of it. I'm not going to be here tomorrow. No, boy. A stocky manana. No, I asked that I keep my Nana. 7. Time Trial: 8. Poner, ¿Vas a?, Listo: kickoff Lesson five of level two of L metodo. That start with very common verb to put in Spanish is Bonnaire Barnett. How would we say I'm going to put it on the table, boy Upon their long in La mesa way upon England. La Mesa. What about? I'm not going to put it on the chair? No boy upon air low in the CIA? No, my opponent Lassila the question Are you going to or indeed the affirmation you are going to is bus? Uh Bassa? What would the question Are you going to call me? B But the Yamato may. But will you marry me? At what time you going to cool me? Que order, bass? I am out of me! I killed about me. What about the question? At what time are you going to be here tonight? A K order bus. I start aqui estan oci. I killed a bus instead. Accused. I know too. Where are you going to be later? Don't give us a star, Mustardy. No! Never! So I start Master. And how about why aren't you going to do it for me? Pork in Nova's Othello. Jeremy Parkanova! Safir lobotomy. Now the third person. She's going toe or he's going to what it's going to is. But that, uh, now this point, it's worth pointing out that the subject it is hardly ever used in Spanish. The sense of it has expressed or contained in the form of the burb itself. So to say it's going to it's simply bar. You'll see there's no pronoun in Spanish. There's no it. It's here. A stocky again, no pronoun. The other subject pronounce I you he she we They are only used times for emphasis, as the actual verb form already contains already indicates the person being referred to. How would we say she's going to do it? Asia by Othello A. Iava. He's going to call me later by Yamada Me Muster Today volume at me Muster. She's going to put it in the house. Bob Bonello in Gaza. Bob LaGrassa. He's going to need a hotel for tonight. Burnett, is it? Are you know, tell us, Donald. But on deficit are you No Delta X standard. How do you say I'm not going to do it like that? No, boy are federal or C No. Voy a lossy. And how would you say? I see that you're not going to tell me, Bhokin. Nobody's odyssey may well Canova Savatheda. And how about the question? Do you understand that she's not going to do it? Comprende? This can No. Ba Thurlow Com premise Skin of a fellow. The adjective ready? I'm ready. Is listo or Elista? Listo? Listo. How, then would a girl say I'm ready? A story least that is story, Elista. And how would a boy say I'm ready? A story lifts store is oil. Listo. What about? Are you ready? A study released on Is that least now? Then how would we ask a lady? At what time are you going to be ready? Que or a bus? I start least a A good Abbas estar lister. And what about at what time is it going to be ready? Referring to something masculine. Que order of I start least all a killed of I started listo 9. ¡Hasta pronto!, Todo, Nada: the word soon in Spanish, as you may know, is can you say it's going to be ready soon By Star Listo Brando by Star Listo Brenda See you soon is hasta pronto Asta Brando. And how do we ask, Are you going to see it soon? Bash Abello pronto by severe LeBron. How would you say she's not going to be ready? Because she is very busy. Nobody start least a pork Esta muy loco bother. No, I started least up our guest on Memorial Kubala on the question. At what time are you going to have dinner? Okay, Order! Acute of us Have seen that. I'm going to have dinner soon, boy. Assignar pronto Boy, Off in our Brundle! Why are you leaving now? Kiss Sally Sorta Purkiss Alizadeh. I'm leaving now because I have to be there soon. Sango! OTA! Por que tengo que star RG pronto! Salovaara Marketing. Okay, starry pronto. Now then, the word for everything or all in Spanish is total total. So how would you say everything is going to be ready for you today? Total by star listo para ti Oy Donald, I started least about a t o. And how would you say it's impossible to do it all Today s impossibly affair Lotto though. Oh yeah, it's impossible. A fellow Deloitte How would you ask the question? Do you have everything? Danish total Guinness total. And what about? Does she have everything ready for me? In a totally stow Jeremy Tenneco valise TOBA me? And how would you ask? Are you going to eat all that Bassa? Comerica towed away. So Masako myrtle away. So And what about are you going to do all this bus? I said todo esto by Suffered all the way Still, is everything ready now? They start totally store our It's totally Stora. And how would you say she's leaving soon? A. Yes, Sally Paronto A a salad pronto. Everything or all is total. Nothing is another Nava. Be sure to produce a proper Spanish d sound. That's to say, with the tip of the tongue touching the teeth, as in the English words, this or that is the same position for the Spanish D. This that no other practice that a few times this that another this that another no other. Never nothing is going to be ready today. None of our star listo boy. Not have I started the story. Everything is going to be ready tomorrow. Total by started Listo Manana total by star Listo manana. 10. Time Trial.: 11. Profesor, Estudiante, Conmigo: Welcome back. Welcome to lessen seven of elemental level to a zwei saw last class. Word for everything or all is dollar on. The word for nothing is another. So then how would we say nothing is in the house? Because everything is in the car? No, I stand like casa Forget told Lester and Koji? No, that's done like Casa Forget told Lester and Koji No. Then think of how to say I want to be ready. Zero a star listo care o esta listo. As always, the second verb will go in the infinitive form which in Spanish is always the form ending in an r. It started? No. Then what about I am ready. A story least. Oh, a story, Listo. And you already estas listo? It's doesnt Lee still. How do you say he is ready? El esta listo. El esta listo. How would you say she is ready? Asia Istanbul ista in just Calista. And what about? Nothing is ready. Another is Callista now Alice Calisto. And how then would we say everything is ready? Todo esta listo! Soloist! Calisto! What about? It's ready. Referring to a feminine object. It's totally sta ist Calista. What would we say in Spanish? For it's important. It s important day. It's important. And how about it's possible? S possibly It's possibly what? Two ways of saying I am Do you know Joe? So we Joe s story just so you a story more about you are two forms do it is to assist us the way this twist us. What about two forms of he is It s stop l s l esta and two forms off. She is here is a Yeah, a stop A Yeah, face a year. Is that Do you remember how to ask the question? How are you? Most us go moist. That's how. Then would we ask? How is shame? Com Oyster Most Asia go moist. Uh, And how about how is he? Almost go moist that? No. Then a teacher is one professor, one professor and a student is honest to the Sunday bonus to the under. When we talk about professions or occupations in Spanish, a teacher, a student, a lawyer, the article is omitted. So instead of saying I'm a teacher in Spanish, it would be I'm teacher. Show it, Professor. So, Professor, How then would you say I'm a student. So he is to the end A So your studio. She's a student. Agia basis to the anti a isis to the under. She's ready. Asia is Callista? Yes, Calista. And how would we say he's a teacher? L s profits or Ellis? Professor, He's busy. Esta ocupado! Stop, Uncle Bob. And now say you're a student. Heiresses to the UN day. It is a story under. And how would you say you're tired referring to a girl or a woman? It's Does consider is this counselor Now? Can you say I'm Peter? So if he did so it be there. And what about I'm here? Estoy aqui. Estoy aqui. The very common little word with as you may already know in Spanish is coun gone the Spanish for with me, you might expect to be go on me But there's a very particular form for this combination. We don't say on me but conmigo as one word conmigo gold medal. And with you they say Montego Clint Eagle. How then would we say I want to do it with you? Zero a fellow Montego Get a fair local indigo. And what about the question? Do you want to do it with me. Curious Othello. Conmigo. Get hisself a local middle. How would we say I don't want to do anything with you? In this case, anything and nothing would be the same word in Spanish. I don't want to do anything with you. No care. Was there another contigo? No cure. Afternoon, Alicante. Go now. Say I want to do it with Maria Que Rossello Con Maria. Geography, local Maria. And how about do you want to have dinner with me? Get this thing are going, amigo, Get a stone article middle. 12. Hablar, Español, Inglés, Venir: For the first word of less than eight, unit two is to speak, to speak, which in Spanish is hablar. To say Spanish, the word is espanol. Espanol. So how would you say you can speak Spanish with me? For this hablar, con mirror the language or the nationality. English is being less in less. And to say with him or with her is canal or Canadian. Notice that unlike with me and with you, in this case, the words a separate Cornell. Cornell cornea. So then how would you say you can speak English with him? With this hablar English canal? With this hablar English canal, you have to speak Spanish with her. Tns Kubla Khan. In Scarlatti spinal canal? Yeah. How would you say, excuse me to speak English. Better done in English? Unless she doesn't speak English. But she speaks Spanish? A. Yeah. No, I'm lying less and less. Spaniel. How would we say I'm not Spanish, but I speak Spanish. Lawyers by neural paraboloid espanol. Espanol. Espanol. And how about I'm not English, but I speak English. No. Showing glass. Blowing glass. Glass. Blowing glass. And can you say I'm going to say it in Spanish? Boy, or they see a lot in espanol. Espanol. The very common verb to come is Benny. They need. How do you think we would say, you can come with the main British beneath? Now then to say to come to do something or English we would probably say to come and do something. We would say beneath. Beneath, beneath. Can you come and see it with me tonight? With this many? Amigo is Donald Trump. But there's many 11. I can't come and do it if you are not there. No, Paulo Biennial Othello, C2 noise, does I0 no point of any law. So then the verb to come, Ms. Bennett. The verb to go is how then would you say I want to go with you? What about it? I'm not going to go with Carlos. Carlos. Carlos. How would you say you can go later if you want? With this? Whether you masturbate, seek justice, we need to go and do something is our EDA. I want to go and see it with him. Yellow yellow ear canal. I have to go and do it today. Third law OEM thing. Okay. Yeah. I have to speak with you. And how do we say she's going to come and speak with you tomorrow? Bye bye. Contiguous continual manana. I don't understand why she doesn't want to come with you. No comprendre on Diego. She's going to buy the car, but it's very expensive than competitive. Week idle. She's buying it today. 13. Time Trial.: Ok. Okay. Okay. 14. Practice and Extension: Certainly the toughest aspect of Spanish for the beginner are the verbs. As there are so many conjugated in irregular forms to master the basic verbs is really essential to becoming a confident and effective speaker. Those who conquer the verbs in Spanish will find that the rest is plain sailing A Spanish possesses the logic and solid structure of the romance languages. So do bear with us. As we really focus in on these basic verb forms over the next couple of lessons, it will do worth it in the long run. What is the Spanish for? The verb to buy? Comprise combat. So how would you say I'm buying? Or indeed, I buy Komproe? Come, bro. And how about you are buying compress Kombouare's and she buys compra Colombia. How did we say to call? Yeah, Mod? Yeah, much. So how would you ask the question? Why don't you call me Por que No me? Jammeh's Por que no me Emma's. Do you remember how to say to have dinner? Say not Say not. How would you ask the question? At what time does he have dinner? Okay, well, I seen a I killed Athena, the Spanish for The verb to need is Neffa si dot And if you see that I need to speak with the teacher. Necesito a blood Cornell Professor Necesito larguero Professor on on How do you say to understand in Spanish? Comprende there compliment? I don't understand you. Not a Comprendo, not a calm Brenda. And how about she doesn't understand me? A, you know make Comprendo a young noma Comprendo. What's the verb to see in Spanish? Bad that. And how would you say I see you Day veil? They're real. How would you ask the question? Are you seeing it tomorrow? Louis Manana. Lawrence manana. And how about are you going to see it tomorrow? Muss a very low manana. Severe, low manana way Say to go out sallied salad. I'm going out to now. So go order Sad Alona. What about? He's going out soon. L Sally Pronto is Sally Brando. No se. Are you going out later? Sallis must obey Sally's must artery. What was the verb? Tohave then? A Then it So how would we say I have it? Look. Bingo. Nothing. What about the negative question? Don't you have it? No naughtiness, no naughtiness. And how would you ask? Why doesn't he have it? Por que No no Teeny Por que no lo Deanna 15. More Practice and Extension: Welcome back to Lesson 10 of level two as we continue bashing out the most common verbs Crucial work from mastery of the Spanish language Verb toe want in Spanish is dead. Get it? And how would we say I want it located. Oh, Nokia, Go now ask. Do you want to know why? Paris Suburb Porky, Get a salad bowl. Okay. And can you ask? Doesn't she want to go out? No curious salad? No. Get a salad. What was the verb to know? Sodded Sabit, How would we say I know it? Los a los a and the negative question. Don't you know? No service, no status. Theo, do you remember the verb to do? I said I fit now say I'm doing it now. Lagoa Holder load. And how would you say the statement? You do it with her. Los s cornea. Lafis Cornelia. And what about the negative question? Doesn't she do it with her? No, I say corn Asia. No laughing cornea. Do you remember the verb to eat or to have lunch comedy commit? I'm sorry, but I'm having lunch. Lo siento lo siento. Better go meow and see if you can say this statement. You are having lunch. Gomes Gomez. He is having lunch with me. Elcom it, amigo, Go Mikel meal! Remember the verb to say or to tell deceit their feet. And how do we say I say it? Lo digo? No, you What about your not saying it? No. No defects. Normally this. And what about it? Doesn't say it. No, lo desea? No. You think? 16. Time Trial: 17. Vender, España, Me gusta: Well, welcome back. Welcome to listen 11 of Theo. The first word in this lesson is the verb to come. How did we say to come? They need they need Ben Here is one of those verbs which takes a G in the first person I form. So how do you think we would say I'm coming tomorrow? Bingo. Manana being LaMagna How would you ask the question? Are you coming with her? Younis Khan, Asia Vienna School ***. And what about is it coming today? Bne Oy, Vienna Lee, is Maria coming with you? Maria Guinea Contigo Maria Guinea Contigo. The verb to sell is been dead. Then that been there is a regular verb. So how do you think we would say I'm selling my car? Mendel me coaching. Then let me go. Why are you selling your house? Poor Kevin Dish Cassa for giving this to Gaza. And how do we say I want to buy it? If she's selling it, Caro compatible Siloam Ende get a compelling No Then the countries Spain in Spanish, as you probably know is Espana Espana. Here's a structure which inevitably takes the beginner a little while to get used to to say , for example, I like Spain. We need to reverse the logic and say Spain is pleasing to me. So far, so good. But this is also complicated by the order of the words used in Spanish. And we end up saying to me, is pleasing Spain and that's make Busta Espana me gusta Espana. How do you therefore say I like Madrid, which would be Madrid is pleasing to me Make Busta Marine May Gustav Marine. This is tricky to grasp. I grant you and I certainly remember my own struggle with this type of verb. Don't be tempted to think off may as I and Busta as like but May means to me. And Busta Means is pleasing or pleases Madrid is pleasing to me. And how would you say I like Carlos, make Busta Carlos make Busta Carlos The same thing happens when this structure is followed by a verb. So how would we say I like to do it? May Busta Acero Medical staff furlough. And how would we say I don't like to do it? No, me Gusta said. Low normal stats are low. And how do we say I don't like this? No me gusta esta normally used esto. How would we say I like it bearing in mind that we're really saying it is pleasing to me and that the it disappears as the subject. It doesn't exist in a Spanish, but is expressed in the verb to only two words required for I like it. Make Busta May Worcester is this is all very tricky. I'd like to do the whole sequence again. How do we say I like Spain? Make Busta Espana make Busta Espana? And what about I like Madrid make you stop married? Maybe we'll stop married. And how about I like Carlos Megastar Carlos? Megastar Carlos? And how do we say I like to do it? May Busta Othello, member of staff furlough. And I don't like to do it. No, me gusta Othello. Normal stats are low. What about I don't like this? No, my ghost I store normally used esto. And how do we say I like it? Megastar May Worcester Way to say you like is Busta the rooster? How would you say you like it, Busta? Their worst. And what about the question? Do you like it? Augusta? They will stop to say I like you. We obviously say to me You are pleasing. What would that be? Maybe Usta's men. Most us. How do you say I like Madrid? May who stomach? There were some other it. What about? Do you like Spain? They will stay Spagna Their worst Espana. And can you ask? Do you like my house? The ghost a mi casa. They will stomach grasa. 18. Llámame, ¡Hazlo!, Rápido: Do you remember how to say the verb to call Jamaar Jamaar? To give the instruction of the order. Call me, We would say Yeah, Mommy, notice how the accent of the emphasis falls on the first syllable. Gama me, young on me. How do you think would say by it? Comprado Tamburello? What about the imperative? Speak, Abla Abla out. We say. Speak with her. A black Canadia of Laconia. Speak with him tonight, Abla. Cornell s technology of Lago analyst Donald by two beers com Print dose There with us gone . Brothers stayed with us, referring to beers by one for me. Compro una jeremy compound up around me. Call me if it's not ready. Jammeh may see no esta listo. Yama Messina Esta listo to say Call him. We would say Jammeh low. Yeah, Melo! Call her. Would be Jamala. Yeah, Moloch! Now trying to say Call him if you can't do it. Djamel O c No! Poor this asset alot Yama Lucy! No Police Othello. And now say call her if you need a teacher. Yeah, Mala Ceneta. Sita's profits. Aura! John, my last in office. It doesn't, Professor. Call me if you want to speak Yeah. MMI, ck ERISA blood. There are messages have later. Do you remember how to say the verb to put ponied born in the instruction or the order put it would be born law born. No. Put it here, please. Hello aqui por favor Fuller Keeper foward. Put it on the table. Bon law in Lem Issa, born on the first person. The I form of Bonnaire is bungle. Bungle. How then would you say I'm putting it on the chair? Lubango in Lasi Asia LeBron one last Syria. What about you're putting it on the big table. Lo bonus in La Mesa Grande. No ponies in LA, Mr Randy. Now see if you can say put it on the small table. Bon Loyola. Miss Oppa, Kenya Bon Loyola Miss Oppa, Kenya. What was the Spanish for the verb to do? I said I said now to give the instruction of the command. Do it. We would say aslo at low. How would you say do it like that? A Flores e aval Aussie. Do it with David Asa Locanda vit as local Naveed three adjective or adverb? Fast. Quickly is rapido. The are in rapido. As you can hear is rolled or trilled. This is because it's the first letter of the word when an R is the first letter of a word in Spanish. It's always rolled. Rapido. Did I be, though? So how do we say do it quickly as Lord Rapido, as in the Rapido. Do it very quickly. Please. A slum. We rapido por favor. As long we wrap it up or followed to say slowly, the word in Spanish is day spa, Theo. This past you How then will be saying, Do it slowly. I slowed this path. You, as you know, this buff you now can you trying to say Call her quickly if you want to see her today. Jamela rapido. See Kerry's Bella? Yeah. Moloch. Rapido Securities with Chloe. And what would we say in Spanish for? Speak slowly. A bloody spazio. Abla, This bath. You 19. Time Trial. : 20. Bien, Lunes, Algo: The way to say well, in Spanish, well is Bn. So how would you say very well? When we began? Now try to say this sentence. Speak slowly because he doesn't understand very well. Our blood dyspraxia poor cannot comprehend the movie in. I've loved especially uppercase M wavy. And does she speak very well? How did we ask the question, how are you? Como status? Commerce does. And so how would you reply? Very well. Thanks. Gracias. Yes. Everything is going well. Total VBN. The other lab, nothing is going well. Another VBN. Nala me and how would we say put the chair on the table? One law CIA in La Mesa. La Mesa. And what about I'm going to put everything here. Boy, upon their total AGI Lyapunov, jackie. The way to say on Monday is a luminous. So in Spanish, instead of saying on Monday, they would say the mundane, a luminous. A luminous. The way to say on Tuesday is Al Martinez. On Wednesday. L miracle is on Thursday. And Friday. El VLANS on Saturday, l sub aloe and on Sunday, L Domingo. So then how would we say I'm going to do it on Monday? Goya, Third Law and luminous. My federal unknown S. How about I'm going to see her on Tuesday. Boy, Abella L. Martius. When you have Enlil Martius, I wanted to have it on Wednesday. Get out the Netherlands, the alkalis. And how would we say I need it on Thursday? Necessary to acquire this? It has to be ready on Friday. Dna K star, n VLANS. In a guest at least on the hardness. She knows that I'm coming on Saturday. And yes. And again, like Salvadore, today is not Sunday. It's Monday. Noise domino. By nice domino is loonies. The way to say something is algo. So then how would we say, I have something for you? I'm going to buy something for her. Webcam that she wants to tell you something important. Algo importante. He wants to eat something. 21. Libro, Este, Hombre, Mujer: Ah, book in Spanish is liberal Liberal How would you instruct someone by the book? Compra comprise liberal. The way to say this is in this book or this house is este esta his esta How would you say this book bearing in mind that a book is masculine in in Spanish s daily bro Este liberal? And what about this house? Bearing in mind that a house is feminine is to casa Is that Gaza That it's S c and Issa Is it Issa? How would you say that table? It's, um Isa. It's, um Isa. What about that book s a liberal s a little Now can you say that car s e Koji? Is it going to How would you say I like that car? Maybe USTA s a coach. May Busta is a coach. And how would you ask? Can you put this chair on that table? Put this on air esta CIA in the sambisa. By this point, it is the CEO and the sambisa. Now to say this and that without a noun, for example, I like this or I like that we se estan or eso irrespective of the gender of whether the thing referred to his masculine or feminine. It's still eso. It's still eso. So then how would you say I don't want to buy that? No. Caro compared eso no killer completely. So what about I don't want to buy that car? No, Caro compared s a coaching no kiddo. Comparison court. A man is you normally or normally, and a woman is Una mujer noticed the Spanish J sound more hair. It's similar to an English H, as in help or hair, but with a slightly more raspy effect produced to the back of the mouth. Move ahead. We're not Morehead. So then how would we say I like that man? Make Busta s a family man. What's that, Selma? I don't like that woman. No, me gusta Sam. Okay. Normalised Osama cred. Why don't you buy this book? Por que no compress este liberal. Por que? No compresses the liberal and the order by that book compra is a liberal complicity. Do you want to buy that house? Kid is Comrade Sacasa. It is combat inside Gaza now then we already know that the pronoun it is the object of the verb is locked. However, if the item referred to his feminine. We would use the feminine for it, which is le So how would we say he's not buying it? Referring to the house. L know Las compra Imola compra. And what about she's not selling it A no lab in day. A young no love in the And how would you ask? Why don't you sell it? Referring to something masculine for example A car Why don't you sell it? Barkin No love in this Orkin Nalo in this 22. Time Trial.: 23. Nosotros, Ir: way to say we is no rush, no sutras, sutras, sutras on the way to say we speak or indeed we are speaking is no shelters. Abla Mose no, Soto's have limos. How would you therefore say we speak English and Spanish? Obama's English? Yes, pan your problem using less your spaniel. So you see that the we form the no sort Roshown Also transform is made by removing the are from the infinitive verb and just adding most OBL ammo's Avelar a blam owes now This applies to the vast majority of verbs. So following the same rule, using the verb been dared to sell been dead. How would we say we sell? Been demos Been damos? How would we say we are selling this book? No. So trust been the most este libro the nemesis delivery. The verb to leave as we saw before is salad Sally, you can also mean to go outside or just to go out. So how do we say, when are we going out? Cuando solimoes Cuando Sali Morse? We're not going out today. No, Sally. Most oy No, Sally. Mostly now do you remember the verb to do? I said I fit How do you think we would say? What are we doing? Care famous. Get famous. What was the verb to see? Bad bit. How do we ask? When are we seeing the house? Gondola? Moshe la casa. One of the most lagrassa. What was the verb to know? Subhead. Summit. So how would we say we know where you are? Sadly most on this to us. Sorry, Mizban Blisters. What was the Ferb to come? They need they need. So how would we say we're coming on Friday? Many, most LV Airness The most severe illness. What was the verb to put bonehead born in? How would we therefore say we're putting it here? Lopo Nemo's aqui LeBron Umesaki. What was the verb to understand? Competent there competently. How would we say we don't understand why you have to say it? No. Comprende? Emma's pork itchiness Cathedral. Oh, no. Comprende? Emma's pork itchiness cathedral. Oh, now the verb to go in the infinitive form is eat. Eat. So how do we say I want to go, kiddo? He'd, kiddo. He'd. And how do you say she wants to go with you? A young Carrie Montego, A young Carrie Montego. So far in El Matador. We've mainly used the verb to go ead with the future sense of I'm going to do something. Boy, I favor algo bus are fed. I'll go, l o Asia back. However, these same forms also served to say I'm going You're going. He she or it is going in the sense of simply going somewhere. I'm going to the bank. I'm going to Madrid. How would we say I'm going? Boy voice when we say to go took a destination, for example, to go to London to go to the beach in Spanish. This toe is a, uh and I'm going to Barcelona Boy, a Barcelona. We have our Fiona. Are you going with her? But gonorrhea? Mascone area. And how would we say he's not going? Because it's very late And Nova Burke a ismea today? No, uh, Porky's might out of it. The way to say we are going or indeed we go is no Sotelo's Brahmos. No, sir, Tries Mammals. How would we say we're going to Madrid? Obama's family? And how do we say we're going to do it? Bama's Othello mosa fellow 24. Demasiado, Habitación, Vivir: to say the word to too big, Too small, too difficult t W in Spanish is demasiado demasiado then my Seattle. We're not going to do it because it's too difficult. No. Obama's Othello. Poor case. Demasiado the 15. No, Mom was a fella. Burke. Is them a salary? 50. And how do we say I'm sorry, but I don't understand you because you speak too fast. Lo siento Barone noted Comprendo. Porky ablest Demasiado rapido. Lo siento Pernetti Comprendo. Burki A blessed demasiado rapido. If you don't understand, we are going to speak slowly. She no comprende This bamboo Chabal are dispatched. I see. No comprende This bomb Assad Later this path you What about It's too soon for her is demasiado pronto para Asia is the massive LeBron Dabaya. And how would you say it's too late for him? It's demasiado tarde. April is the messiah The start of the trial. And what about I can't do it because it's too small. No puedo othello. Parquet is demasiado pay Kenya No por laferla Pork is the Marcello pick. Kenya If it's too late now. Weaken, Go Tomorrow CS demasiado today our body Mosier Manana CSD Marcello data the order for the most heated manana. How did we say good morning? Buenos dias. When was the Yes? What about good afternoon or good evening? When I started this Bring us out of this. The way to say good night is when it's not chess. Buenos Noches. A room is gonna be tough even make sure the age of Abbey death Ian is silent. In fact, all ages in Spanish are silent una vida theon and the television is on a television on a television. So how would we say good afternoon? Do you have a room for two gonna start this Dennis una Vita theon paradox When I started this business in our media feeling but others Good afternoon. I want a room with the television. When I started this show on television when I started this, they don't have enough younger, not television. And how would you ask? Good morning. Are you the teacher will just be us. It is still Professor. When is the s and isn't Professor The verb to live in Spanish is babied. Maybe we can see that the congregations of babied perfectly standard is this is a a regular ir verb job. Evil Toby with a loya BB BB. Most how you ask Do you live here, Beavis? Sucky Beavis hockey. I live with him and with her. Bebel Cornell Ikan Asia Beeville Connolly cornea. She doesn't live in this house. A young no baby in the stock. Casa A young nova Even esta casa. The number one is you know Number two dosh, Chris. Quite true, Finkle face. See it? They torture. No way. They Yes, As I call out the numbers just touched the right one on the screen with your finger point through. See a day face dose? Yes, for short dress. Finkle. Neuilly. You know, Single. See a dress. Does Porcher? Yes. Say's you know. Do you know trace single. See a day? Yes. Dos Saiz cocoa. You know, dress those Quatro cinco say's see a new horchow es uno tres Does Cinco cuatro death torture? You ever see a say's You know Saiz, tres cuatro Those death cultural z a think Oh, those dress. You may have struggled to keep up there at the end. If so, go back and repeat the exercise over and over until you can do it comfortably on when you're ready. Start repeating the numbers, calling them out after me as you touch the screen. Now then, to say, for example, number six in Spanish. We have to add the article. So we would say the number six and in the middle, safe and in the middle safe. So how would we say number six is easy and numeral safe? Ihsfah feel in new metastasis. Fathi, what about Number three is difficult? L numeral traces dificil and no one addresses the field. I want to do number nine Caro I said el numero nueve Get off it in No meat on weather number one is too easy and numero uno is demasiado fashion and Newman owners the Marciano fast What about the order of the instruction? Do number 10 us in numeral ds? I feel knowing of Yes, we're going to do number five later by Moshe third l numeral think Oh master, Today my most heartfelt in no matter think amassed Saturday. And how about I don't like number eight? No, me gusta numeral Gotcha. Normal style New Moroto. She lives in number two, a yob in el numero dos. And you have even a new middle those And finally I live in a small house, but my room is very big. Bebel in una casa pequena Bet on me a bit of fun. It's my Grandy picking up. 25. Time Trial: 26. Dar: way. Welcome back. Welcome to lessen 17 of level two verb to give in Spanish is dot that How then would we say , Can you give me the book, please? But this doctor me a liberal por favor. What is normally liberal? Poor flower. Here the first forms of the verb dot In the present tense, you can see that these forms quite standard and regular except for the first form. Joey Joey. So the us and Oh yeah, Duh! No, sir. Tries on the sutras. Domus, How do you say give me five euros, dummy? Think weirdos them. I think oil lose to say you are giving me the book. It would be made us a liberal, made a liberal and I'm giving you the book Delloye liberal. They didn't liberal. Now can you say she calls me Miyama Made Emma. And how about she calls me on Wednesday? Miyama Amir Clueless medium A miracle iss She doesn't call you No Tateyama. No te Gama. She doesn't call you on Friday. Not a yemma awareness, not a yemma awareness. You don't understand me? No. Make comprende this No Mickum. But in this he understands me very well. Make on Brenda Morgan, the compendium Libyan. She tells me everything. Many said Toto. Maybe he said golden. And how would you ask? Why don't you understand me? Por que? No me Comprende this Por que? No me Comprende this. How would you say, Why doesn't she call me? Forget Nomiyama por que Nomiyama. Now the question Do you want me? And do you love me? Is the same in Spanish? So how would you say, Do you love me or indeed Do you want me, Mickey Harris? McKinnis? And how would you say I love you? The Guettel, The deity. Now how would you say she loves me? Make it a Make it a I want to tell you something. Get off the field day I'll go. Didn't refute their little 27. Usted, Empezar, Pensar, Entender: it's Spanish. There are two ways to address people either using the informal to form that we've been using so far. Or we can use the formal course death form instead. Also mean to you but in a formal manner used for all the people or those in positions of authority the to form being used for people of one's own age. Friends, Children or family. So the formal you or Steph Form actually uses the third person he or she conjugation. That's to say, without the second person s How did we say, How are you using the two informal form comunistas go moist s. And how do we ask, How is she? Come, oyster go, most are. And how do we ask someone in a formal manner? How are you? Go moist star go most uh, what about you have in the formal manner who stayed Danny instead? The and using the formal way How do you ask? What do you have? Get DNE get the inning. And how do you ask Do you speak English? Using the formal manner applying less? I'm lang lists. And what about? Do you want to buy my car? Get it? Compare me Coach Derek, Umbrella me go to way to say to start in Spanish is imp 1/3. And with that, So try to say I want to start on Monday. Tierro empath are a blueness, kiddo, and Pathon, a luminous now in pathology is what's known as a stem changing verb. Let me explain. Spanish infinitive verbs consists of two parts a stem and unending. For example. The regular verb babbler to speak consists of this stem H A B l, and the ending our to congregate a block in the present tense. We simply take this stem and had the correct ending. A blow a blush Abla Obama's. However, stem changing verbs don't follow this pattern. And as you might have guessed, the stem of these verbs undergo a change when conjugated in Pathon is one of these verbs and we get in P s o in p Attash MPs tha however, with the no sutras form, it reverts to normal in pitch Thomas in P Ethel in PFS in pizza empath ambush. How would you say I'm starting in PSR and basil And now try the question. At what time are you starting? A que aura in pss I killed and gives us At what time do we start? Tonight? Back aorta Mbatha Moshe Istan o j are killed him. And what about when is it starting Cuando in Piazza Quantum visa? And how do we ask somebody addressing them in a formal way? When do you start Cuando in Piazza London Ibiza The verb to think in Spanish Is Bin Saad been set? This is also a stem changing verb like empath are and get rid on the way to say off is day the And how would you ask? What do you think of my telephone? KPN's us The meat telefono Keep insisting me telefono the way to say new is knowable or nueva and level. So how do we ask, What do you think of my new computer? KPN's s Day? Me or the Nador? No ever Kippy incest them your than either In label. I think that I need a new car Peon stroke in Esposito in Cochin Weber Bien sur Kenneth Acetone got in level. We think it's very important to start soon. Ben Samashky. It's more important. Empath are pronto. When Sam Hoskins more important and better pronto now to say to understand, as we've already seen, is competent there. There is actually another way to understand which is perhaps used more frequently. And the verb is and then dead. And then that you can see that this is another stem changing verb. How would you say I don't understand it? No lo in kendo? No Indian dough. Why don't you understand me? Por que? No Mindy in this Morgan um Indian. This. But how about I understand why you want to live there in the end of pork? A terrace B e And then the park it get is every day. Her is le. And to say him is no le Law. How do you say I don't understand her? No lined endo? No lengthy Endo. And what about I don't understand him. No lo Indian? No, No Indian? No. What about? I don't understand it. No law in kendo. No Indian? No. And how do you say I can't understand him? No point when 10. Their law. No point in their law. I don't know if you understand him. No se salon again. This. And how about the question? Do you understand me? Mentee? And this Mendy in this 28. Time trial.: 29. Me Gustaría: way. Say, I don't know if you see her. No se si Glovis. No sissy. Love is. And how would we say? Are you going to see her today? Sabella? Severe, low. We She's going to see him tomorrow. Asia Bob. Better law Manana. You have a very low manana. The expression What kind off in Spanish is get depot. They did the bullet. So how would you ask? What kind of room do you want? Get people. They a bit asean Carisch get people gravitate Feel jealous? And how would you ask? What kind of car do you have? Katy Bar the coach itchiness Get people that go to the anus now. Can you say I don't like this kind of beer? No. Me gusta a State Depot They said with a no, most of the people inside of it. I don't want that kind of man. No Caro. It's a depot. The armory? No, Caro. It's a depot. The armory. How did we say I like make Busta No Costa. I like to do it. Megastar Othello, member of staff fellow now to say I would like to do it. I would like to do it. It changes to may gustaria acero me gustaria Othello. This is a conditional for which in Spanish we used the whole verb goosed our and then add the ending In this case, EEA mingle Study a fellow miru study Othello. I would like to see it with you. Me gustaria better look contigo Millstone area We're looking Dio I would like to start now if it's possible. Me gustaria MPs are aura CS possibly you will study and before Or Osias possibly I would like to eat something new and different May go study a comet algo novo e defend a. They will study a comet. I'll go never really fit in there. And how would you say I would like to give you something. Maybe study a data a day ago they will study about the algal, the negative form of the same expression. That's to say I wouldn't like to Is of course, no medical study here. No member study A So how would we say I wouldn't like to live in Madrid? No middle study A baby in Madrid, no member study are evident. Married And can you say I wouldn't like toe have that room because it's too small. No may go study a 10 l s I beat as soon Forget Demasiado pay Kenya normal start veterinary Sarita theme park is enormous Yellow Begin Yah! Now can you say I would like to go to Malaga tomorrow? Metal stadia eat a Malaga manana. And how would we say I wouldn't like to be a woman? No, me gustaria said Una mujer No, me Gustaria said you know, I would like to see it on Tuesday. Merkel story Abello l Marti's most area. Where? Lauren Marti's. And how about I would like to see him soon. Me gustaria bellow, brown toe May will study other LeBron toe The question Would you like to? Would you like to Is a ghost Adia there will stand. Yeah. So how would you ask? Would you like to have dinner with me? Take you study a thinner communal. The study of fanatical Meego. And what about Would you like to see her? Later? They will study a Billa must out of it. They will study other llama started. And how about Would you like to tell me something? Did you study at the cedar? May all go that will study other seemingly at all 30. Poder, Volver, Levantar: ways we've seen before. To say I can is poison. You know the infinitive form to be able is both dead. Both it puedo put this Boise for the mush. How would we say we can buy a new house if you want? For the most complete our own Akesson, You ever see Kerry's for the most compra una casa nueva? See, Kerry's not trying to say. I think she can see it tomorrow. Pienso cape with a maaleh manana bien. Sure. Keep with the villa banana. I don't want to start today if she can't be here. No. Carolyn Pissarro. CIA? Nope. With a star. Hockey? No. Carolyn Pissarro. CIA? Nope. With a star, Jackie. How would you say you can't do it in this type of room? No. Put this a fellow in history, people there. Be soon. No, Put this a fellow in history, people there be tough. And how would you say it's going to be difficult to do it if he can't give you the computer ? Barr said. Dificil Othello. I see no point. A dart A lord in a door. Barr said dificil othello see? Nope. With a dart. A lord in a door the verb to come back in Spanish is one word. Ball bed. Pull over. Well, Bo Well, this well, a bold memos. I'm coming back soon. Well, well, pronto. Well, the Paronto. At what time are you coming back? A killer. Well, this are killed off. Will this Are you coming back tonight? Well, the system, Georgie. Well, hey, sister. Know J. We're coming back with Maria Bowlby Mosque on Maria. We're a Moscow, Maria, not to lift or to raise up is live on. Dad. Live on that. How would you say I'm lifting it up? Lola? Bondo. Lamento. And how would you ask? Why don't you lift it up, Borgen normally want us? Por que? No Levander! And how about the order? Lift her up. Leven Della Lavandera. And how would you say I am lifting her up? Lolly Rondo! Lolly Rondo! Now to say I'm getting up in Spanish, we have to say I'm lifting myself up and we need to add the extra word myself. That's to say May. So how do we say I'm getting up or I'm lifting myself up? Milliband toe Miliband! Oh! What about you are getting up daily. Wanda's They live on us. And the question Are you getting up now? They live and us order they live and a soda. What about at what time do you get up? A que aura deliver us. I get to live in us now to say he gets up. We need to say he gets himself up. Likewise. She gets up, she gets herself up and it gets up. It gets itself up. And this pronoun itself herself himself is See. So how would you say she gets up? Se LaVonda salamander? And what about he gets up? Silly Wonder salamander. And how do you say, At what time does she get up? A K or a C? Live under Oculus salamander. Try to say he's getting up soon. See, Live under pronto. So Levante pronto. And what about I'm going to get up soon, Boy. Lebanon's Army Rondo. We live under my brown toe and to finish. How would we say I have to get up soon? Because I'm going to be very busy today. Tengo que lamont Army pronto! Porky Boys Star Cocopa Joey General Kellermann Dharma pronto Porky Western Mouyokolo by the lawyer 31. Time Trial.: